In life, we will inevitably face stressful and strenuous moments. Most of the time, the situations that we stress over are not exactly things in which we should be stressing over. We stress because of getting to work 5 minutes late. We stress because someone didn’t text us quick enough. We stress because someone took what we said the wrong way. We stress because someone flipped us off while driving. We stress because we may get a few points taken off for submitting our homework late. These are all things in which the outcome seems so disastrous for us. We worry in the moment about how we are going to have deal with the ramifications of what we deem at the time grave mistakes. We think that the whole world is going to collapse on ourselves because of those things which happen to us in the moment. Little do we know that these things in the long run don’t truly matter.

Of course, our jobs are important to us because that is how we are able to make our money and keep ourselves afloat with a house, food, water, clothing, etc. Or is it? Actually, how we are able to make our money and keep ourselves afloat is through the mercy of the Most High. It is through His mercy that we’re able to eat a snack or have a cup of water. It is through His mercy that we have a roof over our head and a form of cloth around our skin. All of those things can be taken away from us in a moment’s notice. Just because we are working a six figure job, that does not exempt us from having our house be gone or our food be gone. There are plenty of millionaires who have gone broke and homeless. There are even billionaires who have lost everything and went bankrupt. There have been Wall Street investors who were making all the money that they could ever ask for and ended up later having to work a minimum wage job. It is apart of life. We have our ups and we have our downs. We have our highs and we have our lows. There is nothing secure in this life. Having $30k saved up after waiting 5 or 10 years to move out of our parent’s houses does not guarantee that we’re going to have a secure home for the rest of our lives. It is simply a pragmatic approach to building up a more comfortable transition to a state of living independent from our own families. It doesn’t guarantee anything. Many people gave up on themselves and decided not to take that journey towards building a career based off of their own gifts and what they love in exchange for a “secure” job in corporate America. They thought that there was too much risk involved by going their own path with their careers and that there wouldn’t be as much risk with a basic job. They end up becoming depressed once they get laid off or fired from the corporate job that they thought was secure and was going to last long enough until retirement because they realized that they had wasted all of that time believing that there was such a thing as security when there isn’t and now they see they sold themselves short. Not everyone is cut out to build their own business and be entrepreneurs. It is not something you can just pick up on and do right away. It takes time to build up the knowledge that is needed to be able to create, build, run, and grow a business over a long period of time. Even then, entrepreneurship is something that has to come from within. You have to have the willpower to keep pushing on when your business is hitting a rut. It feels more risky because you feel the bumps in the road. A corporate job doesn’t feel risky because you don’t feel the bumps and don’t experience the struggles of maintaining it. You simply clock in, clock out, and get your paycheck. However, there is just as much risk in maintaining that corporate job as it is for your own business because there is no such thing as a more secure job than another as there is no guarantee on what tomorrow holds.

Many people think that if they just plan their life ahead meticulously that they’ll be ahead of everyone else and would have beaten the game. This is rather delusional because you can plan all you want but there are a million things which can happen that can set you back the same way as that one person who didn’t plan their life ahead like you did. There is no guarantee that our car is going to be outside tomorrow. Neither is our house guaranteed to be up tomorrow. That is why the best that we can do is to take things day by day. Our lives can switch on a dime in a few hours or even a few minutes. So what good is it to plan our lives five, ten, twenty years ahead? It is fruitless. The best we can do is to do the best we can each day that we are blessed to have and to make the most of it.

Just to bring clarity, working a corporate job doesn’t make you any less than a person who is an entrepreneur because our method of employment is not an estimation of who we are as people. What is an estimation of who we are is our spirit and our character; not our money or our professions. Not everyone has the path cut out for them to build their own business. Some do but it is not the time for them to embrace that journey just yet. There is no right age or time to have your own business venture sorted out. There are people who get their business together at 35, 40, 45, 50 years old. Everyone is on their own path and journey. Everyone’s path is different.

With that being said, we went through that entire journey of explaining those different aspects of risk and security in our jobs to make the ultimate point that our jobs are not what gives us security or sustenance. It is the Heavenly Creator Yahweh Elohim and His Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh. The Most High is indiscriminate when it comes to who he wants to test or take from. Whether you’re rich or poor, or young or old, it doesn’t matter. We are all at His Will. We should never stress or dwell over anything more than our relationship with the Most High. Our job, schoolwork, relationships, friendships, or bad social experiences with co-workers or random people hold no resonance over our rapport with the Most High. We should never stress to the point of our detriment physically over something that is not as important in the grand scheme of things. Even if we get laid off or fired from one job, if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing in our spiritual walk with the Most High, He will guide you to another job that is even better than your previous job. We can often get too caught up in what is going on in our lives and we can put too much of an emotional investment into our jobs. This is only going to create an emotionally unhealthy state of being. We must always focus on the spirit first before anything else. Even we are hit the hardest, we can still make it through those difficult times if we have our spirit intact. However, we must also consider that we cannot depend on the spirit to provide us everything and not do any of our own work in this life. There is such a thing as being too earthly minded and being too heavenly minded. We must learn to maintain that spiritual and physical balance as best as we can which is what we are all working on. That balance is not going to forever be intact once we maintain that balance for a moment. That balance can easily shift to an imbalance in a heartbeat. Maintaining that balance is a task in which we are going to have for the rest of our lives.

