Continuing the discussion about the pervasiveness of pedophilia in media, we now look at the recent Trolls Doll scandal.

The scandal centers on the discovery by parents of the recently released Troll Dolls which had a secret button that exhibited suggestive sound effects when pressing it. The button would only be able to have the sound effects after being accessed in a certain way which would unlock the secret mode; perhaps like an access code to get hidden content on a video game. In its original form when buying it off the shelf, the doll will produce no sounds when pressing that specific button. When you “access the code”, sounds of giggles, laughter and gasps will be produced when you press that button. The button has been reported as being “accidentally placed” in the doll. How can you accidentally place a button in such an area? How is it accidental that you have these audio recordings of suggestive laughs, gasps, and giggles within the voice activation system of the doll itself? When constructing a doll, you are forming every part of it. When making such a meticulous creation, there is no such thing as something being left in accidentally. This was done on purpose. They are teaching children to discover their own sexuality. Keep in mind that most of the children who are targeted for this type of product could be anywhere from 3 to 10 years old. The creators of these dolls are aiming to make the child learn that if they were to touch themselves in that spot that it evokes feelings of fun and the discovery of carnal ecstasy. Children are beginning to discover pornography and masturbation way before they reach the age of ten due to the ubiquity of sexuality in media and society. They are being conditioned to embrace sexuality and understand it in a far more advanced manner than what is actually appropriate for them to be aware of. I will touch on this even more in a little bit when I discuss the American education system.

As you can see from the video, the outrage from parents led to a widespread effort that took the dolls off the shelves. It is one of the major events that led to the “Save the Children” protests that have shown up on the horizon which has been kept under the rug by mainstream media as expected. The psychiatrist in the video stated that the dolls are not exactly avenues of grooming the child or a form of child sex abuse. The dolls in this sense are a form of an educational sex tool. It teaches the child about that particular spot and engineers their minds to associate contact with that spot with ecstasy and pleasure. It is like how sex predators groom their intended target by influencing or courting them to watch pornography with them to make them less guarded and easily coerced into a sexual encounter eventually. Children will go off by what they see through pornography and thus take what they see as normal behavior and thus engage in the same acts as they are viewing from porn. Someone who wishes to coerce them will use the doll to create the same effect on the child. For her as a so-called psychiatrist to state that the dolls aren’t devices of grooming, it simply exposes her as being disingenuous and dismissive of the reality of the situation. It is once again just a small symptom of the larger cancer that is permeating the homes of many families to consume the children.

Saturn’s Mark: The Felecia Williams Case

Just this past month, the mainstream media made an attempt to create a “feel-good” story concerning forgiveness towards pedophilia. The man in the blue shirt, Jerome Williams told Granville Ritchie, the assailant, “I’m not like everybody else, bro. I ain’t got no ill will against you. The journey you got ahead of you going to need God. I forgive you.” Jerome Williams’ daughter, Felecia was raped and murdered by Richie. She was only nine years old.

In May 2014, a family friend named Eboni Wiley brought Felecia to Ritchie’s house to purchase marijuana from him. Wiley had left Felecia alone with Ritchie and when she returned, she found him shirtless and sweating. Felecia was later found naked in a suitcase which had been dumped in a river. Evidence found that she was raped and then strangled to death. Three months later, Ritchie was arrested after evidence was traced back to him as the perpetrator.

This is the reason why you don’t leave your family around with anyone. It isn’t even wise to have friends over at your home. They become familiar with the framing of your house and turn against you when they start to get down on their luck. Since they know your house because they are constantly around, they can send in some of their strange partners to rob you. If they are not seeking money, they are lusting for blood and sex from your family as in this case. People have become far too trusting of others to leave them with their family members or to be in their homes. This is why there are so many cases where babysitters physically and sexually abuse children at the family home.

As far as Williams’ sentiment goes, this is the wool of Christianity that has been pulled over the eyes of Hebrews at its finest. The scriptures have been contorted to where we are supposed to love our enemy and forgive them no matter what. This is a mechanism used to keep people docile and to not go after those who are wicked in a full concerted effort. It teaches obeisance and tolerance. This is the typical Martin Luther King programming coming to the forefront where we’re supposed to forgive one another and to come together. This dynamic also feeds into the false notion of Christianity that there’s forgiveness for all sins, that we can just repeatedly commit any grave sin and later say that we repent of our sins and that our slate will be clean every time. This core spiritual system does not stem from the scriptures but from the words of Thelema by Aleister Crowley, “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. New Age Christianity teaches us that we can do whatever we want and be restful mentally because we have the luxury of having all our sins forgiven no matter how wicked from “God”. The law of Thelema by the way is also a mockery of Mark 14:36 which states, “And he said, Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this cup from me: nevertheless not what I will, but what thou wilt.” Mark 14:36 is about how Yahweh Ben Yahweh is calling to the Most High saying that he does not go by his own will but he goes by the Most High’s Will to do as He commands after he asks the Most High to pass his suffering away from him if He was willing to. The cup was a symbol of his pre-destined suffering that he would endure on the tree as stated in Mark 14:24 which states, “And he said unto them, This is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many.” As we all know, Yahweh Ben Yahweh shed his blood for the many or multitude of Israel. He is expressing a human aspect of anxiety since he understood the full brunt of the punishment that he was about to take for the sake of Israel. Knowing what he suffered, it is completely understandable that he would have that initial reaction knowing full well the level of torment that he was about to endure. His anxiety before his sacrifice can also be seen in Luke 22:44 which states, “And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly: and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.” Despite his momentary humane fear and agony, Yahweh Ben Yahweh confessed and submitted entirely to the will of The Most High and to place His Will above his own life. Thelema directly mocks that. It shows you how truly blasphemous Aleister Crowley was.

Moreover, modern religion is all based in sentiment and not rationality or empirical data or evidence. Whenever you refute the sentiments of people who follow the so-called “Abrahamic religions” (Christianity, Judaism, Islam), they almost always react with emotion and not evidence. These religions are all branches of the Tree of Babylon. It is what has begotten the confusion which has plagued so many people today such as Jerome Williams.

Understand that this was a ritual as well. The article was not only released on September 11th which symbolizes the trinity of Lucifer as well as of finalization with the number 9 and it symbolizes the awakening with the number 11; but the color coding is Saturnian as well. The assailant, Granville Ritchie is wearing red, serving as the side of fire or as the bad witch. The victim’s father, Jerome Williams is wearing blue, serving as the side of ice or as the good witch. The victim, Felecia Williams is wearing the purple dress. She symbolizes the bringing together of opposites with the red and blue pillars of freemasonry coming together.

Her death was able to bring both men together in forgiveness. The red and the blue comes together to form the divine purple which symbolizes the divine love of Pan. Also notice how they positioned her to be in the middle of the picture to emphasize her as the center piece of the puzzle in the purple dress. Saturn as is Pan is conflated with the Roman god, Cronus- who is known for eating his children.

As you can see, Cronus is eating his own child in the portrait. Child rape and child sacrifice are the core tenants of Saturnianism. The entire push for normalized child sexuality is in the veil of Saturn. It is all a part of the elite’s agenda of the Great Work to finally shed light on their own beliefs in Saturn or Pan and make it known to the public that this is the system of belief that we ought to believe and participate in. Pedophilia is already becoming more feasible through loopholes in the legal system. Bestiality is already legal in Canada and other countries. Specifically in America, bestiality is legal in five states- Wyoming, New Mexico, West Virginia, Hawaii and D.C. It is also legal in other U.S. territories such as Guam, American Samoa, and Northern Mariana Islands. Bestiality is only a misdemeanor in 17 states- to name a few, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, and California. Bestiality is a felony in only 20 out of 50 states including Georgia, Michigan, Virginia, Kentucky, and Arizona. Jail time is also lenient in certain states with minimum felony penalties such as Michigan- with a minimum jail time of just 1 day. It just goes to show you the extent in which the final capstone is already set in place for the “Great Work” to manifest. The Felecia Williams story is not only to help promote softness around the crime of pedophilia but to instill Saturnian principles within the minds of the people. This softness that the elite wish to hold over the people is so that they rather revert to therapy as a solution for pedophilia rather than criminal punishment. This sentiment would eventually lead to acceptance of pedophilia as a sexual preference rather than a sick illness. That sentiment has already been put in place by the mental health industry for quite some time now.

