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After this election, it seems more likely that Biden may in fact take hold of the presidency soon enough. It is likely that he will; barring the possibility of some shenanigans popping up where he stays in office through some type of insurrection by enacting the military to impose martial law but this most likely won’t happen. Biden is the perfect candidate for the elites as he would steer the country into the typical state of starting new wars, bloating the banks, and empowering the military industrial complex, Big Pharma, and the prison labor complex. He is also a far greater proponent for the totalitarian mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and total lockdowns. These actions would all fall in line with their plan to carry out their “Great Reset” at the expense of millions of lives which would play into their plan for depopulation through more deaths by the virus, famine, poverty, civil warfare, and suicide. All of these conditions set in place when it comes to no stimulus checks, ending of eviction moratorium, and ending of unemployment benefits are not just to bloat and make all the billionaires and big banks richer but it is also to push the people to become more vulnerable to the virus and hopefully in the elites eyes to see them commit suicide. When you kick out people in the cold, it all leads to greater vulnerability as their immune systems would be diminished as they wouldn’t be able to consume anything nutritional and they would be out in the cold. It is all a ploy to exacerbate the situation to create far more cases and to destroy the country further. The economic destruction is all leading to the elites implementing and stipulating to the people the system of worshiping the mark of the beast and that it is either you comply or you die. Many people will choose the latter. Having said that, the blatant corruption surrounding the entire Biden campaign, the orchestrated voter fraud, and the mayors and governors blatant hypocrisy in letting big corporations and movie companies operate while everyone else is shut down is because they simply are done hiding and are making it more known to the people that all they are to them are cattle and debt slaves for Uncle Sam i.e. Samael. They are done pretending to care because they are getting closer to implementing their Antichrist system and enforcing the mark of the beast. They had to pretend before because they were still maintaining the façade that they actually cared and that America was a democracy or a republic when it has always been a corporatocracy ruled by the international bankers. Biden is the most flagrant example of a puppet for the big banks and the Zionist international bankers which is why it is most likely at this point that he will take over unless they pull the rug under everybody and give it to Trump somehow at the final hour which is doubtful.

Water Island:

There has been news which has come forth recently which may tie Joe Biden to the Epstein clan. Epstein owned Little St. James Island known as Pedophile Island. Epstein also owned another island, Great St. James nearby. Great St. James was popular with locals & tourists mainly for its main attraction, Christmas Cove, where people could hang out and order “pizza” which would be delivered by boat. Epstein also owned half of the Port of Redhook in St. Thomas along with the Governor of St. Thomas. This helped give Epstein the luxury of bypassing all customs authorities and moving anything he wanted. This entire area was all dominated and controlled by Jeffrey Epstein. Water Island, just south of St. Thomas, is owned by James Biden; the brother of Joe Biden. We’ll get into this later. Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, also interestingly owns her own personal submarine and owned her own submarine company, the TerraMar Project which was funded by the Clinton Foundation. All three islands have underwater facilities for docking submarines. As we should know, these private landowners like Epstein operate underground; whether in underground cities, caves, tunnels, dungeons, etc. The Luciferians operate underground in order to perform their rituals and also engage in their depraved practices such as pedophilia among other things. They do this because it is the most covert way for them to perform their rituals without being caught since they can’t do this out in the open like they did back in the times of antiquity such as Ancient Kemet. Either way, it is clear that the underwater ports under these islands are used for smuggling drugs, money, children, sex slaves, etc. This is said with assuredness because that is what Epstein’s islands have been proven to be used for so the neighboring islands, ports, and facilities wouldn’t be any different. Islands are used by the elites for various purposes such as drug smuggling, money laundering, sex trafficking, child trafficking, rituals, and sexual escapades between Monarch sex slaves and top Luciferian government officials and “royals”. Many of these offshore locations are used for this purpose unbeknownst to the general public. Epstein also owned Zorro Ranch in New Mexico which was also used for sex trafficking and the Governor of New Mexico at the time when Epstein was operating in New Mexico was Bill Richardson who was found to be complicit in Epstein’s operations and was a client of his; having sex with the girls that Epstein was trafficking. Zorro Ranch was located less than 20 miles away from numerous government weapons and nuclear research and testing facilities, laboratories, and other facilities housing government and state secret information. The US State Department mainly consisting of Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin, who is the ex-wife of pedophile Anthony Weiner, were involved in nuclear material as well. They certainly were familiar with Epstein as well as Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton who was very familiar with Epstein as he was his top client on the Lolita Express. Once again, these offshore locations are not just for drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and money laundering but also trading arms, state secrets, and uranium/nuclear weapons among other things. There is a government within a government who operates totally independent and unsanctioned from the rest of the aloof low-level government officials. They have been trading weapons and secrets with other countries for a very long time because it is in the interest of the Luciferians to do so in order to build up certain countries within the world in a communist or totalitarian state where their resources and economy would act as a funnel serving straight for the banking and oil families. This is seen with Russia, North Korea, and China; all countries built up and molded in the communist and socialist model by America themselves and the banking families. Either way, that’s another topic for another day.

It is without certainty that Joe Biden is familiar with these islands and also engaged in many of the seedy acts which have been taking place on many of the islands around America for decades now. It is why if Joe Biden does in fact claim office, he may possibly pardon Ghislaine Maxwell. He could certainly get away with it of course because he has gotten away with everything under the sun and the hypocritical corporatist media has never held him accountable for any of it. With the incredible amounts of dirt which has been tied to Joe Biden such as his foreign ties to China and Ukraine, his blatant racism, his sexual assault allegations, and his corruption, the media has swept all of it under the rug time and time again because they’re bought and paid for just as he is. They all cover for each other and are all the whores of big corporations and the big banks. The Biden family themselves are tied within all the seedier aspects of the government as well such as pedophilia, drug trafficking, ritual abuse, sex trafficking, and most likely human hunting parties as well. It would be in their best interest to sweep all of the investigations into Maxwell and Epstein under the rug whilst causing a major distraction such as the continual Coronavirus story and other political rhetoric which easily distracts the public while they pass oppressive laws under the table. So Joe Biden pardoning Maxwell and other pedophiles wouldn’t be a shock at all.

In 2005, James Biden bought an acre of land in Water Island for $150,000. James would divide the acre into three parcels. In 2006, a lobbyist named Scott Green close to Joe Biden bought one of the parcels. Green would give James a mortgage loan on the remaining parcels. Keep in mind, the island is close to Epstein’s islands and he was operating during this time in 2005 and 2006. Scott Green is close to both Joe and James Biden. Green and James Biden attended the University of Delaware at the same time. Green also worked for Joe Biden on the Senate Judiciary Committee for 10 years. After serving on the committee, Scott Green founded the lobbying firm Lafayette Group and regularly lobbied for Joe Biden as senator. Joe Biden would propose numerous appropriations for businesses which Green’s firm specialized in. Much of those contracts were also extended throughout the Obama Administration. Green’s clients benefitted heavily from Biden’s appropriations requests. Green’s firm specializes in federal contracts for niche law enforcement and national security programs which Biden would advocate.

Joe Biden would vacation on a different part of the island after the land deal between his brother and Scott Green. The island protected a nearby submarine base as well and it was noted before that Ghislaine had a personal submarine and her own submarine company as well. It is also apparent that Green paid far more for the parcel than what its true value. It’s possible that he may have paid for more than just the land itself in that transaction. Water Island itself was first owned by a Danish company during WWII until it was bought by the US Department of Defense. They would use it to protect the nearby submarine base on St. Thomas Island.

Scott Green played linebacker for the University of Delaware football team and graduated in 1973. That would also be the same year that Joe Biden would be sworn in for his first term as the Senator of Delaware. Scott Green was also an NFL referee who led the officiating crew at Super Bowl 44 in 2010. He is currently listed as the executive director of the NFL Referees Association, which acts as a bargaining representative in labor negotiations. Among his firm’s clients are the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. The Lafayette Group credits itself as helping establish the Department of Homeland Security on its website stating, “Lafayette Group supported DHS with the newly transferred Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP) beginning in 2003. Using subject matter experts across key areas like interoperability and intelligence fusion, Lafayette established Nationwide technical assistance and training programs in DHS’s most critical focus areas.” It also credits itself as creating CISA or the Certified Information Systems Auditor which is a part of the government’s cyber security sector. Clearly, the Lafayette Group co-owned by Scott Green is heavily involved in the U.S. government and is a big player in the lobbying game. There is far more connections with the contracts that Lafayette Group made but it would be long winded and would drive away from the main point which is the connection between Green and the Bidens over Water Island.

In between the 2008 election night victory and Obama’s inauguration, Joe Biden and his family would travel to Water Island for the winter holidays. When Biden was Vice President, he returned to Water Island over the next two holiday seasons after.

An anonymous Water Island landowner stated that the Bidens learned about the “forgotten little island” through family friends from Baltimore, but that those friends were not among the island’s hundred-odd residents. The landowner said the Bidens rented a house when visiting the island. She stated, “I was amazed that the Bidens ever wanted to come down there,” citing the challenges of traveling to the remote island, which normally requires taking a boat from nearby St. Thomas. “I guess it’s where you want to go when you want to get away from the rat race of D.C., and supervision, and observation.” Perhaps the Bidens were moved to come to the island themselves because they were made aware of the nearby operations that Epstein was involved in on the neighboring islands of Great St. James and Little St. James.

In late 2009, E! News reported that a Biden relative called neighbors on the island, looking for a place to put up the vice president, and one family agreed to cancel their vacation plans so that Biden could use their home. A Biden spokeswoman told E! News that a realtor made the request, not a relative of Joe Biden. An Airbnb listing for a treehouse cottage at “Shipwreck Point” on the island states that Biden has stayed at the rental property with his family and entourage. In the later years of the Obama administration, Biden and his family continued to vacation annually in the Virgin Islands, but on St. Croix. The Water Island landowner said the Bidens switched to the larger island because it was more practical for traveling with an entourage that included Secret Service agents. Either way, whether it’s Water Island or St. Croix, the Virgin Islands and other islands in America for that matter are all covert locations for government officials of Biden’s profile to partake in much of the operations that much of the government is not entirely aware of. Biden certainly was in the know about what Epstein and Maxwell were doing nearby as they had many high profile Luciferians visit the islands such as Bill Clinton, Stephen Hawking, Naomi Campbell and others. Knowing how the Clintons was close to Biden, it is unlikely that Biden was completely unaware of who Epstein was.

It is also clear that Jeffrey Epstein and Joe Biden are of the same ilk. Billionaire Reid Hoffman donated $1.5M to Joe Biden’s campaign back in March. Hoffman was the same person who helped boost Epstein’s image after his imprisonment. Hoffman himself stated that he put Epstein in contact with others for fundraising purposes after he had been charged with sex crimes. In August 2015, Hoffman invited Epstein and Joi Ito, the former director of MIT’s Media Lab, to dinner in California. Prior to these interactions, I was told by Joi that Epstein had cleared the MIT vetting process, which was the basis for my participation,” Hoffman said in an apology letter published by Axios last September.

“My last interaction with Epstein was in 2015. Still, by agreeing to participate in any fundraising activity where Epstein was present, I helped to repair his reputation and perpetuate injustice.”

Nearly a month after Epstein was found dead in his prison cell while facing federal sex-trafficking charges, Joi Ito said he took $1.2M from the disgraced financier for his own investment funds and another $525,000 for the Media Lab. So Hoffman and Ito was involved in funneling money to each other along with Epstein which has led to them pretending to be apologetic for their connection to him in order to save face. The same birds flock together so for Reid Hoffman to be moved to fund Biden while having his past with Epstein shows that he must’ve seen something in Biden that he saw in Epstein.

That being the indulgence in pansexuality or pedophilia in concordance with the child sex trafficking cult in Washington, D.C. Joe Biden is a known enthusiast of ice cream as well as Nancy Pelosi who has connections herself as well. It was reported in April that the Biden campaign had spent over $10,000 on ice cream of all things. All of that was paid for tax payer money by the way. The payments were made in disbursements ranging from $70 to $80. It should be noted that the disbursements of the “ice cream” was made to Biden’s donors. Both Biden and Pelosi’s favorite choice of ice cream is from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. The founder, Jeni Britton Bauer is also a backer and supporter of Biden as well. Biden himself held a political press conference at the headquarters of Jeni’s. One tidbit that is important to note is that the headquarters or Jeni’s is located in Columbus, Ohio. Ohio is one of the biggest states which is imbedded in human trafficking. It is home to Les Wexner, the chairman of L Brands which is the parent company of Victoria’s Secrets, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Bath & Body Works. As we know, Les Wexner was particularly close to one Jeffrey Epstein and was the leader of the entire operation manned by Epstein and Maxwell. Wexner was the one who gave Epstein his Manhattan mansion and it was given for only $1. Wexner holds a lot of power in Ohio, holds power over much of the voting machines and systems in the swing state of Ohio, and is behind the trafficking in that state. Jeni Britton Bauer also stated that Les Wexner was her mentor as well. Wexner and Bauer serve together as trustees on Ohio State University’s Wexner Center for the Arts, where Bauer once worked as a student employee.

This is the owner, Jeni Britton Bauer showing only her left eye for the moon goddess Hathor. Some people will say well she’s just an owner of a dainty ice cream shop in Ohio so there is no way a low level person like her can be that connected. Well, James Alefantis was also just an owner of a pizza shop and it turned out he was a part of the child trafficking sex ring out of his Comet Ping Pong pizza parlor in D.C. and had connections to the Obamas and the Clintons. Isn’t it odd how a pizza parlor owner or an ice cream owner can have connections to such powerful figures in society? What local pizza owner or ice cream owner you know that has connections to high level political or societal figures like Wexner, Clinton, Biden and others? It goes to show you that it’s not just people on television who are in the craft and are a part of the trafficking game but it’s also people who are among us. Many people are hiding in plain sight and are apart of the craft. So it is apparent at least to me that this shop Jeni’s is connected to the human trafficking enterprise manned by Wexner in Ohio.

The question most people have is what does the ice cream represent? During the Pizzagate scandal, the pedophilia code came out which described the food symbols. People ask why certain symbols are the way they are. Well, the pizza is a symbol for the girl because the pizza slice is in the shape of a V for the vagina. The hot dog is a symbol for the boy because the hot dog has been colloquially termed as a ‘wiener’ which is slang for the phallus. Cheese is a symbol for the little girl because the term ‘cheese pizza’ is code for child pornography as they share the same initials of ‘cp’ and the cheese is another word for child. Chicken is also a symbol for the little boy because in the Animal Kingdom, the chicken is prey for the chickenhawk. This is a play on this dynamic where the chicken is preyed by the chickenhawk. A chickenhawk or chicken hawk is slang used in American and British gay culture to denote older males who prefer younger males for partners, who may less often be called “chickens”, i.e., the prey of the chickenhawk “Chickenhawk” also means a man who uses underage boys for his sexual pleasure.

Now the ice cream has been said to be a symbol for male prostitutes in the Pizzagate code. If you didn’t know, back in June 1989, the Reagan and Bush Administrations were reportedly caught in a prostitution ring. Washington’s conservative newspaper, The Washington Times, ran a story describing a federal investigation a gay prostitution ring that reached into Bush Senior’s White House and whose clients included key officials of the Reagan and Bush administration, and US military officers. Some of the clients had the kind of access that enabled them to arrange 1 A.M. White House tours for their friends, including male prostitutes who were coming in and out of the White House. Point is that male prostitutes are used by government officials to service them sexually as well as female prostitutes.

The thing is that ice cream can also be a symbol for little girls as well. If you see the unclassified logo for “Girl Lover” or “Child Love” is a heart within a heart. There are over a dozen ice cream brands which feature the exact same “Girl Lover” logo. It seems that many ice cream brands are involved in trafficking little girls for sex. Also, ice cream truck drivers have been notoriously linked to pedophilia as well. Here are a few pictures.

This is an actual letter card which is titled, “I miss you like the pedophile misses his ice cream truck”. Isn’t it interesting that they would label this in link to an ice cream truck? There have been many cases where ice cream truck drivers have raped or harassed little girls. Ice cream has been also used by pedophiles to lure little girls and little boys in order to capture them and rape them.

This is the mascot of the Swedish ice cream brand, GB Glace. As you can see, the logo for GB Glace is the “Girl Lover” symbol and their mascot is the clown doing the 666 hand sign or the Mudra hand sign. Remember, the clown god is a pederast. Clowns themselves have also been notorious for being child predators. John Wayne Gacy, the infamous serial killer who raped and killed 33 boys also was dressed up as a clown. He was an MK-DELTA asset as well. It’s no coincidence the clown is the mascot for GB Glace who features the “Girl Lover” symbol.

This is a promotional poster for an ice cream shop in Toronto titled Sweet Jesus Ice Cream. There was much backlash from Christians who tried to take down the ice cream shop but either way it is filled with symbolism. Note that the little girl is used to promote ice cream. First, you have the lightning bolt in the name Jesus and the lightning bolt is symbolic of Satan falling from heaven.

Luke 10:18

“And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

The lightning bolt is also a symbol of illumination of the left hand path. It is a symbol of the Lightning Flash of Creation on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life as well. It is all in commemoration of Lucifer and Satan.

The child herself is fashioned in a way which she is older than she is with the hair and the makeup she is wearing. She is reminiscent of JonBenet Ramsey in this photo or a child pageant queen. Little girls who are BETA programmed sex slaves are called “million dollar babies”. This is in reference to the large amount of money each programmed child sex slave would bring in from a very early age for their handlers. Child pageant queens are often trafficked to service older men in the MK Ultra circles. This is what the little girl is a symbol of in this poster. She also has pink frosting from the ice cream smeared over her mouth which is a symbol of blood drinking or cannibalism. Children often are forced to engage in blood drinking and cannibalism themselves during satanic rituals as well. She also has the bunny ears to symbolize that she is a sex slave or a “Playboy bunny” who services other men. The bunny or the rabbit itself is a major symbol with multiple different meanings. The bunny will be covered in another time. Anyways, she is also slyly doing the “as above, so below” pose with the upright hand holding the ice cream and the downward hand on her hip. The ice cream also in this pose in extension is a symbol of the torch of the eternal flame held by the Statue of Liberty who is Ishtar which itself is symbolic of the illumination brought forth by the “divine feminine” or the worship of the mother goddess. But once again, the little girl is posed with the ice cream for the reason that these ice cream shops and major brands are fronts for trafficking little girls but also boys as well.

This is another promotional poster from the Sweet Jesus Ice Cream shop with this time being a little boy. This time you see the upside down cross for the letter T in “Sweet”. This has been used by Satanists to try and denounce Christ by putting the cross upside down. They also try to denounce Christ through initiation rituals where the initiates are told to turn the cross upside down and to break the arms of the cross downward which is where you get the peace symbol from. This is however ignorance on the part of Satanists because the Most High’s Son is not ascribed to any symbols, let alone the cross. The cross itself is not a symbol for Christ; it’s a symbol for Tammuz. The cross is the ‘T’ for Tammuz. Christ did not die on a cross, he died on a tree and you can find this in Acts 5:30 and 1 Peter 2:24. So they are just as ignorant as Christians when it comes to the symbol of the cross.

The little boy is also being fashioned to look older than he is with the tattoos, tank top, and the pipe in his mouth. The boy himself also has the cross around his neck for Tammuz. The heart tattoo on his right shoulder is also a symbol for Tammuz or Cupid. The heart on the left hand side is correlated with the sun as well. The Ancient Egyptians or people from Ancient Kemet aligned the heart with the sun because they believed that the heart was the center point of the human body in parallel to how the sun was the center point of the universe. This is where you get the symbol of the burning heart from which is often depicted with Mary in Catholic depictions. The burning heart is a symbol of illumination as the heart is also meaning for the mind. It alludes to the opening of the pineal gland or the third eye or the crown chakra; it’s the same thing. In the Chaldean tongue, the word for heart was bal or bel which is for Baal who is Nimrod as well. The name Nimrod means, “he rebelled” or literally, “he returned to Baal”. The pipe in the boy’s mouth is also a phallic symbol for the shaft of Baal. The pink color scheme on the ascot he’s wearing and the cup he’s holding is also for homosexuality.

The rosary wrapped around his hand stems from Buddhism also in the form of the Japamala prayer beads. The rosary or the prayer beads was meant to be an item serving as a ‘thought director’ for the mother goddess. When you held the prayer beads in your hand, your mind would think of the mother goddess. This is why the rosary is aligned with Mary in Catholicism. The rosary itself however in this pedophilic theme could also be an allusion to anal beads.

The monkey is a symbol of several different things; mainly being another alter of the trickster god. The monkey in Hindu mythos was aligned with the sun as the monkey god Hanuman when he was a child was said to be reaching for the sun thinking that it was a fruit. The Aztecs also associated the monkey with the sun as well. The monkey itself as a creature is said to symbolize the inner child, joy, and innocence. It appears one’s awareness when it’s time to get out and find some entertainment now and again. It was the character Peter Pan who was said to depict the inner child or the one who never wanted to grow up. The name Peter in Peter Pan stems from the word Ptah who was the father god. Understand that Ptah and Pan are the same entity. This is why they are both amalgamated in the name Peter Pan. The goat god Pan was depicted as the woodland god or the god of fertility. He was depicted as half man half goat with the male torso and the goat head and legs. Remember that Pan is also Saturn who is the trickster god as well and Pan is the name of one of the moons off of the planet Saturn. Pan is also aligned with Capricorn as the symbol of Capricorn is the goat as well and Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. What the trickster god or the clown god and Pan have in common is that they both are the gods of pederasty or boy love. The monkey which is a symbol of mischief, trickery, and chaos is an extension of the clown god of pederasty.

The boy also has the bruised eye to represent the machismo aspect which is all about releasing your inner beast. This is why he is posing as Popeye. The character Popeye is all about releasing the inner beast within you and embracing that carnal aspect. This is why certain products which are said to make you more manly or masculine are aligned with the beast or becoming a beast. This is why certain athletes are called beasts like if a player like LeBron James was to dunk on somebody, the announcers may call him a beast to symbolize his dominance on the court or him taking full control and establishing total will over what he wants to occur; he’s dictating by his own will what he wants to happen in battle. It’s all about venerating the divine masculine which is releasing the inner beast within you. The beast is Nimrod which is why Popeye has the anchor tattoos on his forearms. The anchor is an older form of the cross which as we described before is for Tammuz. The anchor has the oval shape which represents the vagina of the mother goddess and it is mounted upon the cross which is to symbolize the virgin birth where Tammuz or the divine child came forth out of the mother goddess without the need of a man to inseminate her. The mother goddess was believed to have given birth to her son in the event which is known as the Immaculate Conception. That’s what it’s all about. The lower portion of the anchor represents the crescent moon for the mother goddess as well. This is why Popeye is always depicted as having only his left eye open because it’s to show obeisance or veneration of the mother goddess as the left eye is for the moon goddess Hathor. The oval symbol is also for the fish as well since the shape is reminiscent of the imagery of the shape of the fish which is where you get the concept of the vagina being termed as fish in modern society.

