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We’re going to continue on to our last part of this series in focusing on Donald Trump, his family, and his role on the world stage. We’re going to finish touching up on Donald Trump individually just a little longer and then dive into other members of the Trump family we haven’t touched on yet in full detail; Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Melania Trump. As usual, this will bring us to digress into other topics along the way but they always connect and give us a broader perspective of the entire game. 

This is from a photo-shoot that Donald Trump did for Time Magazine back in August 2015 to play off of his announcement of his candidacy for the 2016 election. It says, “The Donald Has Landed. Deal with it.” You see that Donald Trump is holding the eagle on his arm while giving the thumbs up. The eagle of course is a symbol for America but it has a great significance on an esoteric level. The eagle has been considered a symbol of strength since the ancient times. The Romans, which America models much of their culture around, used the eagle as their symbol as well. So we’re going to use this as an opportunity to dive into this symbol and what it represents as well as its spiritual significance. We will also dive into the meaning of the thumbs up symbol as well afterwards.

This is a text describing the symbolism of the eagle and what it is meant to represent as a totem. It says, “Eagle is a spiritual symbol of the ruler of the skies.” This is in reference to Horus and Zeus which is what we’ll get into in a bit.

“As Eagle soars through the skies…he owns the skies. He is the ruler of the skies as he is one of the largest birds capable of taking flight.” The sky or the air is a symbol of the soul. In Chaldean, the same word which signifies the word air also signifies the word “Holy Ghost”. This is used to conflate the concept of the mother goddess to the Holy Spirit. This is why they use the dove as a symbol for the mother goddess. The dove of course was the bird which was stated in Matthew 10:16 as the Spirit of Yah or rather the Holy Spirit which Christ saw when the Most High declared that he was His Son after he was baptized. On the Luciferian side or the left hand side, they associate the dove with the mother goddess in order to signify her as the Holy Spirit. This is why they represent the mother goddess in the form of divinity and holiness; it’s to align her with the Holy Spirit. So the eagle being the ruler of the skies or the air is meant to represent Lucifer being the ruler of the souls of the earth. I say Lucifer because the eagle or the bird is associated with Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz who are the aspects that along with Cush make up the entity of Lucifer in the post-diluvial world. This is why the eagle or the bird or the concept of the sky god or goddess has such preeminence on the left hand side. It’s because it symbolizes the rulership or kingship of Lucifer over the souls of the earth.

Continuing on, this text states, “The majestic Eagle totem animal is symbolic of being a supreme visionary, possessing the gift of exceptional vision, he is master of timing and accuracy. Eagle brings the essence of expanding your spirit – flying high and free.”

The Eagle is in a sense meant to represent the enlightener who gives man great vision to have the perspective of a god. Remember that the falcon represents Horus who is the sun god. The falcon of course is one of the many birds used in mythology which symbolizes that sense of sight, enlightenment, and rulership or kingship which makes sense because Horus was also considered the god of kingship. The kings of Egypt would use the name of Horus as a title in homage to Horus but to also say that they themselves were acting in the spirit and authority of Horus. We of course went over that in Part 3 describing how Obama saw himself as acting in the spirit and authority of Horus as president when he likened himself to Simba from “The Lion King” which is just the animated re-telling of the story of Osiris, Set, and Horus.

The Eagle as stated here “brings the essence of expanding your spirit – flying high and free”. On the Luciferian side, the ascension of oneself to godhood as Adam and Eve did in the Garden is deemed as a sense of freedom from the Most High. You often hear the phrase, “free and liberated woman”. That phrase comes from Eve and how she supposedly freed herself from the bondage of the Most High’s command by eating of the forbidden fruit and becoming a “goddess”. Of course, the great matriarch or “goddess” figure was taken on by Semiramis in the postdiluvian world whereas Eve took on that role in the antediluvian world. They view the commandments and word of the Most High as bondage or restriction upon their spirit and that by embracing their “divine femininity”, they become liberated and free from that bondage; never looking back. That is how they view it. In their mind, they would kill themselves before they would confine themselves and be “subjugated” to a life where they have to abide by the commandments or order. Also, many females today view being in a traditional marriage or relationship with a man who abides by the Word as a form of subjugation and they refuse to be “confined” in that dynamic because that harkens back to their own spiritual state where they refuse to be “confined” to a dynamic where they are serving the Most High and His commandments. The spiritual state of a person, especially the woman, often influences their physical state and how they carry themselves. So that is what the concept of the goddess Libertas comes from; that being the liberty of the woman paving her own path to embracing her own “divinity” and becoming a proverbial goddess.

The text here states, “The spirit of Eagle takes you on a journey of flight which opens you to new vistas of perception and new dimensions of awareness. This is an invitation from Eagle totem to look at things with new eyes.” This just gives credence to what we just stated. When Adam and Eve took of the forbidden fruit, they were given greater perception and had greater awareness of life around them; they became “gods”. You see this in Genesis 3:7 where they both realized that they were both naked which they didn’t know before and sew the fig leaves together to cover themselves after their realization. By forsaking the Most High, they had a greater perception and ascended to a level of understanding that they wouldn’t have had it been them obeying dutifully or “slavishly” as the Luciferians would deem it.

What the term “god” really means in a sense is that you have a greater understanding and perception that most other people don’t have. The Luciferians think of themselves as “gods” because they know that all of these religions are all just manifestations and creations of man whereas the rest of humanity doesn’t understand this and still partake in wars and engage in conflicts and banter over which is the right religion. Many Luciferians embrace all of the religions because they know that it is all centered on the same figures; that being mainly Adam, Eve, Cush, Nimrod, Tammuz, and Semiramis. It brings up a statement that Shaquille O’Neal once said, “Fact is I’m Muslim, I’m Jewish, I’m Buddhist, I’m everybody ‘cause I’m a people person.” He said that because he knows that those religions are all concentrated in the same energy; they’re all branches of the same tree. They know that there is no one “true” religion because they all know what it comes from; the Babylon Mystery School Religion. They look at everyone else as idiots and useless eaters because they haven’t come to this understanding and never will. That is what the concept of a “god” means in one sense to these Luciferians.

Moving on, now that we’ve covered the surface level symbolism of the eagle, we now go further with it on the esoteric level. Here it states, “The eagle has been associated with the belief in renewal or rebirth. In a fragment of an ancient Babylon text, there is the story of King Erana being taken to the heavens on the wings of an eagle.” As we went over just before, the eagle or the winged bird is a symbol of the kingship or the ruler of the souls of the earth. Horus is the falcon god and the god of kingship so that connection is there. The story of King Erana being taken to the heavens on the wings of an eagle is to align himself with godhood or that he ascended to the level where he became his own god. It is what is known conventionally as the “divine right” or “God’s mandate” where the power of God or the gods are acting through the king and therefore the people must obey the king’s will and order with full obeisance because it is the command of God. Modern historians will say that this method of thinking started from Henry VIII of England but that really started from Cush and Nimrod where they thought of themselves as “god kings”. That mentality or belief is still present because these presidents like Trump and Obama really view themselves as gods; as do many of these Luciferians in the entertainment industry.

Reading on, it states, “It was a widely used custom in many ancient cultures to release eagles at the funeral of a ruler: the flight of an eagle, as the body was cremated, symbolized the departure of the soul to live among the gods. In Palmya, in ancient Syria, the eagle was associated with the sun-god; and thought capable of rejuvenation like the phoenix.” So that is the major point we wanted to get to; that the eagle is of the same stature or preeminence as the phoenix bird. The reason for the eagle being the symbol of America is because it is meant to represent the phoenix bird in a modernized fashion. The eagle and the phoenix have similar attributes which we’ve touched on here and will touch on further.

Here we’re now going to touch on the symbolism of the phoenix which we do because as just explained, the eagle for America is meant to represent the phoenix bird. The eagle in itself has a great deal of symbolism but it is often meant to take on the essence or the same powers of the phoenix. The eagle or the phoenix is meant to represent Horus.

Either way, the text above states, “Phoenix, in ancient Egypt and in Classical antiquity, a fabulous bird associated with the worship of the sun. The Egyptian phoenix was said to be as large as an eagle, with brilliant scarlet and gold plumage and a melodious cry.” What is interesting here is that the phoenix bird described has the same color scheme of scarlet and gold as the Whore of Babylon was described in Revelation 17 as being arrayed in scarlet and purple, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls. The colors of scarlet and gold were significant colors in the ancient world; particularly in Ancient Egypt and Canaan. Scarlet was the color for Isis and the purple were significant for Canaan. The term “Canaan” itself derives from an old Semitic word meaning “reddish purple” which refers to the rich purple and crimson dye produced in the region through sea snails and used in garments. The phoenix once again is representative of Horus; the son of Isis who is just the mother of harlots herself because Isis is another aspect of Semiramis.

Moving on, it states, “Only one phoenix existed at any time, and it was very long-lived—no ancient authority gave it a life span of less than 500 years. As its end approached, the phoenix fashioned a nest of aromatic boughs and spices, set it on fire, and was consumed in the flames. From the pyre miraculously sprang a new phoenix, which, after embalming its father’s ashes in an egg of myrrh, flew with the ashes to Heliopolis (“City of the Sun”) in Egypt, where it deposited them on the altar in the temple of the Egyptian god of the sun, Re.” So the phoenix is associated with regeneration, fire, and the sun. In the myths as stated here, the new phoenix would fly to the “city of the sun” or the city of Nimrod and bring the ashes as an offering on the altar of the sun god Re. Re was the father of Horus the Child and his consort was his daughter Hathor; believe it or not. Hathor then married her son, Horus the Child. Incest is a common theme in the mythos because they believed that the bloodlines were only kept pure if they bred amongst each other. The major bloodlines and Luciferian families have done this for centuries which we touched on in Part 1 when briefly talking about the so-called British Royal Family. They think that they’re descendants of the gods or are gods themselves which is why they do the same practices as the gods were said to have done in the mythos. Either way, the phoenix was associated with regeneration and fire because it represented the cycle of life and death where you live and die and are reborn in the fire and are purified through the fire. That is in reference to Tammuz as his name signifies the meaning “to purify by fire”. Tammuz is the phoenix bird as much as Horus is the phoenix bird because they are the same entity since Horus is another aspect of the son/sun deity known as Tammuz.

This is the last portion of the text, “The Egyptians associated the phoenix with immortality, and that symbolism had a widespread appeal in late antiquity. The phoenix was compared to undying Rome, and it appears on the coinage of the late Roman Empire as a symbol of the Eternal City. It was also widely interpreted as an allegory of resurrection and life after death—ideas that also appealed to emergent Christianity.” The phoenix bird was as significant of a symbol to Rome as the eagle is to America today. Rome is the spiritual inspiration for America as many of the energies of Rome has been reinvigorated in America through the festivals, rituals, practices, customs, and derivations of language which have all been repackaged with the other energies of the other major kingdoms of history. The Eternal City of Rome is called the “Eternal City” because the phoenix as we just read is associated with immortality through eternal regeneration through fire. The phoenix bird of Ancient Rome was a descendant of the Bennu bird from Ancient Egypt which was linked to the sun and creation itself. It is also another form of the concept of the great dragon or serpent known in Norse mythology as Jörmungandrand commonly known as the ouroboros as the ouroboros also represents renewal or rebirth, life, and death. That is a major concept of Luciferianism; that being the concept of regeneration, rebirth, life, death, purification, fire, etc. This text also purports that this allegory of resurrection and life after death appealed to emergent Christianity which is a tactic that many historians and archaeologists use to subliminally align the Bible with myth. They try to align certain concepts or deities of ancient mythology with the scriptures or key figures of the scriptures. They try to align Mary with Semiramis or Yahweh Ben Yahweh with Tammuz and how his resurrection was influenced from the tales of rebirth from deities like Mithras and Bacchus who supposedly have the same “tale” as Christ to discredit the scriptures. The reason for the supposed similarity between Christ and Tammuz or Bacchus or Mithras is because Nimrod, who is both Mithras and Bacchus and is Tammuz as well since Tammuz is Nimrod “reincarnated”, applied the prophecy of Christ unto himself because he wanted to be venerated as the Messiah or the Hamashiach; not for a righteous purpose but to be worshiped by the people as a god. Yahweh Ben Yahweh himself always gave credit and directed his people to acknowledgment and love of the Most High and His commandments. Nimrod wanted all worship directed towards him along with the veneration of his mother and consort, Semiramis. So the attempt to align Christ and the scriptures with Nimrod and the teachings of Lucifer to discredit the true Messiah and the scriptures is ignorant and farcical.

Before completely closing off on the topic of the phoenix, this is needed to be shown just to confirm the significance of the phoenix in the ancient world. This is an ancient coin from Rome which features the phoenix bird on it. As we just read, Rome was viewed as the “Eternal City”. They used the symbol of the phoenix to note the eternity or the immortality of their own reign; that they themselves were as immortal as the gods and were to reign “forever”. They were linked to the sun as the phoenix bird is; making them reign as long as the sun because the sun is as old as the universe itself. The sun is not only a symbol of enlightenment or illumination but it is also a symbol of immortality and longevity because it is as old as the universe. That concept of longevity and infinity or eternity was highlighted in Part 2 of this series previously when discussing how Trump set up the “Million MAGA March” in November to protest the election in hopes of retaining his reign as president in longevity as the great Egyptian god of chaos, Heh. The frog god of chaos, Heh was depicted in hieroglyphs to represent “one million” which is equivalent to infinity in Ancient Egyptian mathematics. This is why the frog god Heh is known as the god of millions of years. The phoenix along with the ouroboros and the frog are all major entities in the mystery school system because they all represent the same concept of infinity, eternity, longevity, regeneration, etc. Either way, it’s important to show this to further confirm with evidence the proof of the veneration of the phoenix in the ancient world. The phoenix was a major symbol then and it will always be as such until this kingdom ends.

We now come back to the symbol of eagle. This is the infamous Nazi symbol of the eagle known as Reichsadler, meaning “Imperial Eagle”. This was the prominent symbol of Nazi Germany other than the swastika itself which is the sun wheel of Buddhism or the black sun. The Nazis were Luciferians in connection with the Thule Society which was an occultist group that was prominent in the early 20th century right after World War 1. That is why they use many of these occult symbols like the sun wheel and the eagle. The use of the eagle by the Nazis was derived from the Roman eagle standard. The German eagle itself derivates from the emblem used by Charlemagne the first Frankish ruler and even before Charlemagne, derivates from the Aquila or eagle standard of the Romans. So from the Romans to the Frankish empire to America and Nazi Germany, we see the eagle being used. It was a major symbol for the ancient world carried down through modern history to now. It’s the modernized version of the phoenix. Even here, the eagle is mounted on top of the swastika or the sun wheel to note the eagle as being linked to the sun; just how the phoenix is and how the Bennu bird was in Ancient Egypt. It is meant to signify the sun/son god Horus. However, before we get to the significance of Aquila, we’ll touch on its significance in Ancient Greece as well. 

Here is an Ancient Greek depiction of Zeus with the eagle. Zeus was often depicted with the eagle and it makes sense to a degree just on a basic level because Zeus was the sky god and the eagle itself “rules” the skies as it flies and scans the rest of the earth below it. The eagle is meant to signify insight and great vision; having a greater sight and understanding through illumination. Zeus being the sky god is meant to signify the great sight and perspective that he has as the illuminated one along with him being the ruler of the souls of man as the skies symbolize the souls of mankind. This is also why he was the god of lightning and thunder as the lightning is a symbol of illumination. You also see the statue of Zeus which is one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ depicting him sitting on a massive throne holding the staff. It is to signify his great power over mankind as the “Master of the Universe”. We saw this and the understanding of Zeus as the “Master of the Universe” in the article about Dr. Fauci and the Pandemic where we saw Bill Gates holding the lightning bolt between his fingers with the title of “Master of the Universe” on the TIME magazine; signifying him as proverbial Zeus. Bill Gates posed acting as Zeus because he himself sees himself as the “Master of the Universe” who controls the fate of humanity in his hands and we saw that fully now with this psychological operation known as the “COVID-19 Pandemic”. Either way, now that we’ve seen the significance of the eagle throughout the ancient world until now, we’ll get deeper into the meaning of the eagle.

Here it says, “The Eagle of Zeus was one of the chief attributes and personifications of Zeus, the head of the Olympian pantheon.” We just went over how the eagle was the personification of Zeus as the ruler of the skies or the souls of mankind. Zeus is talking about Nimrod in the postdiluvian world and Adam in the antediluvian world as they were the great enlighteners of mankind.

Here it says, “Eagles were considered the most prominent of birds in classical antiquity. Several legends attested to their unique qualities, such as Aristotle’s claim that the sea eagle only raised the young who could look directly at the sun directly without their eyes watering, or Pliny the Elder’s claim that they were immune to being struck by lightning, while the Geoponica claimed that they protected from hail. They were considered endowed with oracular properties, and a divine bird, as messenger of Zeus and herald of victory. In fact, Zeus himself is said to have transformed himself into an eagle on occasion.” The main take-away from this excerpt is the eagle being said to possess oracular properties. This connects to Tammuz or Apollo who is linked to the eagle as well and the concept of having oracular powers or to bring forth prophecy. Apollo was the god of oracles meaning that he was a prophetic deity. Apollo’s sons were also able to bring forth prophecy or give oracles according to the Greek myth. As we all know, Cush was the oracular god known as “Nebo the Prophet” or Tages.  Remember that the attributes of the father is passed down to the son; meaning that many of the powers that Cush had was passed down to Nimrod. Speaking of Apollo, we saw in Part 2 how Trump had the painting of Apollo in his penthouse on the 66th floor of his Trump Tower building. It shows you that he is very much aware of the Babylonian mystery school system and truly thinks of himself as the sun god; believe it or not.

Either way, the last part of this text states, “From these divine associations, the eagle came to be used as an emblem of several rulers, from the Achaemenids to Alexander the Great and the Diadochi, and finally of the Roman emperors. The eagle holding Zeus’ lightning became the chief symbol (Aquila) of the Roman legions.” So once again, we see the eagle being associated with illumination or being a symbol of the great enlightener as the eagle was depicted as holding the lightning bolts of Zeus with his talons. As we just read over before, the phoenix is not only depicted as a great source of illumination but it also shares many of the same attributes and characteristics as the eagle does. The eagle, the falcon, the Bennu bird, the phoenix, and other birds or winged creatures like the gryphon are all symbols of the power of Horus over the sky or the air as referenced in Ephesians 2:2. It is also a signifier of the power of the “mother goddess” as she herself was likened unto a dove and other birds.

On a side note just to tie in both of these entities, Horus is of the likeness of Zeus to an extent because Zeus was signified by the eagle and Horus was signified by the falcon. Horus himself is Nimrod reincarnated because as the story goes, Semiramis gave birth to Nimrod reincarnated through her son Tammuz in the form of the “Virgin Birth”. Zeus himself was seen as a divine child to an extent as he was chosen in the conventional mythos to overthrow his father, Cronus as he was the only child who was not consumed.

Moving on, we’re going to expound further on the attribute of the eagle itself which is a major component of the Babylonian mystery school system; that being pederasty and “man-boy love”. The Luciferians hold pederasty in very high regard when it comes to sex magick and dark magic. They worship the horned god who they regard to mostly as Pan or the Baphomet. In modern-day culture, they veil their veneration of Pan in the form of Satan. What that means is that they depict Satan in the same way as Pan is depicted; having the horns and the hooves along with the trishula or the trident which is symbolic of the Luciferian triune of the “horned god”, “the mother goddess”, and the “divine child”. They worship both Pan and Satan but they depict Satan in the form of Pan. Satan is not of that form and is not described as such in the scriptures. Either way, the eagle in this sense is a signifier of pederasty which we will see here now.

Here it says, “The Aetos Dios was a giant, golden eagle which served as Zeus’ personal messenger and animal companion. According to some it was once a mortal king named Periphas, whose virtuous rule was so celebrated that he was came to be honoured like a god. Zeus, in anger, would have smote him with a thunderbolt, but Apollon intervened and transformed the king into an eagle and set him beside the throne of Zeus. According to others Zeus adopted the eagle when it first appeared to him before the Titan War as a sign of good omen.

The eagle was later sent by Zeus to fetch the handsome youth Ganymede to heaven to become the cupbearer of the gods. It was placed amongst the stars as the constellation Aquila alongside its consort, the heavenly vulture, Lyra.”

So of course the eagle is associated with royalty or divinity as it has been adopted by several kings and kingdoms and so is a major symbol in principle of the things which the kings and kingdoms of the world wish to apply onto themselves; that being immortality, rebirth, great vision, etc. We also now just saw the significance of the eagle as the symbol of pederasty as Zeus transformed into the eagle to then kidnap the boy Ganymede.

This is a depiction of Zeus as the eagle abducting Ganymede. It is said that Zeus carried Ganymede to the skies or Olympus rather so that Ganymede to be his lover and the cupbearer of the gods. Ganymede was described as “the most beautiful of mortals” which speaks to the fact that the ancient civilizations such as Greece and Rome saw beauty or sexual attraction in all; whether they were men or boys, women or girls. The gladiators themselves would be rewarded with children after winning major fights and you see that in the film ‘Gladiator’ where Proximo offers Maximus a boy as a reward for winning his battle. So the dynamic of athletes being gifted with sex or engaging in pederasty is nothing new and still goes on today with athletes; quiet as kept. In relation to the presence of pederasty or “youth love” in Greek mythology with Roman mythology, this brings up Antinous who was a Greek youth that was the lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian and is regarded as the Roman god of homosexuality. Ganymede is also regarded as the Greek god of homosexuality. Pederasty is a major theme in both Greek and Roman mythology which was taught from ancient Babylon and Kemet through the teachings of Cush.

Continuing on, Ganymede being the cupbearer is meant to represent him as the waterbearer who brings forth libations. In the myth, Ganymede would refuse his position as Zeus’ cupbearer and would pour forth all of the wine, ambrosia, and water of the gods to the mortals. Ambrosia is a symbol of the food and drink of the gods which would confer longevity and immortality to the mortals when consumed. The water of the gods represents the life giving properties through the knowledge and spiritual energy given to the mortals. In Part 2, we spoke on how the waters or the floods of chaos represented the flow of knowledge that Adam and Eve brought to mankind through their consumption of the forbidden fruit. This understanding of the symbol of water was passed down and was profound in pagan teachings. The waters represent the doctrines of Lucifer to put it simply. Through that knowledge, the mortals were given life and became “gods” themselves just as Adam and Eve were said to have “become as gods”. It symbolizes Ganymede as the “divine child” being the teacher or the messenger of the gods to mankind. They see the “boy god” being the great enlightener which is what we see now currently as the veneration of the “boy god” Heru is being pushed and forced on the people.

On a side note, the name Ganymede becomes ‘Catamitus’ in Latin which is where you get the term ‘catamite’ from which means a boy or youth in a homosexual relationship with a man. The eagle represents the predator in this dynamic. The eagle itself represents the degrading and consuming passion of mankind which causes them to be ruled not by their mind but by their body. The eagle displays this when he interrupts his flight to come down on his prey in order to satisfy his carnal needs. This is representative of man’s lust and Zeus’ in this dynamic with Ganymede. This dynamic of the catamite is seen most prominently in today’s world with the Catholic Church where the Catholic priest takes the altar boy and coerces him to engage in a sexual relationship and really puts him under a spell to believe that what they have is “love”. They view this relationship as “love” and not depravity or abuse which is what it is because they are followers of the Babylonian doctrine that you can have any boy or girl because it is the highest form of “love”. 

Now as you can see, this is the constellation of Aquila which is representative of the eagle. The eagle is seemingly gliding to pick up or abduct the boy, Antinous who we just spoke of. The reason for this is because Antinous serves the same purpose or has the same resonance as Ganymede; that being the signifier of man boy love. Ganymede is represented in the constellation Aquarius as the waterbearer. However, Antinous was depicted next to the eagle to communicate the man boy love dynamic as Antinous was the Greek hero of man boy love. Aquila is the eagle which serves the commands of Zeus; the main commands were to retrieve his thunderbolts and to capture Ganymede to be the catamite of Zeus. The main version is that Zeus himself transformed into the eagle to capture Ganymede while the other version is that Aquila was sent by Zeus to capture Ganymede to be the cupbearer.

