Over the course of our days, we are always met with decisions which we have to make; the small decisions which are the actions necessary to take the next step forward. The weight of each of the decisions can either be lifted easily or it can weight down on us and crush us. The weight of these decisions factor into how much clarity we have pertaining to our lives and the road ahead. The road ahead of us in our lives can be as clear as the sun or it can have a thick fog ahead. When we go through the fog, we stumble and fall over because we don’t know where we’re going. We hit the ground and struggle to get back up as we’re consumed by the fog that we ourselves created. We may lose the strength or the will to get up and keep going further down because we get overwhelmed by that fog. When our fear and anxiety rises, the fog gets thicker.

We create that fog for ourselves when we don’t have a clear path set out for ourselves on where we need to go next in our lives. We may not have a clear path because we are too considerate of what others in our lives think are best for us. We let our thoughts get clouded with the ideas of other people when we ourselves haven’t valued the prospect of our ideas for our own lives. We can become too concerned with what our family or friends may think of us if we reject their ideas and decide to go our own path. After all, it is our own lives which we are living. It is not theirs. They have a right to have an input in your life if you ask them to do so. They also have a right to have an input if they are supporting you and are keeping you afloat. On the flip side, our input or vision for our lives holds more value than theirs because it is us who has to deal with the task first hand; not them. However, if we are going to be adamant on going down the path in which we have set up for ourselves, we must have a clear mind and a proper plan. We can’t just go against what our family may tell us and yet not do anything in response. It would only prove to them in their mind that they have the right to dictate the way you should go on with your life because you’ve failed to show the maturity or independence to take that step. We may not want to become a doctor or a dentist but we want to become a shoe designer or a professional photographer. However, we don’t believe in ourselves to take that risk and do what is needed to get to the level that we wish we can achieve. What ends up happening as a result is that we do as our parents tell us to do and we end up living miserable lives because we are working miserable jobs. The job itself is not miserable. The experience is only miserable because we don’t want to be there. Being a doctor may be miserable for you but it can be amazing for someone else. Being a screenwriter may be a fantastic experience for you but it can be an insufferable experience for someone else. It is all subjective. We all have what we like and enjoy along with what we dislike and hate. The things we like and dislike is going to be unique and singular to each of us. That is what makes us different and special as people because we’re not all the same. We all bring different things to the table. Even in biblical times, the biblical men worked on a variety of things such as tending to the cattle and flocks, making clothes, building houses, preparing food, and crafting pottery, etc. This is why it is so unnatural and off-putting when everyone thinks the same and all go according to one motion of energy like robots. We have free will or the freedom of choice to take that step necessary to maximize our gifts and expand our mind, body, and spirit. It feels off-putting when we do what we are told to do pertaining to taking our lives in a certain direction because it removes that natural incentive for us to take matters into our own hands and steer our life to where we know is best for us. In order to prevent this from happening, we have to work on developing a clear, concise, achievable and realistic plan when it comes to our own careers. When we let this happen, we become miserable, unhappy, angry, spiteful, and slowly become devoid of showing any love or support for someone else who is sincere. It is not anyone else’s fault that we are working a job we don’t like or have had a career in corporate America that we can’t stand. It is our own fault. It is one thing if we are simply working a job we may not like as a means to an end to build up the necessary finances to be able to invest in building our own business on the side in hopes that it will sprout into being big enough to where you can work independently as an entrepreneur. It is another thing when we have been stuck at the same position for 10 to 20 years in the workplace and have not had any plan formed to get out of that unsatisfactory position. We have to learn to believe in ourselves and have the courage to take on whatever fallout may come from those risks. There is no thing in life which do not have risks. There is a risk we take when we get in our car and drive. There is a risk we take when we get on the bus or train. There is a risk we take when we go alone out into the streets and walk by ourselves. There is a risk we take when we even shower in the bathroom. All of those situations can lead to a catastrophe resulting in injury or at worse our own demise. There is always a chance however slim it may be that something can go wrong. We even take risks when we just drink water. We could drink it the wrong way and choke. We often get caught up in this mental vortex where we want to have the most secure life possible. This all comes from the programming of modern day America where the ideal is to get a good paying secure job, get a big house, get two cars, get married, and have a couple of kids and cats or dogs; the “apple pie” life. We are inundated with this false understanding that this is the blueprint to a simple and secure life where we’ll always have our job to lean on for support and we’ll have a stable home life. There is no such thing as a “zero-risk” route. We all are subject to risks in our daily lives. The more we refuse to accept this, the more we destroy ourselves with needless stress and anxiety.