The fish is another symbol for Nimrod since in Egyptian mythos when Osiris who is Nimrod was found guilty by the judges of corrupting the religion of Adam that he was cut up in pieces and was then thrown into the Nile. It was then said that a fish in the Nile ate his phallus and from that became transformed into the fish god Dagon. Oannes, the first of all the fish gods, was said to have taught mankind many things and that it was the water or sea that originally transformed him from just a man to the fish god. In other words, the man was transformed into another being by the waters. Once again, Popeye is Nimrod or the “beast incarnate” which is why the boy is dressed up as Popeye. The boy is in extension the boy god Heru or Tammuz who is Nimrod reincarnated. The term ‘popeye’ also means a buff pedo in slang terms which is why a boy is dressed up as Popeye. This makes sense because Nimrod in his alter as Pan or Saturn was the god of pederasty as well. This may be confusing to some since certain gods like Osiris could be overlapped with both Cush and Nimrod but this’ll all be cleared up in due time in the future.

Point being is that many of these ice cream shops and brands are certainly in the know about the mystery school system and are venerators of Lucifer which is why they engage in pederasty and pedophilia through the child sex trafficking they’re engaged in since those are all a part of the rites of Pan. Once again, all the major politicians like Biden, Pelosi, and Obama all worship the goat god Pan. They believe in the practices of pedophilia and pederasty which is embedded in the MK Ultra program where you abuse the child in order to split their minds and create the alters necessary to use them for whatever purposes you want to use them for; whether it be to use their sex alter to trade sex with other foreign leaders to push them towards sealing deals in agreement or to use their spy alter to put thoughts and ideas into their targets minds to make them do what the handler wants them to do.

This is Ashley Biden who is Joe Biden’s daughter. Recently, a whistleblower leaked Ashley Biden’s alleged diary which revealed many things; one of them being prior abuse among other things. Her descriptions show all the tell-tale signs of someone who’s been through trauma and abuse.

Here is a few screenshots of some key notes written by Ashley in her diary which describes her own internal struggle with sex and drugs among other things. One line states, “I think I need to have sex in order to feel good about not having sex and to get it over with. Neil’s friend is a sex addict which might work out well. I know it’s not the healthiest way to deal with things but at least it’s better than drugs.” She’s referencing her past drug addiction which she’s been public about. Isn’t it something that both of Biden’s children, Ashley and Hunter have drug addictions? They’re both under the programming as almost all major politicians’ children are. A part of the programming is to put subjects under the influence of drugs in order to control them. This is why drug abuse and drug addiction is so rampant in these circles because a good portion of them are under the programming.

She continues to state, “I am focused on myself and my needs and sex seems at this moment to be one of them. I don’t know if I even need to kiss a guy- just come over and f**k me sober.” Once again, it shows her using sex to most likely cope with her own internal struggles which stems from her childhood. Adults can act out due to child sex abuse or extensive exposure to sex at a young age and become either hypersexual or asexual meaning that they are not sexual at all and abstain from sex.

“But I have always been boy crazy. I remember pulling up my skirt in 2nd grade and showing the boys my underpants. Hypersexualized at a young age. What is this due to? Was I molested, I think so – I can’t remember specifics but I do remember trauma.” Case in point, she has had a sexual history as a child. She acted out even as a child in just the 2nd grade. This stems from sexual trauma or being exposed to sex. Once again, victims of sexual abuse especially at a young age often act out sexually.

“I remember not liking the Woolzacks house; I remember somewhat being sexualized with Caroline; I remember having sex with friends at a young age; showers with my dad (probably not appropriate).” These are all instances of sexual trauma she was exposed to at a young age. Her being sexualized with her cousin Caroline is also common in Monarch programmed children where they are coerced to engage in sexual activity with each other. Siblings who are under the programming can also be inappropriately openly sexual with one another as incest is common in MK Ultra families. She then mentioned having sex with friends at a young age which is once again her acting out sexually due to her sexual trauma and abuse. The kicker is her mentioning having showers with her father, Joe Biden. Now of course, a parent may clean their child in showers up until the age where they can do it on their own but it is an entirely different thing for a father and a daughter to be together naked showering together. This dynamic also plays into the whole incestuous theme which often occurs within these Luciferian families. It is not to say that Joe Biden himself may have molested his daughter as other family members most likely would’ve done that if he didn’t do it but just the exposure of ones nakedness with your own daughter will have a major effect on her and influence them to become more open to their sexual inhibitions and embrace that spirit that is put on them. When you are exposed to another family members nakedness in that manner, it can trigger you in a spiritual sense for the worse because it is an unnatural act and a person is not meant to be that open sexually with a family member whatsoever. This exposure leads them down in a sort of butterfly effect where they become more sexually charged by the sex demon that is attached to that family.

She states, “…Being turned on when I wasn’t supposed to be…beating my vagina due to overhearing parents having sex.” This is once again what happens when you have your children exposed to sexuality as they become over-sexualized due to an obscene environment. This happens in many homes where the child is subjected to trauma by being exposed to sex at an age where they’re not supposed to be by overhearing one or both of their parents having sex. It naturally builds that curiosity within the child which leads to them committing sexual acts and becoming more sexual in nature. Some Luciferian couples will actually have sex in front of their children and make them watch. Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union allegedly do this according to Wade’s ex-wife. This is because they all believe in the same practices of pansexuality consisting of pedophilia and that children are sexual creatures just as much as adults are. They truly believe that sexuality starts within childhood and some even believe it starts in infants as well which leads to them raping or assaulting infants in the crib. Just goes to show how depraved they truly are.

One last portion of the page states, “What made me so attached? My mother not emotionally available, my father was – message – I could get love from men, ‘I’m not your mother’, blanket being taken away, not letting myself go to the bathroom, being wiped until too late in the game.” All of these things such as cruelty and emotional negligence and sexual exploitation by one’s parents, deprivation tactics, and seemingly either extreme exhaustion at a young age or drug abuse are all things used in programming to set the tone in splitting the mind and creating alters within a subject. All major political families are under the programming and their children are raised up in the rituals which they carry out as adults and train their children in. It’s all one major cycle of destruction. That’s why Hunter Biden is also tied up in pedophilia as his laptop is believed to hold child pornography. It’s all tied together. There’s a lot of dirt on the entire Biden family so this is just the tip of the iceberg. The point is that they’re all a part of the same game and are all venerators of Lucifer. Just like Trump’s children, specifically Ivanka, are under the programming, so are Biden and Obama’s children. They’re all in the craft and are a part of the same wickedness; just different sectors.

Also, one big point to be made is that the number 46 for Biden being the 46th President has meaning as well. The number 46 is representative of the beast as it is numerical value of the Hebrew word, haia, which means the beast. The number 46 is also the numerical value of the name of Adam in Greek. The numbers 44, 45, and 46 are said to be the trinity of human life. The trinity of human life is the trinity of Lucifer which is Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis. The beast is in extension Nimrod. Adam is also representative of the beast in a way considering that he was the first to bring the so called knowledge and wisdom of the left hand path to mankind. Even the number 45, Trump’s number, has resonance with the concept of discord or chaos. The compass opens up at 45 degrees indicating that the matter is not completely dominated and that there is not a perfect balance between the forces of the spirit and the matter. That’s in reference to the discord or imbalance between the spirit and man or between the spiritual forces behind the world and mankind. Trump’s presidency has been just that which is the imbalance in thought where his thoughts are not in concordance with others to a higher degree than any other president. The number 45 is also the numerical value of the Hebrew word gavle which means redemption. This is why Trump’s presidency is seemingly opening up the pathway not for just his own redemption in the sense of political theater but also for the spiritual redemption when this kingdom comes to an end through the judgment of the Most High. The number 44, Obama’s number, is the numerical value for the Hebrew word hvl which means phoenix. It is also the numerical value for the Hebrew word bbli meaning Baylonian. Obama is proverbial Heru or Horus on the world stage which is what we will get to shortly. The number 44 is described as the number that must logically link the principle of the periodic mutations of the nature to the cosmic manifestations of those. This is in reference to the concept of as above, so below meaning that whatever is happening in the constellations or the cosmos is what is happening on the earth. For example, this correlates to the belief that when Osiris died, he went up into the cosmos and became the constellation Orion who is known as the Hunter and he is always in pursuit of the rabbit or the hare which is the constellation known as Lepus. This goes into the belief that what is occurring in the heavens is occurring both in the earthly realm and the underworld as well; hence as above, so below. So the entire understanding of the 44 representing the link between the periodic mutations of nature to the cosmic manifestations is what Obama’s presidency brought. Obama went into the course of bringing the country into the fold of a greater transformation in understanding which was the overt push of the divine feminine, pansexuality and transgenderism. Obama believed that the world was to move on and evolve from the old understanding of the old world and that it was to go into the new world of understanding which was to embrace those Luciferian principles.

Obama and Trump is proverbial Janus on the world stage. Trump represents the old man with the beard looking one way which symbolizes the old world or the old understanding and Obama represents the young man looking to the new world which symbolizes the new understanding. It was time in his eyes to bring more of the principles and rites of Lucifer out into the light from out of the darkness. He represents the accelerated evolution of understanding in mankind which was to embrace these ideologies and principles. That’s why Trump was such a shock to the entire world because he represented a drastic return to the old way of the divine masculine or the inner beast which is doing whatever you please and saying whatever you want without a care for any of the destruction you may cause in your path. That all stems from Aleister Crowley which is doing what thou wilt; the concept of Thelema. That is why Aleister Crowley named himself the Beast because he understood that releasing the inner beast was of embracing the most carnal aspects of man which is what Nimrod did. Nimrod, along with his father Cush, brought the understanding of embracing your inner beast which is to indulge in all of the carnal aspects and desires of man through their apostasy against the Most High. Obama’s overt obeisance to the divine feminine brought the anticipation within the people’s minds that since we’ve made it this far, we should logically now have a female president. They thought that society had evolved into that new understanding that Obama brought which was in concordance to the spiritual motions behind the world. Once again, it was time for him to bring that understanding to the forefront because it all plays into prophecy. As we reach the end, this kingdom is to get more sinister and more forthright about what it is that they worship. Either way, that is why it was such a shock when Hillary Clinton lost to Trump because he was the extreme embodiment of the old world which was the machismo or beastly aspect of the divine masculine. They thought he was so extreme that it was a guarantee that society would vote for Clinton to be president because they had evolved into that new world of understanding brought forth by Obama. However, since Trump’s reign, there has been a more open rejection by people of those things that Obama pushed. While the world still adheres to Obama’s ways and teachings, there is still a considerable portion of the population that does not.

This brings us to the tale of the battle between Heru and Seth. Trump and Obama are proverbial Seth and Heru. Trump is the dichotomous energy to Obama on the world stage between the embodiment of the old divine masculine energy as Trump and the embodiment of the new divine feminine and hermaphroditic energy as Obama. Nimrod in his alter as Bacchus is a cross dressing or androgynous god. Bacchus literally means “son of Cush”. Nimrod was also heavily attached to his mother as he was not only her son but also her consort or husband as well. He taught the nations in his apostasy to worship the mother goddess who was his mother, Semiramis. This is more of the reason why there seems to be this distinction the people have made between Trump and Obama. It’s more of the understanding in which the new energy of the next stage must be established by permanently slaying or conquering the divine masculine or the inner beast; that being Trump who is once again the embodiment of that energy. Once you set that energy up in front of the masses and portray it as the villain, it creates the clamoring from the people for that energy to be taken down in order for the new energy that being of the divine feminine and hermaphrodite which is what has been pushed more or less for the past 50 years or so to rise and cement itself as the ruling energy of the kingdom; that being America which is New Babylon. So in order to understand this dichotomy further, we will delve into who Horus or Heru and Set or Seth is and what they represent.

“Originally Seth was a sky god, lord of the desert, master of storms, disorder, and warfare—in general, a trickster. Seth embodied the necessary and creative element of violence and disorder within the ordered world.” This all plays into the concept of disorder and trickery which was covered in the previous two parts with Trump being the proverbial trickster or clown god. Once again, Trump’s presidency and act of chaos magic has all been about disorder and going by one’s own whims. While Trump talks about law and order in the public, he is truly about disorder behind closed doors. That plays into the whole concept of the Law of Reversal where you say one thing when you really are a part of another thing. America practices this all the time. When they try to portray themselves as being apart of the effort with the UN to go to these African countries to help provide them humanitarian aid for their hunger and health crisis, it’s actually them going there to poison the people with vaccinations which in turn sterilizes them and plunges them with pestilence even further. Lots of American charities and non profit organizations portray themselves as fighting against cancer and or providing for children and others in need when they actually are using that money intended for research for themselves or to launder money and are even abusing some of the children or adults that they say they’re helping in the public. Once again, it’s all trickery and Trump like Seth exhibits that trickster aspect. 

“The vicissitudes of his cult reflect the ambivalent attitude of the Egyptians toward him, as well as the shifting political fortunes of Egypt.” Now, this means that the changing phases of Seth’s cult reflected the mixed feelings that the nation of Egypt overall had against Seth. This also parallels with Trump to an extent. Like the Egyptians were mostly in opposition to Seth, so is Americans towards Trump now. Seth and Trump both have their own cult of followers and seemingly alienated many of their own people.

“During the 2nd dynasty (c. 2775–c. 2650 BCE), King Peribsen identified himself with Seth for the first time, giving himself a Seth title instead of the traditional Horus name.” This once again sets up the traditional dichotomy established in the tale between Horus and Seth

“His successor, Khasekhemwy, gave both Horus and Seth equal prominence in his titulary, reflecting the mythical resolution of the two gods.” That goes into the concept of the bringing together of opposites or the understanding that the two opposing forces are two sides of the same coin and the bringing together of order and chaos which is what both Horus and Seth represent in the tale.

“During the rule of the Hyksos invaders (c. 1630–1521 BCE), Seth was worshipped at their capital, Avaris, in the northeastern Nile River delta, and was identified with the Canaanite storm god Baal.” Now, the storm god Baal is often represented or said to be another alter of Nimrod but in this particular description it ascribes Seth to Baal as well. The term of the storm god is meant to represent in essence the chaos or disorder that Nimrod and Cush brought to mankind through their ideologies which spread forth across the world. It also represents the flood to an extent as Nimrod and Cush revitalized and taught much of the things which were taught by the fallen angels and adhered to by mankind before the flood. The storm represents the changing tide in mankind after the flood from the short lived adherence to the Most High’s teachings through Noah to the apostasy of Nimrod and Cush as the winds of the storm generally represents a shift or the rapid directions of the wind. The rain represents wisdom of the apostasy taught by Nimrod and Cush or the inner wisdom of man and the lightning represents the illumination or knowledge brought forth by Nimrod. The rain represents the life giver as the rain is what is generally thought to be a necessity to help the crops and plants grow. They ascribe the rain and the waters to the wisdom of Lucifer as it is perceived as what gives them life or spiritual sustenance on the left hand side.

In the Osiris myth, Set is portrayed as the usurper who killed and mutilated his own brother, Osiris. Osiris’s wife, Isis, reassembled his corpse and resurrected her dead husband long enough to conceive his son and heir, Horus. Horus sought revenge upon Set and the myths describe their conflicts. This is seen in pop culture repeatedly over the years. This conflict centers on the battle of the forces of good and evil or the light and the dark. Set is a composite entity. Please understand that pagan mythology is the other nations retelling the stories of Nimrod, Cush, and Semiramis along with Adam and Eve. These two stories also bring in other biblical figures such as Shem and Ham and are represented as certain figures in mythology. The other nations ascribe biblical figures to certain figures and retell the stories in their own way.

Shem has been demonized by the other nations because he along with the other men who were loyal to him killed Nimrod and cut him into many pieces. Set is meant to represent Shem because Set was the one who killed Osiris who is Nimrod. Osiris was said to be chopped up by the other judges who are meant to represent Shem’s compatriots for corrupting the religion of Adam which is in reference to the natural order which was given to Adam by the Most High before he rebelled. Adam went astray but that doesn’t mean that the commands which the Most High gave to Adam was ever changed just because Adam rebelled. The Most High changes not and his laws and commandments for mankind have always been concrete even before He created Adam because He already knew what he wanted mankind to follow. The Most High’s commands for Adam correlate to what he commanded Noah because He always had a set of laws and commandments that He wanted mankind to follow. Nimrod corrupted the teachings of Noah along with his father Cush and his grandfather Ham. Nimrod also ascribed the prophecies of the Most High’s Son to himself. That is why figures like Horus, Bacchus, and Mithras are erroneously said to be copied from by the Most High’s Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh when that is not the case but that is another topic for another time. Nimrod made himself out to be a messianic figure on the left hand side and this was done in order to separate the wheat from the chaff of humanity. Who is meant to be confused will adhere to the religions of the Babylonian Tree and worship Nimrod and those who are meant to be awakened will be shown the truth which is Yahweh Elohim and Yahweh Ben Yahweh.

Either way, Seth represents Shem because of him killing Osiris in the same way that Shem killed Nimrod. Seth is also said to be the god of foreigners. Shem was considered to be a foreigner to the Egyptians since he was Hebrew and led the Hebrews as they were in Egypt as well. The Egyptians looked at the Hebrews as foreigners in a way in which they were considered as less than themselves or usurpers or threats to the throne. Even the book of Genesis talks about the stark contrast between the Egyptians and Hebrews even under the leadership of Joseph. Genesis 43:32 states, “And they set on for him by himself, and for them by themselves, and for the Egyptians, which did eat with him, by themselves: because the Egyptians might not eat bread with the Hebrews; for that is an abomination unto the Egyptians.” Shem ruled for a short while in Egypt as Semerkhet and this was seen as a period of dark times for the Egyptians since their leader Nimrod was no longer king and had been in their eyes usurped.

Seth also represents the dark aspect of Nimrod as well. The battle of Horus and Seth is perpetuated throughout movies such as the Lion King, Star Wars, and Black Panther. We’ll get into this shortly.

In relation to Seth, Trump’s reign has been seen as a dark period in America by most of the people. Trump is seen as usurping the rule of Obama and killing the principles which was established by Obama. It has prompted the people to constantly clamor for Obama to come back and be president again over these past four years. So, in this particular theme, Set killing Nimrod is reenacted by Trump killing the principles of Obama which is the divine feminine and hermaphrodite.

One more important detail is the offspring of Set. Set is the son of Geb, the Earth, and Nut, the Sky; his siblings are Osiris, Isis, and Nephthys. Geb represents Cush who is known as a diviner or the great prophet because he received powers of divination and vision by Satan and served as an oracle on the left hand side. Geb is said to be the father of snakes and the snake or the serpent represents power and wisdom on the left hand side. Geb is also said to be the god of fertility and so is Pan who is also Cush. Geb was sometimes depicted as a ram which correlates to Cush since he was also represented as the ram god Khnum. We all know that Pan also is a horned deity. Pan is always depicted with an erect phallus and Geb is shown in mythological depictions as a man reclining, sometimes with his phallus pointed towards Nut. That’s in reference to the great lust which Cush had since he was the one who taught sex magic to the people. The goat is also said to be lust personified which is why he’s depicted as the goat. Geb was also said to be the one that caused the crops to grow and that correlates to Cush as well because the crop or the grain symbolizes the word or the prophecy going forth and Cush was the oracle of the left hand side who was known as Tages by the Etruscans who was described as the divining prophet who came out of the ground to give oracles about the future. The bar is short for barley or the grain and the Chaldee word “dabar” means “the word going forth (prophecy)”. It’s all talking about the same entity; that being Cush. Nut is the goddess of the sky because the dove is ascribed to the mother goddess. Her being the goddess of the sky and all heavenly bodies is a symbol of protecting the dead when they enter the afterlife. 

Seth married Nephthys and fathered Anubis and in some accounts, he had relationships with the foreign goddesses Anat and Astarte.From these relationships is said to be born a crocodile deity called Maga. Isn’t that something? The offspring of Seth is a crocodile deity named Maga and Trump’s slogan is MAGA for Make America Great Again or Maga for the witches or the magi. The crocodile also represents illumination as the reptile which correlates to the whole meaning of Maga as the magic wand of the witches represents illumination as well. The crocodile also embodies fierceness, longevity, and explosive power; all things which can describe Trump’s presidency. Trump has made numerous statements about being president for years past his second term and being president in 2024, 2028, etc. While it’s a running joke, remember that they tell truth in jest or humor as their form of sigil magic or spell that they cast on the masses so when what they say does really come to pass, the people are further deeply entranced and create the greater reaction that the spell casters wanted. That all falls in with the theme of longevity shown previously with the frog god of chaos Heh and now with the crocodile son of Set named Maga.

“Crocodile thrives in the deep dark mysterious realm of swampy water. It is said that life began in the oceans, or the waters. The crocodile spends most of its time in the water, and thus near its primal source of universal origins. When it wades in the waters of life, it remembers ancient energies of growth from which its life began millions of years ago. That is why it has barely changed at all, because it remembers the original lessons that it was born to know, and so, has had no need for change and adaptation. As it bathes in these life giving waters, it tunes in to its original purpose and energy.”

This certainly ties to the whole concept of Trump speaking about “draining the swamp”. Despite Trump’s declaration of “draining the swamp”, he is a part of the swamp. The crocodile spending most of their time in the water represents the adherence to the source of knowledge or wisdom given by the trinity of Lucifer. The little change and little adaptation in the crocodile can be loosely ascribed to Trump as well since Trump and his low level chaos magician followers represent the old way of the masculine principle which is to embrace the inner beast and “taking the bull by the horns” which is adverse to the principles taught to men for at least the past 30 years and cemented by Obama which was to hand over the keys to the mother goddess and the hermaphrodite or the child. That is why the woman, the child, and the hermaphrodite have had such preeminence in many of the social engineering movements throughout the last few decades like the gay rights movement, transgender movement, and feminist movement. The crocodile tuning into its original purpose and energy ties into Trump as well as he knows what his purpose is on the world stage and what energy he is supposed to exude- that being the figure of chaos or the trickster like Set and embodying the chaos energy in adverse to the hero energy which is exuded by Barack Obama.

