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Continuing on, we will now go into Trump’s family history and his own personal ties to Luciferianism and will later touch on Joe Biden himself as well as the Obama Family.

Firstly, Trump is not even Donald’s real surname. His real last name is Drumpf. The Drumpf family is predominantly of German ancestry. This man pictured is his grandfather, Friedrich Drumpf who was from Kallstadt, Pfalz, Germany. His grandmother, Elizabeth Christ was also from the same region. Friedrich Drump immigrated to America in 1885 from Hamburg, Germany aboard the ship “Eider” to avoid being drafted into the military and became an American citizen in 1892. Fred had lied about his age as he stated that he landed in New York 2 years earlier than he actually had and he had two friends accompany him to attest to his character in order to convince the authorities to grant him American citizenship. After landing in Seattle, Washington, Fred opened the Dairy Restaurant there which had a curtailed-off area that served as a low-rent whorehouse. Fred would then travel from Seattle to White Horse, Alaska to seek his fortune from the Klondike Gold Rush between 1896 and 1899. In the Pacific Northwest, Fred ran operations such as the White Horse Restaurant and Inn along with the New Arctic Restaurant and Hotel in Bennett, British Columbia. His businesses were actual drug dens and brothels which offered hard liquor and “sporting ladies” or prostitutes. Rumors had circulated that authorities were ready to crack down on Fred’s prostitution and drug dealing operations but Fred was able to escape and flee back to Germany with the money he accumulated.

After landing back in Kallstadt, Germany, Fred would soon marry his neighbor, Elizabeth Christ. Elizabeth was the daughter of Christ Christ and Anna Maria Rathon. Her father Christ was actually Fred’s uncle. Therefore, Fred actually married his first cousin so the Trumps are also a family which is engaged in the bloodline games as well. Drumpf would soon change his last name to Trump; possibly to evade authorities. A trump is a playing card which is elevated above its normal rank in trick-taking games; hence Donald Trump now playing the role of the divine trickster or the god of chaos in the global narrative. The term trump card can also refer to any sort of action, authority, or policy which automatically prevails above all others. Other definitions of trump include “a thing of small value, a trifle” and “to deceive or cheat” as well as “to blow or sound a trumpet.” As a verb, trump means “to devise in an unscrupulous way” and “to forge, fabricate or invent,” as in “trumped-up” charges. Eventually upon returning to Germany after Elizabeth’s desperation to return home and to leave New York together with their infant daughter, Friedrich would attempt to convince the German authorities to overlook his draft-dodging. He would write to them in a statement in 1904, “I did not immigrate to America in order to avoid military service, but to establish for myself a profitable livelihood and to enable myself to support my mother in Kallstadt”.  The German authorities would not buy his claims and would order to him leave the country. Either way, Friedrich Trump was clearly the figure where Trump got his traits of draft-dodging, whore-mongering, and overall chicanery from.

Donald Trump’s great-grandparents, Christian Johannes Drumpf and Katherina Kober had two sons together, Christian Drumpf and Christ Christ. As already mentioned, Christ Christ was Friedrich Trump’s uncle and he married his first cousin, Elizabeth Christ. Through the name change, Christ most likely transitioned to Judaism which prompted his decision. Katherina’s last name, Kober is German and Jewish; specifically Ashkenazic. The German word Kober means “food basket”. In Middle High German, the word kober is an occupational name for a basket maker or a nickname for someone who carried a basket on his back. The Kallstadt, Pfalz -Rhineland-Palatinate area where they both lived in Germany had comprised of the Jewish communities of Mainz, Speyer and Worms. They became the center of Jewish life during the medieval period. The major German families also have Jewish ties as well. Adolf Hitler was actually a descendant of the Rothschilds as his father, Alois Hitler Sr., was an illegitimate son of the Rothschilds as his real last name was Adolf Shicklgruber and was the result of an unplanned pregnancy between his mother Maria Anna Shicklgruber and Baron Rothschild as she was employed as a servant at his home. The Germans and the Jewish often have blood ties so it is no surprise that Trump seemingly has Jewish blood within him as well.

Here is now Donald Trump’s father, Frederick Christ Trump and his mother, Mary Anne Macleod of the Macleod Clan from the Isles of Lewis in Scotland. Mary spoke Scottish Gaelic and it is also apparent that Donald also speaks some Gaelic as well. Donald himself was raised up on the old Druid and Nordic myths and tales from his mother and the proof of that will be shown briefly. As usual, the mother passes down the knowledge or the heka to her son.

The Macleod Clan descended from the bloodline of Olaf the Black. Olaf was a mid 13th century sea king who ruled the Isle of Man (Mann) and parts of the Hebrides. Olaf was a Viking King who spanned both time periods of the pagan period of the Vikings and the time period when they converted to Christianity. Olaf the Black was Scottish, native Celtic, and the last of the Norse kings.

The MacLeodsoriginally quartered the Black Galley in their arms, which was the symbol of the old Norse Kings of Man. In the seventeenth century, they instead adopted a quartering of the “Three Legs of Man.” Their ancestor was Leod, son of Olaf the Black. The term Mc means son of. For example, the name McGregor would mean “son of Gregor”.

The name of this symbol is the Tryskelion , it means an object with three legs. We have the first signs of this symbol in the prehistoric ages, when in some excavations in Asia, a vase from XII century BC., was discovered where a warrior had the symbol of the Tryskelion painted on his shield.

The above picture is of an old Sicily painting on an old vase from VII century B.C. with a painting of Minerva killing the giant Enciladus who has the Tryskelion painted on his shield. While the symbol is a mystery to some, it is not a mystery to those who understand the secrets of the Babylonia Mystery School System.

The Triskelion is most commonly seen in a series of spirals in its modern depiction. It has a multitude of meanings. The spiral itself is a symbol for the mother goddess. The Triskelion represents the triune aspects of creation and the cycle of life. In the Norse mythology, there are three states of matter before Creation, the three goddesses of destiny and the three deities who created mankind which were Odin, Vili and Ve. In the Hindu pantheon, it speaks of the three states of their “God” which were Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer. Neo-paganism and Wicca speaks of the Triple Crown goddess which consists of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It also speaks of the Rule of Three which is the principle that your deeds are revisited upon you threefold. The triskelion represented to the pagans the three aspects of land, sea, and sky. The triskelion also represents the three worlds of the celestial, physical, and spiritual. It is also connected to the cycle of human life or creation in their mind which is life-death-rebirth, past-present-future, and creation-protection-destruction.

The triskelion is said to also symbolize the process of ascension to the state of profound enlightenment and understanding. This is true as you can see the triple spiral forms the pyramid in the middle which represents the opening of the mind or the crown chakra which emits and receives energy. The pyramid represents the pathway from the physical world to the spirit world. It is when you’ve opened your mind to receive full illumination and understanding from a spiritual level on the left hand side. It speaks to the concept of the Luciferian triune of the father god Cush, mother goddess Semiramis, and the son/sun god Nimrod and the illumination bestowed upon the person who is able to receive full understanding after opening their mind or their crown chakra.

This is the symbol aligned with the mother goddess and as you can see the three chief symbols is the pentagram which is a symbol of witchcraft that represents white magic, the crescent moon which is for the moon goddess or illumination bestowed chiefly by the mother goddess, and the spiral itself represents the ascension of knowledge to the pinnacle of illumination. This is seen with the spiral staircase. The inverted pentagram is a symbol of dark magic. The pentagram is also for the goddess of spring and is associated with the apple. For one, the apple represents the budding forth of the trees or growth within nature which brings forth fruit. The apple is the fruit of Kore. It’s believed that when an apple is cut in half through its equator, it reveals the five points of a pentagram. Each point contains a seed which relates to the seeds of Chronos in the Pentemychos. The Gypsies would call the center of the apple cut along its equator as the “Star of Knowledge”. With the seeds within the apple itself formed as the star of the goddess, it would also represent the union of the father god Cush and the mother goddess Semiramis or Chronos and Ananke who were brother and sister and Isis and Osiris were also brother and sister. The births of Ananke and her brother and consort, Chronos were thought to mark the division between the eon of Chaos and the beginning of the cosmos; representing the balance of creation brought forth by Cush and Semiramis.

The spiral can also be seen with the figure aligned with the Goddess movement of the 1970’s which was a time period heavily induced with social engineering. That was the time with the rise of the hippie movement which was orchestrated by the CIA. They had psychedelic rock groups such as the Beatles which were a product of the Tavistock Institute, the Grateful Dead, and the Doors led by Jim Morrison to subliminally promote psychedelic drugs such as LSD and PCP to the masses at large; specifically the younger crowd. These groups were also all raised up in the MK Ultra programming. Either way, the Goddess movement was the rise of neopagan belief systems in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand in the 1970s. The movement grew as a reaction to perceptions of predominant organized religion as being male-dominated, and makes use of goddess worship and an organized focus on gender and femininity. This was all to help push the energy of the mother goddess to the average female not just in America but across the globe. This was to push the female away from the man and to gravitate towards self-worship and mother goddess worship. As known, this was all orchestrated by the international bankers for a myriad of reasons; financially to pay workers less due to a larger work pool after the insurgence of women in the workplace and to break up the family structure to raise up the kids through the television. This goddess movement was also in line with the rising feminist movement through the 1960’s and early 1970’s led by Gloria Steinem who is a CIA asset. Either way, looking at the figure aligned with the Goddess movement there are a few symbols which have meanings that are recurrent with the meanings of the triskelion. The goddess figure is making the arc with her arms which is for the rainbow arc that represents the pathway from the physical world to the spirit world. The sister of Iris the rainbow goddess is also named Arke or Arce. Arke was a messenger of the Titans. It is believed that Arke may have represented the faded secondary rainbow which is sometimes seen in the sky in the shadow of the first rainbow. The Arch of Baal also represents the doorway or portal into another world of consciousness or understanding. The physical arch is also a physical portal to conjure demons as some rituals would take place under the arch itself. The breasts of the figure represent the milk that the goddess provides which represents knowledge or the heka which is for magic. The spiral is also located where her vagina would be. This represents the life cycles associated with maternity such as fertility and childbirth. The spirals on the vagina also represent the womb of the woman or the mother goddess from which her child comes forth from. The positioning of the spiral on the vagina is all about the birth of the child Horus. This is also known as the ruby spiral as the ruby represents the color of the vagina. This introduces a concept called primal womb consciousness which is the pathway of feminine awakening, activation, and wisdom; which are all things associated with the symbol of the portal seen with the pyramid and with the spiral.

The vagina itself is also associated with flowers; specifically the lotus flower. The lips or the flaps of the vagina would give off the imagery of the lotus flower. This is where you get the term “deflower a virgin” from as the vagina has always been associated with the image of the flower. The lotus flower is an Indian symbol of wisdom and vital energy. In Taoist texts in China, they used the term “golden lotus” to describe what they held as the “heavenly vagina”. The lotus flower was said to be the core of a woman’s potent yin essence which keeps the universe in harmonious order.

The lotus flower is significant due to the fact that Horus was depicted as sitting above the lotus flower; symbolizing his birth from the vagina of his mother, Isis. After bringing this full circle, the entire meaning of the triskelion communicates many meanings but it all goes back to the cycle of creation in the Luciferian aspect.

