Something that many of us may often see or hear among people in our life, whether they be in the “truth community” or are in our family or our circle of friends, is that they are “losing faith” or are “going back and forth in their faith”. To many of us who may not know, we’ll just hear it without truly understanding what is being said and the weight of those words. Often times, the person saying that doesn’t even understand the true weight of those words. If they truly did, they wouldn’t be saying that. It is because of their lack of understanding that they’re “losing faith” in the first place. Their lack of understanding of what faith truly means is a reflection of their instability spiritually; at the core of their heart, they lack true understanding and suffer in their walk because of it. So one will ask, what does faith truly entail? What does faith really mean?

We look to the Strong’s dictionary to find this true meaning. As you can see, this is the word ‘faith’ in the Greek; “pistis”.

Here it reads,

“persuasion, that is, credence; moral conviction (of religious truth, or the truthfulness of Yah or a religious teacher), especially reliance upon Christ for salvation; abstractly constancy in such profession; by extension the system of religious (Gospel) truth itself: – assurance, belief, believe, faith, fidelity.”

It is our fixed and firm belief; ideally in the Most High and His Son. Take note of the words used here in this definition; reliance, constancy, assurance, fidelity. All four of those words represent a foundation that is long lasting and unwavering. Where do we usually hear about fidelity? We hear it when describing marriage. It means the faithfulness to the obligations and duties that are normally constituted within a marriage or convention. This makes sense from a biblical level because we hear about the spiritual marriage between the Hamashiach and his elect or chosen. Yahweh Ben Yahweh represents the bridegroom and the elect or chosen of Israel represents his bride. The bride, in this case the elect of Israel, must uphold fidelity or faithfulness to the obligations and duties within this marriage. Those obligations are the laws, statutes and commandments laid out by the Most High throughout the scriptures. Infidelity in this case would be the direct violation of that covenant; most notably by following other gods.

To reiterate, faith in this case represents a spiritual foundation. Reliance, constancy, assurance and fidelity all relate to a sense of a fixed and solid position. When you are faithful, you are firmly footed. That means you have a strong foundation spiritually and that firmness in your belief then influences your actions in how you conduct yourself in your daily life and how far could someone go in testing you and the level to which that test influences you. If we are not firmly footed, when those tests come, we may slip or fail that test. When we are firmly footed, those tests do not cause us to go against our faithfulness to our obligations, as in, we do not violate the covenant or do something that is unbecoming in the eyes of the Most High.

Taking note of what was said in the above definition, it says, ” abstractly constancy in such profession; by extension the system of religious (Gospel) truth itself.” This confirms what we just spoke on above; that being our firmness in the continuation of the obligations and duties laid out in this convention which is the laws, statutes and commandments of the Most High, the system of truth. Through this, we rely upon the Hamashiach for salvation.

Conviction stems from convincing; hence the stem word, persuasion being used here. Lets look at the ways in which the stem word (G3982) “peithō ” is used.

Here it reads,

  1. “persuade
    1. to persuade, i.e. to induce one by words to believe
    2. to make friends of, to win one’s favour, gain one’s good will, or to seek to win one, strive to please one
    3. to tranquillise
    4. to persuade unto i.e. move or induce one to persuasion to do something
  2. be persuaded
    1. to be persuaded, to suffer one’s self to be persuaded; to be induced to believe: to have faith: in a thing
      1. to believe
      2. to be persuaded of a thing concerning a person
    2. to listen to, obey, yield to, comply with
  3. to trust, have confidence, be confident”

In this context, to be persuaded or to have conviction is to be trusting in or confident in the Most High. We are persuaded to believe in the Most High. If we follow the commandments, that is the affirmation of how much we believe in Him. If we choose to violate them, that is the affirmation of how much we don’t believe in Him. If you fully believed in your heart in His existence, you would be further persuaded by that belief to listen to and follow His commandments because you’d know the cost of going against it.

