In recent news, there has been this sort of trend that has been going around pertaining to certain women “accidentally” putting gorilla glue in their hair. The initial story of this phenomenon took off with a woman named Tessica Brown. She has been in the news recently for the past few weeks because of her mishap where she put gorilla glue in her hair. Now, first of all, you have to ask yourself where the logic is in all of this but either way I want you all to see this short video of her interview explaining the situation first for yourselves before we go further in depth with this. The context is important because there’s been some confusion regarding how this all happened amongst certain folk. Some people have been led to believe that the bottle misrepresented itself as a hair spray instead of it being glue. Others have been led to believe that somehow her hair stylist sprayed it in her hair even though there was no hair stylist. Either way, let’s hear Tessica Brown herself explain what happened. After this, we’ll recap.

So you mean to tell me that this woman sprayed gorilla glue and thought that it would not come off? First of all, here’s a tip to everyone out there; if you see an animal head on a bottle, it would probably serve you well to not put the contents of that bottle on top of your head. You all know how back in elementary school we used to use Elmer’s glue to stick the papers together for our art projects and our cut-and-paste activities? Now, tell me what did you all see on the damn Elmer’s glue bottle? That’s right, a damn animal head; a cow’s head to be exact. There is a subliminal reason for using the image of an animal on a bottle of glue. An animal is associated with strength and resilience and imperviousness to external forces. The company is subliminally advertising the strength of the glue when they use the image of the animal head. When you see a hair spray bottle, it’ll usually feature imagery of flowers or fruits, if it has any images printed on it. The flowers and fruits symbolize delicacy and elegance. In contrast, the animal symbolizes ruggedness and a brutish nature. That is why you have the symbolism of animals like the ram or the bull or other brutish animals with things like muscle cars, pick-up trucks, tools, glue, etc because those are all products that customers associate with power, strength, resilience, longevity, etc. The symbolism of flowers and fruits are usually on hair and skin care products along with soaps because those are products that customers anticipate will bring forth a sense of elegance to their bodies through their smell and overall body presence or what some call “aura”. The overall point is that it is wise to not put the substance of a bottle that has an animal head on top of your head because 100 times out of 100, it is going to make your hair become a helmet on top of your head, as Mrs. Brown found out herself.

Now, this brings me to my next point. Is this woman truly that much of an airhead to where she really thought that the glue would come out of her head? Or did she know and she did it on purpose so she can get attention and become famous? It’s a little bit of both. Was she an airhead? Yes, she was. However, she knew that if she got on the internet and started talking about her situation that it would blow up because why wouldn’t something that ridiculous blow up on social media. She was dumb enough to put the bottle of glue in her hair and think that it would get out but she figured along the way that this would be the perfect opportunity to blow up and get attention. She is the ultimate opportunist. There is no problem that I have with it because America is full of air-headed dodo birds that will support anyone because of their overbearing sympathy. Americans are the biggest suckers on the planet. They’ll give their money to any and everyone who has a sob story because they don’t have the ability to pause and think rationally about the circumstances behind a situation. Most Americans and people in general but especially Americans go off of impulse and do and say the first thing that comes to mind. That is why so many fights happen because people don’t know how to think before they say or do things. Either way, Tessica Brown was able to garner enough sympathy to generate $20,000 from her GoFundMe page to pay for her surgery. She couldn’t access the funds because even GoFundMe themselves launched a fraud investigation of her account and held her funds from being accessed; leading to the doctor making the $12,500 surgery be free of charge and performing it anyway. The doctor himself is a “celebrity doctor” so this entire thing is truly a publicity stunt. She could’ve easily ran away with the money but she decided to instead use it to for the charitable foundation she runs and for “families in town”. Here’s the thing though, she didn’t have to be fraudulent and greedy and take the money away because the attention she got would bring her far more money in the back-end of this entire fiasco and she knew this already. I promise you, if she takes her steps carefully and figures out how to navigate Hollywood and get her sponsors up and deals aligned for her, $20,000 will be chump change to her in no time. I say this because she has a “A-list celebrity management team”.

