This is one of the first and few posts which will be centered on Joe Biden. For those of you who read Part 3 of the Donald Trump series, we lightly touched on Joe Biden and his odd connections not necessarily to Epstein himself per se but rather the area in which Epstein had occupied and operated in for years. If you want to read up on that, you can read Part 3 which will you find here; it includes discussions about the Bidens’ loose connection of nearby residence to Epstein’s Little St. James Island with Water Island, the alleged Pizzagate coded symbols and Biden and Pelosi’s affinity for “ice cream”, and parts of the Ashley Biden diary which is old news by the way and was covered here on this website long before the media picked up on it. There are quite a few things one could unravel regarding the Biden Administration such as the migrant crisis which has been contrived to ramp up child sex trafficking along with the administrations’ advancement of the LGBTQ agenda and the humanist agenda among other things. However, this post is specifically focused on Joe Biden as an individual and we’ll lightly touch on Kamala Harris here and there as well. We’ll have to cover things like the LGBTQ agenda and the humanist agenda entirely on their own because those are broad subjects that require full attention on its own separately; especially because there is both a physical and spiritual element to both of those things.

Despite it being just five months ago, it is still relevant to talk about the inauguration ceremony of Joe Biden. One of the main reasons being is that there was significant color-coding which took place during this ceremony and it is one of the main ways in which these Luciferians communicate. The main ways that they have been communicating for not just hundreds but thousands of years is through hand signs, symbols, numbers, and also colors. This is one of the more subtle ways in which Luciferians communicate. Most people catch on to the hand signs and some of the symbols and numbers but many do not catch onto the color coding. It is almost tradition for the color coding to be present during the presidential inauguration ceremony because after all, it is an event for the brotherhood.

Anytime you see a mass gathering of these politicians and celebrities all in one venue, it is a witches gathering. We won’t go as far to say that every single member of Congress is a witch but the vast majority of them are. At the very least, they are members of some fraternity or sorority. In order for them to be a part of the diplomatic food chain in D.C., they have to have some sort of connections; both political and brotherhood or sisterhood. If they want to get any further and be a Senator or even President, they have to do many favors; whether it is political, sexual, Masonic, or others. Case in point, Kamala Harris as is already known slept her way to where she is at now. She is the perfect example of a politician who “paid their dues” and we’ll touch on her to an extent in this post.

Getting back to the crux of this segment, the color-coding is used most commonly in news reports. News reporters will wear a specific color that has a meaning that is related to the segment that they are reporting on. They will often wear red, blue, and purple which are colors that relate to the Hegelian dialectic which is in reference to the concept of order out of chaos and as above so below. They’ll often wear the red and blue for segments regarding mass shooters or domestic terrorist events to denote that these events are for the advancement of the Great Work and is rooted in the Hegelian dialectic.

Biden’s inauguration ceremony was a massive event for color coding. As you can see from above, the color code is strongly present. You primarily have Kamala Harris and Jill Biden playing out the color code here with Joe Biden playing it to a lesser degree. Kamala Harris is wearing the purple suit. Jill Biden is wearing the turquoise suit. Joe Biden is wearing the blue tie. We will break down the significance of each of the primary colors used within the color coding presented at the ceremony. We will get back to these three but we’ll quickly do a run down on the colors used by some of the others at the ceremony.

This is the Clintons at the ceremony. As you can see, Hillary Clinton is wearing the purple dress in tandem with the dark purple coat. On the other hand, Bill Clinton is wearing the blue tie. So there is a form of twinning or mirroring here between the Clintons and Biden & Harris. Both Bill Clinton and Joe Biden are wearing the blue tie while Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton are both wearing the purple suit. On a side note, for those wondering, yes there will be a detailed series on the Clintons coming in the long run that will most likely be even more detailed than the series on the Trumps, Lord willing. Having said that, just to reiterate, both Bill Clinton and Joe Biden are wearing the blue tie while Hillary and Kamala are wearing the purple suit.

This is the Obamas. As you see, similar color scheme here. Michelle Obama is wearing the purple pantsuit but this time it is a different shade of purple but it is still purple nonetheless. Barack Obama is also wearing the blue tie but you just have to look closely.  

Here is Nancy Pelosi and her husband, Paul Pelosi. Nancy is wearing the turquoise dress while Paul Pelosi is wearing the blue tie as well. So the Pelosi’s are mirroring the Bidens this time whereas the Clintons mirrored just Biden and Harris. Nancy Pelosi and Jill Biden are both wearing the turquoise dress while Joe Biden and Paul Pelosi are both wearing the blue tie. The theme as we see is being played out. We’ve had Biden and Harris mirror the Clintons as well as the Obamas to an extent and now we’ve had the Bidens mirror the Pelosis. Once again, we’re showing the theme of the color code here.

This is Elizabeth Warren and her husband. While Warren is not wearing a purple pantsuit or dress, she is still keeping up with the purple color scheme which as we’ve seen has been worn exclusively by the females. She is wearing the lilac scarf which is another shade of purple while her husband is wearing the blue tie if you look closely. Warren also has the Planned Parenthood logo on her scarf which speaks volumes on a few levels. For one, it is to signify that the Biden presidency is going to be the continuation and acceleration of the feminist agenda and more radical policies in favor of what I like to call ‘the Rainbow Serpent cult’ otherwise known as the LGBTQ community. The Democratic Party is all about the promotion of feminism, transgenderism, pansexuality, and the slavish dependency of the individual to the state. Neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party is about any sort of systematic change whatsoever. They are both about filling the pockets of the wealthy, over-taxing people, engaging in imperialism overseas through the military-industrial-complex, over-spending and ramping up the debt to further make everyone debt-slaves, and to ultimately make everyone serve the government as their god. The Republican Party is not about upholding any biblical principles either and they never have. They simply tout biblical principles like marriage only being between a man and a woman because they have to appeal to their base of conservatives in order to make that significant portion of the populace still believe that there is someone out there for them or that there really are two parties. If conservatives had no one to turn to or no side to take, it would be a disaster for the political system, especially for the Republican Party, because there would be such a backlash against the things that they would try to implement culturally and socially. The Republican Party is heavily dependent on the vote of conservative whites which makes up the majority of the white vote. The Democratic Party is not as dependent because they have the minorities, the LGBTQ vote, the younger vote, the middle-age vote, and other groups. The Republican Party has to appeal to the ideals of their base in order to keep this system going. Behind closed doors, they’re all witches for the most part. Both parties serve the god of this world which is Lucifer. Many people will be surprised once it is revealed just how these allegedly super conservative and Christian Republicans actually get down behind closed doors. People truly believe that some of these characters on the right are real Christians. They’re all Masons and witches; they have to be in order to hold office. The Republican Party simply uses Christianity to continue to uphold the deception that there is actually a side that upholds conservative principles or is serving as the offset to the left to maintain this false sense of democracy. They also do it to create the divide et impera polarization in the country for further social engineering and the subsequent implementation of more surveillance and disarming citizens through the altercations between the two sides that is orchestrated by the aforementioned polarization.

Getting back to the Planned Parenthood angle, one of the biggest things that drive the Democratic Party politically amongst the younger populace is abortion. The party is all about focusing on the younger generation that is present and to come. The most vocal and abrasive demographic against any forms of moderation or conservatism is the younger populace ranging from 16 to 30 because most individuals from the ages of 25 to 30 are as emotional, unreasonable, and mentally immature as a teenager is or someone from 16 to 24. This is of course for various reasons when it comes to the social engineering, the education system, and cultural programming through entertainment. They were taught to be irrational, immature, and to know no boundaries. They’re all for breaking the boundaries and social norms to bring in what they deem to be a utopia of Pan, Bacchus, and Diana but really comes in the form of anarchy since it is steeped in the understanding that there are no restrictions or boundaries or rules in place; you can have sex with whoever and whenever you want, you can be whoever you want, and you can be whatever you want i.e. the principle of Thelema “do what thou wilt”. That is the principle that not just the left or the government but the entire country is built upon. 

Now on a symbolic level, the scarf speaks to the Canaanite belief system or the worship of Baal. The abortions performed today are done to act as the modern day version of child sacrifices to Baal. The sacrifice of the innocent child is seen as the highest level of sacrifice amongst the Luciferian sphere. Blood sacrifices in the ancient world were seen as being necessary to provide the good energy and spiritual power needed to make one more successful in their endeavors, in their dark magic, or to elongate the reign of the kingdom on a bigger scale. That is specifically why the country does these mass killing rituals that act as a form of trauma on the populace at large; among many other reasons but mainly to keep the reign of this kingdom going. This is why blood sacrifice is big in the entertainment industry behind closed doors as it is to help these athletes, singers, musicians, actors, producers, etc to have greater success in their ‘craft’. They do it to enhance their ability as both entertainers and magicians. Baal is arguably the main god of this kingdom just because it serves as the god of child sacrifice. Planned Parenthood is nothing but a front for the worship of Baal. We revealed in the article on Dr. Fauci and the pandemic about how Planned Parenthood was formed on the basis of eugenics and racism by Margaret Sanger. This is why many Planned Parenthood buildings and clinics are predominantly located near black communities for the most part. Planned Parenthood is about eugenics, de-population, and even more importantly, the continuation of this kingdom through child sacrifice. Truthfully, the elite needed to implement Roe v. Wade in 1973 because they knew that this kingdom is running on borrowed time and does not have hundreds of years left to rule. The dark energy from the mass child sacrifices would at the time fuel this kingdom forward but would later become a necessity to keep this society going. This is why they can’t nor will they ever outlaw Roe v. Wade entirely because that is the form of energy that drives this kingdom. You’ll come to find that everything in life is truly about energy. When it comes to serving demons and following the left hand path especially, energy is the biggest thing that one comes to value.

To expound on the tie between abortion and Luciferianism, you can look up a man named Zachary King who is an ex-Satanist who revealed that he performed over a hundred abortions in both high-profile and low-profile abortion clinics around the country and he specifically did this because abortions were considered to be blood sacrifices by the Satanic church. He revealed that he would be invited by the director of these high-profile abortion facilities and high level administrators at these facilities to perform these abortion rituals. The doctors would often be Satanists themselves and would be a part of the preparations for the ritual and have an active role in the ritual as well. The babies which are aborted are considered to be sacrifices dedicated to Satan by the end of every day and are formally dedicated in the form of daily Black Mass services. The reasons for the female aborting the child is not necessarily important to them as they are still dedicated to Satan either way; most likely because they understand that the act of killing a healthy child in the womb is obviously a form of sacrifice.

The last note to be made is that the color purple was a major color for the Canaanites as the name Canaan literally means, “Land of Purple”. In the land of Canaan, a purple dye was extracted from a murex shellfish near the Palestinian shores. The purple and gold color scheme itself is a significant color scheme tied to the Canaanites. So the scarf speaks on two levels to the Canaanite belief system; the Planned Parenthood logo to signify the Canaanite worship of Baal through child sacrifice and the purple color to denote Canaan as the Land of Purple. We’ll certainly cover this specific topic in greater detail in another time but it’s important to go in detail with these things because none of the things that these Luciferians wear is by happenstance; especially at important events like these.

We get to the last predominant color of the inauguration which is white. This was worn by Jennifer Lopez who is without a doubt one of the premiere witches in the entertainment industry. She allegedly practices voodoo and Santeria which is a form of African magic. Her former makeup artist came out a while ago and stated that Jennifer Lopez was into ‘voodoo rituals’. This is why it makes sense for her to come out and wear the all-white attire because she like all of her peers in the entertainment industry is a witch. You can even look at a commercial that she did with Kim Kardashian and Alex Rodriguez where they show Kim Kardashian is sitting inside of a pyramid. That was to show you that all three of them are witches. If J-Lo is particularly close with Kim Kardashian who is professing to be a witch through that action, do you really think she is not into the same thing as well? Anyone of a celebrity status who is closely aligned with the Kardashian witch coven and not necessarily from a relationship standpoint, they are witches as well. People like Larsa Pippen and Chrissy Teigen who are particularly close with Kim Kardashian are witches.

Either way, Lopez was the only one who came out with this attire so she was acting out the role of the proverbial moon goddess. The colors for the moon goddess are white and silver. Whenever you see these celebrities at these major functions or events wearing the all-white or the silver, it is them playing the proverbial moon goddess.

Once again, the inauguration ceremony was all about pushing the tenets of the Luciferian agenda which has been at work ever since the formation of the United Nations. The Democratic Party is all on board with the agenda in pushing feminism, transgenderism, the racial war, the culture war, etc. None of the groups that they claim to fight for or represent are considered with any form of respect in the eyes of the Democratic elite. It is all a ruse to continue to keep these particular groups of women, LGBTQ, minorities, youth, etc all looped into the matrix. They push this belief system and way of thinking only because it is their orders to do so by their handlers. They partake in this same form of belief system and yet push it because they want to be more open with their depravity. They don’t care about the common citizen; they only care about themselves and their money. Many of these politicians in Congress don’t even recognize just how costly their decisions are. You’ll come to find that many of them don’t understand the legislation that they’re even pushing to pass. They simply do it at the behest of their donors and special interest groups so they can continue to line up their pockets. Some of them at the higher levels do understand and do it willingly because they’ve been trained up from their youth to continue the agenda to complete the Great Work. However, for the most part, politicians don’t understand or are not knowledgeable of much of what’s in the script. Politicians are just like actors in that they don’t understand what’s in the script and are not particularly kept in the loop about things. Actors are beholden to their agents, producers, directors, and other executives. Politicians are the exact same way. They are simply the mouth piece and promoters for the directors and producers of society. Just like how there are a few actors in Hollywood who is on the level to be handlers and programmers and have a greater role in the hierarchy, there are also a few politicians who are on that level. Not every single politician or actor is involved in child sacrifice, cannibalism, bestiality, etc. There are levels to this. Many of them are aloof to a lot of what is going on as far as the advancement of the agenda. They simply tout the message because they’re puppets, either by force or willingly and to reward them, their handlers provide them with money, properties, sex slaves, drugs, certain high level positions within their profession, power, etc. Politicians for the most part are simply the gatekeepers. These mega corporations, big banks, and elite families are the ones who actually understand on a deeper level how to advance the plan for this society further because for one, they create the legislation that these politicians pass and they also are behind a lot of the major think tank institutions like the Brookings Institution and the Atlantic Council. In order for real change to happen, people have to be more focused on the ones who hold the puppet strings than the puppets themselves because the puppets don’t understand what is going on half the time. They’re too busy trying to come down off of their highs from drugs and alcohol. Some of them like Pelosi and Biden are too busy trying to string a thought together. The people who are running the country are numbskulls. That is how the elite handicap the country – they put people in power who they know are a liability mentally; whether it is from intoxication or mental disorders because that makes them far easier to control. They don’t want to put politicians in place who have a clean record and are clear-minded because that leaves more of a chance in them questioning the agenda and actually making a change. They don’t care about how qualified you are but rather how controllable you are. The way they look at it is that the dirtier your record is, the better it is for them because they have more that they can hold over your head and forces you to do their bidding. Having said that, these tangents might seem to be off-topic but it is necessary so you can gain a greater understanding of this from a larger perspective.

Just to reiterate, the all-white dress is to not only venerate the mother goddess but it is also to communicate that they are going to continue the radical feminist agenda and work to emasculate the male to further handicap this society from uprising against the aggressive actions of the elite. It is to say that now that they have successfully booted Trump out of the presidency, they will continue the work of Barack Obama in destroying this society through all of these social agendas while working to further take away the 1st and 2nd Amendment under the guise of rooting out radical white supremacist groups. Once again, they needed Trump to lure in the disgruntled conservative class of America into a trap so that they can use that as an opportunity to cut them out from having any power or control in this society and to also strip everyone of their rights. They were betting on Trump being such a hated figure that their work would be done itself as the people would come out vigorously to vote him out of office but the unintended consequence of Trump was that he lifted up the curtain a little too much for people to see behind it and see just how farcical and insidious the mainstream media, the social engineering, and the political system really is. They underestimated the people and in turn had to do damage control by rigging the election. They couldn’t risk having Trump stay in for another four years because for one the plan was never to have him stay for a second term and second, it would have further opened up the eyes of the people while plunging the country too deep into internal conflict that they don’t particularly want to occur at this time. The elite wants there to be further divide but not too far to where they can’t control it; they want it to be on their terms.

We now get to the turquoise color and what that is supposed to signify. Here it states, “The goddess Hathor was associated with turquoise, as she was the patroness of Serabit el-Khadim, where it was mined. Her titles included ‘Lady of Turqouise’, ‘Mistress of Turquoise’, and ‘Lady of Turqouise Country’.” So not only do we learn here that the turquoise is for Hathor but we also learn the reason why. In the ancient world, it was common for the people to associate gods with certain elements, colors, stones, places, etc. Relating to this, the ancient Egyptians associated Hathor with turquoise.

This brings us to another example of the turquoise worn on Inauguration Day. This time, this is Melania Trump from 2017 on Inauguration Day wearing the turquoise hued dress. She just has a lighter shade of turquoise. Remember that these people view themselves as the physical avatars or vessels of the old gods. They communicate this through their different attires in which they wear. These are all witches. They tell you who they are but you just have to be able to understand the code. Pelosi and Biden both wore the turquoise for the ceremony to venerate Hathor but also to act as sort of the pillars who would give their blessing to the pharaoh.

This is the triad of Isis and Nephthys holding the hands of Horus. Note that the statue is also in turquoise. The elite often do this where they’ll have the man be flanked by two women. The man is acting as an avatar of Horus while the women play the role of Isis and Nephthys. The triad is in reference to a version of the story of Osiris where Isis with the help of Nephthys raises her son Horus after Osiris went into the afterlife. Isis hid Horus from his jealous uncle Seth who usurped the throne of Egypt and had killed Osiris. This was to denote that Isis and Nephthys acted as the protectors of Horus and also led him during his re-capturing of the throne from Seth and his reign as king.

This leads us to the dynamic that we saw between Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden during his recent speech to Congress. Biden was flanked by both Harris and Pelosi as you can see here. This on a deeper level is meant to re-enact the dynamic which played out in Kemet with Isis and Nephthys and the child Horus. As we covered in Part 5 of the Donald Trump series, these presidents view themselves as the fleshly manifestation of Horus or some other incarnation of Lucifer; whether it be Apollo or Pan or Shiva or whomever. We went over before specifically in Part 3 of the Trump series in how the transition of Obama’s reign to Trump was played out in the way that Set usurped the throne of Osiris with Trump playing Set and Obama playing Osiris. It is interesting when you look at the parallels, in the Osirian mysteries, there was something known as the lamentations of Isis and Nephthys. Isis and Nephthys lamented Osiris after his death and vowed to place Horus on his throne to avenge his death. Lamentations are an expression of sorrow and mourning and grief. What we saw transpire for the past four years was the period of lamentations for the country and that sort of “weeping” was expressed the most by the women on the left. You saw countless female celebrities weeping after Trump won the election and also after he was sworn in as president. You’d have thought that Trump had killed Barack Obama but once again, it was theatrical for a reason. It was really to traumatize the people into believing that devastation was going to come to the country and to create this false sense of urgency in the youth to be more politically involved. By doing that, they would have more vocal support by a brash and aggressive youth for the agendas that they have trouble implementing like gun control among other things and so would be able to have a greater change of advancing the Great Work. Once they had enough of the country united against Trump who has been playing Set, they would use Trump as an excuse to go after the 1st and 2nd Amendments and wither it down to nothing before getting to the eventual point to where they repeal it entirely after the country drowns out all conservative voices with people who won’t question anything. It’s all about narrative to create as much emotion as possible. When you go about things emotionally, you won’t have a clear understanding of what is at work and you won’t be rational. Trump is the engineer to create this emotionality within the people. Terms like “alt-right”, “Q-Anon”, “conservative”, “conspiracy theorist” and others are all synonymous now with Trump. When someone is slapped with one of those labels, it immediately registers with people to associate that with Trump and that sparks the emotion back up which makes them call for the most extreme measures against people who question the narrative or have any other opinion different from mainstream narrative. When you use the people to silence the opposition, you have your work completed right then and there. Once again, that is why Trump was put into office in 2016 as they would not have had this effective weapon if Hillary Clinton had become president. Trump being the good actor that he is made this weapon even more effective and it has been used to make censorship and the dilution of free-speech more acceptable to the people which will eventually be used on them as well. The elite are simply using the sheep to go up against anyone who questions the narrative to make it more acceptable to trample on and eventually eradicate free-speech.  

Getting back to the point, Nancy and Kamala are playing out the role of Isis and Nephthys in guiding Biden who is playing the role of Horus or in this case the avatar of Horus. What this period of time between 2021 and 2030 represents is the age of Horus. The period of the Trump presidency represented the age of Set. Believe it or not, those of the Luciferian sphere truly view Trump’s ousting as the defeat of Set. It may seem far-fetched to some but this is what this is all meant to represent. They needed a female Vice President to fulfill this part of the Osirian mysteries so to say where Horus is led and guided by Isis and Nephthys to obtain the throne and to be ‘king’. In the same way that Osiris’ reign continued on through Horus, it is the same way in which Obama’s reign continues on through Biden; more from a societal standpoint than anything else. Harris and Pelosi are really the ones running the country because as we all know; Biden is cognitively deficient and is barely functioning. Harris and Pelosi are simply following the script that the Luciferian Council has given them. They send the script or the message to their carrier pigeons who are the presidential model slaves to the president and they have to fulfill that script. The Luciferian council is like the board of directors of this world. They’re like a step above the banking families and are never seen in public. They are the movers and shakers of the world, not just America but the world at large. Nevertheless, this is the dynamic that is being played out right now in America; Pelosi and Harris are the ones taking the charge albeit they’re mentally detached from everything themselves while Biden is simply the mascot for the people to believe that he is actually running anything.

We now get to the symbolism of the color purple. Purple has many meanings but this is one of them amongst the Luciferians; especially those at the higher levels of government and so-called royalty. We went over this briefly in reference to the Canaanites or the Phoenicians when talking about Warren’s purple scarf.

The text states, “The color purple has been associated with royalty, power and wealth for centuries. In fact, Queen Elizabeth I forbad anyone except close members of the royal family to wear it. Purple’s elite status stems from the rarity and cost of the dye originally used to produce it.” Before we go further, as you see, this was a color which was exclusive to the royals as shown with Queen Elizabeth I of England. She was known as the “Virgin Queen” which is what the state of Virginia is named after.

“Purple fabric used to be so outrageously expensive that only rulers could afford it. The dye initially used to make purple came from the Phoenician trading city of Tyre, which is now in modern-day Lebanon. Fabric traders obtained the dye from a small mollusk that was only found in the Tyre region of the Mediterranean Sea.” As they confirm here what we’ve stated previously, the purple came from ancient Canaan or Phoenicia.

