This is a short post that we’re going to make in regards to popular drinks and in general sodas and alcoholic beverages. Most of us already understand the negatives which come from drinking sodas from a health perspective. However, most don’t understand the negatives which come from a spiritual perspective. Understanding the popular saying, “you are what you eat”, we know that not only do we take in the physical effects of what we eat and drink but we also take in the spiritual effects of what we eat and drink. If we normally eat junk food, our body is going to resemble that; the best case scenario on the outside being an underweight person due to high metabolism. Some will say that not everyone who eats junk food looks overweight as there’s bodybuilders out there who eat junk food and look great. While they might look great on the outside, their internal body is not in good shape. Their internal organs are not healthy; whether it is their heart or liver or their intestines, etc. Many bodybuilders have died from heart failure or some other type of organ failure and many have health problems later on as they get older. Nonetheless, the saying is true no matter how you spin it.

We become what we consume; whether it is food, beverages, information, behaviors, music, etc. This is profound not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. As far-fetched as it may seem by some, we are mentally and spiritually affected by what we consume; in specific, drinking. This is even more so the case when you talk about top brand drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. To segue into this topic, we’ll be discussing soda brands and its spiritual affects.

Before we necessarily delve into the spiritual aspect of these soda brands, we’ll get into the central theme of the advertisements for these popular soda brands. The central theme is that this particular brand of soda will help you transform into a more energetic and vibrant version of yourself. The taste of the soda is so good that it propels you into a sense of euphoria and ecstasy; so much so that you become a different person within that moment. The most prime example of this specifically for soda brands is Dr. Pepper. The above picture features the mascot Lil Sweet who is used in the Dr. Pepper commercials. The commercials usually show in some way a regular person being convinced by Lil Sweet to take a drink of Dr. Pepper.  He is meant to embody the Dr. Pepper drink itself. He symbolizes the feeling that you will get when you drink Dr. Pepper. You’ll feel like and become a rock star when you drink Dr. Pepper. You become someone else and feel better and greater than ever. This sense of marketing is what allures people into buying the product that they’re selling. Most people want to get that rush or hit because for the most part, people are living mundane lifestyles; meaning that they are not doing what they love or are not satisfied with their lives. You’ll be surprised just how little it takes to get someone to try something out in hopes of getting some sort of rush or hit to feel better. For most people, it comes down to simply wanting to try it out because of the advertising. For others, it is an effort to feel better than they are. This is not just the case for alcohol but it is also the case for soda brands as well but to a lesser extent. To a greater extent, alcohol is used by people in hopes of becoming another person and feeling like a rock star. This is where you get the dynamic of people having a false sense of confidence when they drink alcohol. For energy drinks, it is more so you becoming a powerful and more energetic version of yourself. We will get into this in a moment but just to recapture what we discussed here, this is how they market their drinks to the people. Most marketing for consumer products really comes down to convincing others that your product will help enhance themselves in some form or fashion; whether it is physically or emotionally. Soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and energy drinks are all marketed to convince you that it will either make you feel better or become a better version of yourself. This is the appeal of these drinks. Most people need the energy boost to get through their day; whether it is for their emotional state or their physical state. With this in mind, we’ll now get into the esoteric component of some of these drinks.

This is one of a few examples which we will go into in detail for the esoteric component of these popular brands. The first one is Sprite. It is one of the most popular soda brands in America. It is up there with Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper. Now one will ask, “what is the deal with the brand name?” Let’s see.

