One of the more recent but fascinating things that has shown up in the news recently is the position of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, who I call “Buffalo Bill” for many reasons, on vaccine mandates for kids in public schools. He has voiced his opposition to imposing vaccine mandates for kids in public schools which may come as a surprise to some; given his pioneering of vaccine passports in America as being the first mayor to enforce such policy on a city level and setting the groundwork for medical segregation in America. However, in order to understand this position, you have to understand what “Buffalo Bill” is.

He is a statist i.e. a Communist; through and through. One of the main beliefs that Communist politicians have is that the state owns your child and that it dictates what they believe in, what they follow and what they adhere to. This sentiment was notoriously echoed recently by Terry McAuliffe who was running for governor in Virginia this month when he stated, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach”. This was the reason why he lost because he was far too transparent in his statism; especially when he encouraged employers to mandate vaccines to “make life difficult” for the unvaccinated. All that he was promising was the status quo, mandates and further control of the state over Virginian’s lives. Couple that with his lack of charisma and likeability, he lost the election for governor in Virginia which only shocked neoliberals and the neoliberal media who live in a bubble.

Nonetheless, statists believe that they own your child and that you have no say in the matter. You are simply the surrogate parents who make the kid for them. Buffalo Bill is a statist without question. There was an interview in 2019 that he did with Sean Hannity on Fox News where Hannity and Buffalo Bill argued over gun ownership. As usual, Bill argued the typical neoliberal/statist talking points as to how we need background checks and assault weapons bans; all of which would not curtail mass shootings but would simply create or contribute to the long-planned confiscation of the guns of Americans. I’ll be addressing this topic very soon in a separate post for a new series about liberalism because it is a topic that reveals so many things about what the neoliberal establishment is really all about. Either way, when he was directly asked by Hannity, “Do New Yorkers have a right to a gun?”, he responded, “They have a right to be safe.” He never acknowledged the fact that regardless of his viewpoint, New Yorkers have rights to own a firearm as all Americans do per the 2nd Amendment. New York City has perhaps one of the strictest gun laws in the country but yet it still has relatively high rates of gun violence. All that the gun control agenda does is use emotional manipulation in the wake of tragedies as means of justification to gradually implement measures that restrict the rights of gunowners with the intention of eventually taking away all their rights to own a gun. One of the ways they attempt to do that is by way of background checks because the only way to enforce it is by way of a national gun registry which would give the government the knowledge of where each gunowner is, where they’re located, how many guns they own, and what type of guns they own; all information needed to seize their guns. The liberal crowd will attempt to gaslight by saying that, “No one is taking your guns.” Yes, exactly how the elites were not planning to roll out vaccine passports….right.

So with his direct refusal to acknowledge their right to own a gun, he shows you flat out his statism in that no one has a right to defend themselves and to instead depend on the state to come defend you. In most situations where self-defense is needed in a split moment, the police cannot possibly get there fast enough to defend you which is why that argument makes no sense. You can have police on every corner but it won’t be able to stop every death because your life can be taken in a second. They know the argument makes no sense but they make it anyway because it is a cover for their true intentions in removing gun rights and the ability to defend yourself on your own without need of police or others. This is what the whole case surrounding Kyle Rittenhouse is about right now. There is no debate that needs to be had. The man defended himself in a situation where his life was being threatened as he was attacked by multiple people. However, they’re putting it on a national stage because it is an opportunity for the elite to set a pretext legally for people to not be able to use their guns, which they have the right to own, to defend themselves in a given moment and to instead force the people to depend on the state to protect them and to defend them. This is also to trample on people’s right to defend their property as well which has also been something that the elite have been attacking for years. The idea that there are states that have a “duty to retreat” law where you may not use deadly force if possible in the moment that someone is attacking you unless you’re in your home is erroneous. In some cases, you can be charged for murder when you were simply defending your family and your home from a burglary. Stand your ground laws should be the standard that all states uphold.

Either way, he is not just a statist because of his gun control agenda. He is also a statist because of his COVID agenda. If there wasn’t anything else that could convince you, it should be this. We covered in our post last year about Dr. Fauci how “Buffalo Bill” was encouraging New Yorkers to take pictures of people who weren’t socially distancing and to then text a hotline which would send the ‘proper authorities’ to “fix the problem”. That is encouraging people to spy on each other because it is “for the greater good” to “stop the spread” in the community. “The greater good” has been the buzz word of socialists throughout history which has been used as justification for their tyrannical and authoritarian policies and regimes. This obviously failed as it is impossible to truly enforce social distancing but it served as an omen for what was going to come as for his vaccine mandates and “Key to NYC Pass” vaccine passport policy in New York City.