This is now Heru or Horus, the son of Isis who was said to be born through the alleged virgin birth after the death of Osiris. This figure Heru or Horus is who Obama represents on the world stage.

Horus, Egyptian Hor, Har, Her, or Heru, in ancient Egyptian religion, a god in the form of a falcon whose right eye was the sun or morning star, representing power and quintessence, and whose left eye was the moon or evening star, representing healing. Falcon cults, which were in evidence from late predynastic times, were widespread in Egypt. This is what all the left eye and right eye symbolism is about. This is why both eyes hold such prominence in photography among Luciferians because it conveys significant esoteric meaning which is the knowledge and wisdom of the sun/son god Heru and the moon goddess Hathor. Luciferians use symbols such as the sun or the serpent to represent wisdom and they exalt these images because it represents what they truly venerate or honor which is the knowledge and wisdom of the left hand path. Luciferians who have a high level of understanding do not literally worship the sun; they exalt that image because of what it represents. The novices or the profane were and are told that they, the novices, do literally worship the sun because the high ranking members of these ancient cults see them as not initiates or beholders of the knowledge or the true understanding of the left hand path. Either way, this is why the left eye or the right eye is only shown in photo shoots by celebrities. The right eye is for the sun god Horus. The left eye is for the moon goddess Hathor or the moon god Thoth. The right eye representing the sun or the morning star is how you know that Horus represents Lucifer who is always known as the morning star. Lucifer means the light bearer which represents the knowledge and wisdom that the trinity of Nimrod, Cush, and Semiramis enlightened mankind with. Satan represents the adversary to mankind and he is used by the Most High which can be seen in the book of Job when the Most High allows Satan to torment Job in order to test Job which ultimately refines him and builds the connection between Job and the Most High. Once again, the left eye represents the moon or the evening star for the mother goddess Hathor. This is where Lisa Lopes of TLC got her name ‘Left Eye’ from. That was an allusion to her being a venerator of the moon goddess Hathor.

At Nekhen (Greek: Hierakonpolis), however, the conception arose that the reigning king was a manifestation of Horus, and, after Lower Egypt and Upper Egypt had been united by the kings from Nekhen, this notion became a generally accepted dogma. The most important of an Egyptian king’s names (the number of which grew from three in early dynastic times to five later) was his Horus name—i.e., the name that identified him with Horus. This name appeared on monuments and tombs in a rectangular frame called a serekh. In addition to being characterized by a Horus name, the king was typically depicted with a hovering form of Horus above his head. Sometimes Horus is shown as a winged sun disk, representing the Horus of Behdet, a town in the Nile River delta where the falcon-god enjoyed a cult. This is all in reference to the understanding that the kings or pharaohs of Egypt and the kingdoms today believe that they are the vicars or the vessels or fleshly manifestations of the spirit of Heru or Horus. They truly believe that they embody the glory or the “royalty” of the spirit of Horus. Even the Pope of the Vatican is meant to be the Vicar of Christ but he is really the vicar of Osiris or Horus who both represent the Christ figure on the left hand side. Please remember that Nimrod took the prophecies for Yahweh Ben Yahweh and placed them onto himself which is why there is such confusion that people have when they erroneously think that Christ is also Horus or Bacchus or Mithras or other figures. This is once again meant to create the distinction between who is able to decipher what the truth is and who isn’t able to so the Most High can gather those who are truly able to see and come to the truth which is a very small number of the entire population. But yes, the king or the ruler of the kingdom believed and still believes that they are the fleshly manifestation or vessel of Horus or Osiris or Saturn or whatever other gods they specifically worship as individuals. Celebrities even believe in this concept that they themselves are gods and even more so once they ascend to the crown chakra or become fully illuminated to where they reach “godhood”. During the Old Kingdom, the pharaoh was called the “Golden Horus”. Ancient Egyptians considered gold to be the “skin of the gods”. This is why James Franco did this art demonstration with the high witch Marina Abramovic where she placed gold flakes all over his face and body. That was all a ritual by them both to acknowledge that they believe that they were gods themselves by having the golden skin. This is why celebrities and athletes are also called “stars” or “superstars” because that represents them being microcosms of the constellations which is where they believe that they go to after they die, or them being illuminated members of the craft who are now on the world stage to perform for Lucifer. It’s all about the worship of oneself and believing that “God” is within you. When certain athletes or performers talk about how God guided them or told them how they were supposed to take their next steps to victory or success, they’re talking about themselves. Floyd Mayweather and LeBron James are worshippers of themselves. Of course, they still are servants of Lucifer and Satan but they still believe in themselves as being their own god as well. That is why so many celebrities seem to be extreme narcissists. It’s because they’re taught in Luciferianism that they become gods or worthy of worship once they reach the crown chakra or fully activate their pineal gland or reach the 33rd degree in Freemasonry. They literally have what is called a god complex because they literally think they are gods. That is what the king or president also believes that they are the “Golden Horus”. This resonates especially with the president of America because America is the New Babylon and the source of where all these Babylonian mystery teachings in this time period comes from. When they talk about spreading democracy to other countries, it’s really talking about them spreading the Luciferian doctrines to other countries in a roundabout way. This is why they are working hard to spread “democracy” to the Middle East because that is the last region of the Earth which does not openly venerate the mother goddess and the hermaphrodite in society. When the society adheres to this understanding, it’s easier to break their inhibitions and be more spiritually exposed to the more demonic things which the powers that be try to impose on them.

From the 1st dynasty (c. 2925–2775 BCE) onward, Horus and the god Seth were presented as perpetual antagonists who were reconciled in the harmony of Upper and Lower Egypt. In the myth of Osiris, who became prominent about 2350 BCE, Horus was the son of Osiris and Isis and was the nephew of Seth, Osiris’s brother. When Seth murdered Osiris and contested Horus’s heritage (the royal throne of Egypt), Horus became Seth’s enemy. Horus eventually defeated Seth, thus avenging his father and assuming the rule. In the fight, Horus’s left eye (i.e., the moon) was damaged—this being a mythical explanation of the moon’s phases—and was healed by the god Thoth. The figure of the restored eye (the wedjat eye) became a powerful amulet. Horus is also associated (sometimes as son, sometimes as partner) with the ancient cow-goddess Hathor, who is often depicted with cow’s horns, sometimes with cow’s ears. Horus was later identified by the Greeks with Apollo, and the town of Idfū was called Apollinopolis (“Apollo’s Town”) during the Greco-Roman period. This is all talking about the opposing forces represented by both Horus and Seth. Horus was said to be the god of the black land which represents the soil and Seth was said to be the god of the red land which represents the desert. The fight between Horus and Seth is a very prominent tale which is perpetuated throughout media. This is the extreme dichotomy between both Horus and Seth which is currently existent between Donald Trump and Barack Obama on the world stage. Horus attempts to avenge his father’s death through defeating Seth and reclaiming the throne of his father Osiris which was usurped by Seth. Also, remember the correlation between Horus and Obama as the number 44 of Obama’s presidency is the numerical value for the Hebrew word hvl which means phoenix and that represents the flaming bird of regeneration; a long-lived bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. Associated with the sun, the phoenix bird obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. That’s talking about the supposed reincarnation of Osiris through Horus or Nimrod through Tammuz. The term horizon stems from Horus as when you break down the word ‘horizon’, it means “Heru Rising”. The term, “rising sun” is also in reference to Horus as well. Japan also adheres to the Babylonian mysteries and the concept of the rising sun hence their name, “the land of the rising sun”. They instead ascribe the sun or illumination to the mother goddess with the sun goddess Amaterasu. Either way, Heru is ascribed to Apollo as well because Apollo was also the sun god as well. It’s all talking about the same deity which is Tammuz the “unconquerable son”. The story of Seth and Horus is mainly the source of the entire concept of good and evil in modern times and has been shown throughout the mythos as well.

This is Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl who are perpetual enemies in the Aztec beliefs. Tezcatlipoca is associated with a wide range of concepts, including the night sky, the night winds, hurricanes, the north, the earth, obsidian, enmity, discord, rulership, divination, temptation, jaguars, sorcery, beauty, war and strife. Seth is also associated with discord, violence, and storms which correlate with Tezcatlipoca being associated with strife, war, and hurricanes. Quetzalcoatl is associated with wind, air, learning, and vegetation. Horus is depicted as the falcon and the god of the air and Tammuz is said to be the god of vegetation. Quetzalcoatl became the god of the morning and evening star. The same thing can be seen with Horus as he is also said to be the morning star. Quetzalcoatl was also the symbol of death and resurrection which also correlate to Horus when he died by a scorpion sting which prompted great lamentations of Isis and the Egyptians and was later resurrected. Tammuz died after being killed at 40 years old by a wild boar which prompted Semiramis and the people to weep for Tammuz for 40 days which is known as Lent and Tammuz was later resurrected in the form of new vegetation. Quetzalcoatl also is associated with the evening star and the planet Venus which symbolizes the son’s affinity for the mother goddess. Horus also was associated with the evening star. This is how you know Quetzalcoatl and Horus are the same entity as Tammuz. Either way, the battle between Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl goes into two big themes which will be stated after going through these different examples of the big battles between the two brothers or twins or twin spirits.

In Nahuatl mythology, Tezcatlipoca (“smoking mirror”) was the god of the night, the north and temptation. He owned a mirror (Itlachiayaque, “Place From Which He Watches”) that gave off smoke, killing his enemies. He was the antithesis and rival, and eventually, the twin of Quetzalcoatl. He was a god of beauty and war. The mirror is what has been used as a scrying tool or an intermediary to see into the spiritual realm from the physical realm in which is known as catoptromancy. You see this with the Disney villain Maleficent in the movie Sleeping Beauty where she communicates with a demonic spirit in the mirror. This is for divination and to also look into a reflective surface which is to look into the future which is actually a manifestation of the user’s own desires through their subconscious and they see what they want to see for themselves. It is what is known as being able to have “sight beyond sight”. It can let the user also be able to see what another person is doing. You see that specifically in the TV show, Stranger Things with the character that Millie Bobby Brown plays, ‘Eleven’ where she is able to see into another realm or place and see what another person is. The only difference is was that she was able to do this without a mirror or reflective surface and she was able to see it while being submerged under water or wearing a blindfold. She’s also named ‘Eleven’ because the number eleven represents activation, awakening, or ascension which is all talking about mind activation which is why it’s also tied to psychic ability and that’s why ‘Eleven’ is a psychic. It’s all talking about the kundalini serpent which goes up through the 6 chakras to reach the 7th chakra for “god consciousness” and or the 33 vertebrae of the spinal column to reach the mind. She’s also called ‘El’ for short for the deity ‘El’ which is in reference to Saturn or Cronus who depicted himself having two wings upon his head, representing the all-ruling mind. It’s all esoteric; stemming back to the Babylonian mysteries. She also got her powers from being an MK-Ultra subject for the government and was being used by her handler to use clairvoyance for their own purposes or goals which is actually happening in real life as the CIA and other alphabet agencies have programs which use psychics or clairvoyants such as Project Stargate.

Attributes of Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl originally came from older traditions than the Aztecs: the Olmecs and the Toltecs. The Aztecs assimilated them in their religion, and the two deities were equated and considered twin gods. They were both equal and opposed. Thus Tezcatlipoca was called “Black Tezcatlipoca”, and Quetzalcoatl “White Tezcatlipoca”. This is all talking about two aspects being a part of the same whole or the forces of light and dark or good and evil. This is where you get the Yin and the Yang from.

In one of the Aztec accounts of the creation of the world, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca joined forces to create the world. There was only the sea, and the monster of earth Cipactli. To attract her, Tezcatlipoca used his foot as bait, and Cipactli ate it. The two gods then captured her, and distorted her to make the land from her body. After that, they created the people, and people had to offer sacrifices to comfort Cipactli of her sufferings. Because of this, Tezcatlipoca is depicted with a missing foot, and the bone of his leg exposed. Now, this is in reference to Adam and Eve. Cipactli represents Eve and the Aztecs conjoined her with the serpent because it represents the unity or connection that Eve and the serpent made in the garden. That’s why Cipactli is said to be the monster of earth. Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl are the light and dark aspects of Adam. Apologies if it may be confusing but to make it simple, certain deities such as Set or Saturn or Pan are composite entities; meaning that they represent more than one person. Adam had a light aspect and a dark aspect since he had love for the Most High but he was also wicked because he taught mankind or brought forth the knowledge of the serpent. Tezcatlipoca’s missing foot and the exposed leg bone is in reference to Genesis 3:15 when it states, “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” That is talking about the heel of the seed of Adam and Eve. In this account, Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl is in reference to the light and dark aspects of Adam and also his seed as well.

Tezcatlipoca kidnapped Xochiquetzal, the goddess of flowers, because he felt that he deserved her more than her husband, Tlaloc. He was also said to be married to Xilonen. As Mixcoatl, Tezcatlipoca invented fire by rotating the heavens on its axis as a drill. Omacatl and Titlacahuan, Tezcatlanextia, were also aspects of Tezcatlipoca. This refers to the dark aspect of Adam where he brought forth the teachings of the serpent to mankind which made them “gods” after rebelling against the Most High. You see this also in the Greek mythos with Prometheus where he brought fire to mankind which represents the knowledge and wisdom of the “gods” to mankind. Genesis 3:22 states, “And the Lord Yah said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil:” This in reference to when Adam and Eve became “as gods” by eating from the tree which prompted the Most High to banish them from the Garden. The other nations venerate Adam and Eve in their creation myths because they view them as liberating them by bringing forth the knowledge and wisdom of the serpent to them which is why they in turn venerate or worship the serpent as well. In another note, Cipactli is depicted as being part crocodile, part fish and part frog. Now, if you remember, the frog is an illusion to the Ogdoad meant to represent the primordial watery chaos that existed before the creation of the world which is all in reference to the teachings of the serpent that was brought out of the garden by Adam and Eve. The crocodile was depicted by the Olmecs breathing rain clouds from their upturned mouths. That’s in reference to the teachings of the serpent brought forth the mouth of the illuminated individual. The ancients believed that the crocodile or the reptile was a symbol of enlightenment or illumination which is why they believe that they become proverbial reptiles or serpents when they reach full understanding or illumination. This is why the Egyptian god Sobek is depicted with the crocodile head and the sun mounted on his head. Sobek was said to be a solar deity and was also merged with the sun god Ra because it’s all talking about the same thing. The crocodile is also representative of the bestial or most animalistic or destructive aspects which is why the Egyptian goddess Ammit is depicted as part crocodile and was seen as the “devourer of the dead”. This all ties to Trump’s embodiment of the inner beast along with chaos which breeds destruction; acting as the trickster. The son of Set was called Maga; the initials of Trump’s slogan which has become the sigil or the marker of his movement of chaos magic. Trump venerates the mother goddess in his own way but he mainly worships the chaos aspect and the “divine masculine”.

Here is another ancient rendition or re-telling of the battle between the twins or the twin spirits. This is the Slavic twins Chernobog and Belobog who represent the dichotomy between forces of life; polar opposites.

Chernobog is the figure in black. Chernobog’s name means ‘Black God’. He is a dark demonic deity; described as a hideous shadowy figure dressed in black who only appears at night. Chernobog causes calamity and disaster; bringing bad luck and misfortune wherever he turns. He is seen as the ultimate form of malevolence by the Slavs. Not to digress, the term slave stems from slav which was in reference to the many Slavic peoples who were in captivity and sold to and bought by many other conquering nations. The term robot also comes from the Slavic people as it stems from the Old Slavic word rabota which means “servitude” or from the Czech word robotnik which means “forced worker”.

People who worshiped Chernobog would spit curses into a bowl during feasts to keep him at bay. The German monk and chronicler Helmold, who accompanied the Christianization missions against the Elbe Slavs, describes in his Chronicle of the Slavs, the cult of Chernobog.

“Also, the Slavs have a strange delusion. At their feasts and carousals, they pass about a bowl over which they utter words, I should not say of consecration but of execration, in the name of [two] gods—of the good one, as well as of the bad one—professing that all propitious fortune is arranged by the good god, adverse, by the bad god. Hence, also, in their language they call the bad god Diabol, or Zcerneboch, that is, the black god.”

This is the equivalent to what people see in modern day depictions as Satan with the wings, horns, and goat feet when this is actually a depiction of Lucifer. Satan is described as the dragon as stated in Revelation 12:9 in reference to Michael casting Satan out of heaven, “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” Lucifer is the deity which the world depicts with the red skin, horns, and goat feet; not exactly Satan. Lucifer has the goat horns and feet as well because that is for Cush as the goat deity. This’ll be broken down in a little bit. Diabol is for Diablo which stems from the Latin word diabolus, meaning devil. This is all talking about the dark aspect.

This is Chernobog from the 1940 Disney film, Fantasia which is a major MK-Ultra film and was one of the first films which helped lead Disney into their presence in media. But once again, Chernobog is depicted with the horns and wings and a deity of darkness which is all about the dark side or the one half.

This is Belobog, the “white god of goodness”. He is said to exude gleams of light brighter than white due to his goodness. He is sometimes depicted as an old man dressed in white, with a long white beard and a staff. However, he only appears in the daytime which is in contrast to Chernobog who appears only in the nighttime. He is seen as the creator of light and the bringer of good and wealth. This is why they associate Belobog with the sun and believe him to be the sun god. They associated the motions of the celestial bodies with the forces of Chernobog and Belobog as were said to be behind the sunrise and the sunset; day and night. This is seemingly the entity that the character Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings is based on. If you ever watched the 2nd Lord of the Rings film the ‘Two Towers’, it shows Gandalf emerge out of the blinding white light in the forest and appear in all-white garb and of a pure countenance. He was Belobog in the last two movies. 

Getting back to the point, the two of them are said to be in eternal conflict. They are once again the Slavic representation or version of duality. As you can see on the left, Chernobog is on the top seemingly on top of the dragon whereas Belobog is on the bottom riding the white horse. The same dynamic is portrayed on right where Belobog is on the top whereas Chernobog is on the bottom. This is referencing once again the concept of duality which is “as above, so below”; whatever is happening in the constellations is happening on the earth as well as in the underworld.

Now that we’ve covered the Slavic version of the duality aspect of the twin spirits of good vs. evil and the opposing forces, we’ll quickly delve into the Zoroastrian version of the concept of the opposing forces or duality. This is Ahriman who is the evil spirit in Zoroastrianism. He is said to be the lord of darkness and chaos and the source of human confusion, disappointment and strife. He is also known as Angra Mainyu (evil spirit or dark spirit) and exists in opposition to Spenta Mainyu (good spirit or bright spirit) also known as Ahura Mazda and Ormuzd. In the early polytheistic Persian religion, Ahura Mazda was the king of the gods and creator of the world, and Angra Mainyu/Ahriman, lord of the legions of demons, his opponent. After the reforms of Zoroaster (c. 1500-1000 BCE), resulting in the monotheistic religion of Zoroastrianism, Ahura Mazda became their one true god, and all the other deities emanations and avatars of his power, but Ahriman remained the source and embodiment of evil. Ahriman’s nature is described by John R. Hinnels as being “the demon of demons, and dwells in an abyss of endless darkness in the north, the traditional home of the demons. Ignorance, harmfulness, and disorder are the characteristics of Ahriman. He can change his outward form and appear as a lizard, a snake, or a youth. His aim is always to destroy the creation of [Ahura Mazda] and to this end he follows behind the creator’s work, seeking to spoil it. As Ahura Mazda creates life, Ahriman creates death; for health, he produces disease; for beauty, ugliness. All man’s ills are due entirely to Ahriman. (52)” All of these things mentioned line up with the theme of darkness, disorder, chaos, evil, and serpentine or malevolent form representing the wicked aspect.

At some point late in the Achaemenid Empire’s history (or much earlier, according to some scholars), the question arose as to how Ahriman – and therefore evil – could exist in a world created by an all-good, all-powerful divine being. This question was answered by Zorvanism (often referred to as a heretical sect of Zoroastrianism) which made Zorvan, a minor god of time in Early Iranian Religion, the supreme being and Lord of Infinite Time. Zorvan gave birth to both Ahura Mazda and Ahriman and, therefore, Ahura Mazda was not responsible for evil; evil was the result of Ahriman’s own choice to pursue the opposite of Ultimate Good. This is how you know that the false modern blame that people put on the Most High for having evil in the world when he’s supposed to be a “benevolent and wholly good being” stems from the confusion created in the Babylonian mystery school system. Ahriman is seen as the precursor to Satan in the Bible to those who erroneously believe that the Bible is a rendition of the stories told in the Babylonian mystery school system because they themselves are confused and haven’t been given the understanding to know the difference between the tales of the Babylonian mysteries and what is explicitly stated in the Bible itself. If you truly pay attention to certain details such as Yahweh Ben Yahweh’s birth and his death along with the nature of the Most High, you know that all of these claims that these detractors try to make are false. The Most High is a being who is of equal forces as stated in Isaiah 45:7, “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.” These are simply people who have never taken the time to actually read and study the Bible but instead succumb to going along with the clichés that the church system has stated over all these years and believe that is the truth of the nature of the Most High and His Son when it is simply not true. 

This is an ancient depiction of Ahura Mazda who is the opposite force of good to Ahriman. He is seen as a creator deity as well. His name means, “lord of wisdom”. Now notice that Ahura Mazda was also depicted as being on top of the horse as well and we just saw Belobog mounted on the horse as well previously. Hopefully, the patterns are being made clear.

The early religion maintained that the world was created by Ahura Mazda in seven steps: sky, water, earth, plants, animals, human beings, and fire. Sky was an orb into which Ahura Mazda poured water and then separated the waters with earth and spread vegetation across the land. He then created Gavaevodata, the Primordial Bull (also given as “the uniquely created bull” Primordial Bovine, and Primordial Ox) who was so beautiful that Ahriman killed it. Ahriman did not kill Gavaevodata for any particular reason; he did it simply because he wanted to and because he could. This event characterizes all of Ahriman’s subsequent actions as does Ahura Mazda’s response. Ahura Mazda carried the corpse of Gavaevodta to the moon where it was purified and from the purified seed all animals were created. Ahura Mazda had thereby turned Ahriman’s act of evil toward a positive end. This is their explanation of how the animals came to be in the Zoroastrian rendition. The bull Gavaevodata will be explored in another time for another topic.