Here is a scriptural example of “peithō ” being used. It says,

“But we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in ourselves but in Yah which raiseth the dead”

We should be persuaded of the covenant and the gospel to believe in the Most High and not in ourselves. We trust in, have confidence in, and believe in the Most High who raiseth the dead; of course, this power is in reference to the Most High resurrecting Yahweh Ben Yahweh after his death. We listen to, obey and yield to the laws, statutes and commandments that are laid out in the scriptures. We are persuaded by the Most High’s wisdom and glory. During the exodus from Egypt, the children of Israel were persuaded to trust in the Most High by way of His power that was given through Moses and shown by Moses’ feats of splitting the Red Sea and fighting off the mages of Pharaoh. Of course, the commandments given to Moses was the main way in which the children of Israel were to be persuaded to follow the Most High but this was after they had exited from Egypt where Moses had gone up to Mount Sinai. The feats of power from Moses were a form of persuasion onto the children of Israel but also to the Egyptians as well of the power of the Most High and the level of punishment that were to come if they did not let His people go.

Nonetheless, in regards to this verse which mildly ties into the story of Exodus, we are not to trust in ourselves i.e. worship man like the Egyptians did but we are to trust in the Most High like Moses instructed Israel to do because the Most High is the constant and is the only guarantee in this life. The problem was that many of the Israelites could not break away from that carnal spirit in that they continued to follow idolatry which was seen with them along with Aaron venerating the golden calf. We also see an extension of that carnality through their constant grievances about not being able to eat meat which drew the ire of the Most High.

We continue on with the biblical usage of ‘faith’ in the scriptures. Here it reads,

  • “conviction of the truth of anything, belief; in the NT of a conviction or belief respecting man’s relationship to Yah and divine things, generally with the included idea of trust and holy fervour born of faith and joined with it
    • relating to Yah
      • the conviction that Yah exists and is the creator and ruler of all things, the provider and bestower of eternal salvation through Christ
    • relating to Christ
      • a strong and welcome conviction or belief that Yahweh Ben Yahweh is the Messiah, through whom we obtain eternal salvation in the kingdom of Yah
    • the religious beliefs of Christians {or rather the spiritual belief of the Most High’s servants}
    • belief with the predominate idea of trust (or confidence) whether in Yah or in Christ, springing from faith in the same
  • fidelity, faithfulness
    • the character of one who can be relied on”

The one that I want to mainly highlight here is, “the conviction that Yah and is the creator and ruler of all things, the provider and bestower of eternal salvation through Christ.” This is the essential core of what faith really is; it is to believe in the Most High and in His power. Through

your belief in the Messiah and his sacrifice and resurrection, you have belief in the Most High because your faith is two-fold in the Father and the Son. As Yahweh himself said, there is no way to the Father except through him, His Son. Of course, this belief is affirmed by our adherence to the laws, statutes and commandments. If we did not believe in the Most High then we would not adhere to them because why would we? Why would we adhere to these laws and statutes if we did not believe in the entity presiding over them? Another note, “the character of one who can be relied on” speaks to the theme of affirmation, confidence, trust; something concrete in its foundation. Of course, this is speaking to the Most High in who we are to trust because He does not change. We are to trust in the Most High and not people because people are the variable; they can change at any given moment. People are not the ones who have control over our body and soul but rather the Most High is as is referenced to in Matthew 10:28. That is why we must keep things in its proper perspective and know how much of our energy we should actually invest in when it comes to the relationships we have with our friends, family and even our own partners. We love them, we care for them, we appreciate them but we don’t make them an idol in our lives. We don’t make their validation the controlling force behind our decisions. At the end of the day, they are flesh and blood like we are. Ones experience may be greater than ours but that does not make their opinion or view absolute. The Most High’s validation is the only thing that matters or should matter to us. Some will reject that and think it’s a form of oppression somehow that we serve the Most High from a spiritual level but those are people who have made their decision and will have to live with their decision. We should not spend time worrying about anybody else’s spiritual walk or view on the Most High because we have to care for ourselves first as there is no guarantee that we will even gain entry into the kingdom in the first place. That is what I extensively talked about in my post, “Completion is Only Achieved Through Our Judgment.” Yes, our friends and family may be special to us in our lives and we love them but we cannot hold ourselves back trying to convince them of the truth when we have our own spiritual walk to continue. A lot of our friends and family have already made up their minds and we have to accept that. This is not to say that it isn’t painful or disappointing or upsetting to see our friends or family not see certain things, but we cannot let that control us. The flesh is temporary and ever changing in nature, but the spirit is permanent and consistent in nature. There is no variability or sudden change in the spirit. That is why we should keep ourselves invested in our relationship with the Most High. However, this investment is troublesome for some people. Let’s go into why it may be.

