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As the 2020 Election drama has finalized, we now have the Biden witch coven occupying the White House. Joe Biden has been anointed the office of the Corporation of the United States and is running the same operations which were left off by Barack Obama. Donald Trump served as the world figure of Set or the great trickster or joker during his time as president. He served his purpose in “disrupting the system” through chaos and bringing the world into the next stage of the age of the trickster or the great joker as Saturn or the horned god. As we go further in these last days, the controllers of this society are going to reveal more and more about who it is that they worship in secret. They will show that they not only venerate the mother goddess figure and the “divine” son entity but that they also venerate the horned god which is culturally labeled as Lucifer but is actually Pan or Khnum. They haven’t promoted the veneration of the horned god outright because society has had a negative perception of that entity and is put off from that image because of the Christian roots of society which taught generations to associate the image of the horned god with Satan or darkness. They aligned the image of Mary and Jesus in Catholicism to that of Isis and Horus or Auset and Heru or Devaki and Krishna which are all representations of Semiramis and Tammuz. They did this in order to bring the masses under the energy of the mother goddess and her son and to be familiar with it so that they would eventually worship that courtship instead of actually following the scriptures. If you go through the Bible, Mary is barely mentioned. She was simply chosen to be the mother of Christ. She did not have any divine powers nor was she ever a figure directed in the scriptures to be held up in veneration in any way. The Catholic Church or the Latin Church of Rome used Mary as a way to venerate the mother goddess in a veiled way through her image. It is because of this that goddess worship has become more palatable among the masses for over 60 years. Keep in mind that the sexual revolution and the goddess movement really took off in the 60’s and 70’s which then grew more and more later down the line to where we are now. The masses have already for the most part fully transitioned over to worshiping or adhering to the “divine feminine” or the feminine principle along with the “divine son” or the hermaphroditic principle. The emasculation of men today through social engineering all stems from the Phrygian tale of the dynamic of Attis and Cybele where Attis castrated himself in a symbol of devotion to his mother, Cybele. The priests of Cybele were eunuchs as they would castrate themselves with the belief that they were giving their fertility to Cybele physically and symbolically. They were known as “Galli” or the eunuch-priests of the mother goddess.

That is where the emasculation of the male stems from. That is the energy which has been pushed on men today which is that they’re supposed to venerate the female as being the “life-bearer” and that allegedly life comes from her when in all actuality it takes both the male and the female to create life. All of that is in the energy of goddess worship. The media has been pushing that because not only are they themselves venerators of Semiramis or Eve but so are the ones who gave them that message to relay to the masses which are the international banking families. These families like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers all worship the mother goddess along with her son but mainly the father god or the horned god. Those families venerate the “Black Sun” or the planet Saturn. They operate under that energy of malevolence. They have no qualms about what it is that they do on the world stage and they’re upfront about it. They claim openly that a “new world order” must be established or depopulation is an ideal and necessary thing to be implemented. They say all that proudly because they not only know that nothing is going to happen to them for saying that since they are the ones who control the money but it is also because they are left-hand path magicians. All of the prominent members of these banking families are all Saturnians or “black magicians”. They court these high-ranking demonic entities or princes of the underworld regularly in order to preserve the necessary demonic energy needed to preserve their rulership in this kingdom of theirs. They communicate with Satan directly because in order to be made king of his realm you must follow his command from a spiritual and ritualistic level. That was seen in Matthew 4 where Satan takes Christ to the mountain top and is telling him that he would give him the world if he just worshiped him. It shows you that in order to be a ruler or a king on this planet, you must worship Satan. Point being is that the masses have been receptive to the veneration of the mother and son/hermaphrodite dynamic as Isis and Horus or Cybele and Attis and they seemingly are ready to now venerate the horned god Pan who is Cush. There has never been a time in this society where there has been more wiccans, witches, Satanists, or Luciferians than now. People already joke now about worshiping Satan or selling their soul for fame. It’s not only because of them being dumbed down but it is also because that Luciferian energy has been so pervasive for so long that most people have now become familiarized with it and see nothing wrong with going against the Most High. With that in place, the elite now know that the next step is to push this society toward worshiping the horned god openly; especially since we are getting closer to the end.

Donald Trump’s reign was necessary to be put in place in order to brand everyone who think opposite of what the mainstream media says or the government advises as domestic terrorists or threats to national security who need to be monitored or listed as potential dissidents of the U.S. government. That was what the entire Capitol riot on January 6th was about. It was to precipitate the legislation afterwards which would further restrict at first and later outright ban anyone who spoke against the narrative or the “experts” within the media from the CDC or WHO or any other official entity or organization. This entire plot or psy-op of QAnon was all to lump in every one who were questioning the virus or the government to be labeled or marked as “conspiracy theorists” and to be branded as threats to the security of the country. They had the riot occur in order to portray to the masses that this is supposedly what happens when “conspiracy theories” are taken too far. This leads to people going to the U.S. Capitol and attempting to destroy the government. It leads to people thinking that “conspiracy theories” are dangerous and it must be stopped from circulating on the Internet which is what sets the foundation for the government and these social media platforms to ban everyone who is thought to be a “conspiracy theorist”. Really, it is leading to the Internet being outright shutdown later down the line. When this society collapses, there won’t be any Internet to capture anything going on pertaining to military action in America against its citizens. Point being is that as the elite begin to drive this society more towards the final phase of the completion of the “Great Work”, this society will be inundated with the energy of the trickster or the horned god which means that the masses will be driven mad and into submission to the dictates of this society. This also comes with the destruction of this society as the energy of the trickster is tied in with destruction as Saturn who is the trickster is also the god of death and destruction. In order for the new age of the trickster or the horned god to have been ushered in, they had to have a trickster bring this society down towards that energy where everyone is losing their minds about everything; where everyone is on extreme ends of the spectrum with no place for compromise. That is what Donald Trump served as for four years. That was his whole purpose. He was the great instigator who brought forth chaos. If you look back at the Joker film in the chase scene, Arthur Fleck or the Joker is evading the two police officers on the train and he ends up taking off a person’s clown mask off of his face so that he’d retaliate. The man pushed him into another person who was standing which knocked him down and that person turned around and punched the man in the face and started a big riot on the train which led to the two cops getting caught in the midst of it and being killed. That was a prime example of the Joker creating chaos. It is the same thing with Donald Trump. He instigated as the Joker or the trickster does and he brought forth chaos on numerous occasions; mainly with this Capitol riot event.

For Donald Trump to pose and act as if he was this great savior or the outsider who was going to “drain the swamp” and “bring back America”, he had to serve as the trickster or the Joker. These Luciferians behind closed doors laugh at the naivety of the people and how they fell for Trump as being one of the good guys. Trump operates under the principle of chaos magic or bringing about discord; even at the highest levels among his other Luciferians. That means that even when he communicates with these Luciferian sects, he goes against them sometimes for the sake of doing so. Out of his own words, he embraces and revels in chaos. In spite of this, Trump is still controlled opposition at the end of the day. He still has to answer to the same people as Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Nixon, Carter, Johnson, etc all had to. Not only is Donald Trump apart of the Luciferian sect, he is one of the top ones. You cannot become president of the corporation of the United States which is the modern day Babylon unless you yourself are a part of that Luciferian sphere. He is an illuminist just as every other major president was. The only difference is that he serves on the other end of the spectrum and is not in agreement with certain sects as much as the other presidents were. Just because he was not in agreement with what his handlers wanted him to do a lot of the time, this does not mean that he was against the Luciferian order or that he was one of the “good guys”. Several presidents got on the nerves of their handlers because they didn’t want to go along with the script and they went off-script because they had their own ideas in mind. John F. Kennedy is a prime example. He was against a lot of the things that his handlers wanted him to do or wanted to accomplish but he was still a Luciferian and was still a part of that world. It’s the same thing with Trump. He got on the nerves of his handlers enough to the point where they placed the entire media against him but not enough to where they felt the need to remove him via an assassination during his presidency. They only remove a president when he is going too far off script and is bringing the country back from the trajectory of the plan of the “Great Work”. If they do in fact set up an assassination of Trump down the line, it would all be for the sake of the script. He would simply be taking the bullet in efforts to serve as a sacrifice to make the “Great Work” be established. Having said that, we will be going one last time into not only Trump’s personal history and ties to Luciferianism but also his own family’s as well which means his wife and his children.

One thing which is done for generational Luciferian families is that they indoctrinate their children into Luciferianism and the occult through colleges or universities which they go to. At those universities, they are introduced to the rituals in a more formalized way as part of a certain cult which is within a certain fraternity or secret organization. A prime example is the Bushes who are rooted in Yale through the Skull & Bones society. They get introduced to the occult in order to be a part of the craft in a more organized manner. The children of these families are already introduced to the rituals and experience satanic ritual abuse from birth a lot of the time. However, they are not a part of the entire scheme where they are answering to handlers and leading rituals just yet since they’re still young. They’re still in the stages of programming where they’re being put through the trauma that is needed to split the mind in order to create the alters which can be used by their handlers to perform the tasks which they give them. It is only until they’ve reached the necessary level of programming where they are put out into their industry or field in order to operate and perform their tasks as an employee of the “Great Work”. This brings us to Donald Trump and his “educational” background. Their education is not exactly centered on their academics but it is rather them being educated in being a member of Luciferianism in an organizational manner. Trump spent two years at Fordham University and later graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. What both of these colleges have in common is that they are under the influence of the Jesuits. The Jesuits are basically the intelligence agency of the Catholic Church who go about starting wars, creating chaos, and ultimately subverting the world over to Luciferianism. Everything falls under the umbrella of the Catholic Church. Everyone has to answer to the Pope who is the vicar of Ausar or the Antichrist spirit. Even the major banking families go to the Pope since he is the spiritual head of this Luciferian kingdom. The banking families rule the world from a monetary and diplomatic level but the Pope and the Vatican rule the world from the highest level which is the spiritual level. Point is that Trump was a part of not only one overt Jesuit University but another covert one because the University of Pennsylvania is under the influence of the Jesuits quiet as kept. People will wonder how Donald Trump is a part of the Jesuit branch when he is tied to Zionism and the Kabbalah. That is because the Catholic Church is tethered to the Zionist state of Israel. Remember that the Pope wears the kippah or the yarmulke on top of his head. Zionism and the Kabbalah are the highest branches of the Babylonian tree since it is the magical belief system of the ruling tribe over this world which is the Zionist Jews. It is however connected to the Vatican as well. That is for another day. Point being is that Trump has Jesuit ties through his attendance to both Fordham and the University of Pennsylvania. One thing to highlight is that one of the two senators who lead the efforts to overturn the election results who is Josh Hawley also has Jesuit ties as he attended the Jesuit Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, MO. He also attended Yale which means he was also a member of the Skull & Bones society. Not only is he under the Jesuits but he is also a “Bonesman”.  The other senator who led the effort was Ted Cruz who attended Princeton University which is a major institution involved in Monarch programming. He also attended Harvard University as well. It shows that all of this is orchestrated and how certain figures take sides against one another since they are a part of their own fraternities or covens. There are many different covens and cults which are present within the body of the “Great Work” and they all have different approaches and perspectives on what they think is best to do.

Either way, these two universities also have an esoteric or occult resonance as well which ties into the Luciferian aspect of Trump’s origins. Before we go into both of those universities, we will quickly touch on the term, “alma mater”; a term which is used to describe a college that a person formerly attended. It has a pagan resonance as well. As it reads above, it states, “Alma mater is an allegorical Latin phrase for a university, school, or college that one formerly attended. In US usage, it can also mean the school from which one graduated. The phrase is variously translated as ‘nourishing mother’, ‘nursing mother’, or ‘fostering mother’, suggesting that a school provides intellectual nourishment to its students.” That entire understanding goes back to the concept of Isis Lactans who is often depicted with the exposed left breast which is to denote her as the nourishing mother. The milk is an ancient symbol for knowledge. The term cereal stems from the name of Ceres who was the goddess of the grain. Just to prove a point, here is the next line of text which proves exactly what I’m saying here.

It says here, “Before its current usage, alma mater was an honorific title for various Latin mother goddesses, especially Ceres or Cybele, and later in Catholicism for the Virgin Mary.” That line right there not only proves that the colleges are under the influence of the pagan energy but as is Catholicism with the image of the Virgin Mary which proves my earlier point about the conflation of Mary of the scriptures to the mother goddess image by the powers that be. It further states, “It entered academic usage when the University of Bologna adopted the motto Alma Mater Studiorum (‘nurturing mother of studies’), which describes it heritage as the oldest operating university in the Western world. It is related to alumnus, a term used for a university graduate that literally means a ‘nursing’ or ‘one who is nourished’”. That shows that the founders of the University of Bologna which was founded in 1088 understood the pagan concept of the veneration of the mother goddess as the “nourishing mother” who brought forth the divine knowledge or the heka. Pertaining to the term alumnus, it shows that when you are called an alumni of your university or your “alma mater”, you were “nourished” by the “nourishing mother” or the goddess of knowledge Isis or Cybele or Ceres. It goes to show that this is what universities have been and are all about; that being the foregrounds for the teaching of the mother goddess and the father god because even the degree which you receive is in reference to the father god Bacchus or Dionysus. The bachelor’s degree or the baccalaureate stems from the name Bacchus. To earn a bachelor’s degree is said to be a cause for laud and laudatory celebrations because Bacchus was also called Laudator which stems from “laurel” which is a tree-bush sacred to the Greek sun god Apollo who presented his love for Daphne with the crown of laurel bushes. The other name for Bacchus was Liber because knowledge was seen as providing liberty and also serving as a source for some to take excessive liberties, a characteristic of the libertines and of those excessively fond of libido i.e. sexual activities as the veneration of the Bacchus through the Bacchanalia consisted of wine and revelry where the participants would partake in frenzied orgiastic rituals to honor Bacchus. That is why college campuses are notorious for students having sex or orgies or drinking heavily because these colleges, especially the main Ivy-league colleges, are under the energy of the Bacchus along with Ceres or Cybele. The term Ivy-leagueis also in reference to Bacchus as he also was depicted with the crown of ivy in order to prevent intoxication. The colleges are also fashioned to be groves. The college campuses are often situated in forests or green environments because it is meant to venerate Pan as he was the Greek goat god of the wild groves. It all comes around to the pagan veneration of the Babylonian mysteries. Since we have cemented the understanding that the elite universities or colleges are the grounds of knowledge or teaching for the initiates or libertines of Bacchus, we will go into the esoteric aspect of both of Trump’s universities.

Here is the logo for the Fordham University and as you can see, their emblem is the goat. Now, you have to ask. If this is a university operated by a group which is said to allegedly be pledged to the worship of Christ then why is their emblem the goat which is a symbol for sin and of the image of the Baphomet or Lucifer? It is a tell-tale sign that the Jesuits are only operating for the efforts of Christ by name; not by works. They are working for the Antichrist; not exactly the Christ of the Bible who is Yahweh Ben Yahweh. They are working for Tammuz which means that they not only venerate him but his mother and his father as well along with Cush and Ham. As you can see, the logo above also has the black, white, and red for the satanic Black Mass for Pan. The roots of Donald Trump based in Fordham were of the goat god Pan or Khnum or Banebdjedet. Pan is also Saturn as the astrological sign for the planet Saturn is of the goat with fish tail as Capricorn. The image of the Capricorn is meant to denote the co-regency or co-rulership of Cush and Nimrod as Cush was the goat god and Nimrod was the fish god when he was reborn as Dagon in the tale of Osiris. Once again, it shows what type of energy or knowledge base is being presented or taught within this college. It is a Jesuit university and as we know they are operating under that Luciferian energy as is the entire body of the Vatican and the Pope as well. It is to train the elite or “chosen” students of the veneration of Pan.