This is a story from the New York Post and it states, “How ‘Gorilla Glue girl’ Tessica Brown hopes to make it big in Hollywood”. Listen, everyone and their mothers know that from the jump, that was her aspirations the entire time, even before this entire fiasco. That is because most women in America wish to make it big in Hollywood. To be quite honest with you, it has never been easier for women in America to make money. All that women need to truly do is to put on the right kind of makeup, get the right kind of hairstyles done, use the right filters, possibly workout a little bit, show off her physical assets, and she’ll be making money at the drop of a hat on Instagram. It baffles me how these models can be called “entrepreneurs” on Instagram. Like, what business are you running? The only business that you seem to be running is you selling pictures of your tits and ass on social media to get money from simps on your OnlyFans accounts and to generate traffic to get more money from sponsors. That technically makes someone an entrepreneur because they’re generating revenue for themselves independently but they’re certainly not deserving of that title. Most of these females have no talent whatsoever and no mental acuity whatsoever. Most of these models probably don’t even know what the word ‘acuity’ is. Most of them are brain-dead whores to be quite honest with you. This whole OnlyFans thing by the way should tell you just how big that “Mother of Harlots” archetype is in Western society. You’ve had many Instagram models and even YouTube creators who try to act coy about their sexuality flee to OnlyFans and be nude for paying customers because they themselves are nothing but harlots and they know that. These are the same women who argue for women’s rights and bash men for allegedly only valuing them for sex. Well, if all that you’re showing is your tits and ass, how do you expect the man to address you? Women only cape up for women’s rights and equality because it is one of the easiest ways to gain attention and try to create this façade that they’re somewhat intelligent or cogent in real life. Listen, if you want to sell your body for money then do so. No one’s going to stop you. Go ahead. However, don’t bother trying to regurgitate the same talking points about feminism, women’s rights and equality because you’re bringing nothing substantive or any new perspectives on those topics anyways. No man is listening to you talk about women’s rights and equality and is taking you seriously when you’re bloviating about women empowerment and gender inequality in America when you’re dressed up like a stripper. No one’s taking you seriously. No one needs to feel that you’re intelligent in order to want to give their attention and money to you. No man cares. All that they want is to see you do sexual things because most men for one are not getting it whether they’re married or single and two, they like what they see. If you’re presenting yourself in that way, a man is going to like what he sees and he’s going to want to get off. Not to be vulgar but that is the truth. So don’t be flabbergasted when a man looks at you like you’re a sex doll or a prostitute because that’s the way you’ve chosen to present yourself. That doesn’t mean he should treat you like trash and throw you around like a ragdoll because you’re a sex worker and that is correct because when you sell your body whether in person or online for money, you’re a sex worker. These Instagram models and OnlyFans models are nothing but virtual strippers; that’s it. The mass migration of women onto OnlyFans and selling their body for money is only alarming to those who don’t understand the Westernized Luciferian woman. This should be a clear sign to every man and woman out there that is of a sound mind that if prostitution was to be legalized tomorrow, most of the blocks in America would be emptied of these women and these strip clubs and streets would be flooded with them racing to get that money. I promise you, some of your female classmates, co-workers and even family members would drop their profession immediately and start stripping or becoming prostitutes at a moment’s notice if America was to ever legalize prostitution because that whore mentality is so pervasive and embedded in the minds and spirits of these women in America. It would also be a benefit for both parties because the women get to make their money and be open and proud about their harlot nature and the men get to finally see the difference between a wife and a concubine. Both men and women in America for the most part are focused on sex. Sex is already passive as it is in America but if prostitution was to be legalized, paying for sex would be as much of a common every day thing as going out to the bar or getting some food. That’s the truth.

