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We often times think that we are on the top of the Most High’s radar. Little do we know that we might not even be on the spectrum. Sometimes we may think that just because we read one chapter in a day makes us worthy to be considered as being close with Yahweh. It is not the right thing to have your hands out expecting an immediate blessing from Yahweh just because you read more than one chapter in a day or you fasted in that day. In order for us to ascend to a higher level to truly gain the Most High’s attention and favor, we must put our energy fully into Yahweh. Our deeds and our works should be entwined with the spirit and feel as organic as it can possibly be. What I mean is that reading scriptures should feel spiritually empowering and shouldn’t feel like a chore that you have to get done in your day. Fasting shouldn’t feel like a homework assignment that makes you moan and grunt because you don’t want to do it. It should come naturally to you. When we are not engaged mentally or spiritually in our spiritual deeds, the problem lies within us. It lies within our spirit. You see, there is nothing special about reading scripture. Anyone in this world can pick up the Bible right now and start reading it. By our occasional infantile mentality, those people should get immediate ringing in the ears or visions that same night just because they read some scripture that day. So what is my point? The point is that reading scripture is not enough. In this case, it’s not what you’re doing but it is how you’re doing things. If you can break down and connect scriptures as you read along but also apply it to your daily life and truly understand the meaning, message, and details of the scriptures itself, then that is where you are doing things correctly. Our deeds on the surface are not enough. It is how we perform our deeds. If we are kicking ourselves in our minds while we are reading scriptures and just wish to get back to watching some form of mindless entertainment, then our scripture reading is null in void. The Most High knows your thoughts so He won’t even consider you reading that particular scripture as being noteworthy of a good deed. The same thing is applied with fasting. If we are fasting and it feels like pulling teeth then our fasting is null in void as well. This is why we must work on fine tuning our spirits first before we attempt to try and perform these great deeds extensively. Some of us may still need to listen to messengers because we are still in our fetal stages of spirituality. Some of us however may need to stop listening for a day or maybe a few days or a week because often times we may use a messenger’s shows to mask our problems. We can get motivated for 15 minutes by listening to our messenger and then after that moment of ecstasy dies off, we go back to being our empty and dead selves. Some of us may be truly dead inside and we are not understanding of that or are not willing to acknowledge it yet. Loving the Most High is not something that should be complex to understand since the scriptures are plain and His commandments are plain. However, it is a parable to those who have not been given the eyes to see. Even then, it is still a parable to those of us who are actually partially blind. Being partially blind is the belief in your own delusion that you are a chosen man or woman of Yahweh yet you are not doing anything to make Yahweh see you as such. You are blinded by your own delusion and self-aggrandizement. You are blinded by your own conjuring of a false confidence when it is actually arrogance. It is arrogant of us to claim that we are of The Most High when we are pained to do the smallest deeds for Him. It is arrogant of us to claim that we are of Yah when we are not even doing anything at all or are fearful of failing in hopes of elevating to a higher level in truth. If we are truly of Yah, then we should never fear failure. We always have to fail no matter what. It is the only way that we learn and grow from our mistakes. Every biblical man made mistakes. We will keep making mistakes until our last breath. That is who we are. We can’t fear backlash from simple-minded soulless creatures who roam this plane of existence. Why fear what they have to say when you know their retort is wrong? You fear because you have no confidence in who you truly are and as a matter of fact, you most likely know but are scared to admit that you are not even of Yahweh. If it wasn’t for knowing his name and saying, “Barakatha Praise Yahweh” then you wouldn’t be any different from another person who was stuck in this world. You’d just be another hamster in the wheel. The Most High may already consider you another hamster in the wheel and was not even hearing you praise Him because He saw through you the whole time. We think that we know what loving Yahweh truly means until something happens to us which makes us realize that us just saying “Praise Yahweh” doesn’t protect us from being harmed; whether it be in person or in visions from spirits. We must come to realize that we have to love Yahweh more than ourselves. The biblical men loved Yahweh more than themselves which is why Abraham walked through the fire for Yahweh in the book of Jasher, which is why John let himself be beheaded as a captive and not backing down to the wickedness in the book of Matthew, and why Yahweh Ben Yahweh offered himself as a sacrifice on the tree. It is because they loved The Most High more than themselves. If we don’t even have the courage to stand by the Most High’s word against a worthless troll on the Internet, then what are we? We aren’t of Yah- that’s for sure.