“A lot of work went into producing the dye, as more than 9,000 mollusks were needed to create just one gram of Tyrian purple. Since only wealthy rulers could afford to buy and wear the color, it became associated with the imperial classes of Rome, Egypt, and Persia. Purple also came to represent spirituality and holiness because the ancient emperors, kings and queens that wore the color were often thought of as gods or descendents of the gods.” So what is interesting to note here is that the purple was associated with the imperial classes of Rome, Egypt, and Persia which were all three of the major kingdoms or rather heads of the seven headed beast that we read about in Revelation. This color is significant to the elite on a generational and periodic scale. This significance has been passed down to kingdoms and to bloodlines because it is a physical representation of their elitist status. They literally view themselves as a privileged class who is burdened to save and preserve the planet yet is also of a superior bloodline and understanding which makes them better than the rest of humanity who they deem as the “profane” who don’t understand anything. That sentiment is carried by these Luciferians when they wear the purple color. People like the Obamas and the Clintons clearly carry this sentiment as well but ironically enough, they can be identified as the profane as well because there are many things that even they are not aware of and are more so puppets themselves who are subject to the commands of the banking families and the Luciferian council at the highest level. So it more so applies to them from a wealth and class standpoint and to a certain degree, cognizance of the world around them. They believe that because they understand how this world really works and how the ‘matrix’ for lack of a better term to describe this society is so artificial and farcical in nature when applied to reality. Thus, this makes them feel that they have a god-like understanding which in turn makes them gods in their mind because they know the truth about things like our world history and these religions while everyone else continues to believe the lies of the matrix system put into place.

So we’ve seen Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Kamala Harris all wear the color purple. It is clearly a sign that the use of the color purple is to venerate the feminine principle in some way. Let’s see in what way it could venerate it.

Here it states, “The chakra colour purple belongs to the sixth and seventh primary chakras of the subtle body. Referred to as the Third Eye and Crown chakras respectively, these energy centers from the top of the chakra system and embody the higher vibrational frequencies. Purple is an important and spiritual color because of these associations.” As we’ve gone over in the past, the third eye represents illumination where one is opened up spiritually to the spirit realm where they can communicate with spirits, receive guidance from those spirits, and achieve a heightened sense of understanding and awareness. The third eye can both receive and emit energy which really means that the person once they open themselves up spiritually to these demonic forces, they can receive energy from these spirits and also can reach the point to where they can put forth energy from themselves. It is meant to represent the highest state of existence that a human can reach; they become a “god”. The purple is a color to generalize the third eye. The true color of the crown chakra is indigo but the purple is still often used to symbolize the same meaning. So with Clinton, Harris, and Obama all wearing the purple for the ceremony, this is their way of venerating the mother goddess by stating that they as women have attained full enlightenment by embracing the path of worshiping the mother goddess and in turn being in their mind fleshly manifestations of the mother goddess. At the end of the day, it’s all self-glorification. This mindset was brought forth by Semiramis, Cush and Nimrod as they were the ones who rebelled against the Most High after Noah’s flood. They taught mankind to look at them as gods in a way to rebel against the Most High and His laws. America is the new Babylon by teaching the people to view them, the government, as their head and to venerate themselves, the people, as their own gods. This is all to turn people away from the Most High; whether those in power understand the scope of that or not.

Just to further expound on the purple, we are brought to Jupiter. It states, “Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the largest planet in our solar system.” Just so you know, the number 5 is an important number to remember because it is to signify Jupiter. The number 5 has many different meanings but one of the primary reasons is to venerate Jupiter just like how the number 6 is to venerate Saturn as it is the sixth planet from the sun.

“Magick: Jupiter influence may be brought into any magical workings related to religion or faith, legal matters, politics, influencing those in authority or increasing authority or power, and fatherhood or patriarchal power or authority. Also any working against Saturn influences. Healing related to the liver, purification, the blood and circulatory system.” The main point to take note of is that Jupiter influence may be brought into any magical workings related to politics and influencing those in authority or increasing authority or power. So the magical veneration of Jupiter is used to help one succeed in power, authority, and in one’s political career. Is that not what the Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens have aimed for and continue to aim for by continuing to assume power, authority, and political success? They venerate these gods because it is what gives them their success and fortune by practicing dark magic and honoring these false gods. By wearing the purple, they are giving homage to the likes of Jupiter and Saturn.

“Colors Associated with Jupiter: Violet, rich purple, blue, yellow.” As you see the purple and blue which are the primary colors we’ve seen worn in the inauguration ceremony, they are associated with Jupiter. You see the rich purple with Kamala Harris, the blue with all of the males and their ties, and also the yellow with the young poet Amanda Gorman and her dress. We’ll address her later on. Nonetheless, these colors all line up with the veneration of Jupiter. The colors also have other significant meanings which we’ve gone over and will continue to go over as we go on.

Just to give some more credence to the use of the purple, we look back to an infamous use of the purple by the Clintons. This was after Hillary Clinton “lost” the election to Trump where she conceded in her concession speech. Both Bill and Hillary are wearing the purple while Tim Kaine in the back is wearing the traditional blue. Now, we are told that politicians from time to time wear the purple to signify bipartisanship where Republicans and Democrats come together i.e. the red and the blue coming together to form the purple. This goes back to the Saturnian system and the color purple. The red and blue represents fire and ice; fire being that of the sun and ice being that of the ice planet Saturn, and when they come together, they create the perfect balance which is represented with the color purple. This is why you have the red and the blue as the primary colors of the American flag because it is an allusion to Saturnianism and that is the belief system which America is primarily rooted in; along with the Canaanite belief system and the Greek and Egyptian mythologies which are the primary branches of the Babylonian mysteries. This is why the purple is a significant color which is primarily because it is an allusion to Saturn. The Clintons are certainly Saturnians. Those who are Saturnians follow the left hand path which is where they openly embrace dark magic and do whatever it is that they need to do to get what they want; whether that is killing the innocent, performing sex magick rituals which include children, etc. They practice the more malicious forms of magic and embrace death and destruction which is the root of Saturnian worship because Saturn is the god of death and destruction. This is where you get the concept of the Grim Reaper from as the sickle which we see the Grim Reaper use is associated with Saturn, the god of death. The sickle is a tool used to reap the crops from the ground. To relate this purpose to the concept of the Grim Reaper, the Grim Reaper’s sickle is used to reap the souls of the dead. Father Time also comes from Saturn as another name for Saturn was Chronus who was the god of time which is where you get the term chronology or chronological order from. Whenever you see Father Time, you will see him depicted with the hour glass to represent time and the sickle as well. He is holding the sickle because he and the Grim Reaper are one; they are both different forms of Saturn.

At the highest levels, these politicians are Saturnian. They have to be because in that world, the more power and the higher the position you acquire within the hierarchy, the more deplorable and wicked things you have to do to appease Satan and these other demonic forces, believe it or not. What makes a malevolent entity pleased or joyous is the destruction of innocent lives, bloodshed, violence, depression, etc. These politicians have to perform dark magic which will give them the best chance of offering these demonic forces those things. In order to carry out these wars and different government operations which involve innocent people being killed in the most brutal ways imaginable, they have to believe that death and destruction are a necessity and is what is needed for the advancement of civilization. This is certainly what families like the Bushes and the Clintons believe and it showed within their policies.

To reiterate the meanings behind the color purple and the reason for its use during the ceremony, it is to denote the Canaanite belief system, the opening of the pineal gland or the crown chakra which represents the ascension of man becoming his own god, the veneration of the mother goddess, and the veneration of Jupiter and Saturn. As we see, there are multiple meanings to just the color purple. All of these colors have different meanings but they are nonetheless used for those reasons which are to venerate the Babylonian mystery school system.  

We now get to the color blue which was worn predominantly by the males. It states, “Hathor: Egyptian Goddess of beauty and the heavens and patroness of fecundity, infants and music. She is often depicted as a woman with a Cows head, wearing the head-dress of two plumes and a solar disc decorated with stars symbolizing her role as a sky goddess. Her sacred candle color is blue.”

One of the uses of blue as we just read is for Hathor. The men during this ceremony both accompanied their wives while sporting the blue ties. Their wives wore colors of significant resonance in relation to the veneration of the mother goddess Hathor with the turquoise and also Athena with the purple. Athena’s sacred candle color is said to be purple so that further aligns the use of the purple with the veneration of the mother goddess. Nevertheless, the significance behind the men wearing the blue while their wives take prominence with their colors is that they are willingly taking the backseat. The protocol which is to be followed for society is to defer to the woman as the head who knows all and sees all and is the leader of the household, the workplace, and the country at large; hence the presence of Kamala Harris in the White House. Believe it or not, the wives of these men are even more cruel and callous than them. Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Nancy Pelosi are a whole lot more cold and ruthless when it comes to their spirit than their husbands. This was the same case with Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. Hillary and Michelle are both Grande Dames within the mind control program which gives them greater control over the lives of other girls and young women who are controlled. The wives usually control the relationship and often serve as the handlers to these men. It is for certain that Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are the dominant partners in their marriages. So they carry out this teaching that the woman is to take control over the dynamic between her and the man for one because that is the dynamic within the witchcraft circles and also on a human level, it is to deconstruct and destabilize the country to make it less of a threat against the government. The men wearing the blue on one level is to represent them acting as the proud indentured servant to their wives who are acting as the fleshly avatars of the mother goddess and to symbolize that with the official ousting of the divine masculine figure in Trump, we now are going to be even more inundated with the promotion of the divine feminine which is meant to give more power over the woman and to disarm the man. Once the woman would take hold over the man at an even greater level, they would have a more easier time in shaping the country into what they want it to be to complete the Great Work. When it comes to things like taking away guns, mandating certain things, expanding the surveillance state, there is expected resistance from the man. Their strategy is to limit as much resistance as possible to make the transition easier and also more probable to materialize. The average woman in America is not going to lead a resistance against the government once it goes further tyrannical. They work through the woman first with the programming behind certain events in order to then reel the man in which is what I call the “Eve Technique”. Satan worked through Eve first in the Garden because he knew he could manipulate Eve and she would in turn manipulate Adam and he would turn because he placed her on a pedestal above the Most High. It is the same strategy used by the elite to groom the public into accepting their tyranny. Just look at the promotion of the vaccine. Whenever they show a person getting vaccinated in these ads or in clips during news segments, most of the time it will be a woman that they show; of all races. That is why they show the Statue of Liberty which represents Hecate with the mask and the band-aid on her arm to signify her being vaccinated. We will go further in depth on this particular dynamic in the COVID-19 series.

Nonetheless, the men at this ceremony all let their wives have the more dominant presence which was apparent in their demeanor and energy. The blue tie speaks to the veneration of Hathor and thus from this, the men take the backseat to their wives who really control them. This is from both a spiritual and an interpersonal level. They are taught to venerate the mother goddess and put the woman on a pedestal; thus taking a backseat. You saw this dynamic with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip where the woman had a more dominant presence than her husband. The Queen was always the center of attention while Prince Phillip was always just behind her. The men are cruel and wicked in their own right but are not as dominant as their wives.

This was really a signal to the masses that the reign of Osiris will continue on through the reign of Horus. That means to further and more aggressively promote the veneration of the mother goddess and the woman being the head over the man, and the rebirth of the Babylonian mysteries: that being transgenderism and man-boy love or pederasty. Those two things go hand in hand because they need to groom the masses with the favorable energy behind the mother goddess veneration in order to then make them more receptive to the energy which they will soon push to a greater degree; that being the veneration of the horned god that being Pan. That comes with the further aggressive promotion of transgenderism which is what we’re seeing now and soon, the promotion of pederasty which has been present albeit at a subliminal and relatively quiet level in American society for years. These connections with the blue tie may seem far-fetched to some but it is not.

Take a look at this picture. As you see, Jill Biden is wearing the turquoise for Hathor and also to represent her as the fleshly manifestation of Hathor while Joe Biden is wearing the blue tie to represent him as a proud venerator of the mother goddess and as a proud indentured servant to the woman who he upholds as a goddess. Horus was led by his mother Isis and totally directed in his actions by her. Horus was completely attached to his mother. Think back to how T’Challa in the Black Panther movie was tethered to his mother, his sister, and his love-interest as far as what direction he ought to take as ruler and also in taking back the kingdom from Kilmonger who played Set. Simba in the Lion King was also tethered to his mother Sarabi as she served as the primary resistance against Scar who also was Set during the time he ruled as king after he had killed and dethroned Mufasa who was Osiris in this story. Sarabi set the groundwork for the throne to be taken back from Scar by Simba just like how T’Challa’s mother Ramonda along with his sister Shuri and Nakia took action to set the groundwork to take back the throne from Killmonger to place T’Challa back on the throne and would then shape the kingdom into their image while advising T’Challa or really serving as the brain trust behind the new reign. As Obama’s reign ended, Pelosi and Harris took on that role in their own way to set the groundwork for the throne to be taken away from Trump i.e. Set and to be given back to the line of Obama i.e. Osiris through his partner Biden. Now, they can shape the kingdom in their image and serve as the brain trust throughout Biden’s reign in this new era which represents the age or reign of Horus. We already went over this dynamic between Obama and Trump being that of Osiris and Set in Part 3 but this is the continuation of that reality; that being this narrative which has been carried out for the past four years.

Getting back to the overall theme of the woman being over the man, take a look at the expressions on their faces. Joe Biden has a more elated and jolly look on his face while Jill Biden has a more reserved and balanced look. She is joyful but she is also focused and clearly more driven to get the ball rolling and re-direct the course of the ship sharply back to the direction in which Obama had taken things. She is clearly the authority and the more dominant person in this relationship. Especially with Joe Biden’s cognitive dissonance, she is clearly the one who is handling him and is serving as the advisor to Biden as far as where he ought to lead the country.

On the flip side, the blue tie can represent the force of cosmic ice or Saturn and so was most likely was used for this reason as well to venerate Saturn. The male poses as the brawn being Saturn while the female poses as the great enlightener being the mother goddess. Saturn’s consort was Ops who is Rhea in the Greek mythos. The name Rhea means “the gazing woman”. That is in reference to the great foresight and perception of the mother goddess in that she knew better than everyone else and had a greater understanding of everything around her. This is why the mother goddess is associated with the owl and the vulture; that being because of their great sight, especially the owl because it is a creature which can see clearly during the night. We see the Egyptian goddess Mut associated with the vulture but we also see Athena associated with the owl. As we revealed just above, the purple is also for Athena. So this lends further credence to the dynamic which was being played out; that being the man playing the role of the “father god” and the woman playing the role of the “mother goddess”.

To further expound on this dynamic shown between the man and the woman at the ceremony, we come to Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. As you can see from their body language, A-Rod has this sort of dazed look as if he is out of place but is just happy to be there and support his wife; similar to Joe’s look in the last photo. Lopez on the other hand has a more serious and focused look. She is looking into the camera while A-Rod is looking away. What does that signal? The woman is the one leading the relationship. When you are focused, you have a plan. When you have a plan, you lead the rest of the pack. Lopez is the focus as she is in front while Rodriguez is in the back behind her. As for the colors, Lopez is dressed in the all-white dress to act as the proverbial moon goddess who is Hathor. Other names for the moon goddess are Diana, Selene, Artemis, and Mani. By the way, you know what is interesting about this now that we bring this up? What was the one major role that Jennifer Lopez is most known for? It was the role where she played as the singer Selena in the biopic film back in the 90s. These executives behind these biopic films actively search and find the perfect candidate to play out the role. In order for someone to play a major artist like Elton John or Freddie Mercury, they have to be witches because Elton John is a major witch in the industry as was Freddie Mercury. To play another artist or even another real-world figure in these biopic films, you have to be able to conjure up spirits in order to be able to play another person and channel them by taking on their essence. This is what is known in Hollywood as “channeling”. A classic example of this is when Denzel Washington played Malcolm X when he was able to recite a speech of Malcolm X word for word without memorizing the speech or ever even reading it. So for Lopez to be chosen to play such a role meant that she had already shown to those executives that were recruiting her that she was capable of channeling and conjuring up spirits in order to play the role. Many of them grow into the craft when they are moving up in the industry but on the flip side, a lot of them are also already practicing witches and have a considerable grasp on the craft before they even enter the industry. So understanding all of this, it makes sense why Lopez has a particular affinity for the all-white.

To get back to the main point, Lopez has a more dominant presence here in the photo while Rodriguez has a more demure look. Take note of the significance of him being in the back while Lopez is in the front. It is very telling of the dynamic of their relationship. It also fits in with the overall theme of the ceremony that the men were submissive and let their wives take more of the attention and have the more dominant presence when it came to their demeanor and appearance. Obama, Clinton, and Biden all take the backseat to their wives. The wives are clearly more dominant than them. This may not register with some and it may not be understood but this can’t be told any simpler than that. Just look at their body language and you’ll see this. 

Just to confirm the sentiment behind the men being venerators of the mother goddess, we see in this photo with Lopez and Rodriguez, A-Rod showing only his left eye for the moon goddess Hathor. Take note that Jennifer Lopez’s face is full and visible while A-Rod’s face is obscured. That is to show that Lopez is the head of the relationship. She is the one who leads the relationship while A-Rod is the subservient male who is more of a servant to his wife. Let’s make this clear though; this is not coming from a place of bashing women or to feed into the whole gender war narrative. This is to simply show why this is happening and how the seeds are planted. The celebrities are used to normalize certain ideologies and help the masses accept things that they would otherwise have a more difficult time being receptive to if it wasn’t for the deceptive charm of these celebrities. This is why these celebrities are often trooped out by their handlers to advocate for gun control, LGBT rights, climate change response, vaccines, etc. So when the younger and liberal middle age demographic sees the dynamic of these couples like A-Rod and J-Lo where the woman is taking charge and is the more direct and stern leader of the relationship, they believe that this is the dynamic that is normal for a relationship and is what will create the most successful relationship possible. It is evident that this is working because so many men now are more submissive and have a lack of control over their relationship and really have no place to take any sort of control or authority in the relationship; otherwise they are scolded by the woman. The Me Too movement was created for many reasons but one of the primary reasons was to basically clip the balls of the average man and to instead make them males as opposed to them being men. When you have a bunch of men scared of and submissive to their woman, they pose no threat and therefore that makes that society not a threat to the government. They have to disarm the man in order to be able totake the necessary steps to complete the Great Work which is the more drastic measures such as introducing and promoting man-boy love, taking away guns, and implementing this social-credit system based off of the tiers that they’re creating with the vaccinated and the un-vaccinated.

One of the main reasons that the media narrative took place against Trump was to put the divine masculine archetype on a pedestal for the world to see only for the media to castigate that type of man and to train society that a man who was not subservient to the feminist agenda and had a mind of his own and spoke how he felt without being politically correct was not desirable to see in a man. It was to be taken down in favor of the new male archetype that would be revered as the type of man which all men are to be and to model themselves after; that being the man that is accepting of the woman being his head, accepting the insurgence of the LGBT and the subsequent granting of greater privileges toward them at his own expense, accepting without question what the government and the media says, and most dastardly of all, accepting the child having more control over him as the adult. We bring that up because in most liberal homes, the child now has more authority than the male. Whenever the child insinuates that they’re gay or feels like the opposite gender through their actions or even their admittance, the father is just supposed to accept that at face value even though the child has not even developed mentally and does not understand the scope of any of that at all. If the father tries to take any sort of control over the matter and tells the child the truth in that what they’re doing is not normal, the mother will step in, scold him, and take the side of the child while then forcing the man to accept their child as being gay or doing a transition change. If the father doesn’t accept, the woman will first smear him and label him as an extremist or a homophobe or a transphobe and divorce him; taking control of the custody over his child, taking half of his money, and at worst, even taking his own house from him. The legal system plays a major role in assisting the woman in having more power over the man and has done so for decades now. The takedown of the male really has started ever since the feminist movement took charge in a major way in the 60s and has metastasized into what we have now in America and really Western society at large. Just to reiterate, with the men wearing the blue ties for the cosmic ice principle but also for the mother goddess Hathor, they were conveying from a subliminal level that the usurping of the woman over the man as the head was going to continue and at a faster and more aggressive rate. With the birth of the age and reign of Horus, the divine hermaphrodite would be introduced and take precedence along with the divine feminine. The man is not in the picture but the woman and the child is. Even in war, when a side takes over, they order the soldiers to kill the men but leave the women and children because they’re deemed to be not a threat to lead an uprising and also because you control the future generations of that civilizations because the women would be forced to bear the children of the men and their children would be taught in the way in which the usurpers wanted. This is a strategic takeover by the elite to dismantle the men of this society so that they can shape it in the way that they want. With the Democratic Party firmly in place with a puppet in Joe Biden who is being led by two witches in Harris and Pelosi, that takeover is more of a reality.

Once again, we see this same sort of pose done once more so this how you know it is intentional. They want you to understand the message behind this; that being Jennifer Lopez was the head of the relationship while Rodriguez was the indentured servant who sort of acted as a mascot for her. Jennifer Lopez has her face fully visible while A-Rod has his face obscured. This is to show that she is dominant over him; she is the head. In the witchcraft circles, the woman has more precedence than the man and is more favored over them. So a high level witch like Lopez is not going to be in a relationship with a dominant man. Look at all the past men she’s had relationships with. From Ben Affleck to P Diddy to Marc Anthony to Drake, they’re all clearly males with female spirits to put it lightly; especially P Diddy and Drake. They’re all worshipers of the divine feminine principle which is clear with Drake. The OVO label with the symbol of the owl is for the goddess Minerva. Drake’s platform is all about the promotion of the woman if you notice.

Either way, A-Rod again shows only his left eye for the mother goddess Hathor. A-Rod is also wearing the black and white Masonic colors for duality which is the bringing together of opposites; that a perfect balance is achieved when you tap into both good and evil, the energies of the sun and the moon, and the masculine and feminine. From what we’re about to cover next, this makes perfect sense and it aligns with the Masonic black and white attire that A-Rod is wearing.

This is just confirmation of everything that we were just discussing in regards to the men acting as the female and taking a backseat to the woman and showing that this is the agenda that will continue to be pushed upon men in America to act as the consort to Hathor who is on one accord with the commands and guidance of the mother goddess. This is a Tik Tok challenge known as the “gender switch challenge” that got popular where the couple would switch clothes. Now, for a grown man to get on camera and to switch into the clothes of his own wife, it tells you what type of man he is. This male got on camera and put on his wife’s skirt and earrings and sweater while his wife wore his suit and exuded more masculine energy than him. It is incredible the level in which these celebrities will go to degrade themselves for the sake of the craft. They will do anything to advance in their life; whether it is fiscally, career-wise, fraternally, magically, etc. Both Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are employees of the Great Work whose job it is to help the elite place the last capstone on the pyramid and complete the work which Nimrod could not complete. Their job is to hypnotize the masses and make certain ideologies like this more palatable to them and for them to practice this in their own lives. Their job is to make them think like them and act like them. So if seeing A-Rod with his left eye showing for the mother goddess on two separate occasions wasn’t enough to convince you of the dynamic between them of Lopez being the head, this should be enough of a confirmation.

