In life, there are many different components which comprise of this physical experience. There are different languages, foods, beverages, clothing, shoes, cars, arts, etc which come forth from a variety of different people around the world. The world is incredibly diverse and is greatly complex. Most of us often live in the states in which we are born in and scarcely ever branch out to visit other states, let alone other countries throughout over lifetime. We become encased in our bubbles and we rarely ever see the world for what it is. Many of us would think that Spain and Mexico are next door neighbors or all that is in China is dragon temples. This is the ignorance that so many people exhibit for everything.

People who stay in their own town forever cannot fathom another place having better foods, restaurants, theme parks, theaters, venues, conditions, etc than theirs. You cannot judge how another country, state, or town truly is when you haven’t truly experienced it yourself. A state like Montana may seem bad by some people but it could be a state that is suitable for you. A country like Costa Rica may seem bad by some people but it could be a country that could be a great living experience for you. You don’t know unless you step out of your shell and try new things. Of course, each moving decision must be made with great preparation and consideration for the state or country you’re moving to and you have to be patient before jumping ship. You have to consider the neighborhood, the best valued properties to live in without getting robbed, crime-zones, danger zones, remote areas, markets, etc. Just to reiterate, you cannot know how good a place is unless you’ve tried it yourself. I’m not saying that every place is good because there are obviously places out there in the world that are not good to live in or even be in the vicinity of whatsoever. What I’m saying is that we shouldn’t write off another state just because of the negatives that people have said about those states online. The county or town that you live in may be the most comfortable and nice place you’ve lived in from your perspective but there are most likely dozens of people online who would say otherwise and claim that your county or state is a horrible place to live in. If you would’ve taken their opinion and ran with it, you’d have never found out that this county or town or state is a comfortable place for you to live in as you know now. Even if this town or county you’re living in is very comfortable for you, there might be a county or state that may be even better out there for you. It may not seem like there is a better condition for us somewhere else but that’s because we’re not looking. When we look at another place to move to, we look at it from a glass half empty perspective. We nitpick and look for every reason not to move because we’re far too comfortable in our comfort zones. This is not to say that you have to just move around because as they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If your living situation is beneficial for you and is going well, then in my opinion, it’s best to stay. However, if you’re experiencing fatigue deep down from the place you’re living in, then branch out and look for other options. We should generally be at least aware of other places that we can live in if there is ever any circumstance that forces us to have to move elsewhere. We can’t be too comfortable where we’re at because we can’t allow ourselves to be too comfortable in the flesh. If we become reluctant in even considering the possibility of moving anywhere else, we’ll carry that type of thinking to other aspects of our life where we’ll never want to branch out and try our hand at different things such as drawing, painting, architecture, sewing, crafting, etc. If we don’t allow ourselves to consider new things to do or venture out to, we are creating our own stagnation and we are staying in place with no upward trajectory.

The biggest thing that is not considered by many people is the conditions of other places. Many of us may think that there’s only money to be made in New York, California, and Texas. If that was the case then everybody would be living in those three states. There is a reason why people are living in the other 47 states. That is because the people living there have found ways to live comfortably and be financially successful enough to maintain a life there. Some may be hanging on a thread financially in Arkansas, Idaho, or Alabama but I promise you, there are at least 2-3 times as many people in New York, California, and Texas who are hanging on a thread financially. So we can’t write off Wyoming or Kansas just because they are small states. We could make things work if we were placed in those states. We just have to be willing to branch out. It is far easier said than done. Not everyone can jump ship and go anywhere. We should consider the conditions of other places and not just write it off because we have developed a sort of pride about our hometown or our home state. Nebraska can have some excellent qualities that can be suitable for some and can be a good living experience but they write it off as a backwards state. It’s a symptom of a larger disease.

The main topic is accents. Accents are the major symptom of the larger disease of ignorance. People listen to a New Yorker or a Southerner with a thick accent and believe them to be dumb or lacking in intelligence. People listen to a black man or woman who has a distinct accent from the region that they come from and they just put them in a box and brand them as stupid or dumb. They think that a Haitian or a Jamaican who has a thick accent is ignorant and don’t know up from down but in all actuality, the people that are passing this form of baseless judgment are the ones who are truly ignorant. A black man and black woman that you come across may have distinct accents but they are some of the most intellectual and knowledgeable people that you’ve ever ran into. People have picked up this tendency to just write off black men and women just from their clothes or the way they speak. People associate a type of clothing, gear, and accent to an overall archetype that they create in their mind that is supposed to signify ignorance. Just because a man may speak and dress the same way as a man you came across before who expressed ignorance and off behavior, that doesn’t mean that man is going to be of that same character. People become so dumbfounded when they come across a black men and women who express immense amounts of knowledge pertaining to things such as health, food, economics, trade, etc because most people have created these stereotypes of black men and women as not being intellectual in their mind. They often then tell them, “Oh wow, you’re different” or “Oh wow, you’re not like the rest of your folk.” It is the most ridiculous admission of ignorance by other races of people. There are people of every race who lack in intelligence and understanding. There are stupid people in all walks of life; regardless of nation or ethnicity. However, most people resort to stereotypes because it is the most convenient way for people to mentally operate by writing off everyone as either this or that. People are not willing to consider that people of all races exhibit varying levels of intelligence, knowledge, skill, talent, and understanding because they simply cannot think that deep. Stereotypes are an extremely lazy way in evaluating people and considering that America is truly the laziest country in the world both mentally and physically, the creation of and belief in stereotypes is most apparent in America.

