As we move forward in this truth, we may find it harder to tolerate the people around us who are not cognizant of the spiritual component or of the reality of how this world works. We can get frustrated with our friends and family because they cannot see what we see. Once we understand how this society is manipulated and how the world really works, it leaves us at times disgruntled, bitter, and wondering what the purpose is of continually working and participating in this world. We then have small or long periods of time where we stagnate on our goals because we struggle with finding a reason as to why it even matters. This only changes once we come to the understanding that what we want to achieve does indeed matter.

The problem is that we are focusing on the things that do not matter. We focus on continuing to convince the people that we know will not heed to our words. We direct our energy towards the rest of society and getting mad as to why they’re not aware like we are. It is understandable for us to have these frustrations from time to time. The thing that we must realize is that we cannot be hung up on them because we have to realize that we are the ones that matter. No one is going to care for you more than you care for yourself. Only you can treat yourself the best out of everyone because you’re the only one that can fully understand what you want and need. People who don’t want to help themselves cannot be helped. You cannot save anybody because you yourself are not saved; we are only saved from the certain destruction of our souls once we are accepted into the Most High’s kingdom upon our judgment. We cannot put our energy into saving other people when it is no guarantee that we have saved ourselves from damnation either. The truth is that we must be grateful that we have been led to the truth and have come to the realization and understanding of the world around us. We cannot take the Most High’s mercy for granted. We must move forward in this life in spite of the ignorance of our family and friends.

Once we understand that it is only the actions of our family and friends that can change them, much of our stress and frustration will go away. It has always been hurtful to see our family and friends not understand what it is the truth for those of us who have been awake for years. This is even more so the case now considering what is going on with the plan-demic psy-op. However, we cannot keep our heads down because of this. It is dependent upon the actions of the individual for them to change for the better and to be awakened spiritually. Some might say that we are all chosen by the Most High to be awakened but that is not exactly the case. There are some that will disagree but it is not really that we have been chosen but it is rather the fact that we chose to be awakened. The Most High chooses his greatest servants to perform the greatest acts and duties in the universe. The Most High chose Yahweh Ben Yahweh to sacrifice himself on the tree for the sake of propitiating Israel’s sins as referenced in Acts 5:30 and 1 Peter 2:24. The Most High chose who will make up the 144,000. The Most High chose Abraham to be the progenitor of the house of Israel and His children. We chose to humble ourselves and acknowledge that we have done wrong in our ways and pray to be guided towards the truth. We are led to the truth through our diligent search for the truth but it is upon us to pick up on the truth. We may lead ourselves to the water or maybe the Most High leads us to the water but it is upon us to drink of the water.

Some may get lost in the way of what the truth is by experimenting with different religions and philosophies. There are millions, if not billions of people in the world who either have or are continuing to search for the truth. However, most fail to find the truth. It is all dependent on how sincere and diligent we are and how far we go to search the truth. If we go far enough in our search and we are willing to accept that what we were taught in our childhood was not true, we will stumble upon the truth eventually; if we were not led to it by the Most High. It is upon us to pick up on it and be humble enough to admit that we were taught wrong, that we were wrong in our ways and to start over spiritually and accept the truth. The truth will always be in the scriptures of the Bible: the Old and New Testament along with the Apocrypha. It is upon us to be willing to understand and accept the contents of the scriptures. Some are not willing to accept the Bible because they don’t fully understand it. They may not understand the lesson behind the story of Job and can reject the Bible because they view it from a place of emotion and not a place of wisdom. Even if the lesson in Job’s story was explained to that person, they might still reject it because they’re still viewing it from an emotional level. At that point, it is an emotional blockage that is leading them to not understand or accept the Bible.

Whether it was the research through the books we’d buy or find decades ago or the research through the Internet, we have had the tools to look for the truth this whole time. Through humility and prayer, our eyes will open up more to at least hear a different perspective of truth that doesn’t align with our religion or philosophy. Over time if we diligently continue to search for the truth, we will stumble upon it. It is all dependent on how far we actually go with it. If we do not look for the truth earnestly, we cannot say that it was never shown to us. We are sometimes given a pocket of truth in a video or audio clip or image or comment or post without us actively even searching. It is upon us to pick up on it and search further to see what the truth is. The truth can always be found if we search hard enough. However, it is our soul that has to find the truth; not our eyes. In order for our soul to find the truth, we have to understand and accept the truth of the scriptures. Only then can we sincerely follow the truth.

