These days in this society, we have an extremely divided sense of dialogue between the general populace. People want to be outraged by every little thing. It is almost as if people just simply look for a reason to get mad. People are busy scrolling online all day going back and forth with one another about whose right or wrong about a certain topic. Over time, people have become more and more sensitive and close-minded. People cannot stand hearing someone disagree with them; let alone give constructive criticism. Most people can’t deal with criticism because the egocentric mentality has been pushed subliminally by the media on the general public to embrace. The media tells you that you should believe that you are “perfect” and that everything you do is “perfect” and anyone who tells you otherwise shouldn’t be in your circle. Just think about how these people in Hollywood like Lady Gaga or Lena Waithe try to perpetuate this notion that you’re “born perfect”. No, no one is born perfect and no one can ever be perfect in this life because we’re all of the flesh. We will all make mistakes because we’re human. People however absorb media messaging like a sponge and their programming becomes installed into their system and they act out that toxic programming in their daily lives. When you think you’re “perfect”, you start to believe that you can talk to people whatever way you feel. You start to believe that because you think that everyone is wrong but you. When you have millions of people who think this way, you have the society that you have now.

People can’t have any form of dialogue or conversation where they exchange ideas and try to come to a compromise to understand each other’s perspective and come to the most enlightening form of clarity. Once again, when you believe that you’re “perfect”, you think that everyone is wrong but you. You end up believing that everyone else is playing catch-up and that if they the proverbial tortoises in the race dare say that they’re ahead of you in the race to understanding then you scold them and cast them aside. People go to great lengths now to try and discredit or tarnish a person’s livelihood or career or reputation just because they don’t agree with them. People really think that this certain person should be practically exiled from their professional field or a certain platform just because they disagreed with them or had a different viewpoint from theirs. It’s like the world does not revolve around you. People really think that the entire world should stop for them simply because someone doesn’t want to conform to their ideology.

That brings me to another thing. This entire call for “unity” or “togetherness” is purely farcical. When people now say that we ought to come together, they’re saying that we’ll come together if you conform to their ideology and belief system. If not, you are vilified, ostracized, castigated, called every name in the book, and thrown to the wolves aka the Twitter mafia and you’re never to be heard from again. It is unity through compliance. They rule with an iron fist through the internet because our speech is mostly on the internet now. More and more people are not even communicating with each other by voice. They’re beginning to communicate more through text. The powers that be have herded the masses into the internet and are using the internet to be the grounds for what speech should be. They are pressing further on the 1st Amendment to completely break it and determine the rule of who gets to say what. They’re already doing and have been doing it since the massive shift into the digital age. They want to determine the level of freedom or lack thereof that people will have by using the internet as a means to do so because then they can use that and apply it to the real world. That is why they truly want to implement a social credit system where everyone is attributed a social score and their score is determined by what they say and do and how they say and do certain things. If you don’t speak in a certain tone that the controllers of that social credit system want you to speak in, your score goes down and you’re not allowed to access or do certain things. You see this in the TV series, Black Mirror where they did an entire episode on this concept. When the woman played by Bryce Dallas Howard starts to curse out the clerk at the airport for her constantly asking her to speak nicely and for her rejecting her from flying, her credit score goes all the way down and she isn’t allowed to take a flight and if I remember correctly, her credit score is temporarily suspended so she can’t even do anything. That is truly what they want to implement in this society. If you think that’s farfetched, this system is already in place in China. The powers that be want America to be completely subverted by the Marxist/Communist regime of China so that they can implement all of their plans and completely strip everyone of their alleged Constitutional rights. They’ve only kept up the façade that people in America still have rights because they know they can’t come out guns blazing and completely take over. They want to disarm the public first and weave this society into an overt socialist regime so that they can then move in and go all in on their agenda. The only obstacle between them and their goals is the ultra conservative Christian Caucasian demographic in America because they’re for the most part armed; they ask the most questions and are not easy to accept the media driven narrative, they mostly believe in the Bible, they’re arguably the least dependant on the government and they don’t go along with the Luciferian agenda of the LGBT community and the feminist ideology that they want everyone to abide by. Those are the four things that make that demographic the biggest threat to their agenda. That’s part of the reason why they’ve created this entire Trump storyline over the past few years in order to brand conservative Caucasians as the villains of America so that they can get the support of the masses to strip away the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Once you take away the right to free speech and the right to bear arms, the powers that be can do whatever they want and there’s nothing anyone else can do or say to stop it. That’s the main obstacle for them right now. They’re going to keep orchestrating these contrived false flag events like the Capitol Riot so that they can go in and create more of these draconian reforms; really stripping away everyone’s rights to defend themselves and to speak up.