American Psychiatric Association, Institute for Sex Research, Alfred Kinsey, and Sigmund Freud

The psychiatric industry has had a history of advocating for pedophilia as a sexual preference. In May 2013, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) released the 5th Edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders where they described pedophilia as a sexual orientation. The DSMD-5 made a distinction between pedophilia and pedophilic disorder. It stated, “Pedophilia refers to a sexual orientation or profession of sexual preference devoid of consummation, whereas pedophilic disorder is defined as a compulsion and is used in reference to individuals who act on their sexuality.” After pushback from conservative groups and others, the APA redacted their statement saying, “’Sexual orientation’ is not a term used in the diagnostic criteria for pedophilic disorder and its use in the DSM-5 text discussion is an error and should read ‘sexual interest’. In fact, APA considers pedophilic disorder a ‘paraphilia,’ not a ‘sexual orientation.’ This error will be corrected in the electronic version of DSM-5 and the next printing of the manual.” It apparently wasn’t the first time that APA had fiddled with the definition of pedophilia. In DSM-4, the APA stated, “pedophilia was only a disorder if it ‘caused clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational or other important areas of functioning’”. Another instance which attempted to soften child sex abuse was the Rind study which concluded that “man-boy consensual relationships were not necessarily harmful”. Following backlash against the Rind study, APA said that moral values trumped the scientific study. Does that not sound familiar? This is the argument that was used to help normalize homosexuality in Western society by saying that it was moral and religious diction preventing homosexuals from getting civil liberties despite the fact that there was science which supposedly proved that it was just a sexual orientation. This is the same trick that they are trying to pull on the people with pedophilia and pederasty and it has already swayed a small percentage of the population but most people are aware of their tactics.

Furthermore, during the early 20th century, there was an influx of German Caucasian Jews in the sexology field who created the groundwork for thought about sex that would be adopted by modern society. In the mid-20th century, psychiatrists Sigmund Freud and Alfred Kinsey were sly proponents of perversion and degeneracy. Kinsey viewed Western society as suppressing sexuality and made it his mission to “liberate” the West of its morals. He was the main figure who socially engineered the West with the beliefs about sexuality that they share now.

Albert Kinsey’s research was incredibly perverted. His research claimed that grammar school boys can have multiple orgasms and that human sexuality can begin at birth. The current director of the Kinsey Institute has stated that he believes that Alfred Kinsey based many of his findings about prepubescent sexual activity on the diaries of one anonymous child molester. The pedophile kept records of his encounters with 317 children from 1917 to 1948. Another thing that should be noted which is fact is that the Rockefeller Foundation funded most of Kinsey’s research. The Rockefellers were behind the sex evolution that arose in the 20th century. The sex research conducted primarily by Kinsey helped lead to the feminist movement and rise of pornography in society through Hugh Hefner’s Playboy magazine. Hugh Hefner himself was inspired by Alfred Kinsey to embark on his conquest of Western thought about sex. Through the backing and strategic positioning by the international bankers, operative Alfred Kinsey was able to enable and get away with mass child sex abuse through the guise of science.

Kinsey had an experiment detailed in his book, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male”, where it infamously accounted 26 orgasms over 24 hours in a 4 year old child. This is actually a form of torture. A child’s genitalia is very sensitive and is not developed to where it can handle any form of stimulation; let alone continuous stimulation over the course of 24 hours. Not even a grown adult can truly handle continuous genital stimulation over such a period of time without feeling pain. It was claimed that the children gave consent to be involved in the experiments. This is erroneous since children cannot give consent to sexual activity.

In Chapter 5 of Kinsey’s book, it detailed child sexuality. The chapter was actually information compiled from the diaries of a pedophile named Rex King who was a US government land examiner. Rex King’s identity was concealed and went by the alias, “Mr. Green”. Kinsey’s mentor, Dr. Robert Dickinson, who linked Kinsey and King together, taught King scientific methods in order for him to record his abuse of children. The diaries detailed his abuse of nearly 1,000 children (at least 800) in his diaries which Kinsey used as perceived scientific research in his book. Hundreds of children were subjected to rape and their trauma was used as proof of “childhood sexuality”. It described the children’s screams as having orgasms but really it was screams of pain and not exactly pleasure or ecstasy. Another example of King’s research was that King purported a little girl’s tears during a sexual encounter in the experiment as evidence of orgasm. These accounts of abuse ranged in children aged from 2 months old to 15 years old.

To further expound upon this, Alfred Kinsey was a pansexual as was his intellectual admirer, Hugh Hefner. Kinsey not only advocated for “tolerance” but asserted that sex between a husband and a wife wasn’t any different physically, morally, or socially from sex between the same genders, sex between children and adults, and sex between humans and animals. This not only shows you that he was a pansexual but it shows you that he created the groundwork in the psychiatric field to eventually subvert all of society’s beliefs about sexuality and to make pansexuality more palatable to the masses. This is true when you consider that homosexuality was advocated for by Kinsey which helped create the foreground within the psychiatry field that homosexuality was normal which would be adapted in thought by Western society decades later. It was the fields of psychiatry that helped assuage Western society’s outlook on homosexuals and transsexuals and persuade the impressionable younger generations that homosexuals and transsexuals were normal. People have been taught to listen to the science and that the word of science reigns above all. So when these psychiatrists like Kinsey conduct their research which attempts to normalize depravities such as homosexuality, transexuality, and pedophilia, it influences all people to take their word as proof behind the guise of scientific research and evidence. As it has been prefaced, the viewpoints on pedophilia and homosexuality in sexology and psychology have been backed up by Kinsey’s perceived evidence when it is actually the details of the diaries of a depraved pedophile in Rex King. The elites know that all it would truly take to subvert the belief system that people have toward pedophilia is to have some psychiatric studies which claim to provide evidence that pedophilia is a sexual orientation/preference and not a psychological disease and they would accept it since science said so.

Kinsey’s work has also influenced the laws against sexual molestation to what we have now which is lax and rather soft on child molesters. Kinsey’s work on “child sexuality” was used as reference by the notorious Pedophilia Information Exchange (PIE) in a document advocating for the British government to lower the age of consent to 4 years old. We will touch on the legal system later.

Kinsey also had a connection with Aleister Crowley. As it is known, Crowley who gave himself the moniker, “The Great Beast”, created the concepts of sex magick which is sexual activity used in magic rituals. In the picture above, Alfred Kinsey is pictured with Kenneth Anger, an underground occultist filmmaker whose work spanned the late 1930’s to the early 1980’s. As you can see, the picture on the wall is of Aleister Crowley. This was captured during Kinsey and Anger’s visit to the Abbey of Thelema in Cefalu, Sicily in Italy to film Anger’s short documentary, Thelema Abbey. The abbey itself was used by Aleister Crowley during the 1920’s as a commune. During his visit, Anger restored many of Crowley’s erotic wall paintings and also performed Crowleyite rituals at the abbey.

The Abbey of Thelema was a center for occult teachings of apprentices in the craft. The name, Abbey of Thelema was borrowed from François Rabelais’ satire, Gargantua and Pantagruel, where an Abbaye de Thélème is described as an “anti-monastery” where the lives of inhabitants were spent not in laws, statutes, or rules, but according to their own free will and pleasure.” It is clear that this is where Aleister Crowley adapted the concept of Thelema from. The Abbey of Thelema was designed by Crowley as a magical school. He gave it the designation, “Collegium ad Spiritum Sanctum” which is Latin for “A College towards the Holy Spirit”. Understand that on the Luciferian aspect, the Holy Spirit is for the Mother Goddess in her Queen of Heaven alter and is often symbolized by the dove.

