In life, there is often an obstacle that many people face which is being able to discern between who is honest and who is dishonest. Many people take people at face value and fail to truly scrutinize the individuals who are trying to get into or are in their circle. People are able to unlock a person’s secrets, house, possessions, mind, etc with just a smile and carefully placed words. A seemingly kind or well-mannered person can disarm nearly anyone that they come across. Most people can either be naive or foolish and immature which robs them of being able to discern whether or not a person is genuine or has bad intentions.

When we are naive, too trusting of others, foolish or immature, we risk putting ourselves in dangerous situations because we’re completely oblivious to the potential red flags that someone might be showing us. Once we have proper discernment and are aware of the types of behavior and acts that typically coincide with a potential underlying issue in a person, we begin to see things as it takes place and pick up on the signs that people unconsciously give us. We can look at how a person’s eyes are moving, how they are looking at us, where they’re looking, how their face is proportioned, how they sway with their body, how their feet are positioned, how coherent they are when speaking, the contents of what they’re speaking on, etc and can surmise what their intentions are, their mental state, emotional state, state of health, potential usage of drugs or alcohol, and so on and so forth. The external body is a reflection of what is occurring internally. You won’t be able to tell exactly what everyone may or may not have per se but you’ll have a stronger ability to generally decipher the signs given from people.

Having said that, many people believe that because someone smiles regularly in their interactions or simply asks, “How was your morning? How was your day? How is the family?” that somehow, they’re not possible of doing anything heinous. It is almost tradition to hear someone who knew of or were relatively close to a person who committed a crime say upon hearing the news, “They were extremely nice. I would’ve never thought that they would be capable of doing something like this” or something along those lines. A concealing smile is a textbook play in the devil’s playbook; a smile which conceals the insidious intentions of that person.

A perfect example of this is infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy. One of the main ways that Ted Bundy was able to get to his victims was through his personality and perceived “charm”. People who didn’t know any better believed in the representative that Ted Bundy presented to them, and it was to the cost of their own lives. This is the mistake that many people make every day which is that they believe in the representative and fail to see the real person for who they truly are. This naivety is not just carried on with people but also with entities like the government which is what makes psy-ops like COVID-19 last as long as it has but that’s for another time to discuss.

A smile or a kind gesture is not indicative of where a man or woman’s heart lies spiritually. This is the main conundrum that comes up with people when it comes to facing the reality that the celebrities they follow may not actually be people who believe in the Most High or whom they normally call “God”. They lead people on so easily by thanking “God” whenever they win games or awards. We put God in quotation marks because as we should know by now, they are not talking about the Most High of the Bible but they’re talking about Lucifer for the most part; whatever incarnation of Lucifer that they believe in, whether that is the father/horned god Pan, the mother goddess Diana or her son, Bacchus. They do not believe in Yahweh Elohim whatsoever. These celebrities are parading around promoting Luciferian agendas such as homosexuality, transgenderism, cross-dressing, being your “own god”, etc. However, people are still led to believe that they believe in the Most High just because they say, “Thank God”. Again, they’re not talking about the Highest; they’re talking about Lucifer mainly but also Satan.

This doesn’t just extend to celebrities either but this also is with your favorite televangelists and super-preachers like Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, etc. They’ve made the bastardization of the Bible into a multi-million dollar business and they’ve reaped the benefits. They talk all day about God but yet they’re multi-millionaires. Need I remind you what the scriptures says about rich men?

In Matthew 19:23-24 it states,

“Then said the Hamashiach unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.

And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter in the kingdom of Yah.

Essentially, there’s a snowflake in hell’s chance of a rich man entering the kingdom. None of these top-level celebrities or televangelists are going into the kingdom. They’re all Luciferians who sold their souls for riches. Once you sign your name in blood with these Luciferians, you are theirs and they own you. It is a spiritual transference of ownership. You go from owning yourself to being owned by the people who presided over you signing your name in blood and their affiliates.

Nonetheless, any person who is truly following the scriptures diligently and is living a life dedicated to the Most High won’t be on television for the whole world to see. The world stage is for Luciferians because this kingdom is ruled by Satan. No person truly following the Most High has any place in the entertainment industry. The god of the music industry is Pan. The god of the film industry is Bacchus. The god of the sports industry is Hermes. None of these industries are ruled under the energy of the scriptures. Also, none of the churches are ruled under the energy of the scriptures either. The Catholic Church venerates Cybele and Janus. The modern day Christian churches are also ruled under the energy of Luciferianism as well.