Here is the definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary for the word sprite. Here it says, “Definition of sprite- A: elf, fairy. B: an elfish person. 2- A: a disembodied spirit: ghost. B: archaic: Soul.” Now the elves and fairies go into European mythology. They represent spirits. The term sprite itself is derived from the Latin spiritus which comes out to be spirit. This is the reason why one of the definitions we see here is “a disembodied spirit: ghost”. Tying this now to alcohol, another name used for alcoholic beverages are “spirits”. The term alcohol is derived from the Arabic al-kuhl. It is translated to kuhul in the Arabic. The nouns which you will see for the translation are ghoul, goblin, bogey, ogre, and hobgoblin; all of them representing malevolent spirits. With this in mind, you come to see that the general understanding is that upon consuming the alcohol or “spirits”, you are allowing entry of spirits into your body. This is meant to be symbolic; not literal. When you consume alcohol, you generally become a different person. This is not to say that having a glass or two of wine or whiskey is going to make you turn into another person. This is more so when people consume it enough to the point where they are so intoxicated that they are clearly not themselves anymore. Some people are very sensitive to alcohol and get drunk easily while others are resistant to its effects and it takes them a ton of drinks to actually get drunk. The point is that upon drinking it, you become a different person through the influence of spirits. This is definitely the case with alcoholics as many of them use it to dissociate from their stress, anxiety, depression, anger, etc. Some of them even acknowledge how alcohol helps them become more social and confident than they are when they’re sober. Nonetheless, intoxication and possession are somewhat similar. Many people forget the things that they did while they were drunk. They don’t realize or remember the destruction they may have created while they were drunk just like how people don’t realize or remember what they did once they are no longer possessed. People are hazy and confused and completely oblivious to what happened to them after they are drunk or possessed. They may recall things later but it is generally a blur.

With that said, it makes you see what is meant to be conveyed when they label alcohol as spirits. This is also being conveyed with the brand Sprite because as we just discovered, the word sprite is derived from the Latin spiritus or spirit. Knowing what we know from the alcohol angle, we can see that Sprite is conveying on a subliminal level that their drink is meant to change you in some form or fashion. It is not going to change you to the extent in which alcohol would. It is meant on the surface to indicate that the drink rejuvenates your spirit and helps you become a more vibrant person after drinking. On the flip side, beneath the surface, that is not the case because it along with all other sodas really makes you lethargic and dispirited. The processed sugars in these sodas when it enters the bloodstream causes your blood sugar to increase rapidly which then causes the pancreas to release a great deal of insulin. Due to the massive amounts of insulin which is released, it stays around in your blood for a long time and it keeps pushing sugar out of your blood into your cells which then causes low blood sugar. Processed sugars causes volatility in blood sugar when it enters the blood stream and when it exits the blood stream. It creates an extreme high and extreme low for the blood stream. As far-fetched as it may sound for people, soda and fast food companies know this and yet still sell these products. The reason for this is because these major companies like The Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, and Keurig Dr. Pepper are all in tandem with the government in supplying the people with their drinks to create a docile and mentally numb populace. With that in place, the people are constantly dreary and sluggish enough to the point where they are unable to possess any critical thinking, rationale, or understanding of the world they’re living in. As a result, you have what we have now in this society.

To add further to this section on Sprite, we come to an angle that most people would not expect. This is a character from Marvel named Sprite. As most know, Marvel is centered on esotericism and the promotion of the pagan mythos. Most of Marvel’s characters are derived from characters in mythology. For example, Hulk is derived from Osiris because not only does Osiris have the green skin but he is also the god of transformation. The character transforms from the scientist Bruce Banner to the green skinned monster Hulk. Nonetheless, knowing that Marvel is centered on esotericism, this isn’t surprising to see Marvel create a character named Sprite because in mythology, a sprite is an entity that takes the form of fairies or elves. There is an element to this angle which will give us greater understanding of the Sprite brand.

This is a part of the description for the character Sprite which reveals a key detail. It states, “Sprite, like every Eternal, was created by the Celestials one million years ago and has looked after humanity ever since. Unlike the more stoic and noble members of the Eternals, however, Sprite is considered a trickster, often taunting his fellow Eternals with his illusions.” As we have discussed before, the trickster god is Saturn and in extension, Pan. The astrological sign for the planet Saturn is Capricorn which is of the goat with the fish tail which is an illusion to Dagon. The trickster element is thus aligned with Pan. We will prove that in a moment. Having said that, let’s continue reading.

“He pranked humans for centuries under various guises, including ‘Puck,’ inspiring Shakespeare’s character of the same name,

In 1901, J.M. Barrie’s ‘Peter Pan’ was inspired by Sprite, who appeared levitating in front of him in Hyde Park, London.”

This is incredibly telling. What this is meant to convey is that Sprite represents the spirit which has been present in our literature for centuries; whether it is Puck or Peter Pan. Even more telling is the dynamic between the character Sprite and J.M. Barrie. Sprite appeared as a spirit to J.M. Barrie levitating which is what inspired him to create the character of Peter Pan. Believe it or not, this has happened to many of your favorite authors, directors, screenwriters, etc. They communicate with spirits to gain inspiration for their stories. They have spiritual experiences which inspires them to write these stories; whether it is encounters with demons or otherwise. Spirits help your entertainers with enhancement in their ‘craft’; whether it is in music, acting, writing, comedy, basketball, football, baseball, etc. These entertainers are spiritually enhanced in their work because of their communication with these spirits; believe it or not. Nonetheless, the character Sprite in the lore inspired both Shakespeare and Barrie to write their literature in regards to their characters of Puck and Peter Pan. Why would the comic writers put this in his story? Let’s see.