Just to finally cap off on this angle, we look to an infamous painting of Bill Clinton which was in Jeffrey Epstein’s home. It features Bill Clinton in a blue dress and red pumps sitting in a chair with his legs femininely dangled over the arm of the chair and pointing to the camera to mimic Uncle Sam. This speaks on two levels. On one level, it is to signal that Clinton is or was Epstein’s bitch. He was the elite’s bitch as president hence the presidential seal below him in the painting and he still is the elite’s bitch until his death. Whenever Bill Clinton would pass by this painting in Epstein’s house, this painting would remind him: “Remember that we own you. You’re our bitch.” Epstein provided Clinton with what he wanted when it came to his sexual degeneracy. One would think that Clinton himself knew that he was in a vulnerable position if Epstein ever wanted to expose him and reveal certain things to the public about his activities because Epstein was the one providing him with all of the girls that he used. So it was a way of keeping Clinton in line to never get out of line per se. On another level, it is to signal Clinton’s sexual nature. A woman we often refer to here, Brice Taylor, revealed in her book “Thanks for the Memories” certain details about Bill Clinton and his sexual nature. She stated that he was very feminine and even as a BETA sex kitten thought that it was confusing for her to have sex with him because it was like having sex with a girl in a man’s body. She also revealed that he liked to role play as “mommy”. This certainly lines up with the painting, the ceremony which glorified the divine feminine principle through the color code, and the overall dynamic we see between him and his wife. Bill Clinton is a pansexual and many pansexuals in the industry seem to possess the spirit which is opposite of their gender. Pansexual males in the industry seem to be very effeminate while pansexual females in the industry seem to be very masculine. It is all confusion to the spirit when you engage in sex magick. Any form of sex which is not between a man and a woman is just another form of sex magick. Those who experiment with the same sex or literally engage in homosexual sex or orgies are low-level sex magick practitioners. The only difference between the everyday person who does this and a fully initiated practitioner is that they are not initiated within the ritualistic aspect of sex magick and don’t understand the Luciferian component of it. The initiated teaches the profane to engage in the same practices as they do in order to imbue the world with as much Luciferian energy as possible in an attempt to blot out the energy on the right hand side that being of the Most High; that is their job to do so. Through this, that gives the spirits on the left hand side more power and dominion over this world. Remember that this is a spiritual war that we’re all in and the weapons we are fighting with are energy. Nonetheless, this is something to keep in mind regarding this particular angle of the ceremony which was to venerate the divine feminine principle; particularly Hathor. This is the “As Above, So Below” principle where up is down and down is up, male is female and female is male, etc. This is what they mean when they talk about duality. Obama set the stage for it and Biden is going to continue it which is what the ceremony signaled with the color code.  

Now that we finished that segment, we want to just expound on the color code and its use in the ceremony. As we see, this is from what is most likely the 2013 inauguration ceremony. Nancy Pelosi is in the red while Biden is wearing the blue tie. For an ardent Democrat, you’d think Pelosi would strictly wear the blue. However, she is wearing the red because she like both Democrats and Republicans are witches and at the very least Masons or in her case an Eastern Star. They all for the most part understand or at least are aware of the color code system. This political banter between Republicans and Democrats is for the most part political theater. Many of them do in fact dislike one another but best believe, they all agree on one thing which is to make as much money as possible and to complete the Great Work. Either way, the red and the blue is for the fire and ice and the Hegelian dialectic primarily. People will say that the red is for the Republicans or the blue is for the Democrats and that this is far-fetched but the reasons why they chose those colors is because they represent those Luciferian principles. This wasn’t the case in the beginning because the elite’s knowledge of the Babylonian mysteries is ever growing. Upon learning and understanding the secrets of the old world which Cush and Nimrod brought to the world, they adapt to and adopt the same principles which were established in Babylon. This is why the scriptures tell us in Ecclesiastes 1:9 that there is nothing new under the sun. The secrets have been passed down from the antediluvian world which is the world before the flood to now. None of what is occurring now is new; it is all the continuation of what started in the Garden of Eden. 

This is from the 2009 inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama. Joe Biden is here being sworn in as VP. As you see, Biden is wearing the blue for the cosmic ice while Jill Biden is wearing the red coat for the cosmic fire. If you look at the rest of the crowd behind them, the primary color is red or blue or some form of shade of those two colors. Ashley Biden is wearing the all-black while Hunter Biden is wearing the Masonic black and white. Paul Pelosi is standing between Joe and Jill and he is wearing the red tie while Nancy Pelosi is wearing some shade of blue. All of these individuals that we see in the crowd are all initiated within the craft and understand the color code. They cannot get that close or be in the crowd without their being the general understanding that they’re all on one accord.

This is now from the 2013 inauguration ceremony. Joe Biden is once again wearing the blue tie while Jill Biden is wearing the shimmering silver dress with a mix of blue within the color scheme. The shimmering silver is for the moon goddess Hathor otherwise known as Diana, Artemis, Selene, etc. The primary colors you see in the back are black and blue. It is the same colors which you’ll see repeatedly.

Here is Barack Obama being sworn in as president in the 2009 inauguration ceremony. Barack Obama is wearing the red tie for the cosmic fire and is also wearing the black, white, and red for the Black Mass which is for Pan. Michelle Obama is wearing the yellow dress for the sun goddess Aurora which is for illumination and to signify the mother goddess and the woman as being the great enlightener of humanity. Michelle Obama is also wearing the green gloves and she’s wearing green heels also but you can’t see it in this picture. The green is for fertility so she is wearing the green for the fertility goddess Ceres. The primary colors of Ceres are green, brown, yellow, and orange. Michelle is wearing both the green and yellow so it lines up with the color scheme attributed to Ceres. Ceres is where you get the term cereal from because she was worshiped as the mother of corn and was the mother of her child He-Siri which means “the seed” or “Bar” or “the corn”. The seed or the corn represents her son. Obama likened himself to Horus as Simba which we covered in Part 3 of the Trump series. Knowing that, Michelle Obama represents the mother goddess while Barack is playing out the role of Horus or Tammuz. Remember that Isis was the both the wife and mother of Horus so Michelle Obama can venerate herself as the mother goddess while being married to Barack because both the motherhood and the marriage go hand in hand with the veneration of the mother goddess.

One thing to take note of is that Obama’s daughters have also been brought up in the craft and are being taught the color code system. Malia Obama is in the royal blue for the Egyptian goddess of the sky and cosmos, Nut. She was the mother of Isis, Osiris, Set, and Nephthys. It is also for the blue lodge of Freemasonry. While Freemasonry is all-male, the same principles are still taught to the daughters. The Freemasons are all-male while the Eastern Star is all-female. So it might be possible that the daughters are tied to the Eastern Star somehow. If not, they might be tied to a higher sorority or cult.

Sasha Obama is in the orange for the fertility goddess Ceres as well but it is also for the sun. They both correlate and share the same meaning because life is tied to fertility. The sun which is orange represents life or the giver of life. This is why the orange would be used to represent the fertility goddess Ceres. The colors green and brown are also used for the fertility goddess Ceres because the green represents the greenery of the Earth through the plants, trees, and forests while the brown represents the soil. The mother is fertile and gives life to the nations through herself and her son. The son comes forth from the earth because the mother goddess is the earth. This is where you get the god of vegetation from who goes through disappearance and reappearance or life, death, and rebirth which embodies the growth cycle of plants which is why this god is attributed to plant life and vegetation. This is the manner in which the Luciferians use to mirror the Messiah on the right hand side in order to deceive the masses into believing in the false Christ which is Tammuz. As explained before, Nimrod applied the prophecies of the Messiah onto himself so he could be glorified and venerated as a deity by humanity and as you see now, this is what happened. The reason we have this is because there are angels on both the right hand and left hand side who work to either guide those who are meant to find the truth or deceive those who are meant to be deceived.

Nonetheless, as you see, the use of the color code is strategic. To summarize, Obama is in the black, white, and red for Pan as is Paul Pelosi in the back. Michelle Obama is in the yellow and green for Ceres. Sasha Obama is in the orange for the sun. Malia Obama is in the royal blue for the goddess Nut. Also to not forget, Senator Dianne Feinstein is wearing the purple coat for the Saturnian principle.

Here are the Obamas in the 2013 inauguration ceremony. Obama is wearing the blue tie this time around. Michelle Obama is wearing the black coat with the purple gloves. Malia is wearing the purple coat while Sasha is wearing a mix of blue and purple. Clearly, the daughters are being taught the color code system and have been prepped from childhood to carry out their Luciferian family tradition. The purple is primarily for the Saturnian principle and the Canaanite belief system but it is also for the mother goddess Athena also known as Minerva. Nonetheless, it is just another example of the use of the color code during these inauguration ceremonies.

We get back to Joe Biden in the 2021 inauguration ceremony. Biden as we covered previously is wearing the blue tie for the cosmic ice principle otherwise known in Masonic terms as the blue pillar of Masonry. Jill Biden is in the turquoise for Hathor. Most of the men are adhering to the Masonic color code where they either wear the blue or red tie or they wear black and white for duality. Natalie Biden in the middle is wearing the pink coat. The color pink is for the love goddess Venus or Aphrodite. Naomi Biden on the left is in the all-white for the moon goddess Selene. It is a personal belief that the children are brought into understanding what these different colors mean by the age which they are at now. The teachings, especially in generational Luciferian families like the Biden family, begin from childhood. Why wouldn’t it be? In the same way that our teachings of the religion which our parents brought us up in started when we were children is the same way that these kids are brought into the teachings of the mystery school system in childhood. It is even more so the case with them than most of us as citizens because for the most part, our parents are or were lukewarm when it came to understanding and teaching the basis of the religion in which we were raised in. Most people are lukewarm when it comes to religion and it is more so an emotionally based form of belief rather than a fully rounded intellectually and logically based form of belief and understanding of the religion that they believe in. That is not to bash anyone but that is the truth. Most people who identify with a certain religion are not all too involved in studying or understanding the religion that they identify with.

However, one thing is to be understood. Satanists and Luciferians are very heavy followers and practitioners of the occult. One reason for this is because from a mental level, humans are attracted to what they can see, touch, hear, and feel. Humans are limited to their senses and are not made privy to communicate with spiritual beings from the heavenly realm for the most part unless it is through visions. People are not willing to believe in something that they cannot see or feel or hear; they need that physical connection or proof to validate their belief or faith in something. When you tie that connection to the fact that most people are concerned about material gain and the accumulation of wealth, they are easy to fall into the rabbit hole of the occult. Once they fall into that rabbit hole and see these magical rituals or manifestations pay off, they become enthralled and practice even more magic because of two things: one being that they are communicating with spirits and don’t have to be left wondering about their existence from their perspective while on the other hand they are benefitting from it in various ways from wealth to advancements in position of power and their specific skills, talents, and magic. It is common for many of them to have resentment towards the Lord because they feel as if they were abandoned because they did not receive any form of physical connection or answer upon prayer while they did receive it from the demonic spirits that they conjured through practicing magic. It is because they received answer from the demonic spirits while not receiving any from the Lord that they view Satan with sympathy or one who has been wrongfully painted as the villain by the Most High. You know this to be the case because that perspective is always presented in some form or extent in the stories within these films and TV shows because the writers themselves are Satanists, Luciferians, or both. They push this perspective upon the rest of the people because for one they have to bring in as many souls as they can to their side and two; they know that most people inherently believe in this perspective. This is one of the many reasons why more people have turned to the other side and have embraced things like paganism, Wicca, Satanism, etc. Nonetheless, this system of belief and thought process runs deep among the elite.

We now go back to a few older examples of the use of the color code in the inauguration ceremony. This is from the 2001 inauguration ceremony for George W. Bush. Clinton and Bush are both wearing the blue tie. Hillary Clinton is in the all-black coat for Saturn. Laura Bush here is wearing the turquoise for Hathor. This is to show that the color code has been present for the presidential ceremony for a long time.

This is from the 1989 inauguration ceremony for George H.W. Bush. When you look into the crowd, the primary colors of the attire worn by the attendees are the black, blue, and red. Bush is wearing the blue tie which is common with all the presidents we’ve seen. Only Obama in 2008 and Clinton in 1997 wore a different color other than the blue with the red tie. It’s an odd theme but they all wear the blue tie to venerate the cosmic ice principle of Saturn and also to honor the blue lodge or the blue pillar of Freemasonry. Barbara Bush, who allegedly is related to Aleister Crowley, is wearing the turquoise as well. Clearly, the color turquoise has significant meaning to the elite. They wear these colors strategically to venerate the tenets of Freemasonry and the craft.

For those who would dispute Barbara wearing turquoise in the previous photo, this is a better photo which shows that she is wearing turquoise. You see that Dan Quayle’s wife on the right is wearing blue. That is blue. What Barbara is wearing is turquoise. It’s a clear difference. Nonetheless, even here, you continue to see the color code in full effect. Nancy Reagan is wearing the red while Quayle’s wife is wearing the royal blue coat and Barbara is wearing the turquoise. You also have the pillars in the background for Freemasonry as well.

To finish off this section, this is an article which talked about the code names which members of the Bush family had for each other or came up with; this in regards to Jenna Bush who is the daughter of George W. Bush and Laura Bush and her comments about secret code names. As we discussed in Part 5 of the Trump series, Laura Bush is a Monarch child so one should know that Jenna and the rest of the children are also under the programming themselves. Either way, let’s go through this excerpt.

It says, “We always enjoy learning insider trivia about the Bush family, whether it’s their cherished traditions or getting a glimpse of one of the love letters George Sr. sent Barbara Bush during World War II. Now, thanks to a recent segment on the TODAY show, we’ve learned another fascinating piece of intel about this famous family. As Jenna Bush Hager opened up to co-host Willie Geist, her secret service nickname growing up during her father George W. Bush’s tenure as President was, ‘Twinkle.’” One wonders what the meaning is behind that nickname.

“‘It’s so funny, and I don’t know where this is coming from, but when you have Secret Service, you have a code name, and my sister’s code name was ‘Turquoise,’ because her eyes are really beautiful and turquoise,’ Bush Hager said, adding that hers was Twinkle. ‘Which some people got confused with Tinkle,’ she joked, clearly feeling like she got the short end of the stick on the nickname front.”

They give these erroneous explanations for the hand signs, symbols, and names that they use. For example, when Beyonce would throw up the devil horns hand sign, the excuse that was given was that it was an ‘H’ for Houston. It is the same type of diversion here with this explanation for the name. The people just take them for their word because they don’t know any better and are oblivious to what is going on or what certain symbols, hand signs, or words mean in reality.

With that being said the reason for the Turquoise label for Jenna’s sister, Barbara is centered more so on an intelligence level rather than strictly an esoteric level. The Bush family is based more in the intelligence world than the esoteric world despite their deep connections to the Skull & Bones and the Nazis. However, the intelligence world, specifically the mind control program, has esoteric components tied in to the programming. We’ve touched on this before but we’ll see this even more with this explanation.

Here is a text which describes this connection between the occult and the programming. Here it says, “In another example of the book, Crowley gives a list of the Hindu chakra points (which is well known), with the Buddhist names, and their ancient Egyptian names. This is the type of occult knowledge that is hard to come by. Crowley’s List of Correspondences are perhaps the best one will find printed in the occult world. They show the correspondences that occultists make between things. For instance, if we want to know what corresponds to the Hebrew letter Dalath. The letter means door. Door corresponds to the letter 14, the Cabalistic Tree of Life pathway between the two top circles on each side of ‘the crown’, sky blue on the Queen scale of color, Aphrodite, Venus and Freya, and the gems Emerald and Turquoise, and the perfume sandlewood. All these things correspond within Cabalistic magic. For someone trying to understand why a particular color, and name is given to an deep darkside alter, Crowley’s book is helpful in some Monarch systems.”

With this understanding, we see that Jenna’s sister has some element of the Kabbalah incorporated within her programming and it most likely holds significant meaning to her subconsciously. The turquoise is connected to the internalized Cabalistic Tree of Life which is present within the internal world of her mind created through her programming. Through this connection, the turquoise holds significant meaning and can act as a trigger for her and directs her to the internal Tree of Life system that is built within her mind. One thing to note is that the Mothers of Darkness alters is placed internally within the Cabalistic Tree of Life system in the asset’s mind. The Mothers of Darkness alters are possibly the highest level alters which are created for the daughters of the elite bloodlines while the alters for the sons are Supreme Masters. There is a castle known as the Mothers of Darkness Castle in Belgium which is said to host the performance of Monarch programming on children. The castle has a cathedral with a dome containing 1,000 lights. That will be significant in a moment.

Nonetheless, the castle once belonged to Prince Philippe of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Count of Flanders and father of King Albert I as he bought it in 1869. As most of us know, the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha is the true house of the British royal family as King George V renamed the house to the House of Windsor in 1917 due to the rise of antipathy against the Germans due to WW1. Queen Elizabeth II is literally from the house of Saxe-Coburg Gotha. Knowing this, we now know that the Mothers of Darkness castle is the property of the “British” royal family.

This brings us to something known as the “sealing ritual”. This is a ritual which is required for specifically 19 year old females apart of the satanic bloodlines. Up to this point, those females have been trained and are programmed to become Mothers of Darkness and have also endured something known as “pathworking” which are rituals that further open up the subjects to the spiritual energy which are conjured up in those high level rituals. The Mother of Darkness alter is a deep and probably the deepest alter which is in the program; specifically for the females. There are different alters for different levels; meaning that assets depending on their bloodline are programmed with different alters which may be higher or lower than others. The Bushes have the highest alters within the program because they are of the elite bloodlines.

The sealing ritual will include the 1,000 lights with the Mothers of Darkness dressed in all black and the castle heavily guarded and protected. One thing that should be noted is that these compounds like the Mothers of Darkness castle or the Bohemian Grove are guarded even more heavily than the White House or the Pentagon. That is why it is laughable to think that Alex Jones really sneaked in to the Bohemian Grove compound. No one “sneaks in” to the Bohemian Grove; they’re led in or brought in. Most people should know by now that Jones is controlled opposition and he himself has connections to these Satanists. None of Jones’ base questions his friendship with Charlie Sheen. You know who a man is by looking at the company he keeps. No one who knows the truth would ever consider a pedophile like Sheen a “friend”.

At any rate, knowing the significance of the ritual for these elite bloodline families and their daughters, it is without a doubt that both Jenna and Barbara Bush had to endure that “sealing ritual” together when they were 19. By them going through that ritual together, it likely reinforced their twin programming even greater and in turn their Mothers of Darkness alter as well. We mention twin programming because they are both twins. In the mind control program, twins are put through twin programming which takes place even before birth; especially with the high level bloodline families.

As for the dome of 1,000 lights, that brings one back to an infamous saying that George H.W. Bush used to say which was a “thousand points of light”. The media will tell you that this was in reference to spurring charity and to symbolize the future of America but that is all smoke and mirror. This was really Bush talking in code to those apart of the craft on the highest levels. This was not only to reference the Mothers of Darkness castle but also the Great Work and its completion. Nonetheless, there is more to these people than we are led to believe. The turquoise is not only tied to Hathor but it is also tied to the Kabbalah which is why it is so significant and is a prominent color at these ceremonies.

We get now back to the use of the Masonic color code among these politicians. As we’ve covered the primary colors of Masonry and really the elite is the red and blue along with the purple which represents those two colors combined. As we see here, Obama and Biden are abiding by the color code. Obama is wearing the ice blue tie while Biden is wearing the red tie with the red scarf. Michelle is wearing the dark purple gloves while Jill is wearing the purple scarf. It is all Masonic. The red and blue represent the red and blue pillars of Masonry and on the higher level, it represents the forces of cosmic fire and cosmic ice.

This is from the 2009 inauguration. The woman in the center is Beyonce. What we’re bringing this up for is the color code. The background singers are in the red and blue. Once again, people will try to dispute this by saying that the red and blue is for the flag and for bipartisanship where Republicans and Democrats can be unified. However, the colors were put in place for the two major parties for the main reason that it would venerate the red and blue Masonic pillars. On the highest level to the initiated, it venerates the fire and ice Saturnian principles.

Beyonce is wearing the brown coat for the fertility goddess Cybele. The brown color is often used to denote the earthly man and woman. When the male witch wears the brown in a prominent event, it is for the earthly man Adam. When the female witch wears the brown in a prominent event, it is for the earthly woman Eve.

On a side note, many prominent Luciferians were present here in this performance despite them not being pictured in the previous picture. You had Shakira who is a BETA sex kitten, Bruce Springsteen who is a Kabbalist, Stevie Wonder who is a Luciferian, and Bono who is a eugenicist working towards depopulating the world. As noted before, the inauguration ceremony is a mass gathering of witches from the President and other former presidents and their families to the Congress members there to the prominent Luciferian celebrities present. The celebrities who show up to these ceremonies are in one way or another connected to the president. Beyonce and Shakira are both presidential model slaves, Bono is a globalist and eugenicist, and Springsteen is best friends with Obama as is Stevie Wonder. They’re all within the same circle. They have these celebrities show up at these ceremonies to make the new pharaoh or the president more favorable to the people. These celebrities serve as the circus for the people to be entertained and subsequently put asleep. They are there to subdue the anger of the people whenever they become too frustrated with what is happening in the country. Once they get the people to back down after taking a moment to cool things off, they go back to the drawing board in figuring out how to further advance their agenda. That is what the celebrities are there for; to ease the minds of the people and to keep them from focusing solely on the country which puts them in a more positive mindset over time in believing that there might be some good that’ll come out of all of this. Their presence at these ceremonies enforces the idea in the people’s minds that the world is moving in the right direction, that things are going to change for the better, and to trust in them to do the right thing. Most people don’t even think of there being anything sinister occurring within the entertainment or political world and just trust blindly. They believe for the most part what the media tells them and they run with it as fact. The people only are upset with a president or celebrity unless the media tells them to be upset. They do not come up with a true valid reason as to why they dislike a certain celebrity or politician. There are plenty of reasons to hate Barack Obama or Donald Trump or Joe Biden but most people hate them just because Fox News tells them to or CNN tells them to. All people have to do is research and find out what these presidents have orchestrated over the course of the country’s history. The two sides of the political spectrum are always fighting because both sides barely ever present any real reasons as to why one side or the person that they support is bad. They all resort to regurgitating media talking points that they’ve heard on the television. When they don’t educate themselves and find out what the government is truly doing, they stay in a perpetual ideological conflict with those who think contrary to them because their arguments are all based in emotion and rarely ever fact. When your stances are based in emotion and not facts, your defense for your stances will also be based in emotion. This is why both sides are constantly bickering and this is all by design, thanks to the Zionist owned media in America.

If both sides actually were educated and came to an understanding through continuous conversation and not mindless arguments, they’d realize that both parties are simultaneously screwing them and have been actively working against them to take their rights and livelihoods away ever since the formation of the League of Nations. The 20th century was all about setting the foundation for the completion of the Great Work that the elite estimated would’ve been completed in the year 2000 but we are still here now. The reason for that is because the elite do not have complete control over what happens in this world; only the Most High does. The scriptures have served as a buffer spiritually against the workings of the elite. The internet has also massively curtailed the progress of their agenda because of the incredible information exchange and the open forum for people with inside information on these elites to be whistleblowers and expose what is really going on. The internet has also provided a greater opportunity for people to find the truth on a spiritual level which has also placed a monkey wrench into their plans. This is why you’re hearing all about the cyber attacks now. They ultimately want to take down the Internet and to shut down the power grid to control the masses. How successful will they be in accomplishing this? Only the Lord knows. Time will tell. We’ll see if enough people will become astute to their agenda in dismantling the Internet and stand up to it.

Getting back to the main point, this is why both sides are constantly at each other’s necks. This is to keep both sides from figuring out the truth and for them, the elite, to continue going on with their agenda. Otherwise, they risk the complete collapse of their agenda and are forced to do things the hard way by instituting martial law and literally going to war with the people. They are doing things slowly because they want to avoid having to go that route. They are betting on the older generations dying off and the younger generations becoming more and more subservient to the world government and accepting of it’s accelerated growth and the subsequent eradication of their rights. This is one of the big reasons why the Plan-demic took place because it accelerated the death of the older generations. The older generations are more likely to question the advancement of their agenda because they hold more conservative values and most importantly, many of them know what socialism and Communism is like. Much of the older generation who has immigrated to America experienced socialism while living in Communist and socialist countries in Latin and South America, Asia and Europe. They know the dangers of it and the signs. With a younger generation that doesn’t have an older generation to warn them and make them understand the signs that their society is becoming socialist and Communist, the country will be far more susceptible and vulnerable to it becoming implemented. This is what America will be working towards implementing at an accelerated pace for the next 9 years in anticipation for 2030.