Continuing on, one of the main ways in which people are fooled by celebrities is because of how seemingly nice they may be in interviews or meet-and-greets or their interactions with people. Personality is not tethered to your spiritual belief like most people think it is. Someone can be extremely nice but could also be into Wicca, tarot card reading, palm reading, paganism, etc. Someone could be rude and abrasive but could also believe in the Bible. Not all mean or sadistic people are witches and not all kind people are into the scriptures. You can hold a normal conversation with someone who practices Wicca and many of you’d never know that this is what they believe in unless they wear a certain amulet or pendant or other form of apparel or jewelry that is tied to Wicca. This is why you can’t take everything that you see on the surface as reality. Many times, a personality of kindness is a front for people and they’re actually manipulative and abusive people behind closed doors. Sometimes, they’re genuinely kind people but they just believe in the craft for whatever reason.

To relate this to celebrities, they are paid actors so you never know how genuine they are. There are celebrities who get up on television like Adele who pretend to be nice people but still dress in the Saturnian all-black to note that they are left hand path magicians or red witches. Saturnians make no qualms about engaging in dark magic to get what they want out of life. They’ll do anything to get what they want. We’ll delve into this topic in far greater detail in a future post, including addressing Adele herself.

Celebrities talking and communicating like everyday people does not debunk the fact that they are Luciferians and Satanists. Being a Luciferian doesn’t make you turn into a demon all of a sudden to where you start spazzing out like Regan from The Exorcist. Being a Luciferian actually does the opposite; it helps you blend in more because you’re trained and ordered to keep the secrets of the craft. In order to keep the secrets, you have to know how to put on an act. A good actor is able to conceal things well and blend in. All that is needed for these celebrities to do is to carry on an act and pretend to be normal people in their interviews and public appearances. That is all that is needed to keep people in the weeds because most people want blatant evidence of them sacrificing goats and praying to Baal to believe that they’re Luciferians. If they don’t see that, they’ll just carry on thinking that they’re normal people who were “blessed” to be rich and successful. That is how naive and simple-minded people are. Even if certain celebrities come out and blatantly profess their allegiance to Satan or Lucifer, their fans will just simply mock others as “conspiracy theorists” or say that there’s “no big deal”. Some will actually delve into the Luciferian ideologies that some celebrities promote just because of their likeability. Their likeability and charisma in combination with their status as an idol in the minds of the fans creates the formula for the fans to be influenced by these celebrities to follow whatever spiritual system or political ideology that they promote. This is why the celebrities are used by the elite; it is to influence or rather manipulate the social mores of this society and to guide the population towards the acceptance of political agendas that have much to do with stripping away their rights.

One of the ways that celebrities deceive people in making them believe that they’re “good” or “kind” people is their promotion of their philanthropy or charity work. When you show people how you are granting wishes for the Make a Wish Foundation and hugging kids with cancer and talking to the kids’ families, you automatically disarm people because people suddenly look like the villain if they point out the truth about you and who you really are. Philanthropy is a tool used by Luciferians to build up a public image so that they can create a safety net for themselves in the public and within the media to cover up and snuff out any claims of sexual abuse or criminality from real victims. We’ll get to this in a moment.

To expound on this point about philanthropy being a tool rather than a form of generosity and sincerity from celebrities, we look to a tweet that really highlights this. This tweet is a quote tweet from Stephanie McMahon. For those of you who don’t know, Stephanie McMahon is the daughter of WWE owner Vince McMahon. For those of who you who somehow may not know what the WWE is, they’re a professional wrestling company that is branded as “sports entertainment” which features wrestling matches with pre-determined outcomes that incorporates storylines with their “wrestling”. This is where entertainers like Hulk Hogan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, John Cena and others come from. Nonetheless, the WWE is heavily involved with the Make a Wish Foundation as well as the Susan G Komen Foundation which is a breast cancer organization. They often promote their wrestlers, mainly John Cena, “granting wishes” to kids and others who are sick or disabled or injured. When comparing them to other sports like the NBA, NFL, and the MLB, the WWE certainly promotes their philanthropic work a lot more. It may seem like a great thing to the average person but as we should know, not everything presented on the surface is what it seems to be.