This is from the character profile of Sprite; his aliases include Puck, Robin Goodfellow, Peter Frickin’ Pan, and The Million-Year-Old Boy. The aliases are other names which he is known by to conceal his true identity. Puck and Peter Pan are both the same entity in this lore. The reason that this is written in the story is because that is the truth in reality which is that they are all the same entity. On a side note, for those who don’t know what ‘The Million Year Old Boy’ is, that is in reference to Peter Pan because in his story, Peter Pan is described as an overgrown man child who never wants to grow up. He acts and behaves like a child because in his mind, he believes he is still a boy. Not to digress, that is why Michael Jackson had child like tendencies when it came to the way he spoke, his mannerisms, and why he had the Never-Land ranch. This was because Michael Jackson was under Peter Pan programming. Having said that, let’s dive further into the angle of how Puck and Peter Pan and in extension, Sprite are all the same entity.

This is the description for Puck. “In English folklore, Puck, sometimes known as Robin Goodfellow, is a domestic and nature sprite, demon, or fairy.” As we saw with the definition of sprite, it is an elf or fairy. Sprites are depicted as fairies and elves as well so there is that overlap between Puck and the character Sprite; other than the fact that Puck was an alias used by Sprite to show that they are one in the same. The other name for Puck, Robin Goodfellow, even was used as an alias for Sprite which we saw previously. To add, Puck is not only described as a fairy but a demon as well. This is to convey that in all actuality, spirits such as elves and fairies are demons in disguise. Demons and more so the fallen angels can shape-shift into any form or appearance they wish to take on. Those deep within the occult have communicated with these spirits and truly believe in the existence of these entities but it really is the spirits on the left hand side who take the appearance of these deities to deceive them, those who were meant to be deceived.

To get to the crux of this, we look at the picture we have been given for Puck. As you can see, he has the horns and is half man, half goat with the hooves. Where have we seen this appearance before?

We’ve seen it with the goat god Pan. Pan and Puck are the same entity; hence the character Sprite being the inspiration for both Puck and Peter Pan. This is because Peter Pan is based on the goat god Pan and it is not a coincidence that the Marvel writers conveyed this when the character Sprite inspired J.M. Barrie to create the character of Peter Pan when he appeared unto him. Peter Pan wears the all-green as an allusion to the greenery and the groves because Pan is a woodland deity. Peter Pan also plays the pan pipes which Pan plays in the lore. Pan would play the pan pipes to allure and hypnotize the children into the forests and would then have sex with the children. Tying this to the Babylonian mysteries, Pan is Cush as Cush was the one who taught sex magic to society after Noah’s flood. The spirit which is the inspiration for Puck and Peter Pan as well as the Marvel character Sprite is the goat god Pan who in reality is Cush. Now that we know this, in addition to the element of the drink giving you a spiritual experience for better or worse, the name of the brand Sprite is meant to venerate Pan.

Now that we have discussed Sprite, we now move over to the energy drink brand known as Red Bull. Red Bull is based in esotericism with it’s logo and slogan. First, let’s address the logo here. You have the two bulls converging head to head with the sun in the center. This is centered on Baal worship or the Canaanite belief system. This will be exhaustive but it is necessary to give you the best form of understanding the significance of the bull and the sun and their alignment together. The bull and the sun are aligned to one another and we can understand this when we breakdown the concept of the Centaur. The word Centaur is derived from Kehn, “a priest”, and Tor, “to go round”. Therefore, “Kehn-Tor” means priest of the revolver which is an allusion to the sun as the sun to appearance makes a daily revolution around the earth. In essence, the Centaurs were priests of the sun. Tor is also another name for the Greek Zen or Zan which is identified with the sun and signifies the “encircler” or “encompasser”. Additionally, the Hebrew Zon or Zawon which means “to encircle” becomes Don or Dawon when translated to the Chaldean. This brings us to another element which is the meaning of one of the names for Orion which was Kandaon; given by the Boeotians. When Kandoan is broken down, it is Kahn-daon which when you see closely and apply the translations from Tor to Zon to Don, it is another older name for Kehn-tor. Both Kahn-daon and Kehn-tor are different names with the same meaning or sentiment which is “Priest of the Encircler” and “Priest of the revolver”. These meanings all equate to that of Bol-kahn which is “Priest of Baal, or the Sun”. Bol-kahn is the breakdown of the name Vulcan which is another title or name for Nimrod. With the parallels between the meanings of Kandaon, Centaur, and Vulcan, it all ties back to Nimrod. What should be noted as well is that Nimrod also went by the title Centaurus which denoted him as the father of the Centaurs who were his followers.