Ahura Mazda then created the first man, Gayomartan (also given as Gayomard, Kiyumars) who is also beautiful and quickly killed by Ahriman. The sun purifies the seed of Gayomartan and, after 40 years, a rhubarb plant grows from it to birth the first couple – Mashya and Mashyanag. This is loosely a reference to Tammuz as he died when he was 40 years old and was resurrected in the form of new vegetation. It also mentions how the son purifies the seed of Gayomartan. The name Tammuz literally means, “purified by fire”. So if Tammuz is purified by fire, then understandably his seed would be also. Once again, these other nations create different telling of the same story of creation.

Mashya and Mashyanag live in harmony with the earth, animals, and their creator until Ahriman appears and whispers lies to them, telling them he is their creator and Ahura Mazda the deceiver and their enemy. The couple believed these lies and so sin enters the world through their doubt, and their harmony with animals and each other is lost. They cannot even conceive a child for many years after their fall and, when Mashyanag finally does give birth, they eat the children because they have lost all recognition of reason. They eventually give birth to twins, who go on to populate the earth, but Ahriman’s lies have corrupted the earlier paradise and humans will now live in strife, at odds with animals and each other. The pattern becomes more obvious now as we go down this route. This is clearly talking about the serpent in the Garden with Adam and Eve. The consumption of the children is also seen with the story of Saturn or Chronos where he eats his own children. This story is talking about Adam when he digests the fruit of the tree. This will be talked about in detail in another time.

After the birth of Gayomartan, Ahura Mazda had made fire as his last aspect of creation but, with Ahriman’s interference and the fallen nature of humanity, gods now had to be created to help people through life and, especially, aid them in making the pivotal choice between deciding to follow the path of Ahura Mazda or that of Ahriman as this choice would define each person’s life on earth and after death. This is all talking about the decision which is incumbent upon all of us to make; that being us having a clear understanding of who it is that we will choose to follow for the rest of our lives which is either the Most High or Satan. The gods, in this case, represent the spirits or the angels on the right hand side and the demons on the left hand side which lead us into the path of either righteousness or wickedness. Point being is that once again, the other nations that being mainly Persia and others in Middle East retell the story of creation and of the different aspects of Lucifer to bring forth their own understanding of duality.

The final example to show the battle between light and dark is the battle between the trickster Loki and Thor. Loki is representative of the force of chaos while Thor is of order. In the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) films, Loki is portrayed in a more emotional and effeminate way whereas Thor is portrayed in a more masculine and bestial way.

If you ever watched the first Thor film, you see how Thor acts in the diner scene where he chows down his food and drinks quickly and instead of asking for his drink in the formal way, he says, “This drink, I like it. Another!” and he threw his cup down on the ground. He embodied the “divine masculine” principle and embraced the inner beast who did everything by his own will. He was quick to wrath and was seen when he provoked the Ice Giants or the Jotunheim to a duel and created the war or conflict between the Asgardians and the Jotunheim when it was completely avoidable.

This is an ancient depiction of Loki and he is here depicted as a clown or a jester and we know that the trickster god is depicted as the clown or the joker. Loki, the Norse trickster, exhibited gender variability, in one case even becoming pregnant. He shares the ability to change genders with Odin, who despite being nominally the chief Norse deity also possesses many characteristics of the Trickster. That will be explained shortly.

The trickster is a creator, a joker, a truth teller, a story teller, a transformer linked to the spiritual frequency changes humanity is experiencing at this time. In world mythologies Trickster’s guises are legion; so much so that he has been called, The Hero With A Thousand Faces. The trickster in human form, learns, grows in understanding, changes, and at a certain point in his adventuresome blunders, is transformed. Until that moment, however, Trickster keeps changing shape and experimenting with a thousand identities, including shifts in sex, in a seemingly never-ending search for him and his own identity. Once again, the trickster is a gender-fluid and androgynous entity which is seen here with Loki. This in contrast to the wrathful and brutish nature of Thor which is what drives them against each other throughout the Norse mythology. The child of Loki is also the world serpent, Jormungandr which ties the dark aspect or the trickster aspect to the serpent or the snake.

This is Thor riding a chariot with two goats, TanngrisnirandTanngnjóstr. Thor is another aspect of Nimrod as is Hephaestus who is also Vulcan. The hammer that Thor, Hephaestus, and Vulcan wield represents the great division or the scattering of mankind following the teachings that Cush and Nimrod brought. The hammer also represents the building of the “Great Work” or the Tower of Babel. The “Great Work” is a symbolic pyramid which is what today’s kingdom of Babylon uses to reinvigorate the Tower of Babel which was unfinished due to the Most High’s intervention as described in Genesis 11:1-9. This is where the concept of the last capstone comes from since the Great Work is unfinished just like the Tower of Babel was. This is why they are working hard to build up the Great Work now because they know that their time is running short and this is their only chance to finish what Nimrod and Cush couldn’t. That’s also why Thor and Vulcan are said to be the god of lightning or the god of fire because they’re seen as the bringers of enlightenment to mankind through the pyramid which is a symbol of their apostasy. Thor riding the goat is a symbol of Nimrod carrying the teachings of his father the goat god Cush and also being the sin bringer for mankind as the goat represents sin.

Hephaistos is the name of the ringleader in the first rebellion, as “The Scatterer abroad,” as Bel is the name of the same individual as the “Confounder of tongues.” This is the real origin of Vulcan’s Hammer, which is just another name for the club of Janus or Chaos, “the god of confusion”; and to this, as breaking the earth in pieces, this is alluded to in Jeremiah 50:23, where Babylon, as identified with its primeval god, is thus apostrophized:

 “How is the hammer of the whole earth cut asunder and broken! How is Babylon become a desolation among the nations!”

Now, the building of the Tower of Babel was the first act of open rebellion after the flood, and Cush, as Bel, was the ringleader in it. He was the first to whom the name Merodach, “the great Rebel,” must have been given and therefore, we find both names of the Babylonian god referred to together, when the judgment on Babylon is predicted in Jeremiah 50:2: “Bel is confounded: Merodach is broken in pieces”.

This is now one of the most renowned depictions or allusions to the conflict of Set and Horus with the perpetual battle between Joker and Batman. They are both mortal enemies as the Joker represents the trickster Seth. Saturn is also the trickster which is why the Joker wears the purple suit for the Saturnian principle. Batman represents Horus or the supposed light aspect that is to offset the dark aspect of the Joker. Batman and Joker fight throughout the entire DC comic book universe as well as in the Batman films because it is an allusion to that fight between Horus and Set. They are the two core forces of nature which are needed to offset each other. They are what gives the other character purpose. This is why Batman can never bring himself to kill the Joker because he is what gives Batman purpose to fight that malevolent force of chaos whereas Batman is of order. In the near end of the Batman: Arkham Knight game, Batman locks up Joker in a cell box and as he puts Joker away, the Joker yells out to him to not leave him and he states, “I need you.” He says that because the writers know that the Joker and Batman are the supposed necessary forces of evil and good or chaos and order. They are proverbial Set and Horus.

On a side note, Batman also represents Camazotz the Mayan bat god. This is an actual depiction of the armor for the bat god Camazotz who is associated with the night and death. He is also the Egyptian moon god Khonsu as well who is described as a defender, pathfinder, and traveler. It goes to show you that all of these comic characters are based in pagan mythology.

This is another rendition of the story of the opposing forces as seen in the film, “Black Panther”. T’Challa or the Black Panther plays the role of Quetzalcoatl or “White Tezcatlipoca”. Eric Kilmonger plays the role of Tezcatlipoca or “Black Tezcatlipoca”. The whole thing with White and Black Tezcatlipoca is that the Aztecs assimilated both entities and they were considered the twin gods who were equal and opposed. Once again, two halves of the same whole. Black Panther also plays Osiris or Ausar while Kilmonger plays Set. If you ever watched the film, Kilmonger kills T’Challa during their duel by throwing him off the cliff and into the waters. Osiris or the parts of his body was thrown into the water as well. Kilmonger ruled Wakanda for a short time just like Set did in Egypt. Wakanda was divided because Kilmonger played the role of the ruthless and chaotic monarch like Set did. When T’Challa was resurrected, that was to serve as an allusion to the reincarnation of Osiris through Horus. In the climax of the movie, when we first see T’Challa come onto the battle, we see him emerge from the flames of the battle. That was meant to represent him as proverbial Horus or the phoenix as he rose from the ashes or his own death as the sun god.

Here is yet another rendition of the story of Horus and Set and the most important one to note. This is the movie, the Lion King. As you can see, this is Simba going to battle with Scar through fire. Simba represented Horus while Scar represented Set. When Scar kills Mufasa, he pushes Mufasa off of the cliff and he falls to his death. Mufasa was Osiris in that story. Scar also rules the Pride lands for a short while with his hyenas and it is seen as a dark time for the Pride lands. Everything all comes back to light and chaos is resolved once Simba claims the throne just as T’Challa reclaimed his throne at the end of Black Panther.

The lion is also a symbol on the left hand side which is prominent. The lion is the symbol for the sign of Leo. The belief in the constellations and astrology all came from the fallen angels which can be found in the Book of Enoch. The lion is also a symbol for Satan as described in 1 Peter 5:8 when it states, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:” The lion is also representative of Ahriman as well as he’s depicted with the lion’s head. Remember though that they’re both two sides of the same coin as Horus is also aligned with the lion.

This is a depiction of Osiris’ resurrection where he is about to impregnate Isis in order to give birth to Horus. As you see, Osiris has the erect phallus which they depict relentlessly among the Babylonian mysteries and even in sculptures around the world today. Even in Washington D.C., the Washington Monument is for the shaft of Osiris or Baal. It is meant to denote the sex magick rituals which Cush and Nimrod taught to the world. It is tied to alchemy as the phallus is believed to the fleshly manifestation of the sun. The penis is aligned with the sun because it is viewed as the creator of life just like how the sun is seen to be the creator of life. Point being is that Osiris is lying on the table which is fashioned after the lion. Perhaps, it is to be a sort of omen or foretelling of the birth of Horus who is the lion.

This is the goddess Hathor with the lion. She is holding what seems to be the sheaf or the wheat which is for her son Tammuz as he was seen as the grain or the crop as well. He was the god of agriculture. In the concordance, Tammuz’s name means, “sprout of life”. The goddess Ceres was said to be the mother of the crop or the grain because the crop is meant to represent her son. Her name also is where you get the term cereal from. That is why the number zero is fashioned in the oval shape for the seed. Zoroaster is also Tammuz as well. The name Zorro is where you get the number zero from and why it’s in the shape of the seed because Zorro or Zoroaster was Tammuz, the crop or the sprout of life. Hathor in this photo is also mounted on top of the lion which is a physical or fleshly depiction of what the ankh is supposed to symbolize. The ankh has the oval shape on the top of the cross which is the T for Tammuz. That is to note the Babylonian virgin birth where Tammuz was born out of his mother’s womb which is what is known by the Catholics as the Immaculate Conception. The ankh is for the virgin birth. From Semiramis’ womb, Tammuz or the lion Horus came forth. Just like how the vulva is mounted on top of the T or the cross, Hathor is mounted on top of the lion which is Horus the Child.

This is Wadjet represented with Horus as the lion king wearing the double crown to denote his kingship. The lion is Horus as you can see.

This is an alchemical depiction aligning the lion with the sun. The lion and the sun are conjoined together to represent Tammuz or Horus or Harpocrates who is Horus the Child. The lion in green is meant to depict the green vitriol. This depiction is a metaphor for vitriol purifying matter. As you see, the lion is gnawing at the sun which leaves behind gold. Tammuz as well as Harpo were said to be the images of vegetation. Tammuz literally means “purified by fire”. This is all meant to note Tammuz or Horus as the bringer of life or the light bearer for mankind. He is Lucifer. Once again, the point is that Simba is Horus or Heru. Please keep that in mind as we delve further as it is an important detail which is what will bring this all together in meaning and understanding.

Now, the point of bringing up all these things is to state that the core understanding of duality when it all comes down to it is that they are both sides of the same coin. The principle is that when the polar opposites of the spectrum are brought together, it forms the highest force or the highest point of illumination. They believe that when you supposedly come to embrace the understanding that good is evil, bad is good, up is down, and as above is so below, you reach full understanding and illumination through the convergence or amalgamation of both forces to create the “perfect being”. This is seen in Freemasonry with the red and blue pillars and the blinding light in between of the “stairway to heaven”. That is to depict that when the red and the blue come together, it creates the divine purple for Saturn. The red and blue is for fire and ice which is for Saturnian principles. The black and white is used in Freemasonry and commonly shown with the black and white tiles. As you can see in the picture above depicting Chernobog and Belobog, it has them in the black and white. Notice that Belobog in the white has the black overhead and Chernobog in the black has the white overhead; it is to show you that both sides are interchangeable and are one in the same even if they don’t know it yet themselves. The illuminist understanding is that they are more powerful if they come together in unity because they’re two sides of the same coin. Notice that what is between them is the Vesica Pisces for the Flower of Life which is for the hexagon of Saturn along with the Cube of Saturn above it as the hexagon contains the cube within it. Then you have the Black Sun above Chernobog which is also for Saturn and the Sun wheel above Belobog is to show that when you bring the Black Sun and the wheel together, it forms and completes the sun wheel which is for Saturn.

The imagery is also reminiscent of the Yin and the Ying which is the Chinese telling of the concept of duality. It is said to describe how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. In Chinese cosmology, the universe creates itself out of a primary chaos of material energy, organized into the cycles of Yin and Yang and formed into objects and lives. Yin is the receptive and Yang the active principle, seen in all forms of change and difference such as the annual cycle, the landscape, sexual coupling, the formation of both women and men as characters and sociopolitical history. As you see in this image, the Yin and Yang contrast with each other on things from night and day, cold and hot or ice and fire, moon and sun, death and birth, etc. However, once again the Yin and Ying are both complementary and are entwined with one another. It is actually another way to depict the serpent biting the tail which is what’s known as the ouroboros; representing infinity. The serpent or the two forces of light and dark are destroying themselves in their perpetual antipathy because it has not come to the understanding that they are greater when united; according to the Saturnian principle.

This is just another depiction or image of the illumination or enlightenment which comes forth from the convergence of the opposing forces; that being the light and the dark or the red and the blue forming the divine purple. This is Chernobog and Belobog on the black horse and white horse meeting together where they meet and the sun is in between them; depicting that illuminist ideology. This is all what Saturnian principles are about which is achieving what they believe to be “godhood” or perfection through the “divine purple”. This is why the 7th chakra or the third eye is of the color purple. That is also why Prince donned the color purple and made a show of using third eye symbolism because he worshiped Saturn and believed in that understanding of duality. That’s why he cross-dressed because that also plays into duality as well with the melding both of the genders because it represents in their mind the perfect human being where the “divine masculine” and the “divine feminine” forming the so-called “divine hermaphrodite”. It’s all interconnected within the same concept.

Just to bring it back full circle now, the figures of both Set and Horus who are perpetual enemies are actually two parts of the same whole. Horus represents Tammuz who is Nimrod reincarnated and Set represents the dark aspect as he is also Baal since they’re both the storm god. Horus also has a dark or destructive alter as well.

Point being is that Set and Horus both share the trickster or clown archetype. In the picture above, the two clowns are also depicted together with the two frogs because they both represent chaos or destruction. Harlequin is Har or Horus the transformer. This is the concept of the two sides of the entity where one has a mask and one is without the mask. This is what you see with both Batman and Black Panther as the character of Batman has the two sides of Bruce Wayne as the businessman in the day and the Batman by night. You have the two sides of Black Panther with T’Challa as the king of Wakanda and as the warrior Black Panther. Set is the clown and his zootype is the jackal. The jackal is also derived from the coyote that is also seen as the trickster. That is where you get the character of Wile E. Coyote from Looney Tunes from where he is trying to cause destruction which is because that character represents Set. Point made is that Horus and Set both represent the clown or the trickster.

This is a depiction of Horus in the form of a crocodile as Horus-Sobek. Sobek who is the crocodile is connected with original creation; for as the crocodile rises up out of the Nile, so the primordial Sun arose from the waters of chaos. Because of this solar connection, Sokek is frequently seen crowned with the solar disk. As we know, the crocodile is also Maga, the son of Set. Horus and Set are one in the same; equal and opposed.

This is a depiction of Isis standing on top of the crocodile holding the serpent in her hand. Her hands are also posed in the position of “as above, so below” for duality.  The crocodile is also a symbol for duality as well. They are shown both as devouring monsters and as protective guardians. Ammit who is part crocodile waits to devour the dead who fail the judgment of Osiris. Yet magic wands designed for protection often include images of crocodiles. A protective amulet called the Cippi of Horus showed the Son of Isis standing upon the backs of two or more crocodiles and holding dangerous serpents harmlessly in His hands. Powerful magicians were fabled to be able to ride across the river on the backs of crocodiles. This is showing Isis as the mother of witchcraft using her magical powers to control the foes of both light and the dark which is the reptiles and the animals.

Now, it all culminates with what we have today in the opposing parties of the Republican and Democrat parties. The Republican party dons the color red and the Democratic party dons the color blue. The emblems of the two parties also embody the Saturnian principles of duality. The Republican emblem of the elephant has the inverted pentagrams on it. The Democratic emblem of the donkey has the upright pentagrams on it. Both emblems have the colors of the red and the blue as well for duality. The red and the blue when brought together forms the divine purple for illumination which is what the stars represents as the stars brings forth light. That is what the flag of America is all about; that being for Saturn with the red and the blue along with the stars. Even the image of Uncle Sam is for Pan. That is why he has the goatee. When Uncle Sam says “I want you”, it is to note that the soldiers who fight to uphold the reign of America are shedding blood and waging warfare in honor of the goat.

This particular image though is to note that both parties are two sides of the same coin. The red and the blue is for fire and ice; the forces of Saturn. The planet Saturn was known as the ice planet. It goes to show you that all of the bickering that Republicans and Democrats do in Congress is all a big show. It’s all political theatre. They are not fighting for any one of the American people. Their arguments in Congress are about whose donors and lobbyists will get the benefits or the better end of the deal. Both parties are all a part of the same beast which is Lucifer.

*This is an added note to the segment of the duality between Horus and Seth and how they are interrelated to each other which is then played out with Trump and Obama in the current global script. Here, Horus and Seth share their faces as one in the same manner as Janus does. We covered Janus earlier and the meaning of the two faces which is of the older man looking one way to the world that has passed and of the new man looking one way to the world that has come that being the new world. They relate to each other in the sense of balance and duality; old world and new world, old man and young man, past and future, etc. Horus and Seth as communicated here through this depiction shows that duality is the same here as well. Seth represents malevolence while Horus represents the heroic figure. They balance each other out. In the same way that Batman represents order and the Joker represents chaos, they balance each other out in principle but when you look deeper, they are both the same. Horus and Seth as we have went over are two parts of the same whole. Trump and Obama are proverbial Seth and Horus; they are both two sides of the same coin. You may see this dynamic in movies where a person has a good angel on his shoulder while having a bad devil on his other shoulder and they both fight each other to win over the mind or spirit of the individual. They represent the two forces and the man or woman in the middle represents the gray or the melding of both sides. They believe that order and chaos together creates the perfect balance; hence the Hegelian dialectic where order is created out of chaos. They are deemed interrelated. You will see this form of imagery and this phenomenon be played out until the end of this society because it is integral to the Babylonian mysteries which is what the current world is based in and that it also captures the sense of the human struggle between two forces in this life in a way that most people can understand. With that said, the twin faces is seen with both Janus and this amalgamation of Horus and Seth because it is meant to represent the same thing, that being the harmonious duality of both sides and the balance that is created from that duality.

This is now the culmination of all that we have just discussed regarding the duality aspect and who Horus and Set are and how they’ve been presented throughout media. This is a clip from a 2011 speech that Barack Obama made at the time when he was president. This was during the time where he was receiving flack for not being a natural born citizen which is what therefore should invalidate his candidacy for presidency and even being president. Donald Trump was the one leading the charge at that time about needing proof of Obama’s birth certificate which is what prompted Obama to reference Trump in this speech regarding the whole debate about his proof of birth in America. Not only was this an opportunity for Obama to take jabs at Trump and seemingly create the ongoing rivalry between themselves, it was also an opportunity for Obama to declare in jest to those in the know who he in fact is and what he is on the global stage. They tell truth within jokes because it is their way of communicating to each other while at the same time inundating the masses with humor to keep them entranced within this simulation that they’ve created for the world. Please pay close attention to what clip is shown for Obama’s birth.

Isn’t that interesting? Of all the things that Obama would show for his supposed birth video, he shows himself as Simba, the Lion King. He was communicating to those in the know that he is Horus on the world stage. While it was in jest, it was still him declaring who he actually is and what purpose he would serve during his presidency and what he would serve after which was to promote bring the world into another dimension of understanding according to the doctrine of Lucifer which was of the “divine feminine” and the “divine hermaphrodite”. This was also as said before where the antagonism between Trump and Obama began or where they took on the mantles of playing Set and Horus on the world stage. Once again, Simba is Horus and his enemy is Scar who is Set. It is no coincidence that Obama made this stunt while antagonizing Donald Trump by publically humiliating him at the same time. Obama is proverbial Nimrod today. As Nimrod was a Hammite through his grandfather Ham, so is Obama as he is a Kenyan supposedly. He also is the one leading the charge to place the final capstone on the pyramid to complete the “Great Work” as Nimrod tried to complete the Tower of Babel.

Here now is the official presidential portrait of Barack Obama done by artist, Kehinde Wiley; who we’ll discuss in a moment. This portrait holds much symbolism which is all subliminal. First, let’s touch on the setting. If you can’t properly decipher the meaning of the setting of this photo then you will not understand the true meaning of what this picture is supposed to represent. Barack Obama is in a floral setting of a garden or a grove. Now, out of all the presidential portraits, Obama is the only president who was not drawn within a White House setting. This is to portray Obama as different from the rest or above all the rest. He is bigger than the presidency and serves a greater purpose to the world than just being president. Obama is the embodiment of the spiritual energies of the left hand path and he is to lead the world further down the path of full obeisance to the trinity of Lucifer. This is why Obama is portrayed in a different setting than the White House.

As you can see, every president from Harry Truman to George W. Bush were all portrayed within a White House setting. Obama is the only one to be in an entirely different setting. Once again, this is to show that Obama is more than just the president but he is a guide for mankind to lead them into the worship of Lucifer. He is acting as a psychopomp to lead the people on Earth to the otherworld of understanding. Keep in mind that Obama was the one, who oversaw the rampant rise of the LGBT movement and feminist movement, passing of gay marriage, and most importantly, the rise of Satanism and witchcraft among the main populace. No other president was as instrumental in these things as Obama was. While past presidents did their bidding, they were not as powerful in completely subverting the minds of the people and captivating them to entrust within the pyramid scheme of the Great Work as Obama did.