The magical school’s program was in accordance to Crowley’s A∴A∴ form of training. The term A∴A∴ is translated in Greek as Astron Argon which means Silver Star. The Silver Star is in reference to the Sirius Star or the Dog Star for the Mother Goddess. The rising of the Sirius star signals the vernal equinox. The A∴A∴ (Astron Argon) organization are described as the mystical and magical methods of spiritual attainment through the Kabalistic Tree of Life which aims to research, practice, and teach “scientific illuminism” which is to ascend through the left hand path of knowledge. Therefore, considering that the Abbey of Thelema was constructed to be in the same vain as the Astron Argon society, the Abbey was a training school for apprentices to become magicians. The general program for the Abbey consisted of daily adorations to the sun i.e. the worship of Heru, studying of Crowley’s teachings and writings, regular yogic and ritual practices, and general labor. The objective for the magic school was for students to devote themselves to the Great Work of discovering and manifesting their True Will which means enlightenment on the left hand path. Thelemites believe that True Will directs the individual towards destiny and forces them into the joy of accomplishing what they were meant to accomplish without lust of result. This means basically that the individual is to devote their life’s work towards ascending the “Stairway of Heaven” to full enlightenment with joy of their craft in the guise of the jester or taking humor in their works.

 It goes to show you that Kenneth Anger and Alfred Kinsey were both adherents to Crowley’s Thelema and Crowley’s principles of sex magick was apparent in both of their works which advocated for homosexuality and pedophilia. Anger is an overt adherent to Thelema or Crowley’s law. Anger featured several famous occultist figures from the entertainment industry in his work such as Tennessee Williams, Jimmy Page, Anton LaVey, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Marianne Faithfull. Most notably, his Thelemite-themed films, Invocation of My Demon Brother in 1969 and Lucifer Rising in 1972. It is also known that he was great friends with Kinsey during their ascent in their respective “crafts”. It’s clear that Kinsey and Anger got along very well because they were both adherents to Crowley’s law of Thelema and open proponents of his law in their work; Kinsey in sexology and Anger in film. Anger made a homoerotic film named Fireworks in 1947 which proved to be so controversial at the time that he was put on trial for obscenity charges but was later acquitted. Kinsey was one of the first people who bought a copy of Anger’s film, Fireworks. It was through the film that they grew an affinity for one another not only as friends but clearly as brothers in the craft. Anger also aided Kinsey with his research. Anger’s unofficial biographer Bill Landis stated that Kinsey became a “father figure” to Anger with whom he “could both interact with and emulate”.

Sigmund Freud was another figure who advocated depravity in his career. He famously created the idea of the Oedipus complex which centers on the perceived unconscious sexual desire of a child for the opposite-sex parent and hatred for the same-sex parent; i.e. the daughter being attracted to her father or the son being attracted to his mother. Freud promoted incest with his Oedipus complex.

Freud also attempted to discredit his patient’s memories of sexual abuse as fantasies that they conjured up in their mind a few years after proposing that most mental illnesses were tied to early sexual abuse. He named the theory, infantile sexuality, which claimed that the child wanted the sexual contact since they were lusting for their parents seeking sexual gratification and that it wasn’t the adult parents who were being predators toward their children.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Psychology describes the infantile sexuality theory by stating, “From his account of the instincts or drives it followed that from the moment of birth the infant is driven in his actions by the desire for bodily/sexual pleasure, where this is seen by Freud in almost mechanical terms as the desire to release mental energy. Initially, infants gain such release, and derive such pleasure, from the act of sucking. Freud accordingly terms this the “oral” stage of development. This is followed by a stage in which the locus of pleasure or energy release is the anus, particularly in the act of defecation, and this is accordingly termed the ‘anal’ stage. Then the young child develops an interest in its sexual organs as a site of site of pleasure (the “phallic” stage), and develops a deep sexual attraction for the parent of the opposite sex, and a hatred of the parent of the same sex (the “Oedipus complex”).

If that isn’t enough, Freud has his own physical connection as well. Freud’s friend and colleague, Wilhelm Fliess, was a known pedophile who sexually abused his own son, Robert. Freud’s own father was a pedophile as well who molested his own children and Freud admitted to this in a private letter. Freud would state in a private letter to Fliess, “Unfortunately, my own father was one of these perverts and is responsible for the hysteria of my brother (all of whose symptoms are identifications) and those of several younger sisters. The frequency of this circumstance often makes me wonder.” To further add onto this, Freud’s own daughter, Anna exhibited signs of distress and mental illness. Anna in her early stages of adolescence developed a severe psychopathology which consisted of sadomasochistic fantasies, chronic masturbation, depression, and an eating disorder. It seems that Anna herself was abused as a child and was acting out her abuse. Was her abuse carried out by Freud himself? Perhaps it was.

Interestingly enough, to go even further, Sigmund Freud’s grandson, Sir Clement Freud, has also been ousted as a pedophile. It was brought out some time ago that Freud abused a girl he had raised as a daughter for years. It was also alleged that as a member of the British Parliament, he violently raped a teenager as well. Freud was exposed as a pedophile after one of his victims, Sylvia Woosley, contacted ITV’s Exposure documentary team; the same group who opened the gates to the story behind Jimmy Savile as being a prolific pedophile. Woosley stated that in 1948, Freud got close to her family and became friends when he was working at a hotel in South of France. It was around this time when Sylvia was 10 years old that Freud’s abuse began. Four years later in 1952, after the family would be broken up due to complications, Sylvia’s mother asked Clement and Jill Freud if they would take care of Sylvia and they accepted. Through this exchange, Sylvia endured abuse from Freud for five years as his “daughter” until she managed to move out of the house at 19 years old. Another woman told ITV that Freud abused her in the 1970’s when she was 11 years old and was raped by Freud when she was 18. During this time, Freud was an MP who shared office with fellow MP member Cyril Smith who was also another pedophile who was exposed as such posthumously. Clement Freud was also knighted in 1987. It is odd that almost nobody questions the connections between the British Crown and pedophilia. Clement Freud is another name added to the long list of individuals who are or were pedophiles that were knighted by the British Royal Family. People such as Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Cyril Smith, Peter Morrison, and Edward Heath who were knighted have all been exposed as pedophiles. You cannot be knighted or given honorary knighthood by the British Crown unless you are a pedophile. Just to give you an idea of American figures who have been given honorary knighthood are Bill and Melinda Gates, George H.W. Bush, Steven Spielberg, Kevin Spacey, Alan Greenspan, Michael Bloomberg, and Rudy Giuliani- whom are nearly all Caucasian Jews and are all depraved pedophiles. One interesting detail that should be noted about Clement Freud was that he was actually investigated as a possible culprit in Operation Grange, an investigative review by London police into the disappearance of Madeline McCann. Freud had a villa in Praia da Luz, Portugal which was the resort were McCann went missing in 2007. It is on record that Freud befriended the McCann family just weeks after she had gone missing. The McCanns were kept company at Freud’s home several times and they kept in close contact. His family claimed that Freud was not in Portugal at the time when Madeline McCann had disappeared. While he may not have been the main perpetrator who kidnapped McCann, he was likely aware of the situation considering the fact that he was a high class pedophile and high level members of the British Parliament are aware of the child sex trafficking rings and how it operates since they participate in it.