The final part of this segment concerning the eagle is it’s relation to illumination. As we previously read, the eagle is tied closely to the properties of the phoenix bird. Just to reiterate, on a surface level, the eagle is a symbol of the Caucasian rulership with Alexander the Great, the Nazi empire, and America and this can also be seen with how they attribute their facial features to the eagle as “aquiline features” which is commonly seen in ethnic groups originating from the Caucuses as well as the Balkans and Southern Europe. So on a basic level, the eagle is a symbol of their power and rulership but it is also on an esoteric level, a symbol of great enlightenment or illumination.

As we see here, it is associated with the crown chakra which as we know is representative of the third eye which is really the spiritual barrier between man and the spirit world. Once you open that spiritual barrier, you allow yourself to receive spirits and to communicate with them and have them communicate with you through your mind. You are the recipient of spiritual energy and the giver of spiritual energy once you open your “third eye”.

Here it states, that the associated animal with the crown chakra is the eagle. The eagle is symbolic of the crown chakra or the full enlightenment in reaching the highest levels of consciousness which they call “Christ consciousness”. The eagle symbolizes enlightenment of the crown chakra in the same way that the phoenix does with the fire it exudes. The fire is a symbol of the illumination on the left hand side. So bringing this all together, the eagle in Trump’s picture is not only a symbol of America’s rulership but it is also to symbolize Trump as an “illuminated one” or one who has “Christ consciousness”. Notice in that picture that the eagle is placed on his left arm to signify the left hand path; that is the eagle which represents Zeus or Horus. The eagle is the spiritual representation of the left hand path since it symbolizes Horus or the “divine child” and he represents the false Christ.

Here we now get to the other aspect of that picture which is the ‘thumbs up’ sign. This is a sign that most of us now as the sign that things are looking up or things are good or to say good job. However, as we know, most of the hand signs and symbols that are pushed in society are done with a hidden reason. The true meaning of this ‘thumbs up’ hand sign is to denote the mother goddess; specifically Venus. In palmistry, the left palm below the thumb represents the ‘Mount of Venus’.

In general, none of us regularly made these hand signs in the ancient world. These signs were taught to us and we were told what these signs were supposed to mean. We were shown the ‘peace sign’ and taught that it meant peace but what it truly means is the veneration of Pan and Vulcan because the ‘peace sign’ makes out the ‘V’ which is for Vulcan and also the index and middle finger symbolized the veneration of Pan through sex magick where in intercourse you would insert one finger into the vagina and the other finger into the anus; believe it or not, that is what that is meant to symbolize. So these signs were taught to us to use but we never as a people needed these hand signs to communicate ‘peace’ or that things are good; we’d simply verbalize it. They teach us these hand signs so that we actively participate in communicating with these hand signs to be a part of their system in thinking that it simply means the specific things that they tell us that it means. They tell the profane one meaning while the “enlightened ones” learn the true meaning of the hand signs and symbols. This was communicated previously where I stated how the “profane” or the general public back in the ancient world was taught that they literally worshipped the sun but the “enlightened ones” were taught the true meaning in that they venerated the symbol of the sun because of it’s meaning of illumination and enlightenment of the left hand side in man receiving the knowledge of Lucifer and of him creating his own path to become his own god as Adam did. This will go over a lot of people’s head and might not be understood by many but that is fine. Not everyone will be able to get it.

So all in all, this further shows Donald Trump’s veneration of the mother goddess. He himself has went out of his way on countless occasions to put his hands in the downward pyramid to signal the ‘Delta’ hand sign which is for the mother goddess. It is his trademark move to signal the downward pyramid or the yoni while in interviews or press conferences. Trump also signals the ‘thumbs up’ hand sign frequently; more than normal. It is to venerate Venus. The ‘thumbs up’ hand sign is meant to represent ‘approval’ or a ‘job well done’ or that things are good or going well. It makes sense because Venus was said to give ‘good fortune’ or prosperity. She was known as Fortuna Virilis which is to note the mother goddess as the goddess of fortune and the personification of luck. She was also known as Venus Felix which means “Lucky Venus”.

Just to expound on this further, this is singer Don McLean who is most famously known for his hit song ‘American Pie’ and on the cover for that song, it shows him signaling the ‘thumbs up’ with the American flag painted on his thumb. This is meant to once again venerate the mother goddess. The American flag is meant to denote that the true spiritual power of America is the mother goddess and we see that with the Statue of Liberty in New York which represents Ishtar or the Statue of Freedom in DC which represents Libertas. That is a major component which we will be delving into in greater detail in the upcoming article about the Capitol Riot.

Having said that, this is once again an example of the veneration of the mother goddess Venus and that America is based in the veneration of Venus. The crown of Statue of Liberty has seven spikes which are meant to represent the seven points of the star of Venus. They lie and say that it is to represent the seven continents but it is really to symbolize the seven pointed star of Venus.

This is a statue of a thumb in France known as “Le Pouce” which simply means “The Thumb”. The question begs to be asked, what would the purpose be for a giant statue of a thumb to be built? Are thumbs really that significant as symbols in modern culture for statues of it to be built? Most people would be bewildered at looking at a photo of a giant statue of a thumb standing in the middle of the city or seeing it in person. There is no other true reason for something like this to be made into a statue of this magnitude other than it being a symbol of something esoteric or Luciferian. This is once again to venerate Venus.

To wrap this all up, we now get a full picture of what this all comes from. This is the palmistry chart and as you can see, the Venus sign or the ‘Mount of Venus’ is on the palm below the thumb. The rundown is that the middle finger represents Saturn, the index finger represents Jupiter, the ring finger represents Apollo, the pinky finger represents Mercury, and the thumb represents Venus.

You put the wedding ring on the ring finger because it is believed that there is a vein that goes from the ring finger directly to the heart. The wedding ring on the ring finger would signify that your marriage to your partner would become bound to your heart. The heart itself is a symbol of the sun as the Ancient Egyptians aligned the heart with the sun because they believed that the heart was the center point of the human body in parallel to how the sun was the center point of the universe. This is why as you see in the picture, the heart is aligned with the sun god Apollo for the ring finger.

Another thing that you see is when people which are often rappers would point their pinky up while drinking wine or champagne to show off their wealth or status that is for Mercury because Mercury was considered to be the god of financial gain and eloquence. The pinky finger as we see is for Mercury. That is why you see them point their pinky fingers up in that manner; it is to denote Mercury as the reason for their wealth or success. You even see this on a deeper level in the song ‘24K Magic’ by Bruno Mars where he says, “Put your pinky rings up to the moon”. Another name for Mercury is Thoth who was the Egyptian god of the moon. The left eye is often to venerate the mother goddess Hathor but it is also to venerate Thoth as well; it is to venerate both the feminine and masculine principle. Of course, the female celebrities totally venerate the mother goddess but to these Luciferians, gender is malleable. What that means is that they don’t simply look at one aspect or gender but they embrace both aspects. They lead with the mother goddess worship because that is the most palatable to the masses but they have veiled their worship of the hermaphrodite and are beginning to become more transparent and open with their veneration of the hermaphroditic principle. They’re also are going to become far more transparent and open with their veneration of the horned god which is sooner than most think. Just to emphasize the concept of gender malleability in mythology, Athena is the masculine goddess who embodies both masculine and feminine principles and is also the feminine counterpart of Ares. Most of the major gods throughout the major mythologies have feminine counterparts. Once many of these Luciferians ascend to the higher levels, they learn of the higher teachings of the craft which is the bringing together of opposites on a Kabalistic and alchemical level. Having said that, the ‘thumbs up’ sign is just another way of venerating the mother goddess as we’ve just seen.

Before we close off on Donald Trump and move onto the others, we’re going to expound on an earlier point made which is that the mentality behind the rulers of this world on a surface level such as presidents, prime ministers, princes and kings believe themselves to be gods or being appointed by God to act out his will. What they really mean is that they are acting out their own will because they themselves look at themselves as God. The “divine right of kings” is the conventional term for the Luciferian rulership of kings in the age of absolutism where they believed that they were the designated ruler ordained by God and that they were the supreme power over all others who they deemed beneath them; whether they were regular people, the government, or the church. They asserted their will over everyone and justified their tyranny by claiming that they were acting upon the authority of God. One of the classic examples is the man depicted above; that being Louis XIV of France. He likened himself unto the sun god Apollo and named himself the “Sun King”. He deemed himself to be the earthly manifestation of the sun god. He would often wear the crown of sun rays to denote that he was illuminated or was a godly figure on the earth. You see in this depiction that he is adorned with the sun emblems on his attire. This attitude is carried on by Donald Trump and by his followers as well. They like to say that he is “chosen by God” to fulfill his mission to “save America” and he himself claimed himself to be “the chosen one” as he looked skyward. We saw in Part 3 how Trump’s counterpart in the world narrative, Barack Obama views himself as Heru when he showed his birth video to be that of Simba’s birth in The Lion King. They look at themselves as gods or of the bloodline of gods. This can’t be stressed enough because in order for people to understand why the world operates the way it does, you have to understand their mentality and their perception of the ordinary person. Once you do understand, you become far less invested in this political system and see these people for who they really are and stop believing in man to save you from this world and you learn to invest your trust and faith in the Most High and His Son.

Here is just another depiction of the concept of the “Divine Right of Kings” with King Charles I of England and you see on the top right corner of the picture a divine hand moving his crown to be placed on top of his head. The crown is beaming with light and Charles’ head is radiating with light like the sun. We just saw the same thing with King Louis XIV where his headpiece was of the radiating sun. Once again, we see the same theme with King Charles I depicting himself as the sun god with the crown of the light of the sun. However, one key detail is the pose which he is making. This is a familiar pose that we’ve seen before. It is a sign of praise but that sign is directing praise to them  because they believe themselves to be gods.

Here is Donald Trump making the same pose. People will say that this is just an ordinary pose but the pictures which they take where they make poses are often meant to communicate subliminal or esoteric messages to those “in the know”. You see here that there is a veiled illusion to Freemasonry through the background. You see the two pillars next to the lights on the wall; alluding to the enlightening pillars of Boaz and Jachin. Then in between the two pillars, you see the fireplace which is meant to allude to the blazing star of illumination that makes the ascender become enlightened as they ascend to the “stairway of heaven”. Trump is positioned to be in between the two pillars and on the fireplace to note him as being illuminated. He is also making the same pose as King Charles I to denote himself as an anointed king or ruler by God and that he is the fleshly manifestation of the sun god. This pose is also a key pose which a certain entity makes which we will get to now.

This here is a deity that most will be familiar with; that being the Canaanite storm god Baal. As you see, Baal is depicted as doing the same exact pose. This pose is that of Baal’s. As we explained in Part 4, the signs and symbols which we see used today stem all the way back to the kings and rulers from the ancient world who implemented these signs and symbols which was taught to them through the guidance and teachings of the fallen angels as described in the Book of Enoch.

Baal was the first king in the postdiluvial world. Nimrod is Baal as he was the king who ruled in co-regency with his father Cush. Baal was the first truly famous figure in the ancient world as in Jewish Gematria, the numerical value of ‘Baal Hadad’ and ‘Fame’ is both ‘42’. That is why the true god of fame is Baal. In order for one to be famous or gain a sense of notoriety in this society, they must venerate and serve Baal. As for him being the sun king, he was titled “King of Kings” and “Lord of Lords”. This is so because Nimrod applied the prophecies of Christ onto himself so that the people can venerate him. Nimrod was the sun god or the sun king. So being a king of a country or a region makes them view themselves as the fleshly manifestation of Baal. This is why you see King Charles I and Donald Trump as well making the same pose as Baal. It is a sign of praise. The statue of Baal is of a furnace as you see in the picture where the fire is burning inside of the statue of Baal that is really a furnace. The Canaanites would put forth their children as a sacrifice to be burned in the fire for great fortune and prosperity to be granted to them by Baal. Baal is the god of child sacrifice and cannibalism. The term ‘cannibal’ in the Chaldean is broken down as “Cahna-Bal” meaning “Priest of Baal”. It’s pretty fitting when you see the picture of Donald Trump making that pose in front of all the McDonald’s food considering that McDonald’s has “allegedly” been using human meat in their food. So just to wrap this section, the kings and presidents and prime ministers of this world see themselves as the fleshly manifestation of the sun god who they believe either that they were anointed by the sun god, are descendents of the gods, or both. Some also believe themselves to be God and so they are referencing themselves as God when they speak of God in public. There are different aspects of this belief but the same point is to be made; it is of the same spiritual fount of Lucifer where man is a god and that the power of God is within them.

We now come to Donald Trump Jr. Now, we discussed in Part 4 the esoteric elements behind the universities in which the Trump family have attended and graduated from. Donald Trump attended Fordham and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Eric Trump graduated from the notorious Jesuit university of Georgetown. Both Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. As we noted in Part 4, Philadelphia which is the main city of Pennsylvania has an esoteric resonance as it stems from the name of Ptolemy II Philadelphus who we broke down before as being the image of Serapis Christus and also the city is associated with the adornment of the Queen of Heaven through her cupids that are represented as angels in this society. Either way, the University of Pennsylvania is covertly influenced and controlled by the Jesuits. So as Donald Trump was trained up through the Jesuit ‘alma-maters’, so was both of his children Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump. We saw in Part 4 as well how Donald Trump Jr. had the Knights Templar cross imposed in the gun that he was holding and we know that the Knights Templar were Jesuits.

Looking at this picture, this is Donald Trump Jr. with his wife, Kimberly Guilfoyle. As you see, she is dressed in the black and red for the ‘Black Mass’ which is for Pan. Notice that they take the picture positioned next to the pillars to symbolize that they are lockstep in unison in ascending through the levels of the craft. What is interesting is that this woman is the ex-wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom who is one of the top witches in government as he was one of the most ardent pushers of the LGBT agenda as Mayor of San Francisco in getting same-sex marriage legalized and he is also part of the Pelosi clan. It’s pretty interesting that of all women that Donald Trump Jr. would marry, it would be the ex-wife of an overt Luciferian like Gavin Newsom. The world is a truly small place; especially for Luciferians as their ‘dating pool’ is extremely limited because they are not allowed to marry outside of their circle. They are tied to marrying within the craft in order to maintain their bloodlines and or create bonds that are scripted for them to be a part of these arranged marriages or relationships. For the higher level members of society like the Trumps or the Clintons or the Bushes, none of them marry ordinary folk. They are all marriages in Lucifer.

This is a photo that is particularly interesting considering how we’ve touched on the parrot previously. In this photo, we see the parrot seemingly peering into her chest and it is played off of the notion of lust or perversion; hence the caption stated, “If Joe Biden was a parrot” because as we know, Joe Biden is one of the biggest predators in government and it has become satirical at this point.

By the way, it’s funny how the women who were the headline leaders of the ‘Me Too’ movement who expressed that there was no ‘middle ground’ for men who were not only convicted of but even ‘alleged’ to have harassed or abused women were the same women who were silent and stood by Joe Biden when he himself was accused of sexual harassment and has a history of harassing women and girls as well as boys publically. It goes to show you that the women in Hollywood and in media period only care about convicting men of harassment who they don’t like. They are the first ones to stay silent on the men who do not have everyone ganging up on them for allegations of harassment and the men who they like. They were willing to be hypocrites for the sake of removing Trump from office. The Trump hate train from Hollywood was genuine because of what he represented as the old guard of masculinity but it was to generate the hatred from the public to hate masculinity by associating Trump with the masculine principle. Most of them played their part because to be quite honest, many of them would embrace Donald Trump with open arms behind closed doors because they are all two-faced actors who are playing a part for the public. They act on screen and they act in front of the cameras. Their career and their public life is an act. Their true self comes out when they attend those secret meetings and participate in those rituals and fulfill their missions placed by their handlers. All of this stuff that they portray on camera for the most part is nonsense generated for the media to have stories to keep the people distracted and looking in the wrong direction.

Either way, the parrot is a symbol of lust and sexual desire and passion which can be seen with the Hindu god Kama who rides the parrot and holds the bow and arrow. The bow and arrow is also seen with Cupid who would shoot the arrow into the heart of women and bring forth sexual desire from them. Kama and Cupid are the same entity. That is why you saw the parrot statues next to Donald and Ivanka Trump in their photo-shoot when they were giving off incestuous vibes. The parrot in the picture is peering into her chest to denote lust or sexual desire. It is to note the sex magic aspect of Horus or “the divine child” represented as the parrot.

This photo should tell you all that you need to know about the wife of Donald Trump Jr. She is dressed up as a witch. When any of these celebrities or famous women dress up as witches, believe them because they are being upfront and transparent about who they are and what their principles are. A great example of this is in the recent Marvel series “WandaVision” where the character Agatha is found by Vision dressed up as a witch in her car on Halloween. That was a fore-telling sign that she was a witch and was going to be Wanda’s true adversary. Come to find out, she would be revealed to be the true villain later in the season

So the question begs to be asked, if Donald Trump Jr. was as ardent of a Christian as he and his followers claims him to be, why would he allow his wife to dress up as a witch presumably knowing what the Most High states about witches and sorcery in the scriptures? It is because they are wolves in sheep’s clothing who are playing off of the minds of the “truther community” through this “QAnon” psy-op. They know what the right things are to say to make the “truther community” believe that they are for them or against the ‘Great Work’. Many people in the “truther community” are truly gullible and naïve to believe that the Trump family are somehow working against the ‘Deep State’. It’s a massive psy-op that most people have fallen for and it is telling of how little they truly understand the scriptures because the Most High tells us not to idolize man or have faith in man but to have faith in Him. You would expect people who claim themselves to be Christians to understand that but unfortunately for them they don’t and it is understandable because it is easy to fall for this psy-op when you hope for a better country and are desperate for the elite to be defeated so a better life can be materialized but the solution does not reside in man or in this life, it resides in the Most High and His Son. No single man is going to turn this tide and dismantle the ‘Deep State’; it is far deeper than simply government. It is under great spiritual influence on the left hand side and only the Most High and His Son can dismantle the Age of Horus and this Antichrist rulership as stated explicitly in Revelations. This life is a learning experience for us to grow and develop our unwavering faith and loyalty to the Most High through trials and tribulations while teaching our sons and daughters to learn and practice the Word so that they can do so themselves for the generations to come through your bloodline in perpetuity. So hopefully for their sake, people who’ve believed in Trump naively will begin to realize this and learn to divest their heart and faith fully in the Most High and His Son and not a billionaire family of Lucifer like the Trumps.

Having said that, you see Kimberly Guilfoyle dressed up as a witch to denote herself as the goddess of witchcraft and magic, Hecate or Isis. Also, you see Donald Trump Jr. dressed up in the soldier gear which is an allusion to Osiris as he was the god of war. So as the god of war Osiris was the consort to the goddess of witchcraft or magic Isis, so is Donald Trump Jr. and his wife playing off that dynamic in acting as their role.

Here we see once more the veneration of the eagle. As we went over previously, the eagle is a major symbol for the elite as it represents their rulership, the ascension through the crown chakra, and as the personification of Horus and Zeus. Of course, Donald Trump Jr. and his son are wearing the green color which fits into the theme of the “divine child” as Tammuz was the god of vegetation. Once again, Horus is just Tammuz. 

Here we now move on to some pictures which are of Donald Trump Jr.’s daughter Chloe and how they allude to Monarch programming. Pictures which are taken mean one thing to the general public but it means an entirely different thing to those in the craft. While some people might look and say that it’s just a little girl playing around with things that just came in while sitting in a box, what the picture truly communicates on a hidden level is that she is under programming. Boxes are a major component of ritual abuse that is implemented in order to place the child under programming. The children are usually placed in boxes with spiders, snakes, or scorpions which will traumatize the child and cause them to dissociate and create alters in their mind. It is also used to create the foundation for suicide programming by being told to “play dead and the snake won’t bite them”. They are also put into small dark places such as dark closets, dark cellars, boxes, or the corners of small dark rooms through prolonged periods of isolation. They are commanded to not turn on the lights, use the bathroom or make a noise which creates dissociation in the child. The child becomes bonded to their abuser through trauma since every time the child is let out of their isolation, it is a sense of freedom to see the light, use the bathroom, and act human so they become grateful to their abuser. This is a form of torture which is used to program the child to only move or do any action with the expressed approval to do so by their handler. It initiates a sense of loyalty to their handler.

Another component of confined torture used with the box is that the child is forced to sit in the fetal position in a small box for 24 hours and are fed drugs which enhance the child’s terror. Drugs are used to either act as a reverse anesthesia where it enhances the pain factor for the child to endure more pain in their experience or are used to enhance their terror or fear. These are all forms of torture used to split the child’s mind and cause the necessary alters through dissociation to then instill the programming.

Every child of a major government family like the Bushes or any other family with high notoriety in society like the Trumps is raised up in the programming. It is the tradition of these generational families to be raised up in the occult. Much of their occult knowledge is woven into their programming and is a major staple of the programming.

Here is another picture showing Chloe in the box. Once again, the box is a symbol of confinement or isolation programming in the mind-control realm. A well-known song which speaks on the use of the box in mind-control torture or programming is “Man in the Box” by Alice in Chains. Even their band name, ‘Alice in Chains’ is an allusion to Alice in Wonderland programming. When you see the music video for the song, the video opens with the lead singer Layne Staley crouched in the corner of a dark barn. That was to show that he was put under programming as a part of the programming is leaving subjects alone in dark confined areas for long periods of time without food or water. Also the lyrics speak to another component of torture which is conducted in programming where the victim is stripped of all of their spiritual and emotional being through different traumas; specifically, the destruction of any tie that the victim has or can possibly build with the Lord. The lyrics, ‘Feed my eyes, can you sew them shut?’, ‘Jesus Christ, deny your maker’ and ‘He who tries, will be wasted’ are all to allude to how he is losing hope and faith in reaching Christ for help because of the torture he is being subjected to. He is being taught to deny Christ and is made to believe that there’s no use to do so because Christ isn’t with him and therefore won’t save him. They teach them to deny him since there’s no way out and that the only way out of their torture is through obeying each and every wish and command. The meaning of the lyric ‘Feed my eyes’ is that he is yearning for the spiritual presence of Christ because he is empty and desperate for his help and needing of hope or a glimmer of light to escape his torture. Satan is replying ‘can you sew them shut’ to encourage him to not see the light of Christ and to make himself blind to him and give up hope. The lyric, ‘He who tries’ meaning who tries to reach out to Christ from the torture is then followed by Satan saying ‘will be wasted’ meaning that the attempt of trying to reach out to Christ will be in vain. This song alludes to the deconstruction of the victim’s connection to Christ and the torture which they are put through which makes up their programming.

Many Monarch children in the industry are resentful towards Christ or are hateful of Christianity because many of them are made to think that Christ abandoned them. The lead singer of Alice N’ Chains himself was critical of Christianity and was raised up in the church system. They are made to hate the Bible. One of the ways in which their handlers make the subjects hate and resent the Most High and His Son later on in their life is by creating staged events where actors imitating God, Jesus, police, and therapists curse, reject, and even ‘kill’ the victim in simulated drug deaths. It is to make the victim’s reality distorted and believe that they are literally being killed by the Most High and His Son which they would later resent Him by believing that they abandoned, rejected, reviled or even ‘destroyed’ them. It is to strip them of any spiritual foundation that they could build with the Lord and to make them resort to the full control of their handlers. Their handlers become their god.

Now, for this photo with Chloe in the box, the multi-colored pants also resonate with another component of box programming. During the programming, a box with colored scarves is shown to the child while receiving severe electro-shock torture. The colored scarves represents a ribbon which communicates a message from a colored room to a similar colored alter in their brain. A system is built in their brain and takes on the form of a 3-D cube which is structured into families, cities, worlds, sections, and other structures that are meant to resonate on a deep level to the victim subconsciously. These geographically different structures of the victim’s mind are made to be connected through the color coding; meaning that their alters are structured into a 3-D cube structure. Through the color coding, a fourth dimension is built into the cube structure to tie in all of the three dimensions. This may or may not be a component of her programming but it would not be surprising if that was what this picture was meant to truly communicate. It could simply communicate box torture and nothing more specific to the degree of the colored scarves torture but the point remains which is that she is under the programming. That’s a personal view.

Another picture which communicates her being under the programming is this which shows her with the Mickey Mouse hat. Disney programming is a major part of the Monarch mind control program. Disney films such as the Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan are shown to the child to instill their programming. Most Disney films are used for programming purposes. The image of Mickey Mouse is a trigger for mind control victims who were subjected to Disney programs. The ears of Mickey Mouse resemble satellite dishes which are to symbolize how the subjects are receptive to the messages in which their handlers send them. The image of the mouse also triggers what are called ‘mouse alters’ which signals the subject to ‘run the clocks’; meaning to search through the files in their brain to select specific information or access specific alters that their handlers want at that given time. So this system or database which is in the minds of the subjects are created and built within their mind-frame from childhood and the foundation is laid through debilitating torture and severe trauma that is inflicted on the child before they reach 4 or 5 years old before they have the chance to develop their ego state. It is the stage where the person is most malleable which is why they focus much of their programming at this stage. So she like most other children in the Luciferian industry is being raised under the Disney programming.