Now that we saw how the concept of the sun is present within the different names of Nimrod, we’ll get to understand the concept of the sun wheel; in order for us to do that, we have to look further into the story of Centaurus. Centaurus was regarded as prideful and was smitten with lightening and cast down to the infernal world by the supreme God. In the infernal world, Centaurus is eternally punished as he is tied by serpents to a wheel which revolves forever. This is where you understand the concept of the wheel symbol as it denotes sun worship. The revolving wheel denotes the meaning of the name Centaurus which is “Priest of the revolving sun”. The presence of the serpents is also to denote fire worship as both the serpent and the sun were used to symbolize enlightenment or illumination. With that noted, we’ll now tie in the bull with the sun once more. In the bull-fighting arena, the bulls are placed in a circular field and circle the arena. Bull-fighting is a major tradition in Spain. Bulls in general have significance across the world when it comes to tradition and culture. Nevertheless, this is significant as this further aligns the bull with the sun. Even when you look at the Apis bull, the bull has the sun disk on it’s head. The bull and the sun are both symbols which allude to Nimrod as the great enlightener of mankind. This is especially the case with the bull god Baal which is representative of Nimrod. So with this in mind, it is evident that Red Bull is meant to venerate Baal. Even the brand name “Red Bull” is an allusion to Baal as the bull of course represents Baal and the color red also alludes to the sun or fire. Of course you also have the sun as well within their brand symbol. There is one more element to this which will further show you that Red Bull and their brand is all about the veneration of Baal.

Here is the slogan for Red Bull. Their slogan is “Red Bull gives you wings.” With the photo above, the can also has wings drawn on. This is deeply esoteric as this is yet another reference to Baal. As we know, Nimrod was labeled as a “mighty hunter before the Lord” per Genesis 10:9. Nimrod was a captain of war and was thus seen as a leader of the men he led to battle. This is one of the reason why Nimrod was associated with the bull as Baal since the horns represented leadership. Sometimes, Nimrod is depicted with a single horn which is to denote his leadership as well. In this case, one of the other names that Nimrod was given was “Baal-abirin” which meant “The winged one”. He was also titled “Baal-aberin” which meant the “Lord of the mighty ones”.

As you can see, this is a depiction of Nimrod as ‘Baal-abirin’. This was to symbolize that he had mighty men under his command that fought for his cause. His wings are meant to represent the vast extent of his might which extended across much of the world; hence his great wings. This goes to show you the great extent in which the people behind the Red Bull brand understand the history of the worship of Baal. The slogan, “Red Bull gives you wings” is meant to denote that you feel powerful like Baal after drinking. You take in the spirit of Baal by drinking the “Red Bull” drink. This is the spiritual element behind these drinks; especially energy drinks. Brands often use the words “beast” or “monster” when talking about or promoting energy drinks; hence the energy drink brand “Monster Energy”. As far-fetched as it may sound to you, this is the truth. The slogan also on a deeper level gives the understanding that the people behind this brand believe that they are the mighty ones who are fighting for the cause of the bull god Baal. They are fighting his war yet one may ask the question, “who is the war against?” The war is against the Most High and the war is for our souls. It is a spiritual warfare that we are currently in. The powers that be actively work to pull us away from the scriptures and further into their system of belief which is of Lucifer and Satan. They are working to turn us away through the movies we watch, the music we listen to, the clothes we wear, the ideologies we believe, etc. The brand is indicative of the energy that one is trying to promote; whether it is a positive or insidious energy. Their brand is without a doubt trying to promote the energy of Baal to the masses and it has done so for years.