Here is now the University of Pennsylvania. Now, it has three symbols on it’s logo which are the open books, the dolphin, and the three plates which are the circles on the chevron within the logo. The open books are to allude to the knowledge one ought to attain from during their time at the temple of the “Magna Mater or the “great mother” Cybele. It is the foregrounds for the initial stages of the knowledge of the left hand path which the secret “chosen” initiates take when going forth in their prepping for the world stage because these universities are where they first gain notoriety which serves as a preset for their success on the world stage thereafter. The dolphin now is a significant symbol which also has ties to the Bacchus or Dionysus. The symbol of the dolphin is associated with Dionysus because of the tale when he was at Naxos headed for Asia and encountered a group of pirates who planned to sell him into slavery, Dionysus caused ivy to grow all over the ship and turned all the pirates into dolphins. This was seen as a symbol of power and strength which supposedly was where he started being venerated as a god. That is the reason for the dolphin being there. It is also to venerate Apollo as the dolphin was sacred to him. We all know previously from Part 2 that Trump has or had a painting of the sun god Apollo in his penthouse which is clear evidence of his veneration of Apollo. Keep in mind that these Luciferians worship many gods because that is the structure of Luciferian polytheistic belief which is that there are all of these different gods for different attributes or aspects of life and the world. It is all a bunch of nonsense which stems all the way back to the worship of Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis. It is their way of trying to venerate themselves as gods which is the core of Luciferianism which is that you are your own god. They are simply reinvigorating the philosophy of Adam and Eve or Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis which is really of the teachings of the serpent as described in Genesis 3:5. Getting back to the point, the dolphin is there as a symbol for illumination or a “divine” mission to be an oracle on the left hand side. The dolphin was said to be a messenger of Poseidon or the gods and an oracle. Perhaps what is being stated here with the presence of the dolphin are that the “chosen” initiates or libertines of the University of Pennsylvania are proverbial dolphins or messengers of Poseidon or Apollo or Dionysus i.e. the father god. This same form of understanding was seen with the lotus representing the message of Horus as the one who carries the lotus flower is the messenger of Horus which was seen with Obama in the “I Pet Goat, II” video, Trump with his gift to Pope Francis, and now Kamala Harris as her name literally means “lotus”.

Lastly, you have the red and blue color scheme for the red and blue pillars of freemasonry or the bringing together of opposites for duality. It is also for the hegelian dialectic for duality which is the understanding that the melding of opposite ends of the spectrum or ideologies through the process of constant conflict and continual mergence will lead humanity to the final stage of perfection. The red represents the antithesis and the blue represents the thesis come together to form the synthesis or the royal purple which all stems back to Saturnian principles of fire and ice coming together to form the royal purple for the jester. It all comes back to Saturn or the goat god Pan which is what leads us to the connection between the University of Pennsylvania and another prominent organization of the state.

Here is the logo for the renowned basketball team for Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia 76ers. People wonder what the connection here is. The connection here is that the number 76 is for Pan or the Baphomet. The zodiac sign for Capricorn is of the 76. People will say that the real reason for the team changing its name to the 76ers is because it is in commemoration of the Declaration of Independence being signed in 1776 in Philadelphia. Please understand that it was signed in 1776 because those men who signed it were all Luciferians and it was in veneration of Pan. They claim the year 1776 to be the true establishment of America as an independent nation from British control but the truth is that America is still under the control of the British Crown through monetary system but that is a story for another time. Really, the promotion of the year 1776 is really to commemorate Pan because that is the energy which this country has been operating under ever since its inception through the hands of the founding fathers who were Luciferians. That is what the Age of Enlightenment was in reference to. That is where the image of Uncle Sam comes from. Uncle Sam has the goatee for the goat god Pan. His name Sam is short for Samael the fallen archangel who is also aligned with the goat. The image of Uncle Sam saying “I want you” which is aligned with the recruitment for the military is to signify that the soldiers are fighting for Pan to preserve the rulership of this kingdom. It all comes back to the goat god.

As you can see here, the zodiac sign for Capricorn is of the 76. Once again, this is what the energy of America all comes back to. It all stems from the veneration of the goat which goes all the way to Ancient Babylon or Ancient Kemet. Just to reiterate, the goat is a symbol for sin. The goat is also said to be lustful or of virility. That is where the dichotomy in the scriptures comes from between the goat and the lamb where the goat represents sin and the lamb represents purity. That is why Cush took on the moniker of the goat as it was an embodiment of sin and of lust through sex magic which was reinvigorated by Cush from the teachings of the fallen angels in the antediluvian world. As Ecclesiastes 1:9 states, “there’s nothing new under the sun”. So to recap, Trump moved from one home of the goat which was Fordham to another home of the goat which was the University of Pennsylvania where its state hosted the signing of the Declaration of Independence for Pan in 1776. He was trained up in the Jesuit doctrine along with his own Kabbalistic teachings from his own Zionist family throughout his time in two of the goat realms or the temples of the goat.

The Joker character also comes from the goat city. Arkham Asylum is based in Gotham and it’s where Joker and the other villains or adversaries of Batman resided in throughout the Batman comic books. Gotham is originally pronounced as “goat/(e)m” which correlate to the word “goat ham”. A ham is a homestead which means that the name Gotham comes out to be “Goat Home”. It makes sense for the Joker to originate from the Goat Home as he is the trickster Saturn whose sign is of the goat as Capricorn. So as the Joker stemmed forth from the home of the goats, so did Donald Trump. Once again, he is proverbial Set who was also the trickster. He is playing the trickster or joker archetype on the world stage.

Just to finalize this section on Philadelphia, it has significance on not just the veneration of the goat but also of the mother goddess. In the commercials for the cheese brand ‘Philadelphia’, you will see the angels which are really the cupids who express a sense of humor or wit as they eat the cream cheese. The cupid or the boy god Horus was also known to express wit or humor in his lighter aspects as the trickster. The cupids or the angels adorn the mother goddess which is often seen in Catholic paintings of the “Virgin Mary”. That is not really Mary but it is a Romanized version of the Queen of Heaven Inanna. That is the same entity who is venerated by Rihanna in her song, “What’s My Name” where she sings, “Oh na na, what’s my name?” It is a veiled way of her saying that she views herself as an avatar of the Queen of Heaven Inanna. Either way, you have the cupids in the commercial for the ‘Philadelphia’ brand because it is once again the veneration of the mother goddess Semiramis. Philadelphia is a major city in America because of its esoteric resonance. The name ‘Philadelphia’ does stem from the meaning “brotherly love” but it is truly in reference to Ptolemy II Philadelphus who was the son of Ptolemy Soter who was the person we covered in Part 3 as being the one who took on the image of Serapis Christus which later became taken by Cesare Borgias as the image of Heru or the Christ figure on the left hand side. Ptolemy II married his full blood sister, Arisnoe II which is where you truly get the origin of “brotherly love” from. It is in reference to that marriage and historically incestuous marriages were common against the monarchs in the ancient times. They specifically take on the name of Philadelphus as Philadelphia because it is truly in extension to honor the son of Ptolemy or the Serapis Christus.

Now, to further prove a point about the resonance of the mother goddess in Philadelphia or America, the above image is a painting called, “American Progress” which is an allegory of ‘Manifest destiny’. It was a cultural belief held in the 1800’s not all that long after the Luciferian founding of America in 1776 which was that American settlers were destined to expand across North America. The three values which were said to make up the ‘Manifest destiny’ were “The special virtues of the American people and their institutions”, “the mission of the United States to redeem and remake the west in the image of the agrarian East”, and “an irresistible destiny to accomplish this essential duty”. Furthermore, “Historian Frederick Merk says this concept was born out of ‘a sense of mission to redeem the Old World by high example … generated by the potentialities of a new earth for building a new heaven’. In contemporary culture many have condemned manifest destiny as an ideology that was used to justify genocide against Native Americans.” This is all in reference to the Luciferian understanding of the American settlers that they were being guided by the mother goddess to conquer and expand the rest of the Western America. Philadelphia was the original capital of America before they moved it to D.C. which is called the District of Columbia which is in veneration of the dove goddess Colombo. Columbia is the personification of America and this is because America venerates the mother goddess. In this painting, the mother goddess is leading civilization westward with the American settlers. It is showing her bringing light from the east to the west. If you notice in the painting, the background behind Colombia is light and the atmosphere of the west is dark. It is to signify that the east has already been illuminated or enlightened by the mother goddess and that the west or the so-called Native Americans has not been enlightened yet. They believe that it is their destiny to manifest the illumination of the mother goddess through the guise of democracy and expand that enlightenment across the world to bring the entire world under the energy of the mother goddess which they’ve practically achieved. That is what it is all about. This is why the social engineering of tearing up the family structure and promotion of feminism is being pushed in the Middle East; specifically Saudi Arabia in order to bring that region under the “light” of Semiramis because it is truthfully the last major region of the world to hold onto gender norms and the family structure along with the outright rejection of Luciferianism. Now as far as it promoting Luciferianism covertly; that is another topic which was already discussed before. To recap, the city of Philadelphia is seen as the enlightened city or the realm of the goat and the “divine feminine” as it was the capital of America during the time that Colombia expanded to the west to bring that region under her “light”. Trump’s origins were based in the city of “brotherly love” with the son of the Serapis Christus along with the goat and the mother goddess and the goat home of Fordham. Not only did Donald Trump graduate from the University of Pennsylvania but so did his daughter and son, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. They will be discussed on their own as we go along with this article. Trump’s other son, Eric Trump, graduated from Georgetown University which is yet another Jesuit college and is the main Jesuit training ground for new initiates.

Here is the Georgetown Hoyas logo. As you can see, you have the bulldog as the mascot for Georgetown. The bulldog also has the ‘G’ on his hat. The significance of this is that the bulldog is for the dog star or the constellation known as Canis Major. That is for the veneration of the mother goddess as well but we will be going over this shortly. Along with this, it is in veneration of the dog Egyptian god of death known as Anubis. We will be going in to that as well because that connects to another major fraternity or organization which has farmed and helped sprout many political and entertainment figures within America.

This is the Canis Major constellation which shows the form of the dog. The key symbol is the Sirius star or the dog-star which is said to be the brightest star in the constellations. The Sirius star is meant to represent the mother goddess. It is also meant to denote the group of the mother goddess and her son which is Horus because the Sirius star is in close proximity to the Sun which is meant to represent Horus. In Greek mythology, Canis Major was said to be one of Orion’s hunting dogs, pursuing the constellation of Lepus the Hare or helping Orion fight the Taurus bull. That goes all the way back to the concept of as above, so below; that what is occurring on the Earth is happening in the constellations or the “heavens” and in the underworld or “hell”. This is why the father god archetype has three alters which presides over the “heavens”, the earth, and the underworld. In Greek mythology, Zeus presides over the sky or the constellations; Poseidon presides over the seas and oceans, and Hades or Pluto rules over the underworld. It is all steeped in the pagan mythos which comes forth from the Babylonian mysteries.

Here is the emblem of the ‘G’ for Georgetown. As we all know, the ‘G’ is the prominent symbol for Freemasonry. People will say that the ‘G’ is simply for Georgetown but it is rather for another purpose. Not only will we crack the meaning of the ‘G’ in the Georgetown logo but it will also break down the meaning of the ‘G’ in the Freemasonry logo as well.

The meaning of the ‘G’ is in relation to numbers. Capricorn, being the sign of the planet Saturn, is the 7th sign from Cancer. ‘G’ is the 7th letter of the alphabet. The 7th sign from the starting point of the zodiac, Aries, is Libra, where Saturn is. In both cases, “G/7” leads us to the planet Saturn. Keep in mind that Saturn has the 7 rings around its planet so there is another connection with the number 7. So, this symbol of the ‘G’ is in relation to Saturn or Pan. The number 7 on the Luciferian level is almost always tied to Saturn. That is one of the reasons why you have the term “riding the goat” in Freemasonry. We will get back to the term of “riding the goat” later on.

This explains the entire meaning of what the G7 Summit is actually about and what its purpose is. The G7 which is said to mean the Group of Seven is an organization consisting of the world’s seven largest economies ranging from the U.S., UK, France, Canada, Germany, Japan and Italy. Their alleged purpose of meeting is “to exchange ideas on possible solutions” to a global economic crisis. They regard themselves as “a community of values”, with sustainable development as one of its key principles. If you are aware, sustainable development is the same term used by the UN when talking about their “sustainable development” goals for Agenda 2030. That in of itself is a story for another time. Point is this; the G7 Summit is really a convention of the world’s top witches who are meeting to discuss where they’re going to take humanity in the next 10-20 years or more. Any time you see world leaders come together for an event like this, it is a major event for which rituals are performed. The G7 Summit is for the purpose of leading humanity to the planet Saturn or firmly establishing the rulership of Saturn amongst mankind. They are gathering to conjure the appropriate energy for leading and placing humanity on the ride to “ride the goat” to possess full illumination or to be of the purple which is to be venerators of Saturn. That is what the G7 Summit is all about. Trump knows what the game is. He knows all about the Saturnian aspect because he himself is playing the role of Saturn as the trickster. He is apart of the game just like the rest of the other witches pictured above. Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel, Theresa May, etc are all high level witches. Macron himself has connections to the Rothschilds as he worked as an investment banker under the Rothschild Bank known as Rothschild & Co. That was how he was able to win the election in France without any prior political experience. He was promoted heavily and favorably by the media in France which is a testament to the power of the international bankers who control the media. When you have the backing of the banks, the media will be behind you. So that’s how you know how Macron got that presidency. These presidents and prime ministers are all Luciferians and Saturnians as seen with the G7 Summit to lead humanity “riding the goat” onto the planet Saturn.

Just to reaffirm the understanding of the world government “riding the goat” or riding the horned entity, this is the depiction of the goddess Europa. The continent Europe is named after her. As you can see, she is riding the white bull that is meant to represent her consort, Zeus. It is the mother goddess riding the beast who is Nimrod. Zeus and Jupiter are names for Nimrod. His consort was his mother, Semiramis. It all goes back to the same concept. Notice that the major countries are aligned to the mother goddess. Russia is referred to as “Mother Russia”. America is aligned with the Statue of Liberty, Lady Justice, Colombia, Statue of Freedom, etc. Now, as we just mentioned, Europe is aligned with the goddess Europa. Once again, this world operates under the energy of the Babylonian mysteries. They venerate the Luciferian triune of the father god, the mother goddess, and the son. Mainly, they venerate the mother goddess as you can see. They venerate the father god which is the horned entity behind closed doors. They have to hide the veneration of the horned entity known as the Baphomet or Cernunnos or Pan or Khnum because society still has a form of weariness when it comes to imagery as they’ve already been aware to associate that imagery with wickedness and malevolence because of Christianity. It’s the same thing with the microchip because of the Bible with the Mark of the Beast from Revelation 13. This is the main reason why the elites have had trouble rolling out the microchip because the Most High’s Word has been a buffer between them and total capture of the souls of mankind ever since this new reign of America 400 years ago. If it wasn’t for the Most High and the Bible, about most of mankind would’ve had the microchip in them about 6 or 7 decades ago. But once again, this imagery is in reference to the riding of the beast which we’ll get into now.