Tying this all together, here is a picture of Donald Trump with his hands together closely ledged on his waist belt. As we can see, this is the same pose that Olaf the Black’s statue is depicted as doing. This is Trump attempting to take on the power or the essence of the Viking King, Olaf the Black. Trump is attempting to reinvigorate or capture the energies of the Norse king onto himself. You also have another alignment with Trump as Olaf the Black was also the last Norse king and Trump could be the last president. This particular gesture is also seen with cowboys as they often do this pose as well. This pose forms the secret diamond or triangle for the mother goddess. It is also a symbol to denote or venerate the phallus. If you ever watched The Goonies, the character known as Data has a buckle which has an activation button. He forms his hands around the belt in the same manner as Trump is doing and after, an object comes forth from the belt buckle. It was a subtle way to symbolize the phallus. It is the same thing Trump is doing here. It is to venerate the phallus. Please understand that the phallus in alchemy is represented as the fleshly manifestation of the sun. As the sun brings forth life, so does the phallus through insemination. That is the jist of it. If you also remember, Aaliyah also made the same type of pose or gesture where she formed that pyramid like gesture around her pelvic area which was for venerating the vagina which ties all into goddess worship. The veneration of the genitalia goes all back to sex magick as well. All of these high level Luciferians are participants in the sex magic aspect of the occult.

Getting back to the Norse, the Norse worshiped the triune of Lucifer in the Nordic retelling as described through the meaning of the triskelion. So Trump is a beholder of the secrets or the knowledge as Olaf the Black was. Also, you have the reflection of Trump for Janus as both faces of Trump are looking two different ways as Janus does. Janus is the god of the doorways or the gates or new beginnings and endings which is why the first month of the year is January for Janus. He represented the doorway into a new world or age or time. With this symbol, it shows Trump as being opened up to the knowledge or illumination behind the doorway of the other world of understanding. As shown with history of the Vikings of the Scottish and Celtic region, the Trumps are clearly knowledgeable of the Scottish and Celtic and Norse history and they implement those meanings and understanding within what they practice and do.

Going back to Fred Trump, hemoved in the circle of a corrupt powerful New York political fixer and power broker attorney, Abraham Lindenbaum who was nicknamed Bunny. He moved in Fred Trump’s circles. They were more than just client and attorney but they were also brothers in Lucifer. Lindenbaum’sfirst retainer came from Fred Trump.

Fred Trump and Lindenbaumwere political insiders of Tammany Hall throughBrooklyn‘s Madison Club. Tammany Hall, also known as the Society of St. Tammany, the Sons of St. Tammany, or the Columbian Order, was a New York City Democratic political machine entangled and mired in racketeering, corruption, graft and patronage.

Fred Trump was not able to get at the level he was able to attain or operate at the level he was operating at without the collaboration of Tammany Hall politicians, officials, and police. We will see why.

Before the Revolutionary War, secret societies were established to promote liberty and to defy the tyranny of the English Crown. Some of the early groups were the Sons of Liberty, and the Sons of Tammany which were fronts for French Freemasonry.

The Columbian Order dates back to the alleged founding of America by Christopher Columbus who was a part of the Knights Templar. The Columbian Order is meant to honor or uphold the memory of Columbus with his works in expanding America to the Masonic or Luciferian vision of the Knights Templar and also to venerate the mother goddess. The dove is for the mother goddess and that connection is proven with the translation of the word ‘dove’ to Latin which translates to ‘Columba’. This is why the dove is always associated with the mother goddess and with that, this is where the goddess Columbia came from which is the female national personification of America. This is why the White House is in the District of Columbia as it is in the realm presided over by the mother goddess. It is also where the Washington Monument or the obelisk which is the shaft of Osiris or Baal is. With the obelisk or the shaft of Osiris in the District of Columbia, it symbolizes the union of the father god and the mother goddess.

Tammany was the chief of the Lenni Lenape tribe who made the first treaties with William Penn, who was the founder of the state of Pennsylvania. Tammany led Penn to the future site of Philadelphia and was the chief who sold the island of Manhattan to the Dutch.

On December 16, 1773, a group of men who were all members of the Sons of Liberty met in Boston, MA to protest the tax on tea imposed by England. When their protest went unheeded, they disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians. They went to the Boston harbor and dumped overboard 342 chests of English tea. The Sons of Liberty became the “Sons of St. Tamina,” or the “St. Tamina Society.”

The Sons of Saint Tammany were formally organized in New York City on May 12, 1789. For the next 35 years after the Boston Tea Party, each of the original Sons of Liberty and Sons of St. Tamina groups separated and went their own way. In 1813, at Fort Mifflin near Philadelphia, several of these groups came together and formed one organization known as the Society of Red Men. By the mid 1830’s, the Tammany Society had been reconstituted as the Improved Order of Red Men. The Improved Order was modeled after the Independent Order of Odd Fellows which was the Brotherhood of Death and used the legend of Hiram Abiff of Masonic legend as its third degree.

The Columbian Orderalsohad its own Masonic lodge. The Columbian Lodge in Boston is one of the oldest Masonic lodges in the United States. It was instituted in 1795 by Paul Revere. From this, it can be surmised that the Society of St. Tammany, the Sons of St. Tammany, or the Columbian Order is a secret Masonic Orderthat was one of many sects or secret orders that reached the White House. President Andrew Jackson may have been a member of St. Tammany Lodge No. 1 of Nashville, Tennessee, as early as 1800. It was the first lodge in Tennessee which was organized in 1789 under a dispensation from the Grand Lodge of North Carolina.

Tammany Hall did not become a political machine until it came under the direction of John Kelly who was one of the first of ten successive Irish-American bosses. Irish men dominated Tammany Hall and monopolized district leaderships; remaining in power despite the changing population of their neighborhoods.  Many Jews and Germanswere initiated into the secret Tammany Society.

Going back to Fred Trump’s associate now, Bunny Lindenbaum presided over New York Mayor Robert Ferdinand Wagner, Jr.’s city planning commission. Mayor Wagner’s mayoral administrations from 1954 to 1965 had been for the most part of the Tammany Hall rackets. In 1954, Fred Trump was the subject of a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee investigation for being involved in widespread corruption in the federal Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD).

“Fred C. Trump of Jamaica, N. Y., and William Tomasello of address now unknown to the FHA. These gentlemen, according to McKenna [HUD investigator], paid $34,500 for a piece f land, which they rented to their building corporation for $560,600 a year for the next 99 years. Should the apartment house they built there ever go into default, then the FHA has the privilege of paying them $1,515,000 for the land.”

McKenna said that was only the beginning. He alleged that the Messrs. Trump and Tomasello obtained loans of $53.5M more than the apartments cost. McKenna then said that they collected rents from their tenants of $1.7M before they made the first payment on their mortgage. He stated, “They loaned $729K to affiliated corporations and they still have $3,000,000 in the bank”.

That was just a small part of the amount of taxpayer money involved in Fred Trump’s federal and state real estate racketeering enterprise during the 40s, 50s and 1960s. A great deal of money was funneled through Bunny Lindenbaum and the Brooklyn mob. During that time, the three Mafia groups in New York City included the Reina family, the Castellammarese clan and the Profaci (Joseph Colombo) family.

HUD investigators found that Fred Trump pocketed $4.07M in the post WWII Brooklyn 1949 Beach Haven Apartment Complex Project. The Shore Haven Apartment Complex in Bensonhurst, and Beach Haven complex near Coney Island involved 2,700 rental units. At Beach Haven, Fred Trump financed a shul with three classrooms. Shul is a Yiddish word for synagogue. An example of a shul is where Jewish people go to worship. The Beach Haven community consisted mostly of young couples and there were 350 children in the Talmud Torah.

Lindenbaum and Trump were secretly using HUD and state funds to build a haven and a Jewish power base in Brooklyn for east European Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch Jews; making substantial profits at the taxpayers’ expense.

Chabad is one of the world’s largest Hasidic groups and it is the largest Jewish religious organization. The vast network of Chabad institutions has placed the Chab movement at the forefront of Jewish communal life today. A spokesman for the Chabad-Lubavitch Hassidic movement says the sect is Zionist in its support for the Israeli state. Trump and Lindenbaum were secretly working with SS Baron Otto Albrecht Alfred von Bolschwing, Israeli Defense Force (IDF), Mossad and the newly formed CIA.

Bunny Lindenbaum was an orthodox Zionist Jew. He was president of the Brooklyn Jewish Community Council, and the Brooklyn Jewish Center (BJC). The BJC is connected directly to the United Synagogue of America, the World Zionist Congress, United Jewish Appeal, National Jewish Welfare Board, and the Mossad.

Bunny Lindenbaum, and his son, Sandy Lindenbaum were high priests of the ultra orthodox Lubavitch movement and the Educational Institute Oholei Torah which is the flagship school of Chabad-Lubavitch that owns the BJC edifice. The Chabad Lubavitch Movement is connected with the ancient Babylonian Talmudic Pharisaic universal laws of Baal. The Babylonian Talmudic high priests of the Order of the Pharisaic sun god worshippers of Baal are known as the mystical Hassidic Chabad Lubavitch.

Rabbi Louis Finkelstein who is the head of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in 1943, wrote in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, “Pharisaism became Talmudism …the spirit of the ancient Pharisee survives unaltered. When the Jew studies the Talmud, he is actually repeating arguments used in the Palestinian academies.” Basically, the Talmudic Lubavitches are modern day version of the Pharisees.

According to the Chabad Lubavitch theology, the non Jew “infidels” must be exterminated, adding “may the name of the wicked rot.” Among them was the Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh who they call Jesus of Nazareth. They claim that while the Jews are the “Chosen People” and were created in God’s image, the Gentiles do not have this status and are effectively considered “subhuman.” The Chabad are allowed to exist because they serve Israel in two ways: working with Mossad in intelligence and criminal activities, and a source of extremist ideology to fuel Zionism.

Bunny Lindenbaum’s BJC’s United Jewish Appeal assisted Jewish refugees arriving in the United States. His BJC’s World Zionist Congress collaborated with the Nazis to allow a limited number of Jews to migrate to other countries.

To add onto his connection to Talmudic Jews, Fred Trump donated land for the Talmud Torah of the Beach Haven Jewish Center. Fred Trump and his wife, Mary also died in the Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park. The Jewish ties with Donald run far beyond his own ties; it’s a generational thing.

Abe Beame was the 104th mayor of NYC from 1974 to 1977. He knew Trump’s family for 30 years. Donald Trump used Beame’s closest political associates which were publicist Howard Rubinstein, lobbyist, lawyer, and fund raiser Bunny Lindenbaum, and his son Sandy who is now part of a large Manhattan law firm — as the major political brokers on his Manhattan projects.

In the 2012 obituary of Samuel Lindenbaum, the New York Times stated that Mr. Lindenbaum cultivated a scholar’s knowledge of the Zoning Resolution, the arcane document that governs development in New York. As a result, he was able to bend the resolution to his clients’ will without breaking it. Because of him, his clients were major builders and landowners. Among them were Harry B. Helmsley, Harry Macklowe, Larry A.Silverstein, Jerry I. Speyer, Leonard Litwin, Steven Roth, Donald J. Trump, the Fishers, the Tisches, the Rudins and the Roses. On a side note, Larry A. Silverstein was the man who owned the lease to the World Trade Center; which he bought months before 9/11 occurred.  Silverstein took out an insurance plan that covered terrorism. After 9/11 had occurred, Silverstein took the insurance company to court; claiming that he should be paid double since there were two attacks. He would win the court case and was awarded $4.55B. Larry Silverstein also pulled down Tower 7 of the World Trade Center. He stated, “I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, ‘You know, we’ve had such terrible loss of life, may be the smartest thing to do is pull it’. And they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse.” Silverstein was definitely aware of the plans that were in place to orchestrate the 9/11 attacks and he has profited greatly from the insurance policies and court cases that he has made for the attacks. It’s greed at its finest and truly proves that money is the root of all evil.