To give a greater perspective on the nature of faith and what it entails, we look to 1 Peter 1:6-9 for understanding.

Here it reads,

6 Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations:

7 That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Yahweh Ben Yahweh:

8 Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory:

9 Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.”

Focus on verses 8 and 9 specifically here. The essential nature of faith is to believe in something we cannot see, hear, or feel; to believe in something beyond our senses. Faith commands us to evolve and grow beyond the flesh; it is necessary to so that we have a true belief in the Most High. As Peter says here, “whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and fully of glory: receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.” The fruits we bear from the realization of our faith at its greatest level are our salvation through the Messiah; to be marked for salvation. The fruits we do bear otherwise are the treasures in which we do not hold in our hands. What I mean is that the Most High favors us with treasure that is of a profound spiritual nature; that being wisdom, knowledge, discernment, guidance, strength, courage, bravery, humility and the understanding of charity and faith, etc. The Most High does not want us to store up treasure in the world because we will not carry those things into our judgment. The only thing we carry into our judgment is our own soul. Our souls bear the record of all the good and bad things we did here on this earth. The Most High wants us to carry this spiritual treasure because it will help us contribute to all the good deeds we ought to make in this life and thereby help us on our day of judgment. The Most High gives us what we need. Favor is not predicated on what we can touch or see but rather what helps us grow spiritually and mentally. The mind is the fuel for our engine which is the body. If our mind is not in its best state, our body will be affected by that. You’ll be amazed at how linked our body is to our mind. That can be seen most profoundly with how much damage stress can do to us. It is far more beneficial to us to have a stable mind with great understanding and discernment than having something we’re looking after like a top car or a top corporate position because those values are going to help us open new doors in life, it will keep us from chicanery and it can even protect us and save our lives. So many lives have been lost because people did not have proper discernment and were unwise in their decisions. They chose to add fuel to the fire instead of being wise and putting out the fire and for that, they lost their lives. Some of those people were even rich and had just about everything that most people dream of. How many people have died young because they were foolish and had no discernment? People can get all the treasures they want but they can lose it instantly if they don’t have proper discernment of the people around them or how to hold onto their possessions wisely. When you possess wisdom, knowledge, understanding, strength, and so on, you can live a life where you can make the most of what you have. A righteous man who has what he needs can make a fortune whereas a wicked man who has what he desires can only make a short-lived treasure. That fortune will last a lifetime but that treasure is only for a moment. This is why so many people who became rich later come and say that they wish they never got to that level because they realized that there is more to it than just money. Some people who do follow the craft sometimes end up falling out of it because they’ve grown tired of materialism and want something more fulfilling. They know that if there is a devil, there has to be the Most High and they then begin to have a change of heart after they realize that even all they desired or wished to have wasn’t good enough. The flesh can never be satisfied; it will always want more. This is why the laws, statutes and commandments are in place to act as a buffer against our animalistic nature.

Nonetheless, the treasure or the fortune rather, that the Most High wants us to possess is in our hearts; not in our hands. Don’t be mistaken; He’ll favor you with what you need. He’ll give you food, water, clothing and shelter in the healthiest and cleanest way possible here on this earth. He’ll help assist you in building a good circle with the right people. A righteous brother or sister who we can communicate with on a regular basis that loves the Most High and has reciprocal charity for you is an immense form of favor that we should all be grateful to have. They will help us grow to be better and we can help them grow to be better as well. One of the greatest forms of favor that the Most High can give us is placing the right people in our lives and in our surroundings that have a good mindset and spirit because we are beings that feed off of energy. Much of our motivation and the level of action we take in life can be influenced by who is surrounding us. If you’re surrounded by miserable and negative people, it is going to be hard to counteract that in the long term because energy can be so infectious. If you’re surrounded by driven and positive people who are mature and of good character, it’ll drive you to move forward with your goals and accomplish them while growing as a person spiritually, mentally and physically.