Here is another depiction of Europa riding the bull. As you can see, the EU flag is being held by Europa. She also has all of the countries which are under the EU around her mounted on top of the bull as well. Europe is riding the bull to Saturn. The bull is in reference to Baal or Zeus. The horns symbolize leadership. That is why the horned entity is venerated so much albeit subliminally and covertly. It represents Cush and or Nimrod leading the way along with the mother goddess on top. It shows the energy that the EU is operating under. America follows suit as well. That is why their presence is at the G7 Summit. They’re riding the goat to Saturn. Just to round this up and connect this all together, notice the color scheme. The woman is in the purple and is holding the EU flag which is in the purple as well. There is a biblical resonance with this.

As you can see, this is a depiction of the Whore of Babylon or the Lady in purple and scarlet as described in Revelation 17:4 which states, “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:”. As you can see, she is atop of the beast to denote her riding the beast. She is holding the golden cup as well. The purple and gold color scheme is in reference to the Canaanite religion. Understand that the aspects of the Babylon rituals were passed down to many of these different kingdoms and took place before this vision from John of Patmos. It is in reference to the energy of Semiramis which was venerated then by the past kingdoms and would be venerated of the future kingdom to come until the time of Revelation would occur and be fulfilled. This is what the main theme of “riding the goat” is tethered to. It’s “riding the beast” to another world of understanding or the establishment of the Tower of Babel and now the Great Work which is a rendition of the unfinished Tower of Babel. That is what ‘riding the goat to Saturn’ is all in reference to. To participate in and host the G7 Summit, you have to be in the know and be a part of that Luciferian realm; whether anyone believes it or not.

As we noted the esoteric and spiritual resonance behind the state of Pennsylvania with the 76ers, it is important to note the esoteric resonance behind the home state of Georgetown which is Washington D.C. This is the basketball team for D.C., the Washington Wizards. Now, one has to think; since basketball teams label themselves after things which have a resonance with their city, what does that say about Washington, D.C.? It should tell you that D.C. is a realm of witchcraft and black magic. It is a realm of the wizards, witches, warlocks, high priests and high priestesses. That is all D.C. is about because all politicians are involved in the craft; every single one. You cannot be a member of Congress unless you are a part of the craft. It also is home to many prominent big wigs who stay under the radar such as the owner of Comet Ping Pong, James Alefantis who was stated to be one of the top 50 most influential men in D.C. How could an owner of a pizza parlor be one of the 50 most influential men in the capital of America which is home to so many prominent politicians unless he is connected? It is all in plain sight. This is why Georgetown University is based in D.C. because Georgetown is the main home and training ground for the next generation of Jesuits. Once again, the Jesuits control every facet of the world; especially within America because the spiritual powers of this world hold more preeminence over the monetary and militaristic powers over this world. Rome is the spiritual capital, London is the monetary capital, and D.C. is the militaristic capital. All that D.C. and America serve as on the world stage is the militaristic power. That is why they keep starting wars and are involved in military intervention and keep pumping trillions for their military budget. That is the only way they truly make money because there is so much money which is made through war. They take over countries and tap into their natural resources to milk it and make money while plunging those countries into economic and political instability along with installing a puppet leader sponsored by the CIA. This is public knowledge that even people who have some form of clarity on America’s foreign policy know. That is what “Manifest destiny” is all talking about which is to subvert the rest of the world under the worship of the mother goddess and the goat god through their foreign intervention.

Just getting back to the point, as you can see from the logo, this is a wizard. He is holding the basketball with his index finger. The basketball is a symbol for the sun. If you’ve ever seen the NBA playoff commercials, they will often show the players adorning the basketball or the championship trophy which has the basketball on top of the golden trophy as if it is the celestial body or the sun. The index finger is also for Jupiter. In palmistry, the index finger is for Jupiter who is also Zeus. The lightning which Zeus brings forth down to the earth from the sky or the “heavens” is a symbol for enlightenment or the illumination brought forth by Zeus or the gods. You also see this with the character of Harry Potter aka Heru Ptah where he has the lightning bolt scar in the middle of his forehead. That is to note the opening of the pineal gland or his “third eye” being opened and that he has been illuminated. The wizard also is holding up the crescent moon along with the blazing star for the mother goddess. You have the red and blue color scheme once again for the red and blue pillars of Freemasonry. The sun and the moon are also depicted in the Freemason imagery of the two pillars as well. This is all in proof of what the energy behind D.C., the home of Eric Trump’s Jesuit “alma-mater”, Georgetown which is that of Luciferianism.

Just to emphasize on Georgetown and the energy behind it, we look at one of the more renowned alumni of Georgetown. This is Patrick Ewing who played in the NBA for 17 seasons and is mainly known for playing for the New York Knicks. There are two main things to look at in this specific photo. First is Ewing’s jersey number; that being the number 33 which is for illumination or “Christ consciousness” or the state of man being a proverbial Buddha. The number 33 is also for the 33 degrees of Freemasonry, the 33 vertebrae of the spinal column leading up to the brain for enlightenment, and truly the 1/3rd or 33% of the angels of heaven who took the side of Satan and fell along with him. That is all the number 33 is about; it is to note man being in his state of illumination as a proverbial god which all stems back to Adam and Eve.

The other symbol is what Patrick Ewing is doing with his hands. The hand gesture is for the ‘Que Dog’ which is for the dog god of death, Anubis who is also Hades or Hermes. The hands are shaped to resemble the face of the dog. They often do this gesture and then bark like the dog. It is to note them as being proverbial Anubis or microcosms of the Sirius star or the dog star; that they are illuminated. So Patrick Ewing here is showing where his spiritual allegiances are; it is to the mother goddess Sirius or the dog god of death, Anubis. 

Here is a depiction for the fraternal organization known as Omega Psi Phi. This is a major Greek fraternal organization which has farmed many prominent black leaders, figure heads, and athletes. People like Martin Luther King Sr., Jesse Jackson, Bayard Rustin, Steve Harvey, former White House advisor Vernon Jordan, former NFL player Ray Lewis, ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith, former NBA players Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Jordan, and the list goes on and on. They were and are all initiates and members of the cult of Anubis or the Canis Major or the dog star for Sirius which is depicted here. As you can see, the man is depicted here forming his hands for the dog god Anubis and he is riding the bulldog which is the same mascot for Georgetown. That is where you get that connection to Georgetown as well. The man is also in the colors of Omega Psi Phi which is of the purple and gold which is for the Royal Order of the Jesters or for illumination. The gold is meant to represent the sun and the purple is for the Saturnian principle of the light which comes forth when melding the two opposites together or when the red and the blue or the forces of fire and ice join together for serving the “higher purpose” of enlightenment. That is why you also have the lightning bolts in the background. It is to note the concept of enlightenment. The man or the initiate or the libertine is riding on the back of the dog god Anubis upwards towards enlightenment where he will be joined together with the Sirius star or the mother goddess. Most of these symbols all go back to the concept of the false light which is of the knowledge and wisdom of the serpent.

Just to recap on the sign, here is a closer image of the hand sign which the members of the Omega Psi Phi organization do. If you are familiar with shadow puppets where a person uses their hands to cast shadows of animals on a wall, this is the sign that they would do to animate or create a shadow of a dog. Once again, it shows that they are venerating Anubis.

Just to preview what we will be discussing as we go on, here is Patrick Ewing posing next to the Twin Towers. He is holding the basketball on top of the building. This picture has major resonance on a spiritual level and we will be discussing this in detail later on. Just keep this detail of the basketball in mind because it is a very important detail which ties into a larger concept we’ll be breaking down later.

To get back to the larger point about the Jesuit connection to the Trump family, we are going to delve a little deeper into the energy which the Jesuits are operating under in connection with the Vatican. This is the symbol of the Jesuits or the Seal of the Society of Jesus. The ‘IHS’ are the initials for the Greek version of the name ‘Jesus Christus’. More importantly, we look at the seal itself. It is of the sun. The Greek initials of Jesus are within the center of the sun. As we all know, the Jesuits do not worship the Messiah of the scriptures. They worship the False Messiah or the Anti-Christ on the left hand side who is Horus or Heru. The sun is for Horus because he is the sun god. Now, the cross is for Tammuz. The cross is the ‘T’ for Tammuz. You also have the cross piercing the ‘H’ or in extension Horus or Heru which is just another version of Tammuz to note the sacrifice of Tammuz. You also have the three nails. Now, if you are familiar with the logo behind the Monster energy drink, you see it has the three scratches or rather the three nails. The shape of the nail on the Monster energy drink is that of the Hebrew letter for 6 which is ‘Vav’ or the nail. It is a subtle way of the promotion of the number ‘666’ for the beast. As you can see in the symbol here, it has the three nails as well. That is a subliminal promotion of the number ‘666’ for the mark of the beast which is for Saturn. All of this is in veneration of Lucifer. That is who the Jesuits venerate.

Here is a symbol or sculpture which also contains the seal of the Jesuits. As you can see here, the seal is imposed on some sort of egg-like shape within a bigger oval shape. You then have the face of the small boy on the bottom below the initials “IHS” paired with the wings. That is Cupid or Horus. This is all another depiction of the Virgin Birth of Tammuz through the “Virgin Mother”, Semiramis. The egg contains the son/sun, Heru. That is where this all goes back to at the end of the day.

This picture right here holds much resonance. This was from the Al Smith charity dinner event about a few weeks before the 2016 Election where everyone soon after lost their minds because of Trump’s victory. If you don’t know, that person sitting between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is one Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Vatican. The cardinal is considered to be the prince of the church. The term cardinal is derived from Cardo, a hinge. Janus was said to be the god of doors and the hinges, and was called Patulcius and Clusius, “the opener and the shutter”. The cardinal serves as a hinge on the door of Janus. The cardinals are considered the “priests of the hinge”. The Pope acts as proverbial Janus. He is the one who brings the world into another dimension or world of spiritual understanding on the left hand side. The cardinal answers directly to the Pope or Janus, i.e. the “king of the church”. An important detail to note, Dolan is the current Archbishop of New York for the Vatican along with being Cardinal. As the Archbishop of New York, he served as the military leader for the Pope, the Black Pope, and the Jesuits. He is in charge of all of the Knights of Malta, Papal Knights and agents of the Vatican, D.C. meaning Congress, the White House meaning the Presidency, and New York City meaning the mayor as well as the governor quiet as kept. The Archbishop is in direct control of the Council on Foreign Relations which is a major think tank for the elite owned by the Jesuits. The Council on Foreign Relations controls America’s foreign and domestic affairs. The Archbishop also has control and power over all of America’s major intelligence agencies which are the CIA, NSA, FBI, Secret Service and the Pentagon which are also controlled by the Jesuits. He also is in control of organized crime which means that the Mafia families in the U.S. answers to the Archdiocese of New York which is led by Timothy Dolan. Quiet as kept, private military, intelligence agencies, bankers, media and other major branches of the power structure in America all answers to the Latin Church of Rome, the Pope, the Black Pope, and directly to the Archbishop of New York, Timothy Dolan. In order to receive the presidency, you must receive the blessing of Dolan before you are able to later be sworn in and receive the blessing of the Pope. That traditional meeting of the President with the Pope is not just two people getting to know one another, it’s a ritual. It’s an event where the President of the capitol of the New Babylon must swear his allegiance to serve the wishes and desires of the Vatican and to the fleshly manifestation of Nimrod or the False Christ, that being the Pope. It is all a ritual. Once again, Donald Trump is a Jesuit along with being a Zionist because those two things go hand in hand together. The Vatican operates through the land of Zionist Israel. Those are the two major temples which each and every president must serve and answer to. Trump is a player in the game just like everybody else. There are no exceptions. The only difference is that Trump is or was not as copacetic with everything that was ordered for him to do. That is normal. There are no organizations in this world where everyone gets along with one another. Trump most likely serves as part of another faction but at the end of the day; each and every faction or coven must all answer to the Vatican. There is no way around it. America is the Great Whore which everyone is taking a piece of control of. That is why so many factions have control over America. It is just a big power and money grab for everyone. It is all a game and Trump is a major player in it. In order for you to be President or the King of New Babylon, you have to be communicating with Satan directly which goes back to Matthew 4. A president is not a true king but he still holds major influence over the world. The president still has immense power; mainly over the people. He serves as a mascot to promote the wishes of the Church, the Zionists, and the British Crown. It is his job to get their wishes and goals to seem as desirable and palatable to the masses as possible in order to establish the “Great Work”. That was the job of every president starting all the way in full force from Woodrow Wilson up to now. They all have to receive their co-signature.

Here is photo of yet another appearance at the Al Smith charity dinner by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. This time, it is from 2012 between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. This was once again, the Cardinal or the Vatican giving their blessing onto the next president, of course that being Barack Obama because Romney had no chance. Romney just served as the fill in guy for Obama to defeat in the 2012 Election despite the fact that Obama was one of the worst presidents in recent memory. In order to serve as president, you must receive the blessings of the spiritual powers of the world. This is what it all comes down to. Dolan serves as the prince of the Vatican and the president serves as his puppet or as the royal jester for the public. The president truthfully speaking is nothing but a clown playing for the sake of the show but he still serves a major purpose.

Just to prove my point that this is indeed a ritual and not just an appearance of happenstance, look at the picture above. That is from the 1960 Al Smith Charity Dinner. You have John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon who is on the left of the picture next to Cardinal Francis Spellman. This is once again a ritual. No one ever wonders why the Cardinal has to be present at every single dinner event every four years. It is clear that the Al Smith Charity Dinner is a major event for the purpose of the Prince of the House of the Serpents i.e. the Vatican to give the blessings to the one who would be president. It is simply them going through the motions. These people already know years in advance who is going to serve as president because they have this all scripted out. They were prepping Kennedy for years as they did for Nixon and Reagan. That is why they brought Nixon and Reagan together at right about the same time where Nixon was president at the same time as Reagan was the Governor of California or the home of the sun because they were all being sponsored by the elite. They were also prepping Trump for years before he eventually was selected as the President back in 2016. That is why Trump had several interviews 30 to 40 years ago talking about whether or not he wanted to be president. He and his family knew from back then that he was going to be President down the line because his handlers told him to. It is all a farce. However, Trump still serves a purpose spiritually for the trajectory of this kingdom. This is what takes us to our next point.