We use this to segue into addressing Joe Biden solely. We’ve already addressed the crux of the ceremony on an esoteric level with the color code. The main point of the color code was to point out the veneration of the Masonic principles and on a deeper level, the Babylonian mysteries. There are more things which we will address concerning the ceremony later on in this post but for now, we’ll address Biden.

As we just discussed, America is moving towards the implementation of cultural and political socialism at a fast rate for the completion of the Great Work by the year 2030 per the goals of the United Nations. In order for that to occur, they need a willing pawn to enact their agenda who believes in its implementation and in the people who aim to enact that agenda. There is no other willing pawn that is willing to keep the status quo at the level which is needed to implement this agenda other than Joe Biden. He has been a willing pawn for the entirety of his political career. The only pawns who were better than him or were comparable to him in their willingness to be a puppet have already served as president; whether it is Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama. None of the candidates running for president were as seasoned in being a pawn. When it comes to running for president, the path to becoming president all comes down to how much they sell themselves out as corporate whores and be pawns for their handlers. That in turn determines how much money and endorsements they will raise and accumulate. What matters mostly is how many connections they will make and keep with these Cabbalists because the Zionists are the ones who control the direction in which Congress moves. They control who stays, who goes, and who gets elected. This is why none of the candidates are allowed to criticize the presence of these Zionist lobby groups in Congress or the wars that America goes to without any question for Israel or all of the foreign aid that is given to Israel. They are not there to question what is happening. They are there to continue what is happening because that is the plan being implemented. None of the elites are going to allow someone to be elected at a high level position if they know that they are trying to actually make change; whether it is being a representative in a major district, a senator, a vice president or president.

Nonetheless, Biden has been chosen to be the one who leads this country into the next stage which is the implementation of total Communism in America. That is the system which allows the elite to have the most control over a society and its people while making as much profit off of the people as possible because of the de-privatization of everything and the subsequent expansion of the state. With that, the people’s rights are determined by the government and if it is up to them entirely, the people would have no rights but just the freedom to roam and perform labor to make them more money upon command. This is the system which the country has been slowly working towards implementing for decades now and even more so for the current decade of the 2020’s. Understanding this, we see why Biden is the one in office now. He has been one of the main engineers of the Great Work for nearly half a century now and the picture above is fitting for who he and his family really his.

As you see from above, the Biden family are all standing together purposely on the black and white tiles to make it known to those of the initiated that they are all together rooted in the Masonic principle of duality and the worship of the goat god Pan. This is even more fitting given all of the actions that Biden has made towards transgenders. There is such a massive push societally and politically to accept transgenderism because to them, it is the core of the Babylonian mysteries which is to venerate the principles of duality: as above so below, good is bad and bad is good, male is female and female is male, etc. The Baphomet is a physical representation of that principle which is a being with a goat’s head, a woman’s breasts, and a man’s phallus. These celebrities venerate the Baphomet just as much as anyone else in the Luciferian world. If one ever wonders why these celebrities or these major liberal personalities get so angry and emotional whenever one disproves or objects to transgenderism, it is because that is their religion; they literally worship the divine hermaphrodite. They get offended like how a religious person would get offended if you said something against their god or religion. That’s because that is literally their religion which is the worship of the Baphomet; this is what the Bidens worship and follows. They are no different than any other major political family. They all worship the Baphomet and follow the Babylonian mysteries. They are all in “lockstep” and are all in line with the completion of the Great Work. Having said that, let’s dive in.

As you can see, this is Joe Biden posing for the camera with the left hand dominant over the right hand. This is to show that he has taken the left hand path. Those who follow the left hand path have no qualms about what it is that they do behind closed doors or in the open. They believe in doing whatever it takes to capture what it is that they’re searching for; whether that is money, control, power, possessions, etc. The left hand path magicians embrace the darker aspect of the craft; specifically Saturnianism. The left hand path magicians and right hand path magicians are also known as red witches and blue witches. This is why red is associated with evil or the dark path in conventional media while blue is associated with good or the light path. A prime example of this is the Sith lords of the ‘dark side’ in Star Wars wielding the red lightsabers while the Jedi knights of the ‘light side’ wield the blue lightsabers.

Nonetheless, those who embrace the left hand path are willing to do any and everything to achieve what they want. This is certainly the case with Joe Biden. The elite needed someone who was willing to bend over backwards to do their bidding at this crucial time to set the country on track to complete the Great Work agenda for its completion in 2030. They couldn’t risk placing someone who wouldn’t go accordingly with their plan. They wanted the status quo. They wanted familiarity and Biden was the perfect candidate for them; no matter how cognitively deficient he may be. They have their other pawns in Harris and Pelosi controlling the direction of matters politically to offset his condition. He is there to be the mascot for America as was every president that came before him; including Trump. Biden is simply there to be the placeholder for Harris because she’s the one who is in control of things anyway. If they can keep Biden’s batteries charged long enough for another four years after this term, they’ll let him stay but considering the current direction in which things are going, there is a possibility that he may not be around for that long. It is all dependent on how receptive the public is to the incoming agendas that they push in the next few years or so. If they push back, they may or may not delay some of the things that they have planned; whether that is gun confiscation, food shortages, climate lockdowns, etc. One thing that should be noted though is that it doesn’t matter who is in the office when it comes to the majority party because we’ve had two of the greatest psy-ops in history with 9/11 and COVID-19 happen during Republican administrations. Both parties have worked towards the eradication of people’s freedoms and rights. After all, it was the Bush administration that passed the Patriot Act and the Nixon administration which effectively ended the Gold Standard and cemented the FIAT currency system which we have now that enforces a system which makes the citizens all debt slaves. Both parties are two sides of the same coin and the coin is minted by the banking families because the Rockefellers and Rothschilds pretty much own America. It won’t matter who is president in 2024, whether it is Biden again or Trump or DeSantis or Harris. If the elite wish for something to be enacted like a food shortage or crippling inflation or some other phenomenon that lines up with Agenda 21/30, it will happen.

Having said that, Biden is a willing pawn who has been strategically placed by his handlers to move the country and the world towards the acceptance of the Great Work. The politicians who the people decry as being corrupt are just pawns. The more corrupt someone is, the bigger the pawn that they are. In order for the completion of the Great Work to become a reality, they needed someone in office who would have no qualms about selling his or her country out in the most destructive and catastrophic ways possible such as orchestrating food shortages, mass sacrifices in the guise of mass shootings and bombings, poisoning the people with untested vaccines, etc. They couldn’t just let anyone in because they will have to preside over committing the most reprehensible actions one could commit against their own people; even more dastardly than before because in order to fast-track this society towards the Great Work, they need to break down the people even more to make them compliant. Biden was the best candidate to do this because he has already presided over the destruction of individual liberty and freedom for his entire career. He has a proven track record of warring against the innocent as does Kamala Harris. He was co-partners with Obama in what was one of the most corrupt administrations in the country’s history. By attaching him to Obama who is the media darling for the public and having the big bank-owned media covering for all of the corruption that he’s partaken in, Biden was favorable enough to make enough of the people accept him as their leader. With this in mind, we’ll go into his character and why we say that he is a willing pawn.

In order for one to be able to sell out his own country, he must first sell himself out. This rings true to Joe Biden. This is a photo capturing Joe Biden being sworn in as Senator. If you notice, this is taking place in a hospital. His son, Beau is on the bed. This was intentional from Joe Biden’s part to exploit his bedridden son. He could’ve done his inauguration in any other setting but he decided to do it right next to his son. He could’ve sworn his oath in a hallway or a separate room but he did it next to him. It shows just what kind of person he is. To give some context to this, Beau was bedridden because he broke his leg in a car accident which killed his mother and sister and injured his brother, Hunter. By the time Biden was sworn in, it had been a few weeks since his wife and daughter had been killed in the accident. We won’t necessarily say that it was a sacrifice but it makes someone think about it considering that it happened right around the time he was elected. It could just be that it was simply an accident but it could have also been influenced by certain spiritual forces which would’ve propelled Biden with greater success in his endeavors. In the ancient world, sacrifices were used to create positive energy that would propel practitioners forward with greater success. That is one of the main reasons why sacrifices are used among the Luciferians because of the energy which is granted by the demons in exchange for the sacrifice. In order to gain favor among demons at the highest levels, you must do the most deplorable and wicked acts because those are the things which demonic beings enjoy. One thing that demons love more than anything is the destruction of the flesh because they hate humanity.

Nonetheless, Joe Biden has spent years wrongfully blaming the accident on the truck driver by the name of Curtis C. Dunn who collided with his wife. He painted him as a drunkard who was reckless and killed his family. However, Dunn had been cleared from alcohol use during the accident by the prosecutor. It had been found that his wife had a stop sign while Dunn did not. It was a collision that occurred which was not at the fault of Dunn but Biden chose to paint him as the one who was reckless and nearly killed his entire family. This is beside the point that we’re trying to make.

The main point which we’re trying to make is to point out the exploitation of Beau Biden by Joe. Whenever he brings up Beau, it is often to use as a shield against criticism that he cannot refute legitimately. On one occasion, when an Air Force veteran confronted Biden about the Iraq War and his role in supporting it and the close friends he lost because of the war, Biden responded by saying that his son was one of those casualties. This is obviously a lie. Beau died from brain cancer six years after returning to America from serving in Iraq. His son shouldn’t even be in this debate because he has nothing to do with Joe Biden helping set the Iraq War into motion. For his natural instinct to be to resort to using his deceased son as a shield from criticism for his personal corruption, says a lot about who he is.

This is exactly what the elite want in a person occupying the presidency. They want someone who is a shameless pawn. If Biden is willing to exploit not only his son but also his entire family by having his inauguration be in the same hospital room as his children who are in pain, he will do anything under the sun to save his hide and to advance. His particular exploitation of Beau not only occurred continuously in a shameful manner after his death but he also had been exploiting him since the very beginning as we see from above. For someone to put himself above his own flesh and blood in the egregious manner in which Biden has repeatedly done, you must be a person with no conscience and no regard for others. A person with no conscience and no regard for others is prime to become a sell-out because that person only values themselves and the attainment of what they want. In exchange for attaining what they want, they sell out any and everyone around them to secure the deal; even if that means selling out their own family or country. This is the type of person that the elite value to have as their puppet because they will have no doubts about their allegiance in performing their duties as a puppet and will go along accordingly. They won’t care about the downfall of the country because they simply value themselves and look at themselves as superior who doesn’t need to hear anyone else out but their own opinion. Biden is just one of many who are like this. Most, if not all of your top level politicians are like this. They have to be because they were scouted by the elite to possess these traits because when you have governments filled with these types of people, you can control it and steer it in the direction you like. With Biden at the helm, it is certain that the government is going to be steered in the direction that they like. The only opposition would have to come from the people because a shameless person like Biden would never object to any of the totalitarian agendas which is given to him by his handlers to accomplish. The only objection he’d ever have is if he is not personally gaining enough from it.

With that being said, this is to give some insight into the mindset of Biden and to how low he and in extension most top level politicians in general are willing to go. This is the reason why you have situations of major wealth disparity and corruption in these major world countries because it is filled with people like Biden who are shameless whores for their own greed, ego, and their handlers. This is the reason why the state of the world is at where it’s at now because of people like Joe Biden. He is the ultimate embodiment of one who keeps the status quo which is why he was placed into the office. He is of the same ilk as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson who were both in the same manner just as, if not even more corrupt and willing sell-outs than Biden is. They both initiated major change at the request of the banking families and the elites to propel the country further into an eventual Communist state. That is the outlook for the country currently with Biden at the helm. With that being said, we’ll now delve into another segment which is paramount to providing the understanding of who Biden really is.

This is a quote which Joe Biden himself stated in the 70’s and it proves what he truly believes himself and who he truly is. He does not care about the people that he pretends to represent; especially Black people. He does not care about Black people, Hispanics, women, LGBT, etc. He is a politician. It is a politician’s job to pretend. They often are doing what they accuse their opponents of doing, they are habitual liars about everything, and they do the opposite of what they campaign on. Anyone with sense would never trust a politician or take them for their word because their word is nothing.

Having said that, let’s look at this quote. It says, “I do not buy the concept, popular in the ’60s, which said, ‘We have suppressed the black man for 300 years and the white man is now far ahead in the race for everything our society offers. In order to even the score, we must now give the black man a head start, or even hold the white man back, to even the race,’ I don’t buy that.” This shows you what his mindset was/is and how open he was with his racial rhetoric. For those who don’t know, Biden was openly against desegregation and busing in the 70s. He went on about how he didn’t want his kids being raised in a racial jungle when arguing against desegregation. Biden has an entire history of racial comments against black people and other races for that matter. Just look at how he tried to appeal to Latino voters just this past election. He had a Latino guy dressed in a mariachi hat slinging a rope around at one of his campaign speeches last year in Florida which was practically empty with no attendance. This goes to show how racists like Biden think of people other than their own. Also, for those who get the chance, look up a video of current sitting Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas and when he sat before Congress during his sort of evaluation. Biden was looking at Clarence Thomas with such disdain and disgust. My belief is that it was less so about the allegations that he was facing at the time from Anita Hill and more so from a racial standpoint, like as if he was disgusted by a fact that a black man was trying to become a Supreme Court justice. We can go on and on endlessly about his statements but what is more important is who did he associate himself with over the years. You know a lot about a person through the company that they keep and that is certainly the case with Biden.

For those who don’t know, this is Mississippi Senator James Eastland who was in the Senate for 35 years from 1943 to 1978. He was one of the closest people to Joe Biden when he was running for the Senate and when he got into the Senate. Biden was running in 1973 and by that time, Eastland was a veteran in the Senate and had 30 years under his belt. It could be said that Biden was Eastland’s protégé. The reason we bring this up is because of who Eastland actually was. Eastland was dubbed the “Voice of the White South” and was known for being one of the opposition leaders in the South against racial integration. He openly said many times that the “black race was inferior” and the “White race was superior”. He was a Democrat and as many know, the Democratic Party was the party of the South which was home to segregation and slavery. Of course, after the Democratic Party began to “embrace” the message of desegregation, the full-blooded racists split from the party and some of them became Dixiecrats while others entered the Republican Party. Nonetheless, this is who Biden was allied with and who one of his constituents was; an open racist. It is laughable when Biden throws out these platitudes about equality because he himself was very much working his entire career as a Senator to create that inequality that he’s arguing about; the same goes for all the other politicians who argue this. Having said that, Biden not only worked with James Eastland but he also worked with other racist Senators to create legislation that would target Black people and create the prison labor complex.

This is another racist Senator that Biden worked with and rubbed elbows with; that being Senator John C. Stennis. He was also a long time Senator from the state of Mississippi for 42 years. Knowing that, it should be obvious that like Eastland, he was also an ardent supporter of segregation. Mississippi and Alabama specifically were the strongholds of racism, slavery, and white supremacy but even more so Mississippi. These were the two states that supported third party or independent segregationist candidates such as Strom Thurmond and George Wallace; all of whom Biden had some sort of ties with. Either way, Stennis openly opposed all of the civil rights legislation in the 60s as did his partner, Eastland. Also, while he was a prosecutor, he sought to convict and execute three sharecroppers who were black and yet their murder confessions were extracted through torture which lead to his conviction being overturned by the Supreme Court in the case known as Brown v. Mississippi which banned the use of evidence obtained through torture. Stennis knew that they were tortured but decided to try to convict them anyways.

With that said, knowing his record, Biden sang his praises on numerous occasions. Specifically in one instance in a speech that Biden gave for Stennis in 1985 for Stennis’ birthday, he said that he was “indebted” to Stennis. Judging from this, it is pretty apparent that Biden was close with Stennis and was also his apprentice; the same dynamic between Biden and Eastland. They were both Biden’s masters who led him into the Senate and throughout his career as a Senator. They were likely also his masters from a Luciferian level as well and he was their apprentice. Let’s move on to some others that he congregated with.

To those who don’t know, this is Biden holding hands with the late Robert Byrd who was a senator from West Virginia. Byrd was a former head of the Ku Klux Klan which makes it obvious when we mention that he was also an ardent segregationist that opposed the Civil Rights Act. He once wrote in 1944 to fellow segregationist Mississippi Senator Theodore G. Bilbo that, “I shall never fight in the armed forces with a negro by my side … Rather I should die a thousand times, and see Old Glory trampled in the dirt never to rise again than to see this beloved land of ours become degraded by race mongrels, a throwback to the blackest specimen from the wilds.” Now, we are led to believe that he renounced segregation and racism later on in his career but that is hard to believe. One thing to note is that the KKK is a Luciferian sect. All you have to do is look at the ranking titles of officials within the KKK; Grand Wizard, Grand Dragon, Exalted Cyclops, Night Hawk, etc. Those are all Luciferian titles. ‘KKK’ itself is an allusion to illumination as the letter ‘K’ is the 11th letter in the alphabet so when you have three ‘11’s’, you get the numerical value of ‘33’ which as we know represents illumination as the 33 vertebrae of the spinal column which lead to the brain. The KKK and Freemasonry are just watered down versions of Luciferianism. Byrd himself was an ‘Exalted Cyclops’ in the KKK. Keep in mind, these are the type of people that Biden has congregated with for decades; racists, white supremacists, and Luciferians.

As you see here, this is Byrd with his KKK gear on. You’ll be surprised how many people in the US government were openly apart of the KKK or some type of white supremacy group. Even the President, Woodrow Wilson (1916-1924) invited the KKK to the White House while he was in office. Not only do many in US government have an affinity for the KKK, they also have an affinity for the Nazis as well. Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush among others all had a secret affinity for the Nazis, if not had personal connections to them as well. Even Donald Trump had copies of Hitler’s speeches and the book Mein Kampf by his bed, according to his ex-wife. He even admitted to owning a copy of Mein Kampf. It even came out recently that Trump allegedly praised Hitler to his chief of staff John Kelly; that most likely is true. Most world leaders have some type of affinity for Adolf Hitler and Nazism. Hitler sort of set the modern precedent for being a great orator as a leader which is where people like Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr., Obama, Trump, etc. all go their inspiration to be great speakers, believe it or not. They most likely also have an affinity for Nazism because of the esoteric component as well.

Getting back to the point, Byrd was the longest serving Senator ever who lasted for a whopping 51 years. It should be noted that others like Strom Thurmond, John C. Stennis, James Eastland and Biden himself also had incredibly long tenures as Senators. We bring this up because it gives context as to the type of people who have held power for so long in the US government. These are the guys who not only had a say in legislation regarding crime and the justice system, they had a direct hand in it. America is hypocritical in many ways but one of the ways in which they’re hypocritical is in criticizing other world leaders for staying longer than 8 or 10 years as president or prime minister when they have Senators lasting much longer than that. This is set up by design as the ones who have Congress in their back pocket which is basically every major economic sector of the country (Big Pharma, Big Oil, Silicon Valley, Military-Industrial Complex, Wall Street, Big Banks, etc.) have to control who is in the Senate in order for them to continue their operations unabated. If term limits were implemented for the Senate, they wouldn’t have as great of a control over things and it would be harder for them to have concrete support in the government because seats would change more often.

We now get to what exactly Biden and his constituents worked on together which was crime. Here it states, “Mr. Biden finally landed a seat on the judiciary panel in February 1977, and wrote to Mr. Eastland again, petitioning to be put in charge of the subcommittee overseeing prisons and sentencing. By year’s end, with Mr. Eastland’s support, he was pushing to narrow judicial discretion by creating a commission to set ‘presumptive sentences,’ and to eliminate pardons and parole. His aim, he told his hometown newspaper, The Wilmington Evening Journal, was to keep defendants ‘who don’t meet the middle-class criteria of susceptibility to rehabilitation’ from being set free.” So Biden relentlessly pushed to oversee the prison and judicial system. The reason for Biden pushing to take charge of the subcommittee was the same reason for Eastland having his own role which was to create the prison-labor complex and exploit primarily Blacks through that system. The prison-labor complex helped create the continuation of the slave labor dynamic in the modern era by way of using a loophole in the 13th amendment which reads, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” So by way of the 13th Amendment, slavery and involuntary servitude is still allowed in the US through penal labor. This was the way in which the US could still exploit the civilian population after the “end” of slavery. With targeted psy-ops, class warfare, and societal engineering among other things, the US created a sort of factory system among the minority population which churns out criminals through an artificial culture promoted to the minority population and created by the intelligence apparatus of the US which creates generational cycles of criminality amongst many Blacks and Latinos. This all really took off dramatically within the 80s and 90s which you will understand why in a moment. With this noted, let’s move on.

“In 1981, when Democrats lost the Senate, Republicans installed another old bull Southern segregationist as chairman: Mr. Thurmond, a Democrat-turned-Republican from South Carolina, who had run for president in 1948 on the Dixiecrat platform. Mr. Biden became the ranking Democrat on the committee.” So both sides on the political aisle had their own segregationists working to create what would become the prison labor complex in Strom Thurmond and Joe Biden. This is yet another segregationist that Biden congregated with and worked with; on top of the others we’ve already touched on.

Moving on to the real substance of this entire segment, it says, “Over the next decade — first with Mr. Thurmond as chairman and then Mr. Biden after Democrats won back the Senate in 1986 — the pair wrote roughly a half-dozen crime bills together, laying the groundwork for three of the most significant pieces of crime legislation of the 20th century: the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1984, establishing mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses; the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which dictated much harsher sentences for possession of crack than for powder cocaine; and the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, a vast catchall tough-on-crime bill.” This is the big take-away from this segment; that Biden was the chief architect of the prison labor complex along with Strom Thurmond. It wasn’t just the 1994 Crime Bill that did it, that cemented it, but it was the several other crime bills that he wrote such as the 1984 and 1986 crime bills; those laid the groundwork for the prison labor complex. The high crime rate in the US was used as an opportunity for the US to create and implement this system. It was no coincidence that two segregationists and racists in Thurmond and Biden oversaw the creation of the system that would tear apart the Black populace in America; it was intentional. Knowing this, it is incredibly deceiving and dishonest when the media portrays this narrative that Biden is somehow fighting for Black people in America. It’s nonsense and it is all narrative driven. Whatever the media portrays as the narrative, it is almost always the opposite because they’re liars and they have to sell you the illusion that things are either good or not good, depending on what type of agenda they are trying to push.

Just to give you a visual idea of the effects that the crime legislation in the 80s and 90s had on the prison population, look at the chart above. The chart shows the amount of incarcerated Americans from 1920 to 2008. As you can see, the amount skyrocketed from 1984 and onwards. The amount had already been increasing at a high degree from 1970 to 1984 and you can look at the War on Drugs as the reason. Nonetheless, the increase in the incarcerated population is staggering after 1984 which is where Biden’s legislation began to take off and be implemented. It just shows you how much of an impact he really had on this.

