In this current society in the Pandemic Era, many people are living at home and are making their living at home. People are spending more and more time on the internet than ever before. You know, it is truly unprecedented. Not even 5 or 6 years ago were this many people online and willingly relegating themselves to just being home on the internet all day. People were way more outgoing 10 years ago than they are now. That is because this society is shifting more and more towards the digital age where work, entertainment, relationships, currency, etc are all through the internet. This social structure has led to the expansion and growth of social media platforms from quirky websites to megalithic digital structures that serve as dictates over people’s perceptions of one another and people’s own character. This is seen most with the social media app known as Instagram. This app about 7 to 8 years ago was simply a form of a blog for many people where they could simply show pictures of themselves and have a form of dialogue with some of their friends on that platform. It is not to say that we don’t have this dynamic now on Instagram because we obviously do but that initial purpose of the app has been put on the back burner to favor the platform as a sort of religion. People’s lives have been completely controlled by Instagram. They see a person with a couple hundred thousand followers or few million followers and they seemingly are going on vacations every week and people end up thinking that they’re losing the race to immaculate prosperity. People end up seeing more of that kind of profile to the point where that’s all that they see on Instagram not because that is the way everyone is living which is the way the viewer think is the case but that it is the bubble created by the algorithm which shows that one type of profile. People end up getting depressed and see that this form of lifestyle is the way they should be living because everyone else is supposedly living that way. They end up feeling that they’re not a part of the “it” club and people especially in America have this desperate need to feel as if they’re a part of the “it” club or crowd. This dynamic has lead to followers becoming the indicator of someone’s worth. This truly became that indicator from insecure people. People who don’t know how to value themselves end up creating this racing culture where they feel the need that they have to get the top no matter what. They put everyone down who doesn’t value followers as the Holy Grail. They look at them like, “What’s wrong with you? You’re worthless.” They think this way all because they are not as bugged out and deranged as they are. They project their insecurities and negativity onto them because they see them as dragging them down because they’re not as engaged in clout chasing or whoring themselves out for followers like they are. What this leads to is more people becoming more and more depressed and cynical and bitter as people because they’ve been the subject of the ire from insecure, hollow, and mentally unstable individuals who chase numbers on a screen for validation because they have no self-support or a spiritual foundation to derive their joy from. Many people who are bullied are bullied by broken people. The bullies are living with such dark energy that they can’t contain that energy and they end up expelling that energy onto others. There is a reason why some of the major social media influencers have had ex-associates come out and reflect on their time with that influencer and talk about how toxic they were and how they exhibited bully behavior. That is because the major social media influencers are the most driven by views, followers, likes, etc because that’s their business. That is their life. Once you are immersed into the digital world, you become more disconnected from reality and anyone who tries to pull you back into the real world; you lash out against them because your career and presence on social media has become your god. Many of these famous social media influencers are some of the biggest narcissists out there. They think about nobody but themselves. All that they care about is getting likes, followers, views, etc just to bump up their money but even more importantly to them, attention. Money is great and all in their eyes but attention is the real kick for them. No matter what type of attention they have; whether good or bad, they want it because the attention is what keeps them going. Attention not only keeps their career going but it keeps themselves going. People who are dead inside need the external energy of others in order to keep living on. When they fail to receive that energy from others through fan support at these meet-and-greets or these concerts or the support of other famous celebrities or news coverage, they often end up killing themselves because they’re living on the thinnest of threads. For the most part, social media influencers are the most broken and unhinged individuals out there within the modus operandi of the digital age or this society. They see their value or rather the value of their existence from the lens of how much attention do other people give them. The more they feel their status and grasp on people’s attention is slipping, the more desperate they get to maintain and increase that attention. They end up doing or attempting wild and crazy things to get more attention.

This brings us to an Instagram “influencer” known as “Lovely Peaches”. She has been in the news recently because she was met by the police after she had “joked” on Instagram that she was going to throw her dog out of the window. As we all know, dogs are the ultimate symbol of adoration by most people in America so when they suspect that they might be in danger, they rush immediately to try and save them. Lovely Peaches knew the type of reaction she’d get from saying this and she hoped that this would turn into her getting more attention and followers. Even though she has over a million followers she still feels that she needs more followers. Only the Lord knows why she has over a million followers. Either way that hearkens back to my previous statement on how clout or attention is like a drug you end up craving it so much that you need more and more of it in order to keep going. Your lifeline is tethered to that drug. That is the case with Lovely Peaches. I give her credit for being upfront and honest about why she stated what she stated and we’re going to show you the body-cam footage of the police when they came to her house and it is going to show her upfront stance about the situation. After the video, we’ll recap.

Notice the entire time how incredulous she is about the entire situation. She couldn’t give two shits about the dog. It’s most likely that she got the dog just to boost her followers because she knows that animals are one of the easiest ways to get attention on social media. When the officer addresses her about the joke, she doesn’t respond to the callousness of her statement but she retorts, “I don’t have a window to throw him out of!” She has no care in the world about anyone else but herself. That is pretty obvious. Some will say well she stated that she wants the best living situation for her dad and her daughter. No, narcissists may have a form of compassion for others but they only will care for them if they feed into their own narcissism and delusions of grandeur. She might have love for her dad and her daughter but that love is conditional based upon their compliance to her demands.

Just to touch back, when the officer asked, “Why would you make threats to harm him?”, Lovely Peaches responded, “Because I knew that it would get me attention on the internet. I say jokes all the time.” She is totally upfront about her clout chasing. She has no qualms about it. The only thing that matters to her is attention and everything around her is simply a means to an end to getting that desired amount of attention.