Just to expound on the Disney programming, this is another photo which communicates that she’s under programming. As you see, she is wearing the ‘Dorothy slippers’ which are the slippers that Dorothy wears in ‘The Wizard of Oz’. The slippers are triggers to go places internally within their own mind frame. Much of the time, their handlers use the red slippers to switch to get specific sexual alters. The slippers are clicked 3 times to get even deeper sexual alters in the victim. As you see in the film, Dorothy states “There’s no place like home” while clicking her heels to go back home to Kansas. MK Ultra victim Brice Taylor stated that she became familiar with the term “There’s no place like home” and associated it with being back in bed after being used for sexual rituals, rape, sexual torture, prostitution, child pornography sessions, etc. It makes sense that the clicking of the heels for the triggering of sexual alters would then be followed by that phrase and being in the bed after intense forced sex servicing their programmers, handlers, and other witches. It’s purely sexual programming when it comes to the ruby red slippers. It is a sign that the child is under Oz programming which is the case here with Chloe Trump. She is also pictured as crouching in the corner of the elevator to denote in a veiled way that she has been put under isolation trauma as we just described.

When you see her and look at her face, she seems scared because she is unwilling to do something. The caption captures this saying, “Oh boy ‘I don’t want to go to school today daddy.’” Of course, children for the most part don’t want to go to ‘school’ and often crouch in the corner and will let their body go flat so that they can’t be dragged or picked up from their parent to go where they don’t want to go. Now this is understandable and would be accepted to be the case if it wasn’t for the theme of Monarch programming with Ivanka Trump and her own daughter, Arabella which we touched on lightly in Part 2 The ‘Dorothy slippers’ tell an entirely different story than that which Donald Trump Jr. is attempting to convey. Considering this, it makes one wonder, what is the “school” that he is referring to? As we just went over, components of the Oz programming were used for MK Ultra victims like Brice Taylor who were subjected to child pornography film sessions and rape by older men that their handlers supplied them to. The only “schooling” that she is undergoing is either indoctrination with this school system that we have or it is programming through the Monarch mind control program. Some will see this as being too far-fetched or ‘out of bounds’ and that is fine; people are entitled to their own opinions. However, the mistake that most people make concerning these families of Lucifer is that they still give these people the benefit of the doubt. It is without question that the Monarch program runs through each of the major Luciferian families; it is typical protocol, whether or not people are willing to grasp or accept this.

Just to expound on the “schooling”, this is what the “schooling” for children born into Luciferian bloodlines and generational satanic families is all about. If you notice, the date of that particular post was on ‘January 16th’. The following date, January 17th is a significant Satanic holiday. As we see, the ‘Satanic Revels’ celebration and its ritualistic components are described’ that being a sexual ritual day which consists of oral, anal, and vaginal penetration. The following days on the 20th to the 27th of January, the ceremonial preparation for Candlemas is a sexual and blood ritual consisting of oral, anal, and vaginal penetration along with human sacrifice and the participants are female or child of any age. Both of the celebrations, ‘Satanic Revels’ and the ceremonial preparation of ‘Candlemas’ are sexual rituals that immediately follow the post which features Chloe with the ‘Dorothy’ slippers which are to denote sexual programming that is a major part of the Oz programming. It falls in line with the Oz program. If she were to be subjected to any of these rituals, she were to be forced to engage in the ceremonial preparation for Candlemas because she would be young enough to participate, given the age range shown.

It may seem to some a far-fetched idea that children this young could partake in rituals but it is nothing far-fetched. If you ever looked into the Hampstead cover up, there were two children named Gabriel (8 years) and Alisa Dearman (9 years) who confessed that their stepfather along with the school headmaster, teachers, police and social services had subjected them to satanic ritual abuse. They were raped by the headmaster, teachers, and others that their stepfather serviced them to and were forced to engage in infant and child sacrifice where they described that they beheaded a baby and ate human flesh. Keep in mind that at the time of their confession, they were not even 10 years old; Gabriel was 8 and Alisa was 9. Some people believe that human sacrifice, ritualistic child dismemberment and cannibalism are only acted out by grown adults participating in ritual but this is not the case. Many children are forced to engage in this act; especially if they are a part of satanic generational families or bloodlines and or are under the programming. They are forced to do so from a very early age; before they reach the age of 5 because as we just explained, that is the period where they haven’t had the chance to develop their ego state. Children of Luciferian and satanic families are literally born into the rituals. They’re prepped from the earliest ages on the rituals which most of the novices in the entertainment industry have to incrementally work their way towards. They are taught the more arcane and ancient forms of magic which a rare few in the industry gets to ‘ascend’ to if they are not of the bloodlines themselves. It has already come out of the horses’ mouth that many of the most top-tier celebrities are related to presidents and key politicians. They are made privy to these ritualistic practices which have been carried down from the ancient world at an extremely early age. Practices like dismemberment and cannibalism were known in Ancient Greece as sparagmos and omophagia, those of which were rituals in commemoration of Dionysus or Bacchus who is/was the horned god. They are trained from an early age behind closed doors to worship the horned god through these rituals. So it should not be a surprise that someone as young as Chloe is forced to engage in these rituals; whether consciously or subconsciously through other alters. Just to round it up, she has been undergoing satanic ritual abuse and Monarch programming most likely from birth or at a very early age soon after birth which as we’ve went over is the tradition that children born into these Luciferian families have to endure and are forced to be taught, accept, and practice.

We now move onto another Monarch child of the Trump family who was raised up to be who she is now; that being Ivanka Trump. We have already gone over how she is a Monarch child before but we will go over this in greater detail now. Ivanka Trump, like many of the daughters or women overall born into these Luciferian bloodlines, is a Monarch child who is used to serve a public persona and for sexual and also clandestine services. This role is what is known as a ‘Presidential model sex slave’ which is a woman who is raised up in the programming to ascend to the level of being a sex slave for the President and for other members of government at times and to be a courier of information on a high level. They often service high members of government not just in America but across the world and then provide intel to their handlers that they collected from their interactions with their ‘clients’. They are fed lines to tell to their clients which is meant to pry and lure their clients to either act upon or create an idea that was generated through a thought form that was planted by the sex slave or are driven to reveal personal information about themselves, their operations, or their relationships that they otherwise would not have revealed had it been anyone else. The sex slave is given certain clients to work with and is assigned to build up a certain level of trust with them so that they will reveal the information which her handlers want. It is without any doubt that Ivanka Trump herself is a sex slave who has been involved in the upper echelons of government and working her way within to provide sensitive information to her handlers. One would say that the only difference with Ivanka is that she was not being used to directly service and store information on the president considering that she is the president’s daughter but the countless sexual innuendos and incestuous energy exuded by Donald Trump and his daughter say otherwise. Monarch sex slaves are often if not almost always forced to sexually service their fathers from childhood. Considering what we’ve seen, it is without question that she not only has serviced her father through programming but has also serviced his associates and other handlers and most likely was used as a courier of intel for high members of the world governments throughout her tenure in the White House. The marriage between her and Kushner was arranged as usual with these political marriages. It doesn’t get any more blatant than Donald Trump’s daughter being married off to Jared Kushner who is a top bloodline Luciferian and agent of the banking families. It was his job to direct the course of the Trump presidency and to make sure that everything went ‘according to plan’. Her being married off to Kushner was a way for Trump to legitimize him and his family on the totem pole and having his bloodline tied to the Kushner family. It was also his way of setting up the foundation for him to get into the presidency by building such a connection. 

Having said that, we will go over in greater detail certain components of the Monarch program and how Ivanka Trump is a Monarch asset. As we see here, we see Ivanka with the bunny ears for the ‘Playboy bunny’. The Playboy bunnies are almost all under the programming and are BETA sex kittens which are sex slaves used to service government officials, world leaders, athletes, actors, musicians, politicians, businessmen, etc. They are trained to accept pain as pleasure and to engage in perverted sex acts and S&M to service and satiate the perversions of those in government and the entertainment industry. They are often taken at young ages and are brought to the Playboy mansion to be trained to become ‘Playboy bunnies’. They are programmed to service the men and to fulfill whatever perversions they have. They program them to believe that pain and sadism is pleasure by suspending them upside down in the air which is done to cause dissociation in the mind and reverse the primordial brain functions of the victim’s mind to think that pain is pleasure. This trains them to not only embrace and accept but to desire masochism so they better serve their clients. This is what they are subjected to. This picture depicts her with the bunny ears to show that she is a BETA sex kitten.

Donald Trump himself also hung around with Hugh Hefner and partied at the Playboy mansion. He was also without a doubt serviced a lot of the BETA sex kittens that Hefner and other sex traffickers had access to. He has had many interactions with Playboy models and other adult models which is public knowledge; that is nothing revelatory. For you to be as involved and present in the modeling and beauty pageant industries, you have to interact with sex peddlers and handlers like Hugh Hefner and Jeffrey Epstein; both of whom Trump already has been documented as having relationships with. Both of those men were intelligence assets; Hefner was CIA and Epstein was Mossad. Hugh Hefner himself was a CIA programmer, handler, and trafficker who was set up by the CIA to be a social engineer and shift society into the morally degraded state that it is currently in and to teach women to forsake the family dynamic and embrace whoredom. Playboy was created and financially backed by the CIA to not only socially engineer society but to also be a sex trafficking operation for elites. There is more to Playboy and Hugh Hefner which will be explored in a separate time but this is just to touch on it briefly.

Another thing to note which gives credence to the fact that he serviced his daughter over to the elites; Donald Trump stated once that one of his “biggest regrets” was that he didn’t get Hugh Hefner to put Ivanka Trump on the Playboy cover. Why would that be regretful? Why would a father be so coy to publicly portray his daughter in a sexualized manner? It is just questions that people who think he is or was fighting against the elite trafficking rings and operations should consider. If he was truly against the elite trafficking rings then he wouldn’t have been frequenting the circles of Hugh Hefner and Jeffrey Epstein at all. He himself was stated in a 2001 article as being one of the biggest business partners of Jeffrey Epstein. Simply put, if he truly was working against the trafficking rings, then why would he have Bill Barr as his Attorney General who was the son of Donald Barr who gave Jeffrey Epstein a teaching position that he was not qualified for at the Dalton school in New York? Why would he make Alex Acosta his Secretary of Labor considering that he was the person who helped facilitate the “sweetheart deal” that let Epstein walk free with practically no punishment for his crimes and screwed over his victims in the process? Why would he say that he “wishes her well” when asked about Ghislaine Maxwell after her arrest? These are all things that should register with anyone that this is a person that is simply a part of the game and a major player in the game. People fall for his policies and claim that he is “chosen”. All that rhetoric comes from ‘QAnon’ which is nothing but a psy-op that promotes cult worship of Trump; that is all that this is. Trump is just an entertainer and a great actor who is playing his part well. If people cannot see through Donald Trump who is another con-artist who conned his way throughout life just like Epstein and Maxwell, then they cannot claim themselves to be “awakened”; they are as stuck in the world as the rest of society. His entire campaign, presidency, and political persona is nothing but a con that is to bait people in the “truth community” to fall for his antics and to justify the mass censorship of the truth that is currently ongoing through Silicon Valley which is nothing but a front for the CIA. He is playing a role that will resonate with the likes of those who believe in QAnon so that more stringent measures can be implemented to completely control the flow of information on these major platforms and to ultimately take everyone’s guns away.

Just to wrap up on this picture, this of course not only has significance on a mind control level but it also has significance on an esoteric level. It is also a strategic photo. The bunny or the hare is meant to represent the fertility goddess known as Ēostre or Ostara; which is where the name of the holiday known as Easter comes from. She is usually depicted with the hare’s head or ears or holding the hare. You also see the hare goddess archetype in Ancient Egypt; named Wenet or Wenut. The hare is meant to represent the fertility moon goddess.

You also see that Ivanka Trump is pregnant in this picture. That is an allusion to the egg which the hare lays. The egg is meant to represent the birth of the moon goddess’ son raised from the underworld. The sun returns to the world after its journey in darkness to bring forth life to mankind. The sun god is meant to represent Tammuz. So the bunny ears here also represents Ivanka Trump playing proverbial Ostara or Ishtar and the pregnant stomach is to signify her son or the egg that is yet to be hatched which is housing Tammuz.

The esoteric aspect of the Playboy picture of Ivanka Trump also brings in another component tied to Playboy which cements the Luciferian energies behind the organization. This is a mural which was in the Playboy mansion and it features Hugh Hefner depicted as Pan playing the pan pipes! This cements the sentiment that we made in Part 3 where it was stated how Obama and Trump and these other world leaders think of themselves as and depict themselves as these gods in mythology. They believe themselves to be the fleshly manifestations of these gods and are their avatars. Most people would think that is far-fetched but this goes to show you that this is indeed not far-fetched by any means. Hefner depicts himself here as Pan or Dionysus or Bacchus with his maenads adorning him in the setting of the grove or the woodlands which is for Pan. He led the children to the forests by playing the Pan pipes which served as a sort of hypnosis or allure that bound them in a spell to bring them to him. Once they were brought in, Pan would seize them and have sex with them; in the same predatory manner as the eagle Zeus when he captured Ganymede. Hefner viewed himself as Pan who was the god of lust and sin as the goat itself is known to be lustful and was used as a sin offering in biblical times. Dionysus was also known as the “sin bearer” which is an allusion to the concept that Nimrod himself took on the sins of the world and that understanding comes from Nimrod having taking the prophecies of Christ onto himself in order to be deified as a Messianic figure by the nations.

Just to expound on this, there was a woman in 2009 named Sherri Allred who sued Hefner for childhood molestation and claimed that Hefner viewed himself as a ‘centaur’. The name ‘centaur’ means “priest of the revolver”. In Chaldean, centaur becomes Kentaur and is broken down to ‘kehn’ which means “a priest” and then ‘tor’ which means “to go around”. What this means in essence is that a centaur is a priest of the sun because the “revolver” is in reference to the revolving sun. The sun as mentioned before symbolizes illumination and the left hand side of knowledge. Baal was the sun god so the centaur is also in extension meant to signify a “priest of Baal”. The centaur is meant to signify the bearer of the knowledge passed down by the sun god and they communicate that knowledge to the rest of the initiated. In the sun worship of the centaurs and their initiates, the circle was distinctly represented not only in the form of the literal circle most known now as the “witches circle” or the blazing wheel or the sun wheel which Baal was represented by but also in the circular dances of the Bacchanalians. Ritualistically walking in circles or the circular dancing is to venerate the sun. It is in reference to the ever-evolving wheel of Centaurus in the infernal regions. Centaurs or rather “Priests of Baal” in the Luciferian circles are of high stature when it comes to influence and control. Hefner was certainly a major player in the Luciferian circles considering his role in the mind control sector as not only was he directly involved in BETA programming, handling BETA sex kittens, and sex trafficking but he was also involved in MK DELTA operations, super assassins and ops. There’s certainly more to Playboy and Hugh Hefner than what meets the eye.

Sherri Allred claimed that there were Dionysian rituals which were held in the Playboy mansion. The Playboy bunnies were said to have partook in the rituals of Dionysus and took on the roles of the maenads who were the female followers of Dionysus. The Playboy bunnies would engage in the same rites as the maenads did which was to put themselves in a frenzied state, drink blood, engage in cannibalism and orgies. The maenads engaged in the acts of maniacal dancing to loud music, screaming, whirling and to achieve greater ecstasy through orgiastic sex with one another. The ultimate goal was to temporarily free their souls from their earthly bodies to commune with Dionysus to gain a glimpse of and to prepare for what they would seemingly experience in eternity. The Dionysian rites climaxed to the point where the maenads achieved superhuman feats of strength such as uprooting trees, tearing bulls apart with their bare hands, and eating its raw flesh. This dynamic of the maenads can even be seen with female fans of these major celebrities where they get into such frenzy for their idol. The act of ripping apart the body is what is known as sparagmos and the eating of the raw flesh is what is known as omophagia in the Dionysian mysteries. These acts in the Dionysian rites were a sacrament which the maenads assumed the strength and character of Dionysus by eating the raw flesh and drinking the blood of his incarnation; that being the sacrificial being whether human or animal that is acting in his place. After eating the body and drinking the blood, it was believed that the maenads became possessed by Dionysus. Dismemberment and cannibalism is a big part of the Babylonian mystery system because it is meant to mimic what happened to Nimrod where he was torn apart by Shem and his men to topple his apostasy. The purpose of the brutality in which Shem and his men tore apart Nimrod was so they could then show his body parts to the rest of the people as proof that he was not a god or a celestial being but that he was in fact human and was made of flesh and blood. They commemorate Nimrod and keep his energy and name alive through the Babylonian rituals; specifically through omophagia or the consumption of flesh to take on the powers of Nimrod. Engaging in the orgiastic rituals was done to achieve that same effect to gain the powers of Bacchus or Dionysus who was the god of revelry and orgies. Pansexuality and the overall lasciviousness of sexual passivity through orgies and such is shared by both Pan and Bacchus because both entities who are truly Cush and Nimrod taught sex magic to mankind which is a major component of the Babylonian mystery school system. The overall veneration and teachings of Cush and Nimrod otherwise known as Babylonian mystery school system is also a major component of MK-Ultra programming so it makes sense that a major mind control center like Playboy would center on both the mind control sector and Luciferianism. Considering the rituals which Sherri Allred described the Playboy bunnies as partaking in playing the roles of the maenads and the role which Hugh Hefner played as a “centaur”, it shows that these Luciferians in fact believe themselves to be fleshly manifestations of these gods and entities and the conduit of inter-dimensional energy between the physical world and the spirit world; specifically the chamber of the fallen angels or the demonic realm.

Coming back to the mind control aspect concerning Ivanka Trump, we see here this magazine cover by Bazaar and the title states, “Ivanka Trump: The New Queen of Diamonds”. That title, ‘Queen of Diamonds’ is in reference to Diamond level programming. This is to communicate that Ivanka Trump is a Diamond level sex kitten. A diamond level Monarch slave is a presidential model. They are identified with diamonds. The diamonds are meant to represent or signify presidential model work which consists of sex work, drugs, spying, and information gathering for their handlers. It is also to signify the themes of programming which they are under because all of the presidential models are under Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz programming along with other themes and coding. High level monarch slaves are identified with gems and stones to identify their status. For instance, the emerald would signify programming to do drug business and the ruby would signify Oz programming for prostitution. In jewel programming, the amethyst signifies secret keeping and never telling secrets, the ruby signifies sexual programming and creation of sexual alters through sexual abuse, the emerald signifies family loyalty, witchcraft, and spiritual achievement, and lastly the diamond signifies the wearer as having passed all the twelve steps of discipline, the unusual tests, and has the highest level of family loyalty. A diamond has passed through the stages of the amethyst, the ruby, and the emerald to become a diamond. They’ve become fully integrated ritualistically into their family to continue the traditions of the Luciferian bloodline. This is the case with Ivanka Trump. She is a diamond level asset.

The title, “The New Queen of Diamonds” does bring into question whether she is the top diamond level asset in the mind control program itself or is it meant to signify that she had ascended to the level of a ‘diamond’. It could be both. You also have the diamond rings on her hands to signify her diamond status as a presidential model and are a trigger as well. She is also dressed provocatively to showcase her body and promote her sexuality. Then, you have the text below which states, “The Donald’s daughter talks about her multifaceted life”. That is a double-entendre, considering that on a surface level it is talking about her fashion career to her public image to her relationship with her father at the time since she hadn’t married Kushner by this time in 2007 when she did this cover. On a deeper level it is talking about the public persona she plays and the several roles that she has to play and the personalities she taps into as a Monarch asset through the command of her handlers. The last thing to add is the theme of the cover which is Ivanka Trump drilling into the ground. This is an allusion to the concept of the Great Work as this is to depict Ivanka being a ‘worker bee’ for the Great Work, meaning that she is a person that is being directly used or involved in the advancement of the Great Work. A worker bee itself has various roles in a bee hive and works endlessly which is what a Monarch asset essentially does because they are raised up to be slaves working endlessly to service their handlers and programmers. They are literally flesh and blood robots. Understanding that, just how a robot is expected to work or perform whenever it’s controller directs it to, the same applies to a Monarch asset, like Ivanka.

In this photo-shoot, there was another photo which showed Ivanka in a purple dress lying on the floor looking up at a male worker who is drilling the concrete. There was two other men who were half-naked in the background of the photo. Of course on a surface level, the men are half-naked because it is a modeling shoot but on a deeper level it is to promote sexuality and essentially advertise Ivanka for her body or her “services”. They often put their BETA sex kittens in these photo-shoots to promote them for sexual services to the elite. It brings to mind a woman named Jillian Lauren who was once a part of the harem of Jefri Bolkiah who is the brother of the Sultan of Brunei. She wrote a book about her time in the harem and explained how she was recruited from New York to Brunei at 18 to be a part of her harem and was forced to give up her passport upon arrival. That type of recruitment usually happens through manipulation of young girls who can be easily manipulated and lied to in order to bring them into precarious situations such as hers where they are put in a position where they are made to sexually service men. This recruitment process is also used in the porn industry and the modeling industry. In all honesty, they are all branches of the same department because whether it is the porn, modeling, acting, or music industries, they all are involved in sex trafficking. Either way, she of course explained details about the Sultan’s brother and how she had to service him. The main point is that she revealed a key detail about the Sultan’s brother and how he would open magazines and would start picking out the models in the magazine saying, “I want that woman” and “I want that one” like he was picking out items at the store and funny enough, he would order them. He would call whoever he needed to call for him to be serviced the models that he wanted. All of these major magazines that feature these prominent models or female entertainers are basically joint advertisements by both the magazine company and the modeling agency that really owns the models. Whoever calls asking for their services i.e. the models, they traffic the models to them; whether it’s a big-wig in Hollywood, a politician, a royal family member, a sultan, a prince, a king, a president, a director, an athlete, you name it. Just to add on to the sex obsession among the elites, the Sultan’s brother not only had a yacht named “Tits” with tenders called “Nipple 1” and “Nipple 2”, he also had pens and watches made which had pornographic art on it; showing naked bodies on the pens and depictions of sex in the watches. It goes to show you how much these “elites” are degenerates and are completely driven by lust through the sex magick rituals of Crowley or in extension the Bacchanalian rites. So point being is that, believe it or not, this was truly to advertise Ivanka Trump sexually to the top ‘bidders’ for BETA sex kittens; especially with the title “Ivanka Trump: The New Queen of Diamonds”. She like all BETA sex kittens is passed around and is programmed to sexually service the elites which we’ll get into in a moment.

So to reiterate, the drilling is to once again denote that she is a worker bee that is playing her role or service as a Monarch asset to advance the finalization of the Great Work. It is a key theme to understand because all presidential models communicate and build relationships with world leaders, royal members and big-wigs to ultimately advance deals with them that their handlers wish to be finalized through sex and or to collect information on them to report back to their handlers which would serve as the personal details needed to blackmail them or create a scandal that would put them out of commission. Major scandals like the Monica Lewinsky scandal or the Princess Diana scandal were all made possible through presidential models that were positioned by their handlers with them into building trust and to gather the information that was needed to ultimately pin them down with major scandals in order to destabilize the government or the monarchy. Presidential models or diamond level sex kittens are major assets used by the elite. Out of all the people in the hierarchy, presidential models know far more about what is going on in that world than anyone else. They even know things about the higher level assets that they themselves don’t know about as far as how they are being manipulated or being “sold out” because the presidential model is being used to gather the personal information that is needed to entrap them in whatever binds their handlers wish. It is a personal belief that she is being used as that wedge between her family and the international bankers; considering that she is married to Jared Kushner who himself was the plant for the banking families and is also a plant within the Trump family. He is there to simply watch Trump and make sure he is walking the fine line to abide by the orders in which they want him to so they can keep the narrative of the world script going. He is most likely her handler as well. Either way, they all watch each other and spy on one another at the end of the day.