On a side note, not only is Biden complicit in implementing the prison labor complex in America but so is his VP, Kamala Harris. She also contributed to the system by keeping prisoners past their sentences to exploit them to be slave labor while being a prosecutor in California. She also tried to keep people incarcerated despite exonerating evidence. She prosecuted people for marijuana possession and then laughed when asked if she smoked marijuana. It is quite the hypocrisy of these people who enforce these laws to target people who possess marijuana or other drugs and continue to wage this supposed war on drugs while they are using up all of the drugs that they’ve made illegal.

These wars that they have waged on were all perpetrated to do the opposite; whether it is the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, the War on Terror, etc. All three of those “wars” all exacerbated drugs, poverty, and terror because they had a hand in creating all of it. The War on Drugs was used to create the prison labor complex and for the government to make trillions of dollars in the drug trade and sex trafficking. More people have become hooked on drugs since the War on Drugs started. The War on Poverty was used to make more people dependent on the state. Why do they work to make more people dependent on them? It is so when they make certain mandates, they have all the leverage in the world to make you do as they say without direct physical force because they make you dependent on them for food, water, electricity, money, housing, transportation, communication, etc. The welfare state is designed to set up this dynamic. This is why you’re hearing people now make the excuses of them needing to “pay their rent” or “keep their current income to support their family” as the reason for getting the COVID vaccine or more accurately, gene therapy. The War on Terror was used to inflate the military industrial complex, make trillions of dollars by plundering other nations resources, and create the excuse of terrorism de for the US to be in these forever wars despite the US creating and supporting these terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS. It was also used to help accelerate the “Greater Israel Plan” to make Israel the dominant region in the Middle East along with placing central banks in the countries without a Rothschild-owned central bank like Iraq and Afghanistan along with Libya and Sudan. The only countries left without a central bank are Cuba, North Korea, and Iran; and now you wonder why those countries are always deemed as enemies to the US.

Nonetheless, both Biden and Harris are enforcers of the prison labor complex. They claim to be hard on crime and drugs yet they’re the biggest criminals and junkies out of them all. Just look at Kamala Harris and you can tell that witch is on something. We all know that Biden’s son Hunter is on everything and yet Biden continues the war on drugs like all of his predecessors have. As usual, the rules that they enforce don’t apply to them.

To close off on this segment, this is just a nice meme which gives some of the quotes that Biden has said in the past. Biden like Stennis, Eastland, Thurmond, Byrd and others are all racists who’ve occupied the Senate for years. The real white supremacists are those in the government because they are the ones who write the bills into law which creates these sectors such as the prison labor complex which forms the machine that churns out more and more inmates to flood the prisons while also monetizing slave labor thereafter once they’re in the prisons. The Neo-Nazis and other racists who are dirt poor and can’t get by in life aren’t doing anything to create that system; they’re just ignorant bigots who are upset that they didn’t get the cut of the deal as they aren’t being catered to but the white supremacists in Congress have instead catered to the liberal demographic. They think of themselves as the forgotten folk who haven’t gotten a fair share of the deal and have been abandoned.

To be clear, America decided to embrace de-segregation and inclusion of Black people into society not because they really cared about them or truly saw what was happening as wrong but because they wanted to bring them into the fold and to be further integrated into the one-world-order system to make the pool of money larger so that the banks and corporations can further make more money off of them while bringing more nations to embrace the one world order belief system. This holds true as far as the monetary aspect goes as Black people have become the largest consumer base by far in America as they spend over $1 trillion every year in consumer spending. This consumerism was created over decades of societal engineering through the entertainment industry and class warfare. The ones behind that are the CIA as they are the ones that engineer society through the entertainment industry and these think tanks to create this mindset. Of course, the CIA is an arm of the American government. Knowing this, it is not genuine to keep using the symbol of white supremacy as poor whites living in a trailer somewhere when in fact the real symbol of white supremacy is the American government and people in it like Biden, Stennis, Eastland, and others. When we talk about white supremacy, these individuals are the ones that should first come to mind.

We now get to the VP Kamala Harris. In the beginning of this breakdown, we talked about the nature of the political world and how in order to advance in any sort of way in that world, they have to have connections. That is the case for life in general but even more so for the political world. We also discussed how in order for a person to advance further to the higher levels of this government, they have to do many favors; often sexual. The greatest example of this is the rise of Kamala Harris. She has slept her way to get every position she has ever gotten.

Her affair with Willie Brown is the more notable example of how she used her body to get positions she wanted. The man was married while she was having a relationship with him. Now, if you don’t know, he had been estranged from his wife for quite some time up to that point; about a decade. The thing is that this is quite common at the higher levels of society. They have these marriages where they may or may not be publically together while they’re going off and dealing with people that they really want on the side. Open marriages and swinging is increasingly more common the further up you go in the ranks of society. There is no loyalty and sanctity in marriage in the uber-rich circles, especially with those in the craft. They’re full believers in the Thelema belief system of ‘do what thou wilt’ which means that basically, they’re free to sleep with whoever and whenever and even whatever that want; whether that means a married person, a person of the same sex or even a damn goat. They believe that they can do as they feel and when you truly observe the way in which this government is run and the way the high society acts and behaves, you see that they embody that attitude through and through.

Willie Brown and Kamala Harris’ relationship was nothing more than them using each other for what they wanted. Willie Brown wanted sexual gratification from Harris while she wanted financial luxury and career advancement. That was what they gave to each other. Let’s look deeper into that further.

This is an excerpt from an article which discussed in detail the extent of Brown and Harris’ affair. Here it states, “As Brown’s ‘new steady’ she soon found herself rubbing shoulders with many of California’s political movers and shakers. As well as gifting his young squeeze a BMW car, the relationship reaped even more tangible benefits when Brown handed Harris two influential positions. ‘Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, continuing his rush to hand out patronage jobs while he retains his powerful post, has given high-paying appointments to his former law associate and a former Alameda County prosecutor who is Brown’s frequent companion,’ the Los Angeles Times noted in 1994. ‘Brown, exercising his power even as his speakership seems near an end, named attorney Kamala Harris to the California Medical Assistance Commission, a job that pays $72,000 a year.” Now, to add, what this piece didn’t mention was that she was working at that job for only 15 hours a week. So she was not even working half-time as in 20 hours per week which is half of a full time 40 hour work week and yet she made $72,000 a year at that job. Keep in mind, this is in the early 90’s so that was a decent sum of money.

Continuing on, “’Harris, a former deputy district attorney in Alameda County, was described by several people at the Capitol as Brown’s girlfriend.’ Brown also appointed Harris to the state’s Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, a lucrative position worth a further $97,088 a year, according to the same article. She took a leave of absence from her prosecutor duties to serve in the positions.” So, Brown hooked her up with not one but several high paying jobs. They are high paying considering she didn’t even put in half the time of a full time worker. The media will have you think that with all these positions that she’s had, this somehow makes her qualified with a viable resume to be the Vice President; as if she has been working hard her entire life and has been grinding at every position she’s ever held. On paper, it is impressive but when you consider the fact that she wasn’t even working half the time of a full time worker; that lets you know that she just cruised her way to the top and didn’t even work hard at all. She learned how to make as much money as possible for herself, basically how to hustle, and how to position herself to get into certain doors to advance her career. You can only work so hard on a 15 hour a week work schedule. The reality is that she was putting in a few hours at the workplace but a whole lot of overtime all over helping out Willie Brown and other willies out there.

“Press reports unearthed by confirm that by the time he hooked up with Harris, Texas-born Brown had for years been openly separated from Blanche, a dance teacher whom he married in 1958 and had three children with. According to an archived 1984 profile in the New York Times the couple went their separate ways in 1982.” So there you go. That confirms what we stated just above about the estranged relationship between Brown and his wife. Now to add onto a previous point that was made in the quoted statement, she also allegedly slept with the deputy DA in order to get a position at the deputy DA’s office. As I said, Willie Brown wasn’t the only “Willie” that she was helping out; she was helping out a whole lot of willies. With that said, it is a testament to her character. If someone is willing to sell their body for worldly things like a prestigious position or money, they’re willing to sell their soul. As we mentioned previously of her record as prosecutor where she jailed innocent people and kept people imprisoned beyond their sentences, she is not fighting for anybody within society; she is fighting for herself. She is completely narcissistic and self-absorbed. She is fighting for her cut from the for-profit private prisons, from Big Pharma, from Wall Street, from the big banks, etc. Relating to what we said about Biden and how he exploited his son while he was in the hospital, in order for one to sell out their country, they must learn to sell themselves out. She sold herself out by sleeping her way to the top. When you have a lack of self-dignity, you won’t care for the dignity of others. You won’t be an honest servant of the public or do the noble thing. There is no honor among thieves. It is simply get what you want and that’s it. That is the attitude of the political establishment and their corporate, globalist, and Zionist overlords. That is why she is the establishment pick; because she will do their bidding. Despite her incredible lack of popularity within her own party and among her own base, the establishment would surely push her if she were to run in 2024. She would do whatever it takes to get that position; whether that would be through political favors, sexual favors or ritual sacrifice to generate enough support on all ends to make her victory happen. With that being said, let’s use this to segue to our next point.

Here is Kamala Harris posing with her forefinger to her temple; a common Luciferian pose. This pose of the finger to the head is meant to represent the elite’s approval of the individual’s intellect and fitness for office or promotion to the next level; whatever position that would be. In Harris’ case, it would be going on from Senator to Vice President. The elites approve of her because she will do anything that they ask her to do for the sake of the Great Work. Despite her incredible unpopularity and transparency, she still managed to become Vice President. This is because you don’t need the approval of the people. When you have enough support and backing from the pyramid, you will get whatever position you need; they’ll even actively push to get you into certain positions. She didn’t even get one delegate or vote in the primary races and yet she became VP. She like other snakes slithered her way into the VP spot like George Bush Sr. and Lyndon B. Johnson did. For the most part, the VP is often the one running the country. With this administration, it certainly is the case but what is funny is that Harris doesn’t seem to know where she is at either. Whenever she is pushed on things, she’ll either laugh it off and cackle like a witch or she’ll make excuses that fall flat. She does more of the dirty work that her handlers tell her to do but the actual decision making comes from those who have controlled the White House and Congress for decades now. Biden is simply there to sign off on things and make appearances. He is certainly not running anything. They really wanted Harris to be the president but they knew that the country isn’t ready for it and she was not likeable at all so they had to drag Biden’s carcass out there to make it realistic to enough people that Trump would lose to him. Getting back to the picture, Harris is a part of the secret societies and institutions like everyone else. She was a part of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority while in college. Every politician for the most part you will find was a part of some fraternity or sorority depending on their gender; that is how they get ‘in’. She is a Luciferian like all the others in Congress.

This is now an art piece of some sorts which is a portrait of Kamala Harris but with broken glass. This is supposed to represent her “glass breaking” accomplishment of being the first female VP. However, it may also represent her future accomplishment which is being the first female President. Most people anticipate that this will happen one way or another, whether Biden is there for one term or doesn’t make it the whole term. It won’t be a surprise if she somehow ends up being the President at some point. Don’t be shocked if it even happens this year or a year from now. Biden is hanging on a thread and can melt down at any moment. Either way, it doesn’t matter who is or isn’t the president because no matter who gets in, they are all a part of the show and are only allowed to do what their handlers tell them to. So whether it is still Biden, Harris, or some other person, the end result will be the same because it has never been a left vs. right paradigm, it has always been the powers that be against the people.

Another reason why we bring this up is because this may be an allusion to her possible programming. Shattered glass or broken mirrors are an allusion to MK programming and the many alters within an asset’s mind. There is one angle which explains the self-destructive aspect of the asset which is when the asset shatters the mirrors in their mind, they enter into suicide programming. The programmers layer demons behind the mirrors within the asset’s mind. When the asset breaks the mirrors, the demons are released and create chaos for the asset. Nonetheless, this could be an allusion to Kamala’s programming, if she indeed is programmed.

We are now briefly getting back to the esoteric component before we get into the celebrity and BETA program component. In the beginning, we touched on the Canaanite belief system with the picture of Elizabeth Warren and her purple Planned Parenthood scarf. The main colors of the Canaanite system are the purple and gold. This color scheme is promoted heavily throughout society. This is why the colors of the Los Angeles Lakers are the purple and gold. When you look here, Biden is wearing the purple and gold tie. He like Warren and like Harris and the very top class of the politicians are all participants and believers in the Canaanite belief system. This is the spirit which powers the political machine in America; that being the spirit of Canaan or Baal. Generational families like the Bidens or the Clintons are especially rooted in the Luciferian systems from birth; perhaps even in the womb because of certain rituals which places curses on the child in the womb like the Moonchild ritual. This, the Canaanite belief system, is one of the many systems which are promoted on a subliminal level in this society. It is to venerate that spiritual system but it is also to get the people familiar with that system subconsciously and also spiritually so that they accept it and also follow other systems themselves within Luciferianism such as Wicca or paganism. A major way they get the people familiar to become favorable with Luciferianism is through Disney and their promotion of magic. That’s another topic but nonetheless, this is the spirit of the American political system and one of the many Luciferian systems which have been promoted to society.

Before we go further, we just wanted to finish up on the Canaanite system. This is some sort of emblem or badge of the Royal Court of the Jesters. As you see here, the same color scheme of purple and gold is present. As you can see with this figure, it has the crown which has ‘mirth’ engraved in it. Mirth of course means amusement and being merry which in this context is talking about the spirit of the jester or the clown. As we know, the clown god is Saturn. One thing to note here is the gavel. The gavel is positioned on this character’s groin to be fashioned as a phallus. This is an allusion to Baal’s shaft. The reason you may see phallic imagery like the Obelisk or even Jeff Bezos’ recent space rocket is because they are meant to be physical homage to the understanding of the Babylonian system. It is also for sex magic which is why this society is so hyper-sexualized and most of that sexuality comes from the entertainment industry which is rooted in sex magic.

Speaking of sex magic, we get to one of the high priestesses of sex magic in Hollywood herself, Lady Gaga. She also is a BETA sex kitten as well which we will get into shortly.

Lady Gaga appeared at the inauguration ceremony and performed the national anthem. However, she was not the only celebrity there or who has a relationship with the Bidens which we’ll see as we go along. The reason why we see celebrities at these inauguration ceremonies or at public events campaigning for politicians is because the entertainers are the bread and circus for the masses and they must get the masses familiar with the establishment politician and deem them favorable. If they see their favorite celebrity endorse a certain politician, it makes them by association support that politician. Most people support politicians, especially liberal politicians, based strictly off of bluster that those politicians put forth through platitudes, virtue signaling, and cheap statements that they know will get the most cheers. Very few politicians are strictly focused on policy. Most politicians are just there to continue the culture war which is in effect the divide and conquer agenda. With that in place, they just bicker all day and act like as if they care about policy but really they bicker to avoid having to make any real policy work.

Either way, the celebrities are used to get the people familiar with and accepting of the president or other politicians that the establishment favors. Throughout modern history, the most popular political theory amongst the general populace, arts, entertainment, journalism, etc is liberalism. Conservatism for the most part is not favored or embraced openly as much as liberalism is. This is why you see a liberal bias in journalism, media, and entertainment and generally among the people. There are more registered Democrat voters than Republican voters for that reason. When you make a particular political philosophy more ideal or favorable, it makes it much easier to advance that agenda further. It has been a major initiative by the elites to subtly make liberalism favorable in education, philosophy, psychology, journalism, and entertainment to make their fundamental system palletable to the people for the past 200 years. How did homosexuality and transgenderism become acceptable? It became so through psychology and the scientific field and institutions like the American Psychiatric Association. The ‘science’ is what the elite determine it to be. This is what we’re seeing now with this plan-demic. When they say “believe in the science”, they mean believe in their science. Conservatism is not the philosophy that the elite favor at all because it is rooted in tradition, culture, family values, religion, etc; all things that the elite want to eradicate in favor of a one-world system with an emphasis on ‘one’ i.e. one identity, one race, one ideology, one sexual orientation (pansexuality) and so on and so forth. When you eradicate diversity of thought and tradition in favor of a universally shared ideology, you have a one class system among the general public that has no mind or spirit of their own. They are simply mindless serfs for the state. This is why Communism and socialism has been pushed for a century now because this is the favorable system of the banking families as you simply have everyone working all day on the job while they are taxed to death which provides a funnel of money to the banks along with the centralization of everything to where the state owns everything. Where do you think “you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy” comes from? It comes from Communism. The World Economic Forum is nothing but a Communist think tank that is working to transition the world further to that system. The banking families had their hands on Karl Marx and supported him to develop this philosophy. This will all be discussed in greater detail in the article I will do on the Capitol Riot and the entire left vs. right paradigm. Having said that, this is why celebrities like Lady Gaga frequent the political circles from a public standpoint. From a deeper perspective, it is more than just keeping up appearances and more so a handler-asset dynamic between presidents/vice presidents and celebrities who are BETA assets. We’ll get into that as we go along.

Before we get into the BETA programming component, we need to address a significant symbol which Lady Gaga was sporting in the form of a brooch pin on her dress which was of the dove with the olive branch in its mouth. This is a significant symbol that has several meanings.

The dove in the ancient world was representative of the goddess Juno. The dove was associated with the mother goddess to try and blasphemously conflate her with the Holy Spirit because as we know from scripture, the dove is associated with the Holy Spirit which we see in the book of John. The dove which is the symbol of the mother goddess is represented with the olive branch in its mouth. In her human form, she bears the olive branch in her hand. This is where she gets her name of “the branch bearer” from or Z’emir-amit which means “the branch bearer”. The mother goddess is typically associated with birds. The name Semiramis means “a wild pigeon”. Now, Semiramis was deemed to be the center of gentleness and mercy and when death came to her, she was fabled to have been deified and changed into a pigeon to express her celestial divinity and nature. From this, she was named D’lune or “The Dove” or “Juno” which is the Roman name for the queen of heaven. The olive branch itself is a symbol of the son of the mother goddess while the dove represents the mother goddess. The olive itself was the oil-tree so the olive branch signified a “son of oil” or an anointed one. One of the names for was Beel-samen which signifies “Lord of Oil”. Also, this is the reason that the Greeks brought olive branches to the temples when appearing before the gods to gain their favor.

From a biblical perspective, there is also some overlay between the dove and Genesis 8 where we read about the dove coming back to Noah in the ark with the olive leaf in its beak to represent new life. Understand that not only are the Babylonian mysteries rooted in the tale of Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis, it also has certain elements of scripture interwoven within it as well which is understandable as the triumvirate of Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis had direct interactions with the biblical figures like Noah and Abraham along with direct condemnations from Christ himself in Revelation 3:7 concerning Janus which represents Cush and Nimrod. Nonetheless, the dove is conflated with Semiramis in this way. When the flood overtook the earth, the Spirit of the Most High forsook the earth but yet stood along with Noah and his family which is why He set Noah up in preparation for the flood because He had His Hands on Noah. The Spirit of the Most High entered with Noah into the ark and came forth with him upon Noah’s departure from the ark. The Luciferians use this as a foundation for the myth of the dove resting on the ark in the waters and the mother goddess coming forward from it. With this, they regarded Semiramis as the incarnation of the Spirit of Yahweh or the Holy Spirit per se. To expound on this connection between her and the Flood, she went by another name, Archia, the mother of Phoroneus. Archia signifies “spiritual”. “Rkh” in Egyptian means “Spirit” and in the Chaldean, with the prosthetic ‘a’ prefixed it becomes Arkh. Now before the flood, the first form of Astarte brought sin into the world as Eve. The second form of Astarte as Astraea avenged humanity as the goddess of justice and she was deemed as “merciful”. She was identified with the heavenly virgin Themis which signifies “the perfect one” who gave oracles and lived on earth before the flood and forsook it before the flood overtook the earth. Upon Semiramis assuming the title of Venus as the goddess of love and beauty, she became the “hope of the whole world”. The mother goddess was perceived as the mediator who avenged sin and was thus tolerant of sin.

One of her many names was Melitta which signified the ‘Mediatrix’; thus she was deemed as a mediator between God and man. That makes sense because as we’ve went over before, Lucifer the light bearer represents Christ on the left hand side and as we know, the title of the light bearer is seen with Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis. Cush is deemed as the father god, Nimrod as the son, and Semiramis as the Holy Spirit represented as a dove. So if Christ is the mediator between man and the Most High, Lucifer is the mediator between man and Satan.

Now getting back to Astraea/Themis, we now see how they’ve blasphemously conflated the mother goddess with the Holy Spirit as Themis could bring forth oracles or prophecies which are a trait or power of the Holy Spirit. The myth of Astraea being the last of the celestials who remained on earth and her forsaking of it being the signal for the oncoming destruction is also an attempt to conflate her with the Holy Spirit as it was the celestial force of the Holy Spirit that left the earth which set forth the flood. This is all a bastardization of the scriptures and this is one of many ways that the Luciferians have done so throughout the Babylonian mysteries.

With the dove having a prominent presence in the inauguration with the brooch pin, this was a way to further venerate and promote the energy of the mother goddess. We showed the many different ways that energy was promoted throughout the inauguration. This is another way in doing so. Lady Gaga like the rest of the major female singers and musicians is a worshiper of the mother goddess. So it is no surprise that she is venerating the mother goddess with the dove. Now if she understands that conflation between the dove goddess and the Holy Spirit, it could possibly convey from a symbolic level that the destructive flood which was Trump’s reign as president has passed and the new hope of the new world has arrived in the form of the age of the continued and accelerated veneration of the mother goddess to push her as the incarnation of spiritual divinity. We’ve went over this dynamic with Trump being the old guard masculine figure that has passed and the new guard divine feminine figure that has become the new figure of leadership and wisdom and soon the divine hermaphrodite figure will become that as well. This is why we’ve seen the accelerated push of transgenderism recently. With that said, we will now segue into the BETA programming component.

This is a picture that surfaced around the election last year when Lady Gaga was campaigning for Biden. Now knowing that Biden is married, this is a particularly odd photo. Why would Biden allow himself to have a picture taken where Lady Gaga is holding him as if they were married? Now, it is one thing where you are publically supporting a candidate but to pose in this manner tells you that there’s more to this than one would think or be led to believe. Some people will think that is far-fetched but it is just a personal perspective. Lady Gaga is the same as top females in the music industry like Beyonce and Madonna in that she, like them are all BETA assets. BETA assets serve their handlers and their constituents which often are other entertainers, musicians, comedians, athletes, industry big-wigs, politicians and other government officials. There are many tell-tale signs that these assets will show which will communicate albeit on a subliminal level that they are indeed BETA programmed. One of the biggest signs is the channeling of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe is a major trigger for BETA assets because she was the original BETA sex kitten and Diamond level asset. You even see this in the photo above as Lady Gaga in the picture is channeling Marilyn Monroe with the bleached blonde hair styled in the way that Monroe had her hair styled. So what this is communicating is that Lady Gaga is a BETA asset and she would presumably not only be servicing Biden sexually but also from an intelligence standpoint because BETA assets are not just sex slaves but they’re also intelligence agents. Gaga may not be providing Biden with sex but there is a high chance that she is. Once again, what kind of acquaintances poses like this together when at least one of them is married? To those who are not new to the entire MK program, this is not surprising in the least but most people are not cognizant of this dynamic of our government nor will they ever acknowledge that it exists even though the MK-Ultra program is real and is not a conspiracy theory at all.

