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As we have reached Election Day, it is important to evaluate some of the tell-tale signs of the month of November being chaos. A series of articles were released in the months leading up to now which were titled “November chaos”. However, before we show what the articles have been saying, let’s look at an opening clip of an episode from the show House of Cards which centers around a storyline where the presidential election between pedophile Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood ends up in a contested election with his opponent.

Does that not all seem familiar? Have we not seen protests against Trump specifically chanting, “Not my president”?

Notice how Underwood talked about how they were down a Supreme Court justice. It was just recently that the Supreme Court was down a justice with the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. However, they just replaced her with Amy Coney Barrett. Either way, it still mirrors. As far as the contested election goes, let’s now look at what the “November chaos” articles have been saying.

It has been constantly discussed within these articles how the mail-in ballots can be problematic for accurately counting the votes for the election. They have been touting that there is bound to be problem with the ballots. Lo and behold, there are issues now. Let’s look at one article released on September 25th which discussed Pennsylvania’s mail-in ballots.

The September 25th article from Real Clear Politics stated, “The state of Pennsylvania is rapidly emerging as a contentious battleground where Republicans and Democrats are fighting over one of the most hot-button issues in November’s election – the use of mail-in ballots. On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany highlighted Republican concerns in the Keystone State. “It’s a system that’s subject to fraud,” she said at a press briefing. “I can confirm for you that Trump ballots, ballots for the president, were found in Pennsylvania.” The FBI and state police are now investigating after the U.S. attorney’s office reported that nine military ballots were found discarded in Luzerne County – and seven of them had been cast for Trump.” As it was mentioned, the entire controversy surrounding Trump ballots being found discarded or thrown in the trash was discussed even before the debate that took place on September 30th and Trump mentioned it during the debate; setting the stage for the “voter fraud” crisis.

This entire “voter fraud” crisis is all coordinated and orchestrated. We will go more into this later. To continue with the article, it states, “While the GOP is focused on the risks of mail-in ballots, Pennsylvania Democrats are expressing worries that security measures for mail ballots will disenfranchise their voters. Earlier this week, Democratic Philadelphia City Commissioner Lisa Deeley sent a letter to the Republican leaders of the Pennsylvania legislature warning that a recent state Supreme Court decision threatens to upend November’s elections by disallowing mail-in ballots that aren’t returned in “secrecy envelopes.” Secrecy envelopes are an additional envelope or sleeve that make it difficult for poll workers and others to see through the return envelope and read what’s on the ballot, and generally make ballots harder to tamper with.” This was all setting the stage for the upcoming chaos that is coming up once the Supreme Court steps into the picture and becomes the deciding factor in the election. As it states, the Democrats were and are worried that the Supreme Court could influence the decision by rendering ballots that aren’t returned in secrecy envelopes as invalid. The Supreme Court is already under scrutiny considering the fact that they hold a conservative majority of 6-3 with two judges in Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett who were put through media excoriation due to the fact that they were Trump picks and had mired histories of alleged rape and “anti-abortion” support, respectively. Understand that with the Talmudic priestess of Baal- Ruth Bader Ginsburg being replaced by Amy Coney Barrett, it represents a further manufactured transition away from overt Luciferian ideals like abortion and feminism. However, the Supreme Court will never repeal Roe v. Wade as they are the main beneficiaries and reapers of the energies which are conjured from the child sacrifices i.e. abortions since they are priests and priestesses of Baal. The tension and disdain for the Supreme Court has already been set in place so if they were brought into the official media narrative of the legal battles surrounding the election, it would help fuel the fire.   

Furthermore, it states, “’It is likely true that the number of naked ballots’ — those lacking secrecy envelopes — ‘we received in the June primary was at least between 15,000 to 20,000. Philadelphia is likely to receive about twice as many mail ballots in the general election as we did the primary,’ she wrote. ‘This would mean 30,000 to 40,000 ballots could very likely be thrown out in Philadelphia alone. That number could rise to over 100,000 statewide.’ She ended her letter urging the legislature to pass a law allowing the state to accept ballots without secrecy envelopes.” Deely mentioned how there could likely 30k to 40k ballots thrown out in Philadelphia alone which could rise to 100,000 for the state of Pennsylvania itself. This is once again setting the stage for the possibility of ballots being counted invalid by the Supreme Court. Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani recently claimed that about 650,000 ballots were “counted unlawfully” in the cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh alone. As you can see, the statements mentioned in the article have a relevance to the events happening now after the election. It’s all about planting the seeds so it can grow and come to the forefront for the masses to witness.

“In 2016, Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by a mere 44,292 votes out of more than 6 million cast. ‘At the core of the PA ‘naked ballot’ controversy is this: Are Republicans prepared to deal with the societal consequences of the presidency being decided by the invalidation of 80k-120k mail ballots on a technicality?’ asked Dave Wasserman, an elections analyst for Cook Political Report and NBC news. Republicans in the state, however, counter that measures such as secrecy envelopes are a necessity, not a technicality – and point out that 16 other states require similar additional envelopes or sleeves for ballots. ‘There’s a crying need [for election security],’ Charlie Gerow, a veteran GOP strategist who’s worked on presidential campaigns in Pennsylvania since 1976, told RealClearPolitics. ‘Philadelphia just recently had a guilty plea and a major election fraud case that involved a Democrat election judge stuffing ballot boxes, not just in one election, but in multiple elections. And the U.S. attorney down there, William McSwain, who was the only guy in Philadelphia actually fighting crime as a prosecutor, has now made additional charges, including against former Congressman Michael ‘Ozzie’ Myers, who you may remember from ABSCAM days.’” First of all, since Trump has supposedly lost Pennsylvania at the current moment by over 81k votes and counting, a case where 100k votes or even 650k votes as Giuliani claimed were to be thrown out, it would give him the state of Pennsylvania. If the same were to happen in Wisconsin, he would also win that state considering that he only “lost” by 20k votes. If the same were to happen in Arizona, he would win that state as well considering that he only “lost” by less than 11k votes.  If votes were to be thrown out at that magnitude of 100k invalid votes by the Supreme Court, those states would give him 273 electoral votes and would win him the election through the Supreme Court. Moreover, Gerow’s quote about Philadelphia’s recent election fraud case centered around a Democratic election judge further plants the seeds for the likely incoming legal crisis to occur in Pennsylvania; mainly in the city of Philadelphia which constitutes for a big portion of the vote margin.

“Domenick J. DeMuro, the former judge of elections and Democratic Party official in Philadelphia, pleaded guilty in May. For his role in bribing DeMuro, Myers was charged in July with ‘conspiring to violate voting rights by fraudulently stuffing the ballot boxes for specific candidates in the 2014, 2015, and 2016 primary elections, bribery of an election official, falsification of records, voting more than once in federal elections, and obstruction of justice.’ However, while the Pennsylvania state court’s decision on secrecy envelopes has Democrats fuming, Republicans are upset by another of the court’s election mandates. State law says that mail ballots must be received by 8 p.m. Election Day, but the state Supreme Court recently ruled that ballots can be accepted up to three days after the election. Given the pandemic-related rise in mail ballots this election, Democrats have been arguing that extended deadlines are necessary to make sure large numbers of voters are not disenfranchised by post office problems and the more complicated procedures involved in filling out and counting mail ballots.” This excerpt once again not only sets the stage for Republican skepticism and accusations of Democrat’s commiting fraud in the swing state of Pennsylvania with Myers’ arrest, it also serves as a foretelling sign of the “Stop the count” chants that they would yell at the voting centers with the state Supreme Court’s ruling.

“This has angered Pennsylvania Republicans, who say the court is legislating from the bench. The court’s decision admits, ‘Indeed, there is no ambiguity regarding the deadline set by the General Assembly.’ Instead, the court justifies overriding the law as written by citing the Pennsylvania Constitution’s broad requirement that ‘Elections shall be free and equal; and no power, civil or military, shall at any time interfere to prevent the free exercise of the right of suffrage.’ Conservatives have been crying foul ever since the decision was handed down. ‘How does that [state constitution] language empower judges to ignore the ballot deadline?’ asked a recent Wall Street Journal editorial. ‘We’ll wait while readers search for emanations and penumbras.’ But even more concerning to Republicans than extending the deadline is that the state Supreme Court also ruled that mail ballots without postmarks proving they were submitted before the election deadline on Nov. 3 will be counted. ‘We conclude that a ballot received on or before 5:00 p.m. on November 6, 2020, will be presumed to have been mailed by Election Day unless a preponderance of the evidence demonstrates that it was mailed after Election Day,’ reads the decision. Pennsylvania Republicans have already announced plans to petition the U.S. Supreme Court, and earlier this week asked the state Supreme Court to halt its decision. In a filing submitted Monday, they argue that the state court’s decision ‘creates a serious likelihood that Pennsylvania’s imminent general election will be tainted by votes that were illegally cast or mailed after Election Day.’ Other voices on the right are even blunter about the consequences of this decision. At the pro-Trump American Greatness website, veteran GOP campaign operative Ned Ryun argued this week that Pennsylvania’s ruling was evidence ‘Democrats plan to cheat.’” As you can see, the “voter fraud” crisis was brewing before it even became a nationwide narrative. It is just beginning to boil over. We’re at the stage where the droplets of water are rolling out of the pot but it will soon come to a point where the boiling water is pouring out of the pot; whether the script favors Trump or not.