Either way, let’s quickly dive in to this article. It says, “Tessica Brown is headed back to Hollywood for another hair treatment and has plans to sit down with her A-list celebrity management team to hash out how she’ll turn her 15 minutes of fame into lasting reality stardom.” You see, I told you that this was the ultimate opportunity for her to turn this into stardom for herself and to use this attention to get more money and fame down the line. She knows exactly what she is doing and I don’t judge her for it. She’d be stupid not to capitalize off of this. If people are that willing to give her money for her mishap, then a lot more people are willing to invest in her brand, whatever her band may be; I guess in this case it’s stupidity and that keeps up with the culture in America. Stupidity sells in America. If you can generate enough attention from a viral video which may or may not paint you in a humiliating light, you can get famous overnight and monetize the situation and get more money than you could ever imagine was possible for you to acquire. Talent does not matter. It never mattered. If you’re willing to proverbially sell your soul for fame, whether you’re in the entertainment industry or not, and you’re shallow and spiritually dead enough to give yourself over to maintaining that attention, you will be successful no matter what and millions of people will buy into your brand. Idiots flock to idiots. If you have a true intricate design to your brand and have a deep and powerful message that has a spiritual resonance, your brand will never be a billion dollar brand because people are not willing to buy into that because that doesn’t resonate with them since they are shallow and vain morons themselves. They’re going to buy in to vain brands like this brand that Tessica Brown is selling right now. This entire situation all stems from vanity. She was so worried about her looks that she ended up putting fucking gorilla glue in her head. It’s laughable but at the same time it’s truly revelatory and gives even more credence to what we’ve been saying for years; that being that this society is driven by vanity and from that comes, stupidity. The vanity of this society ultimately stems from zero spiritual consciousness. I’m not talking about none of that New Age spirituality or that tarot card reading garbage, I’m talking about a real relationship with the Most High and His Son. People in general not just in America but across the whole world don’t have that at all and that is because most people were not destined to have a spiritual purpose to begin with. Most people are simply extras in the overall script of this world. They’re simply in the background pushing the script along and giving it a sense of a theme. The only people on the main cast is the ones who the Most High is dealing with. Either way, I digress.

Continuing on, “Meanwhile, the viral TikToker, who rose to internet fame for cementing her hair in place with Gorilla Glue for over a month, has reportedly raked in a fortune selling her new merch line, but she claimed Wednesday she has yet to see any of the dough.” Allegedly, she hasn’t seen the dough. I’m pretty sure the dough is a big fortune because stupidity and vanity sells. Stupidity and vanity speaks to stupid and vain people. Most of these influencers who get viral for stupid shit such as this situation build huge brands and generate massive revenue and crowds. Why is that? That’s because most people in this society are vain and stupid. You can’t expect your brand that is intricate and deep on both a mental and spiritual level to generate that same kind of revenue and image as a vain brand because the message you’re communicating with your brand is only going to speak to a select few. The vain stupid brand is going to sell to the most people because most people are vain and stupid. It makes sense. Once you understand this, you should never get upset from the wide disparity in revenue that you’re raking in comparison to these other vain brands. We should all be focusing on the spiritual reward instead of the fiscal reward. Of course, we all have bills to pay and food to feed our families for the most part but don’t get so emotionally invested into the money because then you’ll lose focus of what you’ve been trying to build from the get-go and you’ll lose your grasp on the spiritual aspect of your life altogether.

“‘I read that too,’” Brown told The Post in a Zoom interview, referring to a TMZ report that said she’s made a ‘small fortune’ from the clothing line, which shows her face and phrases like ‘Bonded for Life.’ ‘But when I went in my bank account, you know, nah it was still the same stuff … we’re still making the same, we’re still looking the same way,’ the mom of five joked.” She should not have to worry, she’ll be making a big fortune off of it soon enough. As long as her management team shifts her in the right direction, she’ll turn this situation around into something favorable for the long run. There are no hard feelings over here. Let her get her money. If people are dumb enough to donate money to her and buy her product, that’s their money that they’re wasting. She’d be stupid not to capitalize off of their stupidity. So, credit to her for being able to use this situation to be something beneficial for her financially.