This is important for us to understand because it directs us to the nature of favor in comparison to the nature of blessings. Blessings are often touted by people nowadays whenever they get a new car, a new job, a new career, a big contract, a new house, a new living location in a big city or state, etc; all materialistic things. Favor is more so something in my view that entails spiritual significance and the growth of the heart/mind. Favor is going to help us navigate this life and endure the toughest moments we experience; whether it is the loss of a family member or friend, a break-up/divorce, loss of a job, economic uncertainty, illness, near death experience, betrayal, envy from others, etc. Favor is what will help us build that mindset and spirit to tackle these issues head on and continue to move forward past these obstacles instead of letting them bury us. Money cannot fix every issue you come across in life. Money cannot fill every void you have. Women and cars cannot make you more of a man nor have a greater sense of honor because it inherently doesn’t. Honor comes from how you conduct yourself, your humility, your strength, your perseverance and how you are respected by your people and your direct peers. Again, these are all things that you cannot buy. These are all things that are to come from within you. Most people use the money and the luxury to compensate for what they’re lacking internally and sometimes even externally. The more someone is braggadocios with their money and haughty-minded, the more they are lacking from a mental and spiritual level. The more knowledge and wisdom someone develops, they usually find money to be less of a desire and see it more so as for what it is which is a helpful tool in life and a necessity to fulfill the basic needs of the human existence such as eating, drinking, shelter and clothing.

To cement what has been stated, we look to Proverbs 22:1 which states,

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than silver and gold.”

What this is saying is that it is better for a man to pursue spiritual favor from not only the Most High but also favor or a form of kinship from one’s brethren. This is because it is far more fulfilling to the soul to have a strong relationship with the Most High and a form of charity with your brothers. Many people, young and old, rich and poor, spend their whole lives searching endlessly for the truth but they never find it. They can spend their whole lives searching endlessly for a one true loving and sincere person in their lives; whether it be a friend, family member or a partner and they don’t receive it. It is more so of an indictment on the vain pursuit of riches because silver and gold, no matter how abundant, cannot buy you a relationship with the Most High or buy you a relationship with a person who has sincere love for you. Also, a good name is rather to be pursued than great riches because that good name you have can open doors for you in life. If you have great riches but a name that has been disgraced, money won’t do anything to repair that bad name. Now, there are top level people who have been previously disgraced in the public or have done disgraceful deeds that received publicity but had enough money to help that boil over quickly and not linger for too long. However, it does not change the opinion of those who see you in that different light. The only way to possibly renew that tarnished image or name is to perform good acts in sincerity and humility consistently from thereon while changing your character entirely. It is impossible to change the minds of every single person who thinks of you differently after your name has been disgraced but you may change your image in most people’s eyes. You cannot change the mistakes you made in the past but you do have control over what you do in the present and the future.

To capitalize on this point about the riches that the Most High wants us to have and what true and fruitful riches are, we look to Proverbs 22:4 which states,

“By humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, and honour, and life.”

It is by our humility and the fear of the LORD that we gain spiritual riches and honor. As Proverbs tell us, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. When we remain humble and revere the Most High by way of adhering to His covenant of the laws and commandments, we begin to grow in riches such as knowledge, wisdom, discernment, protection, and the ability to grow to possess an emotional and mental balance. When we grow in our riches, we grow in our works. When we grow in our works, we grow in the honor we have from our brethren. It is not a vainglorious honor but it is rooted in a form of respect. The life we gain from that humility and the fear of the Lord is that liberty and freedom that following the Hamashiach gives us. After all, the Hamashiach tells his people that he is the way, the truth and the life. It is through him that we receive liberty by way of salvation from sin and damnation. We cannot buy our way into the kingdom; we have to earn our way by spiritual works. The Most High is dealing with us from a spiritual level.

This doesn’t mean that if you have valued possessions and money that He isn’t dealing with you. After all, Job and Solomon, to name a few, were prestigious men who were well off in their possessions and money. However, that doesn’t mean that we are to possess exorbitant amounts of wealth, as in tens of millions and billions of dollars, because no man needs that much money. It is excess at that point. Money turns from a tool to quickly becoming an idol because when people are not held back, they use that money to end up venturing into a rabbit hole of chicanery. It starts off with small parties then big parties then drinking then smoking then fooling around with one girl then fooling around with multiple girls then “experimenting” then doing drugs and so on. People with inconceivable amounts of wealth end up getting into extreme things because they have so much money that they become bored with it and are try to find any extreme or new high. That is because they’ve become numb since they’ve gotten to drink all the alcohol they’ve wanted, done all the type of drugs there is to try, slept with all of the women they’ve wanted, driven all the cars they’ve ever wanted, etc. The flesh always wants more and it doesn’t stop if there is no buffer there spiritually. Remember that money in itself is not the root of all evil just like how guns themselves are not the root cause of gun violence. It is the love of money that is stated to be the root of all evil. It is the variable which is man that acts as a sort of wild card in nature. Tools are tools. A gun is a gun. A piece of silver is a piece of silver. It is dependent on the person who picks up that tool as for whether that tool is used for its intended purpose or it is used for malicious purposes.