Just to emphasize, this is from the photo-shoot and as you can see, Ivanka Trump is wearing an abundance of diamonds. This is common for assets to appear in this manner as it is to signify their diamond level status. The diamonds that they wear are excessive because it is to exemplify the diamond. They want you to focus on the diamond. Everything is based in energy. Colors, clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc all give off different energies. Symbols also give off certain energies; specifically the star. People are captivated by the colors, gems, and common signs and symbols like the star because it all projects certain energies that tap into the spiritual fount of the people and taps into their DNA because the teachings of Cush and Nimrod are dormant in our DNA through our ancestors from the ancient world. This is why comic books and the superhero genre are so popular among the people because it is a direct derivation of the pagan mythologies or rather the Babylonian mystery school system. The teachings of Nimrod was brought to all of the nations of the earth before and long after Nimrod’s death; all throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and others. All of the nations of the world in some form or fashion throughout history followed the teachings of Nimrod; even the Israelites, which is where you get the conflation of the teachings of the scriptures and the teachings of Lucifer.

Either way, the diamond projects energy that allures people to think of these actresses or models as idols and to have an elevated perception of them. They end up becoming symbols in their mind rather than being viewed as simply a person who is wearing a lot of diamonds. These are just people at the end of the day. On a deeper level, it is to speak to those in the know that Ivanka Trump is an asset and is diamond level programmed. This communicates that she is not only a sex slave to those in the entertainment industry and the political world but is also a government asset.

You see female “stars” like Rihanna and Beyoncé wearing an abundance of diamonds, as well as others. It is common for them to take pictures or portray themselves in their music videos or album covers wearing a lot of diamonds. It is to denote that they are diamond-level programmed; especially Rihanna and Beyoncé. It is a personal belief that Beyoncé was a presidential model for Barack Obama during his tenure and that currently, Lady Gaga is a presidential model for Joe Biden. That along with the entire scope of the diamond program will be explored in the article about Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony. Having said that, it is once again, Ivanka’s handlers making it clear what she is and who she is in the grand scheme of things by showing her with all of these diamonds.

This brings us to the origin story to how Ivanka Trump was created and where her programming stems from; that being her relationship with her father. It is without a doubt that there is something afoot when it comes to this relationship considering all of the countless sexual remarks that Donald Trump made about his daughter. It is not normal nor is it excusable for a father to speak about his daughter in a sexual manner. If anything, a father will speak to his daughter about sex when she is at the appropriate age to inform her about the safety and precautions that she must take and the potential dangers that may come from it in regards to people attempting to coerce her into having sex, luring her into a trap to be sex-trafficked or to be forced to engage in pornography, etc. That is what a father is supposed to do when it comes to teaching his daughter about sexuality among other things. That is entirely different than what Donald Trump stated. He was talking about her figure and how he would “date her if she wasn’t his daughter”. Now, what man in their right mind would bring themselves to say that; especially in an open forum nonetheless. As the saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire; meaning that for someone to jokingly speak about his desire to date their daughter, there is some level of inherent desire to do so or to be sexual with them. Some people will believe that to be far-fetched but it is not. Incest is a major part of the MK-Ultra program; especially for BETA programming. Without a doubt, Donald Trump was directly involved in the incestuous sex training that set the foundation for the programming to be put in place. If not, he at least presided over the sexual abuse and trauma that she went through and serviced her to other men involved in the program or who is in that sphere. Or it could be both; most likely it was.

We come back to this photo which we broke down previously but we revisit it again because of its significance symbolically. The energy that is emanating from this picture is highly incestuous; as if Ivanka is Donald’s bride or consort. Ivanka is looking at her father amorously like a wife would; not a daughter. Also, a father is not likely to hold his daughter by the hips this way. You would see this with a couple. A father would usually hug his daughter around the neck or hug her around the arms, not by the hips. A father may just hold his daughter’s hand or have his hand on her shoulder. A husband would hold his wife around the waist. A father would at most hold his daughter by her upper back. This isn’t normal touching between a father and a daughter.

You also notice the butterflies on her shirt to signify her as a Monarch child or one whose went through the Monarch programming. This also falls in line with the sense of touch displayed here. Not only is Donald Trump holding her to signify that she is his muse but it is also to signify her as the butterfly which has come out of its cocoon which he successfully brought to life. She was his making not just in a literal sense but also in a programming sense.

This is another photo from this photo-shoot and once again, it is a highly incestuous energy being emanated here. Ivanka Trump is looking longingly at her father’s face as she holds his face in her hand. Then Donald is looking ahead with his hand around her waist and is postured in a way that tries to emanate a domineering aura or sense of masculinity that a Hugh Hefner would emanate to portray himself as a ladies man. No father and daughter in their right mind are posing like this. This is the type of picture that Hugh Hefner and one of his Playboy bunnies would take; not a father and a daughter.

Of course, not everyone is going to see this and understand but that is fine. Not everyone has eyes to see. This isn’t for everyone and that it is ok. When we speak on topics, we are not speaking to everyone who reads; we are speaking to those who understand, who have eyes to see and ears to hear. People still want to keep the wool over their eyes and believe these people to be as authentic in reality as their characters on television. People believe that they can just know that a person is doing no wrong because they seem nice or classy. You do not truly know how a person is until you deal with them directly or live with them. Yes, people in truth do not deal with the likes of Donald Trump directly but we understand the symbols that they communicate and the actions that they commit which give us a sense of understanding of who they truly are. We don’t know every solitary thing that there is to know about them but we know enough by what is given to us by them. People may be upset when their favorite politician or celebrity or person gets covered but the truth is indifferent to feelings and favoritism. No one is going to shield the truth because it offends you since it is exposing your idol. Lots of so-called Christians get upset when we expose Donald Trump for who he is and that is revelatory into what their spiritual state is. If you were truly a Christian, you would understand the lesson of Psalms 118:9 which states, “It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in princes.” Trump is what you would consider a prince or a person of royal status; vain Luciferian royalty that is. Why does David say this here in Psalms? It is because there is no absolute resolve or solution from the workings of man. Men change according to their whims, wants, and desires. Solomon changed according to his lusts with the concubines of the other nations. Judas changed from being a disciple to betray the LORD for gold. People change, period. Therefore, they are not reliable to entrust your faith in them because they themselves are the ones who either denounced the Most High or forsook Him and His Son because they had no faith in Him. The elites know that the scriptures were not written for them nor does it pertain to them. It pertains to the LORD’s chosen twelve tribes of Israel and to the rest of us other nations who have an ear to hear. Donald Trump is not a man of the LORD nor was he ever. He is a Luciferian just like the rest of the Luciferian families. If so-called Christians in the truth cannot see that then you are still stuck in the matrix system. A person who is vigilant and watchful would see through the con-artist that is Donald Trump. There is no political bent either. Both Democrats and Republicans are engaged in the same practices and rites of Pan. It is not a left wing versus right wing dynamic. It is them versus us; it’s as simple as that. It doesn’t take much to figure out. However, the main ones supposedly in the truth who have fallen for this façade are those who never stopped trusting in man and this country. A true believer doesn’t want to preserve Babylon or its princes. These are the same ones who went on and continue to go on clamoring about how Trump was arresting everybody and was going to bring back America; that was all fiction spewed by naïve people who live in a fantasy world. It is understandable that people who once loved America and came into the truth still inherently have this wish to see the country come back. However, people should have done their due-diligence in studying and seeking understanding of why this country cannot be preserved. After all of the atrocities that this country has committed and still continues to do so by all sides including Trump, how can you still desire to preserve America? How can you wish to turn America around and yet claim to be a servant of the Lord? You cannot serve two masters because you will love one and hate the other. America cannot be saved because it is the modern day Babylon. What we should be focused on is preserving our souls. Our relationship with the Most High and the preservation of this kingdom do not mix. If you value your devotion to Trump and the hope that he will bring things back, you will inevitably fall away from the truth and forfeit any discernment of Babylon’s devils. So-called Christians defend this man like he is some savior. Some have even literally claimed that he is chosen to save America. The Most High is not ordaining anyone to save something that he wants to destroy. The Most High chose Shem to destroy Babylon by cutting the head off of the snake; that being Nimrod. The Most High burnt Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone. The Most High wants to destroy America; he doesn’t want to preserve it. Any of the men who are being used by the Most High are being used to destroy America; not preserve it. The Most High wants the destruction of Babylon so his chosen can be freed from captivity. The leaders of this world are being blinded by their own hubris to alienate each other and to ultimately cause the divide that will lead to this kingdom’s destruction. There is no honor among Luciferians. None of them are doing the right thing or what the Lord wants. No politician is on your side nor were they ever. It is them against us. If you still can’t see that, no one can help you. Only you can help yourself. If you want to support Trump, that is fine because that is your choice. Support who you wish to support. However, you have to be circumspect about what he is and understand that neither he or any other politician in Congress is dealing with the Most High in any capacity.

Here is another photo which portrays the dynamic between Donald and Ivanka Trump as being something more than meets the eye. Ivanka is dressed in a short dress while kissing Donald Trump on the cheek, lying on the bed. Before anyone says anything, this is not just us who are saying that this photo is odd; lots of other people have regarded this photo as being weird. When ordinary people who are not even in the truth can see something like this in the same way that we do, that goes to show you that our assessment of this photo is not far-fetched and it is actually odd. It is not that we are looking too much into things; the context is what gives us the understanding of what is going on here in a deeper level. The bed itself is meant to allude to that incestuous dynamic between them.  The bed is a symbol of that sexual relationship between them that has been present since childhood and possibly still ongoing considering how recent there have still been odd interactions with the both of them. Speaking of the context which adds onto the picture specifically, there was a columnist from the Washington Post named Richard Cohen who reported that when Ivanka was just 13 years old, Donald Trump had asked someone that he knew, “Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?” Again, this was when she was 13; possibly around the age she was when she took the above photo.

This leads to the next point. No matter what age, pre-teen or adult, the incestuous vibe has always been there. Incest is a major component of the programming of a Monarch child. Incest is another form of trauma which is used to help split the mind of a child in order to instill their programming. Trauma of any and every kind is used to create the programming in every Monarch slave, generally speaking. Incest itself is the most severe form of trauma which is used by the programmer. It creates a great deal of confusion within the mind. Extreme psychosis develops in the child’s mind when trying to deal with the issues which are created by the incest from their father. Through this incest, several dimensions of loyal alters which are solely rooted in loyalty to the biological incestuous father are created in the slave. The hardest bonding to break within Monarch slaves is the bond to their incestuous father which is created through that incest. It is the ultimate anchor in the victim’s mind which is used as the foundation to build up the proverbial house which is the rest of their programming. It is most common for Monarch slaves who recovered and regained memory of their childhood to have revealed how they were sexually abused by their father. So from a programming perspective, it makes sense for Trump to have such a connection to his daughter. Not only is the incest clearly based in lust and perversion, it is also centered on mind control abuse.

Another angle is that the abuse which is inflicted upon the victim is taught to them by the abuser as being obligatory. The abuse is disguised as tradition which allows the abuser to avoid responsibility for their perversion and sadism and programs the victim into believing that what is happening to them is normal. Despite the pure human responses and emotions of pain and misery they experience through this pain, they are programmed by their abuser to believe that this is normal and is tradition or that it is their duty to do such acts. In another aspect, the ritualistic aspect, the insemination of the victim serves as the magic which seals the programming. Rape or sexual abuse of any kind, especially incest, opens up a person to attacking spirits that latch onto them. This can be seen with the child sex abuse which goes on in the LGBT community. It is extremely common for gays and lesbians and others to have had endured child molestation while growing up. Often times, the abuser was gay themselves. You also often find that the abuser was also molested while growing up. It is an insidious cyclical abuse which creates that confusion and mental trauma along with the deterioration of the spiritual barriers and protections which we have. This is felt even more with women because they absorb DNA of the people who have either inseminated them or come into sexual contact with them to such an extent that they take on the traits and truly the spirit of that person. So if a girl was unfortunately molested and inseminated by their father, they would take on the traits and essence of their father. Naturally through this absorption of DNA through this incestuous interaction, the interaction itself which creates the mental distortion and confusion that the victim experiences afterwards, and the impressionability of such a young child, the girl would be far more vulnerable to the programming in believing that incest was traditional, normal, or obligatory. As we spoke on in Part 2, incest has been traditional within the major Luciferian families since their inception. Incest is the pillar which the Rothschilds follow in order to seemingly preserve the perceived purity of their bloodline. While these families do not necessarily closely inbreed anymore from brother to sister, they without a doubt still engage in such practices; as is the case here with Donald and Ivanka Trump.

Having closed off on the incestuous angle which without a doubt in my view, served as the anchor for Ivanka’s programming, we see now what she was programmed to be. We just saw how she was proclaimed on Bazaar magazine as being the ‘Queen of Diamonds’ which is in reference to her Diamond programming. We also noted how Diamond programming is tied to presidential model work or servicing high ranking government officials, specifically the president. This photo gives even more credence to this. As you see, Ivanka Trump is lying promiscuously on top of the desk which is of the ‘vice president’ and she has her strap falling off to promote her sexuality or her BETA alter. This was taken back in 2007 and nobody at the time was truly thinking that Donald Trump would’ve been president. He was still an entertainer and real estate mogul at the time. So it is quite an odd photo to take and even odder if it had been taken when Donald Trump was running for president. So what would be the connection between Ivanka Trump and the Vice President? Judging from her pose, it would have to be her being a presidential model for the Vice President. Not only would it be the Vice President but it would also the President and passively other high ranking White House officials within the Cabinet. This was communicating that she is a Diamond level asset. Keep in mind that this photo was taken in the same year where she had taken the “New Queen of Diamonds” photo shoot with Bazaar. So this would mean that she had been a presidential model far before she had even entered the political scene. At the time in 2007, George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were in office. Both of them are connected to the CIA and they are major MK-Ultra handlers. Bush’s father was one of the major figures behind the CIA as he was once the head of CIA and was a major handler himself. Perhaps Ivanka Trump had served as a subject to Bush and Cheney and they were her handlers? Please remember, presidential models are not just sex slaves, they are also covert agents used by their handlers to spy and collect information on the targets assigned to them by their handlers. They are regarded as human supercomputers because of how much information is stored within their mind which takes the form of computer records that the handlers have access to. It would not be surprising in the least if in fact Ivanka Trump was a mind control subject to Bush and Cheney during their White House run. Nonetheless, the point is made that she is a presidential model or otherwise a Diamond asset.

This is another picture which signifies the BETA programming of Ivanka Trump. Most of these photo-shoots which these people take are forms of communication through signs and symbols that communicate who they are and what they are. Either way, the chair in which Ivanka Trump is sitting on is of the zebra print. Animal prints are triggers for BETA ‘sex kittens’. The most commonly used animal print is the leopard print. However, the zebra print is also used as well; worn by BETA sex kittens and portrayed in their photo-shoots as seen here. The leopard print is used because the leopard is a trigger for the sex kitten alters. Other animals which are channeled by BETA sex slaves through attire are tigers and lions. These are animals, specifically lions and leopards, are highly sexual animals. Leopard print even in conventional means is meant to signify seductiveness, sexuality, and sensuality. The zebra print is just another symbol or trigger for Ivanka’s BETA programming.

Just to expound on this, this is a Playboy cover of Sandy Greenberg who is a model and clearly is BETA programmed herself. We already briefly touched on Playboy earlier and what it is really all about; that being a breeding ground and trafficking center for BETA sex kittens. She is wearing the zebra print along with black and white leopard print around her ankles and wrists. You also have the black, white, and red color scheme for the Black Mass which is for Pan. As we already discussed, Hugh Hefner was a venerator of Pan. So this is just an example of the use of the zebra print to signify BETA programming.

Interestingly enough, also on this edition features an article by a member of Skull and Bones and CIA agent William Buckley Jr. titled, “Why We Must Spy”. When you look at the pose she is making on the cover along with the title of Buckley’s article, the message comes out to be, “Kiss our ass, we are spying on you and we don’t particularly care how you feel about it.” If you also look at how just her right eye is visible and most of her face is hidden, it also is meant to play off of that spying as well. Remember that Playboy was a creation of the CIA and Hugh Hefner was their front man to man the entire operation so it should come as no surprise that such an article would have been featured on Playboy magazine. It should also be noted that this was released in February 1988 which was when George H.W. Bush was still in the White House and we all know that he was the main figure head of the intelligence apparatus in America during his time as a politician. So it all lines up. The government has been spying on its citizens far longer than after the Patriot Act. The sex trafficking world and the intelligence apparatus is tethered to one another. Hence why you have guys like Hugh Hefner and Jeffrey Epstein involved in the sex trafficking world.

Here is another picture from the ‘presidential’ photo-shoot and as you see, Ivanka Trump is wearing the signature leopard print. She has her shirt opened to expose her breasts and is lying seductively on top of the desk. It is to express her sex alter. Once again, it is interesting that she is doing so on top of the “Vice President’s” desk. It is to communicate that she is a Diamond level asset. Also, the background is meant to communicate the tenants of Luciferian Freemasonry. You have the two pillars in the background. Only one of them is visible while the other is blocked by Ivanka but the two pillars are still there nonetheless. The pillars are meant to represent the two Masonic pillars of Boaz and Jachin. Then you have the arch on top which is meant to represent the Arch of Baal. Interestingly enough, you have the ‘Exit’ sign just below the arch and between the two pillars. That is to allude to the exit which one takes from the physical world and entering the portal into the spirit world or another dimension of consciousness. Behind the Vice President’s desk lies another world of consciousness, meaning that for the presidential model, she enters into that other world by tapping into that BETA alter. For the public or for those of the people who are not of that other world, she taps into her base alter or her normal personality type to blend in among the people and to maintain the façade. For her handlers and the people who are of that other world, she taps into her other alters to serve her handlers. So portals not only represent spiritual pathways between the physical and spiritual worlds, it also represents the two worlds between this matrix system most people are in and the world outside of the matrix system which these Luciferians operate in. So this picture is just once again further confirmation of Ivanka Trump’s BETA programming and her Diamond status.

Further delving deeper into this aspect of Ivanka’s BETA programming, we turn to the recent comments of one Quincy Jones from a few years back. Quincy Jones is one of the major big wigs in the entertainment industry, meaning that he has high connections to the government, intelligence apparatus, and high level Kabbalists. Jones is also one of the bigger MK handlers in the industry. He is deeply entrenched within the mind control sphere, meaning that he is given the top BETA sex kittens to abuse and direct.

Here is Jones speaking about Trump saying, “He’s a crazy motherfucker. Limited mentally- a megalomaniac, narcissistic. I can’t stand him. I used to date Ivanka, you know.” Do not let these people fool you. People like Quincy Jones don’t care about Donald Trump or the optics surrounding his public persona. They don’t care about character or respectability. They are all degenerates who are members of the “Good Ol’ Boys” club in Hollywood. They say things like this just to maintain the façade that there is somehow any validity to their being a true resentment or dislike for Trump’s character. People like Quincy Jones are having dinners, going golfing, swimming, and having a pair of cigars with Donald Trump. They’re golf buddies. Don’t be fooled.

Anyways, Quincy Jones claims here that he had “dated” Ivanka. Dating is translation for ‘used’. They don’t have any respect for these women. You would be surprised how they talk to these women who are BETA sex kittens. It is how a slave master would talk to his slave who he was forcing to have sex with them. The only difference is that these Monarch assets don’t object or fight it because they are programmed to be sexual and to accept any and all kinds of verbal and sexual degradation and pain. Either way, for Ivanka Trump to have been servicing Quincy Jones, without a doubt, she has been serving even more people of the likes of Jones. Monarch assets like Ivanka are passed around and used up by everyone in the entertainment industry, government, and royal families. Also keep in mind that this encounter was recalled to have been in 2006 which is just a year before those Queen of Diamonds and Vice President photo-shoots were taken by her. So once again, it all fits into the same time frame.

We now transition to other mind control symbolism within Ivanka Trump’s photo-shoots. This is a younger Ivanka posing inside of the clock. The clock is a major trigger for mind control victims and symbol within the MK-Ultra program. The clock is a determinant of how the slave’s internal world is shaped. The ones who manipulate the clock are their programmer and handler. For the handler to manipulate the clock, it is to manipulate their internal world. The pose that Ivanka is making is her behind the arrows of the clock. That is to allude to her being a prisoner to her internal world which is created by her programmer and maintained yet manipulated by her handler. She is at their mercy. Her sense of time and reality is completely dictated and controlled by her handlers. Her life is completely arranged, scripted, and controlled by her handlers. These assets are all closely monitored and controlled. Some of them are even controlled to the point where they can access their inner thoughts through “Voice of God” technology. You often see these BETA sex kittens in the entertainment industry like Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj posing behind bars or inside of a birdcage. It is to symbolize that control which they are under and that is a trigger for them which is meant to represent that there is no self-control over her own life and she is completely subject to the will of her handlers, there is no escaping her world. We touched on that sense of no escape earlier when they program the children from a young age to believe that there is no escape and that there is sense in fighting and to just accept their slavery. That is the reality of these Monarch assets. That is the essential core of mind control. When you control someone’s mind, it is for the specific purpose of making them do what you want. The clocks are a mechanism used to control the subjects which we see here with Ivanka symbolically posing behind the arrows to allude to her subjugation to the mind control program.

This is now a picture which communicates her mind control status. She is in the silver dress posing with the robotic leg. This is to symbolize that she is a flesh and blood robot. She is under the programming and operates like a robot; meaning that whatever her handlers directs her to do, she does it. They are subject to their control. This type of symbolism is not unique as it has been portrayed several times which we’ll look at shortly. With that said, this is one of the many ways which shows that Ivanka is a mind control asset.

Miley Cyrus - Robot :: Lyrics, Mp3, Ringtones | Music Juzz

Here is some more use of the symbolism. This is Monarch asset Miley Cyrus. Her face is split in the middle to show that her mind is split into numerous alters and has dissociative identity disorder. Due to the trauma from the pain inflicted by the programming methods such as sleep and sensory deprivation and torture, it causes the mind to dissociate from the pain. Also, the picture says, “Miley Cyrus Robot“. This is showing you that she is under the programming and that she is a flesh and blood robot subject to her handlers. She came up through the Disney program which is a front for the CIA. Not only is the mind control program centered on farming and raising up assets like Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, etc but it is also centered on programming the masses on multiple levels through their films and shows. That may be discussed in greater detail at another time but nonetheless, this is more of that symbolism.

This is now another BETA sex kitten and Monarch asset; that being Christina Aguilera. This is from her album, “Bionic” and the album cover shows her with the split face imagery; one side is human while the other side is robotic. The robotic machinery is designed to show that it is under the face and is on the interior rather than the exterior to symbolize that she is a robot or rather operates like a robot because she is a Monarch asset. Her father was a military operative which is the biggest indicator that one is an asset because it is often that military operatives position their children to be an asset either in the government or the entertainment industry or some other sector and be a worker bee for the Great Work. The MK-Ultra program goes hand in hand with the military. They sign their children away for that very reason in that they themselves are worker bees for the Great Work and want their children to take a greater role. Other reasons are that their children will be very rich and famous and that they will profit from their children. That can also be in coordination with them living vicariously through their children because they wanted to be that rich and famous as an actor or musician or athlete but it never panned out for them that way. That is what we’re seeing now with whole situation with Britney Spears and her conservatorship battle. The parents take away all their rights and bodily autonomy by signing them away to the industry and then even take their money away on top of that. These celebrities are not living a good life; they’re subject to their fraternities/sororities, producers, agents, fans, and their handlers. The robot imagery communicates that level of control and the conditions in which they are under. The programming renders them flesh and blood robots. With that said, let’s move on.

This is now an older Ivanka Trump taking another picture next to the clock. The programming never stops. It keeps going and going just like clockwork, hence the clock. It is a trigger used to control the asset and manipulate them. Her handler now is her husband Jared Kushner who we’ve already covered as being a Luciferian and being the brain trust behind the entire Trump presidency.

Notice how she is also wearing the all-black for Saturn as well. Saturn is known as the god of time. Saturn is where you get the archetype of Father Time from. The sickle is for Saturn as he is the god of death. The sickle of course is to reap the crops. Symbolically, the sickle is to reap the souls of the dead. The Grim Reaper also comes from Saturn. So there is both a mind control and a Luciferian element to this picture.

The clock is essentially the life of the asset. The same way one can freeze time by rigging a clock is the same way a handler can freeze the asset by stopping the clock from moving, i.e. their internal world. Whenever you see these assets like Shaquille O’Neal or others who freeze in place or ‘glitch’, their ‘clock’ or internal world is frozen in place. Through codes or triggers, handlers can completely shut down a subject like how a computer is shut down. This is practically a form of ‘remote control’ where you can switch channels by going through the different alters within the person’s mind or rummaging through their ‘records’ to find the information or details that you want in a specific alter or to click the ‘power’ button and completely shut them down. This is the type of control which these handlers have over these assets. So this picture is meant to communicate that she is an asset and like them all, she is working on someone else’s time, meaning she has no time or in this case freedom for herself. She does what she is programmed to do.