Considering the facts that Sigmund Freud’s father was a pedophile who abused his own children, Sigmund’s daughter exhibited signs of abuse which most likely came from Sigmund himself, and that Clement Freud was a known pedophile, it is clear that the Freud family is a generational family where pedophilia is passed down. The Freud family is a bloodline of Talmudic Jews. All major Jewish figures in society whether it be figures in politics, banking, or entertainment are adherents to the Talmud. It should be made apparent that one of the many depraved declarations repeatedly made in the Talmud is that sex with children is permitted. The entire pedophilia agenda has been and is continuously ushered into the Jewish owned mainstream because it is a part of the Talmudic principle. The media and law in Western society are all owned by the Talmudic Jewish cabal. Therefore, the media and the law will all go into accordance to the trajectory in which the Jewish elites want it to go into for the sake of fulfilling the goal of full immersion of the Babylonian Talmudic rule. Liberalism was created by the Talmudic Jewish elite banking families. As it was mentioned in Part 1, the Rockefellers created the feminist movement as a form of social engineering in Western society. The Caucasian Jews are always behind liberal movements as they have been with the BLM and LGBTQ movements. Nearly every major celebrity and politician touts the doctrine of the liberal agenda because they are pawns controlled by the Caucasian Jews. Their money and careers are all held in control by their Jewish handlers. This is apparent in politics as well since the President is controlled by the Zionist state of Israel. America does the bidding of Israel because they are just a stand-in for Israel. The Zionist Jews get their power through America. Their plan to conquer the Middle East is known as the “Greater Israel” Plan. The Jewish banking families wish is to build up Israel as the main power in not just the Middle East but the world in it’s entirety. By the time Israel were to achieve their “Greater Israel” Plan, they would abolish America because America was just a science experiment for the Zionists. However, as we all know, their plans will not come to fruition.

Here are a few verses from the Talmud which describes the Caucasian Jewish outlook on little children; specifically of Gentile descent who they regard as people other than the Jewish.

“A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabited with her, she becomes his.”- Sanhedrin 69a

“When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this (three years and a day) it is as if one puts the finger into the eye.” – Talmud Kethuboth 11b

“Thus the point of comparison is the sexual matureness of woman, which is reached at the age of three.”- Sanhedrin 54b footnote 26: Lev. XVIII, 22

Rabbi Simeon b. Yohai stated: “A proselyte who is under the age of three years and one day is permitted to marry a priest,13 for it is said, But all the women children that have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves, and Phinehas surely was with them. And the Rabbis?”- 3. Yebamoth 60b

As you can see, the pedophilia agenda is all a part of the Talmudic principle. It’s no coincidence that the major figures of social engineering in the psychiatric and judicial fields of Western society have all been Caucasian Jews; which segues into the next section.

Talmudic Controlled Legal System:

On September 11th, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB145 into law which was introduced by Jewish sodomite California Senator Scott Weiner. The bill creates loopholes for pedophiles which creates leniency for them whenever they are caught abusing an underage child. The bill makes it to where a case involving a young adult committing vaginal penetration of a minor leaves it up to the judge whether or not the young adult would have to register as a sex offender. Before this, the perpetrator was automatically entered into the sex offender registry. The age ranges consist of the offender being not more than 10 years older than the victim who was 14 to 17 years old.  

Weiner posted a statement on social media defending his bill saying, “SB 145 ends discrimination against #LGBTQ young people on the sex offender registry. Currently, these youth are forced onto the registry for consensual sex — even if a judge doesn’t think it’s appropriate — in situations where straight youth are not…This discrimination destroys lives.”

This goes to show you that he believes that assault from an older individual against a14 years old is consensual. As mentioned in Part 1, it is media over at least the past 60 years that has warped minors into becoming more sexually driven and engaged in sexual relationships as partners. The bill was met with backlash by the public and also local California politicians such as San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

Weiner is a prime example of the homosexual being the true predator. Back in October 2017, Weiner’s authored legislation SB239 was passed in California which reduces the penalty for knowingly exposing a partner to HIV through sex. The bill changed the punishment from a 3 to 8 year prison sentence to just a misdemeanor carrying a 6 month prison term. He is not only an open homosexual but he is also Jewish which gives him the free reign in the media to do whatever he wants since he can rely on labeling any form of criticism of his degenerate bills as homophobic and Anti-Semitic; which he has already done when criticized for the SB145 bill.

Los Angeles is the capital of Satanism and Luciferianism which is why Hollywood mainly operates there. The city of Los Angeles is titled “The Angels” really for the fallen angels. It was the fallen angels who taught mankind about the worship of the celestial bodies (sun and moon worship), astrology, constellations, and magic among other things. Los Angeles is the place where they re-enact the Babylonian rituals of old and pay homage to the teachings of the fallen angels; not just of the Triune since Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis took and adapted the teachings of the fallen angels after the Flood and expanded it through their apostasy. It is no coincidence that Los Angeles is also the top city in America for human trafficking and sex trafficking as ritual sacrifice is the core of the worship of the Triune. Pansexuality and ritual sacrifice- the core of Luciferianism begins and ends in Los Angeles and San Francisco is its twin as evident with Scott Weiner representing the 11th Senate District which encompasses San Francisco.

Reaching the highest level of US legal court system, the recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who was a Talmudic Jew co-authored the report titled, Sex Bias in the US Code where she recommended lowering the age of consent to 12 years old.

On page 102 of the document, she recommends the laws pertaining to sexual abuse, “Eliminate the phrase ‘carnal knowledge of any female, not his wife, who has not attained the age of 16 years” and instead substitute it with “A person is guilty of an offense if he engages in a sexual act with another person… (and) the other person is, in fact, less than 12 years old.” Ginsburg also advocated for the use of the terms “they/them” instead of “him/her”. This is a concept which will be discussed soon enough.

Ginsburg’s advocacy for non-binary peoples was years ahead of its time which is how the game works. The elites build think tanks such as The Atlantic Council which discusses the direction in which they want society to go over the course of the next 25-100 years. Ginsburg also heavily supported abortion and LGBT rights which as stated before is the core of Luciferianism. The Supreme Court comprises of the priests of Baal. Every judge on the Supreme Court are completely engaged in child sacrifice being that they are priests of Baal- which is why they wear the all-black robes. If you noticed, when Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in as a justice of the Supreme Court, she wore all black clothing. This is why it’s a farce whenever there is discussion about Roe v. Wade (federal legalization of abortion) being repealed since child sacrifice is the source of spiritual energy conjured from the infernal regions by the elites during rituals. Most abortion clinics have Satanists who work there and they perform satanic rituals on site when doing the abortion. D.C. is the main hub of abortion with the highest rate of 32.7% which is no coincidence since it is the home of the White House, politicians, intelligence officers and the Supreme Court where the infamous Pizzagate was based. This is why abortion will never be repealed in America. It is currently a ruse to rile up the people through the divide and conquer agenda they are currently implementing which may reach its peak during the November Chaos. Moreover, she also made a statement during an interview with the New York Times concerning Roe v. Wade stating, “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” Just to put it all together, Ginsburg was also quoted in the New York Times saying, “The Talmud is my sacred guide for daily living.” The law in Western Society is all controlled by Talmudic Jewish Kabbalists. They are the reason why there is such leniency around pedophilia laws. They are behind it all. Just for further information, Ginsburg went to Cornell and Harvard University which are two of the main locations for Monarch programming for universities. She was also a part of two sororities, Alpha Epilson Phi and Phi Beta Kappa. She most likely gained training during her time at Cornell and Harvard. These universities are where a lot of politicians are trained in rituals. For example, Yale University is the home of the Skull & Bones society and they perform rituals on campus and underground. Elite universities are training grounds for figures in politics, law, and government for the next generation as evident with the Bush family from Yale. Ginsburg was an acolyte of the Saturnian principle of death and sacrifice laid out by Planned Parenthood which was created by Margaret Sanger who was a profound racist and eugenicist. Planned Parenthood is not only about population control and human sacrifice but it is also about eugenics which is why it is primarily located in black neighborhoods across the country. It has always been the goal of the Talmudic Jews to eradicate the black population. Sanger once stated, “We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population”. She also supported the 1927 Supreme Court decision of Buck v. Bell which declared the forced sterilization of the “unfit” to be constitutional. The ruling allowed for the involuntary hysterectomy of thousands of black women in the South to take place during the Jim Crow era. To bring it full circle, Planned Parenthood was led by Bill Gates’ father, Bill Gates Sr. who passed down his eugenicist ideals to him. Bill Gates who’s serving as the proverbial Dr. Frankenstein currently has been giving vaccines to primarily African nations with the goal to wipe out the black population. It is all connected to each other as you can see. The Talmudic and Kabbalistic judges are all servants of Lucifer looking to complete the Great Work and Ginsburg was certainly one of them.