I touch on that aspect because that plays into the entire discourse between the conservative crowd and the liberal/Luciferian crowd in society. I say Luciferian because liberals or liberalism stems from Marxism which truly stems from Luciferianism. Just think about it for a moment. In a socialist system, everyone is basically subject to the government where they can be taxed for every little thing because the government is providing them with everything as they’ve publicized housing and have driven out farmers and private home and land ownership. Once the government is providing you with everything, the government becomes your god. Most if not all socialists are atheist. They’re the most passionate about the government because they look up to the government as their god. They’re the most ardent supporters of abortion and LGBT rights and see the Bible as a form of oppression. Socialism is strictly Luciferianism. The Nazi regime was socialist as well and that is a fact; you can look that up. They were socialist for a reason; that being that it was the most viable system to implement the most oppressive measures and policies on the masses to make them simply worker-bees or slaves for the state and the government. The Nazis were also Luciferian as well and you see that with the swastika or the sun wheel. Either way, I bring up that aspect of the painting of the conservative Christian Caucasian demographic because it serves as the precedent for how the other side communicates with them. The liberal/Luciferian demographic on the internet is given the incentive to talk flagrantly with conservative Caucasians and attempt to antagonize them because the media does so. These low level Luciferians in society who call themselves liberals or socialists absorb the media messaging like a sponge because they have no spiritual foundation to derive their understanding or discernment from. The media is their Bible. So when the media tells them to view conservatives as the villain, they do everything to bring them down because they’ve been trained mentally to view them as dangers to society. That’s why the media throws out all of these terms like “domestic terrorists” or “threats to national security”; especially CNN and MSNBC. They all do it to create the further separation and antagonism between the two sides. Both sides view each other as dangers to the future of the country. When the conservative side goes further in their castigation of the liberal/socialist side, that Luciferian/pansexual side becomes even more enflamed and goes the extra mile and tries to take away their voice by reporting to HR or reporting them on Twitter. They’ve even set up that HR dynamic on the internet. That’s what I mean when I say that they’ve created the internet as the means of speech for society. Once they roll in the reforms or legislation to formally strip everyone of the right to free speech, the people on the left will realize that they were used as pawns. The people on the left are simply being used as pawns by the controllers of this society to win the game of taking away the 1st Amendment. They believe that they’re going to somehow be treated differently or get benefits for being good citizens and towing the company line of the American system but they’re all a part of the machine too. Once the elite would move in and implement martial law full force where they’d take away everyone to herd them to those FEMA camps whether they’re conservative or liberal, the pea-brained sheepish liberal crowd will realize that they were taken for a fool and they’re going to be treated just like the conservatives who they deemed the whole time as “terrorists”.