To close on this section of the Jewish and Luciferian ties that the Trump family has, we look at Roy Cohn who was a Jewish lawyer for the Trump family. Roy Cohn was hired to help Fred and Donald Trump in their racial discrimination lawsuit which occurred due to the passing of the Fair Housing Act.

“… the Government contended that Trump Management had refused to rent or negotiate rentals “because of race and color.” It also charged that the company had required different rental terms and conditions because of race and that it had misrepresented to blacks that apartments were not available.”

A few months after the government filed the lawsuit, Trump gave a combative press conference at the New York Hilton in which he went after the Justice Department for being too friendly to welfare recipients, and made racially stereotypical statements about Black people. He accused the Justice Department of singling out his corporation because it was a large one and because the Government was trying to force it to rent to welfare recipients. Trump added that if welfare recipients were allowed into his apartments in certain middle-class outer-borough neighborhoods, there would be a “massive fleeing from the city of not only our tenants, but communities as a whole.”  

Roy Cohn would assist them in their lawsuit. After Trump would meet Cohn and inform him about his lawsuit, Cohn would tell them, “Tell them to go to hell, and fight the thing in court.”

Trump instantly retained Cohn to represent him and his father, and there arose an extraordinarily close relationship, lasting until Cohn’s death almost two decades later. In Trump’s eyes, Cohn was a sorcerer who could beat the system, and Trump eagerly cast himself as the sorcerer’s apprentice.

They hit it off. “Roy had a whole crazy deal going,” Trump said, “but Roy was a really smart guy who liked me and did a great job for me in different things.” Trump’s relationship with Cohn evolved into something beyond that of a lawyer and client relationship. The two became very close.

Cohn showed Trump that if he succeeded in diminishing his opponent’s character, nothing the opponent said would be believed. The best way to defend in Cohn’s eyes was to go on the attack and bashing opponent. The best way to attack was to destroy their character even when the counterattack was untrue or exaggerated or irrelevant. It was also important to Cohn to repeat the bashing again and again. Cohn used this approach effectively with Bob Morgenthau and Robert Kennedy, who he claimed carried personal grudges against him.

As Donald took over from his father, Roy Cohnand Louise Sunshinegradually replaced the Lindenbaums and Rubinstein as Donald Trump’s primary resources and agents. Cohn was able to not only help Trump with his lawsuit but he also made a lasting impression on him. In November 2017, during the Mueller report fiasco, Trump met with Jeanine Pirro, a Fox News talk show host, to discuss the investigation. Trump told Pirro, “Roy Cohn was my lawyer,” suggesting that Cohn’s type of defense was what he needed. When he wanted to get Attorney General Jeff Sessions to remain in charge of the Russia inquiry so he would have an attorney general to protect him, he told his White House counsel Donald F. McGahn to lobby Sessions to stay in the case. “Where’s my Roy Cohn?” he fumed.

Moving on, to emphasize on the level in which Cohn was, Roy Cohn used to invite Carmine G. De Sapio, who was Tammany Hall boss and handpicked Robert F. Wagner Jr. as NYC Mayor and W. Averell Harriman as New York Governor, and other Tammany Hall leaders out for cruises to talk over secret society business. They would discuss who was in, who was out, and who wanted what from whom. Fred and Donald Trump were always considered in when it came to the Sons of Tammany or the Columbian Order. Roy Cohn, as an aide to Senator Joseph McCarthy, was accused in the early 1950s as an associate of the post-WWII Nazi Fascist underground of Hitler’s general and financier, SS-Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny, Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht; and Goebbels propagandist, Werner Naumann, while visiting Europe. Cohn became famous during Senator Joseph McCarthy‘s investigations into Communist activity in America during the Second Red Scare. Cohn was McCarthy’s chief counsel and gained special prominence during the Army–McCarthy hearings.

After leaving McCarthy, Cohn had a 30-year career as an attorney in New York City. Cohn’s clients included Donald Trump, Mafia figures such as Tony Salerno, Carmine Galante, and John Gotti, Studio 54 owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, Texas financier and philanthropist Shearn Moody, Jr., and the New York Yankees baseball club.

In the early 1960s, he became a member of the John Birch Society and a principal figure in the Western Goals Foundation. He maintained close ties in conservative political circles; serving as an informal advisor to Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan who were both Luciferians and assets of Henry Kissinger.

Cohn was also an initial director of Permindex with Clay Shaw, a corporation set up in 1958 which is suspected of having been a front organization in the planning of the JFK Assassination. Cohn supposedly “ran the little boys“which was a government “white-mail” pedophile ring for the CIA. During the mid-1960s, Cohn was the leading lawyer, fixer, manager, and protector of Italian and Jewish mobsters; specifically Meyer Lansky whose niece was married to Ben Kramer who was a convicted L.A. casino owner and marijuana smuggler that was friends with OJ Simpson. Studio 54 was also linked to Mayer Lansky. The Cohn apparatus controlled magazine and newspaper circulation, the selection of judges, real estate rackets, and many other corruptible aspects of public life which were of interest to the elite.

He was a close mentor of G. David Schine. They were both political enemies of Robert F. Kennedy. David Schine was the General Manager of the Schinefamily owned Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, when RFK was shot in its basement pantry in June 1968.

Cohn was also a closet homosexual and pedophile. Cohn had a fetish for green frogs as seen with his collection of stuffed frogs in front of his TV set and the mass array of frog figurines on top of it. The frog is a symbol of the goddess Heqet who was the goddess of fertility. Her consort was Khnum and he is depicted with the rams head so he is just another aspect of the father god. The frog to the Egyptians was a symbol of fertility that was related to the annual flooding of the Nile. Heqet was also depicted as a frog sitting in a lotus as well. Heqet was described as breathing life into the new body of Horus at birth. So Roy Cohn like his client Donald Trump was also a venerator of the mother goddess as well as the father god or Osiris as you can see with him crossing his legs to form the ‘X’ for Osiris. The frog is also an image for the primordial darkness known as Kek which we will get into later. He is also secretly doing the “As Above, So Below” pose with his right hand down and his left hand up holding the picture frame.

Cohn was a friend of FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover. Roy Cohn was also a friend of New Centurion Lewis Rosenstiel who was Chairman of Schenley Industries. Ms. Rosenstiel claimed that in 1958, she and her husband went to a party at a New York hotel, where they met J. Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn. Hoover, whom Cohn introduced as “Mary”, was supposedly wearing a wig, a black dress, lace stockings, and high heels. This practice of men in the Luciferian world cross-dressing is a lot more common than you think. It’s them performing the rites of Bacchus as he was also a cross-dresser. Hoover went into a bedroom, took off his skirt to reveal a garter belt, and had a couple of blonde boys. The boys were wearing rubber gloves to help “work on him with their hands.” Cohn and Hoover then watched while Lewis Rosenstiel had sex with the boys. A year later, Ms. Rosenstiel attended another party at the same hotel. This time, Hoover wore a red dress and a black feather boa. He had one of the blonde boys who were now dressed in leather to read to him from a Bible while the other “played” with him. Hoover then grabbed the Bible, tossed it down, and told the first boy to join in.

FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was an essential clog in the wheel of the New Age Centurions. He was the primary boss of America’s crime investigation body. Hoover was raised a Master Mason on November 9, 1920, in Federal Lodge No. 1, Washington, D.C. In 1955, he was coroneted a 33rd Degree Inspector General Honorary and awarded the Scottish Rite’s highest recognition, the Grand Cross of Honor in 1965. Hoover was just as devoted to and protected the New Centurions and his secret Tammany Society or Columbian Order Masonic Brothers.

In the September 5, 1969 issue of LIFE Magazine, it was reported that J. Edgar Hoover punished three of his FBI agents in New York for cooperating with the United States District Attorney in New York, Robert Morgenthau, in his prosecution against New Centurion Roy Cohn on a number of felony charges. The LIFE report stated, “During the McCarthy inquisitions of the early 1950’s, Cohn, as Senator McCarthy’s chief counsel, had worked closely with (Louis B.) Nichols and the FBI in developing cases against suspected Communists. Agents spent weeks screening FBI security files and extracting them in memos for Cohn during the prolonged hearings. Through these years Cohn’s friendship with Director Hoover also developed, and this was further cemented by their mutual regard for the multimillionaire boss of the huge Schenley distillery complex, Lewis Rosenstiel. (Cohn to this day addresses Rosenstiel variously as ‘commander-in-chief’ or “supreme commander” and Rosenstiel refers to his younger friend as “field commander” or ‘sergeant major’).”

 Lewis Solon Rosenstiel was also a New Centurion. He was an indicted Jewish bootlegger during the Prohibition Era and was linked to the most notorious and prolific organized crime syndicates and figures in American history; specifically Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky. Lewis Rosenstiel was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which is a major part of the global Luciferian hierarchy that dictates the motions in which the world goes in.

After going through Cohn’s history, you see the types of connections that the Trump family has had throughout their history. Just to add on, Donald Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana Trump was born in the Moravian town of Zlin, Czechoslovakia. Moravia and Zlin have a long history of Jewish influence. Ivana Trump was also involved with helping recruit and trafficked many young girls with Ghislaine Maxwell to Jeffrey Epstein and Donald was aware of it because he was in the modeling business with the teen pageant business he was a part of. Ivana Trump and Ghislaine Maxwell would get into the back of their limousine and be driven until they came across a young girl that had the physical characteristics that they were looking for so they can recruit them.

Trump’s own children also have Jewish ties as well. Ivanka Trump is married to Jared Kusher who is a major Zionist Mossad agent of the international banking families and a top Luciferian. Both of his parents are Jewish as Jared’s father, Charles Kushner is a convicted criminal and is most likely a Mossad agent as well. In 2007, Kushner Companies had bought a building in NYC and it was called 666 Fifth Avenue. Lucent Technologies’ main office is at the same building. It is the company which has been manufacturing RFID microchips for years. It has a sister company which is named Lucifer Manufacturing. The symbol of Lucent Technologies is of the ouroboros as well. Kushner is also the mastermind behind all of Israel’s recent peace deals. He might not be the Antichrist but he sure is a top demon in the global sphere. 

Donald Trump Jr. is married to Vanessa Haydon who is a designer and the mother of five children. Vanessa’s mother is Danish and her late father, Charles Haydon was Jewish. Charles Haydon’s original name was Charles Hochberg and he was a lawyer. 

Eric Trump is married to Lara Yunaska who has two Jewish parents. Tiffany Trump was also dating Ross Mechanic whose parents were both Jewish.