“Whether the U.S. Supreme Court will intervene in the case is unknown, as is how the recent death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg might affect a potential ruling from a court with only eight justices. ‘The strongest realpolitik argument for why the Supreme Court would take this case would be to resolve the issues now rather than in an inevitable lawsuit after the election,” says Ilya Shapiro, CATO Institute legal scholar and author of a recent book on judicial nominations and the high court. ‘If the court takes it, however, it wouldn’t be to split 4-4, so if the justices feel that’s the most likely outcome, they won’t take the case.’” Shapiro was surmising that the Supreme Court wouldn’t take the Philadelphia case unless they were confident that they would not be split in their decision. This shows you that from her perspective, the Supreme Court would swing one candidate’s way if they were to take the case. However, it would be most likely Trump that they would favor if they were to favor any side. This scenario would drive the anti-Trump crowd crazy and make them nervous if the Supreme Court were to get involved considering that they’ve been preconditioned to have disdain and distrust of the new Supreme Court by the liberal media.

 “…Ultimately, concern over legal battles surrounding how to count mail ballots is unlikely to be localized just in Pennsylvania. Last month, The Washington Post reported 534,000 mail ballots were rejected across the country in primary elections earlier this year, which typically see a significantly lower turnout than presidential elections. For comparison, there were 318,000 mail ballots rejected in the 2016 presidential election and just 254,000 rejected in the 2012 presidential election.” Considering the fact that hundreds of thousands of mail ballots were already rejected in the past two elections, the trend shows that there is bound to be more mail ballots to be rejected in this electoral process; given how integral mail ballots were this time around. With this in mind, it could easily swing in Trump’s favor. 

“With the expectation of a close race in Pennsylvania and other swing states, the idea that November’s election will produce chaos seems to be the one outcome both right and left can agree on. In her letter to the legislature, Deeley warned mail ballot issues could create “significant post-election legal controversy, the likes of which we have not seen since Florida in 2000.” The buzz word is “chaos” as that has been apparent in the month already as the riots and violence at the rallies between Trump supporters and ANTIFA members. Deeley mentions how the ballot issues could create post-election controversy akin to the 2000 election between George W Bush and Al Gore. This has already been seen with Trump’s lawsuits in several states. While the narrative is that Trump is grasping for straws as Biden is transitioning with his team, the Supreme Court could still come into play and pave the way for Trump to win the election. However, the narrative could come out to be that Trump does not win through the courts but instead stays in without conceding the election. Trump technically cannot be removed out of office if he doesn’t concede due to the fact that he has all the power to contest the election. In a hypothetical situation, if the House and the Senate were to be the decision-makers of the election, their decision would override the electoral and popular vote. The House doesn’t vote by delegate but by delegation; meaning that the states in the House vote on who is the President. In this situation with the House of Representatives, each state gets one vote. Considering that most states in America are Republican, it would favor Trump in this situation. Key states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania would be likely the states who would swing the House’s vote one way or the other. The Senate also decides who the Vice President is and since the Senate is held by the Republicans, they would pick Mike Pence in that situation. It is not clear at the moment how they will play this narrative out yet but since it is likely that Trump can try to start a war with Iran before he leaves. It was recently reported that Trump had to be persuaded by his advisors to not attack Iran. Trump, being a Zionist puppet, has been targeting Iran in assistance with the Greater Israel plan for his entire presidency. By withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal and imposing economic sanctions, Trump has created more tension with Iran- which its current state as we know it was created by America. Iran would be the next country that America would go to war with. If Trump were to start a war there before Biden would theoretically take office, Biden wouldn’t be able to repair the situation and thus America would be entangled in another war which would be far worse for them considering that Iran has nuclear weapons.

The Eisenhower - Mossadegh Cables: Complete Exchange of ...

On a side note, Iran’s current state was created by America’s meddling in their affairs. In 1951, Mohammad Mossadegh became Iran’s democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran. He was popular amongst the Iranians; much to do with the fact that he took a stand against the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company which was owned by the British.  They made big profits through the company and only paid Iran 16% and sometimes less than that. Mossadegh’s opposition led to the British government plotting to remove him from power. In October 1952, Mossadegh declared Britain an enemy and cut all diplomatic relations. Britain looked towards America for assistance in dethroning Mossadegh which was unsuccessful initially but soon came to fruition once Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected President in 1952. Soon after Eisenhower was officially inaugurated, the U.S. and Britain agreed to work together toward Mosaddegh’s removal through Operation Ajax by convincing Iran’s monarch, Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi to dismiss Mossadegh from office. The Shah was hesitant initially considering that it Mossadegh was extremely popular and it would be a legally questionable move to dismiss him but Pahlavi eventually caved in after his family had received enough bribing and coaching from America and the British. About 7 months later, on August 16, 1953, the Shah formally dismissed Mossadegh. The CIA would install a puppet leader in General Fazlollah Zahedi as their choice for Prime Minister. America would manufacture staged protests across Iran to help assist the coup and removal of Mossadegh. The coup helped the Shah become more of a dictator and the country of Iran as a whole shift towards a dictatorship; especially down the line with the influx of anti-U.S. protests during the 1979 Iranian Revolution that led to the rise of Ayatollah Khomeini and Iran being further buried in the rabbit hole of a dictatorship under the guise of Sharia law.

Iran’s current state was created by America and has now come back to bite them because of how Iran has accumulated power since then. The same situation can be seen with North Korea and China as their current Communist states were also created by America as they wanted both of those countries to go Communist. Socialism and communism are the most sought after political regime by the international bankers or the big banking families because it makes them more money and makes the citizens more efficient debt-slaves. By having people working all day to pay off their debt and never truly owning anything while being dependant on their government for health care, food, housing, and more, they can never truly be self-sufficient or self-reliant or entrepreneurial. America has been this way for the past century but it has been able to hide it well through the guise of being a republic and upholding democracy. They are just being more overt with it at the current moment because it is apart of their agenda to fully transition to such a system with full public recognition and understanding that it is such a system; that being a socialist-communist regime which is on the horizon for America in its last days.

Either way, now that we have evaluated that the issues with Pennsylvania’s ballots were acknowledged months before the election, just to emphasize how this was all planned out and orchestrated in advance, we now will go through a series of instances where there was an issue with the mail.

Here is a video of a series of events where postal trucks with mail had caught fire and/or exploded.

Now, here’s a series of videos which show great deals of mail being dumped by postal workers which mostly included ballots.

Isn’t it odd that these issues just happen to occur now during this year at this rate? Are we supposed to believe that some of these postal workers who have been caught throwing out mail on camera were not aware that they were being filmed? It is pretty convenient for the narrative that the heating systems of USPS trucks and rogue postal workers were an issue. You would think that the USPS would upgrade their outdated LLV (Long Life Vehicles) vehicles by now; considering that these models were purchased between 1987 and 1994. The vehicles are meant to last for an average of 24 years while still being serviceable for 26 to 33 years. Even if these vehicles that are currently operating right now were to have lasted 33 years from 1987, they would be inefficient or more prone to fires or explosions or systematic failure and should have been replaced by now. Even if these vehicles currently operating have been operating for 24 years since 1994, they would not be as efficient by now and should have been replaced. It would be considered routine by anyone that a government service as essential as the USPS would replace their vehicles by now. This is not something that the USPS hasn’t been aware of. The USPS’s delivery trucks have been catching fire at a 70% rate since 2014. The USPS would ideally replace the entire vehicle fleet by now but they didn’t. It was only until the USPS offered this past August to award a $6.3B contract for new mail trucks that they even made an effort to replace the trucks. It’s at the very least eyebrow-raising and can be seen by anyone that these events which happened before the election would create a chaotic election process.

Election Outcome:

As stated before, at the current moment with Trump’s lawsuits going nowhere, the election process is leaning toward Trump creating a war with Iran to plunge America into a vulnerable and unstable state for Biden to take over. However, it seems just as likely that Trump will find a way to maneuver his way through the Supreme Court or through the House and Senate in a contested election where states do not certify their results. Arizona’s Governor stated that Arizona wouldn’t certify results until legal battles finalize. If the same were to occur in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania which have yet to certify results and if Trump’s legal team were to maneuver possibly through the Supreme Court were enough mail ballots were thrown out, Trump would theoretically win the election with 273 electoral votes through the Supreme Court.