To wrap this all up, we come to this dynamic which I like to call “Genie Syndrome”. Now, some may inquire as to what “Genie Syndrome” is. It is when someone specifically is praying to the Most High in hopes that an action of what they perceive is a form of spiritual work will be immediately reciprocated with whatever wish that that person has. So many people are praying to the Most High for the wrong reasons. They think that what the Most High wanting the best for them entails is what they, the individual, wants best for them. They might think that climbing the corporate ladder or getting a record deal or getting a big house or getting rich is what’s best for them but the Most High may not want that for them. It is a loose form of a God complex because they project what they want for themselves onto the Most High in thinking that is what He wants for them. To an extent, it is them attempting to tie their wishes to a level of spiritual supremacy or some form of divine destiny for themselves. It is them subconsciously thinking that they are a master who controls their own destiny; not yet thinking that they are their own god because they’re still trying to use the Most High as a device to get what they desire. They develop an inflated sense of self-importance in thinking that they have any say as to what they should get. You get what you earn. If you do nothing, you gain nothing.

Either way, over time, they get more frustrated because they’re not getting what they want. Through this petulance, they begin to increasingly believe that either the Most High can be used as a device or is a device to get what they want in life. This is the beginning phase of those who eventually sell out to that corporate job, to the entertainment industry, or whatever idol they’re lusting after in thinking that they are their own gods. They subconsciously believe that they are the ones with the power in the dynamic where they have control over what the Most High does simply by commanding their wishes to be granted. After all, once initiates enter secret societies within the industry or not and get to the highest levels, they are taught that they are their own gods; that like Nimrod, they can exalt themselves like they are the Most High. That is the core of what Luciferianism is from a level of belief which is that you set your own path to godhood and that God is within you; that you don’t serve an entity higher than yourself but you are that higher being. This is exactly what Nimrod and his father Cush did and taught to the people in antiquity to follow through their apostasy and it is that same apostasy which is currently being carried out by this global society. The “powers that be” are training the masses to think that they are their own gods; to think like them. It is one of the main reasons people are so narcissistic and self-absorbed now with little regard for others. People think that the world revolves around them. These people are almost unerringly on social media religiously attempting to build a form of celebrity for themselves. Their social media accounts become their own personal shrines.

Continuing on, they carry this form of entitlement in their prayers to the Most High and they think that they should just be given whatever they wish for whatever reason. Even if the Most High were to grant you the things you may want, you have to work for His favor. Even then, you won’t get it because you’re using Him to get what you want; you’re not actively trying to build a relationship with Him. You’re using him as a means to an end. Most of the things that people are wishing to have is all vain and materialistic anyways which is why their wishes are not being granted by the Most High because again, He is not a wish granter. He is not your servant who does as you please.

Most people believe that the Most High is a genie that will grant you whatever you so desire. He is not a genie. He is not a wizard or a magician that just manifests whatever you want when you ask. You have to earn what you want. The thing is that people have this erroneous perception of who the Most High is. No, He does not love everybody. No, He does not forgive you every time you ask to be forgiven for doing the same sin over and over again. No, He does not want you to be “prosperous” through FIAT money that televangelists and super preachers would like to think is the riches that the scriptures is speaking of. If you believe that the Most High is a genie, you will be disappointed. If you’re looking for a genie, you’re looking in the wrong place. The Most High is going to test you and put you through the fire. He gives the toughest tests for His strongest soldiers. The Most High is not losing anything when we decide to forsake Him or be petulant and blaspheme Him because we’re not getting our wishes granted like Aladdin. The Most High’s side does indeed win but it is no guarantee that we as individuals win. We have to do our part to be on the winning side. The Most High is the constant so of course, His side is going to win. However, we’re the variable and so we have to do our part in following His ways and standing firm in our faith so we can indeed be on the winning side in the end. Again, faith requires us to elevate above our flesh. It requires us to trust in and believe in He who we cannot see, hear, or touch. Most people are carnal and only go by their senses so they decide to follow this world instead. I talk about this in my post, “Why Do People Turn to Satan?