The point which we come to now is what I call the 100 Years Perspective. This perspective is something we can use to determine what the true significance of what it is that we are stressing over. Whenever we come across a situation such as showing up late to work, getting yelled at by our bosses, getting a bad grade on our assignment, or falling out with one of our friends, we ask ourselves, “Would this thing that I’m stressing over right now matter in 100 years?” We end up realizing that those things which we are stressing ourselves over don’t really matter all that much in the long run. It may suck for a few days and it may take a little bit of time to get over those things but we should get over it soon enough. The only thing that we end up doing is destroying ourselves spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. The times in which we are in are the most critical times for us to have a stable spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional state. It is important for us to not get caught up in the meaningless things which happen. That doesn’t mean we should expect ourselves to be robots and not have any emotion towards something that might happen in a day. We’re going to get pissed off. We’re going to get angry. We’re going to get sad. We’re going to get disappointed; whether it is in ourselves or other people. We reserve the right to do so because we’re human beings. However, it becomes unhealthy and borders on self-destruction if we are spending weeks stressing about those things and carrying around this negative energy. If we make a mistake, all we can do is do our best to go and learn from those mistakes to do better next time. It serves us no good if we are stressing constantly over what we did wrong five days ago. We have to move forward and keep our head up. We can’t dwell on our mistakes like that because then, we will never progress; we will only regress. Mistakes are a part of life and we must accept that.

The same thing goes with our friendships and relationships. Nothing in the flesh is permanent; especially our friendships. Friends come a dime a dozen; meaning that out of 12 friends that we come across, only two at most are truly genuine. Only two friends at most will truly care about our well-being and how we are doing when we are both at our highest and lowest points in our lives. The other ten are only in for the ride and are there to just have a good time. They may chop it up a few times and crack a few jokes with you. Question is, are they really there for you? The answer is no. The way you know who is truly there for you is how they carry their conversations with you. Are their conversations with you about your current condition and how you can elevate or progress further in life past your current success or your current struggles? Or are their conversations with you about basic things like what happened at last night’s party, last night’s game, or what new artist is trending? Are your conversations fruitful and pertaining to life or is it empty rhetoric and is pertaining to foolishness? The more we pay attention to what our conversations with certain people in our life, the more we gain clarity on what type of relationships we have with them along with who those people really are. A person tells you a lot about what they talk and don’t talk about. Everything is in plain sight. We just have to be focused and willing to see it. If we fall out with a friend, they weren’t meant to be in our lives. If they are good people and are meant to be in our lives, they will come back around down the line and have a presence in our lives again. If they aren’t meant to be in our lives and we fall out with them, we can’t force them to be in our lives. We have to simply accept that loss and move on. That chapter in our life has closed and we have to move onto bigger and better things. The more we try to force things to be what it is not meant to be, the more we are setting ourselves up for great disappointment and pain. We must be accepting of what has transpired, cut our losses, and move on.

A friend or partner who is not meant to be in our circle is simply that; not meant to be in our circle. You are about to elevate to a higher level. The only way for you to elevate to that next level is by having that friend or partner be cut out of your life because they often are the ones dragging us down and keeping us at a level to where we are stuck in place and not evolving. When we move forward and elevate in our lives, the level of the people in which we have a rapport with in our circle elevate as well. Sometimes, these friends being cut out of our lives are the necessary losses we must have in order to become better ourselves. They may have brought us times of laughter or fun or they may have done us a few favors but that doesn’t mean that we owe them our whole lives. It is a guarantee that they don’t credit the value of their entire lives to you because you did favors for them. So why feel that way on your end? If we still have those friends in our lives, it doesn’t mean we have to go out of our own way to cut them off outright but we have to keep our lives in order and to set our priorities straight. We have to know who it is that is worth our time and energy and who isn’t. Those friends can still have a few moments of our time every now and then but we can’t place their validation on a pedestal. Their validation doesn’t amount to a mustard seed in comparison to the validation of the Most High. It is fruitless to ever worry about what one person may think of us because they themselves are looked at as spittle in the eyes of the Most High like it is stated in 2 Esdras 6:56. Why should we ever care for the opinion or validation of spittle?

We should always remember who we are and the true power of how we came to be where we are now in our journey to the truth. We were all dead in sin in the eyes of the Most High. He brought us back to life spiritually through His mercy for us to understand the power and value of the covenant. That is what truly matters at the end of the day.

Our relationship with the Most High will matter 100 years from now. Our understanding of the truth and power of the covenant will matter 100 years from now. What we learn and teach our brothers and sisters and our own children will matter 100 years from now. The record of our spiritual works will matter 100 years from now.

The vain and worthless opinion or lack of validation from our managers, bosses, friends, co-workers, and family members will not matter 100 years from now. That one person who flipped us off on the road is not going to matter 100 years from now. That one argument we had today at the supermarket with that person waiting behind us on line is not going to matter 100 years from now. All of these vain things which we stress and get riled up about is not going to matter tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, a year from now, 50 years from now, or 100 years from now. The only thing which truly matters in the long run is the relationship we have with the Most High and His Son along with the relationships we have with our sincere and spiritual partners, sincere closest family members, and our closest brothers in this truth. It is the relationships which pertain to the bond with the infinite and the unchangeable that hold true resonance 100 years from now. Our relationships with our righteous partners, family members, and brothers and sisters in this truth also matter 100 years from now because their hearts are based in the infinite and unchangeable state of the Heavenly Father Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh. It is also because it is what you teach your children and younger brothers and sisters which will help shape them to become better and will affect who they develop into as individuals over the course of their lives which will carry down to their own children. When you are like unto the Most High and are not going to change on a dime as the rest of the people who come and go as the seasons do, that is when your relationships and bonds are to be considered of high value.

In closing, the 100 Year Perspective is a tool which we can use to help bring us back into reality and give us the clarity to properly evaluate what it is that is happening before us and whether or not they truly matter in the long run. It is the tool which we can use to get rid of that unnecessary stress and anxiety that bogs us down so much. Once we give our hearts over to the one true thing which matters in the long run, everything becomes that much simpler, smoother and greater.

All Praises to the Most High Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Peace and Blessings.


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