To further prove a point of the push by the Caucasian Jews for a lowered age of consent, Alan Dershowitz who is a former associate of Jeffrey Epstein advocated for such. In an op-ed article published in The Los Angeles Times in May 1997, he claimed that it should be lowered to 14 years and that statutory rape was an “outdated concept”.

He claimed, “This raises a fundamental question about the continuing legitimacy of statutory rape laws at a time when sex involving teenagers is so rampant and prosecution for statutory rape so selective.” “It is obvious that there must be criminal sanctions against sex with very young children, but it is doubtful whether such sanctions should apply to teenagers above the age of puberty, since voluntary sex is so common in their age group.”

Dershowitz claimed that there should be Romeo and Juliet exceptions to the law. Most people did not fall for his linguistic gymnastics. He was the main lawyer who helped get Epstein his plea deal in 2008. He also was one of the many lawyers who helped O.J. Simpson win his case in the 90’s so it is clear that he gets off on the idea of representing controversial clients. He is unapologetic about his viewpoints and his connection to Epstein. Even after being accused to have been serviced by Epstein’s child sex slaves on his island, he still has not been “brought to justice” because he is connected. He used the accusation as a way to attack his accuser Virginia Roberts of being a liar. Either way, it shows you that the Kabbalists in these courts will stop at nothing to try and create loopholes for pedophilia to occur with little to no legal consequences as with SB145.


After touching on the manipulation of law and psychiatry, we move onto the societal aspect of the push for pedophilia. This talks about NAMBLA. The organization is built on the principle of the dynamic between Zeus and Ganymede. The tale goes that the divine boy hero Ganymede who catches the eye of Zeus who falls in “love” with him and takes the form of an eagle to abduct him to serve as a cup-bearer in Olympus. Zeus granted Ganymede eternal youth and immortality and to be a cup-bearer to the gods. Ganymede was the catamite or the boy prostitute of Zeus. He served as a symbol of the young male boy who attracts the homosexual desire of other men. The rape of Ganymede is seen as the ascension to spiritual perfection. Man-boy love is seen as the highest form of sex magick. The myth or story of Ganymede was the model for pederasty in Ancient Greece where sex between men and boys were common and socially acceptable. Even the philosopher Socrates engaged in a form of man-boy love pederasty where he practiced something called “thighing” where he would penetrate the boy through the tight gap formed when his thighs were pressed together instead of penetrating the boy anally. Whether it is penetration of the thighs or the anus, it is all depraved either way. But once again, pederasty was not a taboo in Ancient Greece nor was it in Rome. The tradition of the boy prostitute being a sexual and laborious servant of an adult male was adapted from the tale of Ganymede and was carried out throughout the major kingdoms throughout history such as Greece and Rome. Leonardo da Vinci who is another major figure in history had his own catamite or boy prostitute during his life that was named Salai and he used his likeness in much of his paintings. Da Vinci’s depraved pederasty was even evident in his retrieved drawings where he depicted an anus which was labeled as “Salai’s bum” being pursued or chased by erect penises with legs.

This practice was carried out from the biblical times up until now. The practice of holding boy prostitutes was even condemned by Yahweh Ben Yahweh himself in Matthew 11:8 which states, “But what went ye out for to see? A man clothed in soft raiment? behold, they that wear soft clothing are in kings’ houses.” The soft raiment is a symbol of clothing which was feminine and for women which goes back to the concept of boys cross dressing as boy prostitutes when servicing adult men which can be seen in the Bacha bazi practices in the Arab world. Them being in kings’ houses refers to how the boy prostitutes are brought to live with the men or even the kings in their houses which can be seen with Salai living with Da Vinci as his catamite for years until he grew too old for Da Vinci and was replaced with a younger boy.  

Furthermore, a particular painting which accentuates the destruction of innocence aspect is explored with Rembrandt’s painting The Rape of Ganymede. The painting depicts an eagle which is Zeus carrying a baby which is supposed to Ganymede who is so terrified that it is crying and urinating out of fear. Many pedophiles get off on the aspect of terrorizing children where they cry or scream. Some pedophiles are simply sexual deviants whereas others are actual sadists who are aroused or feel empowered by the abuse which creates the visible fear and terror on the child. If you look at Tony Podesta’s art collection, many of his paintings feature pictures of half-naked children in bondage or being visibly upset. They feel as if they are reaping the soul of the child for themselves when they are exuding such fear.

As we all know, the inducing of fear is essential in blood sacrifice in order to create the most potent form of adrenochrome for them to consume when they are playing as the vampires. Vampirism or blood drinking comes from the Hindu goddess of death Kali. Notice that she is always depicted with a necklace of the heads of souls she took. The elites do this as well in their ritual locations. After killing boys in their human hunting parties, they will often cut the boys penises off and hang them on walls as trophies. They take pride in claiming the souls or bodies of their victims.

As you can see the aspects of man-boy love and other things such as blood drinking and child sacrifice all stem back to Luciferianism. The catamite practice is being carried out today and is trying to be normalized like in Ancient Greece and Rome by NAMBLA which stands for North American Man Boy Love Association. If you didn’t notice, the NAMBLA logo is always in the color scheme of the rainbow which is for the Rainbow Serpent as was covered in Part 1. The legalization and normalization of pedophilia and pederasty is a part of the process of placing the final capstone on the pyramid or finalizing the Great Work to finish the work of Nimrod since he was thwarted by Shem. This is a part of the final capstone for the Great Work to make what was normal in Ancient Babylon to be normal in America which is pedophilia, bestiality, blood sacrifice, and rituals openly done and accepted by the people.

Moving along, NAMBLA have been long advocating for legalization of man-boy love and have often laid out their plans to end the “oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships” which is not possible by the way because boys cannot consent. The brain is not even fully developed until we are 25 so while we might think that we are ready to have sex with someone at 14 or 16, it’s not the right decision and we would do so from a place of immaturity. Many people come to realize when they get older that they really had no business having sex as young teenagers. If they were in that situation where they had a fully developed brain, perhaps they would not have made that same decision. However, not to digress, the elites wish to get a lower age of consent because the younger they are, the more irrational decisions they will make and create a domino effect where they may get pregnant and end up getting an abortion which contributes to the sacrifice rituals or they can get into a toxic relationship with another immature and disturbed person of the same age will lead to depression and suicide contributing to population control.

The plans that NAMBLA have “mapped” out are “building understanding and support for such relationships (i.e. agenda setting by psychiatry as done for homosexuals), educating the general public on the benevolent nature of man-boy love (indoctrination), cooperating with lesbian, gay, feminist, and other liberation movements (i.e. utilizing the Hegelian dialectic of pressure from above and pressure from below which internally pressures legal and political system above on the totem pole and external pressure from below with protests and activism), and supporting the liberation of persons of all ages from sexual prejudice and oppression (social engineering).”

NAMBLA have tried hard over the years to be included in the LGBTQ label and be added as “P” for pederasty. However, they have been met with almost universal rejection from them. However, they are already apart of the LGBTQ label since they accept pansexuals who are pederasts themselves since they love as Pan did which consisted of sex with men, women, children, and animals.

