In this life, we have constant ups and downs. We have moments where we are doing well and where we are doing poorly. This can come in the form of our mental state, our deeds, our living conditions, and our relationships. Where we may be doing well in one area, we may be hemorrhaging in another area. Our physical body and our living condition may be good but our mental health may be out of place. Our careers and our spiritual works may be in good standing but our relationship with our partner may be unstable or chaotic.

For most people, it is rare that they will ever experience extended periods of time to where everything is on the upside and is in order. This is the same thing with the stock market. It is rare that stocks will trend upwards for long periods of time without dropping slightly along the way. There could be days or weeks where a stock seems to be going up consistently without any turbulence. However, when you look at the tracking history of essentially every stock, they will never go straight up or straight down. There is always turbulence along the way. That is life.

We may have a 5 month stretch where we’re doing relatively well but there will always be days within that stretch where we may not get much done or we have slight issues that need to be handled with family, friends, work, etc. It is the same thing with the stock market. A stock can be doing well for 5 months straight but there may be days within that stretch where it dips slightly; possibly 1-2% in a given day. That always happens because that is the nature of life. When we understand that not everything is going to be accomplished in a single day every day of the year, we begin to stabilize our mind and our emotions that much more.

Patience is a virtue that we all must have. It is the only way in which we navigate this life successfully; especially in today’s society. Most of the people around us operate with an automated mindset. Everyone is always on the go and that trickles down to their behavior even when there is not an urgent need to go. People get so used to the routine of rushing to work, to clean and prep their kids for school, to get tasks done, to pick up their kids from school, etc. that they end up operating as if they’re on the clock all the time. In urban areas mainly but also suburban areas, most of the people on the road are in a rush to go; whether they have a real reason to be or not. Some people may be on a time-cruncher and they have to get to a meeting or to work but for the most part, people are just in a rush to go for no reason.

This mentality can actually cause you to really bring down your relationships with others. Some people rush into relationships and that causes the relationship to fall apart quickly because a solid foundation was not laid. People let their emotions get the best of them and ignore every faulty thing about a person when pursuing a relationship with them all for the sake of filling a void. Both men and women do this; primarily to fill their void of not being with a partner or not having intercourse for a while. It is not intended to make this article out to be too vulgar but that must be said because it is true. Many men and women either willfully ignore or are blinded by each other’s faults for the sake of getting easy sex. Then once they reach clarity after the fact, they realize how much they don’t like the other person. This dislike is compounded in situations where they end up having a child together which leads to a hellacious tenure for years on end with the legal battles over custody and child support. All of this happened because they rushed into things and did not exercise patience and discretion over their decisions. It is paramount to evaluate people that we encounter and to scrutinize ourselves of the decisions which we make. The more that we reasonably evaluate our mindset and our decisions, the more we will keep ourselves out of trouble and drama.

Getting back to the topic, it is not reasonable to expect perfection from yourself every single day. You will burn yourself out quickly. The more patient and realistic you are, the more your stock will rise. We have to be realistic about how much we’ll get done in a day and be patient for our long term goals to be accomplished. We cannot have that automated mindset; otherwise we will repeatedly burn ourselves out because of our constant stress over not being at a certain point in our lives. We always focus in on the things that we’re doing wrong instead of appreciating the things we’re doing right. Of course, we must work on areas where work is needed. However, we have to do it while avoiding the state in which you are constantly dwelling on the negative. Sometimes we can’t help it as our parents and really this society trains you to focus on the negative because generally your flaws or mistakes are highlighted first before your success or progress is even recognized. Sometimes in our childhood or teen years, we can be doing what we’re supposed to all the time but if we miss one day of cleaning the table or doing the dishes, our parents may make a big deal out of it. This may influence us to have a glass half empty mentality which we then carry into our lives later on in our adulthood and we don’t even know it. We have to be patient because our stock doesn’t reach its peak overnight. Businesses don’t reach their peak of success overnight. It takes time, money, patience, and work to reach your peak. All that we do when we rush is that we make our stock move in a volatile manner. We’re on a high energy one day and then we crash two days later not doing anything because we expended so much energy physically and mentally the other day. As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race. Patience and stability creates consistency. We will certainly face bumps in the road or even have a significant dip along the way but ultimately with patience and stability we will have a stock that is consistently moving upward.

Now that we have established that we represent stocks, we have to get to what stock market we are in. There are several stock markets in the world such as the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Japan Exchange Group and the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The stock market in which we are a part of is the Spiritual Stock Exchange. Our progression and regression is constantly monitored by the Most High. All of our good deeds and bad deeds are tracked in our lifetime. Our stock dips every time we have a minor or major shortfall in doing the wrong thing just like how any stock on the NY Stock Exchange regularly dips throughout the day. Our stock rises every time we have a minor or major upswing in doing the right thing just like how any stock regularly rises or surges throughout time.