Here is a further breakdown of the significance of clocks within the MK-Ultra program. The text states, “Monarch slaves have many clocks built into their systems. They have internal clock makers and internal clock keepers. In the movie (Labyrinth), clocks pop up everywhere just like in a Monarch’s mind.”

“Some Monarch slaves are programmed to see their internal world, and others are programmed not to be able to see their internal world. In other words, many Monarchs may not have the ability to see a great ideal at first of this programming due to further programming, and yet these images work in the deep recesses of their minds to keep their minds within the confines of the programming. David Bowie has the magical ability to rearrange time on the clocks. The handlers often mess with the internal and external clocks of a slave, so that the slave is disoriented about what time it is.” The author Fritz Springmeier was referencing the movie Labyrinth in this text. David Bowie was the controller of that world or that labyrinth, meaning that he was playing the role of the programmer. The programmer controls the reality of the Monarch and shapes it to their will. In relation to that, in spite of some of the Monarchs not being able to see their internal world, they still are controlled through the subconscious imagery of the clocks. The clock is also a trigger for the Alice in Wonderland programming as the white rabbit holds the clock and claims he is running out of time and then leads Alice into the other world or Wonderland. In the program, the programmer serves as the white rabbit and leads the Monarch into proverbial Wonderland to dissociate. The dissociation is necessary so that the asset does not gain any memory of their trauma and abuse, otherwise they self-destruct. So the clocks are a way to enforce that control over the assets.

This is more imagery which is depicting on a subliminal level that Ivanka Trump is under mind control programming. This is a common pose that many assets do in their photo-shoots to communicate that they’re under the programming. The reflection of Ivanka Trump is an allusion to her split mind or that dual personality. She suffers from dissociative identity disorder or multiple personality disorder. She is what would be called a ‘programmed multiple’. The alters all serve different purposes to the handler. One may have a BETA alter for sex slavery and a DELTA alter for assassination or murder missions. These alters as we have reiterated repeatedly are created through trauma in their childhood and is done at such a young age because that is before they develop their ego state and are the most impressionable.

Here is another picture which is along the same lines as the previous picture. This time she is lying down on a reflective surface which shows her reflection to signify that she is a Monarch asset who is under the programming. Mirrors or reflective surfaces are one of the major triggers for Monarch assets. As most of us know, it is a portal between the physical world and the spirit world, meaning that when one is opened up to the spirit realm by the dissipation of the spiritual protection one has from seeing into the spirit realm, they see demons in the mirror. The Most High provided us with a form of spiritual protection to not be vulnerable to seeing these beings or facing spiritual attacks from them. We are not supposed to be conjuring up spirits and using devices to engage in divination. There is a reason why the Most High put such an emphasis on these acts being sinful and outlawed by way of His commandments. Human beings are greatly susceptible to human manipulation as it is but to be influenced by spirits is another dynamic which leads to disaster. There isn’t even a righteous reason to engage in such acts because no angel is communicating through devices like Ouija boards or crystal balls. They don’t communicate with humans in this manner but these demonic beings do. In regards to the mirror concept, the demons and the mirrors are intertwined within the programming. The mirrors separate the different alters within the subject’s mind. The demons are assigned to protect these different levels in order to enforce the programming. The demons are attached to these assets through ritual abuse which opens them up spiritually to have these demons latch onto them. The mirrors are a component of that internal world which is created within the subject’s mind in order to control them and keep their alpha state or base personality at bay. So this is just a fraction of what goes into the entire mind control program.

Now that we have been introduced to the spiritual component of this entire subject, we now get deeper into the spiritual aspect. This is a picture that most people would not understand. This is an allusion to a Kabalistic concept known as Jacob’s ladder. As we know, Ivanka Trump and in fact the entire Trump family are all Kabbalists. Also, the Kabbalah is built within the programming of some of these assets as well. The Kabalistic Tree of Life is a major form of imagery which is built within their programming. So the Kabbalah is not only a form of Luciferianism within the sphere of the industry, it is also a part of the mind control program. Either way, Jacob’s ladder is a major symbol within the Kabbalah. As we know, Jacob’s ladder is in reference to Genesis 28 which details the dream which Jacob had while fleeing from Esau. However, much of the Kabbalah is centered on the bastardization of the scriptures. That’ll be discussed and broken down in detail in another time. Jacob’s ladder is meant to represent the spiritual pathway or ascendency one takes from a Kabbalistic perspective. This imagery can also be seen in Freemasonry where you see the Masonic ladder between the two pillars. The ladder and the vision are interpreted by the Kabbalists as it exemplifying the attainment of Initiation, the expansion of consciousness which comes when the light of the center is found. That is an allusion to the illuminating pathway one takes through the left hand path and achieves self-enlightenment. The Hebrew word used for ladder means path. So it is in reference to the left hand pathway of the Kabbalist. Furthermore, Jacob’s ladder is said to compose of seven rungs and is depicted as a representation of the Tree of Life. In that particular depiction, the Tree of Life is comprised of three pillars which each contain spheres or “Sephira” that are considered to be emanations of God. The Sephiroth of the left pillar is said to represent the “masculine” characteristics of God such as judgment and understanding and the Sephiroth of the right pillar is said to represent the “feminine” characteristics such as mercy and wisdom of God while center pillar is the perfect balance between the masculine and feminine. As we know, their “god” is Bacchus. The Most High cannot have gender applied to Him because He is above all of that. He is a celestial being and is not constrained to gender. So it is erroneous to apply gender to Him. However, they view God as being both male and female which is why you see them worship and venerate the Baphomet and Bacchus. So just to recapture, Ivanka Trump is on the top of the ladder which is meant to represent Jacob’s ladder and signifies that she has reached that stage of completion or perceived illumination by climbing to the top of Jacob’s ladder.

Another picture which speaks to this concept of the path of illumination is this one where Ivanka is lying on the winding staircase. The staircase is meant to represent the Masonic Stairway to Heaven. The Stairway to Heaven is meant to represent the same concept of illumination or embarking on the Luciferian path to become enlightened. It is the same symbol as that of the kundalini serpent that goes up your spine to reach the brain. The staircase represents the spine while the top of the staircase often depicted as a blinding light is meant to symbolize the mind in its illuminated state. This is also seen with Freemasonry where the 33rd degrees of Freemasonry are meant to represent the 33 vertebrae of the spinal column which leads up to the brain and what we all know per the words of Albert Pike, the former head of the Freemasons in the 1800s, is that upon reaching the 33rd degree, Masons come to learn that Lucifer is their god. To hearken back to the Kabbilist perspective of Jacob’s ladder, the ladder is meant to represent the staircase and heaven which Jacob saw in his vision is interpreted as being the right hemisphere of the brain in higher thought. So they are all different symbols of the same concept, that being the left hand pathway taken to reach full enlightenment. That is what Ivanka Trump’s picture here is meant to symbolize; that being that she has taken the left hand path and has ascended up the Masonic Stairway to Heaven.

Now we get to a few photos which illustrate how Ivanka Trump is in allegiance to the craft, whether it is voluntary or involuntary. This hand sign which she is making is what is used to communicate the message that one is “on their square”. This hand sign is meant to demonstrate their understanding that to reveal the secrets of the craft; they will be met with gruesome and even fatal consequences for doing so. This is her showing that she is not going to reveal the secrets and that she is “on her square” and is rather going along with the program. She understands the consequences of revealing the secrets and will not do as such.

Here is Ivanka doing the same pose. It is quite an odd pose for someone to hold. How many people do you see make this pose in everyday life? Usually, you’d see someone with their arms folded or holding their hands together but you rarely if ever see someone make this pose. She knows that the camera is on her and so she made that pose on purpose. She is signaling to her handlers that she is “on her square”.

Just to expound on this, this is high priest warlock Ozzy Osbourne making the same exact pose. He is signaling to his fellow craftsmen that he is “on his square”. He will not reveal the secrets of the craft and he knows the consequences of doing so. Notice that he is also wearing the cross for Tammuz. On a side note, his name is an allusion to Thelema or the rites of Crowley. In Part 4, we talked about the number 77 and its connection to Pan and the concept of “do what thou wilt”. This number was connected to Book 77 written by Aleister Crowley titled, “Liber Oz”. So the name ‘Ozzy’ is in reference to Liber Oz or the Thelema concept of “do what thou wilt”. Just to confirm the connection, he also wrote a song called “Mr. Crowley”. Funny enough, just one year after Aleister Crowley died, Ozzy Osbourne was born. Many of these high ranking Satanists and Crowley followers see themselves as the reincarnation or living manifestation of Aleister Crowley. Considering Crowley’s death at the age of 72 and Osbourne is currently 72, don’t be shocked if sometime this year you hear that Ozzy Osbourne passes away, especially considering his failing health with Parkinson’s disease.

We come back to Ivanka Trump signaling her allegiance to the craft and its secrets. She has her finger on her lips to signal the “vow of silence” sign. As we talked about in Part 3, this is the sign of Harpocrates. This is what is known as the “vow of silence” meaning that they will keep the secrets of the craft and are also privy to the secret knowledge of the Babylonian mystery school system. You’ll see many do this hand sign either like this in a subtle way or with the overt finger over the mouth. It is a very common symbol that they do. This is one of the many hand signs that Luciferians do to communicate the same message; that being that they are holders of the secrets of the craft and know the punishment for revealing the secrets.

Before we get back to the mind control component, we will quickly discuss one last aspect of Luciferianism. Here is Ivanka Trump with the one shoulder dress. This is an allusion to the breast of Isis Lactans or the Virgin Mother. Usually, you’ll see the one breast which is shown in depictions of Isis. You’ll see it in paintings like the Melun Diptych with the mother bearing the naked left breast and is paired with her son. This is a major symbol that most people may see but the meaning of it does not register with them. When it comes to public displays such as this, the meaning of it is the same but they have a much more reserved display in comparison to the one breast. People like Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim have done public appearances with the one breast fully out. It is a lot more sensible for them to do such a pose because they’re in the music industry and it is more sexualized. Pan is the god of the music industry and so the artists engage in hyper-sexuality through their appearances, music, and character. Many people are bewildered at why the artists are so sexual but it is for that reason. Considering that, it would be off-putting and too overt for someone like Ivanka Trump to bear the naked one breast so she just wears the one shoulder dress. However, it is still the same meaning. The one breast is meant to represent the milk which is symbolic of the knowledge which the mother goddess gives to the nations. The milk is also known as the heka or the magic. Ivanka Trump is in the white dress as well for the mother goddess. The white is for the moon and also for the milk, both which are aligned with the mother goddess. So like the rest of the witches in the industry, Ivanka Trump bears the same secret knowledge.

This brings us to one example which will expound on this. This is Sigourney Weaver’s character from Ghostbusters which is named Dana that later becomes possessed by a demon named Zuul. As you see, she is also wearing the one-shoulder dress. She is also in the red for Isis. Just for some insight, her character is possessed by a demonic entity named Zuul who was labeled the “Gatekeeper”. That is in reference to Cybele whose husband was Janus and he was the alleged opener and shutter of doorways between the physical world and the spirit world. Cybele also bears the key as Janus does. She was the gatekeeper in tandem with Janus. That is where you get the Pope’s keys from. This component also aligns with the character’s name Dana which is derived from the name of the goddess Diana. Cybele and Diana are the same entity, Semiramis, because they are both entities which take the characteristics of Semiramis and hyperbolically represent them in the form of powers because many of the powers such as being the doorway or opener of portals are metaphorical, not exactly literal. This character also shows you on a subliminal level that the mother goddess has two alters, one light and one dark. The light side is Dana, the normal female, and Zuul, the demon. You see this same aspect of duality with Ereshkigal and Inanna. It is to show you that it is two halves of the same whole. The cult of Cybele which spans from the entertainment industry to politics worships both aspects of the mother goddess, light and dark. At any rate, this is the reality of that sphere. This is what they believe in, that being the Babylonian mystery school and it is tied into everything they do. That is the energy which is running this country and has been since its inception.

We get back to the mind control aspect and we will touch on this component of Tinkerbelle before going deeper. As we see here from what seems to be Ivanka Trump at the Met Gala, she is in a similar appearance to that of Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan. This is not far-fetched or conspiratorial because there are others long before us saying that she was taking upon the appearance of Tinkerbelle. Another person who dressed like Tinkerbelle and is under the programming is Britney Spears. Look back to a performance that Britney Spears did with Michael Jackson and she is wearing the Tinkerbelle dress. Jackson was mesmerized by her because that was triggering his Peter Pan programming. This is why he had Neverland ranch because he was deeply under Peter Pan programming which is a part of the MK-Ultra program. Either way, Ivanka most likely has Tinkerbelle programming incorporated within her overall programming.

This brings us to what Tinkerbelle programming is about. Here it says, “Tinkerbelle Programming (never grow up/alien). Capt’n or Cap’n (captain) represents the programmer in Peter Pan programming. Tinkerbelle is a young alter created under Peter Pan programming.” Captain is in reference to Captain Hook from the Peter Pan film. The programmer takes on the appearance of Captain Hook and the young girl acts out the role of Tinkerbelle through her alter. This programming creates the young alter which wants to never grow up. This creates a child-like and naïve personality that does child activities like playing on water slides and swings. This was the reason for Michael Jackson being so childish in his activities, mannerisms, character, etc because he was under Peter Pan programming along with the fact that he himself did not have a childhood because he was raised up in the industry by his father, Joe Jackson. Peter Pan programming is centered on never wanting to grow up and child like behavior because that was what the character of Peter Pan was about. Several different programming types such as Oz programming, Alice in Wonderland programming, and Peter Pan programming is interwoven into a subjects programming. The main programming type for Michael Jackson was Peter Pan programming. It seems likely that Ivanka Trump has several different program types incorporated within her programming, the Peter Pan programming being one of them.

Just to expound further, Tinkerbelle is meant to be a symbol that registers with the subjects to dissociate. The subjects are told to fly away as Tinkerbelle does which is to dissociate and split the mind from the trauma and the “positive” experiences. They are told that all of the good things that happened will float up to their conscious mind just like how Tinkerbelle flies high in the sky.

Here we get to Ivanka’s daughter, Arabella. Several  photos of Arabella have been taken by Ivanka Trump and posted on her social media which features allusions to the mind control program, this being one of them. The carousel is a component of the mind control program as it is a form of internal imagery for the subjects. We discussed how the clocks are a part of the internal programmed world of the subject; the carousel is of the same manner. This is showing that Arabella is under the programming.

This is a description of the significance of the carousel within the MK-Ultra program. Here it states, “The carousel in real life is used as a device to teach dissociation, and how the alters are to go up and down in trance. Sometimes you will see parents who seem to be so loving having their children ride for long periods on a carousel. They might actually be programming them in dissociation.” It seems to be that this is discussing how you may run into parents who are letting their children ride for long times on the carousel and it may seem as if they are just regular loving parents but are actually programmers who are programming their child to dissociate. Believe it or not, there are people, at least one to two million people, among us who are under the MK-Ultra programming. These range from dentists to attorneys, doctors, psychiatrists, engineers, nurses, teachers, etc. Many public venues like Disney Land are used as programming sites for children who are being raised up under mind control. Many of the rides are used to cause dissociation within the subject. The child is often taken on certain rides and is either hurt by their handler through physical or sexual abuse while on the rides. They are forced to “perform” without mistakes and if they do make such mistakes, they are forced to go through the abusive rides over again repeatedly until they do it perfectly and the abuse is amplified each time because they made a mistake. This is to create the ability within the child to be able to efficiently dissociate. It is likely that the Universal Studios Park in Florida along with the Warner Bros Studio parks has also been used as training grounds for child subjects as well. So certain parks that are strategically picked by the programmers and handlers which have carousels are used as training grounds to program the child.

Back to the text, it states, “An internal carousel is built into an internal system. Mirrors and shadows are placed around and perhaps in it. The carousel spins and moves up and down repeatedly. In the center of the carousel, the programmers often place something or someone important. They will often put this at the bottom of the DNA double helix and have the double helix elevator shaft coming up the center of the carousel. The carousel’s bottom side will set on top of the system’s switching mechanism. And the core will sometimes be placed in the center of the carousel somewhat underneath it. The switching mechanism is the main control for turning the system (The Grandfather clock so to speak.) The carousel may have umbrella programming immediately on top of it. (This could be Illuminati Delta alters, which can be one of the deepest things put in.)” For those who are confused, this is describing the imagery that is within the mind of the subject. This is how their internal world is constructed. The carousel is the image used within the subject’s mind to serve as a device to cause them to dissociate and train their different personality alters through trance. They combine the image of the carousel with other major internal images like the mirrors and the DNA double helix to layer the programming. It is so difficult to de-program someone who was under the programming because there are so many layers to their programming, both mental and spiritual layers. Remember that it is not just the personalities themselves and the different constructs of that world that has to be fought with; it is also the demonic spirits which are guarding the different alters within the subject’s mind that has to be defeated.

This brings us to another explanation of the way in which a subject’s mind is constructed around the carousel. It says here, “The carousel must be approached from the back side. At times an internal key, which often looks like an old key is needed to enter the Carousel. Many Illuminati systems are given a key or set of keys, and at times when they enter therapy the front alters give this to their therapist not knowing what the key is, but knowing it is important. The co-authors believe that these keys are carousel keys. A false trinity will be assigned to guard this, which will consist of the False Prophet, The Beast, or Dragon, and the Hoofed One. The false prophet and the Beast (dragon) come out of the book of Revelations.” Remember that the carousel is like a collection of computer records within their mind. It is similar to how we would rummage through our hard disk on our computer and go through our files but instead it is organized in a circle rotating like a carousel. The records take the form of different personality alters which contains an array of information that handlers want. Upon their request, they pull out one of their “records” and rather calls a specific personality alter forward which would dispel all of the details which their handlers want. They are programmed to reveal all details because the handlers hold their keys to unlock the ‘carousel’. Under their programmed state, it rarely if ever registers with subjects to withhold information or to keep secrets. Furthermore, we further explore the understanding of how these alters or records are guarded by demonic forces. These could possibly be spirits which takes the physical form of the false prophet, the beast, and the hoofed one who is Satan or it could be that these are mental images created within their minds through the programming which then guards the alters so essentially their mind is fighting against them. It is possible that both elements are at play here. Either way, it is a testament to just how difficult it is for mind control subjects to wake up from their programming because of the deep layering.

Reading on, it states, “The Hoofed One is a rare occult term for Satan, not to be confused with the popular usage of the Horned One in the occult. The two terms are different. If several carousels are built into a system, then they will have other guards than the false trinity. In many Illuminati systems, there are 13 silent splits made from the core called silences, and at this time during the splitting process guards are made to the Carousel/core. The method of doing this is to place black covers over the eyes of the victim, and then probes are inserted into the base of the skull, as well as electric shocks being applied body-wide and in the subcortical part of the brain.” The Hoofed One is rather in reference to Pan because he is the goat god, not Satan. Reading deeper into this, it confirmed what we just surmised, that being that the guards of the carousel are created by the programmers through psychological torture. They also attach spirits to the guards that they create in their mind by putting the subjects through ritualistic abuse. This is the reality of the lives of these kids who are a part of these Luciferian families. This is how they are raised up. They are brought into the Luciferian sphere through psychological and spiritual torture, sex trafficking, physical torment, and drug trafficking. It seems far-fetched because they don’t show the signs that most people would be able to pick up on. Most people are aloof and don’t know any of the signs of abuse so they wouldn’t be able to pick up on it even if they were to show the signs. The children are programmed to dissociate so that the trauma is placed deep into their subconscious mind and thus no suspicion can be raised because of this and there is no risk of the signs being shown unless their programming breaks down. Even when they have breakdowns, they have the cover of calling them “crazy” and they humiliate them and of course the sheep just absorb and regurgitate the media headlines and have no understanding of what this world is about because they themselves are under programming through societal engineering, media programming, genetic engineering, and spiritual suppression. This is the insidious reality of these children raised in these families.

We now get to another component of the mind control program which is Disney programming. As you see, her children are dressed in Disney costumes. People will say that this is far-fetched because this is for Halloween but as we move on, we will prove that this is not the case and it is a continuous theme. Arabella is dressed in the Scarlet Witch costume, the middle child Theodore is in the Mickey Mouse costume, and the son on the right Joseph is seemingly in the Rex costume. All three costumes resonate on a Luciferian level. We already discussed earlier how those in the industry or Luciferian circles who wear witches costumes are telling you that they are really witches with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Junior’s wife as she herself was dressed up as a witch. This time you have Arabella wearing the Scarlet Witch costume. This is a sign that she is a witch in training. She is being raised up in the programming and in the rituals to be a programmed multiple and a witch to serve as a “worker bee”. That is what this is meant to signify, believe it or not. The Rex costume is an allusion to the reptiles or reptilians and the reptilian itself is meant to signify illumination. The reptilians are symbolic. In another article on The Weeknd, we will get deeper into that topic. Lastly, the middle child Theodore wearing the Mickey Mouse costume is to not only signify the Disney programming but also a specific component of the overall Disney program which is “Mickey Mouse programming”. That specific component is tied in with suicide programming which is shown in the film, Videodrome. In the film, the main character Max is hypnotized under mind control and is told “give us Channel 83”. This was code for killing as Max proceeded to kill two partners with no qualms even though he liked them and had no problems with them. He is then told, “You are an assassin for Videodrome. They can program you. They can make you do what they want.” Max is then told, “To become the new flesh you must kill the old flesh.” That is a Luciferian doctrine which is incorporated into the mind control program for suicide programming. He is then ordered, “Come to Mickey” and is shown a picture of suicide. Max is then commanded hypnotically, “Come to Mickey” three times. Connecting this back to the mind control program, interestingly enough, Mickey was a nickname for mind control programmer Michael Aquino who was a military operative, top ranking Satanist, and the creator of the Temple of Set. Mickey is a symbol of the Disney programming. Mickey Mouse can serve as the image of the programmer for subjects under the Disney programming in the same way that Captain Hook is for the Tinkerbelle programming. The symbol of Mickey Mouse is also used in the form of balloons or other items which are given to the child for them to remember the experiences at Disney Land as positive and to dissociate from the trauma which they endured there. All in all, it is important to be this detailed and descriptive about what each of these components are and what they represent within the mind control program to give you all an understanding of how insidious and nefarious the inner world of these Luciferian families truly are. The Luciferian tradition of rituals and mind control is generational. Therefore, unfortunately for the children, they are put through this unimaginable form of physical, psychological, and spiritual torment and abuse.

We now will focus primarily on Arabella and the Disney programming themes. This is Arabella dressed in the Snow White dress. The film, Snow White, is deeply layered and has to be broken down entirely on its own. However, the Snow White film is about mind control and the film is a part of the Princess programming. Essentially, the essence of the Princess programming is to further act as a form of dissociation and to fantasize their lives. The Monarch slaves are programmed to view their service as Monarch assets as dreams while viewing their fantasy worlds in their internal mind as their reality. This is why the Disney princesses play such a central role in the Disney lore. All of the Disney lore is based in paganism and mind control. Once again, Luciferianism is incorporated into the mind control program. The Disney films seem to be tethered to the mind control program but the fact is that Disney is the mind control program. This is the reason for Walt Disney’s publically known ties and connection to the CIA. Disney has been a programming tool not only for Monarch children and assets but also the masses at large.

Here we see Arabella again with the Snow White dress. Once again, she is under the Disney programming. The Snow White alter is most likely a part of her programming, considering the fact that she’s been pictured several times now on different occasions wearing the costume.