NAMBLA and MAPS (Minor Attracted Persons) try to act as pacifists who never aim to harm anyone. Specifically, MAPS claim that they don’t act on their depravity by having sex with children but just engage in their sexuality without getting into physical contact or communication with them. Not to digress but just the fact that there are people now who have the confidence to claim to be attracted to minors on the Internet shows you just how far we’ve come with the desensitization of child sexuality and of laws against child sexuality. In 2000, NAMBLA became embroiled in a lawsuit titled Curley v. NAMBLA which was for the kidnapping and murder of Jeffrey Curley who was just 10.  The boy was kidnapped, raped, and murdered by two men named Salvatore Sicari and Charlie Jaynes; aged 21 and 22. Sicari and Jaynes were both members of NAMBLA. In his diary, Jaynes stated that NAMBLA’s bulletin helped him to become aware of his own sexuality and to accept it. In other words, NAMBLA “illuminated” him of the rites of Pan which is man-boy love. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) assisted NAMBLA in the case and stated that the First Amendment of a right to free speech was violated by the lawsuit. This was in response to the parents claiming that NAMBLA’s “adult-child sexual relationship propaganda” caused the behavior within Sicari and Jaynes. It’s obvious that this was the case as seen in the diary of Charlie Jaynes. Wendy Kaminer who was an executive at ACLU claimed that the case was based on “widespread biases about a supposed link between homosexuality and pedophilia”. Per usual, plants within these unions and organizations deflect and the public will look at that as fact and not use rationality or research. In the end, the Curleys dropped the lawsuit in 2008 after their one witness was ruled as “not competent to testify”. This was the case which led to the “gay community’s” disassociation from NAMBLA because of the publicity of the case and not wanting to be linked to pedophilia. Just to note, the case took place in the US District Court for the District of Massachusetts and the state of Massachusetts is notorious for its ties to witchcraft in history with the Salem witch trials. As you can see, the law worked in the favor of the pederasts in this case. The law which has been written and presided over by the Caucasian Illuminists of the Enlightenment Period and the Talmudic Jews of the present day, favors the Luciferians and their practices and oppresses the people or the goyim as they call us.

Just to expand upon the connection with NAMBLA and actual child abuse, we look at the case of Peter Meltzer who was a NAMBLA treasurer and bulletin editor. Meltzer was a physics teacher at the Bronx High School of Science. He stated that he expressed a sexual interest in boys at the age of 16 and he has acted on those desires; meaning he did in fact have sexual contact with boys. In Meltzer’s NAMBLA Bulletin, he printed pedophilic instructions on how to seduce young boys and avoiding law enforcement while engaging in such depravity and also hosted accounts of sexual encounters between adults and minors. Meltzer’s ties to pederasty was accounted for decades as officials of the school in which Meltzer worked at was aware of his membership in NAMBLA since the mid 1980’s. Meltzer never truly faced any repercussions which would cost his job as a teacher from his connections to NAMBLA because of the First Amendment.

Another case which hits at the criminality of its members is the case of Kevin Brown who was an open pedophile. In 2005, Brown called on the Rick Roberts Show on KFMB as a response to a $1,000 offer for the location of NAMBLA members which was placed by Roberts. Brown stated that he would use the money for a play he was writing which was about romance between adults and children. During the call, Roberts heard a child in the background of Brown’s audio. He demanded Brown to clarify if the child was his. Nearly two weeks later, CPS seized Brown’s 2-year old son because of Brown’s possession of child pornography and his proven support of pederasty. It goes to show you that the notion that NAMBLA members or MAPS not engaging in criminality or sexual contact with minors is false. However, they are still protected for the most part with the law with the lenient sentences and protection behind the First Amendment. 


The last aspect to touch on is the education system. Recently this year, something called the CSE curriculum has come across the radar. CSE which stands for Comprehensive Sexuality Education mainly targets children. The curriculum is being championed by the WHO, CDC, and Planned Parenthood. As mentioned by Brice Taylor in her book “Thanks for the Memories”, she states about WHO, “The World Health Organization (WHO) was a cover for bringing together an inside group of people whose purpose and intent was much different than what was generally thought and publicly portrayed. Lots of illegal activity went on without detection and across borders internationally as this inside group hid its covert operations under masked projects, purportedly for world advancement. Among other things, it was also a cover for drug deals, child prostitution, heinous experiments on human beings, illegal sales of babies, etc. Some of the players I saw participating were a select group of politicians, celebrities and leaders worldwide.” This is very much apparent now with the public endorsement by politicians, celebrities and world leaders for the efforts of the WHO as well as how WHO’s pedophilic agenda is clear as day with their support of the CSE curriculum.

The curriculum teaches small children primarily in elementary and middle school very explicit things about sex. To properly document the explicitness of the CSE’s teachings, the harmful elements analysis by It’s All One curriculum will be used to show this.

The analysis cites 15 harmful CSE elements in the curriculum. I will be using 3 per each element.

1. Sexualizes children: Normalizes child sex or desensitizes children to sexual things. May give examples of children having sex or imply many of their peers are sexually active. May glamorize sex, use graphic materials, teach explicit sexual vocabulary, or encourage discussion of sexual experiences, attractions, fantasies or desires.

– “Sexual behavior ranges widely. Below are descriptions of some common sexual behaviors: • Masturbation (touching oneself) remains a common practice throughout life for most people. … • Caressing, kissing, sharing erotic fantasies, stimulating a partner’s genitals with one’s hand, and rubbing against each other are practices that may lead to orgasm and do not involve penetration.” (Vol. 1, pg. 99)

-“The Story of Maya: Maya first had sex at the age of 16. Her two friends sometimes teased her that she had never had a boyfriend, and they encouraged her to ask out a certain boy and to have sex with him. She was curious, but mostly she felt pressured by her friends, so she asked the boy out and they had sex. …Maya had sex with four other boys… Having sex partners made Maya feel attractive and important.” (Vol. 2, pg. 57)

– “There is no right age to have sex. Each person has to determine when he or she feels ready to have sex.” (Vol. 2, Activity 22, p. 69)

2. Teaches children to consent to sex– May teach children how to negotiate sexual encounters or how to ask for or get “consent” from other children to engage in sexual acts with them. Note: “Consent” is often taught under the banner of sexual abuse prevention. While this may be appropriate for adults, children of minor age should never be encouraged to “consent” to sex

– “Today we will begin looking at what it means to give truly free and informed consent in a situation involving sex.” (Vol. 2, pg. 76)

– “Plan time to discuss sexual consent in a meaningful way. Many young people feel ambivalent about what they want or confused about their partner’s wishes. Explore ways to ensure mutual consent.” (Vol. 1, pg. 81)

– “A critical aspect of sexual experience is that it be voluntary and wanted by both partners. … • Sexual consent involves deciding freely and voluntarily to engage in sexual activity with another person. • … ensuring consent can be a complicated matter. • As young people mature, their capacity to give meaningful consent evolves.” (Vol. 1, pg. 85)

3. Promotes Anal and Oral Sex: Normalizes these high-risk sexual behaviors and may omit vital medical facts, such as the extremely high STI infection rates (i.e., HIV and HPV) and the oral and anal cancer rates of these high-risk sex acts.

– “Sexual intercourse often refers to vaginal penetration by the penis. Oral intercourse involves the mouth at or on a partner’s sex organ. Anal intercourse involves insertion of the penis into a partner’s anus.” (Vol. 1, pg. 112)

– “Grace, who also had a bit to drink, lies down next to him. Feeling uninhibited, she takes the initiative and has oral sex with him.” (Vol. 1, pg. 75)

– “Oral sex is mouth-to-genital contact. • Intercourse is sexual activity in which the penis enters the vagina or anus. Other forms of penetrative sex may involve using the fingers or an object.” (Vol. 1, pg. 99)

4. Promotes Homosexual/ Bisexual Behavior: Normalizes or promotes acceptance or exploration of diverse sexual orientations, sometimes in violation of state education laws. May omit vital health information and/or may provide medically inaccurate information about homosexuality or homosexual sex.

-A case study shows one of the partners in a same-sex couple deciding to have sex for the first time: “Isaac has had several partners but lets Ivan, his new boyfriend, believe that he is still a virgin, as Ivan is. When they have sex, Ivan agrees not to use a condom, thinking there is no risk of infection.” (Vol. 2, pg. 80)

-“People can experience sexual pleasure by touching themselves or through a shared experience (with someone of the same or the other sex).” (Vol. 1, pg. 99)

-“They can decide if, when, with whom, and under what circumstances to have sex …They are free to have sex with someone of the same sex.” (Vol. 1, pg. 28)

5. Promotes Sexual Pleasure: Teaches children they are entitled to or have a “right” to sexual pleasure or encourages children to seek out sexual pleasure. Fails to present data on the multiple negative potential outcomes for sexually active children.