Either way, whether Donald Trump is able to win through the courts or Joe Biden officially wins, the outcome will be chaos on both sides. If Joe Biden officially wins, most Republicans will simply be upset and mad but will not do much. However, a small number of militias or radical groups could react violently and get into fights with groups like ANTIFA. They would most likely do this by using an agent or DELTA programmed asset posing as a white supremacist or militia member as a provocateur by killing liberals or left wing supporters in a staged event which could happen during ritual season right before the Winter Solstice. The hypothetical event would lead to outrage and more protests which would lead to ANTIFA and even BLM members being in the same vicinity and thus easily targeted by militia groups or paid CIA agents posing as Trump supporters to spark off mass violence which would spread in key states; just enough to impose martial law. If Donald Trump wins through the courts, it would be gradual stages of outrage. In a situation where the Supreme Court would have a case where they can turn the election into Trump’s favor, the mere fact that they were even having the case would cause massive outrage by the anti-Trump crowd and liberals which would lead to more protests and anarchy. If Trump were to actually win through the Supreme Court, there would be a far more violent response by the left-wing crowd where they would start fights at a much more accelerated rate than Republicans. It would be even more aggressive since the media would exacerbate it and express desperation along with staged and fake fear at the prospects of a coup. It would certainly be far easier to impose martial law under that scenario since the ANTIFA crowd and others would cause far more violence and there’d be far more chaos with the media chipping in with their one-sided reporting.

An even more chaotic scenario to cause a full blown civil war and anarchist country would be where Trump would be assassinated in a staged event. If Republicans were to see their cult leader Trump get killed, they would deem it as going too far and be riled up to “take back their country” and use their guns. Republicans and conservative Caucasians own far more firearms than liberals. The elite have been looking for a way to ban automatic weapons so that they would not receive as much push back from civilians once they completely impose martial law and make all of American citizens comply to their stipulations which would be mandatory vaccinations or micro-chipping and working at the FEMA concentration camps. Republicans are not as outraged and are not driven to violence as easily as liberals since the left-wing crowd are far more emotional and unhinged than they are. Even in a situation now where Trump is seemingly being cheated out of a second term through fraudulent voting schemes by Biden’s team, you would think that they would at least threaten to come out guns blazing or be as violent as ANTIFA but they aren’t. The only way that Republicans or conservatives were to actually use their guns and institute a civil war is if their hopes of a Trump second term were to be taken away through a Trump assassination by a DELTA asset who was posing as a liberal or Democratic supporter. The Trump crowd, especially QAnon supporters would deem it as a takeover of the “Deep State” and would use their guns in retaliation and out of fear. It would create the most violent situation possible which would put America in a totally destabilized position and thus martial law would be desired by those in complete fear; being fully compliant to a militaristic takeover.

A quick note to make is that the Electoral College officially casts their vote for the election on December 14th, 2020. Trump has been made comments stating that he’ll only leave the White House until the Electoral College officially votes for Joe Biden. He made those comments knowing that there’s a chance that the Electoral College may end up favoring him instead. With there being two weeks left until they officially vote, there could still be some legal battles that can occur in other states which can help favor Trump and thus turn the tide for him with the electoral vote. Take note that December 14 is also the day of a total solar eclipse so that will be another ritual night. It is also a week before the Winter Solstice on the 21st of December. Expect some shenanigans to arise on the 14th.

Trump Assassination:

It brings us to the “predictive-programming” with the Trump assassination. There have been far too many instances of imagery of Trump being assassinated for them not to at least have an event where Trump is shot or at most is assassinated.

First, we look at the fact that there was an already a staged assassination attempt of Trump which happened a few years ago but was thwarted by Secret Service.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas as they say. Notice this took place on Saturday or Saturn’s day. There is no way that an assassination attempt against any political candidate or Luciferian would ever occur under their watch without it being a premeditated attack by other Luciferians agents within the government. With the level of security that is present, there is no way that they ever or at least 99% of the time could have someone simply try to shoot a person in the occult world, let alone Donald Trump. They are 99.9% of the time hired and paid by secret interests; mainly within the Deep State government or C.I.A to do their bidding and are almost always under the programming; specifically DELTA programming.

Now we look at the Kathy Griffin situation where she holds up a severed head of Donald Trump. It sparked outrage from both sides with Republicans being predictably upset and liberals expressing that she had “gone too far”. However, this did not occur by happenstance. Such a flagrant demonstration of public opposition to Trump by showing him beheaded and bloodied was meant to garner as much attention as possible and conjure up energy for their spell. Griffin’s dress is integral to the spell as the color blue resonates with what could occur if they go through with the plan to possibly assassinate Trump.

The color blue is associated with the Nordic Mother Goddess Freya. She is the wife of Odin and the mother of Baldur. She is the Nordic goddess of love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold, and magic. Freya is accompanied by the boar Hildisvini which is representative of Tammuz when he was killed by the wild boar when he was 40 years old. This is why the followers of Tammuz weep and fast for him for 40 days in the time period known as Lent. The boar was sacrificed annually to Freya at Yule. The mother goddess has a major alter which is the destroyer aspect which can be seen in her alter as Kali Ma. The mother goddess herself has been identified as a destroyer, the annihilating lady, and the goddess of death. The last sheaf for the Yule boar is called the “Old Mother” and in France is called ‘Ceres’ which is the Roman name for Mother Earth.

To go further, the boar was represented as a sacrifice to the mother goddess. The picture above depicts the Romans sacrificing to the god represented as an oak tree and a boar. The association between sacrifice and the boar can also be seen with the Swedish tradition known as Yule where a man is sacrificed posing as the Yule boar; dressed in a bristled skin and an old woman with a knife performs a mock killing.

The identification of an animal with a god meant that the particular animal was treated as sacred, not touchable and it was not to be eaten except in sacrifice. The Ancient Egyptians were forbidden to eat pork and revered the pig but would sacrifice the pig to Osiris and to the moon which was associated with Thoth and Hathor. The boar was looked at as an embodiment of Set who killed Osiris in the form of a boar. The boar is both slayer and slain. Here is an excerpt from The Myths of Osiris and Isis which shows the boar as Set.

“One story of the death of Osiris says that Set, the wicked brother of the god, had a coffin brought into the winter feast and tricked Osiris into it, whereupon he nailed down the lid. The coffin was floated down the river to the coast and was beached, and a tree grew up around it.

Later this tree-bound coffin was discovered by the distraught Isis who cut out the coffin and brought it by boat back to her own land. Eventually, Set in the form of a boar found the coffin, dismembered the body and scattered the pieces.”

The boar is also associated with Moccus who is the boar or swine god of the Celtic tribe of Lingone. Moccus was associated with Mercury which is also Hermes and Osiris who is Nimrod. The boar meat was also sacred among the Celts as well. Hermes was known as the “divine trickster” which is associated with Saturn as he was also known as the divine trickster. 

The name of the Babylonian boar god was Nin-shach, incorporating the Hebrew word shachath which means “The Destroyer”. The god, Nin-shach was seen as a destroyer, as the sun in its destructive character and as a war deity. His name means ‘lord of the wild boar’. Ber, an early form of Saturn, was also called “lord of the wild boar” and was a solar divinity of war, the spring and fertility. At the feast of Saturnalia, Saturn received an offering of a boar.

Now that we have established that the boar is representative of Set and its overall association with the mother goddess, we will go further. Freya spins clouds with her sacred Distaff of life in the Norse constellation which is known as Frigg’s Spinning Wheel and Orion’s Belt. Freya is said to know the future, although she will not speak of it. While Freya is the goddess of magic, she mastered a specific type of sorcery called “seidr” which is the art of telling or predicting the future and changing things that may happen in the future. She had the power to control the fortune and desires of others.

With Griffin holding up the head of Trump who is serving as Set in the global narrative, she is playing out the role of Frigg or Freya who is telling the future of the possible slaying of the boar Set in the future. It will be explored later how Trump is playing the role of Set in the global script and narrative. Considering that Freya was the goddess of magic or enchantments, this ties in with Griffin as Freya playing the role of the great fortune teller through this spell or enchantment on those who’ve seen this omen.

Now we look at another form of the media’s “predictive programming” is with Snoop Dogg’s music video with BADBADNOTGOOD titled “Lavender” which features the above imagery of Donald Trump being killed or assassinated. Trump is dressed up as a clown with face painting. As mentioned before, the divine trickster is representative of Saturn.

Snoop Dogg is just another Luciferian who is playing “the game”. Snoop Dogg is also a government agent as well. Snoop Dogg being an agent is told in just his name. The term ‘snoop’ means to pry into the private affairs of others, especially by prowling about. This can also be seen with T.I. His name is “Tip” Harris which alludes to him giving a tip on others or providing information on others to his employers. T.I. was found with possession of illegal firearms and automatic weapons but he only faced 11 months in prison for it. If any other black man was found with possession of such weapons, you would think that he would serve more time. Another thing is how does one come to possess such illegal firearms if they’re not an agent?