Continuing on, “She said maybe she’ll find out about any profits she’s made when she meets with her team next week in Los Angeles, but until then, she has yet to see the windfall that others claim she’s made. The Louisiana native, who lives outside New Orleans, has partnered with entertainment company Gitoni, which represents celebrities like Blac Chyna, Lamar Odom and Tommy Lee. It provides product placement, marketing, celebrity management and casting for scripted and reality television, according to its website.” Once again, the entire fallout of this situation is her capitalizing off of the viral culture and using stupid people for money. It’s that simple. Blac Chyna and Lamar Odom know very well about that because they’ve been associated with the Kardashian witch coven and they’ve been using stupid people for money for years off of their platform. Each of the Kardashian and Jenner sisters have about or over 200 million followers on Instagram. That goes to show you the level of vanity and emptiness in this society. A person like Kim Kardashian can only generate 200 million followers in a culture that is based in vanity. She is also arguably the most responsible for this viral culture that we have now. She is the poster child of the viral culture where you can get attention for something humiliating and then turning it into a career that you can build a huge brand off of. That entire situation with Ray J was nothing but a shaming ritual by the way. The shaming ritual is used for the purpose of denigrating or humiliating the witch or warlock publically so that they can then ascend to a higher level. They build more trust with the coven when they “take one for the team” and show their allegiance to the craft no matter how terrible the situation is for them. You see this with Kim Kardashian. Once she successfully completed her shaming ritual, she was able to ascend to superstardom and become a high ranking “socialite” not just in society but in the Luciferian circles as well. People argue how she and her family have no talent and yet they’re famous. They don’t need to have any talent because they’re witches. The talent is great and all but what truly matters to the powers that be that control the entertainment industry is how potent and efficient is your magical power. The Kardashian’s power in sorcery and magic is that powerful to the point that they don’t even need an ounce of talent to stay relevant or be of a high stature in the entertainment industry. They’re also most likely an intelligence front as well. Blac Chyna as well as Amber Rose are simply agents who are used to act as beards for a lot of these men in the industry and to gather intelligence and act as spies who report back to their handlers about these assets, believe it or not. Even their names sound like spy names or aliases. Either way, the point is that the powers that be have managed to veil the concept of the shaming ritual amongst the people in the form of viral culture. People willingly shame themselves now by inflicting harm on themselves or putting themselves in humiliating positions in hopes to then ascend to higher levels and gain fame and money at a higher level. It is the same concept as the shaming ritual, just at a lower level.

“Brown was coy about what her team is planning for her, but she did say she’d be game for a reality TV show centering around the dance group she runs, Dazzling Divaz, and her daycare, Tessica’s Little Angels. ‘That would be cute if I could do a show … that would be everything, yeah that would be everything, that would be so cute,’ Brown said.” You see this also goes back to Kim Kardashian as she capitalized off of her humiliation in the form of her reality show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”. That entire situation made a lot of these women realize how they could capitalize in the same way. Kim Kardashian is like the blueprint for a lot of these women. If they see that their living situation is not going as well as they wish it would be, they could simply create or put themselves in a situation where they could go viral and then capitalize off of it and become famous overnight. You see this with Tessica Brown here. She now feels like she’s in the same light as Kim Kardashian and that she can possibly get a reality TV show off of this entire situation. If she were to get a reality show, many people would tune in because this society is driven by vanity and stupidity. I promise you, 99.999% of this society will never be confused for being Mensa members. They themselves know that. They accept their stupidity and embrace it. That is why so many of these things are happening right now in this society which is stripping everyone of their rights with these mask mandates and the vaccination agenda because everyone is too busy talking about people like Tessica Brown and watching people like the Kardashians all day. They all function on a very low level and that’s why you have what you have now in this society.