Stephanie McMahon quotes Stone co-founder Biz Stone, “Philanthropy is the future of marketing, it’s the way brands r going 2 win“. Now, to put some context behind this, the WWE at the time was getting ready on the same night as she tweeted this to present an award to honor a WWE fan named Connor Michalek who was an 8-year-old boy had just passed away from cancer. He had a remarkable social media campaign behind him from the support of many people to help him meet Daniel Bryan who was his favorite wrestler and they were successful in doing so. For her to make this tweet on the same night they’re supposed to honor him posthumously was extremely tone-deaf. The main point though is to show you that philanthropy is more so about marketing and brand building rather than sincerity or acting in the spirit of kindness. It is all about creating a certain public image for mass consumption. I won’t go as far as to say that there isn’t any form of compassion among them when they do this work but certainly, their manipulation and thirst for corporate brand building supersedes that. Just to reiterate, philanthropy and the promotion of such work is a tool for brand building by corporations. The people who are truly genuine generally are not going to make a big show of it for the cameras but will do it privately like it should be. Seeing as to how much of a Luciferian organization the WWE is, and how much of a Luciferian Vince McMahon is, the sincerity behind their charity should be taken with a grain of salt; even more so after a tweet like this. On the corporate end, philanthropy and charity is all about marketing, brand building, and creating a network of protection in the event that they would have accusations of criminality or systemic abuse made against them.

Continuing on with this segment, many of you know who this person is. This is notorious pedophile and child sex trafficker, Jimmy Savile. Before he was exposed as a prolific pedophile and sex predator in the aftermath of his death, he was a popular and beloved public figure known for his charity work. He would often do stunts for raising money for charity such as marathon runs which we can see in the picture above. In hindsight, this was all about him building a public image and a network of complicity from the media in the cover-up of his individual crimes and his role in facilitating a sex trafficking operation for the elite.

Even more sinister, Jimmy Savile had a show broadcasted by the BBC called “Jim’ll Fix It” which ran for over 19 years. The main premise of the show was that Jimmy Savile, the host of the show, would “fix it” for wishes of several viewers to come true every week. Essentially, Savile laid the groundwork for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. He was the first one to make wishes “come true”. His public persona and personality were all centered-on philanthropy and charity. However, as everyone knows now, he was a criminal and a deviant of the highest order. He even abused the kids that came on his show which the BBC broadcasted, the same BBC that covered up his crimes and protected the establishment tied with Savile for decades.

Photos: The life of Jimmy Savile

To expand further, this is Jimmy Savile with former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. They’re holding up two signs saying, “NSPCC is Great!” For those of you who don’t know, the NSPCC is the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and it is a British child protection charity. Knowing what we know about Savile, this picture is incredibly ironic. Thatcher herself was very close to Savile so she certainly had an idea of what he was involved in and what his role really was; if she wasn’t involved in the same seediness herself. This was clearly all brand building and marketing campaigns for Savile and Thatcher but mainly Savile. Again, his job was to blend in and be familiarized with the public and infiltrate the parts of England where there was a significant supply of the “goods” that Savile’s clients wanted to purchase which was the charity settings, hospitals, mental institutions and other places. This was all to help set up the network of complicity and corruption in the media. It is because of the operations that intelligence operatives like Savile ran to infiltrate the media that the media is now captured by the state to the degree that it is. To reiterate, this goes to show you that you can make as many charitable donations and grant as many wishes as you want, you can still be diabolical filth. Please take note that in the craft, they believe that their good deeds outweigh their bad deeds; that no matter how much pain they inflict on others, they can negate that by doing charity work and philanthropy. You can hug as many kids as you want, donate as much money as you want, and run as many marathons as you want but it still does not negate the depravity that the likes of Savile have done behind closed doors. For a man whose entire image was centered on charitable efforts and was exposed to be one of the most wicked people to ever walk the face of the earth, it should tell you that the excuse of charity or philanthropy is not enough to disprove the possibility but really the reality that personality is not tied to spiritual belief and that celebrities and public personalities are not all what they’re cracked up to be.

The View from This Seat: Problems with Philanthropy

To close off this segment, we look at the ones who started off this entire scheme of using philanthropy and charity to manipulate and control the narrative. This is a quote from John D. Rockefeller stating,

“God gave me my money. I believe the power to make money is a gift from God- to be developed and used to the best of our ability for the good of mankind. Having been endowed with the gift I possess, I believe it is my duty to make money and still more money and to use the money I make for the good of my fellow man according to the dictates of my conscience.”

Do you see how they talk about “God” being the one who helped bless them and who gave them what they have? All that you need to do to control the narrative and to assure the lemmings out there that you’re the good guy and are up to no wrongdoing is to flash a smile, speak smooth words and talk about God.

The duty of making more money for the good of his fellow man that John D. Rockefeller was talking about was really the duty of setting the ground work for his family to implement the New World Order. His family has done nothing to provide good for humanity; quite the opposite. The Rockefellers have started wars all for the sake of oil and money and profit. They were the ones who demoralized and socially engineered society with their social movements. They were the ones who infiltrated and corrupted the medical industry and helped facilitate the abuse and destruction of the health of the people. The good of the fellow man is the collaboration with other constituents in the establishment of the Great Work from Rockefeller’s perspective.