After seeing all of these connections to these Jewish and Luciferian ties, it is impossible to claim that Trump isn’t a part of the Luciferian world. Trump is a part of a different cult but he is still a Luciferian. It is beyond ridiculous how many try to claim that Trump is fighting for the people and is against the “Deep State” or the “Illuminati”. You cannot be a billionaire or president in Satan’s Kingdom without being a Luciferian. You also cannot own buildings all across the globe in major cities; specifically Manhattan which is Satan’s stronghold and not be a player in the game. There are people who claim to be awake to the secret societies and the “Illuminati” but claim that Trump is against them. People are so easily fooled and it shows you how many people still long for a man to save them and not the Heavenly Father and His Son. It is a complete farce to claim that Trump is one of the good guys when he isn’t. He is just as depraved and wicked as the rest of his brothers in Lucifer. For the man to be as closely tied to sex traffickers and Mossad agents Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell as he was, it’s absurd to think he didn’t take part in the same activities that they were a part of. Either way, this section was just to see how deeply entrenched the entire Trump family is in Luciferianism and Talmudic Zionism. Trump is a puppet for the Zionist state of Israel which is one of the reasons why he is pushing so hard to start a war with Iran because it benefits Israel and their “Greater Israel plan” to occupy most of the Middle East. The Trump family is all a part of the “wicked games” and Donald Trump is just playing a character to serve the global narrative.

Trump: Acolyte of Thanateros

 We now come to the core of the entire reason why Trump seems to have been at war with other Luciferians within the entertainment and political sphere for years. Donald Trump has been seemingly vilified and hated by the mainstream media and other occultists. Many have been puzzled as to why that is considering that Trump is also a Luciferian. Some people have a black-and-white view of the elite and that all Satanists and Luciferians get along with each other and are all in league with each other. This is simply not the case. Just as there are people in truth who do not get along, there are people within Lucifer’s world that don’t get along either. Much of this does with contrasting opinions on the best routes to go for certain operations. However, it also has to do with differing belief systems and magical practices. This is certainly the case between Trump and other Luciferians which is what we will get into now.

Donald Trump has been aligned with the image of the clown as seen with the Snoop Dogg music video, “Lavender”. This is for a reason. We know that the clown is a figure that brings forth chaos. This is most commonly shown with the Joker character. It seems that just the mention of his name to certain people in everyday life brings forth chaos through arguments and bashing. His entire campaign and presidency has brought chaos from the very beginning from riots to protests to violence, etc. Donald Trump is not a typical magic user like many other Luciferians are. Donald Trump is a chaos magician. The concept of chaos magic is a relatively new concept or approach to using magic as it arose in the 1970s in England. It draws heavily from the philosophy of an occultist named Austin Osman Spare. Chaos magic itself helped spawn an occultist organization called the Illuminates of Thanateros. The organization has been a key influence on modern occultism. We’ll touch on them as well. Point being is that Donald Trump is often described as “chaotic” or an “unusual politician” because he in fact operates according to the credo of “order out of chaos” and goes beyond conventional means of politics and magic as well. Out of the chaos in which Trump brings to the American system, it springs forth the order in which the next ruler the Antichrist will bring to New Babylon which is the New World Order. Trump was strategically placed within the presidency because his method of chaos magic helps create the systematic breakdown that the elites want in order to help usher in the rule of the Antichrist to place the final capstone on the pyramid. Trump’s chaos magic is strategic as it brings forth the desperation and yearning for a “new order” or “return to normalcy” unbeknownst even to other Luciferians who are within the world of Lucifer. Only the highest level figures know what Trump’s true purpose is. Many of these low level politicians, athletes, and celebrities are not aware or understanding of why Trump operates the way he does. Some high level celebrities in the entertainment sphere may not even know. For those that do know and whom have publically or privately come out against him, they are aware that he does not go by conventional magical practices or rules. People have been puzzled as they wonder how Trump has been able to get away with so many inflammatory statements or actions. It is because once again, his chaotic nature serves the elite’s purpose as well as the highest spiritual purpose of slowly breaking down the system of America from within in order to not only to seemingly bring forth the next stage of the Antichrist for the elite but to also bring forth the imminent destruction of America that will help trigger spiritual warfare and fulfill biblical prophecy. He is the proverbial divine trickster or bringer of chaos as the clown god Saturn. The current war between Donald Trump and the top Luciferians of the “elite” world is a war of wizards or a magic war. This type of conflict also occurred within the organization of the Illuminates of Thanateros. Other occultists have recognized Trump as being a chaos magician as well as his movement.

On May 29, 2018, which was 23 days before the 2018 Summer Solstice, occult historian Gary Lachman released a book titled, “Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump” where he argues that Donald Trump and his followers used “positive thinking, magic, and occult practices” to defeat Hillary Clinton. Lachman expressed that Trump rose to power through utilization of the concept called “New Thought” which centers around the variety of different beliefs, philosophies, and practices that have as their central theme the idea that the mind can influence reality directly, that through mental effort alone we can ‘make things happen,’ i.e. manifestation or conjuring from the subconscious mind. This goes back to the concept of the clown springing forth out of the box or the grids of consciousness. Lachman argued that Trump and his supporters apparently willed him into the White House by tapping into a non-material realm that allows those with the right skills, or the right amount of willpower and positive thinking, to create their imagined reality. This once again goes back to the concept of willing things to existence through conjuring or manifestation from the subconscious mind or the void. French physicist and philosopher of science Bernard d’Espagnat once claimed that through the filter of quantum physics, there was a “hypercosmic god” that exists within a “holistic non-material realm that exists beyond space and time”. Many top physicists and scientists are familiar with the Luciferian concepts of creation. There might be a decent chance that he wasn’t a Luciferian but his claim certainly echoes the concept of the god Saturn who was known to be able to control time as well as the concept of the black cube of Saturn being the non-material realm as well.

Heterodox spiritual thinking which is also known as Rejected Knowledge, hermeticism, perennial wisdom, and the New Thought, stems back to as early as ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks believed certain rituals affected the body. The Egyptian priest Hermes Trismegistu’s ideas about conjuring spirits, alchemy, and spells had a great deal of influence on the Transcendentalist movement started by Ralph Waldo Emerson in America. The priest Hermes believed that “within God everything lies in the imagination” and that “if you do not make yourself equal to God you cannot understand him.”  From Hermes’ perspective, the imagination was the pathway to the universal mind, and if harnessed right allows one to send one’s soul anywhere and “transcend all of time.” This all stems back to the concept of Luciferianism which is the belief that you are your own god and that “god lives within you”.

In the 19th century, Ralph Waldo Emerson coined the term “New Thought” for the old idea that thoughts could affect reality. Inspired by Hinduism, Hermes, and German and English Romanticism, Emerson founded Transcendentalism which is the belief that the material world is a manifestation of our thoughts and imagination. The philosopher William James was also a student of the New Thought, and founded his own school of thought called Pragmatism, which looked for the “cash value” of Transcendentalism, Spiritism, Idealism and the “optimistic evolutionism” of his time. While health was always central to occult ritual and then the New Thought, in 20th century America it became about creating not just wellness, but wealth. New Thought was fused with certain variants of Christianity, particularly the gospel of prosperity which has been manipulated to be thought of as speaking about materialistic wealth but the scriptures talk about prosperity in the spiritual sense; not a carnal sense. One of the giants of American positive thinking was Norman Vincent Peale, who was also one of the major influences on Donald Trump.

Peale’s book, “The Power of Positive Thinking”, a landmark in the American tradition of self-help, was published in 1952. As Lachman notes, he “was able to take the basic principles and concepts of New Thought and repackage them in a modern, Christianized version.” Many occultists have done this over the years which transformed Christianity into the New Age movement which is accepting of things which are not condoned by the scriptures such as homosexuality and abortion among other things. It is a way in which occultists has neutralized Christianity over the years to help the public deviate en masse from the Bible itself and more towards individualistic thought and imagination. Once you get people to believe more in their own surmising and conceptualization of certain aspects of life, the more they are pulled away from a true relationship with the Most High. Either way, Christianity itself is a branch of the Babylonian tree.

Peale read New Thought authors such as Ernest Holmes, Charles Filmore, and Napoleon Hill, and absorbed the idea that “thoughts are causative”; meaning that thoughts or the power of the mind helped contribute to control or manipulation of the material world around you. Lachman stated that Donald’s parents, Fred and Mary Trump, attended the Reverend Peale’s services at Marble Collegiate Church on New York’s Fifth Avenue, and that Donald Trump married his first wife, Ivana at the church. Fred Trump is quoted in the book saying that there was “nobody else like Peale.” Donald Trump, too, has praised Peale as “a great preacher and a great public speaker.” Lachman wrote that “the idea that winning was everything was brought to him in those Sunday services.” Trump’s self-praise echoes Peale’s commands; “Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Self-confidence leads to self-realization and successful achievement.”

Lachman himself calls Trump a “chaos magician.” Whereas in traditional magic or New Thought, the adherent taps into a platonic form or the collective unconscious, or “eternal vibration of the universe” in order to achieve health or wellbeing, “chaos magic” rejects the traditional rituals and sigils (medieval symbols) of the occult in favor of more direct action, like the imagination or will alone. It’s a focus on what Lachman calls “affecting the now.” He notes that Trump may not have been doing this consciously—that a lot of it may have just been a combination of Peale’s positivism and the hard will of a kid from Queens, New York. This means that from Lachman’s perspective that the practices of chaos magic itself may have been engrained within Trump’s personality due to his exposure to Peale’s variation of the New Thought philosophy and his so-called “hard will”. Then again, will-power is one of the things that helped tap into that non-material world to succeed.

In a slight connection, Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon commended the writings of an esoteric philosopher named Julius Evola. Julius saw the magician as someone who was able to shape reality through the mind alone. Evola’s belief was that the magician is to develop their own personal power and will which is a kind of force that can be exerted in order to shape the world as they like it. His belief clearly lies within the philosophy of chaos magic. The tenets of chaos magic seems far more philosophical and reliant on mental projection or manifestation than adhering to the rules of abstract belief systems, symbols, and methods of understanding within the traditional aspects of the Kabbalah or Wicca or Hermeticism. It strips it down to its barest essence.

Bannon is someone who also openly embraces chaos and the dark aspects of Luciferianism. He is even a Satanist. Bannon once stated, “Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power”. Darth Vader is Osiris or Saturn in the Star Wars saga which aligns Bannon with Lucifer and Dick Cheney is another major figure in the Great Work who is a sadist and megalomaniacal war criminal who made billions off of the Iraq War. Bannon upholds the principle of Saturnianism and Satanism as he claimed before, “Darkness is power.” Bannon also once claimed that he was an anarchist as well. Anarchy is closely tethered to chaos. When manipulated in the control of the wielder, anarchy can create as much discord and destruction as chaos does. He clearly adheres to the chaos magic principle and further shows the connection between Trump and chaos magic itself.

The author mentions how Trump’s followers along with him were able to will him into the White House; alluding to the fact that they are also partakers in the chaos magic practice. To an extent, they are as they have created their own method of chaos magic by building up support for Trump in an unconventional way through the Internet and not through mainstream media. This may seem far-fetched to some but remember that the core tenet of chaos magic is the will to create your own imagined reality with the right skills and willpower to do so.