Stress and anxiety mostly stems from not knowing what we want to do with our lives. We are too worried about what it is that we need to do or have to do to either starting our own careers or continuing them. When we finally form a decent plan for our careers, we will develop a sustainable life because we will enjoy what we’re doing and will be fully engaged. We stress at our jobs or our current situations because we are thinking about what else we could be doing other than doing that specific job. The one thing that must be clear though is that our happiness can only be so great from our business or job. Even if we are doing what we love, we can still end up being miserable. True happiness from man only comes when he is putting his focus on keeping the Most High happy. This is because when man does the works for the Most High, he receives spiritual and mental and physical benefit that no job or profession on its own could ever provide him. It is only when we submit ourselves to a greater purpose other than just getting our money up or getting that dream partner that we end up truly growing and becoming better day by day. Even in the tough times, we are growing because we are getting more resilient and stronger to life’s tests. There are no people who are living on this plane of existence if they are not serving the Most High. As the Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh stated in John 14:6, “…I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” The only source of life is through the Son. Life does not come from us; it comes from the Most High’s Son. When we dedicate every part of our being to honoring Him, it is only then that we are living. No matter how poor or average we may be financially, the richness of our spirit always uplifts us in the end which is not possible without the Son. Any other form of spiritual energy which is steering one’s life is not making that person live. They are simply caught in their own delusion which they have created themselves in that they are living and that they have life figured out. People think that just because they go to a church or a mosque or a temple and they pray with their friends that they’re healing and are therefore living. It is not the case. We can only heal through the truth that we know is the truth. We can’t heal through the truth that we think is the truth. If we think that we are abiding by the truth spiritually, we are not doing so. It is only when we know. We know when we are actually living. We cannot know truth when we are dead. Every person is dead on the inside because they’re dead in their own self-doubt, depression, insecurities, frustrations, etc. They are dead because they don’t know who they truly are. We only know who we truly are through the guidance of the Most High. A psychologist nor a priest nor a counselor nor a philosopher can identify who we are because they themselves can’t identify who they are because they’ve dictated their lives by the wisdom of man and not of the Most High. If you’re not walking this spiritual walk with the Lord, you are lost and that is about 90-95% of this world. It is as simple as that.

This all brings us to the main topic at hand which is the Rusting Chains. What this is talking about is a condition which can be created. Chains rust and corrode on their own. It is what you may say an internal corrosion or regression in the state of the chains itself. Through nature, chains can corrode. It is the same thing with us. We can rust and corrode on our own internally through time and life. As the chain is destroyed from within through its rust, so do we destroy ourselves and regress from our own rust which is our stress, anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, insecurities, etc. It is through these things where we turn from a strong and clear silver to a weak and scarred form of rust.

That rust forms when we don’t heal ourselves and don’t learn to place the value of our own mental and spiritual health above the vain things of this life. Most of the things which we stress over are not worth it. It is only when we value ourselves and strengthen our hearts and spirits that we are as strong and sturdy and clear as the silver chains. Our stress not only breaks down our mind and spiritual state but it also breaks down our own body. Stress in the form of cortisol can produce higher blood pressure, blood sugar levels, higher fat storage, and weakened immunity which leave us vulnerable to all kinds of diseases and illnesses. We become rusted physically; both externally and internally. It is truly incredible how much of the problems which we experience in our lives come from our own mindset and our own doing because of our mental instability. Our minds are tethered to our body. If we train our minds to be fearful and anxious, our bodies will respond in the same manner in the form of tension and other health effects. The rusting comes from our own minds.

We have the power to unwillingly destroy ourselves. We can let ourselves become a weapon which we then use against ourselves. Every time we give into things which we know is not right for us, we corrode and build up more rest on our vessels. Stress is inevitable; as is anxiety and tension. There are things which occur in our lives that we have no control over that will inevitably produce stress. That is when we have to cling to the Most High the most we possibly can because it is only through his guidance that our situations will get better. We can’t do any of this on our own. It is through the strength which the Most High gives us that we are able to make it out of the other end whenever these challenges come into our lives. We can become overwhelmed when we try to hold up the world on our shoulders.

In closing, as the rust destroys the chain from nature and time, so can our own created rust destroy us from life and over time. It is through the strength of the mind and the spirit that we are able to keep ourselves afloat without rusting. We can only achieve this strength when we learn to have the courage to steer our lives into the direction which we know is best for us and not let other people in our lives or society dictate to us what we should be doing. We must gain clarity to form the plans which are needed for us to build the living situations which we enjoy and not under the thumb of an oppressive experience which we are miserable from. It is only when we build up this strength and courage that we go places in this life beyond the thoughts and opinions of everyone else around us. Once we learn what true happiness is as men which is serving our head which is Yahweh Ben Yahweh and making the Most High happy, that is when we flourish beyond what we could have ever imagined was possible. Only then are we as durable as the silver of the chains and we never see the days where our own rust forms in our mind, body, and spirit.

All Praises be to the Most High Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Peace and Blessings.