The main reason that the Rockefellers got into charity and philanthropy was to control the narrative because they were negatively viewed as oil tycoons by the people which is what they were and still are. They were viewed as the robber barons who were sucking the world dry of its resources at the expense of the people. To control the narrative, they set up their foundation so that they could present themselves to the people as a philanthropic family who are behind innovation and supporting the growth of the world’s future generations; all a corporate brand building scheme. The universities they all donate to like Harvard, Columbia, Oxford, etc. are the ones that are indoctrinating the younger generations and have been positioned by the Rockefellers in being institutions that on the higher levels help to continue their globalist agenda. This will be discussed in the future, Yah willing.

Here’s David Rockefeller’s infamous quote saying,

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

Now, why would someone whose supposedly good hearted and charitable view any major crisis as ideal or not ideal? Wouldn’t you hope for no crises occurring? This sentiment is the policy of politicians; mainly the neoliberal Democrats like Rahm Emanuel who said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.” It is the “order out of chaos” philosophy. Every major attack, outbreak, event that occurs is used as a Trojan horse by the elite to implement whatever planned measures they deem fit to help finalize the Great Work.

The idea of enforcing a universal construct is tyrannical even on the surface because every culture, community and society is different in their traditions and beliefs. Not everybody wants to share a government with everybody else. To let a few deranged psychopaths dictate how things should be ran never ends positively. It either ends in tyranny and destruction of liberty or bloodshed. With the way things are going, this is the direction that the world is going towards; COVID-19 agenda or not. There are a lot of other agendas afoot which also poses as an enemy to freedom and liberty; one of them being the upcoming climate change agenda that they’ll soon ramp up and will be just as if not even more nauseating than the COVID agenda. Nonetheless, charity is simply a cover used by these billionaire families and celebrities and other Luciferians on the world stage to build their public image, a network for themselves to conceal their true criminality of trafficking and abuse along with their Ponzi schemes where none of the money goes to the actual causes it pretends to want to help. Charity is simply shaping the narrative for the people when it comes to the Luciferians. It is not genuine or sincere and at worst, it is a means of facilitating a criminal operation that involves human trafficking, drug trafficking and sexual abuse. Even the most demonic people can give to charity. It is not some sort of erosion of the possibility of the person being involved in criminal activity which is what most people fail to understand; especially when it comes to celebrities.

The last segment here to discuss is the idea that celebrities are somehow following the Most High or are on the side of the people who believe in the scriptures because they reject the COVID vaccine. The biggest example of this right now is Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Irving. In New York City, it is mandated that people looking to enter any professional sports arenas or indoor stadiums have to show proof of vaccination; among a bevy of other places they have to show their “papers” for. Kyrie Irving has decided to not be vaccinated which would make him unable to play any games for the Nets in Brooklyn. However, he could still play nearly the other half of the season on the road in other cities that does not have such requirements. The thing is that the owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Joseph Tsai and the Nets organization have decided to sit him entirely and not allow him to play at all as what is obviously a way to use him as a scapegoat for the Nets’ troubles this season. Kyrie has been scolded and lambasted in the sports media for “promoting conspiracy theories”. Even after all of this time has passed, Kyrie has still not gotten the vaccine. He could be traded to another team but the Nets organization would probably not do that because they have more to gain from him being blamed for the Nets’ failure to achieve playoff success or a championship instead of failing to break Kyrie Irving and moving him off of his position. Whether or not this is a genuine story or it is a manufactured story where they’re both playing a role here is up for debate; especially due to Kyrie being known for “conspiracy theories” like believing in the flat earth. However, for the sake of this post, we’ll take this as being a true story.

This situation on a surface level represents the growing rift between people who are willing to stand up for their beliefs and stances on having to comply to government control and the people who are willing to enforce the tyrannical rule of the state. Whatever way this story ends will have a profound impact on both sides. If Kyrie stands his ground, it will represent a symbolic victory for those who aim to stand against government overreach and maintain bodily autonomy. If Kyrie caves in, it will represent a victory for the “science” and the state dictating what every person ought to do. It would be followed with the subsequent demoralization and excoriation of the people who oppose the vaccine.

Either way, for the purpose of this post, we’re talking about the idea that personality and spiritual belief are inextricably linked. This is not the case. Spiritual belief could influence your personality but things are not all black and white. Not all people who believe or follow the scriptures are going to follow through in their rejection of the shot and not every person who follows other ideologies are going to take the shot. This vaccine issue really comes down to whether or not you have your mental faculties together i.e. you’re able to think for yourself. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that there’s serious issues with the shot itself and the agenda behind it; enough to where it raises suspicion about the shot for the average person. There are people who hold all different types of spiritual belief systems that have decided against taking this shot. Rejection of the vaccine is not synonymous with being a believer in the scriptures. For some reason, some people believe this. Let’s look further to show our point.