Trump’s own followers call themselves “MAGA supporters”. They are actually very low level chaos magicians as the term “maga” means “magic, magical, witch” in Latin. In Italian, “maga” means “sorceress or witch”. In Sanskrit, “maga” means “magician or priest of the sun”. In English, the word ‘mage’ is an archaic word for magician or sorcerer coming from the Latin word, ‘Magus’ and Greek word, ‘Magos’. So MAGA supporters are really low level chaos magicians as told by the phrase, “maga”. There’s a reason behind everything they say and do. For Trump and his team to repeatedly use the term “maga” as the brand label of the Trump movement to his supporters, it shows that they are trying to manifest that energy among his cult followers to induce them under that spell. It’s a spell to bring them deeper under their undying loyalty to their leader and be spell casters and chaos magic users themselves; even in the lowest level possible.

Considering that the word “maga” in Sanskrit also means “priest of the sun”, it makes sense considering what is within Trump’s penthouse. As labeled in the photo, Trump has a mural of Apollo the sun god in his penthouse which is on the 66th floor of Trump Tower in NYC. Apollo the sun god is being led in his chariot by Aurora who is the mother goddess of the dawn. You will often see female celebrities or figures wearing the yellow or gold which is for the goddess Aurora. An example of this is when Beyonce wore the yellow dress for her Lemonade video. That was her playing the role of the goddess Aurora as the great illuminator or mother bringing forth wisdom. She is called the “Queen Bee” because it is an allusion to her playing out the role of the mother goddess as the great oracle or prophetess bringing forth the word or of what is to come. The Chaldee word for a bee is “dabar” which also means a word going forth. The Hebrew word for the Word is also “dabar”. The prophetess Deborah from the Old Testament also gets her name from the word, “dabar” because it means the Word. The priestess of Apollo at the Delphic Temple was called the ‘Delphic Bee’. It’s all connected. The gold in Trump’s penthouse represents the sun which symbolizes illumination and also the passage of time and life. It is for both Apollo and Aurora. Trump also strategically placed glass, marble, and mirrors all over his penthouse so that the ceiling and the floor reflect each other, creating the “As Above, So Below” effect.  It’s fitting that Trump being a venerator of Apollo being the chief priest of the sun or Apollo would have his own “MAGA” supporters act as priests of the sun or priests of Apollo as well.

Trump also has the statue of Eros who is the Greek god of love, lust, and sex. The international magical organization that centers on chaos magic is known as the Illuminates of Thanateros. The name Thanateros itself is a combination of the names Thanatos and Eros- the Greek gods of death and sex. The idea is that sex and death represent the positive and negative methods of attaining “magical consciousness”. Trump being the vessel of Saturn as the trickster that brings forth chaos and being the Grim Reaper fulfills the aspect of death while maintaining adherence to Eros through mere possession of the statue and also his own immense lust apparent in his conduct with his daughter, Ivanka, and other women as well. Remember Trump stated during the Wendy Williams Show that the first thing that he would’ve said that he and Ivanka had in common was sex. He said that for a reason which is that sex is a principle in which he follows to attain magical consciousness. He is a venerator of Eros as well considering that is the one half of the composite entity of Thanateros.

Trump’s campaign team tweeted on December 10th, 2019 during his impeachment period showing Donald Trump as Thanos doing the famous finger snap and disintegrating Democrats. It’s another connection to Donald Trump and the concept of death. Thanos was created by comic writer, Jim Starlin who worshiped death as his character arc in the famous comic book series; “Infinity Guantlet” collects the six infinity stones and kills half the universe to court the female personification of death, Lady Death. In the last two Avengers films, Thanos argues that the universe required correction and that its resources were finite and could not satiate everyone in the universe. Therefore, Thanos surmised that the only way to fix this situation was by establishing balance through the decimation of half of all life in the universe. His premise not only rings to the concept of population control but also death itself. Thanos is a derivative of the name of the Greek god of death, Thanatos. Thanos’ home in the comics was on Titan which was a moon off of the planet Saturn. This was written into his origin story because Thanos is also Saturn as well.

People think that the Trump campaign team made this connection to Thanos in a comical format but it wasn’t. Trump is a venerator of the composite entity Thanateros and these elite Luciferians know who these major comic book characters are actually supposed to represent. Almost all comic book characters stem from the pagan gods. Another note to make is that Trump’s humor and ability to make light of everything which is apparent in his rally speeches when he rails on his political opponents is an aspect of the clown archetype to laugh off everything as a big joke. The Royal Order of the Jesters or the clown god of chaos takes everything as a joke; even death itself. This is why Trump’s support group was able to make light and joke of the decimation or death of Trump’s political opponents as they are also apart of the Cult of Trump as low level chaos magicians.

Here is the magazine cover of the December 2016 edition of The Economist. It labels this as “Planet Trump” and shows a myriad of tarot cards in connection to Trump and at the time his incoming reign as president. As mentioned previously, The Economist magazine is owned the Rothschilds and it is their way of subliminal communication to the rest of the world through “predictive programming” of what their plan for the world is and how it ought to unfold over the projected period of time. It is no coincidence that one of the tarot cards that they’d choose for the theme of “Planet Trump” is ‘The Magician’ tarot card. Donald Trump is a magician and venerator of the sun god Apollo and the gods of death and sex in his form of chaos magic. 

There is a multitude of symbols used here in The Economist’s version of ‘The Magician’ tarot card. First is the color coding. The red and white symbolizes blood sacrifice and is commonly seen with the red and white tiles which has the same meaning. The red and white was also a Roman color symbol and it was tied to the Greeks as this color code was explicitly tied to violence and death within Roman and Greek tales. The red would symbolize the blood and the white would symbolize the bone. In Greek story, Homer’s description of the wounding of Menelaus (11, IV. 140-141) compares ivory and red stain with bones and blood.

The red and white also is symbolic of the rose and the lily. In the Greek mythos, the lily stood for motherhood and rebirth because it is believed that the lily was formed or created from the breast milk of Hera who was the wife of Zeus. Ancient Greeks also regarded the lily as a symbol of sexuality. In Roman legend regarding the birth of Venus, she rose from the waters and witnessed a lily and became envious of its beauty. In return, she would place a long pistil at its center in hopes that it would make the flower less attractive. The lily is symbolized as a proclamation of lust and love represented by Venus. The rose was also the favorite flower of the Roman goddess Venus and associated with the Greek goddess Aphrodite. The rose is a symbol of secrets as well as the Romans during secret meetings would hang roses over the table where it was known that anything discussed at that table would be kept secret. The rose is also a symbol of the paradox between good and evil or joy and pain which is described in the saying, “Every rose has its thorn”. The red rose symbolizes passion, love, devotion and sacrifice as well and that is tied to Aphrodite’s love and passion for Adonis who is also Tammuz. The concept of the rose and the lily is also why Johnny Depp named his daughter, Lily-Rose Depp because it represents the aspects of the mother goddess and the concept of duality.

The red and white also symbolizes the apple as the apple is red on the outside and white on the inside. Venus was also depicted as holding the apple. The apple is a big symbol for Luciferians as it represents the forbidden fruit of the hidden knowledge, immortality, temptation or desire, sin, the fall of man, love, and sexuality. The apple is also a symbol of magic that is seen in Norse mythology with the magical apples of Idunn. The apples of Idunn and the apples of the Tree of Life in the Greek mythos are also gold because it represents illumination of knowing the arcane knowledge that is not made known to most. They believe that this hidden knowledge is what makes them gods.

The figure in the tarot card is also doing the “as above, so below” pose for duality and the bringing together of opposite forces along with the concept of good and evil. These concepts are seen with the rose as well as just mentioned. The tree in this picture is also a figure to depict the concept of “as above, so below” with the branches above and the roots below. This is talking about the tree of knowledge and the connection is there with the apple as well with the apple growing out of the tree and the eating of the apple or consumption of the secret knowledge is what opens up the mind to a new world of understanding. The sun behind the man is also for the worship of the sun god Apollo or Horus and it is a symbol of illumination as already mentioned. The sun is connected with the apple as the eating of the apple brings forth illumination and the apple is tied to the tree of knowledge which is also a symbol for “as above, so below” concept as well.

The figure in the tarot card also has the VR headset which is covering his eyes. The VR headset is a sign of the coming Virtual Revolution or the 4th Industrial Revolution that the elite plan to implement during these last days. The 3D printer is also a form of producing many replicates of a singular item through repeated printing. The 3D also means three dimensions or the three dimensional world which refers to the cube of Saturn. Either way, it’s important to go back to the imagery of the VR headset covering the eyes. This goes to a concept that is seen sometimes in the entertainment industry which is the blinding or covering of the eyes. This concept refers to the understanding that a person has willingly blinded themselves to the Most High and His way and teachings and has instead chosen to go down the left hand path in worship of Lucifer. The Magician has blinded himself to the Most High and has become illuminated and is a microcosm of the sun. This is the concept of spiritual blindness; in reference to the scripture of 2 Corinthians 4:4.

2 Corinthians 4:4

“In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Yahweh Ben Yahweh, who is the image of Yah, should shine unto them.”

The god of this world being Satan has blinded the minds of the unbelievers of The Most High and His Son.

Sia who is the woman in the picture is famous for doing this by covering her eyes with her hair. It is to show that she has completely rejected the Bible and the Most High and has chosen to follow Lucifer as shown with the black and white wig for duality.

This is Beyonce, the supreme witch of the entertainment industry showing the same thing of spiritual blindness. This time she has the wide brim black hat over her eyes to depict this. Beyonce is showing that she also has willingly made herself blind to the Most High and has turned to the left hand path to worship Saturn. She is throwing up the middle fingers which is for Saturn. In palmistry, the middle finger is for the planet Saturn. She’s in the all-black clothing as well for Saturn. The men in the background also have the black and white on for duality. The man with the red Masonic hat has the color coding of the black, white, and red for the Black Mass. Beyonce has on the abundant diamond jewelry to signal that she is a Diamond level BETA sex kitten as Marilyn Monroe was who was the first Diamond level programmed sex kitten as well as Beyonce’s peer, Rihanna who made the song, “Diamonds”.

Here is the Platinum Edition album cover of Rihanna’s eighth album, “Anti”. Of course, the “anti” is for the Antichrist or Saturn. The hexagon of the planet Saturn has 6 sides, 6 angles, and 6 vertices. She has crossed her hands to form the ‘X’ for Osiris representing the point of transformation and the unknown. This is also why Malcolm X gave himself the last name ‘X’ because that letter represents the unknown. Rihanna is also making the horns with her left hand for the horns of Pan who is also Saturn. Rihanna has the crown over her eyes to once again communicate that she has made herself blind to the Most High and has cast herself as a non-believer to go down the left hand path to worship the Luciferian triune. The crown is a symbol of the Queen of Heaven archetype which is seen in antiquity with Isis and Ishtar and in modern day depictions of Mary who has been warped by Catholicism to be a figure of worship. Rihanna herself is also a microcosm of the mother goddess as her name is a derivative of the goddess Rhiannon who is depicted as riding a white horse. In her song, “Consideration” from her album, “Anti”, she states in one of her lines, “I come riding in on a pale white horse”. This is not only referring to her playing the role of Rhiannon but also refers to the Horseman Death who is said in the book of Revelation as riding on a pale white horse to symbolize her allegiance to the god of death Saturn. This is not to say that the horseman Death is somehow Saturn and the Bible is giving power to the entity Saturn as some would erroneously misunderstand but it’s her way of making an alignment between the imagery of the pale white horse and Saturn who is the Grim Reaper. The Luciferians also read the Bible as well; they read it forwards and backwards in accordance to Crowley’s Law of Reversal to recite readings forwards and backwards. The first line of the song is “I come fluttering in from Neverland” and the character associated with Neverland is Peter Pan or Ptah Pan who is the god Pan which is Peter Pan wears the green for fertility or vegetation. Pan is also Saturn so this is her acting out the role of Saturn within that line. She’s also got the red and white color coding in the cover which is for the principles of blood sacrifice or death. She is familiar with that concept as she sacrificed her cousin at 21 years old,  the number of destruction or universal termination, shortly after the Saturnalia or Christmas back in 2017 as that was around the time that she was attempting to launch her fashion house, Fenty, that was eventually bought by LVMH owned by Bernard Arnault who is one of the richest men in the world meaning that he is one of the top Luciferian wizards on the planet. In order for her to launch her fashion house under such a prestigious label, she had to perform a blood sacrifice. That’s how the game goes.

