In life, there are many factors we all encounter whether it is illness, failure, loss, or disappointment. Our ability to handle it depends on our spiritual condition and our personal fortitude. It takes strength to go beyond the obstacles that come your way in this life. However, you need spiritual understanding to steer yourself in the right direction. Often times when people are met with personal struggle or loss, they turn against the Most High and blame Him for their situation. During life’s struggles, it is where we are to cling onto the Most High for guidance and strength the most. Instead, many people use these experiences to justify turning against the Most High. This current society is hedonistic and atheistic; taking any opportunity they can to justify their indulgence in themselves i.e. Thelema and to bash the Most High or who they call God through the lens of Christianity.

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Religion Aspect:

Modern religion is a big reason why many people turn to Satan which we will explore throughout this blog. People think that the Most High is an all-loving and benevolent being which is a part of the New Age Christian and Catholic programming. Isaiah 45:7 states, “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.” Exodus 15:3 also states, “The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.” Per the scriptures, the Most High is not just a benevolent being but He controls both light and darkness. However, the vast majority of Christians and Catholics do not read the scriptures and if they do, they don’t understand it. This is how they all get deceived by the principles which are to follow what their pastor, preacher, priest, bishop, cardinal or the Pope says. They have been taught to follow what men say instead of what the scriptures say. This is how billions of people are deceived today by thinking the common misconceptions such as The Most High being all-loving, that His Son died on a cross, that Mary ought to be praised, the ten commandments is all, etc. The preachers and pastors always talk about money and prosperity as financial gain or professional success. Kids often become turned to covens as novices in the game after being alienated by their parents’ insistence on them being involved in church visits. The kids are looking to the pastors as giving them a way out and a reason to not go onto the road to Satanism. However, they continue to hear the same message which is seeking money and financial prosperity; which turns them ultimately away from religion entirely. This is not necessarily a bad thing since all major religions are the branches of the Tree of Babylon but this path turns them often to Satanism, atheism or agnosticism. The alienation of Christianity and Catholicism is often what turns young impressionable boys and girls to Satanism and enter the initiation stages.

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Satanic Aspect:

Young children often end up down this path because they have already been pre-conditioned by their previous interactions with low-level magic. When they are being initiated and participate in things such as being submerged in tubs of blood and bodily fluids, being showered in milk, or pornography, their humane hesitations are assuaged by their previous magical interactions and desensitization to darkness. Games like Dungeons and Dragons have served as a tool which creates a fascination with magic for young boys and girls which leads them into the rabbit hole. Disney movies also cast a fantastical light on magic which pre-conditions the young to think positively of magic. The media also glamorizes Halloween to make the concept of darkness more palatable to the masses. Movies like Harry Potter have made at least two generations become comfortable with imagery of witches and witchcraft. Since children are raised up by the media, it is synchronous with their dissatisfaction or alienation from religion. As they descent in religion, they ascend in Satanism and witchcraft.

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Pornography is another route which has led mainly young boys to the initiation stages of Satanism. Before the internet, Playboy magazines were the main source of pornography for younger individuals because it was more accessible. Pornographic VHS tapes were also a tool for desensitizing young boys to sex. As you know, pedophiles often groom their targets by making them watch pornographic films with them to break the barrier and desensitize them to sexual imagery so that they are not as hesitant to engage in the same sexual positions when the adult forces or coerces them to do so. Pornography creates a dopamine effect within the brain where you can associate certain colors, clothing, or other items with sex due to previous exposure to porn. You essentially create your own triggers within your mind when you become entranced deeper into pornography. This effect works even more on young boys as their brains are much more vulnerable since they are still developing. They have more drive to act upon their inhibitions and have no true moral or spiritual barrier within themselves to go against it. Groomers or handlers within covens when handling the initiation process of the young boy or girl often create a reward system for them to successfully complete the process. For example, they often lure the young boy or girl in with promises of all the pizza or candy they want if they complete a ritual such as submergence in the tub of blood or sex with other girls who are of the same age range. The prepubescent or adolescent girls in the sex rituals are already trained sexually beforehand as their mothers who are witches have trained them to do so and/or have already engaged in sex rituals with others. The boy is less resistant to engaging in sex rituals since they’ve already been predisposed and desensitized to sex through pornography. It may not sound plausible to many that it can be this easy to lure in a child this way, it is most of the time that easy because the child is so impressionable and easy to manipulate that it may only take promises of a few hundred dollars or a smorgasbord of chocolates or toys to engage in acts that they have already been exposed to slightly through media or games. Blood is easy to be desensitized to as a child since media has promoted violence, blood, and gore for decades now. These are all roads that lead to the initiation stages of Satanism or witchcraft for the young boys or girls.