Southerners have also fallen prey to this stereotype where you’re “dumb” because you talk “funny”. There honestly is no such thing as having a “funny” accent. We have been pre-conditioned to think that the way words are pronounced by Southerners is funny from the standpoint that we’ve been prepped with the notion that all Southerners are stupid and they all have one tooth and live in trailer homes or have barnyards. When you associate a region of people with those types of things, you will think of them in a comedic or humorous manner because they’ve become caricatures in your mind. So when they talk in their Southern accent, you are compelled to laugh because you’ve already been trained by default to not take Southerners seriously and you are already thinking of them as caricatures or satirical figures. A Southerner from Tennessee may have a thick Southern accent but they could be the most excellent mechanical engineer you’ve ever come across. A person’s accent is not a determination of their intelligence or knowledge. A person’s accent is just their form of pronunciation. To a relative degree, a person with a stutter can be viewed as having a lack of confidence or is also not intellectual but they just have a speech problem, depending on how slight, mild, or severe their stutter is. We have been trained to associate certain characteristics and traits with people’s form of speech. Californians may think that they’re the most intelligent on the planet because of their accent but they can be seen in a caricaturist light by New Yorkers if they come to New York. An American can be seen as “dumb” or someone to laugh at by a Chinese person when attempting to speak Mandarin and yet they have a heavy American accent. The same way that Americans judge other nations of people for their accents when speaking English is the same way that those Americans are judged by other nations of people for their heavy accents when speaking their native languages. Many people of the other nations will actually respect you for attempting to speak their native language and will encourage you to keep learning how to speak it fluently. It is most profound in America the ridicule that is given when you are not a native speaker and you attempt to speak the English language. This is because Americans in general are the most ignorant people on the planet. That is not a stereotype. That’s a fact. There is no country that has a more uninformed and ignorant stance in understanding how their country operates than America. The Matrix system originated and sprouted in America. In order for the Matrix system to bloom, the people of the system’s home must be the most ignorant. Ignorance breeds herd behavior. This is the exact condition in America. At the same time, not every person in America is ignorant but generally as a collective, Americans are the most ignorant out of any group of people in the world. From this ignorance, the most destructive behaviors and form of thought is bred. These stereotypes which people have formed in America against those who speak of a distinct accent has been used as a means to mistreat them. There have been people who have been treated horribly in hospitals and doctor’s offices just because they have heavy accents. They take them for being dumb or unaware of anything that’s going on around them so they think that this is an incentive to treat them any way they like with no care in the world at all. People who speak heavy accents have been toyed with by banks as well as insurance companies because they think that by them not being able to fluently speak English, it is a signifier of their ignorance when it comes to how they should be treated and how the system is run and what the rules are. Banks and insurance companies have use route to abuse and defraud more and more people out of their money. That is not something that you can just look up on statistical websites. That is not something that you’ll find on a census report. That is true life experience that you have to experience yourself. If you even have the slightest accent, you most likely have already experienced a sense of attitude by other people when they address you for any matter.

Once we stop placing ourselves in a box, we will stop viewing other people and other places from a limited perspective. You think that America is the only “great” place in the world so you treat others who don’t speak and dress like you as the bottom of the barrel. You develop a superiority complex. Since you haven’t taken the time to step out of your box and explore and value other peoples, places, cultures, and regions, you have decided to write off everyone and every place that doesn’t talk, walk, act, and think like you as being “dumb”. When you have such a limited perspective on life, you express the most ignorance.

It is up to us to expand our perspective and grow to understand that there are all kinds of knowledge and intelligence that can be attained from different people, groups, areas, cultures, nations, and regions. If we just think our town is all that there is and that life starts and ends here, we will always fail to grasp what the truth is and we will ultimately fail ourselves by robbing ourselves of potentially beneficial and positive living experiences that can be had in other places and amongst other people. We will fail to see the knowledge in health, food, trade, skills, etc that other nations of people can offer us through demonstration and expression. As long as we are willfully ignorant, we will always rob ourselves of the fullest experience of life. We don’t have to move across the world to understand new things or how different other places are. We simply have to open our mind. If we are moving from state to state and country to country but we’re the same close-minded ignorant person, we will never grasp the truth. Once we free our minds and learn to evaluate the different things that other people, towns, counties, states, regions, cultures, countries, etc can offer us, we will be on the path finally be able to find the experience that is truly best for us. You just have to free your mind from the prison of ignorance that you’ve allowed it to be imprisoned in.