When we walk in this spiritual journey, we have to endure. One of the things that we have to endure is the supposed disappointment of those who were close to us. This may be life-long friends or family members who may have known us before we humbled ourselves to the Most High and turned to the scriptures. This may be our partners who we married before we humbled ourselves to the Most High. There are many things that we have to change when we begin to change spiritually. This change can often be sudden and apparent in a short amount of time. Within the first few years of your transformation, you will change very quickly in regards to your mindset, perspective, behavior, and emotions; among other things. You will see more and more that this change will increasingly put you at odds with your mother, your father, your siblings, your friends, your partner, etc. Eventually, the changes you have will make those people express their “disappointment” in you. This may hurt you because you have love for your family, friends and partner but you should not let it hurt you.

One of the main ways that you may change is the change in your diet. Many of our loved ones may eat unclean foods. Before embarking on our spiritual journey following the scriptures, we may have eaten these foods regularly with them. We might have had barbecues, weekend parties, holiday dinners, etc where we were very close with our families in these events and we enjoyed our time together eating those foods. However, as we change, we tend to stop going to these events. We start to not eat the same foods as they eat. Some of our family may regularly eat shrimp, lobster, crabs, ham, sausage, bacon, ribs, eel, squid, oysters, etc. As we should know, we cannot eat any of these things according to the biblical food laws. When we adhere to this, we eat less with our friends and family and more so alone because we eat different things. We begin to attend those family events less and less because of the difference in our food. Our friends and family may then take this as a way of you distancing yourself from them and that somehow there is something wrong with you or that you have some sort of problem with them. The reality is that you really don’t have any problem yourself or with them but you’re simply minding your business and eating in the way that the Most High laid out in the scriptures.

They then start saying that we’re weird because we don’t want to eat those foods anymore. They may even exasperate that phrase, “You’ve changed!”, as if change is a bad thing. It can be a bad thing if you’re regressing in your character and behavior but changing your diet is not a bad thing; especially when you are changing it to follow the biblical laws. The problem is that the ways of this world has been so engrained into the minds of our loved ones that they think anything other than what they were taught is odd. Those in our family who might claim to be Christian will then try to refute our specific objection to eating pork by telling us, “Baby, Jesus came back and we’re under new law so there ain’t anything wrong with eating pork.” Some will try to then cite Mark 7:15-19 or Matthew 15:17-20 to excuse the eating of pork but this is an attempt to contort the scriptures to fit a narrative that conflicts with the biblical law. This erroneous narrative regarding the eating of pork will be addressed in an article of its own because it’s a multi-layered topic.

Nonetheless, our family may make this reply because they’re buried in the church system; listening to what their pastor says. This is a major problem among many, if not most people who follow religion in that they follow what a man says or thinks about the scriptures instead of reading the text for themselves. This is not just a Christian thing but this is also a Muslim thing, a Jewish thing. Dare I say, this is a human thing. Many Muslims will follow what their imam says, Jews will follow what their rabbi says and Christians will follow what their pastor says; all without question. It’s a continuation of the inherent nature of humanity which is to simply accept whatever their fleshly overlord says and believe in it as law. It’s not just priests, imams and rabbis that people listen to and take their word as law; it’s also doctors, nurses, politicians, etc. This is one of the main problems with humanity; the fact that they do not think for themselves and do not question what they are being told. They take what one person says and they run with it; part of being due to them being centered in emotion instead of logic and reason.

This isn’t just about a change in the food that you eat. This extends to not celebrating the “holidays” anymore, not wanting to do certain activities with them, not wanting to do what they want you to do for your education or career, or not being in agreement with a political or societal ideology.