This is a story from 2016 while Donald Trump was still running in the Republican primary race for the presidency. It states, “A lightning bolt striking Trump Tower in Chicago was caught on camera at the exact moment Donald Trump was declared winner in the Illinois primary.” This is not of happenstance or coincidence. The likelihood of a lightning bolt striking out of all buildings, Trump Tower at the exact same time that he won the Illinois GOP primary is like a 1 in a billion chance. Many people will ask what this all means. What this event signifies is that the events which occur on the world stage have a spiritual resonance which is reflected within nature itself. Trump’s victory in the state of Illinois personified by the city of Chicago was of a spiritual resonance. Chicago is the home of the Chicago Bulls aka the Chicago Baals. That team is also in the color scheme of the Black Mass of the black, red, and white. The city is known as the “Windy City” which is an allusion to Baal as well since he was known as the storm god. Chicago is a city which hosts a lot of the more corrupt aspects of the U.S. government evident with people like Rahm Emmanuel and Lori Lightfoot among others. It is also home to the Pritzker family which is tied into a lot of the more sinister aspects of this society. Penny Pritzker was and most likely still is the high priestess of Chicago. But just getting back to the point, it is a clear indicator of the spiritual aspect of the events that occur on the world stage reflecting through nature. If you think that the elite’s actions do not have an impact on the world itself through nature, you’re wrong. Satan is in control of the weather and nature. It is his kingdom. Think about how the controllers of this society have been thinning the veil between the physical world and the spiritual world through their rituals and their activity with CERN which is short for the stag god or the horned god Cernunnos. They’ve been manipulating that border between the two worlds for years now. There are many demonic spirits and beings present in the world at this current moment in time because of all that they’ve been doing in the shadows. Simply put, for lightning to strike down on top of Donald Trump’s ‘Trump Tower’ in Chicago at the moment he wins the Illinois primary, it is a clear sign that it occurred under the influence of a demonic force or energy. It wasn’t just lightning striking. It was an act brought forth by a form of demonic energy; believe it or not.

This is another instance of lightning striking a particular building. This is lightning striking the Vatican building at the moment that Pope John Ratzinger announced his resignation which would open the doorway for Jorge Bergoglio to assume the papacy as Pope Francis. If you aren’t aware, the Pope acts as the Vicar of the Antichrist spirit. He is not a vessel of the spirit of Christ. He is the Vicar of Ausar or Pan. The Vatican and the Pope have nothing to do with the scriptures, at all. It has everything to do with the Babylonian mysteries. Point being is this; the significance of this event on the world stage is once again reflected within a natural phenomenon of the lightning strike. It is clearly a mark or a stamp on the event which occurs; whether it’s the transfer of the papacy or the oncoming path to victory of the presidency with Donald Trump. It is a phenomenon brought forth by Satan or any other powerful demonic entity or energy. The presidency and the papacy hold very high spiritual resonance in the world during these last days. Whichever president or pope is in power during these last days, they will have an immense amount of influence through their words and actions. Yes, the president is subject to many handlers and controllers. However, the president still is the ruler of the New Babylon known as America. He is an influencer and an agent of change. He is the one steering the beast or the goat to Saturn with America on his back. The presidents all have to make a significant rule of law or change within their terms which they serve because they all have to keep building up that pyramid. Even Donald Trump as president was a builder of that pyramid. No matter how at odds he may have been with certain factions pertaining to certain ideological differences, he still was a builder of that pyramid by ushering in the age of the trickster. Horus or Heru was the trickster as well. The Joker and Batman are both aspects of Horus. Think about the movie title, “The Dark Knight Rises” which was released on the Heliacal Rising on July 20. That movie title is an allusion to the rise of Horus. The Heliacal Rising which is the rising of the star above the horizon at dawn is of the Sirius star which is for the mother goddess. The star or Sirius is paired together with the son or Horus. It all goes back to this dynamic. That is what Donald Trump relayed when he gave Pope Francis the lotus plant. He was letting him know that he would be the messenger of Horus just like Obama was and Kamala Harris is going to be. They all have the same end goal but they all have different approaches to reaching that goal. That is all that the Trump mania was about. The attacks from the media were genuine but it was also playing into the overall script of Trump playing the role of Set or the villain. That was the character he played and is still playing. Just because Trump was forced out through a rigged election, it doesn’t mean his story is done. He is still undergoing this impeachment trial which is all for show. They really wanted to impeach him a second time so that he couldn’t run again for the presidency as they already admitted. Their agenda is clear. Once again, this all has a spiritual resonance. The presidency and the papacy are linked together. It’s all operating under the same energy of Lucifer. This is what this phenomenon stems from. The Vatican and the White House are tethered together along with the Zionist state and the British Crown as well. It is the four main strongholds of Satan in this kingdom. They are all tethered to each other. This is why Trump and his family have Jesuit and Zionist origins and ties. We’ll touch on that a bit more in a few but we’re going to steer this back to Eric Trump just to cap off this section about Georgetown.

This is Eric Trump who is posing here with some type of horned animal. We’ll get to the deeper meaning of this photo in a moment.

Eric Trump as just mentioned was an alumni from Georgetown; meaning that he is Jesuit trained. He also serves as a board member of Georgetown’s Business, Society, and Public Policy Initiative. That means that he is still very much engaged and aware of the Jesuit operations that are taking place in Georgetown as well as other organizations or groups tied to it as well. Understand that a lot of these positions that these people take at these organizations which are practically of a lower status in comparison to their own status are just fronts for a deeper purpose that they’re serving there. The best example of this is when Jimmy Savile served first as an honorary entertainments officer and then head of the psychiatric ward at Broadmoor Hospital in England to physically and sexually abuse and brutalize inmates. This is not to say that Eric Trump is doing that and using his position as a cover for that type of criminality. This is just to point out that Luciferians take on these low-level positions to serve a hidden purpose or agenda that is beyond that place or setting that they’re working at.

Once again, the Jesuit aspect of the Trump Administration ran very deep. They often disguise themselves as Roman Catholics which is for the most part just a front for them being Jesuits. Ivanka Trump attended Georgetown for two years before transferring. Steve Bannon also attended and graduated from Georgetown. David Malpass who was Trump’s appointed Under Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs also graduated from Georgetown. There are more people but it’s just to paint a picture on the whole Jesuit angle.

This is another picture of Eric Trump with another animal. This time it’s a leopard. This is one of a slew of photos which showed both Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump holding up dead animals as practical hunting trophies during their hunting trip in Africa which they got a lot of backlash for. People may say well they hunt animals but what is the big deal. The thing is that hunting is a big thing among certain members of the government or people who are tied into that sphere. Those who liked to hunt animals usually were also into hunting humans. This is what is known as human hunting parties where they take a person who is either a mind controlled asset or a child slave or a trafficked individual and they bring them into the woods and they strip them down naked and throw them out into the woods to be chased and they have to do their best to avoid them. It is a form of a psychotic entertainment for these Luciferians. Once they catch them, they often rape them at that spot. They may then set them loose again to go for another round. Each time they get caught, they get raped or cut or hurt. They do this until they call the hunting game off. Other times, they take the person and kill them and dismember them or cut off their genitalia and hold them up as trophies. They would castrate young boys’ genitalia and hold it up as trophies on a wall after killing them or even eating their genitalia raw in a sort of frenzied state; believe it or not. This is big with high ranking members and officials of the American, British, Australian, Dutch, Canadian, and other governments along with their presidents, prime ministers, and royal families. The Bush family was and is very much into this. Dick Cheney was into these hunting parties. A lot of the hunting traditions and the wild goes back to Esau which is described in Genesis 25:27 which states, “And the boys grew: and Esau was a cunning hunter, a man of the field; and Jacob was a plain man, dwelling in tents.” It was describing how Esau was a hunter of animals and was always roaming in the woods and the fields. This is a big tradition which a lot of the Edomite ruling families practice. It comes from Esau. Pertaining to Eric and his brother, they could or could not be involved in these human hunting parties. Not everyone who is in these circles is into the same things. Not every single person is a pedophile nor are every one of them sadists. A lot of them are but not every single one. So, it is up in the air. They could be involved in that practice or they couldn’t. This is just to bring up that connection that many of these Luciferians and Satanic members of government and “royalty” who are into hunting animals are also into the human hunting parties and are active participants.

This is an angle which is also important to touch on regarding Trump’s background. This is a screenshot showing the title, “235 retired military leaders publicly endorse Trump in open letter – here it is.” As you can see, the supposed military leaders on the right of the picture have the white and red robes with the red Cross of Malta printed on it. Those men are members of the Knights Templar. They claim that they’re still not active. They are still active and have been for years. They have an extensive and deep history which we will get into in a moment. This is just to point out that once again, in order for one to ascend to a high level within these various industries to which Donald Trump has ascended to, you must embrace the basic tenets of Babylonian mysteries; specifically Freemasonry.

To briefly touch up on the Knights Templar, they were a Western Christian military order during the Middle Ages. They were referred to as the “Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon.” The Knights of Templar were also black. Please understand that much of, if not most of Europe consisted of black people. They call the time period of the Middle Ages that lasted from the 5th century to the late 15th century, the “Dark Ages” because one, it is a spin on the times where people of color were ruling Europe and two, the Caucasian races were in deep slavery during this time period under the European leaders who were black. This is one of the primary reasons why the Caucasian rulership in the Western world have gone to great lengths to rewrite much of history for one, to rewrite the narrative of history to favor them as rulers and to be seen by the other nations in a great light which has been done through a crucial process known as typification and two, to hide their own history of enslavement. Either way, this is a topic for another day.

Continuing on, the Knights Templar were endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church and became a favored charity throughout Christendom. Templar Knights not only were skilled fighters but they were also economically sound as they managed to create a large economic infrastructure throughout Christendom with the innovation of financial techniques that were an early form of banking and built many fortifications across Europe.

The Knights Templar soon would be looked at with weariness as rumors began to spread about their secret initiation ceremony which created mistrust. At the time, King Philip IV of France was in great debt to the Knights Templar and following his awareness of the rumors; he took advantage of the situation and used it as leverage on them. In 1307, many of the Order’s members were arrested, tortured into giving false confessions and were burned at the stake. Now, the narrative is that the charges were false but we will get to that shortly. Pope Clement V sent a written request to King Philip IV for assistance in the investigation. King Philip IV would pressure the Church to take action against the Knights Templar as a way to free himself from the Order. On Friday, October 13th, 1307, King Philip ordered the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay and other Templar Knights to be arrested. The knights were charged with numerous offences such as apostasy, idolatry, heresy, obscene rituals and homosexuality, among other things. The Knights Templar who were arrested would be burned at the stake as would Jacques de Molay. This is one of the reasons for the “superstition” behind Friday the 13th as a “bad day”. It’s been taught for us to view it as a bad day because they view it as such since it was the day that the Knights Templar were convicted and put to death for their crimes. Now, what were their crimes?

This is a picture depicting the Knights Templar gathering together and you see that the statue behind the members is that of the Baphomet. The Knights Templar were secretly worshiping the Baphomet. They didn’t name the entity as the Baphomet as that name came later after they disbanded. They were worshiping another manifestation of the goat god archetype. This manifestation has the breasts and the penis which symbolizes the bringing together of the opposites which is a physical representation of duality. We’ll get more into this entity in my series on the Rebis. Either way, the rumors centered on them worshiping the goat god or the Baphomet while also partaking in homosexuality and performing rituals. They were persecuted for this and were burnt at the stake by King Philip IV. This hearkens to a time period where witches and warlocks or magicians were persecuted by the Catholic Church and were forced into hiding. Before the creation of the Catholic Church, magic was openly practiced as rituals took place openly in the villages and mainland. Once the Catholic Church gained power, they were forced to go underground and ever since then, they’ve been operating underground with their rituals. Their wish is to do these rituals out in the open again but they know that they can’t do that now. If they were to wipe out most of Middle-America, they probably could get to that level because the only demographic that is truly stopping the powers that be from totally transitioning this society to an overt Luciferian dictatorship is the conservative Caucasian demographic in Middle-America. The only thing that’s stopping them from truly taking over is the conundrum of gun ownership. As long as there’s great pushback against their gun seizing efforts, their plan cannot manifest. People will say, well they could still wipe them out because some guns can’t stop the armed forces. True, but they need to maintain the façade of choice and freedom in order to keep the sheep on course in buying into their world. If they come out guns blazing right now, everyone will turn against them and not be so eager to buy into the plan because they’ve not been completely transformed and transported into the Hive mind system to the extent they need to absolutely not question everything. It is only until they convince enough of the population that they have no say in the matter and to accept that they have no rights and that the government knows best that they would move in afterwards and implement their agenda in full force down the line. Just to recap this section, the Knights Templar or rather the modernized form of the Knights Templar today known now as the Ordre Souverain et Militaire du Temple de Jérusalem endorsed Donald Trump last year for the 2020 election; the same organization that was tied into witchcraft and the worship of the goat god. People will try and retort by saying that Trump is a good Christian man who has implemented Christian values, principles and beliefs during his time as president but it’s all a façade and a ruse to play into his support base. Once again, Trump is playing a character on the world stage. His character has to speak to and pander to his support group which is the old guard demographic of Middle America. Whether it is his decisions to ban insurance-covered contraceptives or to ban transgenders in the military or to espouse Christianity and an alleged belief in Christ, these are all things which build his character amongst his supporters and maintain the entire narrative of the political script. Behind closed doors, Trump is as much of a venerator of the divine son or the divine hermaphrodite and a participant in child sacrifice as the rest of his Luciferian and Satanic peers.

This is Donald Trump Jr. holding a gun and he has a design of the priestess of Moloch, Hillary Clinton behind bars on it. That was a spoof on Donald Trump’s statement of saying that if he was president, Hillary Clinton would be in jail; the same statement that the QAnon herd believed would come to fruition and that Trump would “drain the swamp” even though he didn’t do any of it. Not one government official was brought to justice for pedophilia or anything of the sort. Once again, Trump is just playing a character.

Either way, as you can see here, Donald Trump Jr. here has the Crusader Cross or the cross for the Knights Templar on his gun. If you are intricate enough to place Hillary Clinton onto the gun then you are also aware of the cross which had to be put on the gun as well. This cross is not there by happenstance. It is an overt castigation of Hillary Clinton to play into the entire narrative of Trump vs. Clinton but it is a subvert homage to the Knights Templar or the Masonic Order of Lucifer.

Here is Donald Trump with his father, Fred Trump and as you can see, they’re both standing on the checkered floor or the black and white tiles for Freemasonry. The black and white tiles are for duality or the bringing together of opposites; the black representing the dark or wicked aspect and the white representing the light or good aspect. When they are brought together, they believe it is the full stage of man’s completion. This is why the Freemasons venerate the Baphomet or Lucifer because it is a physical embodiment or representation of that full completion of man or the amalgamation of the two forces of good and evil or the sun and the moon. That is why you will see the sun and the moon depicted in the imagery of the Baphomet. Keep in mind that the Knights Templar was a Masonic order and the precursor to Freemasonry because 400 years after Jacques De Molay’s death and the dismantlement of the Knights Templar, Freemasonry was formed. Freemasonry simply carries on the organizational manner in which the Knights Templar had formed for them as a charitable front for their Luciferian inner workings with the rites and rituals they perform in veneration of the goat god. The Trumps are all Masons and Fred Trump was the one who really taught Donald Trump and brought him up in tutelage of the Babylonian mysteries. In turn, Donald Trump has raised his children in the Babylonian mysteries as well.

This is a picture of George H.W. Bush who was a major player in the so-called Great Work and was the great patriarch of the Bush family for much of the 20th century, member of Skull and Bones, head of the CIA, Knight of Malta, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, etc. He is truthfully speaking one of the biggest demons to ever walk the face of the earth. He is someone that no one really talks about in great detail as much as the Royal Family or the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers but the Bush Family albeit being servants to the British Crown and the Zionist Cabal of the Israeli state, is a major family in the world stage. As you can see here, George Bush is wearing the Masonic hat or the hat for the Knights Templar in extension. You can see the goat emblem on the center of the hat for the Baphomet or Pan and you can see the number ‘77’ next to it. The number ‘77’ has a significant meaning which we will get into now.