The question one would ask is: well, who owns our stock? In our case, it is dependent on who we serve. Do we serve the Most High? Do we serve Satan? Or do we serve this world? Whoever it is that we serve, they own our stock. Whoever we divest the most energy into, they own our stock. We, like companies on the stock exchange, have to present ourselves and give reasons as to why investing in us will provide the potential buyer with the most return on their investment. This is the same thing we do in life. That is literally the premise of the show, “Shark Tank”. A plethora of people come in and present their business ideas in the best possible way to make themselves the most attractive investment for the group of investors. For the Spiritual Stock Exchange, we present ourselves through our actions by completing tasks which will entice and intrigue the investor to where they’d invest in us. The way they invest in us is by giving us tools to continue to expand our spiritual value and grow. For example, if our investor is the Most High, He may lead you to buy musical equipment or specific software programs to hone your skills and expand it to create and provide your music which praises Him to listeners around the world. On the flip side, if our investor is Satan, he will give you luxurious items such as jewelry, sports cars and bricks of cash to use that as props in your musical lyrics and videos to continue to spread the message of materialism and fulfilling one’s desires. When we continue to raise more energy for the investor, the investor buys more of our shares, as in, they direct more of their resources to us. In the stock market, companies work to raise more revenue to be profitable as a business so that the investor continues to put more resources into them in the long term. If we continue to abide by the laws, statutes, and commandments of the Most High, pray earnestly, fast in a humble manner, and use our gifts to bring more praise and souls to Him, the Most High will invest more in us. Some of the most incredible deeds that we do in this life such as fasting for 48 hours or helping a brother in need or bringing a soul over to the Most High lets our stock value increase dramatically. However, those are in spurts because we work up to our greatest accomplishments. If we remain consistent in our spiritual works and do the best we can to bounce back when we hit obstacles, our value will be that much greater. In turn, our shareholder which would be the Most High would invest more of His energy and love for us and would even become a long term investor because He sees that there is potential and growth in us that will expand over time and will give him the greatest return on his investment. That great return on investment could be all of the souls we’d bring to turn to Him to worship or how much assistance we gave to others to stay afloat and to improve their own value which would create a greater return on investment for the Most High from them as well in their continued devotion or how much praise we have given Him over time with our works.

On the flip side, Satan is the other main investor on the Spiritual Stock Exchange. The more souls you bring over to Satan, the more your stock value rises. The more you use your gifts and talents to praise Satan, the more your stock value rises. The more rituals you do to praise Satan, the more your stock value rises. The way in which the Most High would favor his elect by putting them in high positions such as priest or judge is mirrored by Satan as he put his own servants in high positions such as high priest or priestess or judge.

The main thing however is to understand how much value can we truly raise when it comes to which investor we’re trying to get to invest in us. We are our own corporation. We have market values similar to how companies have market values of $10B to $1T or more. This is all accumulated over time according to the value of our works. Our market value can only be so valuable when our works are for Satan. Our stock is equivalent to what is called a “short squeeze” to where a stock rises tremendously in value in a small period of time but loses value quickly over time. Satan sells his share in us when we burn out and he no longer has use for us. He knows that he got the most value out of us and now he is looking to another stock that he can extract the most value from. It is similar to the Star Wars saga where those who follow the “dark side” attain great levels of power relatively quickly for a moment but at the cost of their physical bodies and their souls. Over time, they deteriorate to the point where it negates whatever power they had in their peak and it is as if they never received any power because they’re brought down to the point where they’re merely a husk of a being.

With the Most High, our market value doesn’t have quite a cap on it. Depending on our actions in this life, we may reach a market value of trillions because our works are of far greater worth when it is for the Most High than it is for Satan. There is only but so much value that comes from works that are grounded in low and dark energy. There is no true reward in the end when it comes to having Satan as your main shareholder. At the end of it all, our company representing our soul goes out of business i.e. we do not make it to the kingdom but rather to the lake of fire when we serve Satan. The Most High makes His greatest purchase when He permits us to enter the kingdom. He will eternally invest in us by having us in positions in the greatest chamber of the spirit world to where we can do works that are of even greater value because we are not limited by the flesh. For us who do well in the beginning but then fall off in the middle or the end, the Most High may sell His shares when our stock is tanking and there is no end in sight where we’d turn things around. We lose our crown when the Most High sells His shares in us. In contrast to one who never was on the Most High’s portfolio, one who lost his crown may file for bankruptcy. As with bankruptcy, your debts are not entirely forgiven. Specifically under Chapter 13 filing, you have to pay in the form of a repayment plan and will make monthly repayments over several years. The difference is with our souls, we have to repay the Most High if we were to lose our crowns for eternity. We repay by entering a lower chamber of the spirit world. Our company or our soul stays afloat by being in a lower chamber as opposed to if we were in the lake of fire which would then be that our company is out of business i.e. our soul is destroyed.

In closing, we truly are the stock market. We all work towards increasing our value to make our investor buy more of our shares. The greater the return on investment is for our shareholder, the greater the resources are invested back into our souls. There is no greater market value that can be reached other than a company or a soul that’s business is centered in raising value for the Most High. As long as we continue to raise value through our works, we will be in business for eternity; granted that the Most High sees us as worthy enough to stay in His portfolio for eternity.