This is Arabella with the Elsa dress. Another princess themed picture and another Disney themed event it seems. Of course, many kids are obsessed with Disney. However, when it comes to the Luciferian sphere, this is to signify Disney programming. Kids in society themselves are put through programming by Disney through indoctrination. Girls are put through princess programming at a young age and carry on an attitude into their adult life where they deserve the perfect partner and need to have everything before them at their feet and grow up to become narcissists. Disney also has indoctrinated several generations of society across the world into believing that magic is just some fantastical loving force of good. There is no good or bad magic. There is no such thing as a good witch or a bad witch. The Most High tells us in Exodus 22:18 that “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live” for a reason. It is because they end up doing stuff like this by infiltrating your homes through the television and practicing hypnosis, subversion, and indoctrination to undercut your natural inclination to do good for your brethren, to think of others, to be charitable and humble, and to love the Most High with all your heart. They have put forth so much deception and sowed so much chaos and destruction across the world and have wrapped up people in wars and conflicts among each other through divide et impera, bringing forth nothing but madness through their wickedness. To get back on track in regards to the magic aspect, the magic wand is a perfect example of the Disney indoctrination. Most people don’t even know what they are doing when they play around with the magic wand toy or tout lines like “Abracadabra”. They don’t know the spiritual significance of it. These are all things which they’ve worked hard to indoctrinate the people with so that they can ultimately be driven enough spiritually to fully embrace, accept, and participate openly in the Babylonian mystery school system and its rituals of pansexuality, cannibalism, blood-drinking, and the open appraisal of Lucifer and Satan. This is why you have shows like Santa Clarita Diet; it is to indoctrinate people into believing that for one it is normal and two for them to be spiritually predisposed to partake in it in the long run. The indoctrination over all these years has led from children playing around with the magic wand from watching Disney to later embrace the idea of being witches and exploring Wicca and magic from watching the Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This is all by design. It is the mental and spiritual training of the masses to bring them into the practices of the so-called “elite” and to turn them against the people who are spiritual or who stand to question their practices or the direction in which this society is going. For the most part, the police or other special forces won’t have to use brute force on everyone because most of the population will clamor for the removal and imprisonment of the people who stand against the government and the overt Luciferian worship in the not so distant future. Most of the world has already surrendered their rights and have lambasted people in the truth who have shown nothing but pure blatant evidence and still have followed along according to plan. Most people will go along with the one world agenda because they lost the spiritual war a long time ago and have already taken the side of this world. Once again, this is spiritual warfare. No man or president can fix this world nor can any political solution fix this world. Only a spiritual solution can fix this world.

Once again, we see the Disney theme once more with the princess toys. It is to signify Disney programming. Aurora, Tiana, Cinderella, and Snow White, which are the princesses there, are all derived from paganism. All of the Disney princesses are in some form or fashion derived from paganism.  

Here we now see Arabella in the lion hoodie. This could be a reference either to Disney programming with the Lion King or it could be Oz programming through the Cowardly Lion character or it may be both. The Cowardly Lion is a symbol used to teach dissociation and to not veer off from the ‘yellow brick road’ which is meant to represent the road that has been assigned by command for the subject to take and to follow the instructions. They are told that if they don’t veer off the ‘yellow brick road’ i.e. they do as they’re told, they don’t have to be scared like the cowardly lion and they can keep their heart which they’ll need to go down the ‘yellow brick road’. The heart in this case is really talking about their mind or their sanity which they’ll need to function properly in order to complete the task at hand. The ‘yellow brick road’ is meant to represent the portal used to navigate from the physical world to the spiritual world and in this case, it is meant to be the mental device that teaches the subject to dissociate and to bury their trauma deep into their subconscious and go “over the rainbow” back to the supposed real world which is really just the imagined fantastical world that is created within their mind to mask all the torment and trauma of the real world that they’re being put through.

One last note on the Disney programming theme, you have two overlapping themes with the ‘Cars’ balloons to further add to the Disney theme and the Lady and the Tramp spoof that they’re doing. The Disney infatuation stems from the Disney programming as they’re predisposed subconsciously to be infatuated with Disney and are taught to associate certain symbols like Mickey Mouse with their positive experience even though they’re constructed false memories from their handlers. This is the reason for such an infatuation from a surface level. These pictures which they take and which we’ve shown are all taken in ignorance because Ivanka Trump is just as much under the programming as her children are. These images resonate on a subconscious level but are taken from a source of blissful ignorance on their part because as far as they know, they’re just Disney fans. They themselves don’t know the full extent of their trauma or the meaning of what these pictures are because they’re still under the programming. Programmed parents are programmed to funnel their children into the programming and the rituals because that is all that they know and are programmed to fulfill their handler’s wishes. They might deep down suspect that their child is in danger but they can’t go further into what is really happening to their child and can’t act on it because their programming constrains them and keeps them locked in. Ivanka herself probably knows as much as her children about what’s really going on. The real mastermind behind all this is Jared Kushner. He is the inside man for the banking families and the higher ups. It is a personal view that they are under his control and is their handler. If he is the brain trust and leader behind the Trump administration and yet he was paired with the family through marriage, then of course he also would be the handler. This is how it works. Donald Trump most likely offered his daughter in an arranged marriage in exchange for gaining Kushner’s favor and the favor of the international bankers to maintain his position in the craft, wealth, and to have a favorable presidency in the future.

One last component of the entire mind control subject regarding Ivanka Trump is a little-known symbol which is not shown as much but still has significant meaning. The flower in the background is what is known as the milkweed flower. This is the flower which Monarch butterflies eat from. Due to this, the milkweed is used as a symbol for programming purposes. This can possibly symbolize the source of sustenance which represents the craft and or the world which they are a part of and they must come to feed from it in order to be able to “fly” like the Monarch butterfly. They must come back to the commands of their handlers in order to be able to “fly” into the sky to function and make it past the ‘yellow brick road’ that is built into their internal world. It may likely be a trigger used to make them dissociate in combination with the hypnotic message that their handlers would tell them.

One thing to note is that the picture was taken at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in the Netherlands, meaning that most likely that was a cover for her being on an overseas mission by her handlers to service someone within the Dutch government or royal family to gain personal information from them that can be used later on to blackmail them successfully or secure a deal through sex or both. Any time you see an asset like Ivanka Trump overseas; that is the main purpose for them being there. Having said that, let’s expound on this symbol of the milkweed further which will bring us to other Monarch assets.

As we continue to expand on the significance of the milkweed flower, we come to get a further understanding of how deep the mind control program goes in the political world. For those who are wondering, this is former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin as a child. As you see, she is pictured in the fields of the milkweed flower which is also known as the Asclepias flower. Palin is also a Monarch asset which we will get into.

Here she is again, this time grown up, in the fields of the milkweed flower. Once again, the milkweed flower is a symbol in connection with the Monarch butterfly. They are connected to one another because of how the Monarch butterfly feeds off of it as its source of food. These Monarch assets’ source of food or rather source of life is by the battery put into their back by their handlers. Their handlers control them and dictate when they shut down, when they are docile, when they are active, etc. Their state of being is dependent on them for the most part. Palin is a “worker bee” for the elite.

This is an older picture of a young Sarah Palin participating in a beauty pageant contest. She was a pageant queen and the media made sure back then to make note of that. There are certain figures which the media micro-analyzes every aspect of their lives and their pasts and covers them in a hyperbolic way in the news. Donald Trump is that type of figure at the current moment but back in 2008, Sarah Palin took his role. She was basically the laughing stock of the political world. Either way, the reason to bring this up is because beauty pageants are a component of the mind control program. Little girls who are brought into the pageant world are ferried off to clients of high status and wealth for sex. The child beauty pageants are referred to as “million dollar babies” in the mind control program. They would bring in tons of money from a young age as the clients would pay their handlers a lot so they can have sex with them. It is child sex slavery which operates like prostitution. The children are not prostitutes but they are sex slaves. It was a label that the media and case lawyers made against Jeffrey Epstein’s victims during the 2008 case. It’s truly a way to discredit and marginalize the victims who come out against someone like Epstein. Prostitutes or sex workers are generally adults who have full understanding of what they’re doing and decide to do that within their own volition. Sex slaves are individuals who are forced to service others sexually, often don’t understand what is going on because they’re manipulated by their handlers, and don’t see any of the money. There is no such thing as a child prostitute because a child will never have the mental capacity or maturity to understand the concept of taking charge of one’s own sexuality or body; they can only be brainwashed with that concept and then be forced or led to sell their body. A child will not have an inherent understanding of how to sell their body and be a prostitute. They are given directions and are controlled by their handlers to perform those “services”. Either way, the beauty pageant world on a national level is tied to the world of sex slavery and mind control. The Miss Universe pageant is also controlled through these means. All aspects of the mainstream modeling and beauty pageant industry are tied to sex slavery, sex trafficking, and the mind control program. It would be of no surprise if Sarah Palin was a “million dollar baby” while growing up under the programming.

Here is a picture showing Sarah Palin with John McCain on the campaign trail back in 2008. Notice that she is wearing the red heels to denote Oz programming. She is playing out the role of Dorothy. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy clicks her red slippers three times together to make it back to Kansas. In the mind control program, the red slippers are used to switch to get specific sexual alters. The slippers are clicked three times to get deeper sex alters. So this is to signify that Palin is under Oz programming. Once again, the different programs such as Oz and Disney programming are often all incorporated into a subject’s base programming. So the Oz program most likely is a component of Palin’s base programming; especially since she is a high level asset. She is also in the all black outfit which in tandem with the red shoes also denotes the Black Mass. The clothing attire which these politicians make for television is chosen with thought. For an asset like Palin, her handler may have chosen this attire for her in this particular instance. Kamala Harris wore all black attire in the Vice Presidential debate while Mike Pence wore the black, white, and red. In one of the 2016 debates, Trump wore the blue tie while Hillary Clinton wore the all-red suit to denote the Hegelian dialectic or the bringing together of opposites. It is just a few examples of the color coding used during these political events.

Continuing on, this is a photo from a photo-shoot that Palin did with Vogue. As you can see, it has her leaning on the jet or the plane and the text is positioned next to her on the photo which states, “Altered state”. It is plain as day and a tongue in cheek sort of inside joke among the people behind this photo-shoot. They know what these individuals really are on the world stage. The title, “Altered state” is an allusion to her being a mind-controlled asset having multiple alters referred to as mind records or files. It is to signify her as a programmed multiple that has multiple personalities. The plane or jet is also to signify disassociation. The asset is told to “fly like the Monarch” or to fly ‘over the rainbow’ to the “other world” to escape the present world. The plane is an allusion to that flight or dissociation. In a specific connection to the symbol of the plane, it brings us to a book that is used by programmers called, “The Tall Book of Make Believe” published in 1950. There are many different instances within the book which is in reference to the mind control program. One of them refers to the symbol of the plane. On page 67, there is a poem called ‘Foreign Lands’, where the child sees “the sky’s blue looking glass” and then ends up “to where the roads on either hand lead onward into fairyland…and all the playthings come alive.” The message which is made for the subject is to take the hypnotic image of flying into the sky in Papa’s silver plane which enforces the trance of the hypnosis to go deeper as the plane goes higher and to then go into a fantasy world where all of your hopes, dreams, and wishes can come true to escape the trauma and torment which is being inflicted upon them by the programmers. The text “altered state” in tandem with the plane shows that Palin is under the programming and is programmed to disassociate into another internal world which is created by her programmers.

Just to expound on the Palin angle, this is her with the czar of America, Henry Kissinger. He is a global agent that is playing not just both sides but all sides. He is tied up with America, Russia, China, etc. He is the lieutenant for the banking families and Luciferian councilmen who operate behind closed doors and pull all of the puppet strings. Either way, Kissinger is one of the most prime programmers and handlers ever in the history of the mind control program. He has presided over the creation of hundreds of mind controlled slaves; possibly thousands. It is of no coincidence that Kissinger is posed here with Sarah Palin. Kissinger handles these politicians like Palin under the guise of “advisory”. He’s been the puppeteer for presidents like Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton; possibly George W. Bush too. Kissinger specifically has handled and programmed dozens, if not hundreds of presidential model slaves. That is the main reason for him being paired with Palin. He handled her and tells her where to go and what to do and she reports to him. Whether that dynamic still exists or not, that dynamic of handler and subject existed between Kissinger and Palin.

The last picture which alludes to her programming is this Time Magazine cover. It says, “Palin in Progress: Does she want to be President? Or just rich and famous?” Of course, her right eye is highlighted to signify the veneration of Horus. However, the deeper symbol is her “loading” like a computer. She is “in progress”; going through the process to fulfill the next stage, either the presidency or fame. As we see now, it was infamy that was the next stage. Either way, this was just one example of the Monarch butterflies in the Luciferian world and the use of the milkweed.

We now come to another Monarch asset, that being Laura Bush, the wife of George W. Bush. If you take a look at her Instagram, she has several pictures of the Monarch butterfly. It is quite obvious that she is a Monarch asset; especially since she is the wife of George W. Bush, who is the son of former CIA head George H.W. Bush who was a handler himself and had full knowledge of the mind control program and the many different mind control subjects out there. Laura Bush was most likely raised up in the programming from a young age and was prepped to be the wife of George Bush from childhood or she was vetted to be a suitable candidate for him in an arranged marriage. Almost all marriages in the Luciferian sphere, especially amongst mind control subjects are arranged. Either way, we see this post by Laura Bush which states, “Monarch butterfly on milkweed at our ranch”. So we come back to the symbol of the milkweed. To reiterate, the milkweed is the source of sustenance for Monarch butterflies. In the mind control program, the milkweed is most likely a trigger or a symbol for subjects which symbolize in some shape or form the hidden world of the asset that is shielded by the internal fantastical world created by the programmers. The hidden world is like the engine of the car while the internal fantasy world is the shape and appearance of the car. The beautiful car would cease to exist or function if the engine was cut off. From a personal view, the milkweed triggers the subject to remind them that they are fed or given life by their handlers who take the form of “Dorothy’s friends” in the subject’s mind. They give the subject life just like how the engine gives the car to drive. The engine or the internal part of the car is the dirty area full of crud and dirt that only the ‘owner’ of the car along with the ‘mechanics’ see while the external appearance of the car is the beauty and opulence that catches everyone’s eye. The subject is like the person who just gets in the car and is driven. They’re along for the ride but they never know what is going on with the car; albeit the subject is the car themselves but they never know it because of their programming. To bring it all together, the milkweed possibly symbolizes that the Monarch slave must always come back to their handlers to be alive. They must come back to the directives no matter what. There is no way of hiding or escaping. They come back around to the handlers like in a circle to tell them the information they want as they open up their files for them to scour through. It may have all the aforementioned meanings to some extent. Point being is that the assets are tethered to the program, no matter what.

Here is Laura Bush with another post about the milkweed stating, “Antelope Horn Milkweed ready for the Monarch butterfly migration”. It may be possible that these posts serve as some form of coding for those in the craft who view these posts. On the other hand, it may just be further projecting of her programming in that she has a particular affinity for the Monarch butterfly and the milkweed flower because of the programming.

Here it is again, another post, “Monarch butterfly larvae on Antelope Horns Milkweed in central Texas.” It just shows once again the frequency in which she posts about the Monarch butterflies. People not privy to the Luciferian world and how it operates will claim that this is all far-fetched “reaching” and that she just likes Monarch butterflies. Many people, if not most people will never understand this or grasp this and that is fine. This is not for everyone to grasp or understand. The most important thing is to grasp the salvation of Yahweh Ben Yahweh at the end of the day. This is to simply help inform those in the truth and trying to gain a greater understanding of all this. Carrying on, this provides an opportunity to share the significance of the Monarch butterfly and why it is used for the MK-Ultra program. For one, the butterfly is symbolic of the metamorphosis or transformation of the insect where it goes from a caterpillar to a cocoon which represents dormancy and inactivity, to a butterfly which represents a new creation that will return to its point of origin. This is captured within the programming where the child serves as the caterpillar and comes into their cocoon by going through the programming and having their mind split and different personalities created. After they come of “age” or their programming is complete, they spring forth out of their cocoon as the Monarch butterfly. For another reason, the Monarch butterfly is a creature which learns where it was born and it passes this knowledge through their genetics onto its offspring generationally. The Monarch butterfly possesses genetic memory which is not taught to them but it is already inherently within them. Scientists observed this trait among Monarch butterflies and learned that knowledge can be passed genetically. They learned that programming or level of understanding can be passed down to the children without being taught such. Taking this knowledge, they used that as the guide to replicate that among humans. The key to doing this is through the mind control program and to pass the knowledge genetically through victims by the Monarch mind control program. Grasping this understanding of the parallel between the transformation of the butterfly and the human, the larvae symbolizes infancy as that is the stage before they grow to be a caterpillar or a child and are developing their ego and personalities. So the picture symbolizes what would be the infant who is just being brought into the world and are feeding off of the milkweed or the hidden world of the program to begin the developing stage of their different personalities. The milkweed is the sustenance to the butterfly as the programming is to the asset.

To refer back to the Disney theme of ‘Lady and the Tramp’ with Ivanka Trump and her son, we have this post from Laura Bush showing her daughter Jenna and her granddaughter playing out the Lady and the Tramp theme. This is less to do about the actual pose of the spaghetti noodle and more to do with the overarching Disney theme. The Disney programming is a major component of the mind control program. The affinity from these assets for certain things such as butterflies and Disney films stem from their subconscious programming. Due to the disassociation, they can function and act as any other regular person, barring a complete breakdown of their programming. Remember that the programming is generational so it would pass down from Laura to Jenna and then to Jenna’s daughter. Remember that we don’t see the side of that world, just like how we don’t see the side of many people’s lives. Most people don’t even know what their siblings, parents, or friends are doing behind closed doors but yet would proclaim that they know for sure that this isn’t the reality of the lives of the Bush family or the Trump family. We can never be sure of what a person is what they claim to be. Everything we’ve ever done, said, or thought is between the Lord and us. However, the Lord gives us a sense of discernment and spiritual awareness to pick up on signs and come to realize and understand what is going on with another person close to us in our direct circle or is on the world stage. Either way, this picture is to just further emphasize on the overarching theme of Disney as the Bushes did the exact same pose of Lady and the Tramp as the Trumps. What are the odds of that?

On a speculative side note, it may also mean to some extent on a programming level that the parent and the child is intertwined and connected to one another. They’re on the same accord. The mother passes down their knowledge and their child takes in that knowledge to “fly like the Monarch butterfly”. It is just speculation but that may possibly be the meaning of it from a programming level, if that imagery in fact is used by the programmers to have some form of hypnotic meaning as they do for the rainbow in the Wizard of Oz or Tinkerbelle from Peter Pan and so on.

To continue on the theme of mind control, this is a picture taken by Laura Bush which speaks to another symbol that is of significant meaning to assets which is the mannequin. The mannequin represents the stillness and stoic nature that an asset is programmed to have upon command by their handlers. Sometimes, the handler will tell the asset to stand still like a mannequin for whatever reason. The mannequin also represents a shared meaning with puppets and marionette dolls, in that they are under complete control. They have no mind of their own and are simply for use. They are under control and are used for whatever purpose of their handlers; whether it is sex, espionage, rituals, etc. The mannequins also to an extent represents the array of alters that lay dormant in the minds of the slaves. It is quite like going to the toy store and seeing rows of Barbie dolls and picking one out when the handler goes through the mind records of the asset and calls a specific alter forward. The mannequins represent the nature of these assets in that they are for display and are literal human sex dolls. The assets have no control or ownership over their mind or body.

This is the last part of this segment on Laura Bush. Knowing George H.W. Bush’s ties to the CIA as he was the director and had his hands within the MK-Ultra program, it should be of no surprise that his lineage is under the programming. At the very least, Laura Bush is under the programming which would mean that her children are also under the programming since the MK-Ultra program is generational. A part of that programming is performing satanic rituals. Looking at this post, it says here, “Look WHO came for Christmas!” with the owl. The owl is for the Roman goddess Minerva. This is where you get the symbol of the owl from in the Bohemian Grove as well as the OVO brand led by Drake in the music industry. Minerva is associated with wisdom and knowledge which represents the secrets of the craft. Since the owl became associated with Minerva, the owl also became a symbol of those things. This is why at the Bohemian Grove it has the phrase, “Weaving spiders come not here.” It is in reference to the profane which the person that doesn’t understand the secrets is. They are not privy to the true inner workings of the world around them. That is what that phrase is meant to signify. What they do in secret as most know already is the rituals which specifically at the Bohemian Grove are the sex rituals and fire worship. The owl can also be seen at Yale which is the alma mater of the Bush family and where they were a part of the Skull & Bones society. Yale is also based in New Haven, Connecticut. For those that don’t know, New Haven is infamous for its history of witchcraft; specifically the 1655 witchcraft trials. It is quite interesting that Yale was founded shortly in New Haven after that period of persecution in 1701. After the period in history where witches were persecuted and forced into hiding, they knew that they could no longer be out in the open but had to perform their witchcraft in secret and underground. They’ve been in hiding for centuries which is why they’re tired of hiding what they do and are getting bold about who they really serve and what they really believe in. This of course is also the time of Revelation and it is time for all of these things to come to the light so we are going to continue to see more of this come to the light and see them become more bashful and open about their belief in Lucifer and Satan.

The owl in the mind control program is sometimes placed in the system of the assets and represents the master. The owl represents the secrets of the craft and the rituals which has resonance within the asset because from a young age, the victim is forced to endure satanic ritual abuse. Not only do these rituals take place in actual satanic ceremonies but they also take place in snuff pornographic films where they are raped and tormented on camera by multiple men or women and at times are forced to view another person being killed which most of the time is an infant or a child. That is one component of the rituals. The main point is that ritual abuse is a factor in causing the mind to split for the program and also to indoctrinate the assets with Luciferianism and Satanism to raise them up in that doctrine, to believe in it, and to then promote that spiritual system to the masses; whether it is through societal engineering and philosophy as a politician or through literal overt promotion of it in arts and entertainment by those in the entertainment industry.

This now brings us full circle to Melania Trump. We went through a roundabout from Ivanka Trump to Sarah Palin to Laura Bush and now back to the Trumps with Melania Trump. They all are united with the symbol of the milkweed which is synonymous with the Monarch butterfly. We have now seen all four with the milkweed symbol. This is a shot from a 1993 ad which features Melania Trump in rather a form of predictive programming which we will see shortly. As you can see, the milkweed is strategically positioned right next to her in the shot. You’ll see in the video that the milkweed flower is positioned in the center of the table which just happens to be where she sits. It is to signal that she is a Monarch asset. She herself got her start in the modeling industry which we will get to. The modeling industry is the prime industry for sex trafficking BETA assets. Handlers are strategically placed within the modeling industry and help traffic the assets over to celebrities and politicians for sex and or supply them into certain industries that have been pre-determined for them by their controllers to enter into to fulfill their life script. This is the same case which occurred for Melania Trump. When she was brought over to the United States, there was somebody there to break her in and connect her to those who she is meant to be supplied to. The media tells these stories that certain people who broke these celebrities in just so happened to be there by circumstance or coincidence or by chance but it is none of those things. They are all strategically placed there and are there for their specific purpose. With that being said, we’ll tune into this video which shows this 1993 ad of Melania Trump and we will discuss how she was set up from the very beginning to be who she is now.

Now that we’ve seen this video, we see that this was a form of predictive programming for Melania Trump. At this time, while they were settling in with Bill and Hillary Clinton at the White House and they were beginning to build their empire within America, they were prepping the next presidential couple with Melania and Donald Trump to take over in about 25 years from then. Melania Trump was set up from the beginning to be on the political stage as the First Lady. It shows her here as being a female president but the main message is to show her being in the political world and serving some form of significant role in the public eye. She comes out of the plane and takes questions from the press, she waves to the people as she passes them in the car, and she sits down at the tables for meetings; all things that she has done as the First Lady. It was planned from the beginning for her to be who she is now. You also see the milkweed at 1:10 to further communicate on a deeper level that she is a Monarch asset. It is not to necessarily ‘predict’ that she would be the first female president but that it is to communicate her being a Diamond level asset. Her handlers were presenting her status as a presidential model and foreshadowing her future role on the world stage through this advertisement. Just to add an interesting note to all this, this particular ad was aired by the American Spanish language news channel you see labeled on the video, ‘Univision Noticias” just five days before the 2016 election. They were communicating on a deeper level that the Trump era was in the works for years and it was now coming to fruition and that their work, a part of it being Melania’s ascension to her role as First Lady, was soon to meet its completion in five days as it was already pre-planned for Donald Trump to assume the presidency. That might not go over well with the Trump cult who believes that he was just some outsider who somehow infiltrated the “swamp” to drain it. We’ve already explained throughout this series the reason for Donald Trump becoming president. He was there to bait simple minded conservatives and gullible people against this Luciferian matrix in the truth community to believe that he was going to change things to ultimately create a new label to slap on all people in the truth and to discredit them, to further aggravate the cultural and societal division set up by Obama, to ramp up the censorship in the media and the Internet and to set this decade up as the final stage of the Great Work to ultimately be finalized in the year 2030. He was selected just like every other president before him. It is that simple. Presidents may have disagreements on how certain things should be done such as the economy or society or the Federal Reserve but that does not mean that they are for the Lord’s people. No President has ever been for the Lord’s people. They have all been Freemasons and Luciferians at varying degrees. The Founding fathers themselves were Luciferians which is where you get the Enlightenment period from. The Enlightenment period is named as an allusion to the illumination from a Luciferian perspective. The country used Christianity as a cover for their ideology of Luciferianism that they carried from the other major civilizations in the same way that the Catholic Church used Catholicism as a cover for their covert Luciferianism behind closed doors.