We must stop thinking and talking and to start taking action with our faith. We often think too much about what we ought to do to the point where we get paralysis of the mind and we end up not even doing anything. We can’t be chosen servants of Yah and not have any works to show for it. It is not enough for us to do things that other people can do. Anybody can pick up a Bible and start reading it. Anybody can say “Praise the Most High”. Anybody can fast. Anybody can pray. What it is that we must do is to perform deeds that separate us from the rest of the herd; which is what makes us stand out. The manner in which we study, pray, praise, fast, and train are how we stand out from the rest. If we study scriptures better with a greater drive to be able to connect precepts and understand each verse we come across like the back of our hand, then we are getting somewhere. If we pray with true meaning in our heart and not pray like we are reciting a played out script or doing a rehearsal, we are getting somewhere. If we fast with true love and aim to gain better understanding to know that our food and water during our fast is wisdom and knowledge then we are getting somewhere. If we praise Yahweh and put our best foot forward to put our faith into action then we getting somewhere. If we are training and not being complacent slouches thinking that we will be warriors just because we say “Praise Yahweh” then we are getting somewhere.

We must fine tune our spirit first. The spirit is the fuel which keeps the engine running. Without the spirit, our works are dead because we ourselves who are doing those works are dead inside. The spirit is life and if we don’t have that then what we are doing is dead and null in void. As stated in James 2:26, “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.” We can’t have one without the other. We must have our spirit intact and we must be doing the works. However, in order to get out of this predicament, we must rewire our minds first in order to enhance our spirit. We must reevaluate what it means to serve Yahweh. We are not serving Yahweh for getting a bunch of gifts after some little deed. This isn’t Halloween. We serve Yahweh without even thinking about receiving anything in return. That is true love. When you serve Him in that manner, only then will things begin to open up for you and be lead to a higher level in your spirituality.

We look to the physical to see if Yahweh is giving. That is the wrong approach. Yahweh always deals in the spiritual. We must handle the burden of the physical. It is up to us to find a way to make money when we are down on our finances. It is up to us to gather our supplies when we don’t have any. It is up to us to train when we are lacking in physical strength and skills. If we do the works in the right spirit, then and only then will we elevate and grow spiritually.

Remember that we are all a work in progress and that we all have our flaws and times where we are weak. However, we must pick things up and keep it pushing because Yahweh won’t baby us and tell us it will be all better when we are fretting over the smallest things. We have to be strong and move past the foolishness because we have to be hardened and ready for the hardest spiritual tests to come when we elevate to a higher level and attract spirits in our visions who want to attack us because of who we are as righteous servants of Yahweh and also when the Matrix collapses.

I speak from experience because in my early stages of truth, I use to be the same way. I used to be expecting ringing in the ears just because I read a chapter. I used to feel a certain way toward fasting because I wasn’t fully wise nor fully humble yet. Loving The Most High takes true humility, understanding, patience, and due-diligence. If we have none of those things, we will always fail in reaching Yahweh.

Fasting and prayer is one of the strongest if not the strongest way to building favor with Yahweh and building spiritual growth. Fasting can help rid you of your anger, dependency on others, lust, slothfulness, lack of desire, jealousy, and ignorance. Only if you do it right. Humility must come first in order for these spiritual cinder-blocks to be put into place to build up your own spiritual temple. The Most High gave us our own physical temple already and we must tend to it by adhering to His dietary laws. The Most High is so merciful and giving that He has laid the foundation for our spiritual temple which is knowing His name, the truth of His Son and His people, and the truth of the world that we are living in. It is now up to us to build our spiritual temple up through our own works.

I love you all across the four corners. All Praises, Glory, and Honors go to Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and the Heavenly Archangels for eternity. Barakatha Family.

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  1. Beautiful and strong article brother love the articles as always double honors eternal praises glory blessings go to son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and father Yah Elohim brakkatha

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