-“People can experience sexual pleasure by touching themselves or through a shared experience (with someone of the same or the other sex). They can also experience sexual pleasure with no touching at all.” (Vol. 1, pg. 99)

-“Sources of sexual pleasure may include fantasies, words, reading, watching a film, caressing, kissing, or genital contact.” (Vol. 1, pg. 99)

-“If a man has a big penis, his partner will feel more pleasure” (Vol. 1, pg. 67), and “A large penis does not give a woman more pleasure during intercourse.” (Vol. 1, pg. 69)

6. Promotes Solo and/or Mutual Masturbation: While masturbation can be part of normal child development, encourages masturbation at young ages, which may make children more vulnerable to pornography use, sexual addictions or sexual exploitation. May instruct children on how to masturbate. May also encourage children to engage in mutual masturbation.

-“Masturbation is one of the best ways to learn about and understand how one’s body responds to sexual stimulation. It can help women and girls learn how to reach orgasm.” (Vol. 2, pg. 68)

-“Both partners can agree to engage in forms of sex (such as mutual masturbation) that do not carry the risk of infection transmission.” (Vol. 1, pg. 192)

-“Touching or stroking oneself (especially one’s own genitals) for sexual pleasure is called masturbation.” (Vol. 1, pg. 99)

7. Promotes condom use in inappropriate ways: May inappropriately eroticize condom use (e.g., emphasizing sexual pleasure or “fun” with condoms) or use sexually explicit methods (i.e., penis and vagina models, seductive role plays, etc.) to promote condom use to children. May provide medically inaccurate information on condom effectiveness and omit or deemphasize failure rates. May imply that condoms will provide complete protection against pregnancy or STIs.

“6. Engage in foreplay. Foreplay, including touching the clitoris, may help lubricate the vagina.

7. Open the condom gently, being careful not to tear it (don’t use your teeth!).

8. When the penis is erect . . . squeeze tip of condom and place condom on the head of the penis.

9. Hold the tip of the condom and unroll it until the penis is completely covered.

10. If the vagina still seems dry, engage in more foreplay, or wet the outside of the condom with a water-based lubricant or with saliva. Never use Vaseline® or other oilbased products, because they can cause a condom to weaken and tear. (During sex) 11 If the condom breaks, the male should pull out immediately. [You may wish to remind students about emergency contraception if ejaculation already occurred.]

12. After ejaculation, while penis is still erect . . .

13. Grasp the open end of the condom, at the base of the penis.” (Vol. 2, pg. 155)

-“Couple G: These two people decide to have sex. The boy asks if they should use protection, but the girl says that she just had her period so she can’t get pregnant.” (Vol. 2, pg. 153)

-“Couple I: A 17-year-old girl is having sex with a 25-year-old man who gives her gifts and sometimes gives her money to help with her expenses. Sometimes he uses condoms, but this time he doesn’t have a condom with him. She thinks that they should wait and have sex another time, but he promises it will be okay without a condom. She already took money from him this week, so she feels she cannot refuse. They have sex without the condom.” (Vol. 2, pg. 153)

8. Promotes Premature Sexual Autonomy: Teaches children they can choose to have sex when they feel they are ready or when they find a trusted partner. Fails to provide data about the well-documented negative consequences of early sexual debut. Fails to encourage sexually active children to return to abstinence.

-“They can decide whether or when to become pregnant or have children. They can obtain contraceptive information and services. They can have a safe abortion. They can adopt a child regardless of their marital status or sexual identity.” (Vol. 1, pg. 28)

“Determining whether you are ready for sexual activity is difficult for many young people. This activity will help you to think about the roles that maturity, self-awareness, and communication skills play in becoming ready for sexual activity.” (Vol. 2, pg. 92)

-Students participate in an exercise called, “Feeling ‘Ready’ to Have Sex.” The instructions say: “For this exercise, a young person your age is trying to decide whether to become sexually active. That young person wants to make the right decision and is asking a question: “In deciding if I am ready to have sex, what are the two most important feelings or conditions I should consider?” The list of things students should consider include whether they are “Feeling close to the other person,” if both of you want to have sex” if they are “feeling sexually attracted to the other person” or “Feeling confident that you know what makes you feel good sexually.” (Vol. 2, pg. 95)

9. Fails to establish abstinence as the expected standard: Fails to establish abstinence (or a return to abstinence) as the expected standard for all school age children. May mention abstinence only in passing. May teach children that all sexual activity—other than “unprotected” vaginal and oral sex—is acceptable, and even healthy. May present abstinence and “protected” sex as equally good options for children.

“What messages do abstinence only education, child marriage, and female genital mutilation send about sexual pleasure?” (Vol. 1, pg. 100)

Note: In the question above, the program puts abstinence in the same category as female genital mutilation. This is a subtle way of shedding a bad light on abstinence, making it appear as something negative and even harmful.

In It’s All One, various case studies are used to downplay the importance or abstinence until marriage, and in most cases, show young people compromising and deciding to have sex. For example, this case study shows one of the partners in a same-sex couple deciding to have sex for the first time: “Isaac has had several partners but lets Ivan, his new boyfriend, believe that he is still a virgin, as Ivan is. When they have sex, Ivan agrees not to use a condom, thinking there is no risk of infection.” (Vol. 2, pg. 80)

Another case study says: “I knew we were going to have sex. I didn’t really want to. I just wanted to talk with him and kiss and nothing else, but he wanted to, and I had gone with him so we ended up having sex.” (Vol. 1, pg. 88)

10. Promotes Transgender Ideology: Promotes affirmation of and/or exploration of diverse gender identities. May teach children they can change their gender or identify as multiple genders, or may present other unscientific and medically inaccurate theories. Fails to teach that most genderconfused children resolve their confusion by adulthood and that extreme gender confusion is a mental health disorder (gender dysphoria) that can be helped with mental health intervention.

“This unit defines gender and explores how gender norms affect the lives and health of both boys and girls. It suggests ways to enable adolescents to imagine the kind of people they want to be, the kinds of relationships they hope to form, and the type of society they view as fair and happy.” (Vol. 1, pg. 54)

“Variation in people’s sexual desires, behaviors, and identities is referred to as sexual diversity.” (Vol. 1, pg. 94)

“Despite social taboos, many young people refuse to be isolated. Where they can, they create safe spaces to meet each other. Just a few examples of people who have formed such safe spaces include married girls; female domestic workers; people attracted to others of the same sex; transgender youth; girls who want an opportunity to play sports; and sex workers.” (Vol. 1, pg. 57)

11. Promotes contraception/abortion to children: Presents abortion as a safe or positive option while omitting data on the many potential negative physical and mental health consequences. May teach children they have a right to abortion and refer them to abortion providers. May encourage the use of contraceptives, while failing to present failure rates or side effects

-“I am a 17-year-old boy. When I found out that my girlfriend was pregnant I thought “What? Wow! Oh no!” My feelings were a mix of shock, fear, worry, and amazement. A small part of me even felt a little bit proud to know I was fertile. … My girlfriend and I are both in school, and we know we are too young to be good parents. We decided that the best decision for us was an abortion.” (Vol. 2, pg. 175)

-“They can decide whether or when to become pregnant or have children. They can obtain contraceptive information and services. They can have a safe abortion. They can adopt a child regardless of their marital status or sexual identity.” (Vol. 1, pg. 28)

-Several case studies refer to abortion clinics, such as, “I went to a family planning clinic and was counseled by a nurse who strongly urged me to get married and have the baby. Lu agrees with the nurse because he assumes I will eventually want to be a mother, so why not now? I’m upset because I feel as if I am being pressured to have a child whom I do not want. I have decided to go to a place where I have heard there is a doctor who performs abortions without asking many questions.” (Vol. 2, pg. 168)

12. Promotes Peer-to-Peer Sex Ed or Sexual Rights Advocacy: May train children to teach other children about sex or sexual pleasure, through peer-to-peer initiatives. May recruit children as spokespeople to advocate for highly controversial sexual rights (including a right to CSE itself) or to promote abortion.