The next point to make is what Obama serves as. This is the caduceus which is the symbol for Hermes who is Cush. The name Hermes literally means, “son of Ham”.

Snakes entwined the staffs both of Hermes (the caduceus) and of the rod of Asclepius, where a single snake entwined the rough staff. On Hermes’ caduceus, the snakes are not merely duplicated for symmetry, they were paired opposites. The wings at the head of the staff identified it as belonging to the winged messenger Hermes, the Roman Mercury, who was the god of magic, diplomacy and rhetoric, of inventions and discoveries, and the protector both of merchants and that allied occupation, to the mythographers’ view, of thieves.

Hermes or Mercury as well as Thoth is talking about Cush. Thoth was said to be the “god” of wisdom, writing, hieroglyphs, science, magic, art, judgment, and the dead. Mercury was the “god” of messages and communication. Cush was seen as the divining serpent or the oracle for Satan on the left hand side. He communicated to mankind the teachings of the left hand path as he reinvigorated sex magic, science, and astronomy among other things. Cush was also known as Pan in Ancient Greece. Hermes himself was also tied to the symbol of the goat as well. The goat represents sin which is why it is such a major Luciferian symbol because they embrace sin and see it as liberation or freedom. That is why as seen with the story of Tezcatlipoca; the other nations venerate Adam and Eve. Satanists and Luciferians seek to commit all the sins stated in the 613 commandments of the Most High because they do things in reverse. While we as devout followers of the Most High seek to uphold them diligently, those adverse to the Most High seek to desecrate it by committing those sins tenfold times over. It is also an initiation for Satanists and or Luciferians to break all of the ten commandments. The fifth commandment which states, “Thou shalt not kill”, is broken with human sacrifice within those stages of initiation. Point being is that the rod symbolizes the shaft which is for Cush as well. The shaft is also a symbol of lust. Cush once again was the one who taught sex magic. He was the forefather of pederasty as he lured prepubescent boys into the woods and engaged in sex acts with them. This is where you get Pan from as Cush is Pan the goat deity. The entwined serpents is for the ouroboros which is for infinity or the cycle/circle of life which is where the song, “Circle of Life” for the Lion King comes from. It is the cycle of life, death, and rebirth which eventually leads to immortality in the form of the phoenix bird or the bennu bird which is for Horus. The serpent is mainly for Cush though as he was the oracle on the left hand side of the serpent’s wisdom who is Satan.

 It is however Hermes’ role as psychopomp, the escort of newly deceased souls to the afterlife, that explains the origin of the snakes in the caduceus, since this was also the role of the Sumerian entwined serpent god Ningishzida, with whom Hermes has sometimes been equated. This is because they are all the same entity. Whether it is Thoth or Hermes or Mercury or Ningishzida or Turms, it is all talking about the same entity which is Cush. The wings are for the ascension to the crown chakra or full illumination of the pineal gland where you open your “third eye”. It is to represent that man has reached his full enlightenment in understanding and his mind is a gateway to receive messages from the spirit world and emit messages to the physical world. He has become a physical bridge point or intermediary between the two worlds. The animal associated with the crown chakra is the eagle which is why the wings are present.

In Late Antiquity, as the arcane study of alchemy developed, Mercury was understood to be the protector of those arts too and of arcane or occult “Hermetic” information in general. Chemistry and medicines linked the rod of Hermes with the staff of the healer Asclepius, which was wound with a serpent; it was conflated with Mercury’s rod, and the modern medical symbol—which should simply be the rod of Asclepius—often became Mercury’s wand of commerce. This is where the medical symbol of the caduceus comes from. The rod of Asclepius has the serpent wrapped around it as well and Asclepius as just mentioned was a healer. Hermes was also a healer as the ancient Greeks ascribed healing magic to him. The medical term, “hermetically sealed” also comes from Hermes. Hermetic seals are airtight seals that prevent the invasion of oxygen, moisture, humidity, and any outside contaminant to enter a sealed environment. It refers to the concept of ‘nothing coming in and nothing coming out’. This is an allusion to Mercury or Hermes being the protector of the arcane or occult Hermetic secrets which were not to be made known to the profane. The term arcane means the unknown. It is in reference to the mysteries or the secrets of the craft. Also, the rod is a symbol of the magic wand for Cush. Him and his son, Nimrod in Babylon held the crook and the flail and wore the head piece of the pharaoh. The modern day version of the crook is known as the magic wand which is shown in the witchcraft circles. It was instructed to magicians in the Key of Solomon to take the wood of the tree to be fashioned into the magic wand on the day of Mercury or Wednesday. The day Wednesday is broken down to Woden’s day or Odin’s day. The Norse god Odin is the Norse version of Mercury or Hermes. Even in Spanish, the day that we would call Wednesday is Miércoles which is derived from the name Mercury. It is all talking about the same entity, Cush. Point being is that Nimrod carried down the teachings of his father Cush and led mankind to worship him and his father and mother in their apostasy against the Most High. Obama is serving as the psychopomp for mankind in the garden portrait to bring them into a whole new world of understanding like Nimrod did in the ancient world. Obama is also serving as the divining serpent Cush who was also the psychopomp as Hermes or Mercury when teaching mankind the teachings of the serpent. Nimrod and Cush are entwined with each other because they established co-regency in the ancient world.

Here is now a close up of the portrait of Obama. As you can see, the outline of the leaves behind him makes out the head of the serpent or the snake. The red fruit is positioned in the point just enough to make it out to be a pair of eyes or red eyes for the snake. This is Obama acting as the serpent in the garden who beguiled Eve to eat of the fruit of the tree of life. The setting represents the Garden of Eden and Obama is crowned with the subliminal snake head.

As you can see with the green snake above, it has the red eyes and the shape of the head and face is nearly identical to the subliminal snake head in Obama’s portrait. Once again, Obama is the serpent or the devil in this picture. He is acting as Nimrod who was the vicar of Satan or the serpent. The Pope is the vicar of Nimrod as well but Obama is as well. This is why Obama is conjoined with the serpent in this portrait.

This is a story which came out years ago back when the ‘The Bible’ series on the History Channel was up and running. There was an episode where it depicts the biblical event described in Matthew Chapter 4 of Satan taking Christ up into the mountain top in an attempt to convince him of following him and saying that he would literally have the world at his feet and anything that he wanted if he followed him. Of course, Christ would go on to reject Satan and declare that he worshiped the one true Yah which is Yahweh Elohim. What is rather interesting though is that the actor who the show decided to use to depict Satan was rather very close in look to Barack Obama. It is even mentioned in this screen capture of the Daily Mail where the devil looks in their words “exactly like” Obama. The reason for this is because those who are higher up in the History Channel know who Obama actually represents and what his purpose is on the world stage which is to act as the vicar of Ausar or Nimrod who himself was a vicar of the devil. Obama is the embodiment of that dark energy. Understand that Lucifer serves as the intermediary between man and Satan on the left hand side while Yahweh Ben Yahweh serves as the intermediary between man and the Most High. The energies of Lucifer are directly connected to the energies of Satan because Satan was acting through Ham who passed on his teachings to Cush who passed onto Nimrod. Ham bastardized Noah’s teachings which gave Cush the avenue to reinvigorate the teachings of the fallen angels of the old world before the Flood which then gave Nimrod the avenue to apply the prophecies of Christ Yahweh Ben Yahweh onto himself as did Cush to an extent. This can’t be stressed enough; Obama is the most ardent promoter and venerator of the mysteries and of the energies of Lucifer and Satan because he is acting as the vicar of Lucifer. Obama is a proverbial Antichrist. This does not mean that he necessarily is the one figure who is going to lead the world as the mighty Antichrist figure like some may believe. This is not to say that isn’t the case but I believe that the Antichrist figure is deeper than just Obama himself. The prophecy of the two beasts which John saw rise described in Revelation is deeper than just one particular person. Please keep in mind that the entire concept of the Antichrist is often conflated with the prophecy of the first beast that rose out of the sea as described in Revelation 13. The term “antichrist” is only mentioned within the 2 books of John and it can be found in 1 John 2:18, 1 John 2:22, 1 John 4:3, and 2 John 1:7. In those verses, it describes the spirit of the antichrist as being that which denies the Most High and His Son. The antichrist is not only describing one person but it represents the spirit on the left hand side which is inhabited by the masses. 1 John 2:18 states, “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.” That goes to show you that the antichrist is representative of the spirit which mankind has possessed which is to deny the Most High and His Son through the teachings of Lucifer and Satan. Nimrod and Cush were antichrists as they denied the Most High and led their apostasy against him by making the people worship them by applying the prophecies of Christ upon themselves which is where you get the entire confusion of Yahweh Ben Yahweh being compared to entities like Horus and Bacchus. They led all of the nations against the Most High and still are doing it through the Babylonian mystery school system which all nations and peoples of the earth adhere to. Just to bring this home, 1 John 4:3 states, “And every spirit that confesseth not that Yahweh Ben Yahweh is come in the flesh is not of Yah: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” John was making it clear that it was the spirit of the antichrist which was plaguing mankind and was already present during his time. The term “antichrist” literally means to not be of Christ or to be against Christ; to be opposed to and serve as opposite. John stated that the spirit of the antichrist was already in the world and that is the point being made here. The antichrist spirit has already been here for ages now and it is in the form of the spirit which goes against the Most High; most profound in Cush and Nimrod. Yes, Obama is in fact an antichrist because he is acting as the serpent in this portrait. This was the same role which both Cush and Nimrod played during their time on earth. Remember, the serpent in the garden was the one who convinced Adam and Eve to go against the Most High and deny Him as being the one true Yah. The serpent is of that antichrist spirit to go against Yah. The prophecies of the first beast and the second beast are not centered on singular people but rather entities. The first beast which the scarlet woman rides is described in Revelation 17:15-18 as symbolizing different things. The unholy trinity consists of the dragon, the first beast, and the false prophet who is the second beast. The dragon is Satan as described explicitly in Revelation 12. The first beast represents the entity which comprises of the empires, nations and kings which is operating under that antichrist spirit and does the bidding of the dragon. The second beast represents the entity with two horns like a lamb who spoke as a dragon is talking about Cush and in extension, the Vatican led by the false prophet Pope. As Revelations 13:11 states, “And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon”. Revelations 13:13 states, “And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men,” Now we will quickly get into how that ties into Cush.

Cush was known as Tages by the Etruscans. The text states, “Among the Etrurians, from whom the Romans derived the most of their rites, he was called Tages, and of this Tages it is particularly recorded, that just as John saw the beast under consideration ‘come up out of the earth,’ so Tages was a child suddenly and miraculously born out of a furrow or hole in the ground.” As you can see, Tages or Cush came forth out of the ground as it was said by John in Revelation 13:11 that the second beast came up out of the earth. It states further, “In Egypt, this god was represented with the head and horns of a ram. In Etruria he seems to have been represented in a somewhat similar way; for there we find a divine and miraculous child exhibited wearing the ram’s horns.” This aligns with the second beast having the horns like a lamb. It is showing you that the image of the ram or the goat is the image of the second beast as seen with Cush bearing the ram’s horns. The horns represent leadership or preeminence. “The name Nebo, the grand distinctive name of this god, signifies ‘The Prophet,’ and as such, he gave oracles, practiced augury, pretended to miraculous powers, and was adept in magic. He was the great wonder-worker, and answered exactly to the terms of the prophecy, when it is said (v 13), ‘he doeth great wonders, and causeth fire to come down from heaven in the sight of men.’” Firstly, Nebo was another name for Cush as it means, “the Prophet”, and Cush was the prophet of Satan on the left hand side. As aligned here in the text, Cush gave oracles and did miracles or works of magic through the powers given to him by Satan as stated that the second beast does in Revelation 13:13. The second beast having spoke as a dragon is talking about Cush bringing forth the word or prophecies of Satan since Satan was using him as a veneer to turn much of mankind away from the Most High through the apostasy that Cush and Nimrod laid out. Cush was the brain trust and the one who brought forth the word along with his father Ham who is known as Khem or Min while Nimrod was the brawn or the brute force as the bestial aspect of man since he was called “a mighty hunter before the LORD” in Genesis 10:9. There are many statements within the scriptures which speak of these false gods and are condemned by Yahweh Ben Yahweh and others. These false gods had prominence as Yahweh Ben Yahweh and the Disciples were present throughout the time of the Roman Empire as stated in Luke 2:1, “And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.” This was when Mary and Joseph were hiding Yahweh Ben Yahweh as he was newborn. Just to note a couple of examples of how Cush and Nimrod are mentioned and condemned within their false god alters within the scriptures, we have Luke 20:38 which states, “For he is not a Yah of the dead, but of the living: for all live unto him.” This was Yah speaking in condemnation of Osiris who was said to be the god of the dead. Even then, there were many trying to align Yah with these other false gods like Osiris who represented Nimrod. Yah was stating that the Most High is of the living and not the dead when referencing how Moses called Him the Yah of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob at the bush. One more example is when in Revelation 3:7 it states, “And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;” This was Yahweh Ben Yahweh condemning the Roman god Janus as Janus was known as the “opener and shutter”. Janus represented both Cush and Nimrod and was attributed with the symbol of the key which was to open the “door of heaven” or the pathway from the physical world to the spirit world. Janus is a blasphemous representation of Cush and Nimrod as trying to claim as being a supreme deity or control over the heavens. Whenever important business was in hand or whatever deity was to be invoked, an invocation had to be addressed to Janus first, who they recognized as the “God of gods,” Without invoking Janus first, no prayer could be heard as it was deemed that the “door of heaven” could not be opened. The worship of Janus was prominent in Asia Minor at the time when Yah sent forth his apocalyptic messages to the churches in that region as described in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3. This verse was Yah condemning and rebuking the blasphemous Janus attempting to ascribe Yahweh’s own divine power to himself which was holding the keys to Heaven or the spiritual world. What Yah opens, no man that being Janus who is Cush and Nimrod can shut. What Yah shuts, Janus who is Cush and Nimrod cannot open. They have no power over Yah himself. Point being is that this is to show that Cush is spoken of within these scriptures to align him with the deity or the second beast that is blasphemous against the Most High and His Son. Cush is the false prophet of the old world and his teachings or oracles on the left hand side are taken upon by the Vatican today as they in extension embody the second beast. The Pope who is the Vicar of the Antichrist holds the keys with the ‘papal regalia and insignia’ which is meant to represent the keys of Janus and Cybele. The Pope and the Vatican are deeply connected to the entity of Lucifer in the alter of Janus and Cybele among others. The Vatican and the Pope are connected to the second beast as well. That is for another time though. But yes, Obama is a vicar of Lucifer as is the Pope.

Here you have Obama once again mounted with the face of the serpent or the snake hidden within the leaves. Notice however that the temples on the sides of Obama’s head resemble horns. This goes into the pagan aspect known as the horned serpent. The horns represent leadership which is why when the scriptures talk about the bulls of Bashan; it is in reference to the leaders of Bashan. That is also why Alexander the Great depicted himself with the horns as well.

This is the horned serpent depicted at Pony Hills and Cook’s Peak in New Mexico. By the way, New Mexico seems to have much demonic activity as the entire Roswell incident was in New Mexico. Among the Cherokee people, a horned serpent is called an uktena. Anthropologist James Mooney describes the horned serpent, “Those who know say the Uktena is a great snake, as large around as a tree trunk, with horns on its head, and a bright blazing crest like a diamond on its forehead, and scales glowing like sparks of fire. It has rings or spots of color along its whole length, and can not be wounded except by shooting in the seventh spot from the head, because under this spot are its heart and its life. The blazing diamond is called Ulun’suti—”Transparent”—and he who can win it may become the greatest wonder worker of the tribe. But it is worth a man’s life to attempt it, for whoever is seen by the Uktena is so dazed by the bright light that he runs toward the snake instead of trying to escape. As if this were not enough, the breath of the Uktena is so pestilential, that no living creature can survive should they inhale the tiniest bit of the foul air expelled by the Uktena. Even to see the Uktena asleep is death, not to the hunter himself, but to his family.”

There are several things to tackle here. First, the serpent represents wisdom on the left hand side. The serpent generally represents wisdom as stated in Matthew 10:16 when it states, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” It is important to understand that there are symbols like the serpent which has left hand and right hand meaning. Not everything is black and white. The serpent on the left hand symbolizes the wisdom of the Luciferian path or the satanic path. The serpent on the right hand symbolizes being of a wise spirit or practicing wisdom or discernment within your life.

The second thing is as already mentioned before the horns represent leadership. The bright blazing crest or the diamond on the forehead of the serpent represents enlightenment or the opening of the pineal gland. This also goes into the concept of the serpent or the reptile being linked to illumination. That will be discussed in detail in another upcoming article. Point being is the diamond on the forehead is meant to represent the third eye which is a concept that goes back to the Babylonian mysteries.

The seventh spot from the head which houses the heart and the life of the serpent is in reference to the 7th chakra. The heart means the mind and the life means the left hand wisdom which serves as the life giver as the water or the sun represents on the left hand which is all talking about the same thing which is the full illumination in understanding of the mysteries. It is said that the man who can win the blazing diamond would become the greatest wonder worker of the tribe i.e. that man reaches full illumination and is able to acquire powers. Many of the high level figures in society such as the Pope or high level entertainers like Prince have magical powers such as levitation or even influence over the environment; believe it or not. All of it stems from the craft and complete subjugation to demonic spirits on the left hand side.

Here is a depiction of the cerastes which is a creature described in the Greek mythos as a snake with either two large ram-like horns or four pairs of smaller horns. Isidore of Seville described it as hunting by burying itself in sand while leaving its horns visible, and attacking creatures that came to investigate them. There is also a horned viper whose genus is named Cerastes after the creature described in the Greek mythos. The cerastes hides its head in the sand with only the horns protruding out of the surface; this is meant to deceive other animals into thinking it is food. When the animal approaches the cerastes, the cerastes promptly kills it. This can be tied into the concept of the mask where you show one face to others while your true face is that of malevolence or of the serpent. That is a concept that many Luciferians use when depicting themselves wearing the masquerade mask; often at these satanic ball parties or Met Gala events. Their true face is that of the serpent which represents them as being adherent to the rituals and becoming as one with Lucifer. They’re showing you that they’re Luciferians.

The horned serpent or the cerastes is also symbolized by the Titan, Kronos. Now there are two different forms of Kronos. The human father of the gods is Nimrod as Kronos. The spiritual father of the gods is Satan. Kronos is Satan himself. The name Titan or Teitan is the Chaldee form of Sheitan, the name of the adversary or the devil as said by Arabs in the Arab region. The name Satan means “the adversary” in Hebrew. The Chaldean language often transforms the “sh” or “s” into “t”. Satan and Cush were connected as Satan gave Cush the magical powers he possessed and made him to give forth oracles. The imagery coincides with one another.

This is a depiction of Ningishzida as the serpent with horns. Right behind the female with the horns, you see the serpent with the wings and the horns. The serpent with the wings also ties back to the caduceus or the rod of Asclepius. The wings represent the ascension into a higher level of consciousness or understanding by going through the pineal gland to reach full illumination or the great extent or reach of the power of the serpent. The themes are constantly repeating itself. The horned serpent is talking about Cush as he was the intellectual front of the apostasy while Nimrod served as the brawn or the brute force. That is why Nimrod is said to be a god of war in his alters as Osiris or Mars or Marduk. Seeing that Obama’s temple in the photo resemble the horns, it once again correlates to the subliminal imagery that the painter Kehinde Wiley was trying to convey which was that Obama is a vicar of Lucifer or Cush and Nimrod. He is an antichrist figure on the world stage. He is playing out the role as the psychopomp for mankind today as Cush did as the diviner led by Satan and in extension as the serpent did in the garden with Adam and Eve.

Here is now another hidden detail which is very important. The left hand of Obama has been pointed out as seemingly having a hidden sixth finger. The six digits being on the hand with six fingers or being on the foot with six toes had great resonance in the ancient times. In ancient culture, it was a belief that a child born with six fingers would be raised to be a king. Nowadays, people believe that a person with six fingers is bound to be a successful person. There are celebrities i.e. witches who have six toes. Oprah Winfrey is one of them as is Halle Berry, Kate Hudson, and Drew Carey. It is a belief that having six fingers on your right hand brings forth luck while having six fingers on your left hand brings forth ill-fortune. Obama just happens to be depicted here as having that sixth finger on his left hand. Obama was not literally a king as the president is not a king but he is a king from the stand point that he is the lion king as Simba or Horus as he depicted himself in a joking manner; meaning that he is the king of the people. Never was this the case with any other president. When George W. Bush was doing bad and people were upset with his presidency, you didn’t hear millions of people clamoring for Bill Clinton to come back again and take the presidency. Obama is the only one to have the people clamor for him to come back as president in such a resounding manner.

The six fingers are also tied to the Nephilim or the giants as well. It was said that the giants who roamed the earth had six fingers as well. 2 Samuel 21:10 states, “In still another battle, which took place at Gath, there was a huge man with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot—twenty-four in all. He also was descended from Rapha.” In humans, this is not necessarily even a mutation due to radiation or disease either. There is a tribe in Ecuador called the Waorani tribe which includes many people who have six fingers or six toes and they were found to have no trace of cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, allergies or any other known disease.

This is an ancient Sumerian statue of a man who has six fingers. The concept of a select few people having six fingers or six toes goes all the way back to the antediluvian world with the giants. So this entire depiction of Obama having the slyly hidden sixth finger on his left would mean the ill fortune he is to bring to mankind as the vicar of Nimrod. The beast is said to persecute the saints or the elect in these very last days of Revelation. The ill fortune also goes for the entire kingdom of America as the teachings of Lucifer brings forth imminent self-destruction. The concept of the nebula star to an extent is that a person burns so bright once they reach full illumination that they are driven to their own death as they burn out as the proverbial nebula star. That’s where a lot of sacrificial deaths of young celebrities or witches come from. When certain people reach full enlightenment, they believe that they have become “gods” and offer themselves up willingly for sacrifices so in their minds they can serve or nourish the gods as a blood sacrifice while becoming a part of the constellations as supposedly Cush and Nimrod did as Capricorn or Orion. These sacrifices often come in the form of plane crashes or car crashes which is to allude to their star in the physical world burning out only to pass on into the spiritual world in the constellations. It is to symbolize that their star has burned out and them going out in a “blaze of glory”.