Knowing that Snoop is another player in the game and is a Saturnian, it is no surprise that he carried out this ritual. The colors of the car are also symbolic. The black is associated with the planet Saturn and the Black Cube of Saturn. The yellow is symbolic of the element of gold which is associated with the Sun and it is symbolic of illumination of the left hand path; knowing the unknown. The color yellow is also associated with Jupiter or Zeus. Jupiter’s yellow is of a saffron shade to mirror the pollen of the lotus flower. The lotus flower is associated with Heru or Horus who emerged out of the lotus flower. Buddha also is associated with the lotus flower as well.

To go further with Saturn being the trickster, an excerpt here states, “Saturn, the grim reaper, rules responsibilities, restrictions, limitations, and the lessons you must learn in life. He does not deny or diminish imagination, inspiration, spirituality, or good fortune, but he does demand that these things be given structure and meaning. The karmic lessons we have come to experience and overcome in this lifetime are expressed by Saturn. Saturn is a great teacher if you allow it to be so. If you resist, then you feel like you have been dealing with the Trickster. It takes spiritual maturity to move beyond the challenges of the Trickster and to embrace Saturn the Teacher.”

In the above picture, it depicts the trickster weaving or controlling reality. The trickster controls reality and has hold over the fate or fortune of others. With Trump serving as the clown in the video, it shows that Trump is at the behest of the fate which Saturn decides for him and is subservient to the script which is written for him. He is just a character who only has the ability to play out his script. If it is written for him to be sacrificed as Set the boar, then he will offer his head willingly.

In the video, all the characters are dressed as clowns who allude to the Royal Order of the Jesters. If you notice in the far left corner, the wife is also dressed as a clown. The flower in the center of the table also represents the Flower of Life. The multiple colors represents the Rainbow Serpent which is where you get the LGBT flag’s colors from as the Rainbow Serpent encompassed the pansexual aspects of androgyny, homosexuality, and bisexuality. The Flower of Life is meant to represent the cycle of creation or life.

This is the symbol of the Flower of Life. Notice that in this particular depiction it is also in multiple colors. If you look closely at the shapes, you notice that they are hexagons.

The hexagon is representative of Saturn or the hexagon on the north pole of Saturn. What is hidden within the hexagon itself is a cube or the Black Cube of Saturn.

As you can see with the Vesica Piscis, the hexagon is hidden within the symbol as well. The Flower of Life is also in a series of vesica piscis which is where two circles converge together. At the point of intersection, it forms the oval shape which is symbolic of the vulva or vagina of the mother goddess. As shown, this all ties back to Saturn.

The Flower of Life can also be seen with the Joker who would use the flower to project acid against others to kill them or as a form of attack. With Saturn being the god of destruction and being tied to the flower of life, it shows you the connection with the flower being used as a way to harm or “destroy” others within the Joker character.

The cube of Saturn is also where you get the Jack in the Box from. Out of the cube springs forth the jester or the clown or the divine trickster. It alludes to how Saturn is viewed as the great creator and bringer of chaos which creates life. The theory of the Big Bang stems from this concept how from the void came forth life itself with a “great spark” where the universe was created and everything just was. The jester springs forth from the void or darkness of Saturn’s cube or the third dimensional world or grid of consciousness and casts forth his face or shows his card that he is the great creator of chaos and that he is the divine trickster god.

This is the planetary grid of consciousness. Once again, it shows the hexagon which is for the planet Saturn.

In the clip, it shows the clown figure driving in the green car. Understand that Saturn is also Pan and it can be seen with the fact that Saturn’s moon is named Pan. Not only this, here’s a quote from Manly P. Hall from the Secret Teaching of All Ages, “Pan was a composite creature, the upper part- with the exception of his horns- being human, and the lower part in the form of a goat. (…) The pipes of Pan signify the natural harmony of the spheres, and the god himself is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is enthroned in Capricorn, whose emblem is a goat”.

As you can see, this is the symbol of Capricorn which is associated with the goat. The fish tail is an allusion to Osiris as when Osiris was killed and his penis was severed, it was devoured by the fish of the Nile. The fish is also a symbol that is in general associated with Osiris. Pan and Osiris were both known as gods of fertility which is why Osiris was also known as the “green man” as his skin was green and why Pan was always associated with the woodlands or the groves.

This is all showing that the clown in the car represents Osiris.

The clown now gets slain by the cop who is also dressed up as a clown. It once again plays out the story of Osiris being slain as represented by the clown being in the green car. The clown killing the clown alludes to the concept of the boar being both the slayer and the slain.

This is the symbol of the Royal Court of the Jesters which is a male fraternal organization tied to Freemasonry. They are known as Shriners. As you can see, you have the purple for Saturn which is the red and blue pillars of Freemasonry or the forces of fire and ice coming together to form the divine purple. This is why the song is called Lavender which is a derivative of the color purple of Saturn or the divine trickster clown. The color lavender is also associated with Hecate the goddess of witchcraft and magic. The goddess Hecate is also associated with the owl which represents wisdom and far sightedness as Hecate had the ability to see in three directions at once and had the ability to see and travel in the hidden realms. Once again, the concept of foresight or the great sight is associated with the sigil magic ritual of foretelling the slaying of the boar Set, Donald Trump.

The figure in the picture above also has an erect phallus which mirrors Pan as he is also often depicted with the erect phallus which is symbolic of great lust or sin which is why Pan is depicted as the goat since the goat itself is also a symbol of sin.

The concepts of fraternities and sororities also stems from Pan or Bacchus as well. Fraternities and sororities set at universities are often set in settings of forests or groves. The term bachelor or the bachelor’s degree stems from the name Bacchus. The ancient concept goes that when you go to the university, you are being inducted to be a student to learn the teachings of the god Bacchus or Pan. That is why once you ascend and reach the full extent of knowledge your term gives you, you are given the baccalaureate or the certificate of Bacchus. This all goes back full circle to the main point that this all plays out the ancient ritual of the slaying of Osiris and the boar being the slayer and the slain which also ties into the concept of the Ouroboros serpent eating its tail. That concept represents the cyclic process of volatilizing the Fixed and fixing the volatile or the continued distillation or putrefaction which is essentially the concept of Order out of Chaos. That all goes back to Saturn as well as he is considered the god of periodic renewal or generation.

The hammer in his left hand is also symbolic of the concept of the hammer and sickle as the stick the figure is holding brings forth resemblance of the sickle. The sickle was also a symbol of the god Saturn. The scythe is also associated with Saturn which is why the figure known as Father Time wields the scythe as Saturn or Cronus was the god of time. This is also why the Grim Reaper sports the scythe as Saturn was the god of death as well. Saturn is the Grim Reaper.

These are the Shriners of the Royal Order of the Jesters. As you can see, they are sporting the red noses for the clown god Saturn. They show up to a lot of these hospitals to entertain sick children while being in their clown attires. They also have charities as a front. Satanists and Saturnians often create charities to give themselves a public image or cover for what they really do behind closed doors to divert any suspicions or attentions away from what they are doing in private. Jimmy Savile was also very charitable and it was revealed after his death that he was abusing the sick children there in the hospitals he was visiting and also had an infatuation with death as he was a necrophile believe it or not. It was revealed that he was having sex with the corpses in the hospital morgues as he held an office there. His infatuation with children and death stems back to the Saturnian principles which is death, destruction, and pansexuality.

Here is the symbol of the Shriners. Notice the sword.

 Now here is Snoop Dogg sitting in the throne with the gold framing which features the emblem of the sword which is for the Royal Order of the Jesters. The swords are also crossing to form the “X” which is for Osiris; symbolizing the point of transformation from the physical world to the spirit world through the portals created by death from the ritual sacrifice. Snoop Dogg also has his hand across his neck to symbolize that he is a holder of the secrets and that if he were to reveal the secrets then he would be beheaded for doing so. 

Snoop Dogg in this frame also is playing the role of the dragon as he has the smoke coming forth from his mouth. This is a concept known as Satan’s Breath. They are showing that they are proverbial dragons and that they worship the dragon Satan.

This is proven here as the book by Temple Madison titled Satan’s Breath features the woman on the cover breathing out the smoke which forms the red color for the dragon Satan.

The cigar represents the shaft or phallus of Osiris or Saturn.

The neighboring dogs on both sides of Snoop Dogg are the hellhounds which are the dogs associated with the underworld. They were called the Bearers of Death because they were created by ancient demons to serve as heralds of death. The concept is that if someone sees a hellhound at least one time or three times that it will result in that person’s death. Shortly after this clip, the video features the shooting of Trump by Snoop Dogg playing the role of Saturn or Satan. Once again, the clown kills the clown as the boar is the slayer and the slain. The clown Saturn is killed by the bringer of death Saturn.