The infinity symbol above ‘the magician’ in the tarot card represents enlightenment and the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The infinity was originally known as the Lemniscate, meaning ‘ribbon’, by ancient Greek mathematicians and philosophers. The idea strives from the ouroboros, an ancient symbol depicting a serpent biting its own tail. It represents the infinite immortality, continuity, self-fertilization and eternal return. The ribbon meaning is where the DNA strand as the ribbon comes from. The infinity also symbolizes perfection, duality, and empowerment. It is also representative of Saturn as he is the god of time. The ouroboros itself signifies both the Matter to be worked on, and the cyclic process of purification. The Matter is the mind of the alchemist. The serpent is also a symbol aligned with the sun as the serpent is for wisdom or illumination going back to the Garden of Eden.

Having said that, with all of these symbols shown within ‘The Magician’ tarot card and the card being tied with the “Planet Trump” theme, it shows that Donald Trump himself is aligned with all of these symbols and meanings. As mentioned before and shown with the picture of the penthouse, Donald Trump is a venerator of the sun god. Trump is a magician like the rest of them. The word, ‘magic’ has been associated with Trump in media story headlines quite often. Here are a few instances over the past couple of years.

Donald Trump ‘THE MAGIC MAN‘ Quotes Ben Stein and Praises Himself on Twitter Following 2018 Midterm Election -Newsweek March 2018

Trump fires back at Obama, boasts he’s got ‘MAGIC WAND’ on economy-Fox News Sept 10, 2018

Trump’s Policy “MAGIC WAND” Boosts Manufacturing Jobs 399% In First 26 Months Over Obama’s Last 26. -Forbes March 11, 2019

Bangladeshi diplomat: Trump is a ‘MAGIC MAN’, but shouldn’t build the wall -Politico April, 2019

Trump’s MAGIC is evaporating on the campaign trail. -CNN Nov 2019

Many media reporters and newscasters are in the know and understand what certain figures and events are actually about. Trump is a Luciferian like the rest of them but he is a chaos magician which is where the great contrast comes between him and other magicians within the Luciferian world.

It is important to continue to get understanding of the principles of chaos magic just to show how it differs compared to traditional magic used by other witches or occultists and why it has produced such a conflict in the magic world between Trump and other occultists.

Gary Lachman stated in an interview with Salon, “An additional part of Trump’s life mantra and approach is chaos. Most people say, ‘Oh, well he’s an idiot. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.’ Or they make excuses: ‘Well, he’s new to the game and he’s coming in from a different arena.’ In many ways Trump is obviously intentional.

It’s something that he aims to do and it’s something he makes clear in his books, where he talks about how he doesn’t like things to be too set and he doesn’t want things to be too planned and he wants to be able to change his plan at the last minute and keep people on edge. He creates a type of glamour that he then offers to others to share in. It is also mystifying. That too is part of this magician’s bag of tricks. He is a master of chaos.”

Trump’s entire method of engagement in what he does is according to chaos and not abiding by a set form of rules. This is why he’s at such a stark contrast with other Luciferians as he does not go by the rules that they do. He operates in a chaotic manner by going off script and saying things that politicians have been trained to not say or speak of in truth. For example, Trump’s statements about how ‘if there was less COVID-19 testing, there would be less cases’ is a statement that no other politician would say as they all go according to the set rules which is to lie and tell truth in sigil magic and witch language or overt language but not tell the truth upfront as Trump does. His brash statements and seemingly erratic behavior or decision-making is a characteristic of his own chaotic nature. His ability to seemingly bend or break the rules by not going by the typical route of the presidency and questioning or going against things like the Federal Reserve or the mainstream media push of praising feminism and pansexuality among others brings ire to other Luciferians because that is the typical protocol for the politicians or the president. His initiative of breaking down the political system and the Luciferian system of telling veiled truths or being an outright communicator of the prime Luciferian ideologies of mother goddess worship and pansexuality is not only his form of chaos magic by operating according to will or desire but it’s his spiritual objective to tear the old world down in order for the new world of the Antichrist to arise to bring forth the subsequent destruction of the world.

The idea of chaos is seen by chaos magicians or other Luciferians through the guise of Christianity and it’s offshoots as a positive engine of change. Lance Wallnau, who is one of the architects of the Seven Mountain movement and is regarded as a prophet by his followers of that movement, has repeatedly told people that Trump is “God’s Chaos Candidate.” In the “About Author” description, it states, “Known for his prophetic words about how presidential candidate Donald Trump is a “wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness” or how Trump has a “Cyrus” anointing to be a strategic voice in this urgent hour, Dr. Lance Wallnau candidly presents the supernatural story and strategy of Donald Trump being God’s Chaos Candidate.” It goes to show you that Trump is in fact a figure of chaos and the destroyer of the world as we’ve come to know it over the past few years; acting as Saturn on the global scale or for the global narrative. As you can see with the cover of the book, it has the stripes of the American flag going down into the form of ribbons to symbolize the dismantling of the American system or power of the past world. The ribbons also represent the DNA strand or the Lemniscate to symbolize life. This is communicating that life as we’ve come to know it over the past few decades within the modern world and as the Luciferians have come to know in their own world is in its process of finalization and is meeting its end to introduce a new phase or beginning for the elites to implement the construct of the Great Work or the “Great Reset” as they’re calling it for the public and for the hand-picked witches within the elite world to overtly confess and communicate to the masses who they really are and what their allegiance is to.

We now go into the aspects of chaos magic. The chaos magic wheel is tied to the pagan wheel which relates to the different pagan or Wiccan holidays of the year which witches and warlocks follow and adhere to. The chaos magic wheel has different arrows and each arrow has a distinct color. The black arrow is for death magic. The blue arrow is for wealth magic. The green arrow is for love magic. The yellow arrow is for ego magic. The purple arrow is for sex magic. The orange arrow is for thinking magic. The red arrow is for war magic. The octarine or white arrow is for pure magic.

The color green is for love magic in the wheel because the love they’re talking about is pansexual love or the love of Pan and the color green is for Pan as he is the god of the woodlands. The color black is for death magic of course because it not only has always been associated with death but it is also for Saturn who is the god of death. The color red is for war magic because war denotes bloodshed and it is for Mars or Ares, the god of war.

The color purple is for sex magic because that is the bringing together of both the red and the blue or fire and ice and you attain that through sex magick and death magic as those are the two prime forces of Saturn worship. Remember that Saturn and Pan are of the same entity; they just are in different forms and are different alters of the same entity which is Cush. They believe that sex magick is what leads you onto the pathway to full illumination. The color purple is also for the 7th chakra or the crown chakra where upon reaching that level, they believe this is where they have reached godhood and that their body and spirit has formed as one. They believe that once they’ve opened up their crown chakra, the crown of their mind becomes a portal to receive energies from other spirits or the other world and to emit energies as well.

The color white is for pure magic as it is the contrast for the color black as that color represents the dark path or the path of Saturn. The color white is associated with the mother goddess as that energy is pushed mostly to the world with images of Mary and concepts such as feminism and goddess worship since it is more acceptable and can be spun as something divine or pure. In contrast, the energy of the father god is hidden as it is wicked and dark which can be seen with the images of the goat or Satan which the public has already associated with evil due to the main religions but more people are coming to accept that image now.

The color blue in the chaos wheel is for wealth magic as the color blue represents both material and spiritual wealth. For material wealth, the color blue is seen as the color of career, business growth, and opportunity. The color blue is often used by wealth firms, investment firms, and other banking and financial companies. It is associated with the north which is the upward direction for your career or your business ventures. Banks often use terms such as liquidation or an administrative float or buckets; all terms associated with water or the sea which is tied to the color blue. The term bank itself is associated with the water or the sea as well with the term river bank. The water is a key symbol as it represents wisdom, transformation, and also the source of life which is why many stories of creations in the pagan mythos incorporate the water. The water is seen as the source of life which is the left hand path of wisdom and knowledge of self-worship and self-deification which is what Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis did by anointing themselves as gods in their apostasy.

The water represents the hidden wisdom brought forth by Eve once she bit the apple; granting mankind with the understanding of the left hand path of self-worship or becoming your own god. This can be seen in Genesis Chapter 3.

Genesis Chapter 3:2-5
And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

(This is Eve acknowledging the permission given unto her by the Most High to eat of the fruits in the Garden of Eden.)

3 But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, Yah hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

(Eve is going by what the Most High commanded her to do which is to not eat or touch the fruit of the tree known as the apple for the consequence is death. The death means the plague of man being tied to death for his sin which can also be seen in Romans 6:23 when it says, “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of Yah is eternal life through Yahweh Ben Yahweh our Lord.”Man was initially supposed to be immortal like the angels but due to Adam and Eve’s sin, they were plagued with death or mortality. The death is also of their spiritual tie to the Most High and the death of man’s spiritual core. Man was plagued with Adam’s action and it needed Yahweh Ben Yahweh to reverse what Adam did which was to bring forth life through his sacrifice for the sins of Israel. Adam brought death and Yahweh Ben Yahweh brought forth life and this can be seen in Romans 6:23 when it states that eternal life is through Yahweh Ben Yahweh.)

4 And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

(The serpent is using his trickery to deceive Eve. The serpent approached Eve because it knew that her spirit was not as strong as Adam’s and she wouldn’t be as apprehensive to his tricks as Adam would be. The serpent knew it had to work through Eve in order to get to Adam; who would listen to Eve due to his idolatry of Eve as he put her on a pedestal and put her word above the Most High’s Word. If Adam was approached first, the serpent would not have been successful because Adam would have known to reject it. Eve would’ve listened to Adam and not turned to the serpent as Adam would’ve made her aware. The man was more connected to the Most High than the woman since that is the order in which the Most High established through creation. This is why the Luciferians who are proverbial serpents work through the woman now with social engineering such as feminism and globalism to then instill that understanding into the man today so they go accordingly to the Luciferian doctrine as they are busy trying to gain their affection and place them on a pedestal as Adam did with Eve .It is easier to manipulate the woman as they for the most part think emotionally instead of rationally. When you think from a place of emotion, you tend to go by your own feelings and your own perception of what you want and how you think things should be. This leads to disorder and a chaotic sense of living. When you think rationally, you go by what you know is correct through truth and understanding which brings order to your life and others around you. This is what happened with Adam and Eve. Adam went by his emotions which was to idolize and adore Eve which led to him discarding the rational aspect of the spirit and the commands and Word of The Most High altogether.)