Either way, we’re going to leave this part and delve into another component of the “Gorilla Glue Mania” which is the copycat culture in this society. Once someone goes viral for something, every other airhead wants to replicate it in hopes that they can garner the same attention and success. This brings us to this person named Avani Reyes who has copied the exact same thing as Tessica Brown did in hopes of getting the same amount of attention. I say this person because it appears that this person is a transgender so they’re already confused and bugged out at it is. Either way, we’ll let this video play out and we’ll recap afterwards.

So this person decided to go on and do the exact same thing as Tessica Brown did in hopes that she’d get the same amount of success but guess what, they did. Not only did this person get the attention that they wanted but they also got thousands of dollars donated to them. Yes, even this person has generated thousands from their GoFundMe page. GoFundMe is simply a pimp game for a lot of these con artists like Avani Reyes. This person in the video as we just saw talks about how they’re thinking about creating a GoFundMe page for this situation; they didn’t have to think. They already knew what they were going to do because they were simply following the blueprint that Brown laid out. Reyes didn’t even bother to make it believable. If they really wanted to get viral, they could’ve thought of mistakenly putting Icy Hot as shaving cream on their groin and play it off as it creating such terrible reaction that she needed surgery and they needed public funding to do so. That would garner just as much attention and sympathy. This person still got their attention and money anyway but the only difference is that most people see them for who they are and that being a con artist. This entire situation truly speaks to how great the mental disease is within people in America, to the point where they do stuff like this. Don’t be amazed or marvel at things like this because this is just another edition of the viral culture narrative in this society. This is not even the worst one, if any of you remember; there was the “light yourself on fire” challenge a few years back. That was probably the worst “challenge” out of them all. That is the worst example of the viral culture and the most prime example of how “clout is the new heroin”. When you are desperate to get that hit, you do extreme things in order to get that hit. Many people have gotten themselves killed all because they were desperate to get another supply of that drug that they were craving. When a person is suffering from withdrawals or is in need of that hit, they’re arguably the most dangerous person to be around because they’ll do almost anything in order to get that hit. That is the same thing with these airheads online. They’re so desperate to get attention in order to feel like their lives have purpose that they do wild things in order to get that hit of the virtual heroin, “clout”.

In closing, the “Gorilla Glue Mania” is truly another prime example of the mental disease in this society which is representative in the form of the “viral culture” in today’s society. People are so desperate for attention that they willingly put gorilla glue in their head in hopes to get that attention. It’s truly pathetic. Either way, it’s safe to say that with this “Gorilla Glue Mania” that “clout is the new heroin”. With the way that people are becoming more and more mentally unstable and desperate for an outlet or escape from this world due to the pandemic and other madness that the elites are pushing, the more they’ll try to create a place for themselves in the digital world by gaining as many followers, attention, and money as possible to not only serve their self-aggrandizement but to also mask their own problems. In their desperation, they’ll not only be a danger to themselves but to everyone else around them. It’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of followers and attention and money for ourselves because the flesh gets weak and try to think of ways to get on the bandwagon in order to capitalize off of the internet in order to gain that “comfort”. We can easily fall into that vortex if we’re not careful. As long as we got our spirit and our mind in-tact meaning a relationship with the Most High and His Son along with the continual growth in knowledge, wisdom, and discernment along with having food, water, clothing, and shelter, that is all that truly matters in the end. Knowledge, wisdom, and true understanding is the true money. True understanding is what is needed in order to not get caught up in the madness of this society and not be deceived by the social engineering and the false-flag events or the string-pulling that the elite is currently doing with the pandemic and how they’re promising everyone the prospect of “returning to normal”. The greater we establish our foundation in charity and the love of the Most High and His Son, the more we will be able to endure these last days and make it out unfazed in the end.