This is a page written by infamous occultist Aleister Crowley which was his form of declaration of humanity’s basic rights through the lens of his philosophy known as Thelema which is the credo of “do what thou wilt”. This page is known as “Liber Oz” or “Book 77”. The ‘z’ in Oz is meant to represent the number 77 as the ‘z’ is said to be two 7s; one upright 7 and another upside down 7 converging to create the ‘z’. We will get to that in a moment. As it states here, “Thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no other shall say nay.” This hearkens to the whole “you can’t judge others for who they are” or “you have no say in other people’s lives” narrative that is pushed by people. They say it as a way to make you conform to their ideology and accept their understanding and way of life as normalcy. Like, if you validly criticize the LGBT community or certain life choices, people come at you and say, “you have no right to speak about them. Let them live their lives. They’re not bothering you. Let them do what they want.” That is the mentality of the Thelema belief system.

Then it says, “Every man and ever woman is a star.” Now, why is that? Why does every male or female celebrity get labeled “stars” or “superstars”? That is because they believe that they are microcosms of “the star” who is the mother goddess as the Sirius star. In extension, they are also saying they are microcosms of “the sun” who is the “divine son” as Horus or Tammuz since the sun itself is also regarded as a star. Both male and female regard themselves as microcosms of the mother goddess and her son in the form of the Sirius star and the sun. Gender is not a construct but is rather malleable in the witchcraft circle. This is where the aspect of the “divine hermaphrodite” comes in. They don’t see themselves as strictly male or strictly female but they are beyond gender which is where this entire “non-binary” phenomenon comes from.

This sentiment of the man and the woman being a “star” is confirmed in the next statement by Aleister Crowley when he states, “There is no god but man.” That’s exactly what we just stated previously where man and woman in the Thelema system believe to be gods as microcosms of the Sirius star or the red star, the Sun. This all stems from the veneration of Adam and Nimrod where Adam and Eve became as “gods” when they took from the fruit of the tree and Nimrod later took on the role of Adam as the earthly man or the man of sin in the world after the Flood. That is what they want to replace the current system of belief in America to which is overt Wicca. Over the past few years, Wicca has grown immensely among the general populace in America and more people are identifying as Satanists. They’ve already transitioned the belief system of the American public from Christianity to Luciferianism which is the veneration of oneself as a god or goddess in combination with the veneration of Lucifer. Most people now believe in the credo of “Do what thou wilt” or “I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want, wherever I want”.  This is because Thelema really stems from Luciferianism or the mode of understanding that Adam and Eve went by when they rejected the Most High in the Garden. They venerate the unrepentant Adam and Eve who were not remorseful for their sins. That is their interpretation of it. Their ultimate goal is as stated before, is to get the populace engaging in open rituals and witchcraft again as they did in the ancient world.

Just to close this off, he states, “1. Man has the right to live by his own law- 2. Man has the right to eat what he will: 3. Man has the right to think what he will: 4. Man has the right to love as he will: — 5. Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights.” This is the law that the members of this society in the higher levels all abide to as well as the general public at a lower level.

To the elite, the statement of “Man has the right to eat what he will” is in reference to cannibalism and also eating whatever they want in direct opposition to the dietary law of the Bible. The high level members of the food industry also abide to this credo of eating what they will as well. Much of the fast food restaurants contain human meat, believe it or not. That information has been out there for a long time. The FDA also abides to this statement as they are the ones who provide the dietary plan that people are expected to follow. They know that the dietary law of the Bible is the most suitable for the human body but they want to discredit the Bible and go against it by creating things which are in direct opposition to its teachings. If they were to adopt the Bible’s dietary law, they’d give the Bible more credit and legitimacy.

The statement, “Man has the right to love as he will” is in reference to pansexuality; the love of Pan. The goat god Pan engaged in bestiality and man boy love. Pansexuality comprises of sex with any and all things; men, women, transgenders, non-binary individuals, children, animals, etc. Some people who identify themselves as pansexual will deny this and say that “no, it’s the love of anyone of any and all genders and sexualities.” Here’s the thing, things are defined in one way for the public and yet it means a whole other thing in all actuality. Pansexuality may mean that for you but it actually means sex with all things. You can choose to not believe that but that is the truth.

The last statement is the true credo that the government and the powers that be abide by, “Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights.” The powers that be are Thelemites and Crowleyites as are your favorite actors, actresses, singers, musicians, athletes, cooks, architects, scientists, engineers, technocrats, entrepreneurs, politicians, presidents, prime ministers, and other celebrities. Most of them at the higher levels have, “The Book of the Law” by Aleister Crowley which is the sacred text of Thelema. To them, that is their Bible. They believe that they have the right to kill those who critique or wish to oppose their supposed right to engage in pansexuality, cannibalism, overt Luciferianism, etc. Those who oppose that are the general populace amongst the country. Therefore, the war is against the people. Of course, America has legitimate enemies that they create and go to war with as they all have disagreements but the real war in the world is the powers that be against the people. All of the world leaders are engaging in the same acts so it’s not them who are suppressing their Thelemite rights, it’s the people. That is what is happening right now. All of these things happening right now with the Coronavirus, the vaccines, and the winter storm is all warfare against the people. That is what the powers that be such as George H.W. Bush and other elites like the Clintons and the Pelosi Family have engaged in throughout their time in power. All of their actions are against the people. They believe that your existence is only suitable for them if you’d be willing to go along with the same Babylonian belief system as they adhere to. If you defy it, they see it fit that they eradicate you completely. They know that they can’t get most of the people to adhere to this system wholeheartedly except for a very small percentage of the populace. That is what is happening right now and has been occurring since the aftermath of WW1 with the creation of the League of Nations; the only difference is that it is more apparent now due to the Internet and the growing understanding of how they operate because of the spiritual awakening set forth by the Most High. What I mean by that is that the Most High is making things more and more apparent as we grow closer to the end so that whatever side we choose, we are well aware of our decision and that we knew that there was a right side to take as opposed to the left side. Nobody can say that they didn’t know what the truth was or what they were getting into. The truth is told to most people at least once in their lives. It is their decision to reject that truth at the moment when it is given to them. They can’t say the truth was never presented to them because it was. It is as simple as that.

Here’s a text that I just wanted to use to continue to expound on the number 77 and it’s resonance on a Luciferian level. The text states, “Aleister Crowley believed Pan to be the Wizard of Oz, and attributed to him the number 77. The Z within the circle literally ‘spells’ out Oz, and the letter Z itself is made up of two 7s, one right side up and the other upside down.” So that is why on Bush’s hat, you see the number 77 with the image of the goat because that number is for the goat god Pan. The number 77 is for Pan in Crowley’s eyes as he believed him to be the Wizard of Oz so Crowley as it is common knowledge venerated Pan and in turn, the powers that be venerate Pan as well since Crowley did.

Here the text further expounds on the number 77 as it states, “So Oz resonates 77 due to ‘Z’ being made of two 7s. There is the Wizard of Oz and Return to Oz movies, Oz Magazine, Oprah’s ‘Dr. Oz,’ and the Oz HBO show. The abbreviation for ounce is Oz even though there is no ‘Z’ in the word, so Oz (77) lines the grocery store shelves and products. Zellers uses the Z inside an O logo and even spells out the ‘77’ clearly. ON is the Egyptian Sun God and word for light. Dr. NO was the first 007 movie starring 33rd degree Mason Sean Connery who also starred in Zardoz (as in the Wi-Zard of Oz).” So the number 77 is venerated in this society in a veiled way through Oz. As the text mentioned, the number 77 or Oz is lined up in the grocery shelves and is present within entertainment. That is because Oz or Pan is the god of the merchandise in America as well as most of the world. The bar code has the three guard bars in the beginning, middle, and end of the bar code itself and the three guard bars equates to 666. The number 666 is for Saturn as we went over in Part 3. The astrological sign for Saturn is of Capricorn which is the goat. It all connects.

Oz is also venerated with the image of the Z inside the letter O. Keep in mind that the letter O represents the zero point or the portal between the spirit world and the physical world. Out of the portal comes forth the ‘77’ or Pan; meaning that from the spirit world or the chthonic realm does the devil come forth and make its presence known in the physical world. This sentiment is seen with the organization known as CERN which has been working on inter-dimensional transportation or portals for years now. CERN is short for Cernunnos which is the Celtic stag god and is another manifestation of Pan or the horned god entity or archetype. You see the horned god archetype in the form of the goat, the ram, the bull, the stag, the buck, etc.

This brings us now to our final point on this section. This is The Devil tarot card from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot Card deck. As you can see here, it is of the horned god archetype; in this case, the ram. The ram is seen with Khnum or Banebdjedet in Ancient Kemet. The ram here is depicted with the third eye which is to denote illumination and that the ram or the horned goat is the enlightened one and the enlightener of mankind. The horned god is meant to represent Cush and in extension, Adam. Once again, Adam is viewed by the Luciferians as the great enlightener of mankind through his defiance of the Most High in the Garden and became the enlightened one once he took of the fruit. Cush was also viewed as the great enlightener as well. Thoth is another name for Cush. Either way, I bring this picture up because I want you all to pay attention to the framing of this picture. If you look closely, this is a phallus. The base in which the ram is drawn on is meant to represent the shaft. The two orbs or glowing circles that the ram is on top of is meant to represent the testicles. As we’ve mentioned before, the phallus in alchemy symbolizes the fleshly manifestation of the sun. As the sun brings forth life, so does the phallus through insemination. The phallus is also for sex magic as well which Crowley popularized in his books on sex magic. The ram or the goat rather is a symbol of lust as well which is also why this phallic imagery shown here.

This brings us to Aleister Crowley and his signature. If you look closely at the ‘A’, it is a subliminal phallus as well. The two ends of the ‘A’ curves into each other to resemble the testicles. The top of the ‘A’ resembles the tip of the phallus. Crowley venerated Pan who was depicted with the erect phallus which is the understanding that drove him to create his sex magic teachings. On a side note, Aleister Crowley was born Edward Alexander Crowley. He changed his name to Aleister. The name Aleister is the name of the demon, Alastor. Now, Alastor is the demon that was associated with the inheritance of sins or the passing down of sins from generation to generation. As a spirit in Roman mythology, he incited people to commit murder and other sins. This is the true reason why he changed his name to “Aleister”.

This is a major turn left which we went just now but it is necessary so you all understand where this all comes from and its origins so you can get a better grasp on who and what they venerate and why they’re doing what they’re doing now. Trump is a venerator of Pan as the rest of the presidents in past history were. He has to be. That was the only way he was able to become president.

Here we have now, a mannequin that was made in the image of Donald Trump. As you can see here, the Donald Trump mannequin is posing with his hands clutching his belt. This is in veneration of the phallus as we noted in Part 3. This is the same pose that the character Data did in the film, “The Goonies” where he clutched his belt and clicked the button on top of the belt buckle and from the belt buckle, a phallic object projected forth from the buckle. It is once again in veneration of the phallus which is in note to alchemy as well as sex magic which is for Pan.

Another common symbol done by Donald Trump is him throwing up the ‘666’. People make a big deal of him throwing up this hand sign and they run with it. They plaster images all over the place of Trump throwing up the ‘666’ sign and use it as the defining symbol of his allegiance to the elite. It is a whole lot deeper than that as we’ve gone over exhaustingly throughout this series but either way, we’ll go over this symbol really quickly.

The ‘666’ hand sign is not only for Saturn but it is also for the Fibonacci spiral which is in relation to the golden ratio. The golden ratio is tied to 666 as well. The Fibonacci spiral is meant to represent the transformation point between the physical world and the spiritual world or the ascension into a higher plane of consciousness. As you can see in the picture, it shows the spiral as the mediating point between the upright tree and the downright tree; representing the present world or Midgard and the chthonic realm or the underworld. Here you see the term, “As Above, So Below” written here. This to signify the true meaning of the term that being that the present world is tethered to the underworld and the constellations. This is the Luciferian understanding that whatever is happening on the earth is happening in the constellations and in the underworld.

Here is a cover of Fortune magazine which is of Donald Trump. It states, “The Promise of the Trump Economy.” As you can see here, you have an inversion of Donald Trump on the cover. You have the upright view and the downward view. The upright view has the blue background with the white lettering. This is to note the celestial sphere or the constellations and also for the blue side or the good witch aspect. The downward view has a red background with the black lettering. This is to note the underworld and the red side or the bad witch aspect. The blue and the red color scheme is for Saturnianism as it is the system of core belief that when the forces of fire and ice or good and evil come together, man becomes whole. That is the whole premise of that Saturnian belief system. If you notice, Trump’s face on the bottom is of a snarl or an angry look. That is to note the anger or rage of Saturn. The black and white lettering is also for duality as well and that falls into this entire theme being portrayed in this magazine cover which is Saturnianism. It is showing here that they show one face to the public and hide their true face or their darker or wicked aspect behind closed doors. 

Here is the same concept depicted here; that being of the “As Above, So Below” concept. As you can see, the red and the blue lettering is to note the principles of fire and ice coming together along with the yellow background symbolizing the enlightenment of that amalgamation of the two forces. The man on the upright position has the clear face and white beard to symbolize the light. The man on the downward position has the darkened or rather distorted face to symbolize the darkness or the wicked. The red pit on the bottom is meant to represent the inferno. It is the bringing together of opposites; the higher realm or the constellations and the underworld.

Here’s the poster for a film literally titled, “As Above, So Below”. Here you see the grim reaper or Saturn on the upright position while the angel is on the downward position holding the cross. It is to show the inverted aspect of belief. The outright position is of the grim reaper, meaning that the creators of this film are outright Saturnians. On the flip side, they worship Tammuz as the cross is for Tammuz. He is also depicted as an angel in his form as Cupid. It is also a low-level attempt to blaspheme the Messiah by inverting the cross but it is technically blasphemous against Tammuz because the cross is for Tammuz, not the Messiah of the Bible. It goes to show you that there is even low-level understanding within these Satanist circles.

This is the cover of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year and it shows Donald Trump as the Person of the Year. Trump is placing his left hand over his right hand to show that he is taking the left hand path. The left hand path is that which the bad witch embraces. It is the path which there is no taboos or boundaries but that any and all things can be done to accomplish whatever they need to accomplish in their eyes. They make no qualms about their ritualistic dark magic practices. It is stated that the godhood sought by left hand path followers is represented by the Qilpha Thaumiel in the Tree of Knowledge. This means that Donald Trump is a Kabbalist.

This is a picture put up in the office of Donald Trump and it is of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Even though you can’t see the wording, it says, “The Jewish National Fund Tree of Life Award to Donald J. Trump in recognition of his outstanding contributions to his city and to the real estate industry, strong humanitarian interest and support of Israel.” Now if you remember from Part 2, we saw how Fred Trump donated land for the Talmud Torah of the New Haven Beach Jewish Center in New York. We all know what the Talmud is based in as we covered in Part 2 of The Pedophilia Movement. The Talmud and Talmudic Judaism is the front religion for the Jewish mystics or Kabbalists of this society. It’s the same thing with many of the celebrities in Hollywood when they claim Buddhism as their religion when they’re really Luciferians or Satanists. Trump is upfront and proud about his Jewish background. Not only was he raised up in Freemasonry through his father but he was also raised up in the Kabbalah as well. His daughter, Ivanka Trump “converted” to Judaism and married the Kabbalist and Satanist known as Jared Kushner. The entire Trump family is Zionist; at the very least Donald Trump himself.