Notice how afterwards she admits to the police officer that she’s been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Remember what we spoke on earlier when we stated how attention seekers aka clout chasers are the some of the most broken and mentally unstable individuals out there. It is of no surprise whatsoever that she is suffering from depression and anxiety. That is because her sense of living is off of how many followers or likes she gets. People get dopamine rushes from the number displayed next to the heart symbol below their posts. It is extremely easy to get caught up in that because we as human beings are hardwired to want the biggest numbers and the most that can be grasped. We are hardwired to have everything in front of us. Not to digress, that is why some of us in truth during our early stages can make up things such as the Lord talking to us in telepathy or us seeing angels in the sky because we’re so desperate to feel as if we’re on a high level in this truth. There is no race to receiving visions or spiritual interactions. The Most High keeps those of us who do that from receiving those visions or experiencing those spiritual interactions because He knows that we are far too immature and unwise to be able to deal with such experiences. He knows that if we were to experience those things at the level where we are extremely immature and unlearnt and still fleshly minded because we’re trying to see and feel and experience things in the flesh pertaining to spiritual interactions that we would be overwhelmed and it may hinder our walk. There is no race to having these spiritual experiences just like how there is no race to that “immaculate prosperity” or to followers. This woman is so unstable that she is literally sitting there nonchalantly sticking up for herself about how she joked of killing her dog for followers. She is so immersed in the digital world that she is not even truly aware or cognizant of her living condition. She is seemingly living in a motel even though she’s an “influencer” and has over 1 million followers. This is proof right here that you should take everything on the internet as well as on the TV with a grain of salt. There are social media stars out there living like this even though they have millions of followers. Years ago, 1 million followers or subscribers used to be a huge deal. Now, it doesn’t mean shit because there’s far more users on the Internet and these social media websites than ever before. Just getting back to the point, she is completely embedded in her social media “stardom” that she is not even considerate of her own living condition. It is apparent in her health both mentally and physically. All of her care is towards her followers; nothing of substance or reality. She is morbidly obese, living in far worse conditions than would be expected of her considering her status, and she is suffering from depression and anxiety. All of these things point to a person who is not putting their best foot forward in cleaning themselves up and taking care of themselves. When people chase after something whether it be money, cars, women, followers, etc they often put it on a pedestal. When you put something on a pedestal, you destroy yourself. There is nothing in the flesh that is meant to be put on a pedestal. The only thing that should be put on a pedestal is the Most High. Our true happiness only comes once we focus on making the Most High happy because once we make Him happy, He rewards with great substance far beyond any of this silly tokens that this world brainwashes to believe is the ultimate gems to collect or possess.

Just to finish our recap, one of the last parts in the video is her reasoning for her being a social media “star”. She tells the officer that she is doing this so she can get signed by a label and that she can live “good”. This is the type of mentality that most artists or influencers possess before they get signed. This is why almost all of these artists are extremely childish and moronic. All that they know is getting that clout, getting their money up, and living “good”. All that their mind is on is possessions that have no true substance whatsoever. They all seem the same because they all act and think the same. They’re all money driven hollow narcissists. They all talk about how they “came up” and that they now “made it”. They all sound the same because they’re the same type of gullible and vain people who give themselves up and sign over their lives to labels and to their industries. After all that, they want to cry foul because their label are treating them like slaves and are bossing them around to do rituals. They’ll have their air-headed followers sympathize with them but most of those followers don’t truly care about them because they themselves are narcissists who are self-absorbed and only care for themselves at the expense of others. When you are a narcissist, you alienate everyone around you and you have no one to lean on for support because you’ve already pushed them out of your life either by force because you viewed them as being beneath you because you couldn’t use them to advance your own career or they were of no more use to you.

The last part is that she capes up for her antics as it being the reason why she has so many followers. She shows the officer that she has over a million followers and she also has sponsorships and is getting paid from sponsors. You know, it has never been easier to make money if you’re a dumbass and it has never been harder to make money if you’re an honest person. This is not to make excuses and say that the system is against us because we’re honest and we have good heads on our shoulders but it is to paint a picture. You can have so much talent but get no form of external monetization from sponsors or platforms but air-headed nut-jobs like this person here can get money that easily. The real reason for that is because labels and sponsors know that they can use them because they’re willing to do anything to get attention and that “good life” that they so desperately want. When people are desperate to do things, you can use them to do whatever you want for your own benefit. In exchange, you give them a few toys. They know that they can’t fool people who are smart and have their heads on straight because they won’t be able to control them. These labels and sponsors love people like Lovely Peaches because they are easy bait and can easily be used to be pawns for their own agenda.

Having said that, that is it for Volume 1 of this new series called, “Clout is the New Heroin”; it is truly a topic that we’ll be touching on more and more as we go further in these last days because the more this society gets worse, the more people will try to immerse themselves in the digital world in order to escape the problems of this life. Clout is certainly the heroin for many people, not just influencers but regular every day people. People love to exaggerate stories and bring themselves attention in real life outside of the internet because they themselves are living off of that drug called attention. They need people to care about them by giving their attention to them in order to keep living on to mask their internal issues. When they no longer have that antidote, the disease within themselves becomes more apparent to them and the thought of it drives them to self-destruction. This is certainly the case with Lovely Peaches. Clout is her drug and with this stunt; it is certainly her heroin. Hopefully for her and her family’s sake, she can get the help she needs to turn herself around mentally and physically but with the way things are looking, it’s highly doubtful.


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