5 For Yah doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

(This is the main component which was the reason for bringing this scripture out. Take note of when the serpent saying that ‘ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil’. This is the understanding that the Luciferians have adopted which is that they believe that when they drink the waters of Eve or eat the proverbial apple by stepping into the world of Lucifer by coming to know the hidden wisdom of duality and the perceived divine power within oneself that they become gods and are sustained with the source of life.)

This is why the blue is associated with wealth magic as it denotes financial prosperity which is the biggest reason why people become Luciferians and also spiritual prosperity or wealth on the left hand path.

The color yellow is for ego magic because the 3rd chakra is yellow as well. It is called the solar plexus and is positioned in the stomach. It is to signify that the ego is the core of the human being as it brings forth identity and personality. It is the center of man’s willpower. Within the meaning of colors, yellow is deemed as the color of the great communicator and that who loves to talk. Yellow is the color of the networker and the journalist, all working and communicating on a mental level. It is the color of the mind and intellect.

The color orange is for thinking magic because the color is aligned with illumination or enlightenment. The numerology associated with the color orange is the number 33 which is the number of the 33 vertebrae that goes up to the brain through the spinal column. It also represents the one third of the angels who fell from heaven to follow Satan in his rebellion against the Most High. The path of the left hand which follows the teachings of Satan and Lucifer is what is deemed by them as illumination. Thinking magic is the core of chaos magic as it is them willing their own thoughts into being or existence through “magical thinking”. Magical thinking is the belief that one’s ideas, thoughts, wishes, or actions can influence the course of events in the physical world. Once again, that’s the core of chaos magic and it is aligned with the color orange because in chaos magic, the utilization of the mind in that sphere through magical thinking is what brings forth the illuminated state of the mind.

Moving forward, Gary Lachman was asked during his interview by Salon what he thought magic was. He stated, “When you talk about magic, the first thing people usually ask is, ‘Oh, does it work? Can you make something happen?’ Then the response is, ‘That depends on what you mean by ‘make something happen.’ But, I mean, there’s two ways you can go. You can go down a long psychological route about setting and expectations and all that sort of thing. To talk about the magic that people really want to know about. I would offer one thing, if you know the phenomenon of synchronicity.

This is the term that the psychologist C.G. Jung gave to what we call ‘meaningful coincidence.’ That’s basically when something is going on in your head and it’s reflected in the outer world, with there being no causal relationship.

So I would say that if you accept the phenomenon of synchronicity, then there are times when the partition between the inner and the outer world is not as stable or as strong as it usually is. I would say that one of the definitions of magic is willing things to happen in the real world. That is one of the crudest, most simplistic definitions of magic. The next question follows: Is there a way to make it happen? Is there a way to induce synchronicities?

This is what is positive thinking and ‘chaos magic’ and a variety of different types of magical practices are trying to do.”

This is the core tenant of what chaos magic is; that is belief itself being a tool for achieving effects. In chaos magic, complex symbol systems such as Kabbalah, the Enochian system, astrology or the I Ching are treated as maps or symbolic and linguistic constructs which can be manipulated to achieve certain ends but have no absolute or objective truth value in themselves. Basically, these symbol systems can be used as tools to advance a chaos magician’s magic but it does not serve as the totality of the magical sources which chaos magicians are to tap into and follow wholeheartedly. This is a position referred to by religious scholar Hugh Urban as a “rejection of all fixed models of reality”, and is often summarized with the phrase, “nothing is true, everything is permitted”. This belief perpetuates the idea that there are no boundaries in life and anything can be bent or manipulated to serve one’s own needs and desires. Chaos magic is highly individualistic.

Particular forms of sigil magic are unique techniques to chaos magic. There are many sources of inspiration in which chaos magic holds such as science fiction, scientific theories, traditional ceremonial magic, neo-shamanism, Eastern philosophy, world religions, and individual experimentation. Chaos magicians’ individualistic belief systems can become an amalgamation of all these different forms of religions, crafts, and theories. Chaos magicians also work with chaotic and humorous paradigms through the worship of Hundun from Taoism to Eris from Discordianism. Hundun was the primordial and central being of chaos in Chinese cosmogony. Eris was the Greek goddess of strife and discord.

Chaos magic’s influence as mentioned before comes from the magical system of Austin Osman Spare, who believed that belief itself was a form of “psychic energy” that became locked up in stringent belief structures. Spare believed that this psychic energy could be released by breaking down those belief structures. This free belief could then be directed towards new aims which are those of the individual chaos magician. Chaos magic in principle attempts to stretch and widen the borders of what is deemed as achievable reality by grasping the flow of events and pushing it towards what is desired by the individual.

There is a theme in the occult that enshrines darkness and chaos as a positive engine of change. The phrase “ordo ab chao” which literally means “order out of chaos” is often used to describe this.   It describes the use of chaos to manipulate events in order to herd people into systems of centralized control such as the New World Order. This was used in Germany back in 1933 when the Nazis orchestrated the false flag event known as the Reichstag fire which they blamed the Soviets for and would create the pretext for Germany to build up the Soviets as a national enemy and for the country to be herded into the Nazi regime. This was also used through events such as 9/11 WTC attacks and currently with the COVID-19 “pandemic”. The occult thinking behind the concept of chaos as a positive engine of change is related to the metaphysics common in occultic and Pagan religions. Even in the Greek and Babylon myths, first generation gods emerge out of darkness leading to chaos caused by rebellious children overthrowing them which leads to third and fourth generation descendants overthrowing the rulers of chaos. It is deemed a cyclical process of the order of life which is seen in the ourobouros symbol with the serpent eating its tail. This is seen with Zeus overthrowing his father Chronos in the Greek mythos.

Chaos magic is not a system. It cannot be because a system stipulates that a certain form of rules is to be upheld and adhered to by its followers. Chaos magic is an attitude or form of belief or philosophy. It is the concept that the techniques more than the symbols itself are what truly matters and it is the magician’s belief that makes it work. The idea is that you are to test different methods and techniques and figure out what is best suitable for you and whether it works or not. Chaos magic is a Meta system which means that it is a theoretical framework and not an absolute framework. This theoretical framework is meant to fit other systems into it so the magicians of those systems can more easily have a shared language to create cross communication and experimentation across the various sectors or systems that different people present.

Many chaos magicians may however not see chaos magic as purely destructive or evil. Chaos is also defined as the formless and disordered state of matter before the creation of the cosmos. Tsu described Tao stating, “There was something undefined and complete, existing before Heaven and Earth. How still it was, how formless, standing alone and undergoing no change, reaching everywhere with no danger of being exhausted. It may be regarded as the mother of all things. Truthfully it has no name, but I call it Tao.” This forms the understanding by some or many chaos magicians that chaos magic is not destruction but rather it being formless. They see it as the natural order of life or creation because they believe that this formless state was what was before the cosmos came to being. Remember that the cosmos or the spirit world existed far before The Most High created the Universe and the world we call “Earth”. They feel that what most people believe is order is actually an arbitrary system that we perceive. This is why they operate according to a formless philosophy or belief without structure as that is what they believe existence actually is.

Some chaos magicians may interchange religions or beliefs rapidly within a short time span. Peter J Carroll, who labeled the belief as chaos magic, synchronized many different eastern and western ceremonial magical systems in his books, Liber Null and Psychonaut. One day, a chaos magician may be a Catholic while the next week they can become a Buddhist according to this philosophy. To the chaos magician, belief is choice and belief is the tool which empowers the magic in chaos magic. The idea of chaos magicians is that there is no absolute way or truth but chaos magicians are left with forming real world results to defend their rituals, methods, and beliefs. It commands the magician to constantly reframe and de-condition their mindset according to what beliefs they believe is truthful or real. This is what creates such a stark difference between traditional magicians in the Luciferian world and the outlier chaos magicians who do not operate according to specific structures of belief. While some may believe in the absolute structure of worshiping the mother goddess with complete devotion and subservience, a chaos magician like Trump would not in their eyes let themselves are constrained to conforming to a system without deviation. While Obama wholeheartedly worships the mother goddess and openly praises the divine hermaphrodite, Trump doesn’t. This is why everyone had such an adverse reaction to Trump because they went from one president who was the most political and submissive to the Luciferian principles and openly embraced it in Obama while they went to a president that is perhaps the most anti-political and free-willed figure who didn’t conform to or obey the Luciferian principles as absolute law in Trump. They went from one extreme to another extreme. Yes, Trump does adhere to the Luciferian trinity but according to his own belief and will to achieve whatever results he desires as done in chaos magic.

The event of internal schisms within the magic world between chaos magicians and other magicians is not something new. In the early 1990’s, the Illuminates of Thanateros organization had internal conflicts about the doctrine of ice magick.

A German member of the organization named Helmut Barthel created the doctrine of “ice magick”. It is related to the myth that Germanic people originated in the icy land of Thule. According to the doctrine of ice magick, only people of Scandinavian and or Germanic descent possess the ancient dormant genes that allow a person to use ice magick. Ice magick is based upon qi gong, psionics, and martial arts. It is called “ice magick” because it also involves imagining large amounts of ice and drawing power from that imagined ice. The ice magick training regimen that Helmut imposed was exceptionally difficult for magicians.

Ralph Tegtmeier (Frater U∴D∴) was a major proponent and supporter of ice magick. Ralph would make himself Helmut’s top lieutenant. Helmut and Ralph promoted ice magick in Germany and recruited many members who adhered to it.

Eventually, Peter Carroll learned more about ice magick which Ralph was teaching and criticized him for it. This led to conflict between Peter and Ralph; culminating in Ralph and all of his followers leaving the organization. The vast majority of German and Swiss members left the order which made up about 30% of the order’s total membership.

It goes to show you that there are also ideological conflicts which occur within the Luciferian world. There are many different sects and cults within their world which consists of different systems and rules. They don’t get along as much as novices believe they do. It is simply unrealistic to think that is the case. There is never a part of society where everyone gets along and agrees completely with everything. There are even big internal conflicts and wars which take place within certain job environments and corporations where people side against one another. This is the same case here with the corporation of the United States. The employees of the United States corporation are divided against the president. It just happens to be on a scale which pertains to magic and protocol.  

The final aspect which wraps up the entire chaos magic connection to Donald Trump and the MAGA movement is the image of the frog. The frog is an image used by Trump’s followers known as “Pepe the Frog”. They use memes to help provoke anger among others and thus create chaos. After Hillary Clinton called Trump supporters deplorables, the image of the frog became even more widespread and ended up becoming a symbol for the online Trump movement used commonly in political memes ever since. The entire Trump movement started and grew through the Internet. Trump’s influence and political power stems from the Internet and not exactly commercials or typical media. This is why his campaigns relied far more on the Internet rather than mainstream media. This is a concept pulled from chaos magic. According to chaos magicians, a computer is the essential tool for connecting followers, building virtual knowledge libraries and can be used for the simulation of the online ritual environment.

Another important detail is that after Trump’s election, at the National Policy Institute which is deemed by some as a racist organization, the president Richard Spencer gave a speech. He began the speech by saying, “Hail Trump! Hail our hero. Hail our victory. We made this happen. We dreamed him into office.” The key word is “dreamed” which goes back to the concept of mental projection or willing something from the mind that you desire into reality. This is also used through sigils as before. The Pepe the Frog image became a sigil for the Trump movement who desired and wished to propel him into office through their magic symbol. It was through their sigil of the frog that they were able to create chaos and create desired change to affect the real world; as farfetched as it sounds. The internet is the astral plane which old occult practices label and the internet itself is a form of exteriorized imagination. This is why the internet or the computer is an essential tool to chaos magicians.