Here is Snoop Dogg positioned under the ox head which is for Taurus the Bull/Ox or El which is also Saturn. The ox is a castrated bull with no more life force or fertility which alludes to the understanding that what has lived has come to die or that it can no longer bring forth life for itself. This is why the gun is positioned under the ox head as it is the bringer of death for Trump. It is also a phallic symbol for the shaft of Osiris or Saturn. The gun is also laid next to the clown figurines; once again tying death to the image of the clown. As Snoop Dogg goes to grab the gun, the lyric, “it’s the final call” blares repeatedly; showing that the wild boar Trump’s time for his slaying has come. The lion is also a symbol of Satan as referred to in 1 Peter 5:8 which states, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”. The lion is also a symbol of Horus in his alter as Her-em-akhet which represents the dawn and the early morning sun which ties to Lucifer being the Morningstar. Her-em-akhet is depicted as a heiracosphinx which is a creature with a lion’s body and a falcon’s head and wings. Just to provide the link between Horus and Satan, here is a quote from the website Aiwass which is the name of the spiritual intelligence that Aleister Crowley claims drove him to write the Book of the Law as dictation, it states, “The secret name of Horus is שטן, Satan, 359. The sun of midnight is Ra-Kephra. The son is 777 and represents spirit incarnated. The spirit is 359. The body, temple or house, is 418.”

To quickly touch base with the beginning of the video before we close on this part, there is another part which ties into the foretelling of death. The clown son is pouring the cereal which is all green as the color is not just symbolic of Osiris as the green man but it is also tied to the mother goddess Isis as she is also the goddess of fertility. Isis is associated with the color red and as you can see in the background, the mother is dressed in red for Isis. The boy has the turquoise color in his shirt which is a mixture of the colors green and blue representing fertility as well. The son is playing the role of Horus the child. The term cereal stems from the name of the mother goddess Ceres. The milk represents the divine knowledge or magic provided by the mother goddess. Hathor and Isis were also known as the cow goddesses and as we know, the cow provides milk. Isis is always depicted as breastfeeding her son Horus as a child. This is where you get Isis Lactans from as she provides the milk. Lactose comes from the name Lactans of the name Isis Lactans. In that alter, she always has her left breast exposed which is where you get female celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Janet Jackson exposing their left breast from. If you notice further, the police car and the police officer toys are on the table. The dog who is supposed to be Snoop Dogg on the television screen is the hellhound or the Bearer of Death. The hellhound or the bringer of death is showing his face out of the cube of Saturn; bringing forth order out of chaos through death posing as the jack in the box. The gun is red which and that is Isis’ color. The goddess Isis is bringing forth the knowledge as represented by the milk and cereal to her son Horus that Osiris’ death is imminent by the hand of the officer. As mentioned before, the goddess Freya or Frigg is accompanied by the boar and the mother goddess is the annihilating lady or the goddess of destruction. She is also the bringer of death as well as can be seen where in the Yuletide the woman pretends to kill the man posing as the boar.

Here, the son points the gun at his father. The son has been made aware of his father’s imminent death through the knowledge provided to him by his mother, Isis. 

Notice the police officer toy which is cloaked in the blue for Freya who is the foreseer and the predictor of the future which she does not disclose, is also holding a gun but the officer’s arm is positioned to where the gun is pointed at the father; once again showing that his death is imminent as foretold through the knowledge of the mother.

Once the son eats his cereal or consumes the knowledge provided to him through the cereal by his mother, his father is already out of the house and is on his way to go on the “road” or the crossroads to meet his death. Notice the character on the box which is supposed to be Snoop Dogg or the hellhound is wearing the eight pointed star on his necklace which is a symbol associated with the goddess Venus or Ishtar. The dog is also a symbol of the dog star or the Sirius star for the mother goddess which is the brightest star in the night sky. It is described as scorching or glowing; representing illumination or understanding of the divine knowledge or the unknown. It was also described as giving off red, blue, and white hues to the naked eye when near the horizon; hence the red, white, and blue colors on the box. The name Siri which is the name of the A.I. on iPhones also comes from the name Sirius or Ceres. This can be seen with the goddess Siri or Ceres or Hecate (as she was also the goddess of dogs and depicted as having dogs with her) providing the milk or the knowledge.

Just on a side note, the rosette in the left chest pocket where the heart would be is for the goddess Ishtar as well. It is symbolic of the sun as well as for the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth which goes back to the concept of the Flower of Life or the cycle of creation. The rosette also has 8 leaves as the star of Ishtar has eight points. The planet Venus disappears for an average of eight days in the glare of the sun during its transition from the evening to the morning star.

Here is a sculpture of a Sumerian bull from Mesopotamia and as you can see, it has a series of rosettes carved into its body which symbolizes the union of the mother goddess and the bull god.

To close this segment off from the esoteric “predictive programming” sigil magic rituals of the foretelling of Trump’s death, we look at this clip which shows a ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ production, “Julius Caesar” which is set in a modern American tone where the character of Julius Caesar is very similar to Donald Trump in appearance and mannerisms. The play shows the actor playing Caesar in Trump’s essence being killed. It was seen as distasteful given that it was basically making a mockery of Trump being assassinated much in the same tone as when Kathy Griffin held up Trump’s bloodied severed head.

It’s interesting that Caesar would be used as the character who would be taking the appearance of Trump to be killed. Caesar and Trump both have similarities in the fact that Caesar was the last ruler of the Roman Republic and Trump may well be the last president of America.

It is known that Caesar was killed by a group of Roman senators. It’s stated historically that Caesar was stabbed 23 times. The number 23 is symbolic of life as we have 23 pairs of chromosomes for our DNA which is the genetic code that comprises of what makes us who we are with our characteristics. The number 23 also represents the amount of time it takes for blood to circulate throughout the entire human body. In addition, the number 2 divided by 3 equals out to 0.666 which as we know is the number of the Mark of the Beast. The number 666 is also hidden within the barcode as well. Either way, it shows that Caesar’s death had a spiritual resonance that symbolized the destruction of the Roman Republic which would soon spawn the Roman Empire itself that came thereafter with Augustus being the first king. There is a misconception that Caesar’s death marked the end of the Roman Empire but it wasn’t as it actually led to the beginning of the Roman Empire.

If Trump were to be assassinated, it would certainly mark the end of the American regime as we know it due to the fact that many people believe that the possibility of a president being assassinated is near zero because of the amped security after JFK’s killing. It would be seen as the result of a complete systemic failure of the so-called republic which it is not.

To add some interesting detail to this, there were two books written in 1893 and 1896 by Ingersoll Lockwood titled, “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey” and “The Last President”.

Baron Trump’s premise is that he lives in “Castle Trump” and is a wealthy aristocrat guided by “The Master of all Masters” called “Don” to be able to find “Goggle-Land” somewhere in the middle of Russia, which is described as a “world within a world” where everything is made of silver with marble roads. With this, the connection between Trump and Russia is made along with the fact that the character is a wealthy aristocrat. The Last President’s premise is that there is an underdog who runs for President that no one believes would be able to win He was seen as an outsider candidate who represented the “common man” and pledged to “undo the bad business of years of unholy union between barters and sellers of human toil and the law makers of the land.” This can be seen with Trump’s political campaigning who tries to claim that he represents the common man and is for the workers. The character’s pledge is also in line with the overall premise that Donald Trump is an “anti-establishment candidate”. He would win the presidency which would spark protests and riots over the land as a result. The first page would detail the immediate outrage stating, “In less than half an hour, mounted policemen dashed through the streets calling out: ’Keep within your houses; close your doors and barricade them. The entire East side is in a state of uproar. Mobs of vast size are organizing under the lead of Anarchists and Socialists, and threaten to plunder and despoil the houses of the rich who have wronged and oppressed them for so many years. Keep within doors. Extinguish all lights.” This was seen with the mass protests that immediately happened right after from liberal socialists who were angered at the results of Trump’s victory.

Baron Trump in the book lived on 5th Avenue in New York which is where Trump Tower is actually located in New York. Trump’s Secretary of Agriculture in the book was named Lefay Pence and as we know, Trump’s Vice President is Mike Pence. Baron Trump also happens to be the name of Donald Trump’s son. This just proves that the entire Trump narrative as well as the global narrative is all scripted and planned out years in advance. The details may not all be ironed out but the overall outline is written.