This is a photo of Donald Trump in his Trump Tower penthouse and he is doing a Masonic pose. He plays it off as if he’s fixing his tie but he is really a Masonic pose. This is what is known as the Devil’s Claw. Let’s see what that pose is meant to represent.

Here the text states, “The Sign of a Fellow Craft Mason is made by raising the right hand to the left breast, with the palm towards the breast and the fingers crooked. Then, draw the hand smartly across the breast from left to right and let it drop to the side. In performing the sign, the individual is taking his right hand, making a type of beastly devil’s claw out of it and then raking it across the breast from left to right. C. F. McQuaig, in The Masonic Report, calls this the Penal sign. It is made to remind the person giving it of his oath taken, that if he discloses the secrets of the Order or gives aid and comfort to its enemies, he should have the right breast torn open and the heart torn out. In sum, this is a ghastly sign warning of death to he who dares betray the Order of the Illuminati.” As explained here, this sign is to show the craftsmen’s allegiance to the craft and the acknowledgement of the deadly punishment which shall come to him if he were to ever reveal the secrets. So this shows Donald Trump’s acknowledgment of the secret-keeping of the craft.

This is Hollywood actor Will Smith and as you can see he is making the same pose as Donald Trump; that is the Devil’s Claw. Will Smith is another high level Luciferian in the witchcraft capital known as Hollywood; not only him but his entire family as well. Eitehr way, you look at the text and in gold it says, “He is Legend” and then it says “Will Smith” to denote that Will Smith is a legend. That term “I am” was used in the title of the film which Will Smith played in, “I Am Legend”. That is a way for them to personify themselves as Luciferians. As we all know, the Most High told Moses in the burning bush in the book of Exodus that his name was “I Am”. This is them trying to equate themselves to the Most High or rather being God themselves. It is one of the many ways that they claim themselves to be Luciferians. Then you have the term “legend”, meaning that they believe that they will live on through their works and that they will be immortal by the continuous appraisal and worship of their sycophants i.e. fans for supposed eternity. This is why you have buildings, hospitals, airports, etc named after many of these celebrities and politicians. It is their attempt to live on and be immortalized. Once again the words, “He is Legend” is highlighted in the gold to denote Will Smith as an illuminated one or a microcosm of the sun; he is of gold like the Egyptian gods were. Remember when we spoke earlier on this concept of the gold and how Marina Abramovic did a ritual on another Hollyweird witch James Franco and she put gold flakes all over his body in an attempt to portray themselves as being in the same divine light as the Egyptian gods.

This brings us back to Ancient Egypt. People wonder where all this Masonic and Luciferian philosophies, hand signs, gestures, and symbols comes from. It all comes from Ancient Kemet and Babylon. As you can see here, this is Pharaoh Netjerykhet Djoser and he is doing the exact same pose as Will Smith did in the Vogue magazine cover. It goes to show you that all of these signs and symbols were passed down all the way from the ancient world to now. Even back then, the ancient world got most of their understanding passed down from Adam & Eve and the fallen angels. Once again, as Ecclesiastes 1:9 states, “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” All that the Luciferians in this society today are doing is simply reinvigorating the teachings of Lucifer, Satan, and the fallen angels. That is all that they’re doing; whether it is through their photoshoots, films, historical events such as crashes and murders that they veil as ritualistic events in mythology, etc. So not only do they reinvigorate the energies of the ancient world by doing these same poses as the pharaohs did but they also attempt to act as the vessels of the divine energy represented in the form of the ancient gods of the pagan system.

This is the famous TV show that Donald Trump hosted for a long time, “The Apprentice”. This is an allusion to the dynamic of the master and the apprentice in the Luciferian world. The master takes the apprentice under his wing and teaches them the various components of the craft. The apprentice is the student or rather a witch in training. The entire premise of the show is that Donald Trump is courting these different contestants to see who is most suitable to run one of his companies and the contestants compete the entire season to win his favor and to be taken under his wing. If they’re the apprentice then obviously Donald Trump is the master in this dynamic. Trump sees himself as a master in the Luciferian sphere. We see the term “master” in Freemasonry as well with Master Mason. We see the veiled “Master Mason” in the same initials in some of these celebrities’ names. For instance, you have Eminem whose real name is Marshall Mathers. His initials are “MM” for Master Mason. He also has the initials of “SS” for his moniker Slim Shady and the “SS” is for the Schutzstaffel or the Nazi military and if you look at the SS flag it’s of the two runes or the two lightning bolts to denote illumination. You have Meek Mill with the same “MM” initials for Master Mason and he’s also caught up in a recent controversy with Kobe Bryant’s widow Vanessa Bryant for seemingly making light of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash. That was nothing but a shaming ritual for Meek Mill for him to ascend higher in the Luciferian circles. Take note that he is 33 years old which is the number for enlightenment or the kundalini serpent. That is the entire purpose behind that contrived controversy. They want to keep Kobe Bryant’s name alive because it is their attempt to immortalize him as one of the “immortals” of entertainment history like Michael Jackson, Tupac, and Elvis Presley all are. That’s why now people defend Kobe Bryant to such a degree that they deem any criticism or lack of acknowledgment of him as the greatest athlete ever as blasphemous and attack people like religious zealots. There’s a deeper reason for all of that but I’ll leave that alone for another time.

Just to expound on the Luciferian concept of the master and apprentice, we see this concept depicted in the Star Wars franchise with the concept of the Sith. In the Star Wars original trilogy, you see the dynamic of Darth Sidious or Palpatine with Darth Vader as master and apprentice. Vader served Palpatine as his apprentice. In the Sith belief, it was encouraged for the apprentice to kill his master once he ascended in the dark side. Through death, the Sith apprentice ascends in the dark side. The master accepted this element of the ascension; that being their apprentice usurping them at the expense of their own life. That concept is entirely Luciferian. In the Star Wars saga, the dark side represents the bad witch archetype or the Saturnian system. The light side represents the good witch archetype. However, if you ever see the original trilogy, you see Luke Skywalker begin his journey as a Jedi knight in the all-white garb. By the end of the trilogy in the third movie, Luke Skywalker is wearing the all-black garb. George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars franchise, was communicating that the good or bad component doesn’t truly exist as they’re both sides of the same coin and they’re all one in the same. So Lucas certainly has a profound grasp on the Luciferian teachings. You can see this even in the picture above with Darth Vader and Darth Sidious crossing their red light-sabers for the ‘X’ or the unknown which is to note the transformation point between the physical world and the spirit world. The lightsabers are meant to symbolize the magic wand. The ‘X’ symbol is for Osiris as well as the god of transformation. Darth Vader’s character is based in the god Osiris and Luke Skywalker’s character is based on the gods Horus and Apollo which makes his sister Leia to be Artemis. There is a lot of things when it comes to the Star Wars saga but that’s for another time. Either way, the master and apprentice concept is very big in the Luciferian world. All of these Lucfierians have some type of teachers or handlers who guide them through each of the stages that they go in. Trump’s TV show title, “The Apprentice” and its premise is an allusion to this concept.

This is a picture that I wanted to use just to emphasize the true reality of what the Trump presidency was and has the potential to be once again if the elite plan to bring him back into the fold in 2024. If the elite deem it to be most suitable for the advancement of their agenda to have Trump win the presidency again to create even more chaos in America, they will do it. Either way, you see in the picture above, it states, “How the Trump Campaign Actually Works” and it shows Donald Trump holding the puppet strings attached to a puppet of him. What they are communicating is that Trump like every other president is on strings and Trump himself knows and is aware of this fact. The QAnon crowd has deified Trump as this lone wolf who is operating against the government to take them down and “drain the swamp”. It is laughable to think that Trump is somehow against the overall Luciferian agenda. The only reasons for this entire narrative surrounding Trump is that he is playing the villain character, he obviously has disagreements with certain components of the plan, he is of a different Luciferian faction, and he is operating on the opposite end of the magical war against the other witches in the government. Believe it or not, there are magic wars that occur amongst these high level witches in the Luciferian spheres. They’re the most egotistical kind of people out there who are always trying to elevate in the craft and rule over others. You see this dynamic in the Star Wars franchise and in the Harry Potter franchise as well. You will often see conflicts between the villains of certain villainous factions in these major fantasy and sci-fi films where there are internal wars in these villainous factions over who of the top villains are the most potent in their power and capable of leading the pack. The same exact thing occurs in these Luciferian spheres. That’s where these movies get this concept from because the creators of these movies themselves are in those spheres as well. That is the dynamic of the Trump saga and why he is vilified so much because it is apparent that the faction he is at odds with consists of the people who are the most vocal and who controls the major narrative in America. That doesn’t make him a savior or the lone wolf. If it wasn’t for him being a Luciferian, he would never get near the main primary debates back in 2016, let alone become President. As mentioned before, if it wasn’t for him being a high level Mason, he would’ve never been able to break out in the real estate industry and have the image that he had long before his presidency. Just getting back to the point, this picture is clearly communicating that Trump is on a string and is or rather was being controlled during his presidency. Now, who was the puppet master?

Here is a magazine cover of Forbes which shows Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner with the title, “This guy got Trump elected”. Forbes is telling you point blank who is/was the engineer behind the Trump campaign and who is/was truly dictating the policies of the Trump Administration. Now, the media narrative at the time was that Vladimir Putin and Russia interfered with the election and got Trump elected which as we all know was all hogwash. Even those who are embedded in the political theater of America know that the narrative of Russian hacking of the election was farcical. These elections are not hacked in America because they are orchestrated by the powers that be to go a certain way if they feel the need to change the results. If the true results fall in line with the plan of the elites, they will let the election results be what it is without any tampering. If the results are not in the favor of the elites, they’ll manipulate the results to favor their “selected” candidate because it is a ‘selection’ not an election. This is what transpired just this past election with Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The Trump character gained too much traction with the people when they were expecting the people to have voted out Trump from their own volition. However, the people had seen through the lunacy of the Democratic Party and all of the shenanigans that they had been putting forth for the past four years with the ‘cancel culture’ mania, social engineering, identity politics, race-baiting, the LGBT brainwashing, etc and many decided to not only vote against the Democratic side but also moved out of those blue states to red states. I’ll get into the deeper aspect of the blue and red dynamic in the political and cultural structure of America in my breakdown on the Capitol Riot Ritual. Either way, the elites saw just how much Trump gained traction and they blatantly manipulated the results to favor Joe Biden which was planned from the jump and Trump was aware that the fix was in. It’s all theater. The same way they ‘fixed’ the election in 2000 to favor George W. Bush over Al Gore is the same way they ‘fixed’ this election. Having said that, Forbes is making it clear here of who it was that was able to maneuver and steer Trump into the presidency; that being Jared Kushner.

This is now New York magazine featuring Jared Kushner stating, “President In-Law” and it of course is highlighted in the orange to symbolize Kushner as the illuminated one or the great enlightener. This title speaks volumes and truly signifies the truth of the dynamic in the White House during the Trump Administration. Kushner was the true mastermind behind Trump’s actions. Steve Bannon was also another mastermind behind Trump’s actions as we covered in Part 2. He’s another agent of chaos i.e. a chaos magician as is Trump. Kushner is a high level Kabbalist and Luciferian as is his family. Trump had to tow the company line that was mapped out for him by Jared Kushner who was/is an agent of the international bankers. Kushner was the person who communicated to Trump what he was to do and not to do. He was the broker of the pro Israel foreign policy that Trump put forth. All of those so-called “peace agreements” that America led between Israel and the other countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain were all negotiated by Jared Kushner and the media themselves acknowledges this. The U.S. has to normalize relations between Israel and these other countries because the main controlling financial sect of the American enterprise is of the Zionist cabal of the Israeli state. It is of the international bankers’ best interests that they let the Zionist state grow with their global image because it is their true goal to have their presence normalized in all of the regions of the world. They’re working hard on the Middle East and Asia to normalize relations with Israel as well because those are the two regions left that have the two nations which do not have a central bank; that being Iran and North Korea. This is the reason why Trump was pushing for war with Iran because he’s a puppet for Kushner’s agenda which is the Zionists’ agenda. Trump pushed for peace with North Korea because he as well as the American powers knew that a war with North Korea would be a lot more destructive than a war with Iran. While war with Iran would still be catastrophic, it would not be as destructive as war with North Korea because Iran does not have as many powerful allies or weaponry as North Korea does. Iran’s partners such as Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq have been decimated at this point by America’s Zionist-driven intervention. Russia is allies to both North Korea and Iran but Russia has more of a strong tie with North Korea because Russia has had significant control over Asia since the end of World War II. The reason for this is because Russia had and has been funded and backed by the international bankers since that time period. Russia formerly the Soviet Union was a Communist regime that was the major communist power in the world before the surge of Communism in Asia; specifically China and thereafter North Korea. Russia still holds influence over China and North Korea but both of those nations have accumulated such power and influence that it is beyond America’s control and they can’t dictate to them what to do the same way they used to anymore. The banking families truly want America to become a total socialist-communist state because that is the system which produces the most money for the banks as everything is centralized and the people can be taxed relentlessly. They have to ease the people into it because of the Internet and the understanding that people have accumulated of the banking families and the totalitarian tenets of the Communist regime. Many people know that Communism hasn’t worked anywhere and has never been beneficial to the people. They’ve seen the decimation of these regions when Communism was instilled in those countries. The elite have to manipulate the people mentally and gain ultimate control over the right to free speech and the right to bear arms because those are the two main obstacles they have to hurdle over in order to fully instill dictatorship. Once they are able to take the guns of the people, they will be able to just tell everyone what to do and what they have to follow. If it wasn’t for the spiritual buffer that the Bible presents, America would have been a total communist state a very long time ago and they would have rolled out the microchip by then. The people are naturally driven to follow men and what they dictate. They don’t know any better. It is only because of the Bible and the Most High’s guidance that man even has a modicum of understanding of what is spiritually correct. That is the main reason why this buffer has occurred and the elites haven’t completely implemented their plan. Truthfully, not every component of the elite’s plan has to come to fruition because those are not prophesied to come into realization. It is true that the mark of the beast will be implemented eventually but not all of the components of “Agenda 21” or “Agenda 2030” have to be realized; meaning that the people do not have to keep these mask mandates going on further. Either way, it is up to the people to stand up against them; considering how sheepish and cowardly the people are, America will most likely instill most of the principles of “Agenda 21” or “Agenda 2030”. Having said that, Kushner is/was certainly the puppet master of the Trump Administration and the mastermind behind this expansionist policy of Israel where they’re building this supposed “peace relations” with other nations in Africa and the Middle East. They need to normalize relations with Israel in order to implement the total power of the banks over both Asia and the Middle East. If they were to install Rothschild owned central banks in Iran and North Korea, there would be no wild card threat and they could fully establish and maintain control through social engineering and rape the world dry of its money and resources to favor the banking families and the Zionist state of Israel.