The image of the frog is not by happenstance. As mentioned before, Trump’s followers who use the slogans of MAGA and the image of the frog are low level chaos magicians themselves. There is something called the Cult of Kek which has rose since the pervasiveness of the frog. They worship Kek who is an Egyptian god of chaos. Kek is the deification of the primordial darkness in Ancient Egypt. Kek embodies the time before the dawn, making him the light-bringer. Lucifer is known as being the light-bringer or light-bearer as well.

Kek is portrayed as a frog or a man with a frog’s head. In hieroglyphics, Kek is portrayed as a man seemingly looking at a computer screen. There is also the DNA strand which is a symbol of life but it is also in the form of the winding serpent for the Kundalini effect; representing the 33 vertebrae which leads to the head or the brain and symbolizing illumination or life on the left hand side. As seen in the picture above, the DNA strand is labeled as “Internet/Meme magic”; further proving the point that the image of the frog is all tied back to chaos magic. As mentioned before, one of the key principles of chaos magic is to create images or sigils that are believed to possess magical powers. Trump’s followers who use this image believe that through propogation of the image of the frog ith the Pepe Trump memes, they are working magic that projects the power of Kek onto Donald Trump; turning him into a ruler of chaos. Pairs and numbers are important in the Ogdoad mythology as well as repeating numbers were used to create the universe according to the Ogdoad.

Kek also had a female counterpart named Kauket. Kek and Kauket represented night and day and were called the “raiser up of the light” and the “raiser up of the night”. Kek represents the period of the night which immediately precedes the day and Kauket represents the period of the night which immediately follows the day. Kek and Kauket also represent the male and female powers of the darkness which was supposed to cover over the primeval abyss of water; prompting equivalency to Erebos and Erebus of the Greeks. In the most ancient interpretations, Kekui is given the head of a serpent and Kekuit the head of either a frog or a cat.  In one scene, they are identified with Ka and Kait. In this scene, Ka-Kekui has the head of a frog surmounted by a beetle and Kait-Kekuit has the head of a serpent surmounted by a disk.

The Ogdoad were eight primordial deities worshiped in Hermopolis. Texts of the late period describe them as the gods having the heads of the frogs while the goddesses have the heads of serpents. They were four male-female pairs; Nu and Naunet, Hehu and Hehut, Kekui and Kekuit, and Qerh and Qerhet.

Nu and Naunet are the primordial deification of the watery abyss in the Ogdoad. The name is paralleled with nen “inactivity” in a play of words in, “I raised them up from out of the watery mass (nu), out of inactivity (nen)”. The name has also been compared to the Coptic noun “abyss; deep”.
Nu is coupled with goddess Naunet and appears in anthropomorphic form but with the head of a frog. Nu is typically depicted in ancient Egyptian art holding aloft the solar barque or the sun disc. He may appear greeting the rising sun in the guise of a baboon. This goes back to Thoth as well since Thoth would sometimes appear as a dog faced baboon or a man with the head of a baboon when he is in the form of A’an, the god of equilibrium. Thoth was the god of wisdom among other things. Nun is otherwise symbolized by the presence of a sacred cistern or lake as in the sanctuaries of Karnak and Dendara.

The ancient Egyptians envisaged the oceanic abyss of the Nun as surrounding a bubble in which the sphere of life is encapsulated, representing the deepest mystery of their cosmogony. In ancient Egyptian creation accounts, the original mound of land comes forth from the waters of the Nun. The Nun is the source of all that appears in a differentiated world, encompassing all aspects of divine and earthly existence. In the Ennead cosmogony, Nun is perceived as transcendent at the point of creation alongside Atum the creator god.

Beginning with the Middle Kingdom, Nun is described as “the father of the gods” and he is depicted on temple walls throughout the rest of ancient Egyptian religious history.

Nu was sometimes represented by a sacred lake, or, as at Abydos, by an underground stream

In the 12th Hour of the Book of Gates, Nu is depicted with upraised arms holding a solar bark (or barque, a boat). The boat is occupied by eight deities with the scarab deity Khepri standing in the middle surrounded by the seven other deities.

During the late period when Egypt was occupied by foreign powers, the negative aspect of the Nun (chaos) became the dominant perception, reflecting the forces of disorder that were set loose in the country.

Heh was the personification of infinity or eternity in the Ogdoad in Egyptian mythology.His name originally meant “flood”, referring to the watery chaos that the Egyptians believed existed before the creation of the world. The Egyptians envisioned this chaos as infinite, in contrast with the finite created world, so Heh personified this aspect of the primordial waters. Heh’s female counterpart was known as Hauhet.

Like the other concepts in the Ogdoad, his male form was often depicted as a frog or a frog-headed human, and his female form as a snake or snake-headed human. The frog head symbolised fertility, creation, and regeneration, and was also possessed by the other Ogdoad males Kek, Amun, and Nun.The other common representation depicts him crouching, holding a palm stem in each hand. Heh sometimes has a palm stem in his hair, as palm stems represented long life to the Egyptians, the years being represented by notches on it. Depictions of this form also had a shen ring at the base of each palm stem, which represented infinity. Depictions of Heh were also used in hieroglyphs to represent one million, which was essentially considered equivalent to infinity in Ancient Egyptian mathematics. Thus this deity is also known as the “god of millions of years”. In Ancient Egyptian numerology, gods were used to represent numbers in the decimal point system. The number 1 million is depicted in the hieroglyph of Heh. Remember the march that Trump just had in D.C. called the “Million MAGA March”? That was in commemoration of Heh as Trump’s desire is to bring forth a long lasting or eternal presidency through chaos created by his chaos magician followers. This is why Trump throughout these past four years has touted him running longer than 2020 and running for 2024, 2028, 2032, etc. Heh’s image and its iconographic elements reflected the wish for millions of years of life or rule. Heh became associated with the king and his quest for longevity. Heh appears on the tomb of King Tut in two cartouches where he is crowned with a winged scarab beetle; symbolizing existence and a sun disk. The placement of Heh in relation to King Tut’s corpse meant he will be granting him these “millions of years” into the afterlife.

As for Qerh, his name means “night”. Qerh and Qerhet represented creation and destruction and life and death.

To bring this all together, the eight gods of the Ogdoad represent the different components and aspects of Adam and Eve as almost all of the primordial deities of the pagan mythos are. Nun or Nu is described as the “father of the gods” because it was Adam who brought forth the Luciferian knowledge and wisdom to mankind after disobeying the Most High and following Eve. After the flood, it was Nimrod who fulfilled Adam’s role as being the great enlightener or leader of mankind on the left hand side. The Ogdoad refers to the different phases of life through the gods. Nu and Naunet being risen out of the watery mass or the abyss refers to the birth or creation of Adam and Eve. Nun is described as being the source of all that appears in the differentiated world; encompassing all aspects of the divine and earthly existence. The differentiated world is the world opposite to the world desired by the Most High when he commanded Adam and Eve in the Garden and it is the world of Lucifer or man. Not only does Lucifer represent Nimrod, Cush, and Semiramis, it also encompasses Adam and Eve as well as they were the proverbial light bearers or light bringers to mankind as they passed the “torch” or the “eternal flame” unto Nimrod, Cush, and Semiramis after the flood. The sacred lake by the underground stream which was associated with Nu or Nun represents the hidden wisdom or knowledge opened by Adam after biting the apple or eating from the “Tree of Life”. This is why in the creation myth, the original mound of land comes forth from the waters of Nu or Nun. This is in reference to the left hand wisdom and knowledge of the serpent which Adam “enlightened” mankind with and made the land or the world what it was by bringing them understanding. Qerh and Qerhet’s representations of creation and destruction and life and death is also in reference to Adam and Eve as this is what they created through their coordinated chaos after denouncing the Most High by eating the apple. As mentioned in Romans 6:23, the wage of sin is death. Adam brought death to man by sinning in the Garden of Eden and thus brought forth the opposing forces of existence or life which is creation and destruction. The earliest form of this was the creation of order and structure by the Most High which was commanded to Adam and Eve in the Garden and the subsequent destruction of it through their disobedience and sin.

Just to note, the symbol of the scarab beetle symbolizes creation and the transformation of man in becoming gods through illumination as it was tied to the symbol of the sun. The Ancient Egyptians saw a likeness between the scarab beetle rolling its dung and the sun god rolling the sun and making it shine on Earth.

As for the symbol of the palm tree or branch or stem, it represents eternal life or victory. In Assyrian religion, the palm is one of the trees identified as the Sacred Tree connecting heaven, represented by the crown of the tree, and earth, the base of the trunk. This refers to the mind serving as the crown of the tree or the whole of man and the body serving as the base of the trunk or what upholds and grounds man in the physical world. The connection of heaven and earth is the mind in its most illuminated state once it reaches the crown chakra and the body. This is where the term, “train the mind and the body will follow”, comes from.

Reliefs from the 9th century BC show winged genii holding palm fronds in the presence of the Sacred Tree. It is associated with the goddess Ishtar and is found on the Ishtar Gate. In ancient Mesopotamia, the date palm may have represented fertility in humans. The Mesopotamian goddess Inanna, who had a part in the sacred marriage ritual, was believed to make the dates abundant. Palm stems represented long life to the Ancient Egyptians, and the god Heh was often shown holding a palm stem in one or both hands. The palm was carried in Egyptian funeral processions to represent eternal life. The Kingdom of Nri (Igbo) used the omu, a tender palm frond, to sacralize and restrain. Some argue the palm in the Parthian poem Drakht-e Asurig serves as a reference to the Babylonian faith. The palm was a symbol of Phoenicia and appeared on Punic coins. In ancient Greek, the word for palm is phoinix which is where the overall meaning of the phoenix bird serving as eternal life comes from in the Greek understanding.

Either way, the frog all stems back to Lucifer or in the carnation of Adam.

To bring this full circle, this is where the story of the Princess and the Frog comes from. The frog is a symbol of chaos and darkness or the primordial waters or “divine” wisdom. Once the princess kisses the frog, she herself turns into a frog. This stems from when Eve bit the apple. Eve became a proverbial frog as the bringer of chaos to mankind by later convincing Adam to bite the apple or eat from the fruit of the Tree of Life as she did. She became a proverbial serpent as well since she became a beholder of the wisdom and knowledge from the Tree of Life as the serpent also represented wisdom and illumination as it was closely tied to the sun in the pagan mythos. This is why the goddesses in the Ogdoad all have the heads of the serpents as it notes the wisdom that Eve possessed after eating the apple in the Garden and her becoming a serpent upon doing that.

Once again, it goes to show you that all of this is based in Luciferianism and that all of the players in the game worship Lucifer in different ways and forms. Trump is a Luciferian but goes according to his own whims and doesn’t abide to any structure as he embraces chaos. He once stated at a charity dinner in Washington when many people were leaving the White House, “So many people have been leaving the White House. It’s actually been really exciting and invigorating. I like turnover. I like chaos. It really is good.” His whole presence in the world stage is all about being a vessel for chaos which has been evident throughout his presidency. This is him acting out as Set on the world stage while Obama is acting as Heru on the world stage; which we will delve into in Part 3.

This is the end of Part 2.

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