There are two forms of separation; one where it comes in the form of who searches the truth earnestly and who understands the truth. Most people do not go far enough in their search for the truth and they give up on it and believe in what they already believe in, convert to another religion in desperation of having the feeling that they’ve completed their search even though deep down they are not entirely confident in it, or they might even become agnostic or atheist. A small few actually goes far enough to find the treasure. An even smaller few extracts the true value of the treasure. When we do not understand the treasure and its value or how to use it, we leave it where we found it. That is where the true separation comes. Not everyone is willing to accept that the Most High is responsible for both good and evil in this world as referenced in Isaiah 45:7. The overwhelming majority of the people still think that the Most High is only a benevolent being that is only responsible for the good in the world and loves everyone. It is because of that mentality that the vast majority of people think the way they do when it comes to the Most High and the scriptures. This is what makes so-called Christians and even others who are not believers in the Bible continue to engage in homosexual relationships because they think that the Most High loves and accepts everyone for who they are despite homosexuality being explicitly forbidden in the scriptures. It is that hurdle alone that makes most people not accepting of the truth for what it is. There are other elements of the scriptures such as refinement and the rules regarding marriage and women which people do not understand and are not able to accept.

The truth is simple; the scriptures are not for everybody or for most people. Many people who are in the truth community still celebrate Easter and Christmas believing that it is for the Most High’s Son when all of the evidence in the world points to the reality that those pagan holidays have nothing to do with Him. People hold onto things like that just because of their pride to not admit that they were wrong or they pick and choose what they want to follow. They hold onto the things that make them feel good and discard the things that they don’t like. With everything that has been done or recorded throughout the scriptures, there was a reason for everything that happened. It is up to us to understand it. If we don’t manage to understand it ourselves or find a voice that tells us the reasoning behind certain things and yet still deny it, that is on us. Again, not everyone is going to understand or accept the scriptures and that’s fine. It is not our job to actively try to teach people. We have to teach ourselves. If one has a platform and is ordained to teach the scriptures, they will explain the scriptures in a way that is understandable and will help one potentially gain a certain level of comprehension. Those who are meant to find that platform and understand will grow themselves. We cannot stress on convincing others. We must be focused on ourselves and doing the best that we can because again, there is no absolute guarantee that either one of us will make it to the kingdom. We can only be sure of ourselves once we pass on and receive the Most High’s blessing to enter.

The truth is not meant to unite people but it is meant to divide because all but a few are willing to accept the truth. Most of humanity gravitates toward the Babylonian mysteries; hence most of the world being involved in these religions. All but a few have over time been drawn to the scriptures. This is confirmed with scriptures as in Matthew 10:34, Yahweh Ben Yahweh stated,

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

The sword is an instrument used to cut and divide. The Hamashiach’s sword of spiritual judgment is pointed against the hypocrites, liars, deceivers, vainglorious men, and blasphemers of the word. This spans from every church that uses his name for excess profits like the mega churches, the governments that have worked to abolish biblical law by demonizing it, and the media that has worked to teach the people that the Most High is the accursed one while Satan is the holy and innocent one. This verse is to make you understand that peace is not meant to be made with this kingdom and its enforcers because peace cannot exist with chaos. Only peace can exist within a framework in which the biblical law is in place and we are not held down by the flesh that we’re in, as in we are in the kingdom. This is because the biblical law is order whereas the law of Lucifer that still rules this world is rooted in chaos since it is in direct opposition to the order that the Most High established through His law, statutes and commandments. The peace that is thought of in this kingdom of Babylon is the peace that the powers that be are currently trying to establish. They believe that only through submission and relinquishing of individual freedoms for the sake of collective security can peace be established. It is essentially peaceful slavery. It is putting everything in the hands of the state to avert the fears and risks of one being responsible for their own speech, defense, food, water, housing, power, etc. We’ll address that in another time but that is how the meaning of peace has been manipulated in the current times.

To finish the point here, the sword is a metaphor for division because the truth does not unite but it divides. Most people become unified on lies that are perpetuated on a large scale. Most people believe in lies because the truth is too harsh for them. At best, people believe in half-truths. Very few accept the truth in its entirety. This division is expressed further in Matthew 10:35 which states,

“For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.”

Most of us have experienced this already being in the truth. We have our differences with our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc. over our spiritual and societal views. This is meant to be a separation to see who is willing to believe. It is also meant to be a form of refinement and test for those who are willing to believe. It becomes a question of whether or not you will put the Most High and His Son over your own family; the spirit over the flesh. This is why the Hamashiach states in Matthew 10:37,

“He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.”

