To continue our “Know Your Company” series, we get to another example of why we as individuals need to know the company that we keep because the company we keep can harm those who we’re supposed to protect. We need to be circumspect of the people we let into our circle because not only could they affect us but they could affect those close to us in our circle; whether it is our family or friends. As we’re going to see in this situation here, there are many people out there who if we do let them near our company will harm our company. One of these people is a woman named Claire Faith who as we can see from her mug-shot looks like she has a demon on her. Always look at the eyes with these people. They always have those empty soulless eyes. Either way, let’s look at the story here.

Here it begins,

“A Colorado day care owner convicted of keeping 26 children hidden in the basement of her business two years ago has been sentenced to six years in prison after parents said some of the children suffered trauma including sleeping problems and anxiety.”

Personally, it is almost certain that this woman did more than just keep them hidden in the basement. There probably was some form of verbal abuse that was taking place between her and the children. Usually in these situations, they berate the children and make them out to be the villain for a perceived wrongdoing. They make the children feel as if they deserve the punishment and that what is happening to them is justifiable.

“A judge issued the sentence to Carla Faith on Thursday following her conviction by a jury in August of more than two dozen misdemeanor child abuse charges and other crimes.

Faith was only licensed to care for up to six children at her Colorado Springs private day care and only two of them were allowed to be under the age of 2.

But police who went to her Mountain Play Place day care in November 2019 after receiving reports there were more children than allowed found 25 children in the basement, including 12 children under age 2, prosecutors said.

There were two adult employees supervising them in the basement and one of them, Valerie Fresquez, accepted a plea deal and testified at Faith’s trial, KRDO-TV reported. The 26th child who had been in the basement was picked up by a parent while police were at the day care, authorities said.”

The question that should be asked here is how did she manage to collect more than six children at her day care when she wasn’t licensed to do so? Where were the proper inspections of the day care?

“Many of the children had soiled or wet diapers and were sweaty and thirsty, according to an arrest affidavit.

When police arrived, Faith repeatedly told an officer that no children were there and that the home did not have a basement, but the officer heard children’s music and a child’s cry from the basement, the affidavit said.”

In these situations, whenever someone repeatedly tells you that there’s no one there or they seem to be in a rush to get you out, it is more likely than not that they’re hiding something or someone. It is understandable that someone might be a bit frantic or visibly distressed because some people have a genuine anxiety or fear around police but you can tell between someone who is frantic because of anxiety and someone who is frantic because of a need to hide something. Those who need to hide something will usually hound the officers if they’re in their house leading a search. Those who are anxious will usually cooperate and will answer the questions asked by the officers. Whenever someone is following close by you while you’re leading a search on them, it is usually an indication that they’re trying to track your movements in the case that if you get close to an area or place that they’re hiding something or someone, they’ll try to quickly create a distraction or way to get you from searching that place. This is clearly what this woman was trying to do because she knew she was in a bad condition with the police searching her day care while she was hiding the kids. It was especially bad because there’s far greater risk involved for her position to be compromised since there’s less control on the behavior of the kids. Kids will involuntarily make noises. A kid can cry at any given moment; especially in that situation where they were thirsty and had soiled diapers. A captive teenager or adult will generally have more control over the noises that they make in comparison to captive toddlers as they won’t be as likely to cry. So she knew that she was in a bad spot and that’s why she was repeatedly telling them that there were no kids or basement because she was desperate. Fortunately, the noise was able to tip off the police in this situation and they were able to get the kids out and arrest this person.

“Another officer discovered a false wall and moved it to reveal the basement staircase, the affidavit said.

At Faith’s sentencing on Thursday, parents of the children and relatives filled the courtroom, telling the judge that their children have suffered trauma since being at the day care, citing sleep and anxiety issues, KOAA-TV reported.

Parent Kim Marshall said that both of her children still receive counseling.

‘We sleep with the lights on in our house,’ she said. ‘My kids are anxious. They are fearful of the world.’”

Of course they would. The fear that a child experiences when they’re abused and held captive by an adult is extraordinary; especially when that adult is not familiar to them. That would be traumatic for anybody but especially children who are as young as 2 years old in this situation. These children will most likely have to continue to receive extensive counseling for some time because they’re far more sensitive to fear. It’s going to take them time to gain the understanding and practice the measures needed to get rid of the fear and anxiety that was created from this situation.

