In this world, we are often led with worry and doubt about what it is that we are eating and drinking on a daily basis. We worry about having untainted food or water that has not been tampered with. It is easy to be worried about our health because it is us who are going to feel the effects of it afterward when we consume things that are harmful to our bodies. When we read up on the effects of this particular food or drink that we thought was healthy, we become restless and think as if there’s nothing good to eat. It is something we become increasingly worried about when we grow to be more health-conscious.

Let’s ease our minds and understand this: everything is tampered with. There is no pure food in this plane of existence. Even when we grow our own food, it is still tampered with. The reason for this is because for one, the seeds we buy from the stores are not entirely pure or clean. Second, the soil is tampered with because of the rain. How is this? Well, the clouds are tampered with from the chem-trails that are present in the atmosphere. In addition, the HAARP technology has produced many artificial storms and other natural events such as hurricanes which have created toxicity within the atmosphere. That toxicity is present within the clouds so when the cloud brings forth the rain, the rain is carrying that toxicity to a certain level. As a result, the soil is also tampered with.

Another aspect which many people don’t really grasp is that the Most High has cursed the land. The Most High has cursed it from being bountiful or plentiful or abundant in crops as a form of judgment against the nations. This is primarily in America but also in other countries. America has the most infested products with all types of chemicals and toxins in it that dwarfs any other country as far as it’s unhealthy products are concerned. They have been using GMOs and chemicals to grow foods for decades now because they knew that this was the only way to grow enough food to keep the country fed. No one ever stops to truly wonder about how much food is readily available for Americans to eat. America has had so much food at it’s disposal that they waste the most food out of any country by far. Logically, America should never see the days of famine because they’d just keep on pumping GMOs into the crops and steroids into all of the cows and chickens so they can keep feeding the country. People get bent out of shape because other countries have banned certain pesticides or GMOs from being used in their country and America doesn’t. The reason for this is because the Big Agriculture industry is based in America and they make tons of money off of this practice and America has far more people to feed than any other country other than China or India. We already know that China has been feeding their people fake food for the longest. They often use shaved wood or wood chips as beef. They also use plastic for their rice as well. You will never see America, China, or India stop any of their food manufacturing or GMO processing practices because if they did, they’d go into famine the very next day. Not only in America do you have so many people to feed, a lot of these people also are very fucking greedy and are gluttons. Americans bring a whole new meaning to the word, “gluttony”. The concept of fasting is like speaking pig Latin to them. It is the norm for many Americans to eat 4 or 5 times a day on top of snacks as well. The only people you’d really see that feel the need to eat like that are bodybuilders or people who burn tons of calories. Even then, you don’t need to eat 4 or 5 big meals a day to gain muscle quick. Either way, if you were going to eat that frequently, you’d want to be eating organic food. However, you have to have some good income in order to shop in bulk with organic foods. That is not the case for most Americans. Most of these people who are eating that often are eating nothing but garbage. They’re eating Jimmy Dean frozen breakfast, Hungry Mans lunches, and Bubba Burgers. They’re not eating any lettuce or apples. Everything they’re eating is mostly frozen stuff from the supermarket. Not only that, they don’t even put it in the oven. They just microwave it. So not only are you eating junk food, you’re microwaving it and eating something that is of radiation now. When you really tackle the different things and ways that people eat in America, it is no wonder that they have so many health problems. Of course, this is all due to so many different things but this will be discussed in greater detail when the time comes Yah willing.

Coming back to the point made, the land is cursed because of all the wickedness that has been committed on the land. The acts which are public knowledge are already egregious enough. You don’t even know the half of what they do behind closed doors and the wickedness they commit in their rituals. It is one thing for us to just be aware of what they do but it is a whole other thing to actually visualize it and even see it with our own eyes. The true insidious and sinister nature of the MK Ultra program along with the drug and child sex trafficking rings in America as well as the UK and Australia is beyond what most people can fathom. A lot of the things which have occurred behind closed doors are only ever going to be known to those who perpetrated these acts and the Most High who sees all. Many people think well the judgment that is coming is so harsh but they don’t grasp that the Most High sees every wicked act that is committed. If you were sitting back and saw all of the wicked acts that man was perpetrating on a daily basis, you’d want to burn this planet to oblivion as well. This judgment is well deserved.

When we come to understand this dynamic of the curse of the land, we come to realize why everything seems to be tampered with. It also brings us to understand that we should not be so worried about what is and isn’t tampered with. The Most High knew that his people were going to be here and eat from the food grown out of these crops. Those who he has favor for, He will spare from being effected greatly by the toxins of the food they eat. This is where we come to a powerful verse of Mark 16:18.

Mark 16:18 states, “They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” This is Yahweh Ben Yahweh speaking and affirming that those who believe in the covenant and is baptized through the Holy Spirit shall be saved from the harm brought forth by the world. In addition to this, those who are baptized in the Holy Spirit shall take up serpents; meaning that they shall go against those who wish them and their brothers harm and to take them down to not be deceived or brought down by them.

Christ states, “…and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them.” This does not literally mean that we can take a drink of poison and live past it like how many pastors and others have done when they take that word literally. It means that when we eat any of these foods or drink any of these things which may be tainted due to GMOs or other chemicals or toxins that are present, we shall not be harmed from it. We know this to be true because we have made it this far and we are still healthy despite all of the junk we may have eaten or drank before we came into understanding. We should still strive to eat as healthy as possible. If we have the avenues to grow our own food or even better have our own farms, it would be incredible to do so. To have those things, it is worth more than having a big house at this point in time. This is not to say that we shouldn’t bother trying to grow our own fruits or vegetables because of the tampered soil or seeds. It is to make it even more clear that we shouldn’t stress so much over it because if we are walking accordingly to the Most High’s covenant, the harmful things which are hidden in these foods however organic or clean it may seem will not affect us to as great of an extent as it would if we didn’t know the Most High. What we should worry about more is if we have favor from the Most High and have a good relationship with Him. It is because this is what will protect us from harm in the flesh; not just from food but from other attacks as well: whether it is from people or animals.

The best we can do is to eat as clean and drink as clean as possible. They have gone to almost every end to create their food in mass to avert the impact of the curse on the land. We know that the land is cursed because if it wasn’t, there’d be no need to have to produce so much food through GMOs. Once again, they have to mass produce through GMOs in order to feed as many of these gluttonous Americans as possible. It is a double win for them because not only do they make more money off of them as they buy more food, they also make more money on the other end of it when they have all these mental, emotional, and physical health problems from eating these contaminated foods for so long.

Once we place our focus on gaining spiritual favor from the Most High, these worries should go away because we come to know the deep level of the Most High’s protection. We come to realize that everything is tampered with and as a result, we ought to realize that it is faith in the Most High that is going to keep us level headed and turn us away from stressing so much about it. All that we can do is do the best we can to buy the cleanest food we can possibly get. This is just a general principle. The best we can do is to do the best we can according to our own ability and leave the rest to the Most High to guide us further to where it is that we need to go.

In closing, while it is a troubling thought to think of all the side effects that stem from these different pesticides and GMOs which make our food, we have to remember that we have to think past this and place our pursuit of the Most High’s favor above everything because this is what is going to protect us from these toxins and chemicals. Even if we stress about it, there’s nothing we can do because every-thing is tampered with, even the food we grow from the soil and from our own hands. The only thing we can do is to be doing our best in our own spiritual walk and to just eat and leave the rest to the Most High to cleanse our body of poison and to keep us healthy and upright. In the Most High and His Son do we trust and give our life over to; to them and them only. Peace and Blessings.