This leads us to the next point. Not only does our spiritual transformation in line with the scriptures conflict with the food we’d normally eat, it also conflicts with the holidays we’d normally celebrate. A lot of us used to get dressed up and excited for Halloween, set up the tree for Christmas or get the candy ready for Easter. Once we come into understanding, we learn that these holidays of Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc are all pagan. We already broke down on this website the true origins of Valentine’s Day. In the upcoming month or so, there will be a detailed breakdown of the true origins of Christmas as well. Either way, all that a Christian needs to do is actually read their Bible. Once they actually go through it, they’ll see not one mention of the words, “Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day”. You’ll actually see the scriptures condemn the act of putting a tree in your house which would make the celebration of Christmas a sin in of itself; let alone the fact that by celebrating it you are following after the traditions of the gods which is condemned in the commandments according to Deuteronomy 6:14-15. Either way, once you come to this understanding, you stop celebrating these holidays. Then after, your family takes notice and they confront you about it. They ask you why you haven’t gathered candy for Halloween this year or why aren’t you coming over for Christmas. You then try to convince your family who purport to believe in the scriptures that these holidays are not to be celebrated. They then push back and say that Christmas is for the birth of Jesus and Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus.

We can’t stress this enough when saying that none of this is true. People say that Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus but it is not. The word Easter is derived from Ostara, Eostre and Ishtar. It is about the resurrection of Ishtar’s son, Tammuz. People will say, “Oh but Ishtar doesn’t usually have any children in the mythology!” These people do not understand the structure of the Babylonian mysteries. Ishtar is another name for Semiramis. Ishtar/Inanna’s husband is Dumuzid who is just Tammuz.

Originally, Semiramis’ husband is both her son and her husband. Nimrod was Semiramis’ son and became her husband. After Nimrod was killed, Semiramis told the people that he had ascended to the sun and now was known as Baal. Nimrod had been chopped to 14 pieces in his killing and 13 of those pieces were gathered by Semiramis except the phallus. She then manufactured an artificial phallus, the obelisk to reinvigorate the spirit of Nimrod. The sun’s rays would shine down from the obelisk through the temple to illuminate the altar which represents the female body. Through the sun’s rays reflecting off of the obelisk, the obelisk would symbolically act as a mechanism to recreate the insemination from Nimrod into the womb of Semiramis. The obelisk represents the shaft of Baal as explained here. It was later claimed by Semiramis that she was impregnated by the rays of the sun/the sun god Baal (Nimrod).

From this, she gave birth to Tammuz who is Nimrod resurrected. Tammuz possessed the same powers and abilities that his father possessed; one of them being a great hunter. Tammuz was also said to be fond of rabbits which is a part of the symbolism behind the bunny for Easter. The main reason behind the symbol of the bunny or the hare and the eggs is because it represents Semiramis and her son, Tammuz. In her alter as Ostara (which is one of the names that ‘Easter’ is derived from), Semiramis is depicted with the hare’s head or ears. The hare represented her as the moon goddess. Throughout the mythology, you’ll see that the hare is often aligned with the moon or the lunar aspect. You’ll see this depiction in Ancient Egypt with the moon goddess, Wenut or Unut. She was originally depicted as a snake goddess and was venerated as “the swift one”. She was later depicted with the hare’s head which continued the theme of the aspect of swiftness since the hare or the rabbit is also considered a swift or quick animal. You know that this is meant to represent Semiramis because Wenut’s consort/partner was Wenenu which was a form of Osiris. Osiris is Nimrod because as Nimrod was killed and chopped up by Shem, Osiris was killed and chopped up by Set. The egg that she hatched represented her son. The egg was also a symbol of fertility and it represented her fertility in that she conceived Tammuz without the man. With Tammuz representing the egg, the hare and the egg is a mild allusion to the union of the moon and the sun with the hare representing the moon since Ishtar/Semiramis was the fertility moon goddess and the egg representing the sun since Tammuz, the child in the egg, was the sun god. Nonetheless, Tammuz would end up being slain by the wild boar. To commemorate Tammuz, Semiramis commanded the people to follow a forty day period of time known as the “Weeping for Tammuz”, known today as Lent, before the anniversary of his death where they would fast and not consume any meat. Then afterwards, they’d celebrate Easter to commemorate Tammuz and his mother. There is more to the whole Easter thing but for now, it should be clear that it is not a holiday that is for the true Messiah but it is rather for Nimrod.