We get to another president that Lady Gaga has appeared with; that being Bill Clinton. She also campaigned for Hillary Clinton as well and Hillary herself is a handler for BETA assets, as is Bill Clinton. By the way, those are not even their real last names. His real name is William Jefferson Blythe. This is common among politicians and entertainers to change their last names or their whole names. They have many code names in these secret societies and within certain parts of their inner world so that they can’t identify them or tie them down to certain activities. For example, in the UK, male politicians and entertainers would go under aliases at a place called Elm Guest House where they engaged in homosexual activities and abused young boys. There is also the element of elite bloodlines and how some of them change their names to hide their ties to those bloodlines. Many, if not most, in the industry are in some way related to each other or are a part of either an elite bloodline or a bloodline which is a part of generational Luciferianism.

Gaga is acquainted with the Clintons for the same reason that she is with Biden; that being that she is a BETA asset and they are her handlers. Both Bill Clinton and Joe Biden are sexual predators as we already know so it should not be a surprise to know that they use BETA assets for sex. Now, one would ask, how could Gaga be an asset for both Biden and the Clintons? Well, BETA assets serve whoever is president or vice president but that doesn’t mean that they exclusively serve them. They can have multiple handlers. They not only serve the president but often the vice president as well; especially since the vice president is often more aware of the inner operations and we look to puppet masters like George Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney to confirm that sentiment. With that being said, let’s look to the MK-Ultra connection between Bill Clinton and Lady Gaga.

As you can see, this is an older article from October 2011 which details the interaction between Gaga and Clinton in his 65th birthday celebration. It says, “Gaga channels Marilyn for Clinton”. The description states, “Lady Gaga serenaded Bill Clinton with a personalized version of her hit ‘Bad Romance’ over the weekend.” Her personalized version was “Bill Romance”. So to those that think that the Marilyn Monroe channeling component between current industry BETA assets and presidents is unfounded, here it is. They like to play out the dynamic between Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy where she publically serenaded him with her infamous Happy Birthday singing to him. Kennedy himself was also a handler of BETA assets and was a person who had his fair share of mind-controlled sex slaves, some of whom were children. Either way, you’ll see celebrities like Beyonce and Lady Gaga frequent presidential circles and do special performances like this because they are playing out their Marilyn Monroe programming. Not only do they sexually service the US president but also other world presidents, prime ministers, monarchs, and royal families. Having said that, let’s look at a part of this article just to expound on this.

Here it says, “Lady Gaga serenaded Bill Clinton with a personalized version of her hit ‘Bad Romance’ over the weekend. The performance was part of a star-studded tribute to the former US president and his decade-old foundation” Yes, that very foundation that is rather a money-laundering scheme and is a front for drug and human trafficking is being lauded with appraisals and celebratory parties.

“Dressed in a blond wig for a ‘Marilyn Monroe moment’ with Mr. Clinton, the pop superstar wished him a belated ‘Happy Birthday’ before launching into a rip-roaring ‘Bill Romance’ at the packed Hollywood Bowl. At one point she came down to perform one-on-one for the former president, who was seated in the front row flanked by his wife, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and their daughter Chelsea.” Now, one wonders, what woman allows another woman to perform a personalized song for her husband in front of her and her daughter unless she herself is not particularly loyal to her husband and she acknowledges that he isn’t loyal to her either? In the satanic world, Satan does not honor any marriage and its sanctity. Every Luciferian deep in the occult world has to engage in sex magick rituals no matter their relationship status. Sex magick is the core of Luciferianism from a ritualistic aspect. Many Luciferians themselves openly embrace an open marriage and have sex with whomever because they are pansexuals and that is the core of Pan worship and the Bacchanalian rites. The Clintons are without a doubt pansexuals as are the Bidens, the Obamas, and the Bushes.

“‘How cool is it to be 65 and you get Lady Gaga, come on?’ Mr. Clinton asked the crowd in a short speech in the middle of the show, which also included performances by Stevie Wonder, Bono and the Edge, and Usher. But, he added: ‘And then I wondered, ..she said she was going to have a Marilyn Moment, I thought, by God I get Lady Gaga and I will have a heart attack celebrating my 65th birthday.” This guy is such a sleaze. Just remember that what we know publically about these people is just the tip of the iceberg. Either way, let’s get further into the article.

Here it states, “Then came Lady Gaga, who did her usual trick of stealing the show by sheer exuberance – including with at least one expletive which may have tested the producers of the live streamed version of the concert going out on Yahoo.  Explaining her ‘Marilyn Moment’, she joked in typical style: ‘I always wanted to have one, and I was hoping that it didn’t involve pills and a strand of pearls.’” That’s in reference to Monroe’s intense drug addiction which ultimately led to her demise.

“A video skit by a group of Hollywood stars including Ben Stiller, Sean Penn, Jack Black, Matt Damon and Kevin Spacey – and Mr. Clinton himself – provided a bit of comic relief, as did turns from Ellen DeGeneres and Barbra Streisand.” Per usual, the celebrities are frequenting political circles. Once again, you don’t see celebrities being too cozy with conservative presidents at least in public like they do with Democrat presidents. This is purposeful as the elites need to make their agenda more popular and palatable with the people by having these popular celebrities like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston endorse and support the politicians that the elite want in place. This is at least for the public but behind closed doors; they are fellow witches and sorcerers in the craft who are either together for magical purposes or intelligence purposes because many of the top celebrities are either themselves assets, handlers, programmers or perhaps all three in some cases. Once again, you’re never going to see popular celebrities like Ben Stiller, Matt Damon, and Kevin Spacey cozying up with George Bush or Mitt Romney because that is not the ideology that they want to be popular among the people. The Democratic Party embraces all the principles that the elite want the people to believe in whether it is globalism, LGBT indoctrination, humanism, and science over belief in the Most High, as well as atheism, gun control, and censorship. This is why all of those principles have been deemed as progressive thinking and has been promoted among the youth and has infiltrated the work place, schools, and general dialogue between people in society.  

Funny enough, speaking of Kevin Spacey, we know that he was associated with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell and we have evidence of that. He’s also knight of the British Empire which is a tell tale sign that he is a high level witch and lackey of the Great Work. Any celebrity you see particularly close with the British royal family, let alone being knighted by them, they are involved in pederasty because that is the currency among the British royals, that being children. The currency that Epstein was dealing in was children, not just pre-teens. Epstein and Maxwell as we know had a direct relationship with Prince Andrew. Prince William, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, and all the rest of them all have their “dealer” per se. Prince Andrew’s dealer was Epstein. The only difference between Prince Andrew and the other princes we mentioned was that he wasn’t as discreet or smart to cover his tracks as they have been.  Nonetheless, one more tidbit between Spacey and Clinton is that the character of Frank Underwood that Spacey is known for is based off of Bill Clinton and Frank’s wife Claire Underwood is based off of Hillary Clinton.

Continuing on, “Bono returned with U2 sidekick The Edge – ‘a pair of Irish buskers’, as he called them – to help close the show, paying tribute along the way to Mr. Clinton’s role in clinching a peace deal for Northern Ireland. The Irish rocker-turned-campaigner also highlighted Mr. Clinton’s role in fighting HIV and poverty in Africa, as well as climate change, both in and out of office.” This is the elite at its finest; lauding themselves with praise and adulation for things that that they claim they accomplished for the good of humanity and the planet when in reality; it did the opposite and helped to destroy the state of humanity and the planet. No one has furthered the state of disease and poverty in Africa than Bono. Bono as we all know is a eugenicist and a big-wig for the elites. He is deeply involved in Africa and implementing eugenics in that region. He is a globalist through and through. Also, there is no one that has done more damage to Africa or people of color period than Bill Clinton. The damage that Bill Clinton did to Haiti, his own role in exploding the prison industrial complex, and his meddling in Africa is his true record when it comes to people of color. The state in Africa when it comes to the ever present disease and poverty there was externally created by the powers that be. Africa is ripe in natural resources which is why the US and the UK as well as China sets up their mining and drilling companies all over the continent to plunder their resources. The Luciferian bloodlines all have a monopoly on the richest resources. The Rockefellers have a monopoly on oil which means that they control the US. The Rothschilds have a monopoly on gold which means that they control the UK. The Oppenheimers have a monopoly on diamonds which means that they control Africa. There is a lot to it that we won’t get into here but the point should be made, no one in a position of power or status is helping Africa at all; especially Slick Willy. They praise themselves for waging chaos and destruction across the regions of the world that are vulnerable and against innocent people with their charity parties, documentaries, movies, memorial centers, etc. They memorialize these people by naming them after certain buildings like schools or airports or even naval ships to glorify and immortalize them. These people are complete narcissists to the nth degree.

Speaking of charities, it was exposed years ago that Bono’s foundation only donated about 1% of the funds that it received to charity so what does that tell you? It should tell you that none of these people care about actually helping people. They look at philanthropy as a form of marketing/brand building and commerce to fill their pockets along with it being a front for drug, human, sex, and even organ trafficking. That is the core of the Rockefeller’s operation to operate through philanthropy so that they can build their public image because otherwise, they’d be looked at for what they are as resource plunderers aka oil tycoons and globalists who are actually running the world. Whenever the Rockefellers are brought up, it is always about their philanthropy and not anything else and that is because they control the narrative as they own the media. Whenever a politician is a media darling or is portrayed always in a positive light, they have the support and backing of the banking families. Just look at Barack Obama; he was hailed as this Messianic figure who embodied “hope and change” and yet when he got into the office, he continued what Bush did and then some. Wall Street and the big banks financially backed Obama more than McCain in 2008. Always follow the money trail because it shows you who these people really are and where their loyalty and allegiances really lie. This is the type of people who are running things so if they are capable of destroying countries and regions from the inside and the outside, have adirect hand in child sex trafficking and the drug trade, and perpetuate Ponzi schemes through their “charities”, you don’t think that they would abuse BETA assets as well when given the access?

Now, we get to the themes of Oval office with these BETA assets. They often are pictured posing on top of the desk of the Oval office. What this portrays is seductiveness and salaciousness from the woman. It is particularly salacious because what that is indicating is an affair between the women who are posing and the president or vice president who is married. This is of course plays off of the Marilyn Monroe angle as well.

As we see above, Lady Gaga played this theme out in her music video with R Kelly where she is once again channeling Marilyn Monroe and we see that she is in the Oval office. It is also no coincidence that R Kelly is a part of this song to play this theme out because let’s look at it this way, if Lady Gaga is playing the role of Marilyn Monroe or the mistress then who is playing the president? R Kelly is playing the role of the president. Not only is he playing the role of the president but from a personal view he is playing Barack Obama. They have a black man in R Kelly playing the role of president to play off of Lady Gaga playing the role of Marilyn Monroe. That is not a coincidence as it is a personal view that Lady Gaga has been a BETA asset used by previous presidents. Gaga took off to fame right around the time that Barack Obama entered the picture. Lady Gaga most likely has that sense of familiarity with Biden through her time as an asset during the Obama administration. Also, to expound on this theme that we’re seeing here, what was the title of the song that R Kelly and Lady Gaga did together? It was called “Do What U Want”. Of course, that is an allusion to the Thelema belief system of ‘Do what thou wilt’. However, the elongated version of the title is “Do what you want with my body” which conveys sexual submission; that Lady Gaga is subject to the will of the man in this dynamic, that being the president. He does whatever he wants to her and he makes her do whatever he wants; whether it is in a sexual manner or a orderly manner because remember that the BETA assets are intelligence agents as well. One thing to note is that the BETA asset will actually ask for aggressiveness sexually from the person that they’re servicing because that is in their programming to be submissive and to serve the wishes of their “client”. They are also programmed to be desensitized and to not feel pain or fear when they’re being subjected to aggression or masochistic sex. They will still feel the pain but they’ve been programmed to dissociate from the pain that they’re suffering so that they are a literal sex slave that doesn’t convey undesirable emotions. They are programmed to be literal flesh and blood robots. So it is just a personal view that this is an allusion to Lady Gaga’s role as a BETA sex kitten and a presidential model slave for the president; specifically Barack Obama in this case. Many people behind these productions are the ones who communicate this message because many of these industry big wigs who control and handle an asset like Lady Gaga are connected to Barack Obama and Joe Biden to a certain degree; at the very least they know how to get to them.

Before we go further in the theme, we look at this picture and as the saying goes; a picture speaks a thousand words. Here, Gaga is posed with presidents Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, George Bush Sr. and Jr. along with Bill Clinton. All of these men are aware to some degree of the BETA sex kitten program; especially the Bushes. What connection would there be between a pop singer and the president? If you think that they’re just there as friends and she’s “honored” to meet the current and former leaders of the “free world” then you’re incredibly naïve. Carter is simply there to play along with the theme but he is not as well versed in the mind control apparatus like the Bushes, Clinton, and Obama are. It is without a doubt that Gaga has at least serviced Clinton and Obama. It is possible that she also did so with the Bushes. Knowing that BETA sex kittens are trained up from birth to be what they are, it is not farfetched to believe that Gaga was trafficked to George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton as a child while they were in office. That would certainly not be a surprise because George Bush Sr. was a notorious pedophile.

The point being is this, they tell on themselves a lot. The way that they communicate is through signs and symbols which we’ll get to shortly. This is how they communicate with each other. You just have to one, know what the signs and symbols mean and two, know what their inner world is really like in order for you to understand why two individuals from completely separate ends of the spectrum are this close like Lady Gaga and Joe Biden.

On a side note, this is also a ritualistic pose. There are 6 of them posing here with the woman being the lead. The men are sitting while the sole woman is standing. All of these men here worship the mother goddess; even Jimmy Carter. His seemingly Christian background is really a disguise for the worship of Mary as the mother goddess. Either way, let’s move on.

To continue this theme, we look at a picture we extensively went over in Part 5 of the Donald Trump series which is Ivanka Trump laying seductively across the vice president’s desk. We’re not going to go too much into this but this is just to show you the theme. She is sporting the white dress as Gaga did to channel Marilyn Monroe. I expressed in Part 5 how it was a personal belief that perhaps this was alluding to a possible dynamic of handler and asset between Dick Cheney and Ivanka Trump as this photo-shoot took place in 2006 while Cheney was VP. You are free to disagree and I’m not saying that is the case but that is just my perspective. We went into detail how Ivanka Trump herself is a BETA asset in Part 5 but once again, the theme is present here with the same seductive pose by the women playing the role of the mistress as she lays on the desk of the president or in this case the vice president.

Now we get to another BETA asset; that being Rihanna. This was back in 2014 where she visited the White House. Rihanna is channeling Olivia Pope in her appearance at the White House. For those who don’t know, Olivia Pope is a character played by Kerry Washington on the TV show ‘Scandal’. Olivia Pope was a crisis manager that works to fix political scandals which brought her into the president’s circle and ended up having an affair with the president in the story, Fitzgerald Grant which becomes the central plot of the show. Now, knowing what Rihanna channeling Olivia Pope implicates, why would Barack Obama and his wife be fine with Rihanna coming to the White House in this manner? It is the same reason that we gave earlier about the Clintons being fine with Lady Gaga channeling Marilyn Monroe; they’re both pansexuals and engage in an open marriage dynamic. Their marriage is a part of a public image; they’re both engaging in extramarital affairs with other men, women, animals, children, etc. because they’re pansexuals and that is the core of sex magic. Rihanna like Lady Gaga is also a BETA asset and with her channeling Olivia Pope, that is telling us that she is an asset to the president in more ways than one as Pope’s character is.

Just to confirm that this was in fact Rihanna channeling Olivia Pope, this is her posing outside the White House with the caption, “Fitz, darling” to play off the dynamic of that affair between Olivia and Fitz. Rihanna was or maybe still is the Olivia Pope to Barack Obama’s Fitzgerald Grant.

Here we now get to yet another top level female musician/celebrity who is associated with the president; that being Shakira. As we see, she is with Barack Obama. Yet again, another top female celebrity is close with Barack Obama. Once again, no one asks how Michelle has no problems with this? She has no problems with Rihanna coming to the White House playing a character that at the time was popular and recognized for having an affair with the president and she has no problems with Obama working with a woman like Shakira. As we went over, we know why she has no problem with it. Perhaps, she may even be getting her piece of the pie for lack of a better term. That is how that world works. Hollywood and the government go hand in hand; they are in bed with each other literally and figuratively. Why does that seem to be the case? That is because believe it or not, the CIA has had a direct stake in the entertainment industry, specifically Hollywood for ages now. We are going to get into this in another upcoming series about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Either way, one tidbit to know about Shakira is that she was given a position on the President’s Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics by Barack Obama. This is a cover for what she really was there in that circle for which was to serve as a BETA asset for Obama. Often times, they use covers like this in that they are there for education or other “sustainable development goals” which is code for the UN. Any celebrity who is associated with the UN like Bono or Angelina Jolie is an asset; whether they’re mind controlled or not. When you look back at the meeting that Rihanna had with France’s President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, the reason that was given for them working together was for education. It is a cover for them to give a reason for why they are together which the case here is with Obama and Shakira.

We now finish off this segment with this picture of Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian. We bring this up not to necessarily implicate that Kim is a BETA asset and Trump is her handler although that is possible but to raise the question as to why these celebrities are in these circles. Now, Kim Kardashian came to Donald Trump in this meeting supposedly about criminal justice reform and releasing non-violent drug offenders. However, one has to wonder, what could a reality star like Kim Kardashian possibly know about the criminal justice system or a celebrity like Rihanna would know about the education system? Rihanna didn’t even graduate from high school. Now, someone could try and make the argument that Kim has a form of understanding about the criminal justice system because her father, Robert Kardashian was a high-profile lawyer. Who seriously thinks though that Kim Kardashian has more knowledge and understanding about what is needed to reform the criminal justice system than other lawyers who actually have law degrees and experience as lawyers? It is possible that this was just a publicity stunt or perhaps it was a cover for her real status as a BETA asset. Kim Kardashian has also expressed her BETA programming through her photo-shoots and the attire that she wears. It wouldn’t be surprising if some of her other sisters were also BETA assets as well. Nonetheless, things like this where a female celebrity is working with a president on a certain societal issue is often a cover for their real connection to that president or vice president which is of a handler-asset dynamic.

We are now going to show some of the typical symbols associated with the BETA program to show that Lady Gaga herself is under BETA programming. This is one of the top symbols which identifies a BETA asset; that being the leopard print. It is a trigger for BETA assets to access their sex alters. Whenever you see a celebrity like Beyonce or Rihanna or others wearing leopard print, it is to show that they are an asset. Their handlers control just about every aspect of their lives; down to the clothes that they wear. She also has the blonde hair for Harpocrates, the god of silence. The blonde hair is often used in the MK Ultra program when a subject is “rebooted”. You see this often when they say that a celebrity is going into rehab but that is often times a cover for them having their programming recalibrated. You see that often with child stars where they are in and out of rehab. Sometimes it is true that they’re going into rehab because they’re suffering from severe drug and alcohol addictions either due to their lifestyle, the industry, or even from the programming for those who are assets because drugs are a component of an asset’s programming. Hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD and PCP are used on the asset to control them; among other methods. So once again, we see both the leopard print and the blonde hair; two tell-tale signs of MK-BETA programming.

Here is now a magazine cover showing Lady Gaga wearing the bunny ears. We covered this symbol in Part 5 of the Donald Trump series where we covered Ivanka Trump and her being a BETA asset and how she also sported the bunny ears. The bunny is symbolic of Playboy and the sex factory that it is. Hugh Hefner was a CIA operative in charge of providing sex slaves to people within the entertainment industry, the political world, and the government. He was a major handler and programmer who was instrumental in the BETA program. The bunny ears are an allusion to Playboy and the sex trade of BETA programmed assets. She is an asset and has been used like all the other assets that were used by Hefner and other handlers within Playboy.

On an esoteric level, this is an allusion to Ishtar as well. Ishtar or Ostara is the goddess of fertility. This is where you get Easter from as that is the holiday for Ishtar and her son, Tammuz. This is also where you get the Easter bunny from as the bunny is a symbol of fertility and sex. The bunny is representative of Ishtar. Also, Lady Gaga is in the all-black which is for Saturn. She also has the purple hair for Saturn as the purple represents the colors of red and blue or the forces of fire and ice coming together to form the Saturnian purple. So this picture is communicating on two levels which is that Lady Gaga is a BETA asset and is also a Saturnian witch. 

Here is another instance of her wearing the leopard print. The leopard print is the main symbol of BETA programming. If you search, you’ll come to find that she has worn the leopard print on numerous occasions. Also, she is wearing the red heels which are for Oz programming as it is in reference to Dorothy’s red slippers.

Here is another sign of the BETA program which is the tiger print. The animal print is used for the BETA program; whether it is leopard print, tiger print or zebra print. Lady Gaga is here wearing the tiger print as well. The leopard print is the main symbol used but from time to time, they will also use the tiger print and or the zebra print.

Here is Lady Gaga once again channeling Marilyn Monroe who is the poster child of the BETA program. People never ask why there’s such an obsession with these female entertainers with Marilyn Monroe. People never ask why they constantly sport the leopard print or the bunny outfit. They just accept the mainstream or popular explanation for these things. The image of Marilyn Monroe is a trigger for BETA assets. She is the original model of the BETA program and the celebrities like Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton pay her homage.

This is now a two-layered photo which communicates on several levels. Lady Gaga is a mannequin in this picture which is an allusion to mind control. The mannequin is a bust which presents the product on display that the store is selling. Lady Gaga being the mannequin represents that she is the product that the industry is selling. You may see this imagery from time to time where a celebrity is presented as a robot or a Barbie doll. That is to symbolize that they are under complete control. They are subject to the commands of the industry and their handlers and are simply objects for the consumers. They are there to be used; used by their fans, used by their handlers, used by the industry, used by their family, etc.

On another level, this is of course an allusion to the Baphomet. As you see, she is doing the exact same ‘As Above, So Below’ pose that the Baphomet figure is doing in the picture. She also has her left eye closed to highlight the right eye for Horus. So with her presenting herself as a mannequin and making the Baphomet pose, this shows that she is an object which is branded by Satanism and the occult and is being sold by the industry to the general public for social engineering and the acceptance of Luciferianism and to the insiders within the elite world for her services as a BETA asset which centers on sex slavery and intelligence.

Seeing as to how Lady Gaga mirrored the Baphomet with the ‘As Above, So Below’ pose, it is no surprise to see her sport the horns in this picture. She has sported the horns on several occasions and arguably more so than any other celebrity. The horns are for the horned god Pan otherwise known as the stag god Cernunnos. The horned god is the woodland entity that is lord of the wild, the groves, etc which is why witches have such an affinity for nature and in turn worship the horned god which is one of the cornerstones of Wicca. Witchcraft, paganism and Wicca are all just branches of Luciferianism which have been made popular amongst the people because of celebrities like Lady Gaga. People who idolize her can try to dispute that or try to disagree with that but the funny thing is, there are many people who are her fans that are into astrology, tarot cards, Wicca, paganism, and even Satanism themselves. It is no coincidence that there are as many fans of Lady Gaga who are into those things as they are. These celebrities are put in these positions in society by their handlers to ‘influence”, hence the term “influencer”, the people spiritually to gravitate towards the Luciferian spiritual systems. That is the energy that Lady Gaga is promoting when sporting the horns like this.

Continuing on the horned god component, we see this picture which is of Lady Gaga on a talk show with prosthetics on her face. The prosthetics are positioned in a way to create the points of the pentagram on her face to make her face basically a recreation of the satanic goat head of Mendes in the satanic pentagram.