He is an open Marxist and there is no question about it. Not only has he openly quoted Che Guevara who was a Marxist revolutionary but he also quoted the founder of Marxism himself, Karl Marx. It is no mistake to quote Che Guevara by saying, “Hasta la victoria siempre”. That is a specific saying and that message of solidarity with the striking airport workers could’ve been said in literally any other way. It was Guevara’s saying verbatim. There is no mistaking that. This is especially so when you know that “Buffalo Bill” in his youth was an activist and supporter of the communist Sandanistas in Nicaragua. It doesn’t get much more clearer than that in what he is.

With that being said, let’s go over an article quickly which goes over his position on vaccine mandates for kids in NYC public schools.

Here it says, “De Blasio ‘Can’t Support’ Child COVID Vaccine Mandate For Schools”. We’ll discuss why.

“Don’t expect Mayor Bill de Blasio to impose a coronavirus vaccine mandate for public school students anytime soon.” This means that for now, he won’t mandate it but with a statist like him, there is a great chance that he will do so later on.

Here it reads,

“De Blasio said Wednesday he ‘can’t support’ such a rule at this point. He said children, who spent most of last school year in remote learning, need to be in classrooms.

‘We can’t, in my opinion, hold against our kids the decisions of adults because the kids can’t get vaccinated without the adult consent,’ he said. “And there’s still, unfortunately, in my mind, too many adults who are not ready to give that consent. I want those kids in school no matter what.'”

You see under that quote a video talking about California setting a school vaccine mandate for kids. This is fitting because it gives context as to why “Buffalo Bill” has this position. In California’s chief liberal city, San Francisco, public school enrollment has plummeted by 3,500 students in the past two years. This translates to a loss of $35M in state funding because of this. Public school enrollment was already on the decline before the pandemic but in some areas, it has accelerated. The public schools are funded by the state. Per pupil spending costs about $10,000 in California so that creates that $35M figure. This is not specific to California but “Buffalo Bill” knows himself that such a school vaccine mandate like California has done can exacerbate this to where parents keep pulling their kids out of schools. Keep in mind that teachers unions hold significant influence over the Democratic Party and the positions on education that these liberal politicians could break their campaign if they don’t tow the line. Teachers unions hold so much influence now that they even influenced the CDC on their re-opening plan of in-person classrooms which goes to further show how the CDC is more so a political organization rather than a medical organization that is based in science. So when the schools lose that much funding, that will inevitably come with angry teachers unions because of the effects from that loss.

New York City has seen it’s public school enrollment decline by 64,000 since the start of pandemic. This is offset to some degree by the influx of federal money that is sent to states which keeps the flow continuous to a point. However, schools do get shut down when they are deemed too small to operate. So while this decline doesn’t spell immediate doom, it can pose a threat if it continues and can contribute to funding issues. The issue is not even exactly the funding but it is more so that it means to a statist less kids being controlled and indoctrinated. One of the main reasons that they shut down schools in this pandemic is because they used this as a time to “reset” the education system and to introduce a new education system that would include the things that they’ve been wanting to introduce into the curriculums for a long time. We’ll discuss that in a separate post but this “Great Reset” has really been about putting the world on pause to then use that as an opportunity to map out immediate plans in how to radically transform the world on every level in the image that the elite see fit. A pawn of the globalists, “Buffalo Bill” wants to see as many kids in the schools as possible to further that indoctrination and to churn out as many worker bees for the Great Work. He knows that what comes with school vaccine mandates for children, that it comes with a significant number of kids being pulled out of the schools which is a statist’s worst nightmare. He doesn’t want to punish the kids the way he’s punished the city workers and the teachers who didn’t follow the mandate because he wants to keep as many of them as possible in school. He’ll still roll out vaccine passports for kids which he’s alluded to being a possibility but he won’t enforce that for public schools because he doesn’t want any kids missing out on their indoctrination. The vaccine passport policy may not bar you from working or attending school in certain areas because that means you’re either contributing to the flow of the money for the beast system or are being indoctrinated by the beast system to be a future debt slave that will contribute to the money flow later on and that has no mind of its own. However, it will essentially keep you out from doing anything else for the most part other than shopping at grocery stores or having residency in an apartment. You couple this with the increasing presence of the National Guard being in school buses, working in schools and in other areas where there was significant exodus of workers due to the mandates, it raises up the new generation of children to be acclimated to a bio-medical military state. This is why they’ll apply this vaccine passport policy in NYC to kids 5-11 as well eventually because this is all about training up the next generation to be willing and accepting worker bees of the new world order; to be raised up in a world where they’re not able to experience or possess the freedoms and rights that their parents had and to think of this world as being normal. So this opposition to the mandates for kids in schools is not from a genuine place but it is with ulterior motives centered in a plan to indoctrinate as many kids as possible in NYC.

