This is a post that will be pinned at the top of the home page to speak on the intentions behind posts and breakdowns on this website. The purpose behind the breakdowns is to expose the corruption and wickedness of the matrix system set up by the powers that be in this society and to use that as an opportunity to encourage those who are already in the faith to embolden their faith and belief in the Most High and to direct those who aren’t in the faith yet to discover and understand that the truth lies in the scriptures; not in man. It may be uncomfortable for some whenever we go through extensive detail on esotericism, paganism and other topics in relation to Luciferianism and Satanism but do understand that it is not to give it spotlight but it is to denounce it and to emphasize the need for us to turn to the truth which is in the scriptures. We must keep our eyes open and our ears open to understand the schemes of the enemy so that we do not be deceived by their agendas, false flag events, ideologies, and manufactured crises whenever they occur. If we do not understand the energy behind these things, we can easily be misled and end up not understanding where the direction of this society is going; not because we’re invested in this society but so that we can be prepared for whatever direction this society heads in so we’re not ensnared through our ignorance and blindness. In order to understand the energy behind these things, we have to go through the mythology, esotericism, and paganism at times in our breakdowns to make you aware of what’s occurring. Discomfort surrounding this is understandable but do know that it is not to give the craft glory but it is to expose it and to denounce it. We make an effort to have a closing message on every post and breakdown when necessary to emphasize the importance of placing our spiritual energy into the Most High and not in this world. At the end of the day, everything comes down to the spirit. If we don’t have a spiritual foundation to rely upon to endure these last days and to deal with the burden of the knowledge that we have which many of our family and friends may not have, it’ll be difficult for us to endure and it can drive us to bitterness and cynicism with no positive outlook on life and we don’t want that.

Blog posts that concern life and spiritual topics are there to have a discussion about certain aspects of life to direct us in how to maintain a healthy mind and spirit and what snares we are to look out for so that we don’t get caught up in it. If we are to expose the evil, we have to also speak on the good so that there is a spiritual, mental and emotional balance. If we don’t speak on the good, we’ll inevitably be focused on the negative. We have to give light to the knowledge and wisdom that lies in the scriptures to direct us in our endeavors and our actions in this life so that we are circumspect, have proper discernment and can build a sustainable life for ourselves. This is not to place ourselves on a pedestal. We are all human beings who are trying to make it through each day. Knowledge should make us be aware and cognizant of our surroundings so that we do the right thing and are not deceived or misled. Knowledge doesn’t make us gods or any better than anyone else. We all bleed the same and we all have our duties and responsibilities. We’re no better than each other just because we may know some things. We must remain humble and charitable to each other. Through our love for the Most High, we are to be charitable to each other. Our ultimate goal is to strengthen charity, faith, and understanding in those who believe in the Most High and to lead others who may not have their hearts in the scriptures to these constructs. That is the intention behind these posts and breakdowns; to maintain and lead as many souls to the Most High as possible. While the enemy works to direct souls away from the Most High, we must work to bring them to Him. With that being said, may this be easily understood and considered by you all. May the Most High and His Son show you peace and favor in your lives.


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