Another hidden detail in the portrait is that there is as clear as day to the discerning eye ‘666’ hidden within the leaves above Obama’s head and the serpent head. The ‘666’ is the number stated in Revelation 13:18 as being the number of the beast or the mark of the beast. In one aspect, the beast is representative of Nimrod in his alter as Saturn. The hexagon which is found on the north pole of the planet Saturn is related to that number. The hexagon has six sides, six angles, and six vertices.

In the Chaldean, the name Saturn is pronounced Satur but is spelled stur. The name Stur contains the numerical value of the number of the beast; S= 060, T= 400, U= 006, R= 200 all equaling to 666.

The first beast which rose out of the sea in Revelation 13:1 has the seven heads which is representative of the seven kingdoms which persecuted the Hebrews. They were under the guide of the apostasy of Lucifer. Revelation 13:2 states that the dragon who is Satan gave the beast his power. The seven kingdoms or the seven heads were given power and influence by Satan as every major kingdom like Babel, Egypt, Rome, and Greece were all led by Satan as they followed the teachings of Cush and Nimrod who they themselves were given power and wisdom on the left hand side by Satan. Point being is that Obama not only serves as the serpent in the garden but also as the vicar of the beast Nimrod with the hidden sixth finger to note himself as a king and his role as Heru but also with the prominent ‘666’.

Just to emphasize the connection of the number ‘666’ to the beast Nimrod through his alter Saturn, we have the Babylonian magical square of the sun. The left side features the moon on top for the mother goddess Semiramis and you have the lion with the sun imposed upon it. As we know, the image of the lion was also tied to Tammuz or Horus as mentioned previously. The right side features the square of the sun which symbolizes the 36 constellations and it features a grid of numbers. Notice that it is inside of the hexagon for Saturn and the grid is of a square which symbolizes the cube of Saturn inside of the hexagon. The numbers on the grid of the sun square adds up to ‘666’. Once again, the number of the beast is tied to Nimrod as Saturn. This entire concept came forth out of Babylon and that number is for Lucifer and Satan.

Coming back to the portrait itself, if you look closely enough, the ‘666’ could also be made out at Obama’s feet as well.

Now with the numbers written, you can see it that the leaves at his feat make out the ‘666’. The bigger point to be made though is that the portrait is also to signify him as Pan the goat god. Pan was known as the woodland deity who resided in the groves or the forests. Pan played the pan pipes to lure in the children with his music into the forests where he would take them and rape them or have sexual relations with them. As mentioned before, Pan is Cush as is Hermes and Mercury who were also tied to the symbol of the serpent. The groves are a big Luciferian symbol as it is for Pan. This is why some artists will have photo-shoots in a forest or a grove. That is to note that they are adherents to the rites of Pan which is pansexuality; meaning that they have sex with all things. This is why the Playboy mansion, if you ever get a chance to look at it, is surrounded by the greenery. It is meant to be a temple for Pan. Another thing; while this could be a stretch, Obama’s feet sort of resembles goat hooves as well. That is just a personal view. It may not be but it wouldn’t be surprising at all if Wiley did in fact try to draw his feet to resemble goat hooves for Pan or the Baphomet in a subliminal way. Keep in mind, this is not the first painting of a political figure in a grove setting. 

This is a portrait of Kim il-Sung, who was the Communist founder of North Korea as we know it today. As you can see, Kim il-Sung is in the floral setting or the grove. He is also donning the silver suit and the color or element of silver is for Mercury in alchemy and as we know, Mercury is Cush who is Pan as well. He’s also seated in the chair as Obama was. The chair is meant to represent the throne of Cush or Pan as the ruler of mankind in his co-regency with his son Nimrod. You also have the temple in the background which is to note the kingdom of man or the temple for Pan amongst the groves. He also has his legs crossed for the ‘X’ which is the transformation point between the two worlds and that sign is for Osiris or Shiva. Once again, this is to portray Kim il-Sung as an avatar of Pan.

Here is another portrait of a political leader in the grove or garden setting. This time, it is Kim il-Sung’s son, Kim Jong-il portrayed in the grove. Kim Jong-il is in the all black for Saturn who was also known as the god of vegetation which is to symbolize the life giver or the sprout of life; hence the greenery. He has legs crossed as well for the ‘X’ or the transformation point. He is in the throne as well to note the rulership of Pan or Osiris. His father was portrayed in the same manner with the silver for Cush as Mercury while Kim Jong-il is portrayed in the all black for Saturn who is Nimrod. As Cush ruled Babylon with Nimrod, so did Kim il-Sung with Kim Jong-il. It is all to note them as avatars of Cush and Nimrod. 

While this is not a portrait of a leader, it still aligns with the theme of Pan or Osiris. The soldier is adorned and admired by the child while he poses to exude power and preeminence. The soldier is meant to represent Osiris. He is in the all green for Osiris as he was depicted with the green skin. Osiris was also the god of war so you see the man in the soldier gear to note himself as Osiris. The flowers are for vegetation as Osiris was the god of vegetation. The boy is adorning the soldier; saluting him while holding the rocket in his hand which is a phallic symbol for the shaft of Osiris. The child is also on the stool to symbolize him going up the steps of the masonic “stairway to heaven” to reach illumination. He is on the small stool to symbolize him being a novice or a low level witch in training or devotee to Osiris who is learning the secrets or the Osirian mysteries. He is saluting his master, Osiris. The soldier is also posing with his hands in the same pose we saw in Part 2 with Olaf the Black and Donald Trump. It not only is a hidden downward pyramid or yoni sign for veneration of the mother goddess but it is also to venerate the phallus which is deemed to be the life giver in the fleshly form as the sun is deemed to be the life giver to mankind. The soldier is positioning his hands that way for the veneration of the shaft of Osiris.

Just for proof, here is the character Data from the film “The Goonies” which was littered with suspect themes and imagery. Data has his hands clutched around his belt buckle for sex magic or for veneration of the phallus. That’s the esoteric or Luciferian explanation. In this shot, Data really has his hands around the belt buckle to click on a button to trigger the opening of the belt buckle.

Upon opening the belt buckle, an arrow outfitted with a blue suction cup springs forth out of the belt buckle; similar to how the erect phallus would spring out of one’s pants after loosening the belt. Apologies for being graphic but it must be stated that way so it can be understood just what they are really trying to convey here which is the imagery of the phallus for the purpose of venerating it because it once again is a fleshly manifestation of the sun in alchemy.  

Here is a final portrait of a political leader in the grove or the forest. This time it is the communist leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin. Isn’t it interesting that all of these men depicted in the groves or the forest were communists? Communism itself is a branch of the Babylonian “Great Work” that stems from Luciferianism. Notice how most socialists are atheist and believe in no supreme deity or creator deity. In that structure, the government becomes the god that people worship. They put all of the power in the hands of government and are subject to the whims of the banking dynasties. Russia and North Korea as well as China in its communist regimes were all creations from the international bankers along with the complicity of America. That however is for another time. Point is that Stalin here is portrayed as being offered the bouquet of roses by the small boy while the other young children look on admirably at Stalin. The roses are for the mother goddess Aphrodite as the favorite flower of Aphrodite or Venus was the rose. Aphrodite’s consort was Hermes who we’ve already established is Cush. Aphrodite and Hermes had a child together named Hermaphroditus who was an androgynous entity. Now we know that the goat entity the Baphomet has both male and female parts with the erect phallus and the female breasts; the bringing together of opposites. Baphomet and Pan are the same entity. Stalin is Pan in this portrait as he has the roses offered to him which are for Aphrodite. He has the children admiring him which represents how Pan allured the children in the forests which is where you get the “lost boys” from in the Peter Pan story.

Here is a statue of the Baphomet. As you can see, the children are looking at him adoringly which alludes to Pan alluring the children with the pan pipes. Pan was the god of pederasty or man boy love which is sodomy. This is why pederasty is practiced so heavily because the rites of Pan consist of pederasty which the devotees to Pan are commanded to follow in the dark magic circles. Just to note, the Baphomet has the wings to represent him as a fallen angel. He is doing the “as above, so below” pose for duality. He has the caduceus which is for Hermes or Mercury. He has the pentagram or the five pointed star which is for the feminine principle. It is also a symbol of the perfected human being or when they’ve reached full enlightenment to where they’ve become “gods”. This is why the pentagram is imposed on the forehead to symbolize illumination or the opening of the pineal gland. Notice how the torch of the eternal flame is mounted upon the crown of the head of the goat to symbolize that he holds the knowledge of the left hand path within his heart or his mind. From this, it notes the knowledge and wisdom which Cush as Pan or Hermes or Thoth passed down to mankind as he was said to be the god of wisdom. Remember that the core of full enlightenment once it is reached by man centers around the understanding that you become “your own god”. The freemasons state, “The greatest thing in God’s created universe is man. In him, according to the teachings of Freemasonry, is the Eternal Flame, the indestructible image of the living God. The power of man cannot be defined, cannot be fenced in, because it transcends all finite standards of measurement.” The key point to take home from their statement is that they believe in their mind that the eternal flame or the light of Lucifer is the indestructible image of the living God who they believe is Lucifer which is the trinity on the left hand path of Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis. They believe that the power of man which is the full point of illumination is transcendent above all things and cannot be contained by an outside force. Man is in full control and has full power over his own individual fate or destiny in their mind. That echoes the concept of chaos magic to an extent because this all stems from the same core of chaos in aversion to the Most High which is the rites of Lucifer. Whether one adheres to this branch or that branch, it is all apart of the same tree. They all worship Lucifer at the end of the day. Getting back to the point, the whole portrait of these figures in the groves or the garden is to note them as avatars or venerators of Pan.

Here is just one more example of the imagery of the children being aligned with the goat. This is the character Karellen from the show, “Childhood’s End” and as you can see he is paired with the children as they are holding his hands. The boy is also looking up at him as seen with the Baphomet statue. They also are dressed in the blue while Karellen or really Lucifer is in the red which is to allude to the melding of opposites and the red and blue pillars in Freemasonry which has the light in between the two pillars. Notice that with Lucifer and the two children are together, they have the light behind them in the background to note the illumination that comes from the melding of opposites as well as in extension of pansexuality or sex magic as they believe that there is energy to be taken from the base chakra in children through intercourse since they believe it is most potent in children. That understanding all comes from Cush since he was the forefather of pederasty in the post-diluvial world after the flood. Point is that the portrait of Obama is meant to represent him as Pan the woodland deity of pederasty along with him as the horned serpent, the beast, and the serpent in the garden. The portrait holds many different meanings which is why this is being broken down to this extent since this is the energy that they’ve been pushing for years and will now push even harder as this kingdom dwindles down. It’s important to break this all down in order to have greater discernment to see through their signs and symbols to not fall for their deception. Please understand, this is all being brought up not to venerate or honor these false gods but to rebuke them. It may be off-putting to some to read all of this info about this deeply pagan and esoteric stuff but it is to expose it and truly come back to the understanding of why it is crucial to cling to the Most High and the commandments. These energies are pervasive and all around us through the television, our co-workers, our classmates, our friends, and our family members. Until this kingdom is done away with, it will always be important to bring up these things because it is what is taking souls right now through this great deception being played out right now. On another note, the Baphomet or Pan is the figure which is worshipped or venerated by the Freemasons and you know that because it is already a known fact that the Knights Templar which is a Masonic order also venerated Pan in secret and still do today. Trump is connected to the Knights Templar which will be covered in the next part.

One final detail which connects to the painter himself is the hidden detail within Obama’s temple. The vein on Obama’s temple is actually sperm. It is to note two things which are the seed of the serpent and the alchemical veneration of sperm. It is as clear as day that the vein on his temple is actually a sperm. If you also look closely to the left, it is actually a serpent within his hair. Track the grey hairs all the way down to the sperm.

As highlighted here, the serpent is drawn within his hair and the tail of the sperm is the serpent’s tongue. The bulb of the sperm is the mouth of the serpent. This entire depiction is in reference to the seed of the serpent. The sperm is a symbol of fertility and Pan is also the god of fertility. The seed of the serpent is talking about the corruption of the woman’s womb by bringing forth the Nephilim through the copulation of the serpent’s seed with the woman. The serpent would be the fallen angels who came down and slept with the women.

Genesis 6:4 states, “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of Yah came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” Just for your knowledge if you don’t know, the term “came in unto” is meant to denote sex or when the man enters the woman through sexual penetration. The mighty men is in reference to the Nephilim or the giants. As we just mentioned, the Nephilim also had the six fingers and six toes as stated in 2 Samuel 21:10 and Obama had the secret sixth finger in his left hand. It is to show that he is of the serpent’s seed and believes he is a direct descendant of the giants or the “gods”. Many of these people believe they are of a bloodline of “gods”.

The serpent is also a phallic symbol as well. It represents the most malevolent form of the masculine principle. It is meant to represent the offspring of the land or of the earth which is a symbol for the goddess Gaia. The snake literally comes from her, it is her penis. Gaia gave birth to the colossal serpent-dragon, Python. As you can see on the album cover of Lovehunter by Whitesnake, the head of the serpent is upright and it comes forth from between the legs of the woman. It also portrays the woman having sex with the serpent and the serpent coming forth from her womb as well. The background is also in the purple for the crown chakra as well.

To tie the concept of the serpent and copulation, we look at the Vatican. As you see with the body of the Vatican building, it is meant to represent the crowned serpent who is the supposed king of the earth, Satan. As you see, the two windows on the top of the triangular roof which holds the dome resemble the eyes of the serpent. The roof shapes into the form of the serpent’s head. The body narrows out at the end to resemble the tail of the serpent. The word Vatican comes from Latin and is a contraction of two words. The Latin word Vatis is for divine or prophetic. The Latin word Can is for serpent. When you combine it- Vatis-Can to Vatican, it means the Divine Serpent. This is another connection to Cush as he was also known as the divining serpent.

The whole body of the Vatican also resembles a key which is for Janus. That is meant to represent that Janus holds the key to the door which is the portal or pathway from the physical world to the spirit world. This is why the month of the New Year is called January which stems from Janus as it is the doorway into a new world or a new year.

Point being is that there is art in one of the windows or eyes of the head of the serpent which is tied to copulation. As you see, the supposed Chair of St. Peter is mounted with the bulb and is surrounded with small white candles even though you can’t see it in this particular picture. It is paired with the cupids who are holding the keys. The bulb seems to be a symbol for the head of the phallus and is positioned to the window. The candles are meant to represent the phallus as the illuminator since the candles give light and the phallus as mentioned before is the fleshly manifestation of the sun in alchemy. The cupids are holding the keys to represent that the phallus is the key to life since it is the life giver and also is the doorway to another world of understanding through sex magic as that is believed to be what guides ones to enlightenment. Now, the window is in the shape of the vulva of the woman. The dove is in the center of the window to represent Semiramis on the left hand side. The dove is aligned with the Holy Spirit by the Vatican because they align the dove with Semiramis as well. It is their attempt to try and tie Semiramis with the Holy Spirit on the left hand side. Point being is that the vulva is illuminated because they deem sex magic as being the key to enlightenment. With the phallus of the serpent or Cush pointing upwards on the mount of the chair towards to the vulva of the woman or Semiramis in the window, it is to subliminally give homage to sex magic or the creation of the serpent’s seed. The clouds flowing downwards from the window down to the chair are to represent the flowing of the vaginal and seminal fluids from copulation or insemination. Keep in mind that this is positioned with the window that is serving as the eyes of the serpent as pictured before. So out of the copulation comes forth the serpent which is of the serpent’s seed. The point is that the image of the serpent in this sense is meant to note that link.

We now get to the alchemical aspect of the presence of the sperm within Wiley’s portrait of Obama and his own personal paintings. The semen is venerated in alchemy but not actual sperm itself; rather the form of a milky substance. Alchemy is seen as the transmutation of the physical lead into gold. In another sense, it can be the symbolic transmutation of the symbolic lead of the soul into the symbolic gold, which is beyond human understanding. Many spiritual and religious practices of today are based on these same ideas, and alchemy can be exampled from many different traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Chinese Taoism, and so on and so forth.

Some of the critical terms of alchemy, which are described by its many names and symbols are virgin’s milk, lac virginis, or semen solare. James identifies this substance in its many forms, including the metaphysical, but also focuses on the physical structure which resides in each individual. These synonyms refer to the genuine and physical milky substance found in the human body, called chyle.

Chyle is a white milky substance that is found in the human body. The small intestine produces it through the collection of fats through tiny blood vessels called lymphatic capillaries. Chyle contains chylomicrons, which is also known as ultra-low-density lipoproteins (ULDL) consisting of cholesterol, triglycerides, and phospholipids. ULDL allows for the transport of these proteins and cholesterol to different areas of the body. The white substance was also associated with sexuality and fertility in Ancient Egypt with the god, Min who was a god of fertility and sexuality. He was associated with the Egyptian long-leaf lettuce which was considered to be an aphrodisiac, as it secreted a milky substance which was likened to semen. Min was often shown standing before offering tables, covered with heads of lettuce. The lettuce was also associated with Set during the story of Horus and Set when he attempted to establish dominance over Horus by having homosexual intercourse with him. Not to be graphic but in one version of the story, Set attempted to inseminate Horus in a form of dominance but Horus caught his semen in his hands which Isis would put on the lettuce leaf that Set would later eat in a form of revenge.

This is a quote from an alchemist named Gorden James; describing the alignment between the chyle and the alchemical imagery of the black dragon. It reads, “the initial process has its beginning rooted within the Black Dragon, representing the human intestines since they are coiled like a serpentine dragon inside the darkness of the body cavity (cave). An alchemist extracts a vital essence from the intestines, more accurately the small intestines, eventually to produce the Flowers of the Wise.” Essentially, the dragon brings forth the chyle or the milky substance which is what produces the Flowers of the Wise. The Flowers of the Wise in this note is a reference to kundalini, which is the kundalini serpent that goes up through the spinal column to the mind for illumination.  

We can see in this description as well as many other images references to the Magnum Opus that the source of this vital energy is stored in a substance created from the lower regions of the human body (the cave) and is a winding and twisting structure that is alive and powerful. In alchemy, there are also images of a glass like vessel with the vessel overlaying the aspirant. The base of the vessel is located at the base of the human body and a fire is heating the vessel and all the elements in it.

Chyle is the substance that is referred to as the semen solare by the alchemist. The substance is moved from the lower intestines which is the cave into the lungs where it is charged up with oxygen which is then pushed up into the brain. It is in regards to the milk or the knowledge which is the life giver and what gives man understanding. Gorden James makes another statement which states, “Semen solare is not the seminal fluid from the sex glands as many have erroneously speculated. It is the virgin’s milk, chyle. For chyle is truly the seed of the sun, pure solar energy that runs the human organism. The ‘copulation’ of this substance with other essences from glands and organs under the metals inside the body of an alchemist manufactures the Stone of the Wise, also inside the physical body. Semen solare sums to 112 by Latin gematria. Each, Lac Virginis (the Virgin’s Milk) and Prime Materia (the First Matter) share number value 112.” To sum this all up, this is all in reference to the alchemical concept of the chyle or the milky substance serving as the alchemical representation of knowledge that brings forth full illumination or the so-called ascension or completion of man. The sun is a symbol of enlightenment on the left hand side. The seed of the sun represents in this case the microcosm of the sun or the substance which brings forth enlightenment. Generally, the seed of the sun is in reference to the offspring of the solar deities; whether it is the mother or the son.

This is a shot from the TV show, Westworld. That show is centered on A.I. and how the hosts of an amusement park called Westworld are actually androids who are controlled. This is really an allusion or a veiled way of revealing how the entertainment world truly works and really how the world works. Every major industry which is open to public consumption whether it is the film, television, music, sports and even political industry are all operated and controlled by handlers who puppet these notable figures that we see on television who are under the programming and some are even androids. Figures in government are connected to the film industry in ways that most people can’t fathom. Trump’s Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin was or is a film producer who served as executive producer for many major films that have come out within these last few years like Wonder Woman, Batman vs. Superman, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Conjuring 2. All of those films are based within the Babylonian mysteries and the occult. Mnuchin also produced a film called “Black Mass” where Johnny Depp played a mobster. The term “Black Mass” is for the Satanic Black Mass. As you can see, the robot is submerged within the milk. In the show, the milk or the white liquid plays a part in the creation of the robots. The white liquid makes the body whole or is what completes the person. So the presence of the white liquid or the milk or the semen is to venerate the sun as the white liquid is said to be the seed of the sun which is a symbol of illumination. Many of these symbols all tie back to the concept of illumination by the knowledge of Lucifer; whether it is the sun, serpent, bull, milk, or certain colors like orange and yellow. Many symbols fall in line with the same theme or meaning.

To close off on the actual painting itself, Wiley painted several flowers in the painting to bring forth certain meaning. This is the chrysanthemum flower which Wiley claims is to represent the city of Chicago where Obama is from. This is not the case. These artists or writers or directors always make up silly reasons to justify or explain the presence of certain symbols or words within their paintings, songs, or films. It is their job to tell a lie while communicating signs and symbols in a subliminal way to venerate Lucifer. The name chrysanthemum  is derived from the feminine form of Greek (Chrysanthos), meaning “golden flower.” Chrysanthemums are associated with death in Italy. The color meanings of the flower are white meaning truth, hope, rest and friendship, red meaning love, and yellow meaning slighted love. Chrysanthemum has been used for burial rituals and is a decoration for Samhain and for ancestral altars. Yes, the same Samhain who is venerated on what is known today as Halloween. Key point is that the chrysanthemum is said to be masculine in nature and resonates with the energy of the Sun and the element of fire. Once again, another link to the sun and fire which are symbols for the sun god Horus or Tammuz which is the entity that Obama is playing or acting as on the world stage.

These are the rosebud flower. The rosebud is said to be a symbol for love and courage. Yes, it is a symbol for love but not the type of love that one might try and lead you to believe. The rosebud is a symbol for sodomy or homosexuality. Obama is a closet sodomite and a pansexual which will be covered in another time. The rosebud is a euphemism for the anus. Rosebud is a term used in pornography when a rectal prolapse occurs which is when the rectal walls have prolapsed to the degree where they protrude out of the anus and is visible outside of the body. In pornography, this is done deliberately through extreme anal sex or fisting scenes so porn actors and actress can perform a rectal prolapse. As it should be known, these witches behind closed doors are into the most perverse and sadistic forms of sex. MK Ultra sex slave survivor Brice Taylor stated in her book that politicians like Gerald Ford and Ted Kennedy choked her or beat her profusely when they used her for sex in order for them to climax. It is also alleged that Mike Pence would choke trafficked child sex slaves to death while climaxing as he was raping them. These are the type of people that you are dealing with. This is why it is laughable to believe that any politician has your best interests. Every president, vice president, high level senator, governor, mayor, and elite congress member is involved in the pansexual rituals and the occult. You can only receive such a form of notoriety or acclaim in the political field if you are involved in these things. So point being is that the rosebud is the symbol for sodomy as Obama himself is a sodomite as well as the painter Kehinde Wiley. Sodomy is tied to the divining serpent or Cush as well since he was the god of pederasty or man boy love as Pan which is in regards to sodomy. The term sodomite also means temple prostitute which goes back to Sodom and Gomorrah where boy prostitutes serviced men and were the subjects of pederasty. So this is just another example about how all this goes back to the practices of the ancient times and is being reinvigorated today in America as well as Europe in an attempt to establish Cush and Nimrod’s kingdom in modern times.