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Human Aspect:

Another way which turns the vast majority of humanity to Satan or Lucifer or to forsake the Most High is humanity’s attachment to the physical aspect. Humanity is often tied to seeing spiritual things in the physical as for their faith in a higher power. Whenever people are struggling financially or health wise or mentally, they pray endlessly for things to turn around. What trips up most people is when they don’t get what they want immediately. Some people seriously believe that their request ought to be manifest and fulfilled before their eyes once they complete their prayer. The thing is that it takes true faith to follow The Most High through the good times and the hard times. This is what turned many celebrities against The Most High and go down the path of Satanism, Luciferianism, and witchcraft. When they have been praying for weeks or months on end and they see no true progress, they become discouraged and lose faith. They see their living condition where their kitchen counters is molding, their faucet is leaking, the paint on their wall is chipping away, their neighbors noise is coming through the thin walls, and their ventilation systems aren’t working, they end up losing faith. Most people misunderstand what faith is; especially Christians and Catholics. Most people may not even know how to describe faith when you ask them to.

In the literal term, faith means firm belief based upon confidence in the authority and veracity of another, rather than upon one’s own knowledge, reason, or judgment. Faith is the belief in something you cannot see, hear, or touch. However, belief is a part of faith; not the whole. Faith is also an allegiance or duty to a person or being: loyalty. It is one thing to believe in Yah but it is another to act upon your duties for Him. We can sit back and say that we have faith all we want but if we are not acting upon our faith then it is not faith; it is belief. We can believe in Yahweh’s existence but if we don’t put our belief to action then it is not faith. We are being loyal to our own vain imaginations and not Yahweh himself. If we continue to doubt or hesitate on Yahweh’s existence or the prophecies which are to be fulfilled or His guidance, then that is not faith. When we act on our belief with no doubt of Yahweh or His way, it is then a step into building faith. Faith is also something that is given to you- as is wisdom. We conflate faith with belief and wisdom with knowledge. Knowledge is possession of a certain deal of information gained through study or discovery. Wisdom is having good judgment and the right use of your knowledge to discern what is going on around you. We can know all there is to know about the law through knowledge but we can be completely aloof to an officer’s tactics or schemes to frame us and get us caught up in an act which we did not do through a lack of wisdom. Wisdom and discernment is something you are given by the Most High. Intelligence is also something you are born with or given by the Most High. Belief and knowledge is something that comes from within us. Faith and wisdom are things that come from the Most High. Some people even in truth just don’t have the understanding of what faith is. Our spirits are entwined with our faith. If our spirit is not as strong or durable to challenges, we won’t be able to have faith. It is our ability to persevere past our tests and challenges given to us by the Most High through our belief in Him which helps guide us to the path in finding faith. It is a mere step in the direction of faith. We can also have many works but we may not have faith. We can have millions of songs or films or poems or lessons completed in our time here yet it still has nothing to do with faith; that is merely works. It takes faith to do such works through all the criticism and vitriol of others who wish to tarnish your work. It takes faith to go beyond their words and antics and to not be discouraged to drop out of truth because it is too hard for you to deal with all the pressure and tension given from others. It took faith for Yahweh Ben Yahweh to continue to speak among the Hebrews despite the actions of the Pharisees and the betrayal of his disciples, Judas and Peter. He could have easily lost faith by acquiescing to the Pharisees and escaping their persecution but He instead stood by his faith that the Most High knew better than himself of his own individual fate. Once again, faith is the confidence and belief through loyalty of a higher power in that you trust them above your own heart/mind.

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Understanding that, you begin to realize that very few people truly have faith. People look to the physical as indicative of a higher power. Most people look for an immediate solution to their issues. The Most High tests us by making us work for what we want or need. We can pray for wisdom but if we don’t lead ourselves into the road to wisdom through reading scriptures and building understanding and we just sit on our hands then we will never obtain wisdom in our lifetime. If we are near homelessness by not being able to pay our bills, we can pray to The Most High for helping us stay afloat but we have to be doing our due-diligence in reading scriptures and working to keep ourselves afloat by finding different ways to build money to help ourselves. When The Most High sees us working to improve the situation we are in and not just using him as a personal genie to grant us our wishes, He will bless us with His mercy and help us with what we need. Most people just sit in their own self-pity and don’t think outside the box to do more to help themselves in their situation to build spiritual favor and more money by selling items of value or buying cheap items at thrift shops to sell them at higher prices, etc. They just want things to manifest before them without real work. They haven’t been taught on what faith truly is and what it means to be close to the Most High. Therefore, when they don’t get what they want, they lash out and blame Yahweh for their inability to help themselves. In order for Yah to help us, we have to help ourselves first. After going through their phase of abnegation towards Yah, they turn to other avenues i.e. Satan or Lucifer.