The argument between the liberal woke mob and conservative crowd on Twitter is enflamed because the woke mob consists of mostly teenagers and children living in adult bodies i.e. man children and children with breasts aka socialist women. They get so incensed by people’s opinions that are contrary to theirs; especially when it disproves their stance with facts. They start calling people who think differently every name in the book, curse them out, ridicule them, and when the argument is in person, they’re the first to get violent. They spit, moon, slap, punch, shove, kick, etc. They’re almost always the first to get violent because they’re the most emotionally unstable. The elite view them as the perfect pawns because when a person or group is emotionally unstable, they can be controlled easily. Either way, once they get violent and start the altercation, they want to cry foul when they get tossed by the person or group that they’re attacking. They expect no pushback when they call someone a derogatory term or insult them but when they’re called fudge-packing faggots, they want to get all upset and play the victim. Treat people the way you want to be treated. If you don’t want to be insulted because you can’t take an insult, don’t establish the conversation from a base of insults and slandering. As long as you’re respectful and astute in your argument while presenting facts and information to support your stance, the onus is not on you if the argument goes left-field. If a person can’t handle the facts that you’re presenting and they start cursing you out and calling you names, that’s on them. I’d advise that do the best you can to the best of your ability to avoid engaging in that back and forth insulting with those who are clearly unstable; especially in the work place. You can avoid these situations in the workplace if you never let these conversations about race, religion, politics, etc materialize. We have the power to nip those conversations in the bud whenever someone may try to pull us into it. If we allow ourselves to get pulled into those conversations and we end up getting suspended or fired because that unstable deranged co-worker cried to HR about us, we have no one to blame but ourselves. The workplace is designed to benefit the liberal/Luciferian crowd. The workplace has become a sort of cult where you are trained to think one way and act one way. There is a reason why the term “worker-bee” exists because it is an allusion to the bee-hive or hive mentality. The workers in the workplace are meant to possess the hive mentality. The powers that be all want workers to simply be drones and to think one way. The workplace is essentially a programming center or an engineering plant. If you don’t tow the company line and you speak your mind and don’t go along with the LGBT pandering or acceptance of the liberal policies pushed in the workplace in America, they fire you. The company line has become the proverbial mark of the beast. If you don’t tow the company line in corporate America, you can’t work meaning what; meaning that you can’t buy or sell or eat or drink because you don’t have a job. That isn’t the case for every single workplace in America but that is the case for the most part.

In closing, the saying, “Treat others the way you want to be treated” fits the current dynamic of the “Woke” mob perfectly. ANTIFA is basically the armed forces of the “Woke” mob. Just look at how these fights start between ANTIFA and others, it usually starts when the other side speaks facts and disproves their narrative which enflames them and causes them to get physical. When a child doesn’t get what they want, they either roll on the floor and start crying or they get physical. They start throwing things, breaking furniture, tearing down the environment they’re in, etc. It’s the same thing with the “Woke” mob. They go and tear down shops and tear up the streets because they for the most part just want to tear up shit because they’re mad with their own lives. They have nothing going for themselves and they know deep down that they’re useless degenerates. It may sound harsh to some people but that is the truth. Just take a gander at the typical crowd on Twitter, they’re all degenerates. They’re the useless eaters. They eat up everything the media tells them. They’re pure children. Just like how a child has to be told to “treat others the way they want to be treated”, the same thing is echoed to the “woke” mob because they themselves act like children. They’re even worse than children because at least children eventually learn. The “woke” mob is made up of perpetual children. They’re never going to grow up. If they don’t destroy the people that disagree with them, they end up destroying themselves. They’re the most depressed group of people in America because they’re the most reliant on the American machine and they’re the most ardent in the Luciferian lifestyle. The further you are from the natural order of life i.e. the Biblical law, the more depressed and destructive you become to yourself and others around you. True wisdom and true understanding only comes from the scriptures. That is what truly makes up real men; that being true wisdom and understanding. When you are immersed in the Bible of the left hand side, that being the Book of Thelema which is the “do what thou wilt” belief system, the more carnal and unstable you are mentally and spiritually. It is truly the spirit of Satan because even Satan himself is like a petulant child. The Devil or Satan is often depicted as acting like a petulant child having a tantrum when something doesn’t go his way or he doesn’t get what he wants. That’s because Satan is like that child who tries to do everything in opposition to defy his father because he doesn’t like him. That’s the same exact dynamic that is apparent in the American system as they’ve pushed evolution, the Big Bang theory, science, the FDA dietary plan, etc all in opposition to the Most High because they for whatever reason are atheists themselves and have their own personal grudges against the Most High. The thing is, usually people blame the Most High for things that happened to them in their lives which is actually from the hands of the powers that be or rather Satan himself. The funny thing is that they end up praying to Satan as an act of defiance against the Most High because they believe that the Most High is responsible for all the bad things that have occurred in their lives even though it’s Satan who is the main culprit behind all of their misfortunes. Ain’t that a bitch? It sure is something to think about.