Here is the jasmine flower. Now this flower was said to be included to note Obama’s Hawaiian birthplace and his time spent in Indonesia. The jasmine flower is seen a symbol of purity. The jasmine flower for the people of India symbolizes forbidden love on earth. The Indian god of forbidden love, lust, and desire, Kama wore the jasmine flowers on his arrows. If you remember from Part 1, this is the same entity which rode on top of the parrot while wielding the arrow. This is the same entity represented by the parrot which was next to Donald Trump in the all-white suit for the mother goddess while also posing with Ivanka. The parrot is meant to denote lust and desire and forbidden love in man as that was the animal which Kama rode.

Here is Kama. As you can see, he is mounted on top of the parrot while wielding the bow and arrow. Now, Kama as just mentioned is the Hindu god of love, lust, and desire. This is a common theme among certain entities which we will touch on now. This is meant to be the Hindu version of the Greek boy god Cupid who also wielded the bow and arrow who is really Tammuz but we’ll get to that in a moment. Kama has the green skin for Tammuz as the god of vegetation. Tammuz was known as the green man.

Here is a depiction of Cupid. Here he has the bow and arrow as did Kama. Cupid is the Greek god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection; practically the same things that Kama was attributed to in the Hindu mythos. Cupid was said by the Greek playwright Aristophanes to be the ancestor of the birds and that he made the “birds” and the “gods” by “mingling all things”. This is why Kama is represented with riding the parrot since Cupid was the one who made the birds. It’s the same entity.

Here from this line of text it is pointed out how Aristophanes said that Cupid produced the birds and gods by mingling all things. There is also a deeper resonance with that statement as explained here. It states, “Aristophanes says that Eros or Cupid produced the “birds” and “gods” by “mingling all things.” This evidently points to the meaning of the name Bel, which signifies at once “the mingler” and “the confounder.” This name properly belonged to the father of Nimrod, but, as the son was represented as identified with the father, we have evidence that the name descended to the son and others by inheritance.” So what this confirms is that Cupid or Kama is in fact the son of Nimrod who is Heru or Tammuz. Bel was one of the names of Cush as he was the “scatterer” or the “confounder” as seen with Hephaistos. He was also “the mingler” and by understanding that certain titles or attributes were aligned to his son and his bloodline, it affirms that Cupid or Kama is in fact Tammuz or Heru.

Just to make the connection between Cupid and Horus, here is a picture showing Cupid holding his finger to his lips which is to note the secrets or the mysteries of the knowledge on the left hand side which are only to be revealed to those chosen to be initiated in the mysteries. Certain symbols are told to the profane as meaning one thing when it means something else. One symbol which is a symbol that Cupid is aligned with is the heart. Now the heart is said to be a symbol of love when it is in this instance a symbol of the sun. The Ancient Egyptians aligned the symbol of the heart or the sacred heart with Osiris when he was born again as an infant or as Heru. He was depicted holding a heart or the heart shaped fruit of Persea in one of his hands. The heart was believed to be the center of the body as the sun was the center of the universe which is what made them align the two symbols together. This is also where you get the symbol of the burning heart from which is aligned to Mary in Catholic imagery and if you notice the imagery of Cupid or the cherub which is really Cupid is in Catholic imagery or art as well. Mary will often be depicted holding Jesus as an infant in her arms and having the burning heart either on her chest or somewhere else in the picture. It is to align Mary of the scriptures with Isis or Semiramis to blur the line between the left hand side and the right hand side to confuse those who are meant to be confused while those who are meant to decipher the distinction are able to break it down. The name Bel also means “the heart”. Bel was remarked as the “Sacred Bel” in Babylon who died as a martyr for idolatry. Horus or Harpocrates is regarded as being Bel reborn. So this is how the term “sacred heart” is brought about as the name Bel means the heart. To round it all up, Cupid is holding the finger to his mouth to note that the secrets or this form of understanding is to be only given to those who are chosen to be given to while it being kept from the profane who are told that the heart is just a symbol for love when it is not. Please understand that there isn’t anything wrong with drawing a heart. There are no bad symbols just like there are no bad words. Words and symbols can only be used badly for a bad purpose. A heart is just a shape just like how the middle finger is just a finger. However, when you align it to a purpose that serves a larger nefarious form of understanding, that is when certain symbols become aligned with maliciousness. 

Here is the boy god Harpocrates. As you can see, he is also holding his finger to the mouth to note him as the god of silence. He also has the wings as Cupid is often depicted with the wings as well which is because they are the same entity. Now some may ask, why is Harpocrates holding his finger to his lips as if he was an initiate who had to hold the secrets like Rihanna or Lindsay Lohan who do the same pose? This is because Harpocrates who is actually Horus which we will explain in a moment, is the highest level initiate since he and his parents were the holders and creators of those secrets. They were the masters and teachers who held those secrets and taught mankind the original secret which was the false left-hand understanding that man was his own god and that the woman was a goddess in the flesh. Keep in mind that Nimrod applied the prophecies of Yah unto himself so mankind could deify him and praise him as a god. This is why the stories of Bacchus or Mithras or Horus seem to be aligned with Yah and are near identical because once again he applied those prophecies unto himself so that the people could worship him. Having said that, the secret false knowledge or understanding that man was his own god among other teachings such as astrology, witchcraft, worship of the celestial bodies, and other things were the original secrets that Nimrod, Cush, and Semiramis held that was passed down to them from the Garden and the Nephilims. Nimrod took on the mantle of the fallen man or the man of sin from Adam after the Flood. Adam was the first man to sin and was the first holder of the secrets as found in Genesis 3 when the serpent tells Eve that her and Adam would become “gods” by eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge. That once again proves that all of these symbols are in reference to the knowledge of the left symbols which brings forth enlightenment on the left hand side to mankind to make them be “as gods” like Adam and Eve became. This is why they venerate them in these pagan mythos and is why they attack the scriptures so hard because it is the only one which rebukes Adam and Eve. But getting back to the point, that is what the secrets actually mean. It all goes back to the source which is the Garden. 

Here is another depiction of Harpocrates. This time he is of course still holding his finger to his lips for the secrets of the left hand side that was passed down to him from his mother Isis and was passed down to her from Eve after the flood. Harpocrates’ finger to his mouth is also represented in the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for the word “child”. He is also sitting on top of the ram which is a symbol for Khnum who is Cush who was always represented with the goat horns or the ram horns as mentioned before. It is to show that the attributes that is attributed to Cush is also attributed to Nimrod and to Horus or Harpocrates. He is holding the squat jar with his left hand and has the sidelock of youth which is an identifying feature of a child in ancient Egypt. Now, if you ever watched the Star Wars prequel films, you see that Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker and some of the other Jedi Knights sported the sidelock as well. It is to note that the concept of the Jedi are connected to the teachings or practices and traditions taught in Ancient Egypt. Star Wars is steeped in the different aspects of the pagan mysteries. To keep it short, it is to show that they are venerators of the boy god Harpocrates or Heru. He also has the sun disk flanked by pine cones. Now the pine cone is a symbol of the pineal gland which is a symbol for the third eye. The pineal gland is said to be “the seat of the soul” or the “epicenter of enlightenment”. That is why it is also next to the sun disk as well to note that the aspect of enlightenment and that Harpocrates is enlightened or illuminated as he holds all the secrets which were passed down to him by his mother which was passed down to her and Nimrod by Cush. This is why the ram who is Cush also has the sun disk as well.

Now just to prove that Harpocrates and Horus are the same entity, we look at his name. The name Harpocrates is a Hellenization of the Egyptian Har-pa-khered or Heru-pa-khered, meaning “Horus the child”. That is to show that this all links back to the same understanding or concept that Obama is the vicar of Lucifer; meaning that not only is he Pan or Cush in the flesh but he is also Heru or Tammuz in the flesh as seen with the presence of the jasmine and the chrysanthemum.

Now this is the lily. In alchemy, the lily is associated with lunar and feminine qualities. The lily is a symbol of chastity, innocence, purity and piety. In early Christian art, the white lily is symbolic of the “Madonna” as the flower is associated with the Virgin Mary who is actually the Catholic version of Semiramis. The lily also was dedicated to Hera, the wife of Zeus. When Zeus fathered Hercules with the mortal woman Alceme, he wished his son to partake more fully of divinity so he had the baby be brought to Hera after he drugged her to sleep. The baby was placed at her breast and Hercules nursed. When Hera awoke in horrified surprise and flung the baby from her, some of her milk gushed across the heavens and formed the Milky Way. A few drops fell to earth and from those drops sprang the first lilies. The lily is also associated with Venus as when she rose from the sea-foam she saw a lily and became filled with jealous envy at the whiteness and beauty of it. She saw it as a rival to her own beauty and it was said that she caused a huge pistil to spring from the lily’s center so she could be the only personification of beauty. Once again, the lily is a symbol of the mother goddess. In the Greek myth of Hera and Hercules, Hera’s breast milk formed the first lilies. The breast milk is once again a symbol of the knowledge of the mother goddess. The name of the goddess Ceres is where you get the term ‘cereal’ from. She was also depicted holding her child as she was breastfeeding him. The corn or the grain associated with the image of the mother goddess whether it is Ceres or Mary or whomever, always represents her son. The term ‘bar’ means the son; not to be confused with the Chaldee word “dabar” which means the word. Ceres is also where you get the A.I. ‘Siri’ from as it is meant to venerate the mother goddess since as she was the beholder of the knowledge of all things, so is Siri as she is said to ‘know everything’.

The lily is also associated with Venus and the Satyrs who are the personification of lust. Now, who are the Satyrs exactly?

Here in this text it states, “The Satyrs were the companions of Bacchus, and ‘danced along with him’. When it is considered who Bacchus was, and that his distinguishing epithet was ‘Bull-horned’, the horns of the ‘Satyrs’ will appear in their true light. For a particular mystic reason the Satyr’s horn was commonly a goat’s horn, but originally it must have been the same as Bacchus’.” What this means is that that the Satyrs who were depicted as being half-man and half-goat, were the priests of Bacchus who is Nimrod. The name Bacchus means the son or branch of Chus which is equivalent to the son of Cush; that being Nimrod. So the companions of Bacchus are rather the priests of Nimrod. The priests of Osiris or Ausar wore the leopard print and Nimrod’s name signifies, “subduer of the leopard”. As Bacchus had the horns, so did the Satyrs. They are the priests of Nimrod but in the Greek version as the Satyrs.

Just to go further, in this line of text, it states, “Pan it is admitted, was the Head of the Satyrs – that is, ‘the first of the Hidden Ones,’ for Satyr and Satur, ‘the Hidden One,’ are evidently just the same word; and Adam was the first of mankind that hid himself.” So the satyrs who are half man and half-goat are not only the companions or priests of Bacchus but they are also led by Pan who is not only Cush but is also Adam himself as Adam also hid in the garden after the Most High called out for him once he sinned. So through the lily, it connects to the Satyrs who are the hidden ones led by Pan and Bacchus which ultimately stems back to the first Saturn or Pan who was/is Adam and thus brings us all back to the Garden. It goes to show how Obama is meant to represent Pan which is a generic name for the fallen man. Obama takes on that antichrist spirit which goes against the Most High as evident since as we’ve already shown, he represents Cush as Pan and the horned serpent, the beast with the hidden “666” which makes sense since the number represents the “hidden one” Saturn, and the serpent seed of the Nephilim.

To now bring this all together and bring forth the entire connection of the understanding of Barack Obama being the supposedly fleshly manifestation or embodiment of the False Messiah or Lucifer, here we have a magazine cover from Newsweek magazine. Look at what the title states, “The Second Coming”. Now didn’t we just mention how Nimrod applied the prophecies of Christ unto himself? Lucifer who is the trinity of Nimrod, Cush, and Semiramis represent the False Christ or the Antichrist spirit who is praised as the actual Messianic figure of mankind by the masses on the left hand side. Obama is once again playing the role of Pan or the fallen man as he is wearing the black, white, and red for the Black Mass. Notice the overhead label on top of the Newsweek logo as well. It states, “How Women Will Save Europe”. Notice how they align the deification of the feminine principle with Obama who is playing the role of Heru? It is to note that as Obama comes into power so does the feminine principle and worship of the mother goddess. Keep in mind, all of this female power and LGBT propaganda was ramped up and permeated the American society heavily during Obama’s reign. It is to note that as Heru was loyal and tethered to his mother Isis, so is the reign of Obama to the feminine principle. Once again, Obama is playing the role of the False Messiah or the manifestation of the Antichrist spirit; the same spirit brought forth by Nimrod and his son Tammuz. Just to note, this was when Obama was getting into office as it states in a question, “America expects, can he deliver?” They were not asking can he deliver on his promises to bring change for a better country as he didn’t bring any change to subvert the banking monopolies and military war machine; he only made them bigger than what they already were. They were asking if he can deliver on bringing the country into another form of understanding which was to worship the mother goddess openly and to embrace and also worship the hermaphrodite and pansexuality. This magazine cover was noting what would come with his presidency or reign as proverbial Horus which was the rise of the feminine principle in full effect as can be seen with the heading. It is intentional that they put that heading along with Barack Obama on top of that cover.

Before completely closing off on this section of Obama playing the role of the False Messiah, it is important to note what that aspect is and the connection between the serpent and the false messiah. While it should be understood that Nimrod is the figure of the left hand side which is represented as the False Messiah or the Antichrist, he is also represented as the image of Jesus in conventional depictions. As it is mostly known, the image of Jesus is that of Cesare Borgia but there is more history behind this image. The image of Cesare Borgia is the reinvigoration of the image of Alexander the Great who was arguably the first great conqueror of Caucasian descent. Alexander the Great was venerated by his followers and he was integral in the creation of cults in the Ptolemaic period. Alexander the Great is considered the precursor for the ideology of Ptolemaic cults because he had a relationship with Ptolemy. Around the cults which were dedicated to Alexander, Ptolemy setup cults for the Ptolemaic rulers and gods of the Greek and Egyptian culture.

The presence of cults had been known in Egypt long before Alexander had arrived on his conquest of Egypt in 332 BC. Alexander performed an integration of his own cults before Ptolemaic cults existed. Alexander came up with the idea of creating a god that would be praised by both the Greeks and the Egyptians. Alexander combined Osiris, Amun who identifies with Zeus in ancient Greece, and Apis, which is the sacred bull deity worshiped by those in Memphis, Egypt. He was a fertility-god, a merging of the bull-god Hap and the Underworld ruler Osiris. Alexander had trouble keeping “Aser-hapi” a steady god of Egypt because of his eminence in Upper Egypt. Alexander’s created god was not popular in Lower Egypt, where it could have become prominent over other images at the time. The Greeks had strong influence in Lower Egypt, but they were not reverential to animal-head idols. In the Greek culture, animals were used as symbols or representations of themselves, but not their actual form unlike in Egypt. After Alexander’s death in 323 BC, Ptolemy returned to Egypt and established Alexander and his god which he would name Serapis.

The origin of Serapis is derived from that of Zeus and Osiris. Plutarch captured Serapis in his journal while capturing the life of Ptolemy. Ptolemy was known to meditate and sleep in his temple which is why the cult of Serapis is commonly associated with dreaming and temple sleeping.  Just as he would mediate in the temple, the followers of the cult would do the same. Ptolemy’s dream would form the ideas and practices of the cult. In his dream, he said he saw a colossal statue of some god. He stated that the god told him to relocate the statue in Alexandria. Ptolemy fulfilled Alexander’s goal and engineered the veneration of the god which Alexander created by calling him Serapis which is the equivalent of the combination of Osiris and the Apis bull. This entity is what helped create the bridge between the Greek and Egyptian mythologies and culture. The idol of Serapis was of the image of Ptolemy and he was thus venerated within that region in Egypt.

The Ptolemies for over 300 years were able to rule Egypt and make themselves gods. Though Ptolemy left Macedonia and all the Greek culture he was influenced and surrounded by, he still continued to force images and ideas of that culture in his new land in Egypt.  With their priest, the Ptolemaic dynasty attempted to identify the Egyptian god Horus with the Greek god Apollo and the Egyptian god Osiris with that of the Greek god Dionysus. This is true because it shows that they are all the same entity. Osiris and Dionysus are the Egyptian and Greek versions of Nimrod while Horus and Apollo likewise are the Egyptian and Greek versions of Tammuz. Once again, Serapis is the combination of Osiris and the Apis bull as he was first named Osorapis.

Now as we mentioned, the image of Serapis is that of Ptolemy. As you can see in the picture above, the image of the statue on the left is that of Serapis. It is the image of the False Christ which was created by Ptolemy after Alexander the Great created that entity initially. It is rather one of, if not the first instance where a major idol was depicted with Caucasian features. This is what helped set off the subversion of true imagery within paintings and statues which were originally of black features and skin tones replaced with that of Caucasian features and skin after. The image of Cesare Borgia is the reinvigoration of the earlier image of Serapis who is truly that of Ptolemy. Similarly, the two images both represent Heru as Serapis was also known as Serapis Heru. He was also known as Serapis Christus. What does that show? Serapis who is the combination of Osiris and the Apis bull is the representation of the False Christ on the left hand side.

Here is an image of Serapis once again. As you can see, Serapis has the serpent or snake wrapped around him. He also has the sun rays coming forth out of his head or it could be the sun crown. What this shows is once again the connection between the False Christ and the serpent. Serapis is Nimrod as he was depicted as the father of Horus in the Greco-Egyptian version of that trinity who we already know was the son of Nimrod as Tammuz. The presence of the serpent is to note the understanding that Nimrod practiced and reinvigorated the teachings of the serpent which was originally taught to Adam and Eve which was to glorify oneself as gods and the concept of duality as they found the secret of the concept of good and evil from the tree of knowledge. They brought that understanding from eating the fruit through the persuasion of the serpent. This is why Serapis is depicted with the sun crown. It is to note that he is illuminated by the light of the serpent or the knowledge brought forth by the serpent as Nimrod was since he took up the mantle of Adam as the fallen man of sin after the Flood. This once again proves the point that the association of the serpent with the patriarch of humanity on the left hand side which is seen with the serpent and Adam in the garden along with the serpent and Cush/Nimrod in the post-diluvian world is reinvigorated within the painting of Barack Obama with the subliminal serpent face behind him hidden within the foliage. It is a subliminal way of saying that Obama is the hidden snake in the bushes and that while he claims that he is bringing forth change for a better world or better understanding, it is for a sinister purpose unbeknownst to the rest of humanity as it was with Nimrod. Keep in mind, we will touch on Serapis again to make the final point in the dualistic spiritual connection between Trump and Obama at the end. 

Now, to return to addressing the presence of the seed, we look to the painter of the portrait, Kehinde Wiley. He is clearly a high level witch which is obvious as he was chosen by Barack Obama to portray him. There are many high level witches who keep a low profile but are still holding major roles behind the scenes by being high magicians or handlers or even programmers. As you can see, Wiley is holding his hands in the pyramid for veneration of the mother goddess. Wiley is an out of the closet homosexual as well while Obama is rather in the closet.

Wiley also has a few interesting details about himself. He was named as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2018. Why would an artist who does not have as much notoriety or recognition among the populace at large have a place within the top 100 most influential people in the entire world? These top 100 lists done every year by Time magazine is really just to glorify the top witches of each year. If they were to have a truly accurate list, it would feature all of the members of the international banking families and the shadow government officials who pull the strings and keep a low profile.

Getting back to the point, Wiley was said to have graduated from Yale University and that is the college which is the home of the Skull & Bones society where the Bush family and John Kerry came from. Yale University is also in Connecticut which is a state notorious for witchcraft and black magic. It’s no coincidence that Yale University is there. Connecticut is also the state where the WWE headquarters are located. It clearly is a haven for witches. Wiley once again is a Bonesman or a member of the Skull & Bones society. It is clear that he really had his spot in Time Magazine’s list because he is a member of the craft and a high level one at that who rose up that year which was the year after he did Obama’s painting.

Here’s the photo that he took for Time magazine when he was announced as a member of the list. He is holding his left hand over his right hand to show that he is embracing the left hand path and is willing to do any and everything it takes to perform in the craft while making no qualms about it; no matter how brutal or sinister his tasks are to be. It is also to note that they are open adherents to sex magic and the embracing of the Satanic aspect. He is showing that he is taking the dark path.

This is Kehinde Wiley posing with his fists raised up for the Due guard Masonic pose. It is to note the First Sign of a Select Master Mason. He’s also in the all black for Saturn and has the black and red color scheme for the Satanic Black Mass.

As you can see, this is the same pose that Wiley was doing which is the First Sign of a Select Master Mason.

Here is now a connection between the painting and Kehinde Wiley himself. The name Kehinde is a given name of Yoruba origin meaning “the second-born of the twins” or the one who comes after Taiwo. Though Taiwo is the firstborn, it is believed that Kehinde is the elder twin, sending Taiwo into the world first to determine if it is fit and beautiful before he descends and if it is time to be born. This goes back to the concept of the twin flame, the twin spirits or the twin aspects of the same being.

The twin serpents of the double helix seem to show up frequently in science from the subatomic scale, to the structure of DNA, to the motions of celestial mechanics and even to the structure of galaxies and massive black holes.

This is now the Ibeji which is the name of an Orisha representing a pair of twins in the Yoruba religion. The Ibeji are also syncretized with Saints Cosmas and Damian. In the Yoruba culture, the twins are believed to be magical and are granted protection by the Orisha Shango who if you look into is really Cush. It is said that if one twin should die, it represents bad fortune for the parents and  the society to which they belong to. The parents therefore commission a babalawo which is a priest to carve a wooden Ibeji to represent the deceased twin and the parents would then care for the figure as if it were a real person. That of course goes into the whole concept of the wooden idol or image housing a spirit of a deceased person which we see with the character of the serial killer doll Chucky. When you watch the first Chucky movie, in the beginning of the movie it is revealed that the doll is possessed by the criminal Charles Lee Ray who as he is dying, does a voodoo ritual to be able to enter the Chucky doll so he can live on within the doll. This will be explored more in detail in another time.  