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Once they engage in low-level magic such as manifesting a hundred dollars or getting what they want immediately after praying to Satan, they feel that Satan is the true “God” because he didn’t “abandon” them when they were in need but that he helped them. Satan is willing and able to make things manifest upon your request because he wants more from you than you want from him. He is joyful when he has leverage on you while torturing you spiritually and mentally because he has a life-long servant in you. He wants to help you because he wants to have you as another soul with him upon his own judgment in the lake of fire. Satan hates humanity as they are representative of what he deems as the Most High’s rejection of him as His favorite. Satan thus uses all his power to manipulate you to get you to give your life to him and if you are in truth to lose your crown. He can work through your co-workers or friends or family members to convince you that the path to a better life is through serving him; even if they are not aware that the path would lead you to serve Satan.

In contrast, the Most High is not in need of your soul and He doesn’t need to help you. The Most High doesn’t need any of us really as he works in the smallest of numbers; as small as one- like he did with Abraham or Isaac or Jacob or Lot. It’s through his mercy that He is guiding us through this life. He is called the Most High for a reason because He is not beholden to any of our requests just because we read scriptures but we are beholden to Him for his guidance, wisdom, discernment, and mercy. We have to genuinely believe and work for Yahweh and when we do, He shall reciprocate.

People pray to the Most High and expect to get a lump sum of money to show up on their doorstep or for a woman to come up to them and ask them to be their wife or for someone to give them the keys to their house and that it’s all theirs. Those are all manners of manifestation. This is not how the Most High works but it is how Satan works. Men or women can come up to you and know that you are engaging in magic or know things about you already as Satan has given them information about you because he wants to lure you in as another soul for himself and so they know how desperate you are for a “better life”.

People are not able to detach the physical aspect from belief in Yah since they have been trained to think of His favor as physical manifestation and not a reciprocative relationship between yourself and Him. Once again, you work for Yah and he will reward you. We don’t receive any favor by asking and staring at the wall waiting for Him to drop something at our feet. This is chiefly what has turned so many away from The Most High and to atheism mostly but many to Satanism or Luciferianism which is self-worship that it wasn’t Yah who made things better but it was us who did so we are our own gods.

When worshipping the Most High and His Son, it is very important to understand that it is not about receiving hand outs for the smallest deeds or for when you are in need. We can’t be reliant upon things in the physical as a drive for our belief in Him. Truthfully, some people in truth may at the moment be hanging on a thread because of personal struggle. Some people in truth may still believe in the idea that the Most High makes things manifest upon our request and is thus struggling spiritually because of this false belief. If it weren’t for receiving visions or ringing in the ears, many people would fall out of truth. Some people may have been wavering in their belief but were reaffirmed once they received ringing in the ears for the first time or had a vision for the first time. It takes true patience and faith to believe in the Most High. It doesn’t take any faith to believe in Satan because he makes anything you want manifest. Even then with Satan, you still got to work for what you want. Why do you think these Satanists and witches have to do rituals constantly? So we have to continue to work for the Most High with patience and understanding that we are living for Him and that we are not doing a favor for him by reading scriptures or praising Him but that it is coming from our own heart in love for Him. Our visions and ringing in the ears truly come once we work and stop expecting it to come to us. It is true humility when you submit yourself to the Most High with the understanding that He does not owe us anything and that it is our duty to work for Him without expecting anything immediate to happen for us upon return.

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In closing, it is important to understand what faith really is in that it is not just what we say but it is when we believe and work for the Most High through all of the times of prosperity and adversity in our lives without forsaking Him. None of us are perfect and there may be times where we may feel that there is no way out but this is where our faith is supposed to kick in where we ought to continue to keep fighting for The Most High Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh until we physically can’t anymore. This is especially important to understand now as the times ahead of us will require great spiritual strength and faith to endure it. Keep strong and keep the faith. Never fear the persecution of man for our punishment for denying Satan is only for a moment but our reward for keeping faith and never forsaking Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh is eternal. I leave you with this scripture.

Revelation 20:4
And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Yahweh Ben Yahweh, and for the word of Yahweh Elohim, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

Peace and Blessings.


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