This is a classic example of a brand which has long been exposed for its Luciferian branding and that is Monster Energy. Just look at the word “Monster”; it is an allusion to Nimrod. He is the great beast as we just discussed with Baal. This understanding becomes even more profound when we look at the logo of the “M”.

As you can see, this is the Hebrew alphabet. The letter highlighted is the letter Vav which is the 6th letter in the Hebrew alphabet. If you look closely at the Monster logo, it is three Vavs stylized which when you factor in the numerical element, is a sly way of promoting the number 666. As we’ve shown before, the 666 is a promotion of Saturn. In Chaldean, Saturn is pronounced Satur but is spelled Stur. Stur has the numerical value of 666 in Chaldean numerology as S = 060, T = 400, U = 006, and R = 200, thus equaling altogether 666. Luciferians associate Nimrod with the number 666 which is the mark of the beast. With that in mind, the spiritual element behind Monster Energy is that of Nimrod just like Red Bull is. This is the “energy” in which these brands are promoting.

This is now another brand which is openly promoting Luciferianism. This is an energy drink brand called Venom Energy. As you can see, their brand logo is that of a serpent’s eye. In particular, it is the left eye. This is for the mother goddess as the left eye is for the mother goddess. The serpent goddess is an allusion to the great wisdom of the mother goddess as the serpent is a symbol of wisdom and illumination. This is where you get the concept of the Nagi from or the Naga which are half-human and half-serpent beings. Luciferians in the entertainment industry often depict themselves with the serpent eyes. This is to symbolize that they believe that they have ascended to become a proverbial Naga or divine serpent; meaning that they have reached enlightenment. This sentiment is even present with the veneration of Eve. When Eve listened to the serpent in Genesis Chapter 3 and ate the forbidden fruit, she became a proverbial serpent because she had attained a divine level of understanding. She was the first human to become “enlightened” by the serpent. She was the one who had to turn Adam to the serpent and to eat of the forbidden fruit to become enlightened. She in effect “taught him”. This is why the Luciferians emphasize on promoting the woman over the man as the head and as the figure of wisdom in society.

Nonetheless, this brand Venom Energy is without a doubt promoting that serpent energy. The main flavor that they sell is called “Black Mamba”. Venom obviously comes from the serpent so that makes one understand that the brand is all about promoting the serpent. One thing to note, the manufacturer of Venom Energy is Keurig Dr. Pepper. So for those who thought that bringing up Dr. Pepper earlier and connecting them to this was far-fetched, there you go. Dr. Pepper are the ones who are manufacturing this brand of drink. It is no question that all of these major brands like Pepsi, Sprite, and Dr. Pepper are all Luciferian at heart.

This is one last brand that we will look at and that is Rockstar. The most obvious thing to note here is the star. The star that we are accustomed to seeing is sort of head-scratching when one thinks about it because the stars in the universe look nothing like the star logo that we see. That leads one to wonder why they have drawn the star this way. The reason is because the star is rather used to promote the pentagram which is the prime symbol of Wicca and Satanism. The pentagram has the five elements that they deem that Lucifer has power over which are spirit, air, earth, wind, and fire. The star is also used to venerate the mother goddess and the Sirius star. Having said that, let’s look into the brand and who actually owns it.

Here it says, “Rockstar is an energy drink created in 2001, which, as of 2009, had 14% of the US energy drink market. Rockstar is based in Purchase, New York. As of January 2013, Rockstar Energy Drink was available in more than 20 flavors and in more than 30 countries. In March 2020, PepsiCo announced it had agreed to acquire Rockstar for $3.85 billion.” There you have it, Pepsi themselves decided to purchase Rockstar; obviously for many reasons such as company growth, control over the energy drink market, etc. However, do not overlook the esoteric aspect of it. As far-fetched as it sounds to many, these companies know the significance of these symbols on a spiritual level which is why they continue to use these symbols for their brands. Pepsi knows the esoteric significance of the Rockstar brand. Before they make these major purchase deals like Pepsi acquiring Rockstar or Disney acquiring 21st Century FOX, they perform rituals to give themselves good energy and good “fortune” so that their endeavor is successful. Having said that, let’s get into the last portion of this piece.