As you can see, this dynamic between the underboss and the president is nothing new. The man on the right is Edward Mandell House who was the advisor to President Woodrow Wilson pictured next to him and also was advisor to President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Edward Mandell House was a socialist/Marxist who was a plant for the international bankers and controlled the White House under the Wilson and Roosevelt Administrations. House was the founder of the Council on Foreign Relations which is an organization that formulates the plan and creates the mechanisms for transitioning mainly America and the rest of the world into a socialist world-government. America established the controlling organization of the League of Nations after WWI to be the power that transitions the world into a centralized world government. The League of Nations failed to bring America to give up its sovereignty to it but led to the creation of WWII and the United Nations after. After WWII, America would give up its sovereignty and join the United Nations and we have had this world-government plan be implemented within the country ever since. House himself in a book called Philip Dru: Adminstrator laid out a plan for essentially the siege of America which would gain control of both the Democratic and Republican parties and use them as tools to create a socialist state.

The book called for passage of a graduated income tax and the establishment of a state-controlled central bank in America. Those are two tenets in the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx. Both of them became law in 1913 during the first year of the Wilson Adminstration. Why? Because Edward Mandell House was the controlling force of the White House and he was a socialist plant and agent for the international bankers. Once again, the international bankers support the socialist regime and the implementation of such because it is what gives the banks the most power, the most control and the most money.

To touch back on the Democrat-Republican dynamic, House and the CFR in 1921 began to bring in major political candidates for the presidency into membership of the Council on Foreign Relations. After they got financial backing for decades from the Rockefellers and the Carnegie Foundation, they grew more in influence in America. In 1940 during FDR’s presidency, the CFR gained immense control and power over the State Department and has maintained that power since then. FDR let that through because he was a pawn of the international bankers himself. He was the one who installed many of the socialist tenets in America, as did Wilson. The Federal Reserve Act was passed by Woodrow Wilson and the Gold Standard was removed by FDR which all has given complete power over the monetary system of America to the banks because once again, both Wilson and Roosevelt were pawns. In later years, the CFR had many of the major candidates for both parties as CFR members. On the Republican side, you had Thomas Dewey, Dwight D. Eisenhower who was responsible for creating Iran’s current state, and Richard Nixon. On the Democratic side, you had Adlai Stevenson, John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey and George McGovern. Now if you remember, McGovern was running for president in the 1972 election against incumbent president Richard Nixon. McGovern was running on socialist policies such as a guaranteed minimum income where the government gives everyone a minimum amount of money every month, legalized abortion and marijuana, and the end to the Vietnam War. The Nixon campaign basically labeled him as a radical socialist and that Nixon was leading America’s charge in fighting against Communism. They basically drove the people into fear of McGovern and it lead to the election swinging heavily to Nixon in the second largest landslide in election history. The funny thing is that Nixon himself was advocating for a guaranteed minimum income for families later in his second term and oversaw the federal legalization of abortion himself if it wasn’t for Watergate. The Vietnam War also was practically brought to a close by Nixon as well. Nixon was also involved with the Communists in China as well and was a socialist as well. It just goes to show you that both sides are controlled and serve the same cause to advance the goals of the international bankers. The political banter between the two parties is almost entirely contrived. Of course, they’re competing witches and witch covens in the American political system who disagree on the pathways to their ultimate goal but their ultimate goal to serving Lucifer and establish a world government is shared by both. The same way that Edward Mandell House was controlling the White House during the Wilson and Roosevelt Administrations is the same way Jared Kushner was controlling the White House during the Trump Administration. It is the same way that Lyndon B. Johnson was the plant for the bankers during JFK’s presidency, the same way that George H.W. Bush was the underboss during Reagan’s presidency, and the same way that Dick Cheney was the underboss during George W. Bush’s presidency. Every president has a plant in their administration because each presidential administration has to advance the goals of the international bankers because they’re the ones who are truly calling the shots. The bankers’ job isn’t to speak to the people but it is to control the money and to implement Luciferianism as the state religion of America both socially in the form of Marxism and spiritually in the form of the overt worship of Lucifer. Kushner is another Luciferian as well which we’ll get to now.

This is the building formerly owned by Kushner Properties which is on 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. It was the largest individual building purchase in history at the time. It is also said to be “41-stories”. The number ‘41’ is for mind activation or the spiral consciousness. This resonates even more on a deeper level when you understand that Lucent Technologies was operating on the 6th floor. We’ll get to what Lucent Technologies was actually doing in a moment. The word ‘lucent’ signifies light or luminosity i.e. illumination. Now, if this isn’t a signal of what the Kushner family is actually about, there can’t be any other signal as obvious as this. If you look at the map, it is centered right between Trump Tower and the Rockefeller Center. What are the odds that the Trump Tower and the Rockefeller Center would be set up right near “666 Fifth Avenue”? It is awfully convenient that Trump and the Rockefellers would be situated in the hub of Lucent Technologies via 666 Fifth Avenue. It goes to show you that both Trump and Rockefellers are both Luciferians which people should’ve known already. The only people who haven’t figured this out yet are the people who still believe in a man and think that Donald Trump is the savior of America. Trump is simply an actor playing his role. For Trump to have his daughter marry a high level Luciferian and Kabbalist like Jared Kushner should show everyone that Trump is a part of the “swamp”; the only difference is that he’s a part of a different “swamp” that’s it. You can be a part of a different “swamp” and yet have the same end goal which is to implement overt Luciferianism and be a worker-bee for the “Great Work”. That is all that this whole Trump narrative is. Having said that, let’s dive in briefly on Lucent Technologies and what it is about.

This is the Lucent Technologies logo. It appears to be a circle but it really is the Ouroboros logo which is of the serpent eating its tail. This company is letting you know that they venerate the serpent and the ancient concept of destruction and rebirth. We also see the propagation of that concept with the phoenix bird where it cyclically regenerates and obtains new life from the ashes of its predecessor. Through its death or destruction of its corporeal form, it is reborn again. It is in veneration of the False Christ Horus or Heru. We all know that the ‘666’ is the number for the mark of the beast and is the number for Saturn or the ‘Antichrist’. The name ‘Lucent Technologies’ is to denote the agenda of the illumination which comes forth from the mechanical or the robotic and is brought to mankind. Through transhumanism or artificial intelligence, mankind becomes illuminated. Lucent Technologies is the company which was working on the RFID microchip inside of the “666 5th Avenue” building in Manhattan. Isn’t it interesting that “Lucent” Technologies had or has been working on the RFID microchip i.e. the mark of the beast? The concept is that Lucent Technologies are acting as the great enlighteners of mankind by creating and bringing forth the mark which supposedly will bring humanity into a new world of understanding and form of life where they’re beyond the stringent concepts of the biblical law and have become the weavers of their own destiny and have become their own gods. That is what they truly think. Keep in mind that they were working on this on the ‘6th’ floor of “666” Fifth Avenue. It’s all a big illuminist ritual. Just to expound on this, they also had an operating system which was called “Inferno” which is another reference or homage to the concept of enlightenment on the left hand side. The RFID chip also supposedly contains the sterilization hormone known as levonorgestrel which is the hormone used in birth control pills. If you didn’t know Bill Gates himself also has funded a contraceptive microchip for some time now which speaks volumes as to what his agenda truly is but I’ll cover that in full detail once I release the upcoming full series on the Coronavirus. Either way, this goes to show you what Jared Kushner is truly about. He is a globalist and is an agent of the banking families who is a worker bee for the “Great Work” and is advancing the implementation of the mark of the beast. Once again, this is Donald Trump’s son-in-law who Trump thought was the right man to marry into his bloodline. In spite of this, people will still believe that Donald Trump is a righteous man of Christ who is trying to save America.

This cover from Time Magazine truly captures the reality of the Donald Trump narrative. That being that Trump is the great chaos-bringer or the trickster. As you can see, Trump is posing acting as if he is about to press the button that will lead to the detonation of a bomb. You see that a lot in cartoons where a character is threatening to press the “death button”. If you ever saw the cartoon, “Dexter’s Laboratory”, you see how Dexter’s sister Dee-Dee is always causing chaos and is disrupting everything that Dexter is trying to get done in his laboratory or in his life. Dexter’s sister in one episode toys with Dexter by threatening to press the “death button” out of “curiosity”. She was a trickster and a force of chaos which is a common archetype in cartoons such as in the shows, Tom and Jerry along with Looney Tunes. They’re communicating that Donald Trump is a source of chaos and is or was the great trickster in Washington. Notice the title which says, “Trump’s War on Washington” along with Trump leaning on the broken or cracked Obelisk which is meant to represent the severed penis of Osiris. This is meant to communicate that Trump is acting as proverbial Set who is dismantling the order of Osiris and is leading the age of the trickster as Set did during his reign. We all know that the aftermath of the death of Osiris is of the birth of Horus or the “Return of the Lion King”. Trump had to play the character of Set in order for the elite to create this sense of weeping for the Osiris and call for the age of Horus. After Trump’s “defeat”, the Biden-Harris Administration enters the picture to bring forth the age of the divine hermaphrodite i.e. the age of Horus through the finalization of Great Work first started and left incomplete by Cush and Nimrod. This is why we have been seeing and will continue to see the perpetuation of the transgender and non-binary agenda throughout these four years. That component will be covered entirely in great detail in the upcoming series on the Rebis. Having said that, this magazine cover is once again communicating on an esoteric level that Trump is the great trickster Set and that his purpose on the world stage to perpetuate chaos and anarchy in order to dismantle the current stage of the old America or the old-guard mentality of the “divine masculine” to birth the new age of the new America or the Great Work with the “enlightened” mentality of the “divine hermaphrodite” who is subservient to the mother goddess and comprises of the both masculine and feminine aspects as Adam Kadmon.

This is an image that is important to highlight because it resonates on a few levels. First off, it states, “This man may turn you green with envy – or just turn you off. Flaunting it is the game, and Trump is the name.” with the name ‘Trump’ highlighted in yellow for enlightenment. Trump is holding the Ace Card to play off the saying of the “Trump Card” meaning that Trump is the top player in the game of winning the trick because he holds the top card in the trump suit. He will win the game because he has the greatest card of them all; that being the trump card. A trump itself means a playing card which is elevated above its usual rank in trick-taking games. Trump sees himself as being elevated above all others and is the top player; he is the top trickster. The card itself which is the Ace of Spades card also resonates on a Luciferian level because the Ace of Spades symbolizes death. It is often referred to as the “death card”. The Ace of Spades is a symbol of Saturn to an extent as Saturn was said to be the god of death and destruction. It is also a symbol used to reference sacrifice. This is showing you that Trump not only sees himself as the top player of the game but he also understands the principle of the spades; meaning that sacrifice and death is essential to elevate and maintain your position within Luciferianism and Saturnianism.

Here is another Time magazine cover which depicts Donald Trump as the great source of chaos. The text states, “Year One.” It shows Donald Trump’s hair in the form of flames. This is not only to depict Trump as this mad man who was holding America hostage through his chaotic nature but to also show him as the force that would supposedly destroy America. Remember that America is of a feminine nature or is built off of the energy of the mother goddess. It is the Great Whore of Babylon. This is why you see many people refer to America as “her”. Many nations have aligned themselves with a feminine nature; like how you have “Mother Russia”. That’ll be explored in detail in another upcoming series. I bring that up because what they have been trying to convey in their narrative is that of Donald Trump desecrating or defiling and abducting the Great Lady “America” as Hades did when he took Persephone to the underworld and she was distraught as she was seized from the world above her and was captive of Hades in the underworld. This is why to an extent Trump has the fiery head and that also correlates to Hades as well. If you ever have seen the animated film, “Hercules”, you see whenever the character of Hades gets mad his face turns red and the flames on his head go from blue to bright gold flames. They’re trying to play off Trump as proverbial Hades. It also plays off the anger or rage of Saturn as well and we saw that with the “As Above, So Below” magazine cover earlier. This aspect will definitely be discussed in detail in another time but it’s important to touch on this briefly to make it clear for everyone.

Here’s yet another cover of Time Magazine featuring Donald Trump and it again depicts him as being a form of chaos that is bringing a tidal wave to the White House or the ‘heart of America’. Notice that this time they depict that chaos or transition in the form of a storm. Another entity for the adversary of Horus, Seth in which he was identified with was the Canaanite storm god, Baal. We covered in Part 3 the component of Baal and what the truth is about the “storm” aspect. Just to reiterate, the “storm” is meant to represent the great chaos and disorder that Nimrod and Cush brought to mankind through their ideologies which spread forth across the world. It also represents the flood to an extent as Nimrod and Cush revitalized and taught much of the things which were taught by the fallen angels and adhered to by mankind before the flood. The storm represents the changing tide in mankind after the flood from the short lived adherence to the Most High’s teachings through Noah to the apostasy of Nimrod and Cush as the winds of the storm generally represents a shift or the rapid directions of the wind. So this cover is to not only depict Trump as the storm god Baal to a certain degree, it is also to rerpresent the great spiritual shift in the country from the divine feminine principle perpetuated by Obama to the return of the divine masculine principle projected by Trump.

This is now a cover featuring Trump with the Grande Dame witch herself, Hillary Clinton holding up the sign, “The End is near.” Of course, they’re playing off of the notion that the “end” of diplomacy and normalcy is coming because of the potential mayhem that either candidate would bring to the White House as most people acknowledged that both Trump and Hillary were bad candidates. They’re also communicating that the “divine masculine” and “divine feminine” principles are soon to be shuttered off for the introduction or rather age of the “divine hermaphrodite” principle which we are currently going through now. Trump represented the old guard macho “divine masculine” principle that needed no approval of the woman nor regarded the woman which is the “old” mentality of men in America. Hillary represented the new “liberated woman” and the “divine feminine” principle that needed no approval of a man and was “paving her own path”. It made perfect sense to try and demonize the masculine principle with the brash character of Trump by going against a woman in the election. It also set the stage for the further destruction of the rapport between the man and the woman in America and to further create the gender war that accelerated even further after the election with the “MeToo movement”.

In order to demonize men having a backbone and men attempting to set the foundation for the relationship and being an unapologetic masculine leader, they had to set up the character of Trump and he represented all of those things that the new generation of women and the emasculated man who worshiped the woman would inevitably despise. Trump’s character is that of a brash, unapologetic, nationalistic, traditionalist, womanizing white male; the archetype that the media has been teaching the masses to dislike and view as the wrong type of male. Obama’s character was that of the demure, jolly, politically-correct, effeminate male who gave all obeisance and worship to the “divine feminine” principle as well as being accepting of the homosexual, the lesbian, and the transgender. Society and the “evolution” of the American male was rapidly shifting towards that and they were being met with pushback by the conservative old guard Caucasian male that stood up against the rapid deconstruction of traditional family and religious values. The powers that be knew that in order to fully instill that male archetype of Obama into every man in America where they’re obeying and venerating the mother goddess as their head and stepping the boundaries of what it means to be masculine by blending both masculine and feminine principles, they had to create the most extreme example of the conservative Caucasian male in order to train the people to hate that archetype and to want it abolished from society. That is why you will unerringly see that for the most part, every mass shooter in these controlled mass shooting events is a Caucasian male. They want to align the conservative Caucasian male with everything wrong that is impeding the progress of America socially; whether it is their pro-gun stance, their socially conservative stances on the importance of family and the wrongfulness of the LGBT lifestyle, or their unapologetic masculinity, etc. They want to do this because once you break the man down in a society; you can control that society however you want because the man will always lead the charge or uprising against a totalitarian takeover. Once you let the neoliberal woman brainwashed by this society take the lead and take away the power of the man to be able to take the lead or to have a say in anything, there is no leadership or power structure standing in the way against an outside force taking over. Whenever a nation is being seized, the incoming force always kills the man first and leaves the woman and the child because they know that the man poses the greatest threat to their power. They can then take the women and breed with them in order to then train up the newer generation to follow their command and think like them. It is imperialism 101. In this case, they’re indoctrinating the man to think the way they want to think that a man should be so that they then breed with the woman and train up their children to think in the same way as the elite want them to think not only to reinvigorate the Babylonian system full force but to also take away the threat of the man and fully take over. It is ideological imperialism; it’s a spiritual war.