We now get into the evaluation of Melania Trump herself being a Diamond level asset. This is a cover from Vanity Fair and right off the bat we have the black white and red color scheme. The main theme to notice here is of the diamonds. Melania has a bowl of diamonds and the diamond necklace is rolled up like spaghetti. It is meant to play off a sense of luxury or extravagance on a surface level. On a deeper level, it is meant to communicate that she is Diamond level programmed. There is not only an abundance of diamonds present in the bowl but also on her wrist as well. The assets are instructed to wear diamonds when they sexually service presidents, world leaders or heads of state. The diamonds are meant to serve as program identifiers. It is a sort of branding for the assets. In the inner circles, when a model is walking around wearing diamonds, it signals to the onlookers that they are Presidential models or Diamond level assets. So like her step-daughter, Ivanka, Melania Trump herself is also a BETA sex kitten. The programming is multi-generational. 

Further expounding on this BETA sex kitten angle, this is a cover which Melania Trump did which shows her making a specific pose with the chair. This is in reference to a Masonic chair ritual which sex kittens perform for the elites. It is to show that she services the upper elites sexually. Considering her start as a model, it is a tell-tale sign that she is a BETA asset. Almost all models of note have been used for sex by elite buyers such as politicians, government officials, royal family members, billionaires, etc.

This is the Masonic chair ritual in which we’re referring to. This is one of the more popular videos that most of you have already seen. It features a woman provocatively dancing for the viewing audience which consists of old Freemasons. This is a ritual that you see the top female musicians doing in music videos, concerts, televised performances, etc. You see this with artists like Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Madonna. You see this with Rihanna in the 2017 film Valerian where she plays an “entertainer” and she dances on the chair in one specific scene. You see this in the music video for “Buttons” by the Pussycat Dolls where all of the members are dancing on the chairs. Interestingly enough, a former member of the Pussycat Dolls named Kaya Jones came out back in 2017 and revealed how she was given an ultimatum by executives and the movers and shakers in the industry in that she was to  have sex with whoever they tell her to have sex with. She herself described the group as a “prostitution ring” where the people who “owned them” made all the money. What she was basically discussing is what we already know about the music industry in that it is an extortion based industry that forces the artists to “get with the program” in order to make money and become famous and successful in that industry; whether it is being sexually promiscuous or being hooked on drugs or whatever else they can use as blackmail on them and to make them broken people so they can be easily controlled. This is pervasive in the entertainment industry as a whole as well as news media, the political world, and the government. Sex is one of the top forms of currency in the industry; meaning that the more you’ve slept with people in the industry, the higher your status is in the industry. This is the reality of the lives of these musicians, actors, athletes, models, and top news reporters. The chair is to symbolize this life of sex slavery that one has to endure in order to save their neck.

This brings us to the origins of Melania Trump and what it was exactly that brought her to meet Donald Trump. As we all know, Melania Trump was primarily a model before she came to meet Donald Trump. Afterwards, she had a jewelry line among other things and had a run as a businesswoman before ultimately putting that aside to take on the role that she was always meant to play which was to be on the public world stage as First Lady. She didn’t have to be a model anymore because she had now met her match.

Getting back to her modeling start, she had started modeling at the age of five years old and did commercial work at sixteen back when she was still living in Yugoslavia. She then signed with a modeling agency in Milan, Italy at eighteen. Keep in mind; this is while she was still studying in Yugoslavia now known as Slovenia. Fast forward to 1992, she competed in a fashion modeling event from Jana Magazine called, “Look of the Year” which promised its top three contestants an international modeling contract which she got as she was runner up in the contest. After she dropped out of college, she started modeling for fashion houses in Paris and Milan which led her to meeting her matchmaker in 1995, Metropolitan Models co-owner Paolo Zampolli who just so happened to be the friend of one Donald Trump and was on a scouting trip in Europe. He urged her to come to the US where he said he would represent her. A year later, she moved to Manhattan where she shared an apartment arranged for her by Zampolli with a photographer named Matthew Atanian. In the same year, she would take part in the now infamous photo-shoot for Max, a now defunct men’s magazine where she would shoot nude. Interestingly enough, during her modeling career, she went by the name, ‘Melania K’. That is a subtle reference to MK-Ultra as her initials come out to be MK which stands for Mind Kontrolle which spells out to be Ultra Mind Kontrolle. It is spelt like that because the program was created by the Nazi German scientists in Nazi Germany and continued the program to its completion after World War II in the form of MK-Ultra which took on several names before its formation in 1953 such as Project Chatter, Project Bluebird, and Project Artichoke. They were brought over from America to help the Americans with mind control, science, and technology which are where you get this program as well as NASA came from; they were created by the Nazis.

Getting back on track, this was the subtle form of communication that her handlers had made for her in that she was a mind controlled asset under the programming. It is not just by happenstance that she ran into someone like Zampolli who himself is a mover and shaker. He was the founder of ID Models in New York City in the 90s which means that he was presiding over the selling of sex kittens both under mind control and not under mind control. Not every model in the modeling world is under mind control but many of them are; especially those who end up getting connected to people of high status.

It is also said that he used fashion models to sell properties in Manhattan when he transitioned over to the real estate world. That is code for “sealing the deal” by offering models to potential buyers for sex so that they can secure the sale, believe it or not. Keep in mind that those who are seeking to buy are millionaires and billionaires and so the likelihood of them being interested in such a bribe is extremely likely. Also, it should be noted that the real estate business is tethered to Freemasonry and the Mafia, especially back then. Every single major real estate developer and mogul is a Mason and has connections to the Mafia; whether it is the Italian or Jewish mafia. The mafia was never put out of commission in New York. All that happened was is that the Italian mafia was displaced by the Jewish mafia. The Italian mafia still is active but their power is a fragment of what it once was back in the 20th century. The real power lies in the hands of the Jewish mafia which is headed by guys like Leslie Wexner who just so happens to have been the main partner of the Mossad assets Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell who themselves were close to Donald Trump. We’ll discuss that later.

Either way, seeing as to how Zampolli was involved in both the fashion and real estate businesses, he is without a doubt a Mason who either has or had ties to the Mafia. Not only that, he is also a partner who has worked closely with the UN and is an Ambassador to the Permanent Mission of Dominica to the UN. He has also worked on several environmental projects and has hosted UN events such as a Climate Change I.R.E.O. conference which just so happened to have Bill Clinton as guest speaker who himself is close with Maxwell and was extremely close with Epstein. Isn’t it also interesting that he is also tied in with environment projects in a similar tune to how Ghislaine Maxwell worked with the UN for environmental efforts and spoke as the founder of the TerraMar project which was centered on controlling and owning the oceans and sea-life of the world? They want to own and control all of the oceans and sea-life just like how they own and control most of the land in the world. Most of the earth is owned by a select few people. Queen Elizabeth herself owns 6.6 billion acres of land, most likely more. They want to own all the water in the guise of “combating climate change”. There’s more to that but we’ll leave it alone for now.

Now seeing that Zampolli is a mover and shaker, it is of no surprise when you come to know that he was the matchmaker for Donald Trump and Melania. The story goes that Donald Trump met Melania at the Kit Kat Club in New York in 1998 by happenstance as he was supposed to be meeting another model but turned his attention towards Melania. However, we know that Zampolli was in Europe to recruit models on a scouting trip when he recruited Melania. It is hard to believe that he did not make Trump aware of Melania beforehand. Or maybe it could be that Zampolli was sort of an inside man whose job was to make that arrangement happen to fulfill her programming and Trump’s script to eventually become president which was in the works as he was trying to run in 2000, who knows. What is certain however is almost nothing is by happenstance in the Luciferian world. Most of these marriages by the upper Luciferian class are arranged and are polished up for the public by making up stories on how they met or came to love each other. There is no loyalty or love for the most part in these marriages. Even a former housekeeper for the Trumps by the name of Victorina Morales described the environment in the house saying, “It’s a strange marriage. I never saw them like a normal family, sitting together at a table, eating together, talking. Never, never, never. They spend time in the same place, but they don’t interact.” It’s also been said that they don’t even sleep in the same bedroom. Of course, many families live like this but if there was true love there, there wouldn’t be such distance. Again, this marriage between them from a personal view was arranged to fulfill their scripts. To sum this segment all up, Melania Trump’s beginnings so to say was really her form of training as a BETA sex kitten in trading sex with whoever she is traded over to and to be a messenger of certain messages from her handlers as is the case for almost all BETA assets, believe it or not. As we saw already with the magazine cover, she is a Diamond asset and as we know, they tell us who they are through their signs and symbols. Melania Trump (MK) has fulfilled her role on the world stage as the First Lady as was shown “predictively” in the 1993 ad showing her in a presidential role. Now, it is a question of whether or not she is still serving some sort of role as a BETA asset and if so what could it be.

This brings us to the dynamic between Donald Trump and Melania Trump. Obviously, this is a photo-shopped picture but it conveys this dynamic well visually. Melania Trump’s bunny ears signify her as a Playboy bunny which she is in reality because a sex slave is all that a Playboy bunny is and she is one because of her programming. The hearts and spades would also signify Alice in Wonderland programming as those are symbols prominently in use in that story. She is proverbial Alice who travels into Wonderland which really is her disassociating from the real world into the fictitious Wonderland themed world that is built in her mind from her programming.

Here we get to Donald Trump’s figure in the picture. This is meant to play off that he is the Mad Hatter. He is the one who guides Alice throughout her trip in Wonderland. He is also the one who helps lead her out of Wonderland in the end of the original film. What that means is that the Mad Hatter helps transport Alice between worlds. The Mad Hatter is known throughout the lore as Wonderland’s chief inventor. In translation to this topic, Trump would serve as a major figure within Melania’s internal fictitious world. This brings us to the hat. The hat in the lore symbolizes the magical hat which helps transport one between worlds and dimensions. You can see this play out in the show called “Once Upon A Time” which was another rendition of that original story where the Mad Hatter uses his hat to take individuals between worlds. You see this even throughout conventional symbolism pertaining to magic where you see the magician at the play with his top hat. Remember how the magician pulls out primarily the white rabbit among other different objects and items from his top hat? That is to symbolize the magical power to bring forth different energies, beings, animals, etc from the spiritual world to the physical world. We see interdimensional travel and the symbol of portals used constantly throughout films and TV. That is all based in truth as that is the core element of dark magic; that is to conjure up spirits for guidance and instruction and powers by opening up the spiritual portals.

The hat is also symbolic of Freemasonry as the top hat is worn by the Worshipful Master who is the highest ranking officer in the Masonic lodge; presumably the Mason is deemed to be worthy of worship considering the title. The Masonic lodge itself is representative of the universe. The Worshipful Master sits in the east of the lodge which is meant to denote him as the proverbial sun rising in the east. Now hearkening back to earlier in the series, we saw the portrait of the sun god Apollo in the Trump penthouse so Trump views himself also as the fleshly manifestation of the Divine King or the sun god Horus or Apollo. That factors in with the symbolism of the top hat from the Masonic angle. Point is this; Donald Trump is the headmaster of the family from a Luciferian level. It is too apparent with the clear signs of the BETA asset status of both Ivanka and Melania Trump to deny that Donald Trump is not at the very least a handler himself.

This is now to bring in the connection between Donald Trump and Playboy. Trump has not only been cozy with the likes of sex peddlers like Jeffrey Epstein but also the prime sex peddler in Hugh Hefner who did it far before Epstein. As you see here, he was featured on the cover of Playboy Magazine back in 1990. Trump was involved in the modeling and pageant industry for the longest before the MAGA era came about. A part of being one of the main figure heads in that industry is having the “luxury” of getting your way with women without fear of persecution. Of course, Trump has had dozens come out against him for harassment but it is all media drivel at the end of the day because none of these men are ever held accountable. The media themselves don’t care about Trump’s sexual harassment history because they protect many from their accusations and cover it up. They’ve covered up the harassment and rape accusations against the likes of Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, and others for years. They only tried to pin down Trump on the harassment charges because once again it is the media’s job to paint him as the villain and to go after him for numerous reasons which we’ve gone over already.

Trump is by no means a stranger to the sex trafficking world. It might be deniability that is derived from wishful thinking when the QAnon crowd claims that Trump is not a part of that world but that is all that it is; wishful thinking. The scriptures tell us in Amos 3:3, “Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”The meaning is that for two men to be associated closely together, they have to continue that association based on a foundation set which they both agree on and share. The true reason for Trump being associated with the likes of Epstein and Hefner is because they both shared an interest in women to use for sex. Seeing as there have been countless instances of Trump with Epstein and Maxwell, it is true naivety to believe that he didn’t also get his hands dirty and have some of the girls that Epstein offered him. People give too much benefit of the doubt with these Luciferians; that very much is clear. People make a big deal that his name wasn’t on the flight logs or that he cooperated with the Palm Beach investigators during their investigation of Epstein. Criminals rat on each other all the time; that doesn’t mean that the person ratting on the other person is not guilty themselves. Trump most likely knew that either Epstein was sloppy or he was an intelligence operative or both and covered his hide by pulling away from him and giving a helping hand to the investigators in taking him down. The difference between Trump and the Clintons is that Trump knows how to cover himself and isn’t sloppy like the Clintons. It may have to do with the Clintons being high on cocaine all the time to the point that they can’t think straight and cover their tracks properly.

Either way, Trump has been around the modeling industry i.e. the epicenter of sex trafficking for years. It is without question that he’s been serviced with BETA sex kittens for a long time. The point is not to make a big deal out of him necessarily doing this because all these Luciferians do it but that he is no different than the rest of these Luciferians. He is just as big of a sleaze as Bill Clinton; the only difference is Trump is smarter and knows how to cover his tracks.

Referring to the remarks of one of Epstein’s accusers of sexual harassment by the name of Maria Farmer, she detailed one encounter where she was in Epstein’s office late at night and he had brought over Trump. According to her, Donald Trump was looking at her up and down thinking that she was “one of his” for the night. Epstein then came into the office and told Trump that “she wasn’t for him” and then escorted him into another room. So it isn’t just the liberal corporate media machine where the accusations are coming from, its real people who have actually experienced this. The stories that do make it to the mainstream news are mostly those who are trying to sell something. The only reason why sexual harassment stories like the ones against Bill Clinton came out was for political reasons and to help destabilize the country as the entire Monica Lewinsky scandal was all orchestrated from the jump (that will be discussed on its own at a whole other time when the series on the Clintons is released). The media machine does not care about any of these women except for a select few reporters on the bottom. Other than that, they’re only listening to these victims to help spin a narrative, do their master’s bidding in promoting political drivel and divide et impera, and to get ratings and clicks. They don’t care about these victims getting their just due or what have you because the media once again is involved in covering up tons of heinous crimes from these governments and royal families. It’s as simple as that.

This is now just our last piece on this segment as far as Trump being cozy with the Luciferian mind control sex trafficking operation that is Playboy. He has two Playboy “bunnies” around him and a hidden Playboy bunny next to him; that being his wife because she herself is a BETA asset herself. Whether or not the two Playboy “bunnies” next to them are under the programming is simply up for speculation.

Millionaires and billionaires like Trump are generally in these circles for the main reason of having easy sex. BETA assets are littered within the modeling and pageant industry. Those within the Luciferian sphere deem BETA assets as more convenient because there is basically no risk in them turning them down or accusing them of harassment. They get caught up in these sex scandals when they abuse women who have control over their own brain. It really comes down to how much connections they have and how deep the connections are to get the access to BETA sex kittens because not everyone is given access to them because they are not at that level yet. Judging from Trump’s billionaire status and Luciferian lineage along with his previous presidential status, it’s without a doubt that he has the connections to have access to these BETA assets. As previously stated Hefner was seen on several occasions with Trump and even worked together as seen above. Trump ever since then has touted his love for the Playboy cover; it is something he’s clearly proud about, so much so that he said that he regretted not convincing Hugh Hefner to put his daughter on the Playboy cover. It is quite interesting for a supposed “Christian man” to say that about his own daughter. It is also quite interesting for a supposed “Christian man” to work with and associate himself with a Luciferian like Hugh Hefner. It is all a façade; Trump is simply a good actor who has fooled many naïve and simple people in the truth into thinking he is somehow not a part of the same system.

Coming now to the last section, we will delve into more of the Luciferian symbolism; this time with Melania Trump. Luciferianism and Satanism is the spiritual system of the elite as we all know. The major generational families that have power on the world stage fully embraces and practice this system. Christianity, Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, and others are all fronts used by these Luciferians to save face with the masses to provide them with the belief that they are still apart of their world by practicing the same religions that they believe in. They mostly do this to save face. However, many have been open about their Satanic belief system and more are being open about it right now and most of society’s favorite idols will come out when we near the end of this society and reveal the truth as that will be the time of true confession and the light being shined on the darkness.

Anyways, a part of the spiritual belief system of the elites is captured well within the photo as it denotes mother goddess worship or the worship of Semiramis and Eve. Here we see, Trump flashing the Delta hand sign or the downward pyramid for the mother goddess. You then see Melania Trump wearing the dress with the color of the dress being that of the vagina. Also take note of the Masonic pillars in the background to represent transformation one takes from the physical world to the spirit world and then coming back to the physical world reformed as a “god”. Whenever you see some of these models or actresses or other celebrities wearing the light pink color or a similar shade, that is to denote genitalia worship; specifically that of the vagina. They venerate the genitals of both genders which we’ve gone over in the past when explaining the significance of the phallus as an alchemical symbol. In Hinduism, you have the symbols of the yoni and lingam symbolizing creation and regeneration while representing Shakti and Shiva. The yoni represents the vagina while the lingam represents the phallus. That symbolism corresponds to father god and mother goddess worship among the pagan systems which are simply subsidiaries or branches of the entire tree of Luciferianism. Mother goddess worship is big amongst the Luciferian sphere and has been the main energy pushed on the masses because it is what is the most favorable and palatable energy that can be pushed on the masses. That energy is used to help make Luciferianism more favorable. After the masses fully embrace and accept the concept of goddess worship and divine hermaphrodite worship that is when they’ll bring in the worship of the father god or the horned entity which is the period in which we’re currently in the midst of. This is why you see ads like Satan marrying 2020 because this is the spiritual period where they’ll become more open about their worship of Pan as well as Satan. They’ve been communicating their belief system through signs and symbols for ages but now soon enough they’ll be completely open about it.

Continuing on, this is a magazine cover with Melania Trump playing the role of Aurora or Hathor as the sun goddess by wearing the orange dress. She also has her left eye hidden to highlight her right eye which is for Horus, the son of Hathor. What should be noted is that Hathor is both the mother and consort of Horus which will be important to remember in a moment. Hathor is the sun goddess and the mother of Horus and so is a major deity within the Luciferian sphere; most notably in the Hollywood circles.

We now get to a photo which is of significant meaning and ties further into another angle. This is something that most people wouldn’t get off of first glance but we’ll break this down regardless. This is from Single New York Magazine and it features Melania Trump kissing another model dressed as a firefighter with the title, “Love after 9/11” so this was a 9/11 edition magazine post-attack. This picture here represents the union of the mother goddess Hathor and her son, Horus; believe it or not. Fire is aligned with the sun god Horus as fire is synonymous with the sun. Horus represents the great enlightener as the “light of the world”. Also, tying in the numerology of the date with Horus, the 9/11 date equals out to be 99 when you multiply 9 and 11. In numerology, the 9 is interchangeable with 6 so 99 is an upside down 66. The 66 is in extension the number 666 which is the number of the Sun King or that of the Beast.

Then we factor in the role of Hathor that Melania is playing. She’s wearing the black and white for duality and the bringing together of opposites. The white represents the moon while the gold or yellow on the firefighter’s jacket represents the sun and thus creates the image we see here which represents the sun and the moon coming together; literally the melding of opposites. The spiritual powers of Hathor also factors in to some extent with the symbolism here. Hathor is said to have crossed boundaries between worlds and helping deceased souls in the transition to the afterlife. Melania is playing the role of the maternal and nurturing aspect of Hathor who is helping to serve as the bridge for the souls who were killed in the heart of the universe, that being New York or modern day Heliopolis. She as the sun goddess is giving healing after the death of thousands and bringing light and love into the world along with her son through their bond. That is why you see and hear the phrases of “love” and “one” constantly spouted by the Luciferians. On the righteous side, it represents unity and charity amongst the church of Yahweh. On the left hand side, it represents unity and carnal love amongst the people spiritually rooted in this world and in the veneration of Horus and his mother. This is why you had the messages of unity and love being touted from the very same media owned by the ones who helped orchestrate that atrocity in its aftermath. They believe in unity, love, and peace as long as you accept to be subjected under their conditions. True peace never comes from mankind because humanity as a whole will never learn to understand how that peace is achieved without feeling the need to subject everyone by force to their idea of a peaceful utopia. That in of itself stems from their willful disconnection from the Most High and His Word that has lead them to be blinded and thus act in the way in which they have for pretty much all of human history. True peace comes from our bond to one another as the church of Yahweh through our love for the Most High. Without that spiritual connection, you have what you have now with humanity which is a bloodthirsty, greedy, vain, and wicked crop of creatures.

Getting back to the symbolism, the Ground Zero also to an extent relates to the Egyptian mysteries. The cult of the Mnevis bull, an embodiment of Ra, had its center in Heliopolis and there was a formal burial ground for the sacrificed bulls north of the city. This is symbolic of Ground Zero which is the burial ground for the sacrificed souls from the Twin Towers attack. That represents the formal burial ground back in Heliopolis for the sacrificed bulls. The people who were killed in that accident represent the sacrificed bulls from the perspective of those who orchestrated the ritual. On a side note, in the same way in which the cult of the Mnevis bull had its center in Heliopolis is the same way in which the bull has its center in modern day Heliopolis of New York City with the Charging Bull statue which is just an idol representing Baal or the Mnevis bull. The modern day cult of the Mnevis bull does truly have its center in New York as the modern day version is the corporate sector and financial district of Manhattan where the Charging Bull statue is. This is why all of the major corporation headquarters, businesses, and entertainment events along with the United Nations is all based in New York; it is the stronghold of the Beast.

Getting back to the title, “Love after 9/11”, it signifies the purpose of the 9/11 ritual which was to bring the world further to embracing the love of Pan or Horus that would precede the utopia under the rulership of Lucifer. The heart is a symbol aligned with the sun as the heart is deemed to be the fleshly center of the universe with the heart being the center and the human body being the fleshly counterpart of the universe. Horus being the sun god is also seen as the force of love on the left hand side. We made that connection before between the parrot god Kama and Cupid who is the Greek version of the boy god Heru. Heru or Horus is also seen as the “rising sun” or the sun on the horizon which when broken down means Heru Rising. That is why in the beginning scene of the Lion King movie, you have the rising sun because that was to note the rise of Heru which was the birth of Simba in the film. Heru as we covered in Part 3 is associated with the lion.

Getting back to the symbol of the Twin Towers, Heliopolis had the obelisk as well. The Twin Towers themselves are phallic symbols. They themselves are obelisks as well. What we do know is that the phallus represents the severed penis of Osiris or the shaft of Baal. Tying into the phallic twin towers being destroyed, it is an allusion to the death of Osiris or the end of the Osirian age. The death of Osiris is then followed by how Horus was born to Isis after she retrieved all the body parts of her dismembered husband Osiris expect for his phallus. Horus in some versions of the mythos was the resurrected Osiris. So getting back to the Twin Towers, what took its place in the way in which Horus took Osiris’ place? The One World Trade Center took the place of the Twin Towers. Of all the main names that they could’ve given to the tower that replaces the Twin Towers, they pick the One World Trade Center as its name. It is fitting because the attack was used as a way to usher in a new phase of the One World Order which was the implementation of a cyber-security surveillance state, the escalation of the Greater Israel Plan through the new War in the Middle East, and the further erosion of people’s privacy and fundamental rights. The “Love after 9/11” comes in the form of the age of Horus that was born through the attack and building of Freedom Tower. Its construction in the place of the Twin Towers is meant to serve as the physical marker of the age of Horus.