Continuing on, here is a text about the Ibeji belief system which describes the nature or balance of the twins after death. It states, “As the Yoruba believe that the twins share the same combined soul, when a newborn twin dies, the life of the other is imperiled because the balance of his soul has become seriously disturbed.” Now, this theme is seen in other twin stories which we will get into as we delve into those other renditions.

In this text, it states, “By virtue of his immortal soul hosted by his ibeji, the departed twin remains as powerful as the living one. The ibeji(s) will have to be cared for by the parents or later on by the surviving twin.” This shows that even in death, the twin is just as powerful as he possesses the effigy or the statue. This points to the shared concept among twins in mythology.

Here is another form of the twin concept in Greek mythology with Castor and Pollux. It says here, “Their mother was Leda, but they had different fathers; Castor was the mortal son of Tyndareus, the king of Sparta, while Pollux was the divine son of Zeus, who seduced Leda in the guise of a swan. The pair are thus an example of heteropaternal superfecundation.” This means that they both shared the same womb but are of different fathers. This leads into a larger point which we will touch up on when we finish this section. “In Latin the twins are also known as the Gemini (literally ‘twins’) or Castores, as well as the Tyndaridae or Tyndarids. Pollux asked Zeus to let them share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together, and they were transformed into the constellation Gemini.” So, the story of Castor and Pollux is where you get the concept of the Gemini from. Also, the understanding of what heaven supposedly is on the left hand according to Luciferians is that you are transformed to be among the constellations. Pollux asking Zeus to share his own immortality with his twin to keep them together is often played out through the attempt for the twin who is living to keep preaching on their name and their story which can be seen with the ritual of George Floyd and Stephen Jackson after the ritualistic sacrifice of Floyd which prompted Jackson to pledge that he’d keep on fighting in his name and preaching his story. That was Jackson playing the role of Pollux.

Here is now another rendition of the twin aspect as can be seen here with the twins, Romulus and Remus who were said to be the founders of Rome. The story goes that the goddess Rhea bore the twins Romulus and Remus who were fathered by the war god Mars. Traditionally, they were said to be the sons of Rhea Silvia who was the daughter of Numitor, king of Alba Longa. Numitor was deposed by his younger brother Amulius, who forced Rhea to be one of the vestal virgins so it can prevent her from giving birth to potential heirs to the throne. After she gave birth, Amulius ordered the twins to be drowned in the Tiber River but the trough in which they were in had floated down the river and came to rest at the site of the future Rome, near the Ficus ruminalis, a sacred fig tree of historical times. There a she-wolf and a woodpecker who were both sacred to Mars suckled and fed the infants until they were found by the herdsman Faustulus. The twins would become leaders of a band of adventurous youths and would kill Amulius and restore their grandfather to the throne. They founded a town on the site where they had been saved. When Romulus built a city wall, Remus jumped over it and was killed by his brother. Now, what this all truly refers to is the story of Cain and Abel. As Romulus killed Remus, so did Cain kill Abel. Rhea Silvia, the mother of the twins, bears the name Rhea which signifies the term “mother” or “the great mother”. Rhea was called by the Greeks, Ammas which is the Greek form of the Chaldean word Ama meaning “Mother”. Not only is this in reference to Semiramis as the “mother of gods and men” but it also is in reference to Eve.

Here it states, “It was as ‘the gazer’ that the mother of mankind conceived by Satan, and brought forth that deadly birth, under which the world has hitherto groaned. It was through her eyes that the fatal connection was first formed between her and the grand Adversary, under the form of a serpent, whose name, Nahash, or Nachash, as it stands in the Hebrew of the Old Testament, also signifies ‘to view attentively,’ or ‘to gaze’ (Gen 3:6) ‘And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and pleasant to the eyes,’ &c.., ‘she took of the fruit thereof and did eat; and gave also unto her husband with her, and he did eat.” This all notes the concept of the gazer or the “gazing woman” to note the event in which Satan caused Eve to gaze upon the forbidden fruit and thus eat it.

This now brings us to Adam. Continuing on, it says, “Here, then, we have the pedigree of sin and death; ‘Lust, when it had conceived, brought forth sin; and sin, when it was finished, brought forth death’ (James 1:15). Though Muth, or Death, was the son of Rhea, this progeny of hers came to be regarded, not as Death in the abstract, but as the god of death; therefore, says Philo-Byblius, Muth was interpreted not only as death, but as Pluto. In the Roman mythology, Pluto was regarded as on a level, for honour, with Jupiter and in Egypt we have evidence that Osiris, ‘the seed of the woman,’ was the ‘Lord of heaven,’ and king of hell, or ‘Pluto’ and it can be shown by a large induction of particulars, that he was none other than the Devil himself, supposed to have become incarnate; who, though through the first transgression, and his connection with the woman, he had brought sin and death into the world, had nevertheless, by means of them, brought innumerable benefits to mankind.” This is referencing Adam since he brought death into the world through sin as it is stated in Romans 6:23 when it states, “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of Yah is eternal life in Christ Yahweh Ben Yahweh our Lord.” Adam did bring benefits to mankind but it was that of the left hand side which he brought forth the knowledge or understanding of the serpent which was to be as proverbial gods which is what is practiced and taught today by Luciferians. It is what is also practiced today by the people as they are always encouraged to “find their inner light”. What that is all talking about is to essentially go into your own path of glorifying yourself as a god and that you are the center of the universe. It is all talking about glorifying oneself as a god which is what was stated that the serpent would bring to Eve and Adam as well after he followed behind Eve. It was still a lie though and even today, they’re all deceived by this great lie that there is a true path absent from that of the Most High’s path when there isn’t. You can choose to be apart of the left hand path but it is not the pathway to eternal life. It is the pathway to self-destruction and eternal damnation which is what happened to Adam and Eve as they self-destructed and were morose and greatly depressed after they were banished from the garden. Even when the Most High still worked with them after, they were still depressed and grieved throughout their time.  

Continuing on, it states, “As the name Pluto has the very same meaning as Saturn, ‘The hidden one,’ so, whatever other aspect this name had, as applied to the father of the gods, it is to Satan, the Hidden Lord of hell, ultimately that all came at last to be traced back; for the different myths about Saturn, when carefully examined, show that he was at once the Devil, the father of all sin and idolatry, who hid himself under the disguise of the serpent,–and Adam, who hid himself among the trees of the garden,–and Noah, who lay hid for a whole year in the ark,–and Nimrod, who was hid in the secrecy of the Babylonian Mysteries. It was to glorify Nimrod that the whole Chaldean system of iniquity was formed. He was known as Nin, “the son,” and his wife as Rhea, who was called Ammas, “The Mother.” So, what does this all mean? This means that once again, the concept of Adam is represented in the form of another retelling of the story of Genesis. It must emphasized that the other nations have their own renditions of the story of Genesis where they often venerate Adam and Eve because they see him as the liberators of mankind by setting forth the access to the knowledge of the left hand side. As seen here, Muth or Pluto means the “hidden one” and we know that Adam hid in the garden when the Most High called out for him after he had sinned.

Even in this story of Romulus and Remus, their father was the war god Mars. The term Mars which is the Roman form of the Chaldean Mar or Mavor, means the “The causer of the rebellion”. Mar or Mavor also means, “the rebel”. Of course, this is talking about Nimrod as he led the apostasy or the great rebellion after the Flood along with Cush and their wife, Semiramis. However, this is in extension, also talking about Adam as he was the first man to rebel against the Most High. He was also the causer of the rebellion which is carried on within mankind today since his fall in a way to venerate him by rebelling against the Most High and following the path of the serpent.

Just to note again, the death of Remus by his brother’s hand is to note the tale of Cain killing Abel. As Romulus was seen as being the founder of Rome, so is Cain seen as being the founder or the bringer of a period of destruction as the servant to Satan on the left hand side. They deem Romulus’ sacrifice or klling of Remus as a necessary evil or force needed to spring forth Rome. This can be seen here also Cain’s killing is also seen as a part of the “bigger picture”. Soon enough, this will be revisited in another time to break down this tale even deeper in relation to the overarching theme of whom and what Adam and Eve are and were.

Here is another depiction of the twins. They are posed among each other upon the Tau Cross fashioned as a tree. If you see, these two entities are flanking the cross and are striking symmetrical poses. They are mirroring each other with the same bodily gestures. They are the representation of the twin flame aspect. In one of the Masonic legends, Hiram Abiff is given a hammer in the form of a ‘Tau’ by his ancestor, Tubal-Cain.

Here is a quick breakdown of that symbol. The Aztec Tau Cross is a symbol or the Aztec representation of the Tree of Life. The Aztec cross symbolized the concept of life and life after death which is the same “life after death” the Egyptians symbolized using the ankh cross. In the text, it states, “In the classic Atlantis: the Antediluvian World, Ignatius Donnelly states that tau was an important icon that represented ‘hidden wisdom’ for Mexicans, Peruvians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, and Chaldean.” This hidden wisdom is talking about the wisdom of the serpent or Satan which was seen with those aforementioned as the Egyptians modeled their belief after the wisdom of the serpent; as did the Phoenicians who are the Canaanites, the Chaldeans who are the Babylonians and as did the Mexicans or Peruvians.

Here is now an important depiction of the form of the twin flame aspect. This is a depiction of the Mississippian Hero Twins who are emerging from a crack in the back of a raccoon faced Horned Serpent. To break that down, the raccoon is the trickster figure and a mischief-maker. The Horned Serpent as we already broke down represents Satan; who is also the trickster figure and mischief maker at the expense of mankind as he is the adversary of mankind. Satan spent much of his time attempting to cause as much mayhem and performing deceptions through trickery against Adam and Eve along with Cain later on. This is to note the understanding that the brothers sprang forth from the proverbial womb of Satan as they were bound for enmity towards one another; mainly from Cain’s side. Notice, the serpent is emerging from the backs of the twins and is intertwining  within itself to create the twin double helix for DNA or life. The serpent or dragon is also a symbol of enlightenment or life on the left hand side.  

Now just to get back to Kehinde Wiley, it is clear that he in fact was not chosen by happenstance to be the painter to portray Obama. He was chosen for a reason and that reason was to play out that twinning ritual. The twin paints the image of the seed of the twin brothers; Cain and Abel. As you can see with this picture, this is Kehinde Wiley’s portrait of Napoleon. There is a secret hidden drawing of sperm within this painting. Before we delve into that, the frame should be brought to attention. On the top of the frame, you see a child’s head. The child is positioned within the oval shape. This is to denote the supposed Virgin birth of Horus or Tammuz. Also the corners of the frame itself as well as the pattern within the wall of the painting itself is of the beetle; really the scarab beetle. This is a major symbol of Ancient Egypt as it is stated that the scarab beetle would roll it’s dung across the ground and that would be an emulation of the scarab faced entity of Khepri and his task of rolling the sun across the sky. It is another sun symbol. Along with the fact that the fame depicts Heru in the womb, it shows that Kehinde is venerating Heru as the sun god.

Also, when we look closer at the beetle of the frame, it has the sperm imposed on top of its shell. It is to note the seed of the sun who is Tammuz or Horus. Also, the end of it looks like a breast. That would note the nursing of Horus by Isis or Tammuz by Semiramis. It’s all talking about the same thing.

Now in bringing this all together, we see the repetition of the sperm hidden within Kehinde Wiley’s paintings. On the left, we see that Kehinde has drawn the sperm cells to be as rain droplets. In that case, that is rather a homosexual painting as to note that the man with the jacket is a homosexual and that is of no surprise as Wiley is one himself. Not to be graphic but this is also what the symbol of the umbrella represents as it is a sexual symbol noting the act of ejaculation upon another person. The rain droplets are in the form of sperm cells to note that act. The act of ejaculation upon another person; specifically on top of their head is a degrading act. When you ejaculate on someone’s face or head, it is a form of dominating another person through violation. It’s as if you mark that person as your own property. Like how a dog urinates on a certain spot, it does that to claim that spot as it’s territory. The same thing with ejaculating on top of a person in that manner; it is an act of claiming someone as their own property to be used for their own satisfaction and that they can be used at any time. This goes on within these sex magic rituals; especially when these Luciferians are first brought into their cult or industry as a form of initiation. Even in the Skull and Bones society, they have a ritual where they put another initiate or member in a glass casket and they have someone stand over them and ejaculate onto the glass casket. It is a form of claiming someone as their own property and to note that they have no power or control over themselves and that they are subjects to the wills and desires of their handlers and the order as a whole. The umbrella is also a symbol of enlightenment within Buddhism as well as it is in the form of the chatra. The chatra indicates enlightened beings within Buddhism. It is the equivalent of the halo or the nimbus. The shaft of the umbrella is a representation of the human spine. Around the vertebrae or the stretchers of the umbrella are three energy channels, known in Sanskrit as Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. It is through these energy channels that the kundalini energy travels from the base of the spine and into the brain. When the kundalini is awakened, the initiate becomes illuminated. This is why the further you go up, the hood of the umbrella has the beam of sunlight reflecting off of it. That’s why they used the umbrella as a form of illumination on the left hand side.

In the middle, it is another hidden sperm drawn within the Napoleon painting. As we mentioned before, the beetle also has the sperm within it as well.

And of course, we have Obama’s painting to note the hidden sperm cell in the form of his forehead vein as well. What this all is talking about is to venerate the seed of the sun or the proverbial seed of Satan’s false enlightenment which is that of Cush, Nimrod, Semiramis, Tammuz and their followers. That’s what this entire painting was about; to venerate Lucifer and Satan and to note Barack Obama as the vessel of that energy to help bring the world into another portal of understanding which is to worship the mother goddess and the hermaphrodite son, Attis or Tammuz who is subject to the will of his mother. Attis was castrated as well as the Korybantes were as an act to serve the mother goddess Cybele. This can be seen even now with the programming in society to help socially engineer men into thinking that being an emasculated man is the way that a man should conduct himself. It is a way of putting the spirit of Attis onto men today to venerate the feminine principle. It’s all Luciferian.

Just to close off on this section, this painting points to who Kehinde Wiley venerates; that being the sun/son god Tammuz. The black and white represents duality which is for Pan or Cush as he brought forth the understanding of the bringing together of opposites. This shows that once again Pan is Cush. Also, this painting represents the enlightenment which comes from the bringing together of opposites or the melding of the dark and light. It echoes back to the understanding of the dualistic concept bringing forth the supposed highest point of illumination as we uncovered that concept when we touched on the yin and yang or the story of Horus vs. Set. This is even seen with Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga. When he was first growing to become a Jedi knight, he was wearing the all-white garb. When he “ascended” to his complete form as a Jedi knight, he was wearing the all-black garb. It was to note that both sides of the left and the right or the light and the dark on the Luciferian path are all a part of the same thing and are interchangeable. The two paths are of the same whole in the Luciferian understanding.

This is where we come to with the understanding that Barack Obama and Donald Trump are of that twin aspect. They are two halves of the same whole. As you can see in the Reverse Full Reduction, the value of the names Barack Obama and Donald John Trump both equal to 76. Now the number 76 is for the goat god Pan or Capricorn. This is to show that both Obama and Trump are the twin goats or the two halves of the whole which is to operate under the energy of the goat god or duality to bring the New Babylon kingdom of America to the illuminastic understanding of bringing both sides together for completion of the “Great Work”. They are Horus and Set on the world stage. Despite the fact that Horus and Set are at odds, they both serve the same purpose of being adverse to the energy of the Most High by venerating themselves as gods. As we broke down before, Set in the twin aspect represents the darker aspect of Horus or Tammuz. Keep in mind that many of these entities are composite beings; meaning that they represent different people.

As you can see with the goat horns and the Capricorn sign, the 76 is for the goat to venerate Khnum or Pan or the Baphomet. The Capricorn sign is that of the goat with the fish tail. It is to note that both Obama and Trump are of that energy. They both serve the same grand purpose of advancing the Great Work although serving on opposite sides. Obama serves the false light as Horus and Trump serves as the dark aspect as Set.

To cap this off on the section of the connection between Trump and Obama, we refer back to the story of Harpocrates. As we already broke down before, Harpocrates is Heru. The father is Serapis and the mother is Isis in the Greco-Egyptian mysteries. That proves that Serapis is Osiris or Nimrod. It’s just the Greco-Egyptian version of Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz.

The major point to be made is that Harpocrates is often depicted with the lotus flower. He is often described as “the Babe in the Egg of Blue that sits upon the lotus flower in the Nile”.

Here it is the explanation of that phrase. It states, “As 0, Harpocrates represents ‘the female principle, the fertile mother. (An old name for the card is Mat, from the Italian ‘Matto’, fool, but earlier also from Maut, the Egyptian Vulture-Mother-Goddess). Fertile, for the ‘Egg of Blue’ is the Uterus, and in the Macrocosm the Body of Nuith, and it contains the Unborn Babe, helpless yet protected and nourished against the crocodiles and tigers shown on the card, just as the womb is sealed during gestation. He sits on a lotus, the yoni, which floats on the ‘Nile’, the amniotic fluid.” That shows that once again, Harpocrates is represented as the child of the virgin birth as is seen with Horus and others. It is all talking about the same thing. It also notes that the lotus represents the vulva of Semiramis or Isis.

Here is an image from the animated film, “I, Pet Goat, II” which had many images representing the rise of the Antichrist and the last stages of the world which is in plan. This image is showing a split apple which from its core buds forth the lotus. The apple with the lotus is at the foot of Barack Obama. In the video, the apple is rolled onto his foot from the hands of a little girl who has a spotlight on her. The girl is meant to represent Eve. The spotlight is on her because it is to represent her illumination from her action to eat of the forbidden fruit where she became like a god, knowing both good and evil. The black and white tiles represent the two forces of light and dark or the knowledge of good and evil. The lotus budding forth out of the apple represents the seed of the serpent or the product of the forbidden fruit of the knowledge and wisdom of the serpent which is Horus or Tammuz. Once it hits the foot of Obama, the apple breaks open to bring forth the lotus. It symbolizes the spell of the Garden coming full circle at the foot or reign of Obama. The lotus or the power of Horus or the serpent seed comes into the full realization through Obama and that is what happened and is continuing to happen. It is through him that the teachings of the serpent or of Horus and Isis was brought to the masses to a mass degree.

Here is now Donald Trump with the image of the lotus. When Trump came to visit Pope Francis, he presented him with a gift. He gave him a gift of the lotus statue as can be seen on the left. It was a symbolic message between Trump and the Pope. What is this message?

Here is an excerpt from “The Secret Doctrine” by Helen Blavatsky who was a major witch in the 19th century who trained Aleister Crowley. I states, “In chapter lxxxi. of the Ritual (Book of the Dead), called ‘Transformation into the Lotus,’ a head emerging from this flower, the god exclaims: ‘I am the pure lotus, emerging from the Luminous one. . . . . I carry the messages of Horus. I am the pure lotus which comes from the Solar Fields. . . . .’ So what does this all mean? The representation of the lotus shows that Trump is promising to the Pope that he would carry the messages of Horus or continuing the final stages of the “Great Work”. As Obama would carry the messages of Horus as the physical incarnation of Horus on the world stage, so is Trump from another aspect. The lotus is the two-fold nature of the mother goddess and the hermaphrodite son who is Horus. This is why the image of Jesus with the burning heart is of an effeminate nature with feminine features. It is an allusion to the image of Horus. That is the image of the False Christ who is Nimrod or as Tammuz in his supposed reincarnated form.

This is where we finally close this entire part out. With the incoming presidency of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we are coming into the period of the outright reinvigoration of the teachings of the mother goddess and her son or the teachings of the lotus. Kamala Harris’ name, Kamala, means lotus in Sanskrit. The name Kamala is another name for Lakshmi; who is the entity pictured here. She is seated above the lotus with the halo behind her to note her being illuminated by the teachings of the serpent. She also has her hands in the as above so below pose for duality or the Luciferian understanding that what is happening in the constellations is happening in the physical world and in the underworld which can be seen in the movie, Us. Notice also that the elephants are looking two different ways to serve as an allusion to Janus who is the entity venerated by the Catholic Church and represents Cush and Nimrod. The elephant form of Janus is also hidden behind Lakshmi to serve as an allusion to the fact that the worship of the mother goddess is brought to the masses because it is more palatable with them while the worship of the so-called father god or Cush is hidden and practiced behind closed doors because the masses are aware and are trained to be put off by the image of the goat god Lucifer with the horns and the pitchfork; the same image we saw previously with Karellen. However, this is changing as the controllers of this society will slowly bring back the curtain and reveal to the masses that they truly worship that entity; the Baphomet or Cush. This is where we’re at now. Of course, the mother goddess and hermaphrodite child worship will be rampant but they will also bring forth the veneration of the father goat to the masses as well. As we near the end, the spirit is being placed on them to bring out the secrets into the light. As the secrets are revealed, it further propels this society to its imminent destruction as it will create the backlash needed to tear this society apart from within itself and will set off their downfall. Through their hubris of admitting their allegiance to the goat, it will eventually set off the destruction of this society and bring forth the final stages as prophesied by John in Revelation. Getting back to the point, Kamala Harris will really be running the office. Joe Biden is barely functioning at this point and it would be of no shock whatsoever if he would step down and hand over the presidency to her down the line. She as the incarnation of Lakshmi as “Kamala” or the lotus is to show that she will be carrying the messages of Horus as well as did Obama and as did Trump. This is all to show that this entire dynamic between Trump and Obama is nothing but a massive ritual and spell being played out on the masses. They both serve two sides of the same coin as do the political parties; not just in America but across the whole world. They all serve the grand scheme of putting the final capstone on the pyramid for the “Great Work” which at the end of the day is their vain attempt to try and go against the Most High but we all know who is victorious in the end. As Nimrod failed to complete the Tower of Babel, so will this kingdom fail to complete the “Great Work.” Just remember that these plots and machinations and attempts to subvert the Most High’s ways and to come against his chosen are all in vain. I brought this all out not to give glory or venerate their false teachings but to expose it so that we can all see through their signs and symbols and be able to better understand and decipher their spells. This is strictly to expose and rebuke their false teachings and ways. As we get to their end, we will be able to break down and understand even further their signs and symbols so that their actions can be brought to the light. As we all know, signs and symbols will be their downfall. That’s where we will end this part. Peace.

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