“The question posed to the mayor by PIX11 reporter James Ford followed increased talk of expanding Pfizer vaccine eligibility for children ages 5 to 11.

Doctors heading the New York chapters of the American Academy of Pediatrics recently threw their unequivocal support behind mandating coronavirus vaccines for students once federal approval is granted, THE CITY reported.

De Blasio has aggressively expanded vaccine mandates for indoor spaces and certain city workers such as teachers. But while he has strongly hinted further rules for municipal workers could be coming soon, he repeatedly drew the line for a strict, wide mandate for school children.

‘The schools are safe,’ he said. “I want every kid in the classroom. The best way to do that now is the approach we’re taking now. Again, as we see new information in the future, we’ll evaluate, but that’s the direction we’re going to keep for now.'”

Again, this is the policy for now. This is the cautionary measures that “Buffalo Bill” is taking to see how many kids get the shot in NYC and to move based on that. If there is a significant percentage of kids 5-11 who don’t get the shot at the end of this, it is possible to see that there is not a vaccine mandate for kids because they want to keep as many of the kids as possible in the public schools because the statists want full control over what your kids are learning, they don’t want to lose funding for the schools/indoctrination centers and they don’t want to run the risk of thousands of more kids being pulled out of school and being homeschooled. If there were more kids being homeschooled or even put into private schools, it would begin the delegitimization of the public school system in the eyes of many parents and it could create a snowball effect. They’re willing to lose workers because they’re able to find enough replacements for those workers but they can’t replace those students in the same manner. Once they leave, they’re gone. There’s no replacing them. Plus, the amount of workers in the workforce is not tied to the funding like how it is with the public school system and the education budget. A loss of a student means a loss of money. Remember, each student is $10,000 in the eyes of the state.

One thing to note is that key word again: safe. He used that same word when arguing his erroneous position on gun rights to Sean Hannity in saying that, “They (New Yorkers) have a right to be safe.” The elites trample on and then seize the rights, freedoms and liberties of the people by their authoritarian measures that is veiled by the justification of the need for safety and security after mass trauma events, like COVID. Buffalo Bill thinks that schools are safe because of the workers being vaccinated. This is all about continuing to sell the narrative to the lemmings. You can still spread the virus and get infected from the virus even if you are vaccinated so this idea that schools are safe from COVID is a lie. However, lying is second nature to a statist/Marxist like Buffalo Bill.

In closing, this was needed to show you not necessarily because Buffalo Bill’s opinion matters but because it highlights the deeper angle behind this and how our children are the real targets behind this COVID/Great Reset agenda which is something we’ll be discussing in extensive detail very soon. The idea that Buffalo Bill has any sort of reason in not wanting to put harsh mandates on kids in schools is ridiculous. Marxists like him believe that the state owns your child and owns you. You have no right to defend yourself, no right to property, no right to own a gun, no right to educate your child, no right to think for yourself; according to the statists. He does not care about the rights of any of these kids. He is only opposed to enforcing the type of mandate that he’s set out for city workers and others on kids in public schools because it could cost tons of money in school funding with more students being pulled out of school by parents and it would take away kids from the indoctrination centers. Again, for a guy that is so blatantly a statist and an open Marxist, he does not care about the rights of kids because he doesn’t believe in the ordinary citizen having any rights but rather privileges granted to them and controlled by the state. This is especially so when he alluded to how the “Key to NYC Pass” ‘could’ (aka will) trickle down to kids 5-11 years old in NYC. The only thing is that he doesn’t want to put in the mandate (for now) in public schools because it could hurt the bottom line which is to fill the student quota and to keep the money flowing to continue to empower and keep the indoctrination machine churning on. That is what this whole thing comes down to. Considering his attempt to run for governor of NY in 2022, Buffalo Bill is someone we’ll be forced to cover here for the foreseeable future because he is a pawn of the globalist factions (UN, WEF) and has clearly been set up to make New York the testing grounds and the model for what they really want to implement across the whole country. As if his decimation of the city wasn’t enough, he now wants to do this to the entire state. Time will tell what happens but it goes without saying, whatever “Buffalo Bill” de Blasio touches, it dies.