-It’s All One teaches children that “human rights” encompass “sexual rights” including alleged rights to all person to “sexual expression” and the right to seek sexual pleasure, and that tells children that “…laws related to sexuality can promote — or undermine — everyone’s feelings of self worth, dignity, health, and sense of belonging and well-being.” (Vol. 1, pg. 86)

-Students are also given a list of problems they can work on or advocate for such as: “Adolescents do not have access to sexual and reproductive health services that are youth-friendly” (Vol. 2, pg. 176) and “Abortion is legally restricted — and as a result, dangerous — in many places.” (Vol. 2, pg. 176)

-“Activity 17—Sex Education Debate: Students debate whether young people should learn about sexuality, gender, and sexual health — or should learn only to abstain from sex until marriage. OBJECTIVES: To enable students to describe policy perspectives about sex education and to consider their own views; to strengthen their analytic and public speaking skills.” (Vol. 2, pg. 54)

13. Undermines traditional values and beliefs: May encourage children to question their parents’ beliefs or their cultural or religious values regarding sex, sexual orientation or gender identity.

-“Discuss social norms regarding diverse forms of sexual expression and how such standards have changed or are changing.” (Vol. 1, pg. 97)

-For the teacher: “It’s All One Curriculum supports values of equality, respect, and human rights. Reflect on your own personal or religious values to be sure you are comfortable with honoring the values of the curriculum as they apply to gender and sexuality” (Vol. 1, pg. 4)

-What kind of training will enable teachers to examine their own personal and religious beliefs about sexuality and gender so that they are better prepared to teach these topics in a way that corresponds with international human rights principles? What will allow teachers to work most effectively in highly conservative settings? (Vol. 2, pg. 13)

14. Undermines parents or parental rights: May instruct children they have rights to confidentiality and privacy from their parents. May teach children about accessing sexual commodities or services, including abortion, without parental consent. May instruct children not to tell their parents what they are being taught about sex in school.

-“improved access to … confidential testing, counseling, and treatment for HIV.” (Vol. 1, pg. 111)

-“Societies and governments have responsibilities to provide health services, respect confidentiality, and protect all people against stigma and discrimination that result from their health status” (Vol. 1, pg. 200)

-This is one of the things on a list of decisions children should be able to make: “whether to tell one’s parents about having romantic or sexual feelings toward someone of the same sex.” (Vol. 1, pg. 151)

15. Refers children to harmful resources– Refers children to harmful websites, materials or outside entities. May also specifically refer children to Planned Parenthood or their affiliates or partners for their lucrative services or commodities (i.e., sexual counseling, condoms, contraceptives, gender hormones, STI testing and treatment, abortions, etc.) Please Note: A conflict of interest exists whenever an entity that profits from sexualizing children is involved in creating or implementing sex education programs.

-Note: At the end of Volume 2, in an eight-page section called “Additional Resources,” It’s All One refers to the most aggressive abortion and sexual rights and CSE advocacy groups in the world, for example: “International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) is a global network of member associations that provide and campaign for sexual and reproductive health care and rights for all.” (Vol. 2, pg. 186) Note: Largest abortion providers in the U.S. and worldwide.

-“Advocates for Youth advocates for policies that enable young people to make informed, responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health in the United States and globally.” (Vol. 2, pg. 186) Note: Advocates for Youth is Planned Parenthood’s youth partner that advocates for abortion, sexual rights and CSE worldwide.

-“Human Rights Watch works to protect the human rights of people around the world, including women’s rights; lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights; and rights related to health, including HIV.” (Vol. 2, pg. 186)

As you can see, they are promoting sex to children through the education system. This may be appropriate for high school seniors since most have reached the age of consent but this is by no means acceptable for adolescents in elementary or middle school. Just like how the elites have allowed abortion to be a public and legal practice to continue to conjure up the energies needed from human sacrifice, they are doing the same thing by attempting to make pedophilia and child sexuality legal and normal to conjure up the energies used in sex magick rituals relating to children. This is all a part of their Global Reset agenda to put in place their objectives to complete the Great Work. To detail, the CSE curriculum is not that well known and has gone relatively under the radar for the most part. They always manage to sneak things like this under the people’s noses for the most part. It’s just like how most people don’t know that most states have removed religious exemptions from vaccinations. While we are distracted by what a certain politician or celebrity is saying, they are passing these Luciferian legislations and implementing these globalist plans with little pushback because no one is paying any attention. The question now is whether or not people will actually abide by the pedophilia movement. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Point of the matter is that they will begin to teach this in schools across the country if they haven’t already very soon. This type of curriculum along with the promotion of contraception and abortion has also been promoted to Africa. The United Nations, who is behind this as well, still carries the white man’s burden philosophy which is that they know what’s best for black people. They try to promote this by speaking to people in Africa as if they are children who don’t know how to think for themselves and that they are being “robbed” of their human rights of sexual liberties and health rights through contraception, abortion, and vaccinations; all policies for population control. It’s already a known fact that Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a profound racist and eugenicist; as is the Billionaire Good Club comprised of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Oprah Winfrey and formerly David Rockefeller that aim for de-population.

There is still push back at the moment from the people of Africa against the globalist push for contraception and sex education in Africa. Obianuju Ekeocha, who is the founder & president of Culture of Life Africa, has been outspoken against this agenda and is pro-life. Many people in Africa are up to the tricks that the Luciferian globalists are trying to enforce on them. Here’s a video from an interview that she had on the BBC network which by the way notoriously covered up for child sex abusers such as Jimmy Savile and promotes the globalist agenda of the British monarchy.

Of course, Ekeocha shut down the BBC reporter who is vehemently promoting the rhetoric and elitist jargon of the elites. Just to give you a little more detail and perspective on the situation that has been in Africa for years, a video for the trailer of “Cultural Imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda” will be provided below. It details how the United Nations have given an ultimatum to African countries that they would not provide foreign aid unless they change their laws to promote LGBT rights. They have also been pushing the CSE curriculum there as well and even younger individuals such as Amelia Belchior who spoke out against the agenda at a United Nations meeting on sex education.

For those of you who are interested and have the time to watch the documentary, it will be provided below.

Civil War?

The question that looms is whether or not this pedophilic agenda will lead to civil war. Will it actually? In my opinion, I don’t think it will unless they become very aggressive with pedophilia legalization and normalization which would rile up protests. However, this objective is still far down the line. They want to be able to loop in all the children to raise them up by the state after enforcing their depopulation agenda by killing off those of the public who resist against their draconian and dictatorial regime of the lockdowns and vaccinations which is slowly creeping up at the moment across European countries such as Spain, Wales, UK, and France. Once they are able to separate the children from their parents in this collapse, they’d be able to indoctrinate the children all under one accord. Many will go willingly while others will resist. This is an agenda that they are not overtly pushing so it is not something that will cause civil unrest or pushback. Rather, it is the lockdowns, election results and upcoming mandatory vaccinations that will lead to a civil war or unrest. The pedophilia agenda may just drive very few people to participate in the chaos because of their frustration but it will not be an individual reason that will gather millions of people to fight against the government because most people simply are not aware and don’t think of it as great enough of a reason to outrage at such a level. However, food shortages or lockdown restrictions or punishments such as intentional power outages or severing of the water supply because of resistance to the mandatory vaccinations would and will lead to an actual uprising.

Having said that, it is important to remain vigilant, rational and strong as the days ahead are only going to become more challenging. Remember that while this is their plan, nothing goes according to plan. As the saying goes, man plans and Yah laughs. Lets continue to build on our faith and strengthen our spirit because our spirit is what is going to help us survive during the last days. Dehydrated foods and supplies can only do so much. If our faith and our spirit is not where it should be, we will not be able to endure the times ahead. All we can do is to prepare to the best of our abilities spiritually through building favor, mentally through rational estimation of our situation and defeating fear, and physically with training and with however much finances we have to build our supplies and foods. Stay strong family. All Eternal Praises go to Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Barakatha.

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