Nevertheless, we often abandon celebrating these holidays after coming to the understanding of what these conventional holidays are really about and we in turn, come to understanding of the high holy days that are supposed to be celebrated which are written in the scriptures. This may be met with the disappointment or even ire of our friends or family members. Some misguided Christians seriously believe that Christmas is a holiday that people who follow the Bible are supposed to celebrate because it represents the birth of Christ. Well, no it doesn’t. We may tell them this but because they’re ignorant of the truth; they reject what we’re saying and just continue to be angry with us. You’d expect most people to simply celebrate Christmas so they can get new gifts and have a big dinner with family over but there are some who still take it seriously. This is the issue with the church system in that it makes people unaware of the truth. People attend church and they just follow whatever their pastor says. If they do read the Bible on their own, most modern day church goers will just read the New Testament or they just pick and choose what they want to read. With this in mind, it is predictable that they would be unaware of the fact that they shouldn’t be celebrating these pagan holidays. Of course, it’ll be more difficult to get them to understand this because they’ve been raised up in this understanding from childhood. It is especially difficult when it is pertaining to scripture or some form of religion because they have emotionally invested themselves in this because who no one wants to have to admit that they were following the wrong path. People want to know that they are doing the right thing. That is why it is so hard for many people to admit that they were wrong about a certain ideology or position that they held because they are so emotionally invested in it. When you wrap emotion into things instead of logic and reason, it makes religious leaders and political leaders have more of a stranglehold over their followers. When people are not emotionally attached to something, you hold less leverage over them. This is why it is especially difficult to get people to wake up and why it is better left to them to figure out themselves. If they consistently reject you, it is better to move along and leave them to their own devices. If they respond well, then you can continue slowly waking them up about certain things. Otherwise, it is better to leave the topic alone or it may be even a necessity because it can strain your relationship with them; if they haven’t cut you off already. Some of us may find ourselves not being able to speak to them because they’ve decided to cut us off for being “crazy” or “loony”. We have to let that go. Our spiritual journey cannot be hampered by what one of our family members think about us or the truth because at the end of the day, we are not responsible for the fate of grown adults. They have the capability to look up everything. The Internet is filled with troves of information regarding almost every topic that you can conceive of. There is no adult that can sit back and say that they didn’t know what the truth was in regards to the holidays or the biblical food laws. They have a phone, a computer, a TV or even a tablet with a Wi-Fi connection. That is all that they need to find the truth if they’re not willing to read the Bible themselves to find the truth in regards to this topic.

Another thing that family may become disappointed in you is where you decide against following what they want for you to do in your education or career or job move. Some parents will push their children to become doctors, lawyers, nurses, surgeons or any other profession that maybe runs in the family. The family may be full of fishers, electricians or mechanics and they want you to follow the same career path. The problem is that not everybody wants to follow what their parents have picked out for them. Some may want to go into architecture instead of being a pediatrician. Some may want to go into engineering instead of being a lawyer. It is never a good thing to force somebody into a profession that they may not want to be in. Many people become depressed, bitter and even suicidal at times because they’re living a life that their parents wanted for them and not the life that they wanted for themselves. This is why a lot of people in these high level professions such as doctors, nurses and lawyers tend to be bitter and take it out on the people that they’re either working with or treating. This issue can span across generations. The father is bitter because he’s living a life or working a job that he didn’t want but was forced into by his father but then he forces his son to do the same thing because he doesn’t know any other way but the way in which he was brought up or taught. In turn, that breeds another generation of resentment and bitterness. When our family tries to steer us in a certain direction or try to put us in a box as to what they want us to do, we have to have the courage to step up for ourselves and do what it is that is best for us. Going to med school and racking up thousands of dollars in student loan debt instead of possibly pursuing your gifts which may not even require college or additional schooling to do so is usually not going to end well for you. They might argue that it is to have “security” financially and career wise but there is no such thing as “security” in this life. We all can lose everything in a split moment; even that high level position we may have. It is better for us to follow what we’re good at and what we enjoy instead of pursuing something simply for the money. There will always be more room for growth financially when you’re doing something that you love instead of doing something that you dislike because you’re constantly focused on improving at what you’re good at because you love it and enjoy it which creates the potential for you to be at the top 1-5% of the people in your field which can lead to you making more money because of that. Whereas with something you dislike, you’re constantly thinking of doing anything else other than that job or that career and you’re not as committed to it. You end up regressing mentally and emotionally which puts you in a state overtime where you are just going through the motions instead of being fully committed to your job and that may come at the risk of you not having your best job performance.