To add onto this, we look at a quote of the statement that she made about the prosthetics. It states, “First of all, they’re not prosthetics,” she said. They’re my bones … They’ve always been inside of me, but I have been waiting for the right time to reveal to the universe who I truly am.” The singer said the ridges rise up when inspiration strikes – and that she’s not alone. “We all have these bones! They’re the light from inside of us.” Going off of her words about the “ridges rising up when inspiration strikes”, this is really to communicate that her magical powers rises as she gets deeper into her musical and magical craft. She deems that they are “her bones” and that they’ve “always been inside of her”. The bones represent her true spirit as that is what she said is who she truly is. The bones represent the points of the pentagram which is for the goat so in turn, that shows that her true spirit or rather spiritual bond is to the horned god, Pan. That is her internal source of light or rather source of spiritual enlightenment and illumination as light is a symbol for that. This was her communicating that the spirit of Pan is what has helped her become enlightened and has been her source of inspiration. She said that she waited for the “right time to reveal to the universe who she truly was” which basically means that this was her true spiritual self the whole time and now she has shown the world who truly is which is what she deems herself as which is the fleshly manifestation of Pan.

Here we get to the last part of this segment on Lady Gaga which is her outright attack albeit misguided attack on the right hand side because the Catholic Church has nothing to do with the scriptures. She is here wearing the upside down cross which is an attempt to attack the right hand side that is based in ignorance because the cross is a symbol for Tammuz, not for the Messiah; so there is ignorance on both sides between the Catholics/Christians and the Satanists.

Looking further, she is also consuming the rosary beads. The rosary beads are another symbol which was adopted by the Vatican from the Babylonian mysteries. The rosary is not biblical nor does it have anything to do with the scriptures. Either way, the rosary itself means the “thought director” in Chaldean. The rosary is for Mary which means that it really is for the mother goddess because they conflate Mary with Semiramis in the Catholic Church. So when one holds the rosary, it is to direct one’s thoughts to the mother goddess. The rosary is a symbol within Hinduism and was also present in Asiatic Greece and in Rome as well.

Nonetheless, this demonstration of Lady Gaga eating the rosary was of course to create shock value and inflame Catholics and Christians. From one angle, it could be to try and blaspheme but that would also be based in ignorance as it is to sport the upside down cross because the rosary is a pagan symbol; it is not for Mary but it is for Semiramis. From another angle, it could be to symbolize that she is rejecting the right hand side and is paving her own path to spiritual empowerment by becoming her own god. She is achieving divinity or a higher state of consciousness by her own means. This is the core of Luciferianism which is to obtain godhood through human will and not exactly according to the universal law which is the Most High’s commandments. The difference there though is that one would obtain a higher state of righteousness through greater wisdom, discernment, humility, knowledge, faith, and charity by following the laws of the Most High whereas those who go according to their own will want to become their own gods and to be the center of the universe; hence enlightenment as them being the center of the universe would make one a proverbial sun. One thing to note is her covering the left eye to highlight the right eye for Horus once again and as we know, that is the sun god. 

Expounding on the Luciferian element of paving one’s own path to enlightenment, this is Lady Gaga paying tribute to fellow Luciferian, David Bowie. We can say that with confidence because Bowie was open about his dabbling in the occult and chaos magic.

The lightning bolt face paint is the signature symbol of David Bowie. The lightning bolt on the right eye represents the enlightenment bestowed by the false Christ as Horus is the Antichrist or the Christ figure on the left hand side. In her tribute, she also had the spider crawl across her face which is an allusion to man taking on their own path to enlightenment. It was what is known as “weaving one’s own destiny” as the spider weaves its webs. This was to communicate that Bowie weaved his own destiny by following the tenets of the “divine child” and the mother goddess and that with her tribute, Lady Gaga is expressing on an esoteric level that she will follow after his footsteps and weave her own destiny as he did by following the tenets of the mother goddess and her child i.e. Lucifer.

Just to expound on the symbol of the spider, we look to this explanation here. It says, “Spider symbolism signifies patience, courage, and will power. Spider is considered as a spirit animal that denotes feminine energy and their skillfull weaving of elaborate webs indicates perseverance and tact for the desired outcome.” So as we just read, the spider is a feminine symbol which denotes the energy of the mother goddess and speaks to her wisdom.

“Having the spider as a spirit animal will help you to intelligently weave every step of your destiny.” So the spider literally acts as a spiritual guide for one’s own path to obtaining godhood which means that the mother goddess acts as the guide.

We get to who exactly it is that is representative of the spider; that would be Minerva. Here it states, “Minerva is the Roman goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, justice, law, victory, and the sponsor of arts, trade, and strategy. Minerva is not a patron of violence such as Mars, but of defensive war only. From the second century BC onward, the Romans equated her with the Greek goddess Athena. Minerva is one of the three Roman deities in the Capitoline Triad, along with Jupiter and Juno.”

“She was the virgin goddess of music, poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, and the crafts. She is often depicted with her sacred creature, an owl usually named as the ‘owl of Minerva’, which symbolized her association with wisdom and knowledge as well as, less frequently, the snake and the olive tree.”

After reading, this shows many things. First, that Minerva is the goddess of music and the crafts which means that this is the deity that the music industry follows along with Pan. The god of theater is Bacchus while the god of music is Pan. This is why the horned god is venerated heavily in the music industry while the god of wine, revelry, and ecstasy is venerated heavily in the film industry.

Second, this is where you get the emblem of the owl from where you see the phrase, “Weaving Spiders Come Not Here” at the Bohemian Grove. The owl represents Minerva; not necessarily Moloch because the bull god is Moloch. The owl represents wisdom and the owl was used as a symbol to represent Minerva’s great deal of wisdom as the owl is an animal that can see clearly at night.

With this in mind, now you see why Minerva and the imagery of the owl are so pervasive in the industry because of its esoteric significance. There are other goddesses who are likened unto birds for similar reasons but those are a topic for another time.

With the spider crawling on her face, this was an allusion to the veneration of Minerva and her being a spiritual guide for her in her career and in her ‘craft’ to reach enlightenment on the left hand side.

Now that we’ve covered Lady Gaga as a BETA asset who has a particular connection to the Bidens and the Clintons, we’ll move onto another BETA asset who was present in the inauguration ceremony which is Jennifer Lopez. Here you see her with the leopard print which as we’ve covered already is the prime indicator that one is under BETA programming as the leopard print is a trigger for assets. She has also worn the leopard print on many occasions which to people who know the MK-Ultra program shows that she’s an asset.

Here we go again with the channeling of Marilyn Monroe. Lopez like Gaga has also channeled Marilyn Monroe as we see here. Once again, Monroe is the prototype of the BETA program and she is the model for which the rest of the BETA assets, especially the high profile ones like Lopez, follow after to become the most effective assets for the will of their handlers.

We’re not going off topic here but rather we’re staying on topic and yet showing more examples of the Monroe channeling among the other female celebrities that we’ve seen already. We see Rihanna here channeling Marilyn Monroe as we have seen with Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. Monroe was the first major successful BETA asset used by the intelligence state which is why they promote her so much in pop culture because of her significance in her role to the advancement of the Great Work by practically launching the BETA program with her ‘success’ and also being an influencer for women back in the day.

With Rihanna, she is another asset. Once again, that is why she has been with Macron. It has nothing to do with education. She is there because she is an asset; it’s that simple. Assets are often shipped out to Europe or the Middle East for certain tasks such as helping secure certain deals and the primary mechanism to get certain prime ministers, presidents, and monarchs to agree to these deals that the handlers want them to agree upon is by sending their asset to have sex with them. This is a practice that even goes back to the ancient world where two rival tribes would end their war or conflict with each other by offering their daughters in marriage. This is not to say that is the same thing but it relatively falls within the same realm. So this is why they are valuable assets to them because they are used to secure these deals with these other world leaders and monarchs. They also are there obviously to service them sexually but to also collect information that their handlers want from them that they would reveal to these assets along with blackmailing them. The target will often talk to the assets and speak about personal things going on with them or certain things within their relationships to their families or other politicians. After all is said and done, the handlers will have the assets reiterate word for word what the targets revealed to them in their dialogue and will then use that to incriminate them, blackmail them, or use it in ways to manipulate them or control them in the future.

Here we get to Kim Kardashian who we just talked about earlier. She is also channeling Marilyn Monroe here but we also get the leopard print in the photo-shoot as well so both key symbols/triggers are here at once. She’s an asset and from a personal perspective, so are the rest of her sisters. One thing to add is that she’s also been in Dubai several times; along with her sisters. Dubai is where a lot of sex trafficking and prostitution occurs among rich oil barons and elite socialites and other elites that either get access to BETA assets or others who’ve been trafficked. Many of these celebrities are high-level prostitutes for the elite; believe it or not. They’re just tossed and traded to be used by these “elites” and when they’re done with them, they give them over to someone else. Rihanna was with a Saudi billionaire for a while and that was presented in the media as being a sort of elevation in status for her with her being with a billionaire but it is a personal estimation that this relationship was more like an arrangement rather than a natural bond. She isn’t the only one as other celebrities like Janet Jackson and such have also been with Arab billionaires. Trust that when it comes to a relationship between a foreign billionaire or any billionaire rather but especially an Arab or European billionaire and a famous female celebrity, it is never a genuine loving relationship. The handler get’s their cut as they send their asset over to a high level client; that being a billionaire who wants his “services”. Another example is Mariah Carey who was with an Australian billionaire named James Packer. Mariah Carey is one of the prime examples of one who is under Monarch programming or is a Monarch asset. She may or may not be a presidential model but she is definitely under BETA programming as that is a given for female Monarch assets. Most likely her handler, whoever they may be, got in contact or was contacted by Packer and they gave Carey over to him in exchange for something, whether it is monetary or some type of favor. Believe it or not, that is how that world works.

We now get back to the programming component. Here is a major symbol here which Lopez is showing here; that being the split faces. The split faces is an allusion to dissociative identity disorder or one who suffers from having multiple personalities. The way in which they are able to control their assets is through this disorder. In order for the mind to be split, they have to put them through various forms of torture such as rape, electroshock treatment, sleep deprivation, food and water deprivation, etc. Due to the intense pain, the person going through that experience dissociates from what is happening and the mind splits. The programming can be so extensive that they can create hundreds of alters within the asset’s mind. They create an entire world within their mind, even to the point where planetary systems are created and present within their internal world. With that said, this shows that Lopez is under the programming. Notice also that the head piece is bedazzled in diamonds and the crown of the head of each of the faces including hers is topped with the diamond jewel. This is an allusion to Diamond programming which is the highest level of jewel programming. That of course also is tied into Marilyn Monroe as she was the first diamond status programmed asset. This is where you get her song, “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend”. That was tied into diamond level programming. One thing to add, songs like that one or the song, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by the Beatles are triggers for assets. There are specific songs used by handlers and are created for the reason to control the assets.

Here is another key symbol that we see here. Lopez is putting her forefingers on the lips of the split faces. This is an allusion to the vow of silence which is the vow to keep the secrets of the craft. They are sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal the secrets of the Babylonian mysteries; otherwise, they’re put to death. By putting the finger to the mouths of the split faces, it symbolizes that all of her personalities are under full submission to the craft and to the whims of her handlers.

We’re now going to take a quick moment to just show you the symbolism of the split faces in the entertainment industry. This is a movie poster from the film, “The Three Faces of Eve”. As you see, the three women in the poster are the same person who is played by Joanne Woodward. She has different expressions and different hairstyles. This of course is to play off the central theme of the movie which is dissociative identity disorder. The main character in the movie is Chris Costner Sizemore who was a real woman that was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder in the 1950s. She has three main personalities portrayed in the film; that being Eve White, Eve Black, and Jane. Another thing, when you look at the poster, the middle face or personality is cast in red to symbolize this personality as the wild or unpredictable personality. They often play this off in movies pertaining to multiple personality disorder where there is one personality that is devious or mischievous or even dangerous. A modern example of this is the film ‘Split’ where the main character played by James McAvoy has 23 personalities but he has one major personality which is named, ‘The Beast’. That particular film was on the nose about the esoteric component but it still showed that world nonetheless. You’ll almost always see that theme though within these type of stories with that wild or evil personality. One of the main reasons that you see movies like this in Hollywood is because mind control is the core of the entertainment industry. When it comes down to the entertainers, most of the top ones are under the MK program. When it comes down to the actual movies, shows, and songs themselves, they are forms of programming itself which is to be used on the masses in a plethora of ways. The entertainment industry, mainly Hollywood, is tied in with the CIA which is why the mind control program is as pervasive as it is within that industry and why films like this are made about multiple personality disorder.

This is now a photo of Mo’Nique which communicates this same theme but in a different way. Mo’Nique is holding a mask which is of her face smiling and jubilant but her real face is more stern and serious. This is on one level to communicate the programming aspect in that she has multiple personalities and is programmed. On another level, it is to communicate the Luciferian aspect in that many of the top Hollywood celebrities shows a gentle and loving face to the people while behind closed doors, they’re really involved in the more insidious and darker world of Luciferianism.

We now get to another example or form of this imagery of the split mind with the poster for the movie, “Me, Myself & Irene” and it features MK asset Jim Carrey portraying this imagery. One side of his face is smiling while the other side is more devious. You also have the text, “From Gentle To Mental” to give off the idea that he can switch or snap at a moment’s notice. It is quite fitting that they put Jim Carrey in a movie like this because he is an asset through and through. Some of the movies he has starred in such as The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind told you all that you need to know about him being under the programming. In particular, The Truman Show was a movie that really demonstrated how the life of an asset really is and how their lives are often literally scripted by the people who control their lives. People may disagree but the people who are cast in starring roles in movies like this are always assets. They farm a lot of these programmed assets and put them in the movies that correlate to the sort of character archetype that they play within the movie industry. Once they get to acting in those films, they give realistic performances because of the triggers within those films. Getting back to the point, this imagery is communicating that of someone who has split personalities or who is under the programming and who better to present that imagery than Jim Carrey who is known for playing many different personalities and characters in Hollywood.

Closing off on this segment, we get to yet another MK asset in Drew Barrymore who is presenting this imagery of the split face to communicate that she is under the programming and one who suffers from multiple personality disorder. She has her face split straight down the middle like an open zipper. A zipper can be opened and closed at will. This imagery is showing that the same sort of control can be exerted over Drew Barrymore’s mind by the ones who hold the keys to her alter personalities. Her mind can be opened and closed at will by her handlers.

Getting back to Lopez, we now shortly get to the esoteric Luciferian component. Lopez is seen wearing the yellow dress. We’ve gone over several times before that the yellow is for the sun. The yellow dress is for the sun goddess Aurora. Remember that these celebrities like Lopez believe themselves to be microcosms of the mother goddess. On a deeper level, this is embedded within their mind because the Luciferian systems are put into their programming. They’re inundated with this idea that they’re here to lead or guide humanity on two levels, one from a perspective of them having to lead in their position on the world stage and the other from a perspective that they think that they’re fleshly manifestations of the gods of old. This is part of the reason why they act so arrogant and self-absorbed much of the time; especially around normal people because of all the factors that we just mentioned.

On a side note, you also have symbolism in the background with the logo for the Oscars. They have a series of pyramids which is for the mother goddess as the triangular shape is meant to allude to the vagina. It is also for illumination as the typical pyramid logo has the radiating eye of Horus. Also, the Oscars statue is just the modern day version of the statue of Ptah given to the artists and performers in ancient Egypt. Hollywood and also this society in general is just the modern form of the Luciferian mysteries. They have simply recreated what was in the ancient world. This is why the scriptures tell us that there is no new thing under the sun.

Here’s Lopez now at another one of these functions where these celebrities bask in their self-perceived glory. She is in the green dress which is for the fertility goddess. She also has her head strategically positioned in the middle of the background design to create the imagery of her having a halo. The halo is really a sun disk which is to symbolize that person as being a microcosm of the sun; that they are an illuminating force. That continues her veneration of Aurora but the truth is that they’re all aspects of the same person; whether it is the sun goddess or fertility goddess aspect, they’re the same person. For example, Hathor is the fertility goddess but she also bears the sun disk between her horns so that shows she is also a solar deity or a sun goddess. With that in mind, it just shows that she is venerating the mother goddess and the feminine principle by proclaiming that it is a force of illumination.

This is the last part of the segment as far as the esoteric imagery goes with Jennifer Lopez. Here she is in the all-white with the pearl necklace. The all-white is for the moon goddess Selene. The pearls are for Aphrodite/Venus. This is where you get the imagery of Venus emerging from the clam shell because she is associated with the seas. Aphrodite is one of the main goddesses that they venerate in the entertainment industry.

Before we go further into the next segment, we just wanted to cap this off with something that happened recently. The media is making a big deal about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting back together. It’s practically in the news every day or every other day. Of course, the news is running dry and they need to scrape the surface to find anything to keep their clicks and traffic and viewership coming. One of the positive things that have come from this past year is that it has made people realize how they really don’t need entertainment and how irrelevant and insignificant these celebrities truly are. Not only has Hollywood been failing as an industry before COVID because they’re not making any good films worth watching and their obnoxious push of politics but it is failing even more so now because the theaters are not running at full capacity and the theaters are bleeding money because of it. The sooner the entertainment industry dies, the better it is for people and their children mentally and spiritually because there is nothing positive or constructive that any of these celebrities are giving to society.

There was a recent news story that came out about Lopez and Affleck being together and they managed to snap a picture of them kissing. Look closely at Lopez’s hand and the hand sign she’s making. She is making the ‘666’ sign or the Mudra hand sign. Now, how does someone make that hand sign when they’re kissing their partner? No one naturally makes that hand sign. She made that hand sign on purpose because she knew that the cameras were on her, for whatever reason. Perhaps she did this to communicate that all things were good and she has Ben Affleck in the bag and under her control again or maybe she wanted to communicate that “God is good”. We just wanted to look at that and show you that they’re rather sneaky and subtle with their hand signs.

We spent much of this breakdown discussing the BETA program and the top-level assets in the industry and their ties to the presidents. The point to be made is that there is more that meets the eye with the relationship that these female celebrities have with these presidents. Hollywood and the CIA/government is a symbiotic relationship. Having said that, let’s move on from this segment.

Here we now get to someone who made headlines with her appearance at the ceremony; that being poet Amanda Gorman. People made a big deal about her performance and she got all of this attention from the typical people you’d think that would interview her like Oprah. She seems to be someone who the elite have plans for. This is apparent with the color scheme as she’s wearing the yellow suit which is for the sun. She was playing off the role of Aurora as the great enlightener ala the light bearer. She personified the return of the divine feminine principle by leading the hearts of the people through her enlightening words. Keep in mind our earlier evaluation of how the ceremony was subtly about venerating and elevating the feminine principle. Amanda Gorman further added onto that by her presence and her speech. The poem she read out, “The Hill We Climb” was an allusion to the woman reclaiming the throne of directing the course of society and humanity to the direction in which is needed to complete the Great Work. These next four years is all about continuing to glorify the divine feminine at an even greater level while setting the stage to glorify the divine hermaphrodite further. They’re going to use more young figures like Amanda Gorman to take on this supposed role to “educate” because the youth is the target. The elite don’t care about what the middle-aged or elderly folks think about when it comes to the agendas being pushed. Their main focus is to completely train up the youth through their indoctrination systems.

This is one thing we wanted to bring attention to which is a particular piece of jewelry that Amanda Gorman wore in the ceremony. She wore a ring which was of a bird in a cage. The symbolism of the cage is a common symbol within the mind control program. Now, the interesting thing is that she was given this ring by Oprah Winfrey who herself is a Monarch asset. The ring is supposedly a tribute to Maya Angelou and it may be to a certain degree but don’t overlook that this is a significant symbol of MK-Ultra. It is a personal belief that Amanda Gorman is under the programming herself and that Oprah is a sort of guide for her. Oprah is one of the great matriarchs of this society which makes it understandable that a promising young woman like Amanda would cross paths with Oprah. No one gets on this stage unless they have backing and are given the blessing of the elite to be on the stage during the inauguration ceremony. So there may be some things that she will be involved in further in the next few years if they believe in her enough to push her.

We now get to the symbolism of the bird cage or simply the cage. This is an old Hollywood actress named Audrey Hepburn who was a major actress during the 50’s and 60’s. Some of you may have seen this picture before and if you have seen it before than you would know that this picture was taken at the infamous Rothschild Illuminati Ball where you had all of the people wearing the bizarre masks and had these mock dinners of babies and people. By her having her head inside of the cage, it is to symbolize that she is under mind control and is caged by the programming. The door can only be opened and closed by those who hold her keys. She has no freedom or control over her own mind. She is mentally enslaved by the programming. Also, you already know she was an asset if she was in a ball with the Rothschilds. No one from Hollywood gets to be around the Rothschilds unless they’re a high level asset or are a part of ‘the game’.

Here is another photo which shows Audrey Hepburn with the bird cage. The bird cage is to symbolize the control that the asset is under. They are the bird. They have no life or mind of their own. Every aspect of their life is under complete direct control by their handlers. They control what they eat, how much they eat, when they eat, what they do, how much they sleep, when they sleep, etc. They live their lives as inmates; if you can even call it living. It is more so just slavery in its most abhorrent form.

We get to more of the same imagery. This time, we see Monarch asset Janet Jackson presenting the cage. One photo shows her physically inside a cage while the other photo shows her bound by some form of face cage. This is to show that Janet is under the programming or rather sheer mental and physical slavery. Knowing that her father Joe Jackson was particularly cruel and assisted in the abuse that all of his children suffered from, she has been caged her entire life from childhood all up to now in a rather brutal way.

Here is another MK asset in Rihanna who we’ve already covered in this breakdown. We see here Rihanna inside the cage while wearing the standard leopard print as well as holding the mask of the leopard’s head. She is a BETA asset who is under the programming. She is subjected to sexual slavery and is constrained in every aspect of her life in order to be the most efficient subject to her handlers and their clients. She is subject to the programming in order to best bring out the personalities that these assets want to access for their own pleasure. That is the harsh reality of the world that is hidden from the public which these assets are a part of.

This is Shakira with her inside the cage. We covered her previously in this breakdown as well. They are assets who are subject to the control of their handlers. Not only are they caged by the programming, they are also caged in by the nature of the entertainment industry from the fickle fans, the paparazzi, the media, the producers, etc.  So this symbolism is two-fold on the level of the industry and on the deeper level of the mind control programming.

This is a segment we now want to get to which is Amanda Gorman and the use of the color green. Here it says, “The rise and rise of Amanda Gorman: Poet, Activist, Phenomenon”. You have ‘Vogue’ and ‘Amanda Gorman’ highlighted in green. This is for the fertility goddess, Hathor. The green is for fertility and the woodlands which correlate to Pan from the masculine side. Judging from the statement, “The rise and rise of Amanda Gorman”, it suggests that she will not have a fall and that the future is extremely bright for her with no shortcomings. That would infer that those at the higher levels have big plans for her and this is one of the ways to communicate this. Also, notice in the description how she has the butterfly emoji which we know is a symbol of the Monarch program so it further shows that connection in that Amanda Gorman could be a Monarch asset. This is just a personal perspective. This is not to say that this is the complete undisputed truth; just a personal view.