There is a further connection between Trump and Caesar which is that they’re both homosexuals. In Roman society, passive sexual activity was viewed as a sign of inferiority. While the Romans were not against homosexuality as they engaged in that and much more, they saw passive sex in the form of sexual favors as submissive. In Caesar’s Gallic triumph, his soldiers sang, “Caesar may have conquered the Gauls, but Nicomedes conquered Caesar”. This is in reference to the alleged affair peddled by Gaius Memmius and others that Caesar had with Nicomedes IV of Bithnyia. Caesar had served as an ambassador to Bithnyia at age 20. The rumor was that during a party attended by the Romans, Caesar was a cupbearer to the king which was a subservient position associated with passivity. The cupbearer is one who served the king by filling and redistributing cups of wine at the table. It was rumored that during that party, Caesar was led into the king’s bedroom and served the king sexually in a receptive manner; meaning that the king took control and was doing the penetration. Roman politicians would humiliate Caesar by calling him the “Queen of Bithynia”. Caesar would deny the accusations of homosexuality throughout his life. Politicians in the Roman Republic often used slander of this manner to discredit their opponents. They never denounced homosexuality but they thought that if they were to engage in it, they have to be the giver in order to establish power and dominance. Steven DeKnight who is the creator of the show Spartacus talked about this in detail stating, “It was pretty much accepted among the men. The difference was, it was about power. If you were of a certain position, you needed to be on top. It only worked one way. Also, the Romans would, when they conquered a people, it was very common for the men in the Roman legions to rape the other men that they had conquered. That was also a show of power and force.”

Mark Antony, who was a Roman general that played an integral role in transitioning Rome from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire, made claims that Caesar’s adopted son, Octavian had been adopted due to sexual favors. Octavian or Augustus who would become emperor later on in history would face further slander and ridicule by other soldiers for his perceived homosexual pervasiveness or passivity. Battlefields were often littered with lead which was etched with the name “Octavia” which is to emasculate Octavian with a female name; similar to how Caesar was emasculated by being called “Queen of Bithynia”.  There were also many inscriptions identifying Octavian as being involved in gay oral sex and sexual passivity.

This now brings us to Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump. They both have had a long relationship going back over 20 years to when Giuliani had been New York mayor and Trump was still in real estate. Giuliani has been in the news again as the face of Trump’s legal team to fight the concocted voter fraud through lawsuits. Giuliani is his lawyer and has been supporting him publically for a long time but mostly since Trump’s campaign began. The open secret is that they are both in a homosexual relationship.

For those asking, that is indeed Rudy Giuliani in drag. This photo is not the only instance in which Giuliani cross-dressed. His hand signal is to note that he is a holder of the mysteries and that he can never disclose the secrets that he has been exposed to. As you can see, the mysteries are the Bacchanalian rites as Bacchus promoted androgyny and cross dressing. Giuliani isn’t the only politician who cross-dresses either.

Aleister Crowley 101 ~ Pop Culture Keys

As you can see, Aleister Crowley is doing the same hand sign and it holds the same meaning; that being that he holds the secrets of the Luciferian and Babylonian mysteries.

The below video shows a skit that Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani did in 2000 for a charity dinner where Giuliani dresses in drag and Trump hits on him.

You have to wonder why a man would be moved to participate in such a skit. People would write that off as it just being a form of comedy but this is how that world works. Even if a Luciferian is not overtly pansexual, they still have to engage in rituals as it is a part of their commitment to Lucifer, Satan, and the other demonic entities that govern them. Some Luciferians are straight, some are homosexual like Barack Obama, some are lesbian like Margaret Thatcher was, some prefer sex with transgenders or cross-dressers like Trump does, and some prefer sex with children like George H.W. Bush did. This is the reality of the inner circle among Luciferians as they have to engage in pansexuality whether they like it or not. The only difference between Trump and Caesar seemingly is that Trump likes to be the giver and Caesar liked to be the receiver.

Just to emphasize, this hand sign with the thumbs pointing upward is to note that they are sexually fluid and prefer to be the giver during sex. It also notes obeisance to the mother goddess as the pyramid is formed in a less overt way than how Trump has formed in the past with his hands downward in between his legs. The pyramid is meant depict the vagina as the symbol for the Mother Goddess as she in her most prominent alter as the Whore of Babylon is the mother of harlots and sex. This can also be seen in her alter as Ishtar as well. It denotes sex magick as well. It just proves that Trump is a player in the game.

This is from the music video, “Famous” by Kanye West. The picture was meant to be a reenactment of the 2008 painting, “Sleep” by Vincent Desiderio. The shot shows many of the major players in the Luciferian game from politics to fashion to television to music all in bed together. Donald Trump is the 3rd figure in the bed. It shows you that Trump is a participant in the orgiastic rituals as well as they all do it. This was released in 2016 and this was when Kanye had began to develop a public affinity for Trump. Kanye tweeted out once in reference to both him and Trump, “We are both dragon energy”. This of course notes how they are both Luciferians and possess the power of the serpent with the Kundalini effect where the 33 vertebrae of the spinal column goes up to the skull or the brain for illumination. Kanye is also the 7th person in the bed to signify him as the center of the universe in that frame. Kanye claimed himself to be a “god” before which all stems from Luciferianism and self-worship. Many celebrities who say they thank God for their success are actually talking about themselves as being “God” because they worship themselves. From left to right, it’s George W. Bush, Anna Wintour, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Ray J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, and Bill Cosby. Jenner is in their to note that they are all pansexuals as he/she is a transgender. The message is that this is what it takes to be famous and to maintain the level of fame and power within the Luciferian world which is to adhere to the sex rituals and being a pansexual. Trump is just like the rest of them. He has to adhere to the same rituals as everybody else and he is doing even more profane and grotesque rituals as well as the President has to do the most dirty work in the rituals. The more powerful one is in the cult, the more one has to do in the rituals.

Here is another aspect that is looked over which is the incest that goes on within the Luciferian world. This is a chief example of how incest occurs in these elite families. As you can see above in the collection of photos shot by Vanity Fair in 1996, Donald and Ivanka Trump give off an incestuous vibe. There is a complete history of Trump’s sexual obsession towards his daughter which we will get into. You can see on Ivanka Trump’s shirt a series of butterflies. Ivanka Trump is a Monarch BETA sex kitten as signified by the butterflies and Donald Trump is her handler and it’s also likely that he was her programmer as well. She was 15 years old when she did this photo-shoot. Her incestuous relationship with her father most likely started from her childhood as well as that is the age where the programming starts as that is when the mind is in its earliest stages and is able to be manipulated and molded to shape whatever personality it is that their programmers want them to have once they grow of age or come out of their cocoon and fly as the Monarch butterfly. Donald Trump is also wearing the black shoes and the white suit for duality and the bringing together of opposites or the good and the bad or the Yin and Yang concept. Trump is also wearing the all-white suit for the mother goddess as the moon goddess. He is a venerator of Isis or Semiramis which can be seen with him constantly flashing the yoni or the pyramid which symbolizes the vulva of the mother goddess; specifically the Hindu goddess Shakti. There is also the contrast of the sun and the moon with the white suit and the gold parrot sculptures as the gold represents Horus, Heru or Apollo the sun god and the moon represents Hathor the moon goddess or Thoth the moon god.

Here now we have Donald Trump by himself with his legs crossed to form the ‘X’ for Osiris or the transformation point between the physical world and the spirit world through portals accessed by the low vibrations and dark energy conjured through demonic rituals. The rituals entail the rape, abuse, and sacrifice of children which is how they create such dark energy in tandem with them calling upon certain demons. We will touch on this briefly. Trump is positioned next to the gold parrots. The gold as mentioned before is a symbol of the sun and the parrot is for the Hindu god of love Kamadeva or the sun god Horus. You have the trinity very slyly shown in this picture with the crossing of the legs to form the ‘X’ for Osiris or the father god, the all-white for the moon goddess Hathor or the mother goddess who bears the milk or the knowledge Isis, and the sun god Horus or Heru with the gold bird. The black and white shoes also symbolize that Trump is walking in the steps or the pathways of the principles of Pan or Lucifer. The black and white is also for Freemasonry with the black and white tiles as it once again represents the bringing together of opposites and the concept of duality. As it’s already known, the father of Freemasonry Albert Pike stated that Lucifer is god and that ideology is made known to those of the 30th, 31st, 32nd and 33rd degree Freemasons. From this, it shows you that this ties the black and white to the Luciferian doctrine. The shoes are also a symbol of the soul hence the term ‘sole’ or the soles of the shoe. The black and white shoes house the soul of Pan or Ptah or the Ba of Osiris. The Book of the Heavenly Cow describes the Ram of Mendes as being the Ba of Osiris. The Egyptian ram god Banebdjedet is also described as being linked to Osiris. It is all the same concept whether it is Pan, Ptah, Baphomet or Osiris; they are all different aspects aligned to the image of the goat as the father god Cush.