To finalize this and cement the point about this aspect of elevating above the flesh (the senses), we look to Hebrews 11:1 which states,

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

To have faith is to have hope; to have hope in the Most High, His Son, the Second Coming. If you don’t have belief, you will have no hope. The things not seen is that in the spirit world; the works of the angels, the archangels, the Most High and His Son, etc. We have to understand how the Most High communicates with us; how we are deterred from doing certain things, how we are led to certain doors to open in our lives, how we are protected from certain situations or people which may have put us in harm’s way. We must elevate above simply seeing signs in the physical world as the fuel for our belief and more so understand how to read between the lines because faith calls us to look beyond just what we can see. This level of faith is not acquired overnight but it takes years and years to truly develop faith that is balanced, measured and unwavering. This is why we go through constant testing throughout our lives because a part of it is to make our faith that much stronger over the course of our lives and to make sure that you are affirmed in your belief and hope in the Most High without wavering because the flesh changes constantly. Passing one test is not the end of the tests. As we spoke on before, we are only complete in our spiritual journey once we pass our judgment. Someone who passes a test from the Most High can later fall out of the truth because other tests overwhelmed that person and they couldn’t pass those tests. It is not how you start but it is how you finish.

People who only go by the flesh will never have true faith because they don’t understand faith. Some people believe that having faith means simply praising the Most High. Anybody can say, “All praises to the Most High”. They are just words that even an atheist can say. Faith means that you ascend above your fleshly nature to trust and believe in the Most High and His Son’s existence and glory and to affirm that belief by adhering to His laws, statutes and commandments even when you are tested to the fullest. That being said, it sounds ridiculous to hear someone say that they are “going back and forth in faith” yet say “all praises to the Most High.” It is either you have faith, or you don’t. It is either you believe, or you don’t. If you don’t have faith but yet praise the Most High, it is erroneous because at that point, you’re just speaking words into the air with no sincerity behind it because you don’t believe. To have faith is to believe. Those who say that they’re “going back and forth in faith” really is code for, “I’m growing impatient with the Most High because He hasn’t given me what I want.” Faith is not about getting what you want. Faith is about being humbled and through that humility, learning what we need. Through that learning, we begin to earn the best of those necessities by passing these tests that the Most High puts us through. He doesn’t need any of us. We need Him for our salvation. This journey of faith in the Most High is not a slot machine where your prayer is a coin, and you get a chance to be rewarded for it. Prayer is essential and is powerful, but it must be in concordance with real spiritual work. Unfortunately for them, that is what most people fail to understand.

In closing, it should be clear that the Most High cannot be questioned but it is us who are to be questioned because we can change and there is no guarantee of which we will be tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now or a year from now. This is the reason why we are constantly tested throughout our lives because it is to affirm our faith and to see whether or not we will stand our ground or not. If the Most High sees that you’ll break and lose faith, it’ll be clear to Him that you are not to be trusted because you weren’t loyal. If there is no loyalty, there cannot be trust. You want to be able to trust those who are going to be in that proverbial foxhole with you. You want to trust them to be loyal to you and not betray you like Judas or Yehudah betrayed the Hamashiach Yahweh Ben Yahweh or not fight for you how Peter or Cephas did not fight for Yahweh and denied him three times instead. The Most High has no need to settle for less. If we fail to meet that loyalty and we decide to break, it is us who lose out; not the Most High. It is up to us to strengthen our hearts and put on the full armor of Yah as Ephesians 6 tells us to be able to withstand in the evil day. We are in that evil day now where good is bad, bad is good, perversion is sacred and sacred is perversion. So in order to withstand this, we must have the shield of faith to quench the fiery darts of the wicked. In order to have that shield, we must understand what faith is. It isn’t a conditional relationship where you do something that is perceived in your mind to be righteous and then get whatever wish you desire. In order to truly begin to have faith, you must get rid of that Genie syndrome; especially because what you may want could cost you your relationship with the Most High. We must understand the hierarchy so that we hold true faith. If we don’t understand the hierarchy, we won’t respect it and instead blurt out wishes as commands as if we are the ones running things in the universe. We are to humble ourselves first and earn our keep to then bear the fruits of our spiritual labor. Otherwise, you’ll lead yourself down the road to disappointment by way of Genie syndrome.