The division is purposeful to test all of our hearts to see who out of us will adhere to and understand the word and who will put their love to the Most High above all things. Despite everything our family has done for us in the midst of our good times and our times of struggle, it is not a means of risking everything for them. It is the duty of a family, of the father and of the mother to support their own kin during the good times and during the times where they’re at the bottom with illness or near-death or any other condition. We cannot feel guilty for putting the Most High above them. As much as we love our family, they are not the ones who decide where our soul remains in the spirit world. Yes, our parents gave us life physically through their marriage. It is however the Most High that gave us life spiritually through the creation of our souls. The Most High holds the cards on whether we make it out of the womb or not. He ultimately holds the cards on whether or not we are protected, fed, nourished, sheltered, clothed, enlightened, etc. Our family, no matter how much they have done for us, is the variable which is why we cannot put all of our heart and spirit into them. The Most High is the constant and will never change which is why we have to put all of our heart and spirit into Him. There is no one who can do more for you than the Most High when you love Him and pass your refinement. At the end of the day, our family can change on a whim. They can abandon us, abuse us, steal from us, lie to us, manipulate us, etc. The Most High will not go out of His way to harm us or deceive us in malicious ways. The Most High’s Son is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. For the Son to be the Truth, so must His Father be. Therefore, the Most High cannot lie to us or deceive us. There is no absolute guarantee that our family will be by our side in every situation. The Most High will never abandon us unless we abandon Him. When we submit ourselves to the Lord, we are to stand by our faith and our love. If we change on Him, there is no rebound for us. We lose our robes and are left to our own devices but ultimately not without punishment in our judgment. This is highlighted in 2 Peter 2:21 which states,

“For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them.”

The Most High never willfully abandoning His servants is highlighted all throughout the scriptures. We look to Joshua 1:5 which states,

“There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.”

The Most High in that verse states clearly that He will not abandon his people or fail them but that He will be with them wherever they may go. There will be no enemy that can stand in our path as long as the Most High is on our side. We must recognize that no matter how great our family is to us, the only ones who can ultimately protect us in our greatest times of peril is the Most High. When we are by ourselves in the midst of the city and we are confronted by someone who wants to harm us or take our lives, who do we call out for? We call out for the Most High to protect us and shield us. We don’t call out for our family because they cannot protect us in that time when we’re alone. Of course, we must honor our father and mother as stated in Ephesians 6:2,

“Honour thy father and mother; (which is the first commandment with promise;)”

However, we have to look at the big picture and understand that like everyone else, our own family is limited by the flesh and are the variable. Psalm 27:10 tells us,

“When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.”

This is plain. When even our own father and mother who birthed us abandon us or betray us, the Lord will take us up and be there to love us. Again, this is if we love Him. Sometimes, our family’s betrayal is what brings us to the Lord. When we have no one in the world to support us or lean on, we humble ourselves and look to the heavens for support. We humble ourselves and lean onto the Most High for understanding.

No matter how much love there is between our families, there is never a guarantee that they will be by our side; especially when our positions can challenge their own beliefs. The Most High is the only thing that is of a surety in the universe. We must lean on Him and His Son with our unwavering loyalty and love because it is only through this that we will be in the best position for ourselves spiritually which is why Matthew 10:37 highlights that one who puts their own family over the Son is not worthy of His love. When you put family and friends before the Most High, you always lose. When you put the flesh before the spirit, you always lose. When you understand this, you come to gain a greater perspective about what truly matters.

This leads us to the perspective in which some of us may have. That being that our life is a movie. The fact is that our life is indeed a movie. The Most High is the director, producer, and writer of our lives. Just like with any movie, the screenplay is subject to changes depending on the circumstance. Our scripts change depending on our actions. If we step up to subvert what was a certain life of confusion which was written out for us, our script changes and our lives are written to fit our change accordingly. The Most High places Satan as the main antagonist in our story. Satan is our adversary. The Most High uses Satan and his fallen angels to deceive those who are meant to be deceived and to test those who are servants of the Most High. Satan is not the adversary of the Most High because the Most High has no peers. In Isaiah 45:5 it states,

“I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no Yah beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me:”

This is the Most High affirming that He has no peers. We have peers as there is other humans beside us. We are a collective. The Most High stands unopposed and singular. He cannot be destroyed or dethroned. He holds ultimate power over the direction of the universe. The Most High uses Satan to test His servants which is most notably seen in Job Chapters 1 and 2. If Satan was a true enemy of the Most High, Satan would’ve never been used by the Most High and would instead have been destroyed by this time. Satan will be destroyed after his purpose is no longer of use after the Most High collects all the souls of the elect and the servants who passed his refinement and stood the test of time in this life.