The gold parrots themselves also seem to be having sex as well. The concept of sex magick is believed to be where you become ‘illuminated’ and are able to reach the crown chakra and fly as the bird or the eagle does to note their ascension to the pinnacle of the Stairway of Heaven or the brain after traveling up the 33 vertebrae in the spinal column. The bennu bird or the phoenix bird which is for Horus is also aligned with the sun or fire. They believe that they have reached divine consciousness and are microcosms of the sun or the sun god Horus. The parrots are also associated with fertility which is why the parrots are having sex in the sculpture.

The parrot itself is depicted in Hindu mythology with the Hindu god of love, Kamadeva. The green feathers of the parrot notes fertility which is also seen with Pan the god of fertility. The red beak also represents the red earth before the rain and the green feathers also represent the green earth after it rains which symbolizes the culmination of the knowledge or wisdom passed down by the fallen angels in the pre-flood world and the father god Cush in the post-flood world. The red also represents lust or unfulfilled desire while the green represents the fulfilled desire. Kama is also aligned with Eros as both deities trigger human sexual attraction and sensual desire. Eros is also Cupid and we know that Cupid holds the bow and arrow as well and is also associated with love or desire so they are all the same entity. The bow and arrow is to pierce hearts or to create a love bond within the person that is pierced with the bow and arrow. The bow is made of sugarcane stalk, the bowstring is a line of bees, and the arrows are tipped with five flowers representing five emotions-driven love states. The five flowers on Kama arrows are lotus flower symbolizing infatuation, ashoka flower symbolizing intoxication with thoughts about the other person, mango flower symbolizing exhaustion and emptiness in absence of the other, jasmine flower symbolizing a pining for the other and blue lotus flower symbolizing paralysis with confusion and feelings. Kama is also known as Ananga which literally means “one without body” because desire strikes formlessly, through feelings in unseen ways. The other names for deity Kama include Madan which means he who intoxicates with love, Manmatha which means he who agitates the mind, Pradyumna which means he who conquers all and Kushumesu which means he whose arrows are flowers. Kamadeva is Horus as his father Brahma is known in Hindu mythology as the creator god and Pan or Ptah is also known as the creator god as well. Kama’s consort Rati is the goddess of love, carnal desire, lust, and pleasure. Kama was burned by the god Shiva and Rati’s beseeching or penance lead to Kama’s resurrection. The same concept is seen with the resurrection of Osiris as Horus or Tammuz as the conceived reincarnation of Nimrod. The overall imagery of the parrots is to note only give homage to Horus through the alter of Kama but it is to also signal the desire, love or lust between Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump.

Here is Trump once again making the ‘X’ for Osiris or the transformation point between the two worlds that is opened during ritual rape, torture, and sacrifice of young children. The man on the left is Vietnam Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc. The man in the white is the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte and the man on the far right is Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. This handshake is to show that all four of these world leaders are in tandem and are knowledgeable of the Osirian mysteries, are venerators of Osiris and are participants in the rituals which are required to open up the portal between the physical world and the spirit world.

Here is a series of shots from the music video of the song, Self Control by Laura Branigan. The entire video is littered with symbolism but this part of the video shows a key aspect which is the symbol of the X. The masked figure leads Laura to the white door. The door itself serves a pathway or a portal into another world which in this case is a portal into another world of understanding or knowledge. The door is white for the milk which is the knowledge bestowed by Isis or the heka which is the magic bestowed by the mother goddess. Once she enters, she is made aware of the orgiastic rituals which are performed behind closed doors or in the world unknown to the rest of society. If you see on the last picture, the masked figure is caressing what seems to be a little girl behind the ‘X’. They are also seated upon the leopard print blanket. This is to signify that the ritualistic orgies and torture which involves children is what opens up the portal or the transformation point and also is what splits the mind of the young girl to install her BETA sex kitten programming as the leopard print is a trigger for girls or women who are BETA sex kittens.

This ritualistic orgy is also occurring on the floor which is of the shimmering silver that is for the moon goddess. These rituals are all done for the Luciferian trinity or Satan or other demonic entities.

Here is imagery which both videos, Self Control and Torture by the Jacksons share which is the hands reaching out to the them as they’re going through a hallway to enter another room in the ritual chamber. This represents the roaming spirits which are present throughout the ritual as well as the massive group of witches and warlocks which surround the victim during the ritual to abuse them. Victims often get raped by dozens of witches during the ritual. The Jacksons video, Torture, is another video which shows what goes on behind closed doors among these Luciferians. The Jacksons had to be tortured starting from childhood all the way to their adult lives as performers. Brice Taylor mentioned in her book how she witnessed the Jackson 5 get raped before their performance on the Ed Sullivan show. This was a way to access certain alters within their programming in order for them to tap into a certain energy or personality required for their performance.

The demonic entity points Jackson into the direction of the temple where he enters. The opening of the entrance is with the shining light below the all-seeing eye of Lucifer. The entrance with the demonic spirits from below the ground signifies that this is the “other world” where demonic spirits are roaming free. The demon in the far distance opens up the entry way to the torture cave below Jackson’s feet so the place of torture is in the underworld of the demonic realm or where the demonic spirits are roaming free which is in the ritual setting. The torture is what creates this setting of the thinning of the veil or the pathway between both worlds.

From this shot, you can see the color coding of the black, white, and red for the Black Mass. They also seem to have on the shimmering silver for the mother goddess. The other dancing spirits are in the white for the mother goddess as well.

This is the figure which is prominent throughout the video as it is a masked figure holding the whip. The masked figure is also shown in the video, Self Control and at the end of that video; Laura has sex with the figure. The figure is below the eye and inside the vulva. This is to represent that the spirit is not only conjured through ritual rape but the spirit also often has sex with other participants in the ritual to bind them to that spirit. The concept of the demonic spirit having sex with a human in a ritual setting can also be seen in the film, Rosemary’s Baby when Rosemary is surrounded by witches and has sex with the figure that is supposed to be Satan but it is actually the goat god Pan and from that, she is impregnated. The eye within the vulva also symbolizes that the worship of the mother goddess and sex magick is what creates the awakening or the illumination to the mysteries or the secret knowledge of Lucifer or Satan.

The mother goddess is in the white dress yearning Jackson’s soul and she sitting in the throne with the vulva and the eye on top of the vulva with the light shining through. The trishula coming out of the walls also not only signify the torture that Jackson had to endure to be raised up in the programming and to follow the mother goddess but it is also a symbol of the Lord Shiva. It is also seen with the conventional depiction of Satan with the pitchfork but this is for Lucifer as the three points of the trishula is for the Luciferian trinity.

After Jackson reaches the mother goddess, he passes through the portal or the light and falls into the spider web and faces more torture. The demon had fooled Jackson as its sitting in the throne with the whip. Once again, walking in the path of the mother goddess or Lucifer is tethered to the ritualistic “torture” imposed by demonic spirits. The demon and the mother goddess are interchangeable. Demonic entities often shapeshift or change forms when seen by the person who is being tortured as their torture or pain is what is conjuring its presence. That’s the reality for all these Luciferian families behind closed doors as they all engage in this or encounter this ritual setting from childhood all until their death. That is their devotion to Lucifer as they first have to become the tortured and then become the torturer.

Donald Trump has a series of statements where he takes a pass at his daughter Ivanka and even makes an off putting comment about his other daughter Tiffany. Here’s a compilation.

That is just a small series of statements where Trump made passes at his daughter. There’s even more instances where he made comments about Ivanka sexually.

In 1997, Ivanka Trump at 16 years old hosted the Miss Teen USA pageant. Trump turned to Miss Universe and told her, “Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?” During an interview on The Howard Stern Show in 2004, Trump commented, “My daughter is beautiful, Ivanka,” prompting to Stern to ask, “By the way, your daughter….Can I say this? A piece of ass”. Trump would agree without hesitation, responding, “Yeah.” In 2016, on the Dr. Oz show, Trump talked about how much he loved kissing Ivanka. Dr. Oz would comment saying how its lovely to see a father kiss his daughter and Trump would comment after saying that he kisses Ivanka “with every chance he gets”. His comment would be edited out of the show.

The final instances which truly seals the deal is when Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen reported that when Ivanka was 13 years old, Trump asked him, “Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?” If that isn’t enough, here’s one more instance. During a 2011 interview with In Touch, adult film star Stormy Daniels stated that Trump compared her to Ivanka, “He told me once that I was someone to be reckoned with, beautiful and smart just like his daughter.” It should be mentioned that he slept with this woman. It’s truly alarming that a man would have sex with a woman who he believes is beautiful in the same light as his daughter. Why would a man have sex with a woman who looks like or strikes a resemblance to his own daughter per his own words? Once again, it goes to show you that incest is a practice upheld within the Luciferian families. With Trump’s incest, it seems to stem from a deep place of narcissism as he may see himself in her face with her resemblance of him. Since he is so infatuated with himself, it seems to be that a part of his attraction to his daughter comes from his own self-obsession along with his lust which he used to instill her programming through childhood sexual abuse. Incest within the elites is more commonly about keeping the bloodlines pure.