This is a post made from Kyrie Irving which is a picture of the creator “god” Ptah. This is a common thing that he does on his social media which is to post pictures of Egyptian gods or pictures that are Egyptology related or themed and the post has no description. This is a growing trend to where the Egyptology crowd believes that black people are “woke” and are going back to their alleged “roots” in following the Egyptian mythos when in all reality, this is actually the roots of the Nilotic people. It is a movement that is based in ignorance honestly. Either way, the main thing to note here is that Kyrie Irving is a believer in the Ancient Egyptian mythos but yet still rejects the shot. You can still reject the shot without being a believer in the scriptures. Those things are not always linked. Not everybody who rejects the shot has all of a sudden found the Most High. Other celebrities like Ice Cube have rejected the vaccine as well. Does that mean that Ice Cube has found the Most High? Of course not. Ice Cube is a Saturnian which is why he dresses up in the all-black. Just look at his name; “Ice Cube”. Saturn is said to be the ice planet. The name means that he considers himself to be a microcosm of the planet Saturn and a follower of Saturnianism.

People shouldn’t marvel at celebrities who allegedly refuse the vaccine. At the end of the day, not all celebrities are for taking the shot. Not every single Luciferian agrees unanimously on the approaches to finalize the Great Work. Not all of them like each other and not all of them are cooperative with each other. Even in fantastical movies like Star Wars, there is dissent and disagreement depicted within “The Empire” which to an extent, represents the new world order. All that being said, let’s finalize this segment here with another picture proving the point.

This is Kyrie Irving’s profile picture on Twitter. As you see, this is Ancient Egyptian themed art of an Egyptian pharaoh and queen. Clearly, Kyrie is into the Ancient Egyptian branch of the Babylonian mysteries. Also, his username is “A11Even” which is a play on words with his jersey number which is #11. The number 11 has significant meaning from an esoteric level because it represents the twin pillars of Boaz and Joachin in Masonry which represents the sun and the moon. It is the twin pillars on the sides of the stairway to “heaven” in Masonry which represents the Luciferian path of going up the 33 degrees or the 33 rungs of the Masonic ladder to reach illumination or the “divine” understanding that Lucifer is God. It really is to promote the idea that man ought to take the same path as Lucifer or the trinity of Cush, Nimrod and Semiramis in glorifying themselves as gods; that God is within you.

Another detail to note is the serpent on the crown of the pharaoh and the queen. That is called “The Uraeus”. It is an upright cobra which was a symbol of sovereignty, royalty and divine authority in Ancient Egypt. The serpent has always been a symbol associated with illumination or enlightenment or wisdom. The pharaohs were deemed to be proverbial serpents and were seen as manifestations of the sun god Ra. We talk about this in Part 5 of the Donald Trump series about the manifest destiny or the divine right of kings and how this idea is still prevalent among presidents and other world leaders.

Nonetheless, to finalize this post, it should be clear to us that personality is not tied to spiritual belief. It is not all black and white. When we think from a simplistic level, we are making ourselves vulnerable in believing that certain celebrities are “fighting the elite” or are trying to “get out”. This isn’t always the case. People who are prominent in the industry may still reject certain things like the COVID vaccine but still be strong believers in the craft. On the other side, people can still perform works of charity or philanthropy and still be practitioners of the rituals. Not everything that we see them do for the cameras is a reflection of what they’re following on a spiritual level behind closed doors. This is a personal perspective and you do not have to agree with what has been stated. Point being is that we are to have our eyes open and our ears inclined and grow to have discernment because we can be easily deceived when we start to have a black and white perspective on these celebrities and not just them but also people that we come across in our everyday lives. This perspective is what has led so many people into being deceived and believing that these celebrities are genuine and from that, they idolize them and allow themselves to be influenced by the ideologies and politics they promote which is all in line with the agenda of finalizing the Great Work.

In closing, this will always be an issue because this affects our children, friends and family members and tricks them into following these Luciferian ideologies and the globalist agenda that is pushed by factions like the UN and the WEF. It isn’t to beat a dead horse but it is important to speak on this to those who need to hear this because it can be easy to be misled into believing that certain celebrities are going against the grain or have found the Most High. Charity, philanthropy or opposing certain agendas doesn’t mean that every celebrity is “going against the elite” or are “not like the rest”. It is important for us to have proper discernment so that we can have better understanding and not be deceived by those who continue to deceive the world.