Unfortunately, these are the kind of things that happen when you leave your kids in the hands of these strange day care centers. We need to be far more involved in our kids lives than just shipping them off to day care centers after school all day. This might face some disagreement from others but we should not have kids if we’re going to spend all of our lives not in their lives and just outside working. This is not talking about people who were in good standing and had kids then but their situation got difficult after where a calamity happened and lost everything and had to work multiple jobs or they were caught up in a financial struggle. That is not their fault at all as things happen in life. Hopefully those who are in those situations can make it out and things get better for them and their kids. This is about people who have kids knowing that they can’t support them; people who can’t even take care of themselves. It is not fair to the kids that they’re put in this situation because you decided to have kids when you were not mentally, spiritually, or financially equipped to have them. You end up leaving them in the hands of strangers. When you leave your kid in these indoctrination centers called public schools for 7 hours a day and then at these day care centers for another 4 to 6 hours a day, who is raising your kid? It is simply not responsible to just drop them off for other people to care for them all the time when we’re supposed to be there raising them. That might seem harsh to some but it is what it is.

What’s harsh is how these kids all across the country are being robbed of proper care and a real education because their parents continue to have kids without planning and then let them suffer for it by putting them in these indoctrination centers aka public schools and day care centers with no plans on creating a better situation for them. It is about them having a spiritual bond between you and them. The bond between parents and their children keeps falling apart as the years go on because parents are leaving their kids to the state to take care of them and they’re not involved in their lives. They then end up wondering how things like this happen. We need to be far more aware and astute of the people we are leaving our kids to. This should not be a everyday thing where we leave them to someone else’s care. Once in a while, if a family member or a real trustworthy family friend is able to, we can let them care for them. However, when we’re letting other people care for them on a daily basis, our kids are not getting that bond that they’re supposed to with you as their parent and in this case, they’re being put in harm’s way.

“Faith’s lawyer, Josh Tolini, said she had difficulty saying ‘no’ to parents who wanted to place their children at her day care and that the situation snowballed.

She made some ‘incredibly poor decisions about how to do this,’ Tolini said.

Faith was convicted of 26 counts of misdemeanor child abuse, attempting to influence a public servant and obstructing a peace officer.”

Judging from this, it seems more so that this woman simply wasn’t skilled or equipped to handle the duties in caring for multiple children. Her alleged difficulty in refusing to deny parents from placing their kids in her day care is a sign that she likely has issues with decision-making. What I mean is that her inability to simply deny these parents by referring them to her licensure limitations is a failure on her end of making the logical decision to protect her license. Decision making is tied to responsibility. It wasn’t responsible for her to allow additional kids into her private day care when she wasn’t supposed to and when she didn’t have to because it put her license at risk and her ability to continue her private day care center as well. This irresponsibility is then seen further with her inability to properly take care of the children and to instead abuse them because of likely frustration but more so from an unstable mind. It is the unstable mind that creates the irresponsibility which leads to frustration that ultimately creates scenarios where poor decision making occurs.

By taking on more kids to care for, she put their care at risk because it is not feasible to properly care for two dozen kids when you don’t have enough people in your care team to support them. If it was really her difficulty of saying ‘no’ that brought these kids into her care, she brought that overload onto herself and her staff. People who are not equipped and capable of caring for children wrongfully take out their inability to care for them out on the children. Again, if you are not able to care for the children, don’t accept them into your care. Going from her lawyer’s statement, this situation was her fault and the punishment was misplaced to the children. All of this would have been avoided if she simply told the parents that her licensure limit would be exceeded if she accepted more of their children.

Just to note, she was also convicted of attempting to influence a public servant as it says here. That is just desperation on her end. When people get caught in a lie or a crime, a typical response is for them to influence or bribe the person who caught them. This behavior is not surprising coming from her as it is clear that she has poor decision-making.

“KRDO-TV reported that charges against Fresquez will be dropped if she meets some unspecified steps.

Day care employee Christina Swauger was convicted of the same charges as Faith and is awaiting sentencing.

An arrest warrant has been issued for another former day care employee who failed to appear in court, said Howard Black, a spokesperson for the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Colorado.”