Yes, Satan is our main antagonist just like how the Joker is the Batman’s adversary or how Darkseid is the antagonist to Superman. This is our movie. The servants of the Most High are the main characters of this cinematic universe. We are living out our own movies. We, the individual, are the main character in our own movie. Other people in the truth who we are close to or who are servants of the Lord are the supporting cast in our movie. Our closest family and friends are supporting cast members as well because they contribute to our development; for better or worse. Just like with many supporting characters in movies, they come and go. We may stay the course and continue a favorable relationship with them until death or the relationship may be broken before death. In the same manner in which supporting characters can manipulate or hold back the main character, our family and friends can take on the same role in our script as well. The main focus is on us. The spotlight is given in moments to other supporting characters when they have an arc that is to envelop in our story which affects us. However, the main spotlight is always on us in our own script in this life in which we live.

The extras are people we see while walking the streets or driving every day. They have no significance whatsoever on our life. In the same way in which there are scenes where a civilian may cuss at or flip the bird to the main character, the same way that we have people cuss at us or flip the bird at us for whatever reason; most likely when we’re driving. The extras are the people in the comment sections of the videos and articles we watch and read. The extras are the teachers and students we see in school. The extras are our co-workers and managers. They’re present in the background but they don’t hold influence on our script. They may have a few lines here and there but otherwise, they are not of any real importance. The focus is on us and it always will be because our life is our own movie.

When we have this sentiment that life feels like a movie, we are coming to a greater perspective of the world around us and are beginning to understand what truly matters. What truly matters is us, the main character of our script, and the fulfillment of our character arc. Our character arc is to love the Most High with all of our heart and to fulfill our purpose in teaching and guiding as many people as possible of the word and bringing these souls to the Most High; whether that is our own wife, children, or others who we may take under our wing to grow and excel in the truth. The main task or purpose of a Luciferian or a Satanist is to bring as many souls as they possibly can over to Satan. This effort has been made on a global scale because they are the ones who are in control of the world when it comes to governance and control. We share the same purpose but for a different being in the Most High and His Son. It is important for us to also complete our goals but the goals that are of the most significance are the ones in which we use our gifts to advance the love of the gospel. As far as us getting money or a new house is concerned, that is not entirely that significant in comparison to our spiritual goals and objectives.

Once we lay out what is most important, we understand further the road to the finale of our story as we move along. Some of us will have an extravagant finale. Some of us will have a predictable finale. Some of us will have a tragic finale. This can be changed in our script though depending on how we adjust ourselves and the actions we take to either do better or worse. Some of us may have a blockbuster finale but our scripts may change because of our poor decisions and we won’t see that come to pass in our story. It will become a “what if” for us once our movie is complete.

To close off on this, our life is a movie and we are the main cast. Most of the people that we stress about or think of excessively are extras. Our co-workers, managers, landlords, classmates, teachers, accounts we follow on social media, politicians, and others are all extras. Some will say that politicians can become a supporting character because they often effect our lives in a negative way but extras can often be responsible for our downfalls as well. There have been many times in movies where the main character gets into a car crash or an accident at the hands of a person that we either see for that brief moment or is not even seen on camera. The politician is that person. They are simply a vehicle used to cause our shortfall. It really depends on how much we give our time and attention to them. They are simply the puppets who orchestrate the agendas of the people who control them. Our decisions and our life are only affected by politicians if we allow that to be the case. Even when they’re pushing a totalitarian agenda, our course of action can put us in a better position to avoid it. Even then if their agenda interrupts our life, we never meet them in person for the most part. They are simply a visual representation of the problem that has come into our life. They are a byproduct of the system that has been created to destroy us. They are a symptom of the disease. None of these extras truly matter. We give consideration to our family and friends and other members of the truth who support us but the focus must be on us. The focus on ourselves is intertwined with the focus on the Most High and His Son; if we are doing the right thing.

Not only is this society a movie because what we have been taught about history and the way the world works is fictional, our life itself is a movie because we have our own story and development with characters in our life with varying degrees of importance. At the end of the day, the Most High is what truly matters. We must direct our hearts and our spirits toward Him. He is the constant. The main question to our storyline or our movie that we will come to answer is:

Will we be able to change ourselves from being the variable to become like the constant to dwell in the kingdom?