This here is an old depiction of Osiris and the Apis bull. We use this picture because of the twin pillars. Here it says, “The body of Osiris borne on the back of the sacred bull Apis. Osiris has been embalmed for burial and the pail contains his viscera. Over Osiris a hawk hovers, representing his Ka or spirit. The sky is supported by two phallic pillars.” Now you see the connection between the death of Osiris and the twin pillars. The spirit of Osiris springs forth and is hovering above his body. The hawk represents Horus. As Osiris’ body dies, his spirit lives on through Horus who takes his place. Horus is said to be the sky with the sun acting being his right eye and the moon his left eye. The pillars themselves symbolize the joining of heaven and earth from the Luciferian perspective. In the Ra-Harakhte version of Horus, he was the sun god who was responsible for the sun’s path across the sky. Horus is the guiding spirit for the nations after the death of Osiris and that is the spiritual energy that has been pushed and been guiding the country ever since the 9/11 ritual.

This is a magazine cover from Esquire that is 9/11 themed. It says, “What They Saw: Stories From Inside an American Tragedy.” What you see is the All Seeing Eye with the reflection of the Twin Towers exploding within the eye. The eye is the right eye and as we just discussed, it is for Horus. The right eye represents the sun. The attacks illuminated the world and brought it into another world of understanding. This was a ritual performed for many reasons but one of the main reasons was to promote the energy of Heru to the masses in ritual and to bring them into another world of understanding. The eye is often depicted as a portal in films. In movies and TV shows, the camera will sometimes go into a character’s eye which will then transition into another scene. It is to denote the esoteric meaning of the eye being a portal into another world. The portal is often represented or shown as a circle. The witches’ circle is meant to signify that portal to another world. The circle represents the center of energy that helps conjure up spirits and other forces from the spirit world. This image is meant to convey that.

This is now from Time magazine and as you see here, it shows the two beams of light shooting up from New York and into the universe. That is to once again convey a part of the spiritual component of what the 9/11 ritual actually was which was to create the spiritual energy needed to advance the reign of this kingdom further. Mass ritualistic sacrifice produces an immense amount of dark energy; ritualistic sacrifice in general does. The way in which this kingdom is maintained is through blood sacrifice. This is why you have these mass shootings and other mass killing events because that is what provides the dark energy to keep this kingdom in its rulership. In the ancient times, blood sacrifices were made regularly to create the perceived good energy to have success in their rulership. This is the whole reason also why you have Planned Parenthood and all of these abortions because that is the way that this kingdom can continue their traditional blood sacrifices at the rate that is needed to maintain their power. Many Satanists are in these clinics around the country, whether professional or not, and they perform these abortions as ritual sacrifices. This is why you have these mass traumatic events from the spiritual aspect. 

Just to close off on the symbolism, this is the infamous poster for the blockbuster film, “Die Hard” starring Bruce Willis. As you see, Willis’ right eye is covered by the exploding skyscraper which is eerily reminiscent of the Twin Tower explosion. This is one of the infamous yet numerous film references to 9/11. Not only is there references to 9/11 within the Die Hard saga but the original Die Hard film itself is of a similar light to the 9/11 event as John McClane played by Bruce Willis deals with a terrorist attack on the skyscraper which in this movie is the Fox Plaza building which is named for the move “Nakatomi Plaza”. Over the years, many film references have been noted regarding the predictive programming of 9/11 and it is such to the point that it cannot be denied that this event which was a massive ritual was not planned for years before hand.

We now get to the symbolism of the twin pillars and its parallel to the Twin Towers. Hearkening back to Masonic symbolism, we see here the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin and we see in the middle a woman paired with the Baphomet otherwise known as Pan. The goat-headed entity is meant to represent death. The goat-headed entity known as Banebdjedet in Ancient Egypt was meant to represent the soul of Osiris who as we know is the god of death or the crossroads; the pathway between the two worlds. It also represents death when we understand and remember how the goat is meant to represent sin. In reference to Romans 6:23, the wage of sin is death. By being the force of sin, Pan represents death and is the death-bringer to mankind spiritually.

With Pan being in the center of the pillars, it represents two things; the illumination which comes from walking in the path of Pan and the death which comes in the form of ritual sacrifice and really from a righteous perspective one’s own spiritual death as they choose to follow down that path to follow the goat god.

We’re now going to see a few examples of the twin pillars and its association with death as well as illumination. This is a poster for the 1976 rendition of King Kong. As you see here, King Kong is hovering over the twin pillars and is facing coming attacks from the fighter planes surrounding him. This in reference to King Kong’s death. Kong would be struck down from the planes while basically being in between the towers or the pillars and would fall to his death. In between the two pillars, King Kong meets his demise. Take note that this was not in the original film which first came out in the 30s but was added here. The original film had King Kong climb up another phallic symbol in the Empire State Building and being shot down from there.  

Here we now have subliminal symbolism at its finest. This is an album cover from a band called Supertramp. The waitress is seen playing the role of the Statue of Liberty. The menu is in place of the book which the Statue of Liberty holds and the glass of orange juice is in place of her torch. This is to denote the understanding that the mother goddess is the enlightener of mankind. She is in the orange shirt to denote illumination and the she is the proverbial sun. The orange juice is acting as the torch. The orange juice is situated between the two pillars to denote the illumination which comes when you pass between the two pillars. The Twin Towers attack was a ritual which opened up a spiritual gateway into another realm or dimension to conjure up the spiritual energy necessary to continue the reign of the elite. Also to note, the orange juice being situated between the pillars is meant to denote that fire or destruction as the mother goddess lays her torch to set the pillars ablaze not only for its destruction but for its rebirth through illumination as destruction is seen as just a part of the cycle which brings forth order out of chaos. The entire order out of chaos doctrine stems from the Luciferian symbolism of the illumination which comes from destruction and rebirth. They deem that growth for the better is achieved after the destruction of the old self.

Here is the last example regarding the twin towers. Remember early in Part 4 where we said to keep this photo in mind? This photo is now of more resonance. This is NBA Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing who was a famous player for the New York Knicks. Ewing as we went over before went to Georgetown and so has some form of Jesuit background. Anyone of prominence who came out of Georgetown has some form of Jesuit ties. Ewing also came into the league with the number ‘33’ for illumination, enlightenment, the 33 vertebrae that leads to the brain, and also for 1/3rd or 33% of the angels in Heaven who were deceived by Satan and fell from Heaven. Other prominent players such as Larry Bird, Shaquille O’Neal, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Scottie Pippen have also worn the number 33. Most of the players who wear that number are most likely Monarch athletes or were put under the programming at some stage in their life. They’re at the very least Luciferians.

Looking at the picture, it says here, “Starting Oct. 26 The New York Skyline Will Never Be The Same”. You then see Ewing standing next to the towers and places the basketball just about between them. The basketball is meant to represent the sun. NBA players have sometimes revered the basketball as the sun. The basketball also has been conventionally used to take the form of the sun as well. Combine the symbol of the basketball with the number 33 and you get the overall theme of illumination. The New York skyline would never look the same after the Twin Towers collapse and from that collapse, the illumination that would help maintain the reign of this kingdom would spring forth from the spiritual gateway between the two pillars that would be conjured through that mass sacrifice.

Whether or not Ewing understood what the attack was all about is just up for speculation. It is possible that he didn’t know what that attack was for on a spiritual level. Most of these actors and others who take part in these forms of predictive programming don’t know what they’re apart of or what it is exactly that they’re doing. However, some of them are specifically used to take part in their role in these forms of predictive programming. Their handlers know what these events are but they puppet their assets to be the smiling faces for their omens of the spells that they cast on the masses. The NBA has been long associated with and is still deeply rooted in Luciferianism. Just a note to that, the first NBA store was opened up at 666 5th Avenue in New York. That is quite an interesting place for the NBA to open up their shop at.

This is another picture that Ewing took with the Twin Towers. This time, he is with teammate Bill Cartwright. He is in between the twin pillars. Cartwright is upside down while Ewing is not. This is to convey the symbol of ‘As Above, So Below’, a Masonic principle that signifies duality and that there is no right or wrong and that good is evil and evil is good. You have the Masonic duality symbol of ‘As Above, So Below’ and the Masonic twin pillars. Most of the prominent athletes are Masons. Nonetheless, this was another omen.

Finally, another picture here shows Ewing with the Twin Towers. Ewing is once again holding the basketball to signify illumination. However, what is different here is two things; the separation between them by the waters and Ewing’s bent leg. One of the meanings of water as a symbol is that it represents the pathway between the two worlds. The reflection of a building or a person upon a water’s surface is meant to represent the ‘As above, so below’ principle. It is to represent that spiritual gateway. On the other hand, Ewing’s bent leg is meant to allude to something known as the Hanged Man.

This is the Hanged Man tarot card which is a symbol of significant meaning on an esoteric level. The man is suspended from a T-shaped cross which is said to be made of living wood. The man is hanging upside down and is viewing the world from a different perspective. His facial expression is calm and relaxed which shows that his hanging is by his own choice. The halo around his head symbolizes a new form of understanding, enlightenment, and heightened awareness. His right foot is tied to the tree but his left foot is free and is tucked behind his right leg. He has his arms bent and has his hands held behind his back which forms an inverted triangle. He is wearing the red and blue for the Hegelian dialectic representing ‘as above, so below’ and the Saturnian principle of fire and ice; the bringing together of both opposite forces which seemingly creates perfection. The blue shirt itself represents knowledge.

The Hanged Man card is said to be the card of ultimate surrender, suspension in time, martyrdom, and sacrifice for the greater good. These Luciferians believe in the power of sacrifice and that it is essential for continuous success and long life or rather immortality. Some of them even accepting self-sacrifices because of this belief in that it is for the greater good in the advancement of the Great Work. This is the same view that they hold to justify for the mass killing of over a thousand people on 9/11; that it was for the greater good.

Now going back to the Ewing photo, he has the bent leg for the Hanged Man and the basketball in his hand for enlightenment. This symbolizes Ewing acting as the foreteller of this event and that it was to enlighten the world to bring it into another form of understanding and that it was a sacrifice for the greater good to help bring the world one step closer to the Great Work.

Tying this all together now, this in fact Patrick Ewing from “The Exorcist 3” playing the Angel of Death while playing tarot cards. The Grim Reaper or an angel of death is seen as a foreteller or sign of oncoming death. Ewing for some reason was tapped to play this role in both film and in real life through signs and symbols. Either way, when you look at this dream sequence scene from the film, you’ll see the Hanged Man card flash for a few seconds on the screen. So you have here the connection between Patrick Ewing and the tarot cards. Interestingly enough, The Exorcist is also set in Georgetown which just so happens to be where Ewing was educated and had graduated from. It is quite interesting to see Ewing play this role and for there to be these level of connections. Certainly, there is more to Ewing than what meets the eye.

This is the last part of the segment on the Twin Towers. This is one of the posters from Home Alone 2 and is one of the many “predictive programming” omens of the Twin Tower collapse. Here is the mother goddess aka the Statue of Liberty in the center of the photo. What most won’t catch is the spikes of her crown piercing through the Twin Towers. It is another subtle foretelling sign of the destruction of the Twin Towers. Funny enough, this is the film where Donald Trump made his infamous cameo with Macaulay Culkin. This leads us to the last and final point on this segment.

This is a shot from a 2010 Serta Mattress commercial that Donald Trump did. When you watch the commercial, it is Trump talking with the Serta Mattress sheep and offers him to work for him. Trump brings him into the hall as you can see here and the job is for him to stand on the pillar and welcome the guest to their designated room. What would the guest then do after he entered the room? He would sleep in, right? The Serta Mattress sheep then asks the sheep rhetorically, “Where is your dignity?” This was a form of mockery done on the people who still believed in the entire 9/11 narrative and how they are still asleep because you’ll see that the sheep are numbered with either 9s or 11s. The elites and those of the initiated who knows what this society is truly about really think of the people as dumb useless eaters who know nothing and will simply eat up everything that they tell them and don’t have any fight to stand up for themselves or their rights; they have “no dignity” as the sheep said here in a mocking tone. Trump is a part of those elite as well who thinks of the people as sheep as well because for one, he pulled off this MAGA deception on all of the naïve people out there who still believes that man can be humanity’s savior and generally because he’s been conning people for ages as a businessman. He’s a part of the Zionist club who already thinks of everyone who is not them as subhuman and goyim or cattle that can be abused, murdered, and raped per the law of the Talmud that they follow.

For those that don’t know, Trump was prominent in New York at the time while his partner-in-crime Rudy Giuliani was Mayor who had some shady ties to the entire 9/11 event himself. Trump knew what that entire event all meant and that is why he took part in this mock ritual commercial for Serta Mattress. They take everything as a joke; especially death and destruction. Think of how the Joker laughs at death and destruction. That is the attitude that the elite carry because they are all Saturnian and take death as a joke for that reason.

The masses certainly don’t help themselves to change their reputation because they continue to fall for these narratives such as left versus right and the entire culture war and fall for these characters like Trump. The entire reason why they were able to get away with as much as they did with this pandemic was because they had Trump distracting most people instead of truly focusing on all of these laws and executive orders that they were signing while most weren’t looking and giving out more corporate welfare to these multi-million and billion dollar corporations to help create the greatest upward transfer of wealth in history which Trump helped preside over. Once again, he is no different than nearly every other president before him in giving bailouts and favor to the billion-dollar corporations, monopolies, and institutions that destroy the country for profit everyday; whether it is from Big Pharma to Big Oil to the Big Banks. Trump was the one who was behind Operation Warp Speed and all of the emergency use authorized vaccines that is being injected into millions of people at the moment. He was the one sitting up there shilling on the debate stage for Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, and Pfizer. When you make this point to Trump’s idolatrous fanbase, they say that it was a blessing in disguise and that he did that so we could get out of lockdowns sooner. They say that even though people should not have let it go this far to begin with. People should not have let the government put stipulations on them and use their natural given right to work and move freely as a carrot to dangle in front of them. What has happened is by people’s own inaction. It was the people that allowed this to go as far as it did and this could’ve been stopped way earlier but of course people were caught up in the political narrative when both sides were in on this entire psy-op that is the ‘plandemic’. The Trump crowd would without a doubt blame anyone else if they did the same sort of shilling for Big Pharma that Trump did but they of course excuse it because they themselves are still stuck in this Matrix system thinking that the solution is political and it is not. Once again, this is not a political site that favors left or right; this is a truthful site that is to show you that the left and right wing are two sides of the same coin and the fight is really between the people and those in power and who have influence. It is spiritual warfare; not political or cultural that is being waged on us everyday.

Getting back to Melania Trump and Luciferian symbolism, we continue with these pair of photos. She is wearing the shimmering silver which is for the moon goddess. The colors silver and white are mostly meant to represent the moon. They worship the celestial bodies; specifically the sun and the moon and they attribute both to the so-called divine child Horus.

Here is now another picture which is subtle symbolism. Melania is posing in the red lingerie next to the plane while holding a gun. Melania is in the red for Isis as that is the color for Isis. It is mainly the color for the mother goddess otherwise known as the Whore of Babylon. The plane is meant to represent her son, Horus as the god of the sky. Planes and jets are likened unto falcons or hawks or eagles or other birds. Horus is symbolized primarily as the falcon but also as the hawk. The plane also has the red and white for the pschent or crown of Horus. Her right arm is upward for the Mother Goddess similar to how the Statue of Liberty poses with the upward right hand. The gun is a phallic symbol and represents the shaft of Osiris. Remember that the phallus in alchemy is seen as the fleshly manifestation of the sun or the great life-bringer because of the power of sex magic primarily but also creation through procreation. The gun or the shaft is acting as the torch as they both represent illumination or enlightenment but just in different ways. The entire picture represents the triune of Isis, Horus, and Osiris.

This is Melania Trump again posing next to the plane; this time she is on the steps. Donald Trump is in the car next to her. Melania Trump is pregnant and is on the steps of the plane. That symbolizes Horus in the womb. You have the symbol of the pregnant stomach bearing the unborn child together with the plane and that makes out to be the falcon god Horus yet to be born. The steps also represent the “Stairway to Heaven”, the pathway to a higher form of understanding and to be spiritually transported between worlds by being guided and empowered by spiritual beings from the spirit realm and having a god-like understanding in knowing of the “other side”.

Just to confirm the connection between Horus and the plane, this is from a photo-shoot of Monarch child Drew Barrymore. As you see, she is covering her right eye with the plane. She is doing that to venerate Horus as the falcon god since the right eye is for the falcon god or the god of flight Horus. She is also covering her right eye to highlight her left eye for the mother goddess. You also have the red background to represent blood sacrifice and the overall nature of the entertainment industry in that it is centered on the Babylonian mysteries. So both Horus and his mother are being venerated here as the gods of the entertainment industry and of the elite.

Here is Melania now in the purple dress while lying on the golden cloth. The gold and purple color scheme is for the royal court of the jesters. It is based in Saturnianism. The gold represents the sun in alchemy while the purple is the color created when the red and blue is mixed together; in other words when fire and ice is brought together or the sun and the ice planet known as Saturn is amalgamated. On the other hand, the purple is also for the Whore of Babylon in reference to Revelation 17:4 which details the woman arrayed in purple and scarlet color and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls. Many of these models and actresses play out this role in photo-shoots or in public events. It is to pay homage to the mother goddess.

This is Melania Trump at Inauguration day dressed in the turquoise color. The turquoise color is the cow goddess Hathor, the mother of Horus. People may get confused over Hathor and Isis both being the mother of Horus but to clear this up, there is versions of the mythos that says Hathor is the mother while primarily it states that Isis is the mother. It doesn’t matter because Hathor and Isis are the same entity because they’re simply manifestations of the same woman that lived named Semiramis.

Either way, it is important to note how her home country decided to put up a statue of her making this exact pose. One would wonder why they would feel driven to make a statue or really an idol of Melania Trump making this specific pose. The reason for this is because the upright hand is really a hand sign that witches would do to affirm their status as a witch; believe it or not.

This is an example of the witches’ hand sign which affirms that they’re a witch. This is singer Lana Del Rey and as you can see she is making the same pose with the upright hand. She is wearing all-black to further note herself as a witch while posing in front of the red background which symbolizes blood sacrifice. She herself is a self-admitted witch and came out as a witch by calling for other witches to join her in casting curses on Donald Trump in a witches gathering. So this goes to show you what that hand sign is really about; it is to affirm one’s status of being a witch. People will say that cursing event from Lana Del Rey somehow confirms that Trump is not one of them but as we’ve went over, witches fight all the time as do people of any group. Just because a witch fights against a witch, that doesn’t mean the person is not a part of the same thing. A part of it is media contrived and for show with bad actors like Quincy Jones or other big wigs pretending to dislike Trump but another part of it is real and there are Luciferians who are at odds with Trump from either a political standpoint or from a magical stance that has lead into both the contrived culture war and really the magical war behind the scenes amongst the elite. Saying that there is a magical war between them is not far-fetched because as we just went over, they’re casting spells against him. If Lana Del Rey did it, then it is without a doubt that many others in that sphere casted their own spells against Trump as well and him in return.

Just to show you the hand sign that she is doing, this is the specific sign with the label, “Ye great sign of Koth”. The witch is instructed to do this with their left hand and as we saw, Lana Del Rey posed with her left hand as did Melania Trump. This is from the Necronomicon which was written by HP Lovecraft and some will say that it is a work of fiction but as we see here, it is Luciferian in nature as these are all Luciferian hand signs and it clearly isn’t fiction to these witches as Lana Del Rey was making the same hand sign. HP Lovecraft himself was a high level Luciferian witch who had influence on the likes of Anton LaVey in his rituals. Either way, this is all rooted in the Babylonian mysteries as you can see.

This is now a photo of Melania Trump in the bed naked on top of the fox fur. The fox is a symbol of trickery or of invoking chaos so she is literally in bed with the trickster. She has her left hand handcuffed to the briefcase. This symbolizes her bondage to Saturn and is to show that she is bound to the contract between her and Saturn; believe it or not. She is a prisoner of Saturn and is at the mercy of Saturn. She has to do any and everything that her handlers tell her to do; including her husband. The briefcase has often been used as a symbol of the soul, in this case which represents the spirit of Saturn. You see this in the film Pulp Fiction with the briefcase that is sought after. The code to unlock the briefcase was ‘666’; the Mark of the Beast and the number for Saturn. When John Travolta’s character opens up the briefcase, it showed a radiating orange light. It represents the soul of Osiris or Saturn. This can also be seen in show ‘Supernatural’ where sometime in Season 6, Death wields a briefcase which houses the soul of the main character Sam which was trapped in Hell. Sam himself was the vessel for Lucifer in the show. That is the reason why they gave him that name ‘Sam’ because it was a variation of the name Samael and that really was a foretelling sign that he was going to be the vessel for Lucifer who is really Satan in the show. Lucifer and Satan are two separate entities. Lucifer represents Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis while Satan is what we know from the scriptures as the adversary to mankind.

This photo is to show that Melania Trump, like everyone else in that world, is bound to Saturn. They are bound to the contract where they sold their soul. They are slaves to their handlers and have to do anything that they tell them to do; including sex slavery as all of the BETA assets like Melania and Ivanka Trump are forced to through their programming.

This is the last photo of the Melania Trump angle just to tie it into our last statement made. This is from the 1996 Max magazine shoot that featured her in nude as we saw previously when discussing her modeling origins. As you see here, she is in bed with another model and nude. This of course is a modeling shoot but it really visualizes the reality of what these BETA sex kittens lives are. They have to have sex with both men and women; whether they’re royal family members, government officials, politicians, executives, producers, actors, athletes, musicians, regular people, etc. The core of the Babylonian mysteries is sex magic. This is where the source of their magic primarily comes from besides blood sacrifice. The reason for this is because sex is also a spiritual transaction of energies. Not to be vulgar but the woman can be affected from a minimal amount of another man’s DNA that their vagina absorbs. This is why many women who have slept with a lot of men clearly and visibly have mental and spiritual issues. Due to the genetic make-up of the woman’s biology, it was not meant for the woman to have multiple partners and is why the Most High outlawed it within the scriptures for a woman to have any partner other than her husband. So when these women in the industry are going through all of these sexual rituals, they as well as the men are opening up their bodies to attract demonic forces because participating in not only promiscuous sex but also ritualistic sex breaks down the spiritual protection that a person has from such demons. This is why after a while; these celebrities begin to see demons in the mirror which is why many of them don’t have mirrors in their house. Participating in such sex acts, especially with the same gender, also breaks down one’s sexual inhibitions which lead them to do more wild things sexually through the influence of demonic sex spirits like the succubus and the incubus. That is the reality of the Luciferian world or the world behind the curtains because conventional media, politics, and current events are simply theater and most of the people are a part of the audience.

This leaves us to the end of this series. Hopefully, after reading through this series, you can come to the understanding of what this entire Trump narrative is all about and can see through the ‘MAGA’ deception. Donald Trump and his family are Luciferians just like everyone else is in that world. It’s still up for question as to whether or not they’ll still perform a mass trauma event with Trump being assassinated which is a card that they can use. If that were to happen, it wouldn’t happen anytime soon but it would most likely be done in 2024 if Trump were to somehow run again and was assassinated by a DELTA asset which would set off a civil war and send the country into full blown martial law and truly be the end for this society.

Having said that, we leave off of this series with this verse from Matthew 19:23 which states, “Then said Yahweh Ben Yahweh unto his disciples, Verily I say unto you, That a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven.” No matter what one thinks, no billionaire of this kingdom, especially Trump, will ever enter the kingdom of heaven because they are the living embodiment of the antithesis of what the Most High desires in mankind which is to be charitable and humble to one another and to not be greedy or vain or selfish. Being a multi-billionaire in this kingdom is the ultimate form of greed and vanity. So no matter how one may naively try to paint Donald Trump as this savior who is chosen to save the people, it is simply and truly erroneous.

To those who still are in the Trump crowd, remember that faith is never to be put into a man but it is to be into the Most High and His Son. It is not to be put in any king, queen, prince, princess, senator, mayor, governor, etc. It may be hard for some to understand this but it is necessary to be said so one can understand why this is all a deception and just how truly important and crucial it is to have faith in the Most High and not this kingdom. We have all had our forms of societal engineering and cultural programming that we’ve had to deprogram ourselves from and not everyone has reached this stage but hopefully, more people can reach this stage. Yes, we are in the time of Revelation but we are also in the time of mercy. Until this kingdom meets it’s end and begins to go down a spiral that is clear that it cannot come back from, there is still time to reach the Most High and truly awaken from this deception and set a new path spiritually in the truth.

With that being said, thank you for reading. Peace to you all.