So this crime doesn’t just start and end with this woman but it also extends to her employees as well. The whole day care was a criminal operation. Her employees assisted her in the abuse of the 26 children that were hidden in the basement there at the day care center. One question is why didn’t the employees report to the proper authorities of Faith’s illegal practices? Were they threatened by her that they’d be harmed or killed if they reported her? If that was the case and they decided to comply with her instead of doing their job in protecting the kids from her, they decided to be accomplices to child abuse. It’s as simple as that.

This leads us to the main thing here. We cannot depend on other people to do the right thing in protecting our children if they’re put in danger. People are going to be concerned with themselves first before your own children. These people decided to comply instead and at least two of them tried to manage the situation in controlling the kids in the basement as opposed to doing their job in protecting the kids by reporting Carla Faith.

From a personal view, we should not leave any of our kids in day care. There have been far too many situations in day care centers and even nursing homes where the employees abuse the patients there. The best way is to simply leave the care of our children to ourselves. If we can’t care for them in a certain moment, we should look to our family first to take care of them before anyone else who is not related to us. Of course, it is not a guarantee that our family are to be trusted because there can be disturbed people in our family who may harm our kids too. However, we should know who is or isn’t in their right mind when letting them take care of our kids. There is no way of knowing how a day care worker is going to treat your kids because you have no prior history with that person in assessing their character. A greeting smile is not enough for someone to prove that they’re trustworthy to take care of your child. That is why if you can, you should go to your parents first to care for them if they’re able to. If not then go through everyone else in your family to see if they can take care of them. The only scenario that’s understandable where you can’t let your family take care of them is if you have no family that lives in your state. At that point, maybe you could let your child stay at their friend’s house if you’re familiar with their parents. It is good to develop some form of a relationship with your child’s best friend’s parents for situations like this. That is just a personal opinion as for an alternative if family can’t help look after your child for a moment. At least in that situation, your kid will be with someone who they’re familiar with and there would be less of a chance that their friend’s parents would do something to your kid because of the understanding that their child is friends with your child. Again, it is understandable if someone disagrees with that. It is not a guarantee that their parents wouldn’t be off either but at least you have a better chance to speak with them to get a picture of where their minds are at in comparison to a care worker. You never know what you’re getting with a care worker. You really don’t know with anybody in this life but especially a care worker.

To reiterate, if you’re able to let your parents or other family take care of your kids for a few hours if you can’t yourself then do so. We cannot trust any of these institutions to adequately care for our kids. The fact that this woman held over two dozen kids in a basement with nearly half of them being under the age of 2 and they were not given water and were not cared for and all she got was 6 years is despicable. In America, the legal punishment for child abuse is a farce. It is not just the physical abuse that should be accounted for here but it is also the mental trauma from such abuse. The kids are the ones suffering here because of demons like this. It is clear that there are many people who are parents, care workers and guardians that shouldn’t be in those positions. We need to protect our company from these people.

In closing, this was a quick post but it is just more evidence to show you that we need to make sure that we know the company we keep. This means that we must know who our partner is, who our kids are friends with, who is looking over our kids when we’re away, who visits our house, etc. This is because if we don’t know our company, our loved ones will suffer for it. Our kids will suffer for it. Unfortunately with these children, it’s going to take some more time for these kids to get through their therapy because things like this are incredibly traumatic for children; especially for those of these kids who are even younger than 2 years old. It is important for those of us that are parents that we are in our kid’s lives as much as possible and that we don’t have to be away from them all day. This is important even more so now. We don’t know what these care workers could be giving our children in these institutions. In times where kids are getting the vaccine at some schools without parent’s consent, we need to know where our kids are at and have eyes on them at all times. If we leave our kids in the hands of strangers and the state, they will suffer for it. In these times, none of our kids should be in these public schools, day care centers or institutions. They need to be at home with us. In these last days, our kids are going to be targeted more and more because people are getting more deranged by the day. We must do our due-diligence in protecting them from these institutions and centers and to keep them as close to us as possible. If we know that we can’t or won’t have the time to care for them when thinking about having children, we should not have them. We end up leaving them in day care centers all day every day and things like this happen to them. We have to do our best in keeping them close because it is their minds and spirits that are at risk. I say this with love because our children are our stock. They’re our posterity and our treasure. We have to treat them as such. Leaving them in day care centers all day at the mercy of these demons is a travesty. We must keep them close to us and get them out of these schools and day care centers. They’ll be better off for it. As for this case, hopefully, these children are able to recover and their parents take this situation as an opportunity to better protect their children.