The last segment is to discuss what is actually in our drinks. This is from a video game called DmC: Devil May Cry which is very telling about the spiritual aspect of the world that we’re living in. One of the things that it touches on is the sodas that we’re drinking. There is a soft drink in the story called “Virility” which most people in society drink. When one comes to observe them, you’ll see that they’re slugging by and are deep within the Matrix system. They all are buried into their phones, a lot of them are overweight, and all wear their corporate branded clothes; it is essentially a mirror of what society is like. Little do the people know that the drinks are compounding their already docile state of mind. This leads us to this character here, “The Succubus.” She is essential to the Virility drink. Let’s see in what way.

It says, “The Succubus is one of the bosses that Dante fights in DmC: Devil May Cry. She is a 1200-year-old demon in service to Mundus who lies within a temple beneath the Virility soft drink factory. She secretes the “secret ingredient” of the drink, which causes it to make humans weaker and more docile.” So literally, the secret ingredient which makes the drinks so addictive and tasty is the secretions of this demonic creature. People might think that I’m using this to say that this is the case in real life where Pepsi and Coca-Cola are literally putting secretions of demons into their drinks but I’m not exactly saying that. Demons are spiritual beings; they don’t have bodily functions like us. However, this story is highly symbolic of what these major soda companies are actually about and what they actually do. The drinks are produced and provided on such a scale to make the people more docile and submissive to the state. They not only do that through all the different sugars and additives that they put but also through the different “hidden” ingredients that they put. To be honest, most of these drinks are concoctions. These drinks not only affect your physical and mental health but also your spiritual state which is what the video game writers were communicating through this angle with the “Virility” drink.

The one thing most comparable to this is the connection between PepsiCo and Senomyx. In 2010, PepsiCo signed a four year deal with Senomyx which is a biotech company that develops sweeteners. It later was discovered that Senomyx had issued a patent for “Recombinant Methods for Expressing a Functional Sweet Taste Receptor”. The patent had mentioned HEK-293 cells which their cell line originates from the kidney of an aborted human embryo. This led to the understanding that perhaps Pepsi was using sweeteners which contained aborted fetal cells. What is funny is that when you look at the “fact-check” of this, their “fact-check” of this theory is simply that Pepsi denied that they use any Senomyx ingredients in their products and that they fund or conduct research that use aborted fetal cells. Well, why would Pepsi ever admit publically that they use sweeteners that contained aborted fetal cells? Just because someone denies that they’re doing something wrong, it doesn’t make it false. I could be putting chocolate syrup in the ketchup mixture that I put in the burgers that I serve to my friends or family yet I could deny that I do that. Where’s the evidence that Pepsi is not putting this in their drinks? Their word is not enough and it certainly isn’t trustworthy. Only the manufacturers who know what the “natural flavors” contain truly know what’s in those drinks. Lord knows what else they could be adding in their products.

Having said that, the takeaway here is that these brands are surreptitiously promoting Luciferianism with their logos and slogans; whether it is Sprite, Red Bull, Monster Energy, Venom Energy, etc. These drinks purely from a health perspective are atrocious; especially the energy drinks. We can get far more effective energy boosts naturally from organic food and drink instead of placing such a burden on our bodies with all of the sugar and chemicals in these drinks. From a deeper spiritual perspective, these drinks when you drink them often and regularly like its water, you become further dethatched from the world around you and you become even more immersed into the system. There’s a difference between the world and the system; the world is reality and what is the truth while the system is what you are told is happening and that you are led to believe in. The chemicals in these drinks saps so much energy from you when drink it regularly in such large amounts. When you’re of such low energy, you resort to your most basic desires which are either consumption through food and entertainment or pleasure through playing video games or sex. These drinks have so much sugar in it that it does the opposite of giving you an exhilarated or energetic effect. When your mind is affected, it will affect your spirit as well because your mental state is so close to your spiritual state. If you’re mind is not in the right place, your spirit will not be in the right place either. The spirit promoted by these brands which is of Lucifer thrives from the docile and submissive state of the people. If the people were healthy, they would be more aware of everything going on around them and would push back against the system that is in place in our society. This is why the elite work so hard to control everything that we consume, whether it is the flow of information, the overall narrative within all topics that you can think of, or the food and drink, because you are what you consume. If you want the people to become blind, ignorant, and submissive, you have to directly control what they consume. In order for Lucifer to be present within the people’s hearts, the people must be blind whereas the people must have clarity for the Messiah to be present within the people’s hearts. That is all that ought to be said.

Peace and Blessings.