We’re seeing more of the same imagery. In this picture, she is dressed in all-yellow for Aurora while standing in front of the greenery. This is something that many celebrities will do which is posing in front of a forest or some type of foliage. This is to communicate their belief in nature from an esoteric perspective and the worship of the fertility god and goddess; whether that is Pan or Hathor. Their rituals often take place in groves or the woods for that reason. You can say that this is her playing the role of Hathor because of the yellow she is wearing in concert with the greenery background because Hathor is both fertility and a solar deity.  

Here is more of the same. This time, she is in the all-black attire. She is also posing in front of the greenery again. Wearing all-black attire is typical of that for a witch to dress in. The best example one can give was in the movie ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ where Loki was dressed in the all-black suit and Thor asked him why was he dressed like a witch. That shows you that they know what wearing the all-black actually means.

Yet again, we see here posing in front of the greenery. They’ll just try and play it off and say that she really loves the forests but what is really being portrayed here on an esoteric level is her connection to the forests through her belief in the craft. She is pointing to her temple with her forefinger to show that the elite approve of her intellect and fitness for promotion to the next level. It is also to point to the power of the mind; that one has opened up their pineal gland to be able to grow in understanding of the Luciferian systems and to move up in the ranks of the craft. There is a reason why she is often sporting the yellow. She is playing the role of the sun goddess or being a microcosm of the sun.

We now get to the crux of this segment which is what the people have planned for Amanda Gorman. As you see, she has already met up with Oprah who is one of the great matriarchs that they’ve set up for this society along with others like Beyonce and even Rihanna who it seems that they’re setting up now at a higher level. Gorman this time is sporting the orange but that is a color to denote illumination. The color orange is numerically ‘33’ which is also a number for illumination or enlightenment.  Oprah is in the yellow for illumination. They’re both playing the role of Aurora/Hathor. Oprah is the older sort of sage or guru while Amanda Gorman is the younger protégé who is meant to be a new sort of guide for the youth. They want to continue to elevate the feminine principle and to continue to glorify the woman in this society to one, destabilize this society and two, to venerate the mother goddess. Their target is the youth and they’re succeeding in indoctrinating the youth through these neoliberal institutions and through celebrities and the media. More of the youth is getting into astrology and tarot cards and Wicca and sheer Luciferian doctrine. They’re the ones most vocal about censorship and implementing authoritarianism but yet they’ve been the ones proclaiming to be fighting fascism; it’s quite ironic.

To reiterate, they’re placing Amanda Gorman in this position to take on a greater role in leading the youth. It may be that perhaps Oprah is being put in a position to pass the torch to her in some sort of way to perhaps take over her role. Who knows what the future holds for her but one thing is for certain; the elite have a lot of plans for her.

As we near the end of this breakdown, we wanted to quickly jump back to an earlier point that was made which was about the celebrities being all for Biden. You’ll see that celebrities are often pushing for the most popular regimes and cultural waves because they are controlled by the same factions that control the politicians and they are also a part of initiating those new cultural waves like the LGBT and Me Too movements. The most mainstream ideology is neo-liberalism which is why the celebrities are pushed to endorse and promote that thought process amongst the rest of the populace. That’s why they get people like Tom Hanks and Ellen to espouse the same media talking points because those talking points are those of the banking families because they control the media and the direction in which this society goes. In order to gain the support and belief in the system from the people, you have to get the entertainers on your side because those entertainers have been set up as idols for the people to venerate and whatever they say, they follow their words blindly. If their favorite celebrity supports a certain politician and tells the people to vote for Biden or Obama or whoever, they’ll go and vote for them even though they have no understanding of politics whatsoever or what their stances are. The people at the highest levels know that for the most part the people don’t research nor exercise any sort of independent thinking but rather listen to and regurgitate whatever the news says. This society has been propelled into this direction for as long as it has because of the ignorance of the people. Even if they were given the truth about how this society is really being run politically, they wouldn’t believe it because they’d rather believe a lie. They can’t fathom the true nature of the corruption in this corporation called the United States. It is because of this lack of ability to accept and deal with this that the country will not be deterred from it’s corrupt nature and will be brought down through its own hubris and system which has its own destruction incorporated within it. The manner in which the United States’ economic and monetary policy is run, it is only a matter of time before it collapses because it is completely unsustainable. It is like trying to run a car on cooking oil on a highway. There is no longevity for the US. You cannot spend your way out of debt; it will only create more debt. Only in America do you hear this notion that spending will bring you out of debt. The Federal Reserve is what is creating all of the debt and economic and monetary instability in the country but that’s for another time. The point is that in order for them to continue to get the people to believe in this system long enough, they need the celebrities and the entire bread and circus of the entertainment industry to exist so they don’t lose confidence or totally revolt. This is why sports was the first thing to come back during this past year and why the film industry was deemed essential in certain areas because this is the one thing that is keeping the majority of the people at ease and complacent with what’s going on. The moment you take away the television, the sports, the entertainment and the cell phones away from the people, the moment they’ll actually care about what’s really going on and find out how bad things really are.

Nonetheless, Hollywood and the neoliberal establishment are in bed with each other to the nth degree. There was no one more tied in with Hollywood than Barack Obama because he himself is a character. He was out there giving medals to Oprah, Ellen, Tom Hanks, the usual. He also had this recently massive birthday party with all of his celebrity friends and yet nobody in the media called him out for nobody wearing masks. As usual, it’s rules for thee and not for me with these people. Moreover, seeing as to how Biden was Obama’s partner-in-crime, it was predictable that Hollywood would go all out for Biden. To reiterate, the neo-liberal ideology is the main ideology which has been promoted amongst society in general. Conservatism is generally not as popular ideologically with the people as liberalism is. Of course, they use conservatism on a societal level to further instigate racial tension between ‘races’ of folk and perpetuate the divide and conquer agenda. Conservatism has its purposes from an elitist perspective but the main ideology they want most of the people to gravitate towards is neo-liberalism which is a front for globalism. They don’t want anyone to have a different form of opinion or identity. They just want a diverse form of vessels that inherently believes in and supports the same things which the elite want them to believe. It is working for the most part but they’ve certainly underestimated the amount of dissent from that ideology from both the liberal and conservative angle as well as from those who operate outside of the political matrix and are apolitical. This is why they have to demonize everyone who is not agreeing with their agenda and they condition the lemmings to favor authoritarian measures against those who simply disagree. Once again, who usually advocates for the more extreme positions politically and socially? It is the Hollywood neoliberals. The lemmings, especially the youth, get their social and political stances from them. They simply parrot what they say and how they act. With that said, the entertainment industry will always be supporting the neoliberal establishment because Hollywood and the mainstream media is the mouthpiece of the banking families and the Zionist cabal. They are the ones who shift the course of this society through political, societal, cultural and spiritual ideology.

Before we get to the second to last portion of this breakdown, we just wanted to break down this picture because it tells a lot. This is Tom Hanks posing with the crypt-keeper. They both are doing a Masonic pose which is having their fore finger and thumb positioned on their chin. The pose is to symbolize that they shall be put to death by being beheaded if they were to ever reveal the secrets of the craft. Also, Hanks posing with the crypt-keeper (aka Biden’s brother) shows that they are the proverbial walking dead. They believe in Saturnian doctrine of death and destruction. Tom Hanks is a Saturnian and a high level Luciferian. With that said, let’s get to the second to last part.

This is one thing that we wanted to discuss before we close off entirely which is who exactly is inside Biden’s cabinet. Something that most people don’t know is that Obama’s cabinet was made up by Citigroup which is a major bank per WikiLeaks documents. They emailed the Obama campaign one month before the 2008 election its list of preferred candidates for positions in Obama’s cabinet. They listed Robert Gates who would become Secretary of Defense, Eric Holder who became Attorney General, Janet Napolitano who became Secretary of Homeland Security; Rahm Emanuel who became White House chief of staff; Susan Rice who became United Nations ambassador; Arne Duncan who became Secretary of Education; Kathleen Sebelius who became Secretary of Health and Human Services; Peter Orszag who became head of the Office of Management and Budget; Eric Shinseki who became secretary of Veterans Affairs; and Melody Barnes who became chief of the Domestic Policy Council. They also proposed Timothy Geithner for the Treasury position who of course became the Secretary of Treasury. This email by the way came just three days after President Bush at the time had signed off on a $700B bailout for the banks. This just goes to show you that the banks were not sweating one bit after they helped cause the crash on daddy’s money aka the government’s money because they were going to get the people who they screwed over to foot the bill. That is nothing short of evil. The banks know that they’ll never get prosecuted or punished in any kind of way because they have such a stranglehold on the country and have the government in their back pocket. Obama was certainly in the back pocket of the big banks and Wall Street in many ways but this is the most obvious way in which you can see how he was.

With that said, Citigroup not only basically helped give the roster to Obama’s cabinet but he also had plenty of Goldman Sachs members in his administration as well. Trump is not exempt from this as he had quite a few Goldman Sachs members in his cabinet as well; most notably Skull & Bones member Steve Mnuchin. Now, with Biden, who asserted in a private call with Wall Street execs before the election that “nothing was going to fundamentally change” which they knew wouldn’t because he was Obama’s partner in crime and helped bail out and inflate the banks further, it seems that it is now Blackrock who is running his cabinet. For those who don’t know, Blackrock is the largest assets manager in the world and is a major corporation that holds an incredible amount of control over the global economy. They are one of the arms of the globalist faction known as the World Economic Forum that is simply a corporate communist faction. The line by the WEF, “You will own nothing and you will be happy” is doctrine straight out of communism which is the idea that by de-privatizing everything and de-classifying society, we will all be happy and in a utopia because the government knows what’s best for us, supposedly. Also, the term Blackrock is in reference to Saturn’s Cube so that shows you that Larry Fink who is the CEO of Blackrock and the main heads of this corporation are Saturnians.

Blackrock has a direct influence on the Biden administration and we look at who is in their cabinet. Brian Deese was a former Blackrock investment executive is on the National Economic Council. Adewale Adeyemo who was the former chief of staff to Blackrock’s chief executive is the top official at the Department of Treasury. Michael Pyle who was the global chief investment strategist at Blackrock is now the chief economic advisor to Kamala Harris. What should be noted is that all three of these individuals also were a part of the Obama administration as well.

Blackrock is currently buying up entire residential communities and housing properties all across the country which is drastically driving up house prices which makes it practically next to impossible in the long run for ordinary people to buy houses. That is the long term goal which is to push everyone out of the rural areas and suburbs and to herd them into these smart cities. This is a direct initiative of Agenda 21. By inflating property prices around the country, they ensure mass poverty, government dependence, and the destruction of self-employment. By having more and more people working low wage jobs while simultaneously working to close off other ways in which people can make passive income, they are forced to either spend most of their income on rent in these big smart cities or stay behind in the suburbs and downsize dramatically from their parent’s house anyway to rent a condo or apartment that is artificially overpriced as well. By doing this, they guarantee more people running up debt because expenses, taxes, and utilities exceed their income. With the growing anguish economically, the government would then step in and create ways to make them even more dependent on them. This is all about creating a permanent economic slave state where the citizens are all herded in these smart cities working from sun up to sun down for these corporations and see little of their money in return as the government takes out most of it in taxes. With this agenda, they maximize the profits of the banks and corporations while grossly minimizing the economic opportunities and freedoms of the people. That is the not-so long term agenda that is being implemented. As a matter of fact, this has been already taking place for quite some time now. Of course, we know this even more so because they’ve destroyed small businesses in America over the past year by not supporting them at all with these lockdowns that have been used as a Trojan horse to create the greatest upward transfer of wealth in human history and to basically take away the little crumbs that the people had left to actually create economic prosperity for themselves independent of the government or the labor force. It is just a further shameful consolidation of wealth amongst the people who run this society which are the big banks and the big corporations. It should be emphasized though that none of this stops unless the people actually grow a backbone and organize in mass forms of disobedience against this regime. However, people have been pacified with entertainment, sports, and technology to really care because things haven’t gotten bad enough. Per usual, people wait until things hit rock bottom to actually make change or to do something about things. With that said, Blackrock certainly is working through the Biden administration to basically price Americans out of the housing market permanently which will subsequently push them towards economic instability as well as herd them into the smart cities and most of all government dependence which is what opens the door for the erosion of all liberty because the more you depend on someone or something to support you, the less freedom you have to control the direction of your own life.

The final point in which we’ll be making is those who are currently in Biden’s cabinet. The picture above shows those who are in the main positions of his administration. What you’ll come to find is that they’re all globalists and are a part of the crony corporatist class.

Antony Blinken who is the current US Secretary of State is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He supported the 2011 war on Libya which made it into a slave state which had much to do with Gaddafi wanting to go back to a gold standard and to switch from the petro-dollar which are the red-lines for the Zionist banking cabal in America and Israel, he had a direct hand in the war on Yemen which is mostly for Saudi imperialism in the region of the Middle East, he advocated for the Iraq War which was built on a lie about WMD’s even though they were never found and the country had nothing to do with 9/11, helped arm Al-Qaeda in Syria, and has advocated for expanding NATO even more.

Janet Yellen who is the current US Secretary of Treasury and former chair of the Federal Reserve is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She’s received over $7M in speaking fees from companies like Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and Barclays.

Lloyd Austin who is the current US Secretary of Defense was a part of the board at Raytheon which is one of the major arms of the military industrial complex in America.

Tom Vilsack who is the current US Secretary of Agriculture has been a major puppet for Big Agriculture throughout his political career.

Gina Raimndo who is the current US Secretary of Commerce is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She was the former governor of Rhode Island who had major funding from Wall Street which means that they were assured that she would support their agenda which is to consolidate wealth and power as much as possible. As state treasurer, she gave over $1B in state money to hedge fund investments. Also, she went to Yale University which is codeword for her being a part of Skull & Bones.

Xavier Becerra who is the current Secretary of Health & Human Services is all in currently on the forced vaccination program at the federal level and has long advocated for partial-birth abortions. He recently was on CNN talking about how “it’s absolutely the government’s business to know” your vaccinated status all because the government has spent “trillions of dollars” as if their reckless spending for their black swan event is justification for taking a piss on liberty. So we know he is all about the authoritarian medical dictatorship going on right now.

Pete Buttigieg who is the current Secretary of Transportation has been in the circles of the Council on Foreign Relations himself. He’s also a Rhodes Scholar from Oxford which basically means that he is a plant and was deemed to be intelligent enough to be trained up to become a viable pawn that would work to advance the Great Work.

Biden once quipped when the president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard N. Haass stated that he worked for the council, that he “worked for Richard”. People will say that is just a joke but as we as the saying goes, “There is truth in every joke”.

Point is that the Biden administration is nothing but people tied in with the globalist sector of this world and the monopolized sectors of this corporation of the United States such as Big Oil, Big Tech, Big Pharma, etc. We could’ve gone even more in-depth with all of the Big Tech and Big Oil appointees to the Biden cabinet but it will just be beating a dead horse at this point. Even people not aware of the spiritual warfare at hand know that the US and every president are controlled by these major sectors. The US is falling down the same road that Roman Empire, the Greek Empire and other major beast systems/empires in human history fell to. They’ve lost hegemony over the world and is crumbling in every aspect that makes a nation thrive. If not for anything else, the US will fall because of its unsustainable monetary system. A part of the reason why the elite selected Joe Biden as president of the corporation of the United States is to get the people to lose faith in the American government, it’s leaders and democracy so that they then lean towards the change that will be proposed to them soon after which would/will be the one world order system that will be wrapped with a nice bow on top when it is presented to them. Biden is still in place to advance the agendas we discussed here such as the feminist agenda, the transgender agenda, the humanist agenda, and the push towards censorship and direct authoritarianism; as is Kamala Harris. However, they’re just the placeholders for whoever it may be that the elites have vetted and prepped as the ultimate leader to sell the one world order system to the people. With that being said, that is it for this breakdown. Always remember that the devices of the wicked will only affect us if we allow it to.

The last part of this entire article is to touch on the entire Biden regime and what it really is all about. We use this picture for a reason and it is to communicate what the elite want you to associate American hegemony with which is a leader who is lost. Joe Biden was put into the presidency for the sole purpose of implementing the latter stages of the globalist “Great Reset” and to destabilize America. For a long time, the powers that be have been trying to destabilize the US and to make the people lose their hope and belief in the power of American hegemony and the office of the presidency. They did this with Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal which was the first time that the president resigned and made Americans for the first time see the presidency with a different eye. They then tried this with the Bill Clinton impeachment trial and Monica Lewinsky scandal in the 90s to make Americans lose faith in American leadership and the idea of a democratic system. Their intention was to get Bill Clinton impeached and removed from office but it didn’t work out that way. The plan was to destabilize the American government by ousting Bill Clinton through impeachment and subsequently embarrassing the country on a global scale because of the Lewinsky scandal. In turn, that would’ve made the people lose faith in the American governance and the idea of democracy to then lean towards a new change which the elites would’ve presented to them in the form of their one world order. They had been actively working to pin the Clintons down through their BETA assets to record their patterns to be able to control the Clintons and get enough damning ammunition on them pin them down in court and use them as the bowling pin to be toppled down on the world stage to initiate their one world order but as we know, Bill Clinton’s impeachment failed. The elites actually despise the Clintons and have used them throughout the past 30 years to destabilize America; whether through policy or through their countless scandals but that’s beside the point.

The point here is that this is exactly what they’re trying to do today with Biden. With four years having passed of Donald Trump who made not just Americans but the entire world look at America with shame or a sense of dejection, you now have Biden rolled in to make Americans feel even less hopeful or faithful in the country or its sense of direction. You had the chaos of the Trump regime which caused all of the division among the people and created the entry way for censorship. Now you have the chagrin of the Biden regime which has made not just the right but the left as well feel a sense of shame of American hegemony and a regressing lack of hope in it. Everyone and their mother knows that Biden is unfit for office but that was for a reason. The elite rolled out Biden to be the president after Trump because they knew that him with his constant mental lapses and public gaffes would continue to degrade the public’s belief in the American leadership. They couldn’t roll out a bright young leader that was of the mold of John F. Kennedy or Barack Obama because that would’ve restored hope and faith from the people of America. They want to continue to beat the people down and to ultimately come to the conclusion themselves that there is no hope for America in going down this path. That is the whole point of having Biden be in this position. Biden and his incompetence and bewildered character represents America. The people associate the leader with the country and it’s state. The chaos of Trump and the dead spirit of Biden represents America being the collapsed state. That is why it seems like the country has gone into flames in just these past 9 months or so since Biden took office. Crisis after crisis, whether it is the plan-demic or the border or Afghanistan, more and more does the people’s faith and hope in America’s recovery and future wane. This was one of the main things highlighted in the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset advertising which was that by 2030, America would no longer be the world’s superpower. This is all by design. The whole Afghanistan withdrawal on the surface was nothing more than the Biden administration bungling the withdrawal process and continuing the Biden regime’s theme of incompetence and directionless action. Whether the Biden officials are just that dumb or they were given bad intel that was provided to them by the elites with the intention of purposefully sabotaging the Afghanistan withdrawal to embarrass and destabilize America further or both is up to you to contemplate. However, the point remains that Biden is simply there to be the one that brings down America. Whether it is one big scandal or crisis that brings down Biden or it is Biden falling ill or even dying in office, it should be expected that the ultimate catastrophe that will be the nail in the coffin for Americans will be executed.

We talked about this particular component in Part 3 of the Trump series which was the number ’46’ representing Biden being the 46th president. The number 46 is the numerical value of the Hebrew word ‘haia’ which means “the beast”. It is also the numerical value of the name of Adam in Greek. The Biden regime represents the age of the beast and the forced acceptance by the masses of the fleshly man represented by the horned god. This is where you get the whole advertisement regarding Satan marrying 2020. That was to show you that this decade from 2020 leading up to 2030 is the age of the beast where the horned god is made to be a figure that is accepted by the masses through force. Biden is the perfect puppet to initiate this new era or age. Joe Biden was the one who authored the Patriot Act which created the surveillance state we have now. He was the one who created the prison industrial complex and the commercialization of private prisons and making the justice system a racket. He was the one behind invading Afghanistan in the first place. He is their greatest puppet. He helped the elites get to this point through his authoritarian policies and his visible incompetence and cognitive deficiency will help the elites get across the finish line. Once Biden is somehow put out of commission whether through impeachment or resignation or death or another major catastrophe, the elites will most likely have the people begging for change. America is a ticking time bomb by design. The economy is falling apart, another housing crisis is looming, debt is piling up, people are being evicted, prices are skyrocketing, the border has collapsed, the ultimate stock market crash is looming, and the dollar is crashing. If the Biden regime does not cause Americans to lose hope by way of another major catastrophe concerning Biden, his family or even Kamala Harris, those factors we just mentioned will. Once this all boils over, people will come begging and will all be blaming the capitalist system of America as the reason for all this and will be looking at the socialist model of China and the rest of the world as the answer; even though China’s economic system is far more capitalist than America’s economy has ever been in the past 40 years. Once that happens, the elites will roll in the one world order with a nice bow wrapped on top to the American people and most of the lemmings will accept it at the expense of their own freedom and sovereignty.

Closing off, this should let everyone know that Biden is merely the marionette for the elites. We spoke earlier on how Pelosi and Harris were the ones doing the real pulling behind the scenes and were running the country while Biden was simply the mouth piece. They guide this man in every step; whether it is what he’s supposed to speak about, when he’s supposed to speak, what he’s supposed to do at press conferences, etc. He’s even let it slip about how he’s not supposed to answer “all these questions” or how he is “instructed to call on” certain reporters during press conferences. Pelosi and Harris are doing the real leg work while doing the bidding of their corporate and globalist overlords. Biden is simply the mascot as all presidents are. “President” is a corporate title for a corporation. The United States is literally a corporation through the Act of 1871 when Ulysses S. Grant incorporated the US. Every president after that act has been simply the president of the corporation. Trump is as illegitimate and selected as a corporate president as Biden is. There is no difference. Just like in any corporation, the president answers to the board of directors and the corporation’s shareholders. The board of directors are all of the arms of the globalist cabal like the World Economic Forum, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the United Nations. The biggest shareholders are the banking families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, the British Crown, and the Vatican. Every president has to answer to them; otherwise they either never get into office or are removed.

With that being said, that brings this breakdown to a close. We’ll see what the immediate future holds for America and what new ploy the Biden regime pulls but what we do now is that America is circling the drain and the house is on fire. The chaos is only beginning for America and the world for that matter as the elite roll in the age of the beast; the forced submission to the initiator of chaos, the horned god Pan aka Saturn. The only thing that should be clear is that we always have a choice; regardless of mandates or laws or charters or duties. No matter how dire the situation gets, we will always have a choice. The Messiah had a choice and he chose to shed his blood on the tree for the sake of the House of Jacob. Abraham had a choice in the Book of Jasher when he was persecuted by Nimrod and he chose to let himself get thrown into the pit of fire for the sake of the Most High in allegiance to him and rejection of Nimrod and his apostasy. Job had a choice to forsake and curse the Most High during his tribulation and he chose to stay loyal and faithful to the Most High. We always have a choice. Temporary persecution in the flesh through tribulation or death for the sake of the Most High is rewarded eternally by residency in His kingdom. Always keep that in mind whenever the elites try to scare you with these threats or mandates. Your soul is worth more than security, safety, luxury, housing or a job could ever be. We are already employed by the Most High to obey his laws, statutes, and commandments on a daily basis. We are already safe and housed in the spiritual tabernacle of the Most High through our love and faith in Him. They could never put us out of a job or a house because we are already employed and housed spiritually which they can never take away unless we let them.