Considering that, we must have the courage to follow what we are good at and what we love. The only time that a parent should step in and keep their child away from a certain career is if it’s either illegal, immoral, or it comes at a great risk to their health or safety. Otherwise, we should support and encourage our kids to follow what they’re good at and improve on their gifts and talents to hopefully one day be comfortable enough to support themselves and ideally to be independent from a boss or the toxicity of the corporate work environment. That doesn’t even necessarily mean that one has to create their own business to have that freedom but if you can be a freelancer or make your own hours, that may be even better. Some may not want to have to handle all the duties and responsibilities that come with running a business but simply wants to not have to clock in everyday or have a boss on their neck so freelance work or something as simple as having freedom over your own work hours may be enough to give that flexibility and freedom that so many working people are desperate to find and possess.

Returning to the point, when we stand up for ourselves in this manner, it may strike a nerve with our family because we’re not doing what they want us to do. It may even lead to big fights but you have to stand your ground because at the end of the day, it is your life that you’re living and not them. It is also interesting that often times, they have the idea that they know what is good for you when they really don’t even know what is good for them because they’re bitter and fed up with how their own life is. They might pull the “I’m older than you so I know better than you” card to justify them trying to control your own life. It is one thing to suggest a certain career or education route but to push someone into that field is another thing entirely; it is controlling someone at the potential expense of their own contentment, personal freedom and peace.

Age is not equivalent to knowledge or wisdom. There are a lot of dumb people who are fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety years old. There are also a lot of smart people who are in that age range. Knowledge and wisdom is dependent upon the individual; not the age. There’s a sentiment that as you grow older, you grow wiser but that isn’t the case at all. With this society, it more so seems to be that as people grow older, they grow to become more resentful. Much of that has to do with the fact that people simply have spent their entire lives not following what they’ve always wanted to do in favor of a “secure” job; among other things. We should grow wiser as we older because we gain more experience as we age. However, you must have knowledge in order for that wisdom to be applied. You must learn and gain knowledge from the experiences you’ve had. The problem is that many people are not learning the lessons that they’re going through and that’s why they keep experiencing the same problems repeatedly because they’re not learning. People can go through 15 different relationships and they all fail but they continue to think that it’s everyone else’s fault that it failed. After the failure of a certain number of relationships, it eventually comes down to you being the problem. That is just one example but the point is made; you have to learn from your experiences in order to then apply that knowledge to have proper judgment, discernment and discretion of the situations you find yourself in life which is what the essence of wisdom is. Unfortunately, most people do not have knowledge; let alone wisdom. This is why the vast majority of people in this society are still in a proverbial hamster wheel. You are running in circles remaining unlearnt and never coming to a full understanding of your own flaws, what life is really about, what your purpose is and where you need to be in life. That spiritual and mental limbo state leaves you to be in a limbo state in this society; jumping from relationship to relationship, marriage to marriage, friend to friend, job to job, place to place and never being truly stabilized. You can’t realize your potential and carve out your own pathway to freedom career wise or relationship wise (friends, family, and partner) and are continuing to spin in that corporate hamster wheel because you haven’t gotten off of that spiritual hamster wheel. It isn’t enough for you to stop spinning spiritually or physically, you have to get off of both hamster wheels. This society has you spinning both spiritually and physically in order to condition you to be easily demoralized by their tactics of coercion, bullying, shaming and gas-lighting whenever you attempt to hold onto some form of value system or principles. They want you to think that all that there is to life is what you can see, hear, taste, smell and touch; that there is nothing greater than us in the universe. When you are conditioned to believe that there is no Most High, anything in this life automatically takes that position of being your head; whether that is the government, your job, money, cars, your partner, etc. Nothing in this life is constant but it is a variable; it can change at any moment. When you are not grounded in something that is a constant, you are forever unstable because there is nothing in this life that is stable or not subject to change. We can lose our job at any moment, our money can be wiped out of our bank accounts tomorrow, our house can burn down or flood tomorrow, our partner can change up on us at any moment, etc. This is not to make us paranoid but it is to put things in its right perspective and proper order. We value our relationship with the Most High and His Son before anything else in our lives because that will be the most rewarding and fulfilling for us as it is a convention that will never change; unless we, the variable, change.