Another thing, it is not exclusively the white male they’re demonizing, it’s also the conservative Muslim man that they’re demonizing as they’re doing the same thing in Saudi Arabia in order to deculturalize not just that country but the entire Middle East so that they can fully implement the overt worship of the horned god, the mother goddess, and the “divine hermaphrodite” worldwide. The Middle East as mentioned before is the last cultural blockade standing against the Babylonian principles of pansexuality, goddess worship, and things of that nature because they have an ultra-conservative and religious foundation with a strong culture that has been firmly embedded in that region for centuries. They already know that rapidly promoting this in that region would create a holy war of sorts amongst the people there against the younger socialist/Marxist generation that are being set up as the plants for the Great Work being grown there in that region of the Middle East.

They want to emasculate and take down any man that poses a threat to the agenda. It’s all a strategic deculturalization of the conservative culture that was prominent in America until the 1960’s and now the last remnant of that culture has to be “eradicated” from society for the sake of fully establishing the socialist/Marxist/Luciferian generation of people in America and that form of ideology as being the standard. They had to create a boogeyman in order for the people to want the promotion of the mother goddess and her emasculated son. Trump was the perfect boogeyman for America. The policies about immigration, abortion, and LGBT rights were all just the pieces that had to make up the character of Trump. He had to embody all the common thought processes and political stances of the conservative Caucasian and then portray it in a brash and extreme way in order for the people to deem him and the rest of the conservative Caucasian crowd as present dangers to “American democracy” and to what Obama was building. Obama himself came out and said leading up to the 2016 election, “If you care about our legacy, realize that everything we stand for is at stake. All the progress we’ve made is at stake in this election…There is one candidate who will advance those things and there is another candidate whose defining principle; the central theme of his candidacy is opposition to everything that we have done.” That is exactly what the storyline was and Obama communicated that perfectly; it’s just that most people didn’t view it with the understanding that it was mainly about the old guard masculine principle in the form of Trump taking down the progress of the man’s “evolution” into the proverbial “divine hermaphrodite” who was relearning his masculinity and was getting in touch with his “feminine side” and was venerating the mother goddess and accepting the LGBT agenda. They already knew that Trump was going to win but in order to make the spell of fear more potent on the masses, they had to build up this desperation in that Trump was this lunatic who was going to launch nukes from day one and have women dressing up as nuns and having the LGBT community get skinned alive in the streets. They had to build up that fear in the minds of the people. They didn’t have to provide any evidence for their stances. All they needed was for the people to believe in the danger. When anyone tries to explain the reason as to why Trump was so bad as a president, they point mainly to his character. They never present any evidence for his supposed racism or xenophobia or extremism; not to say that there isn’t any evidence out there. They just never present it because they don’t do research for themselves and they don’t think for themselves and just get caught up in the emotional probing of the political theater of America.

On an esoteric level, this cover is also depicting Trump as the father god and Clinton as the mother goddess. Trump is in the black, white, and red for the Black Mass which is for Pan and Clinton is in the all-white for the mother goddess. They represented the two sides; the masculine and feminine principle. They of course then have the red background to communicate that they’re both apart of the craft and are both witches. The essential core of dark magic or dark witchcraft which the elite practice is that of blood sacrifice. The red background is to symbolize blood sacrifice. They’re both two sides of the same coin which we’ll delve into now.

Here is an old photo of Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton and his two Jesuit sons. He states, “Hillary Clinton, Donny Jr., Eric, and me. The First Lady is a wonderful woman who has handled pressure incredibly well.” Now of course people change and relationships change but there is certainly a drastic contrast between this statement and his later statements about her during the 2016 election and after where he repeatedly called her a “nasty woman”. It’s all for show. It’s all political theater. These politicians who pretend to be at odds with one another are rubbing elbows with each other behind closed doors in their Masonic lodges or during their private golf games. Now, is it possible that Trump and Clinton are a part of two different factions which was what made them supposedly “at odds”? Yes. However, it is just to show you that they all have one face for the cameras and one face for the craft. They all have characters that they have to play. The political world is no different than the acting world. The international bankers are the directors and producers who write the script which the top politicians have to follow in order to shift America as well as the world into the direction in which they want it to be. They all have to do it in this way because it is very easy to sway people in the way you want through emotion and story-telling. They have to set up the heroes and the villains in order to create the division that they need to then bring order in their own way. It is Hegalian principles. They need to create the illusion that there’s two sides when if the people were to wake up and actually gain some sense, they’d see that it’s two sides of the same coin and that the war is really the elite against the people. The elite hate humanity in the same way that the demons hate humanity. These demons operate through the vessels of these people whether through influence or full-blown possession because it is not just men and women who are at play here, it is the spirit world that is running things in all actuality. It hearkens back to Ephesians 6:12 which states, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” The truth is that this is greater than just America or red vs. blue or Republican vs. Democrat or the government against the people, it’s the spirit world which is using these people to further advance prophecy because Satan and his angels serve the will of the Most High as can be seen in the book of Job. Prophecy must be advanced to be fulfilled in order for the Most High to establish His New Kingdom and initiate the final stage of this existence and to create that separation of the wheat and the tares. As we mentioned earlier with the lightning strikes, there is a spiritual component at play here which is bigger than just Trump and the Clintons.

This is just another example of the media’s drive to paint Donald Trump as the ultimate villain. Once again, it is the media’s job to perpetuate the narrative of Trump being this synonym for corruption, wickedness, malice, debauchery, etc. They want Trump to be viewed in the same light as Nero or Caligula of Rome. Many people have of course fallen for the media hyped narrative but many have taken his side because he actually did some of the things that he promised and that he embodied many of the things that Middle America has held for a long time but that is apart of his character; he’s played it very well. Whether people want to believe it or not, Trump while not starting any major wars, still continued the other previous wars and truly wanted to escalate action against Iran because Trump operates with a Zionist foreign policy initiative as he and his entire family are Zionists. So while Trump may do some things that go against the company line such as banning the transgenders from the military or actually delivering on his promises for border control, he still followed the bottom line of supporting Israel and maintaining the Federal Reserve System. Those along with the military industrial complex are the main things that no president can impede upon because those are the true controlling sectors that control America. Any president that went against the banks was removed; whether it is Kennedy, Lincoln, McKinley, etc. When a president tries to reinforce the Gold Standard or come against a central bank or things of that nature, they get removed because it hurts the pockets of those who are pocketing off those systems; that being the banking families who control America. If Trump was truly a renegade against the system, he would’ve been came out against the Zionist state of Israel and would’ve never had people such as Kushner and Kissinger in his circle and would’ve came out against the Federal Reserve by attempting to bring back silver and gold but that would’ve been followed with his “removal” as happened to Kennedy and Lincoln among others. Trump is simply playing the heel or the villain. That is it. He is still very much a part of the Luciferian world as is every other president before and after him. The only difference is that he is playing the villain role and is in my estimation, a part of a different faction that is squabbling with the main faction as to the direction in which the world should be taken in. As noted previously, there are splits and differences and opposing factions in the Luciferian world. They are not all in lockstep. It is ridiculous to assume that everyone in that realm is in lockstep because no organization in life period has ever been in lockstep. There are internal wars with organizations many times because of egos and the thirst for power amongst certain leaders who wish to gain full control to steer the ship in the direction they want it. All that is going on is political theater with some substance to the villain/renegade narrative; the substance being that Trump is a part of a different faction or rather witch coven.

Getting back to the cover, it says, “Pope calls out hateful Trump: ‘A person who thinks only about building walls and not bridges is NOT CHRISTIAN.’” Then the cover exclaims boldly, “ANTICHRIST!” As usual, this is the Pope playing his part in the script to act as a pious sanctified figure of sacredness who is stepping up to “condemn” the villain of wickedness in a supposed act of courageousness. It is truly laughable the types of people that the media makes out to be righteous or sacred individuals like Pope Francis or Barack Obama; two of the biggest degenerates and most sinister people on the planet. When you are the Pope, you are acting as the Vicar of Osiris. The Pope is supposed to represent the king of the earth as Osiris or Nimrod was. When you are acting as the king of the earth, you communicate directly with Satan; as Cush and Nimrod did along with every pope before Jorge Bergoglio, better known as Pope Francis. You are engaging in the most barbaric, vile and grotesque rituals imaginable as the Pope because the higher your position is in the kingdom of Satan and the more favor you have to gain, the viler the acts you have to commit. So it is laughable to think of the Pope condemning someone as not being Christian or rather a man of the Most High when he himself is doing the exact opposite of what the scriptures state. There is no greater hypocrisy than the Pope condemning anyone when he has the blood of innocents on his hands more than anyone else. It is also ironic that the Pope is mentioned on this cover along with the title, “Antichrist” since he himself represents the Antichrist on the earth as he acts as the Vicar of Osiris who himself as Nimrod was serving as the Antichrist during his reign.

 Either way, Trump is being painted once again as the ultimate villain, as he has been for the entirety of his presidential character arc. They want to brand him as the new Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, or Castro because they’ve made his character embody all of the qualities or characteristics that impedes on the further progress of the “Great Work”. They want to demonize masculinity, independent thinking, the will to question the government, courage to question the LGBT and feminist agenda, and the resistance against the agenda to take away the 2nd Amendment. These are all things that Trump has embodied in his character so that those characteristics and traits are all demonized. Trump is serving as the example of what “not to do” and who “not to be”. The elite are using Donald Trump as the ensample of what the people should resist and should strive not to be. They are training the public on how to think and what to say through the excoriation and demonization of Trump so that they could not only act in the way that they want them to act but to also go after those who exhibits the same traits as Trump in the same way that the media goes after Trump. This is the whole purpose of the sham leading up to the election where Trump allegedly got COVID-19. Think of how the media uses these skits or “educational” commercials concerning a certain medication or vaccine where they show two examples of a person who is accepting and trusting of the doctor and the medicine and in turn doesn’t get sick whereas they show the person who is resistant and not trusting of the doctor or the medicine and dares to question it and they in turn get sick. They use these “educational” commercials or skits to train the people as to what is deemed right and what is deemed wrong and what the consequences are if you dare question the doctors or the treatment that everyone else is going along with and try and think for yourself. They’ll also throw in a claim like “autism is caused by vaccines” and they have the doctor roll their eyes or have someone groan to train that response in the people’s minds whenever someone brings up that argument. They’re training them to just automatically resist any form of opinion that centers on the dangers of vaccines or modern medical treatments or any opinion that merely questions the safety of such treatments. The entire Trump virus contraction story was played out like an educational training video about vaccines. Joe Biden acted as the reasonable and smart individual who did the “right thing” by trusting the doctors and doing as he’s told in wearing his mask and openly advocating for taking the vaccine which resulted in him not contracting the virus at all. On the other hand, Donald Trump acted as the unreasonable, brash, and reckless individuals who did the “wrong thing” by not trusting the doctors, questioning the medical authorities, and most importantly, not wearing his mask which led to Trump getting the virus. It was a form of training that they played where they showed Trump’s voter base that this is what happens when you don’t wear your mask or follow the rules; “you see, even your idol Trump got the virus.” You then noticed afterwards how they got a lot more Republicans and conservatives to believe in the virus, mask-wearing, and the prospect of taking the vaccine simply because Trump allegedly got the virus and was sick. They often accuse Democrat voters of being sheep and going along with protocol but they’re just as big of sheep as they are as many conservatives went right along in believing in the media narrative of the virus and mask-wearing simply because of what happened to Trump and what he responded with afterwards with more advocacy for masks and vaccines. You’re on a dying ship when you accuse another side of something in a two-sided war because the majority of the time, your side is doing the exact same thing that you’re accusing the other side of. Conservatives are just as big of sheep as liberals are because they still believe in the legitimacy of politics and that a president is any different from the rest of the devils in government. They were accusing liberals all year of being rioters and agents of chaos through their riots whereas their side did the exact same thing at the Capitol building along with other fights that many of the groups like the Proud Boys got into last year. They’re two sides of the same coin. No one on the conservative side should be offended by this because if you’re truly a follower of the Word of Yahweh, you should know that the only side to take is the Lord’s; not Democrat or Republican. Only the Most High can save you from the corruption and wickedness of man; not any president, senator or congress member can. If you’re a person who is on the conservative side and knows the truth about this hierarchy that the world is operating under that people have popularized as the “Illuminati”, you should know better than to believe in Donald Trump because of his rampant advocacy for these vaccines. If you know the truth about these vaccines, why would you still believe in a man who is shilling for these unauthorized vaccines? Trump is as much of a devil as the rest of them are; he’s just controlled opposition who is playing his character extremely well and has baited so many “truthers” because of his relation to their thinking. It’s simply a bait-and-switch. That’s it. Trump is only concerned about himself and his family. He’s still a worker bee for the “Great Work” as the rest of them are. It’s as simple as that.

Just to close off on this part, we’ll reiterate a point that we’ve been making for this entire series; that being that Donald Trump is playing role of Set the trickster. The cover here shows Trump with the clown face paint and the crown. The text states, “The clown who plays king can’t overthrow the bedrock values this nation was founded on 242 years ago today.” Once again, as we explained expansively in Part 3, Set the trickster or the clown god usurped Osiris and the principles he set during his reign as king. Trump’s presidency was meant to reinvigorate the reign of Set as the great chaos king or the trickster. This also correlates to the earlier image of Trump leaning on the broken obelisk which represents the defeated reign of Osiris. With the dethroning of Set, the age of Horus is ushered in as Horus avenges his father’s defeat to finish his reign or “work”. This is the same thing with Trump as he was “defeated” by the messenger of Horus who bears the lotus flower who is Kamala Harris; the real president at the current moment. Through Harris and Biden, they’re going to use these next 4 years to usher in the age of Horus through the veneration of the “divine hermaphrodite” principle. Of course, it comes along with more rampant goddess worship and veneration of the “divine feminine”. They had to tear down the masculine principle in order for them to be able to set the pretext for them to take the drastic measures in their agenda to emasculate the man to promote mother goddess and divine hermaphrodite worship not only in veneration but to depower the nation’s resistance against the full totalitarian plan of the elite. It is all a play. The politicians are the characters who are playing their own script in the same way that actors and athletes do as well; the script being to be the ensamples that accepts the agenda and trains the masses to follow suit in being fully obedient to the age of Horus.

-This is the end of Part 4-