Just to bring this all together, here’s a picture of Ivanka Trump’s daughter, Arabella Trump and as you can see, she is dressed in the butterfly dress. As usual, the rituals and the programming is generational. It is a guarantee that her children are also under the Monarch programming considering their father is Jared Kushner who is a top figure in the global scale. 

Here is another picture of Arabella and this time she is holding a peanut butter sandwich in the shape of a butterfly. It just once again shows that she is in fact under the programming; believe it or not. Some will say that it’s far-fetched to make this conclusion and that just because they have a butterfly on their shirt or there is an image of the butterfly, it doesn’t make them Monarch slaves. No, not every single person who has a butterfly on their shirt is a Monarch slave. However, these Luciferians make note of every single detail and the pictures they post or photo-shoots they take part in are often veiled with signs and symbols to communicate specific messages to other Luciferians who are aware of the “secrets”. The Trumps if you notice; specifically Donald Trump Jr., also make Instagram posts on days or before days that have a high Satanic resonance where they have to perform rituals. The Trump family is all in the occult and anyone who thinks otherwise is just deceiving themselves.

Incest is a very prominent practice within the Luciferian world. They believe that incest is the best form of keeping their bloodline pure. This is seen throughout history as the most notorious royal dynasty known as the Spanish Hasburg Dynasty or the House of Austria engaged in consistent incestuous marriages and inbreeding for nearly 200 years which ended up being the reason as to why they met their demise. If a child has parents that are closely related, the odds of them inheriting defective genes grow exponentially higher. In normal breeding, a child would inherit one set of genes from their father and one set of genes from their mother. While some genes may be defective, usually a second set of healthy genes replaces those defective genes. However, when there are two closely related parents, they already share many of the same defective genes; resulting in their offspring having genetic defects such as those which Charles II of Austria had.

Charles II had a condition which is now known as Hasburg jaw where there is an oversized tongue, severe underbite, oversized lower lip, and protruding lower jaw which leads to excessive drooling. Charles II also had serious delays in his development as he didn’t speak until he was four, he had to be breastfed until he was five, and wasn’t able to walk until he was eight. In his autopsy, it detailed just how deformed and decrepit he truly was. The physician who carried out the autopsy stated that his corpse “did not contain a single drop of blood; his heart was the size of a peppercorn; his lungs corroded; his intestines rotten and gangrenous; he had a single testicle, black as coal, and his head was full of water.” Some may say the autopsy was an exaggeration but there is no doubt that he was severely deformed.

The royals did learn from this to not be so close in the bloodline when inbreeding as the British Royal Family continues to inbreed even now. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are distant cousins; specifically 17th cousins. Notice how they just came out recently and stated that they had a miscarriage which is just a cover for them performing a sacrifice. That’s the whole principle of the British royal family which is child sacrifice, child rape, cannibalism and consumption of bodily fluids. These are things which caused Diana’s bulimia and Kate Middleton’s own eating disorder. Kate Middleton and Prince William are also related as they are 12th cousins. Princess Diana and Prince Charles were also related as they were 16th cousins. The Royal Family constantly scouts to find women who are tied within the bloodline to bring them into the family to continue their bloodline. Not to digress but the Royal Family are also a German family; not a British family. The House of Windsor stems back from the marriage between Victoria and Albert who was the son of the Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in Germany. The name Saxe-Coburg became the name used by the Royal Family. Albert’s actual surname was Wettin which was the name of another aristocratic German dynasty. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth’s surnames are Mountbatten-Windsor. Philip is from the house of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg. Philip’s family also had Nazi ties as well. Philip was also pictured attending his sister Cecile’s funeral in Nazi Germany as he was surrounded by his family members who were dressed in Nazi uniforms. Victoria’s great-grandsons Philipp and Christophe of Hesse were also Nazi soldiers as Philipp became Nazi governor of Hesse in 1933 and Christophe was a member of the SS and flew fighters that attacked allied troops in Italy during WWII. Christophe also became the head of Forschungsamt which was a spying outfit under the control of Hermann Goering which carried out surveillance on Nazi dissidents. Philip’s other sister Sophie also married into the Third Reich as well by marrying Christophe. Sophie and Christophe actually named their eldest son Karl Adolf in honor of Adolf Hitler. Cecile and his other sister Margarita also married Nazi princes. Queen Elizabeth’s parents were 13th cousins as they both descended from Henry VII. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are second cousins, once removed from King Christian of Denmark and are also third cousins, once removed from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Prince Charles before he proposed to Diana actually proposed to his cousin Amanda Knatchbull who turned him down. Amanda was Mountbatten’s granddaughter. Mountbatten was Philip’s uncle and Charles’ great uncle and also a serial bisexual pedophile who molested boys as revealed in files by the FBI. Mountbatten was also of the house of Battenberg which is a branch of the house of Hesse so there is another tie to the Germans as well.

Inbreeding was also practiced in Ancient Egypt as we see with King Tut who was a product of incest as well through his parents who were brother and sister. His deformities would plague him for his entire life as he was found with a cleft palate, club foot which hindered his walk, scoliosis, and a deformed skull. His club foot came from necrosis which is the death of bone tissue; forcing him to use a cane to walk. He also was found with strains of malaria in his autopsy done by scientists which would have weakened his immune system and worsened his condition with his club foot; causing him to die sooner.

The tale of incest stems all the way back from the incestuous bond between Nimrod and Semiramis. Nimrod was his mother’s consort and helped create Tammuz who was born on December 25th which is where the pagan holiday of Saturnalia or Christmas stems from. The Luciferian families believe wholeheartedly in the bond of Nimrod and Semiramis. They constantly retell the story of Osiris, Horus, and Isis in films as well as perform ritual sacrifices in honor of Tammuz which is where you get pagan holidays such as Ash Wednesday from. They will often perform sacrifices in the form of celebrity deaths or bombings or natural catastrophes from the fall with Samhain, winter with the Winter Solstice and Lupercalia, and heading into the spring with Lent and Earth Week along with the summer with the Summer Solstice. They reinvigorate the energies of the Babylonian and pagan gods through their rituals, musical and film works, and their daily private practices. They believe that incest is not only the best way to keep their bloodlines pure but it is also the way in which they take upon the spiritual energies of Nimrod and Semiramis and become gods. This is seen in their cannibalistic practices as well as they believe that if they consume the flesh, they will be taking on the spiritual energies and powers of Nimrod since he was dismembered and chopped up by Shem so they enact his killing out by dismembering the body in ritualistic cannibalism. That’s just one of the many ways that they attempt to reinvigorate the spirits of the Luciferian trinity within themselves. The main point is that the incestuous aspect of Nimrod and Semiramis’ relationship is very much still in practice by the elite Luciferian families today.

Here now is the culmination of all that we just discussed. As shown above, there is plenty of bloodline connections between political figures, royal figures, historical figures, and celebrities. This is the core practice of the Luciferian doctrine which is to keep their bloodline intact and operating within the world stages. Many of these top actors and musicians get to their level simply due to their blood ties. The Bushes and the Royal Family are tied together as they both have ties to Vlad the Impaler who was known for blood drinking and he is the figure which inspired the modern depictions of vampires today in film. The Bushes and the Royals or the Windsors are very much involved in the same practice as well among other things. Kerry and Bush are both Bonesmen as they were in the Skull & Bones society at Yale University.

Obama and Pitt who are 9th cousins also were pictured together in the White House.

Pitt’s ex-wife Angelina Jolie is also related to Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are also related as they are 19th cousins. Bush and Cheney were President and Vice President. Cheney also extensively worked with his father, George H.W. Bush, during the Reagan and Bush regimes as they were both high level MK Ultra handlers of Monarch sex slaves Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor as written in their books. To add another detail, Cathy O’Brien revealed in her book, “Tranceformation of America” that she was assigned by H.W. Bush and Cheney to have sex with the Saudi King Fahd as a favor in order to help convince him to go along with their deal. She revealed that she not only had sex with King Fahd but it was an orgy and it seemed to be that the other 4 girls participating in the orgy was his own daughters. It goes to show you that these Luciferian families don’t believe in any boundaries and totally engage in incest; especially the House of Saud. Getting back to the point, this is the crux of the entire game to the elite families which is to not only keep their bloodlines intact and position their children within high positions of society but to also engage in their own pleasure through incest as well while at the same time doing so to create the necessary split within their minds for their Monarch programming.

Just to write this home even more with the above picture, Obama is tied to the Bushes and former presidents, Gerald Ford, Harry Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson, and James Madison who were all Luciferians. You cannot be a president unless you are a part of the royal bloodlines. The apple certainly didn’t fall too far from the tree with those presidents as each one of them were all sadistic Luciferians; both in private and in policy.

This is the end of Part 1.

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