Our mind can be our greatest strength
It can create our worst flaws
Fear drives us to great lengths
We become gripped by wicked claws

Erosion of the mind corrupts the spirit
As do coins of gold when they rust
Looking to vain men and weapons for hope
Placing within them inane trust
Forsaking the fountain of waters
For the well of blood and crust

A wicked kingdom are we only in for shelter
For we are not of it
Let the pomegranate be your heart’s core
Fall not into the frenzy and become of the cluster
For the day will come in which you’ll be of need
The desired strength you will not be able to muster

Each day we’re given is a blessing
Every breath we draw shall bring us further to the word
For we are to breathe the life given from the fruit
Let us quit the fearful obsessing
Let us use these last days to be grounded in our roots

We shall sharpen our swords and grip our shields
We shall never fear
Let us put on the armor of Yah and be prepared
Instead of troubling our hearts in despair


All Praises, Glory, and Honors goes to Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Barakatha. Thank you Father and Son for giving me the words to write this poem for these are not my words nor is this my gift for all that I have is of You. Thank you forever and always.

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  1. Great and beautiful poem touching truth and deep this is a spiritual warfare double honors eternal praises glory blessings go to son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and father Yah Elohim brakkatha

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