Unfortunately, most of our friends and family members are spinning on that hamster wheel so they are conditioned to believe that things are a certain way but you know better than that and you move against their wishes. If they get disappointed in you or angry over that reason, let them. This is your life, your career, and your spirit that is going to be affected by this decision; not them. You have to do what you know is best for you. Sometimes, we may not be in the right mind and we may need a friend or family member to guide us in the right direction. When we are in the right mind though, even if it takes us some time to figure out what we want to do, we should follow what we know we are good at and what we will enjoy. Again, that may come at the disappointment of our family but that forfeiting of your aspirations in favor of assuaging that momentary discontentment may cause a life-long disappointment on your end.

The last thing to cover here in regards to what our family may be disappointed us in is when we don’t follow what they think is right politically or socially. We may disagree politically with our liberal family members when they’re ranting and raving about certain things going on in the political world. Especially with the atmosphere in the last few years, this form of disagreement has led to many families, friendships and even relationships being torn up. On a side note, many people put far too much weight on their political views in their relationships. If someone has a certain view on climate change or the environment that is in contrast to yours, that shouldn’t be means for you to end that relationship. It isn’t that serious. When people in your family or your friends start telling you that hormone blockers should be given to kids to transition though, that is means to end that relationship because that stretches beyond just politics and into our daily lives. When they hold such a crazy viewpoint like that, who knows what other deranged beliefs they may have. It is best to stay with likeminded people; especially now.

Nonetheless, the political disagreement has stretched into the whole topic surrounding COVID because it has been overly-politicized with the intention of creating a boogeyman to turn the people against one another. This has worked on some of or maybe all of our friends and family. We might hold a certain viewpoint on the masks, the vaccines, or the COVID policies and our family wants to cut us off or express disappointment in us because of our views. They’ll tell us how much we need the shot or how we’re putting everyone at risk because we don’t wear a mask despite those positions not being realistic or true. This entire issue has warped the minds of many well-meaning and good-hearted people and has turned them for the worst. The propaganda behind this agenda has truly brought the worst out in people and that includes our friends and family. When these splits happen or our family expresses disappointment in us, we have to brush it off because we must do what we know is best for us. Sometimes, as much as it may hurt, it may be best for us to not be around certain friends or family because they may drag us down spiritually or hold us back from where we need to be.

In closing, we should not fret over the fleshly disappointment of our friends or family. We must focus on what is constant and will be the same tomorrow as today and that is the Most High. We cannot be occupied with getting our loved ones to think a certain way because that mostly comes down to them figuring that out on their own. We must put those concerns aside and focus on what truly matters in our lives. This doesn’t mean you have to cut out your loved ones entirely but in certain situations, that may be necessary depending on how negative they may be. We have to do what we know is right, what we know is true and what we know will be the best for us. That may come at the cost of our friends or family’s “approval” of us but so be it. As long as we are not breaking the laws, statutes and commandments of the Most High or doing something illegal like drug dealing or thievery, we shouldn’t worry about what other people think about us in the decisions we make for ourselves and for our children. Once we stop worrying about what others think and whether or not they may approve of us, we release those chains that were holding us down and hopefully, we use that to then make something better of ourselves for it.