As we have gone into this period of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many different factors which have emerged and have played a role in the political, economic, and societal shift in America. One of these factors is the role that nurses play within America. Nurses have become figures that the media tells us should be revered and praised as heroic figures for their work during this pandemic. Nurses and doctors have become figures that we are supposed to believe in and trust and follow and listen to everything they say. Nurses and doctors supposedly should be listened to without question as if their word is gospel because they work on the frontlines in the midst of this pandemic. First off, there is not any one in the flesh who should be considered a hero; especially nurses. There is nothing heroic about a nurse or a doctor working in the midst of a pandemic; at all. They are simply doing the job that they have been paid to do and paid very well might I add. It is the job that they signed up for. Many nurses during last spring flew from other states to these major states which were allegedly hit very hard with the virus. They chose to do that; nobody forced them to. They could have very well sat home and stayed within their own state to work at their local hospital. Nobody put a gun to their head and forced them to go to New York or California to help out. They were offered massive pay per week in order to work there. If you believe that every last nurse came to New York simply out of the goodness of their hearts to help out, you are fooling yourself. I guarantee you that a lot of nurses flew into these major states because they saw those fat checks that they would get per week and they pounced at the opportunity to make more money. Many nurses and doctors are simply in that profession for the money. Lots of these doctors are upset with their lives and hate their jobs because their parents forced them into it and they haven’t had a life of their own because of it. Many of these doctors are on their own form of medication with alcohol or antidepressants or drugs because they’re so dissatisfied with their lives. This is why it is laughable to see doctors and nurses try to lecture you about what you should be doing with your health when they are visibly unhealthy. This notion which has been pushed by the mainstream media that all nurses and doctors know what they’re talking about is a joke. You can have a doctorates degree or a PHD and still be an idiot. Your level of education is separate from your level of mental acuity or awareness. Education is talking about how much knowledge you have accumulated through studying and research. In this society, education is rather indicative of how much indoctrination you have received. The higher your degree is, the more indoctrinated you are. It is as simple as that. The medical field is quite possibly the tightest lipped sector of American society where truthful medical workers or whistleblowers are often silenced before they can even say anything. The medical field is filled with people who only believe in science and have no understanding or belief in a supreme being. A lot of, if not most medical workers are atheists or agnostics. This is because science and atheism goes hand in hand. What have we been hearing non-stop since this pandemic started? It’s all been media members and politicians and nurses and doctors on social media preaching the choir about, “trusting the science”. What that all means really in a deeper level is that people are to simply follow what the CDC and the WHO tells them to and follow it and regurgitate it verbatim in defense of their god the government against anyone who validly questions their inconsistent stances on the pandemic. They constantly shift the goalposts in order to fit their agenda at that current moment. They do this without any fear of pushback because they know that the sheep will simply silence those who have legitimate arguments against the flawed logic of the shutdowns and the questioning of the seriousness of the virus to begin with. They know that they already have the people wrapped around their finger as they’ve been training them up through massive social engineering for nearly a century now. Even if the sheepish crowd that they want consists of only half, they’ll look at as a positive since they want to implement population control anyway. For the controllers of this society, they think the less the better. Anyway, point being is that these nurses have been hailed as these all-knowing experts on the virus and that their word is absolute and anyone who questions them is in the wrong and should be silenced simply because they actually have a brain and don’t just sit back and take a nurses’ word for it.

Even now, this pandemic has revealed just how money hungry doctors and hospitals truly are. Believe it or not, hospitals have been getting paid $13,000 per COVID-19 admission and $39,000 per each patient who goes on a ventilator who is diagnosed with the virus. There have been many instances over the past year where hospitals have slapped the COVID-19 label on a patient’s death certificate as a way to get kickbacks. Here is a video of a news report which shows how much the true percentage of cases where solely from COVID-19.

As you can see from this video, it proves that the numbers have been massively deceptive. Not only are the cases reported come from a disingenuous form of diagnosis, it is also a massive misrepresentation of what the situation actually is. Forget cooking the books, they’ve burned the books. This shows just how much they’ve abused this payment system in order to milk as much money as they possibly can. In America, every single sector is corporatized and is a funnel for money to the ones who control said sectors. This means that the medical sector, legal sector, law enforcement sector, and others are all used as big money making machines. With this in place, whenever a serious medical catastrophe occurs, this will always be the outcome as the system is designed to make as much money as possible at the expense of those who are sick. The pandemic has proven just how atrocious the healthcare system in America truly is and it is simply a for profit subsidiary of the Corporation of the United States.

Here is now this trend which started from the supposed height of the pandemic. This video was from early April of last year. This trend has been seen where nurses make these silly Tik Tok videos of themselves shucking and jiving all in the good name of “de-stressing”. What these videos actually bring to the forefront is how insensitive and tasteless a lot of these nurses are. This is narcissism and self-absorbedness at its finest. There is nothing wrong with dancing or seeking a form of escapism to deal with the hardships of being a nurse seeing people die. However, they should have thought of how filming themselves in these dance videos would look to everyone when most people were laid off or without a job all for the sake of not overwhelming the hospitals and were already upset from that. It shows just how inconsiderate these nurses really are. Here’s just one instance of these buffoons dancing during a so-called “war zone” in the ICU due to COVID-19 patients. Keep in mind that this was in April which was when the pandemic was getting to its height.  

Now, the media would have us believe that these nurses and doctors are working slavishly with no days off or rest periods as if they’re human robots. Don’t get it twisted; are there nurses out there who are truly working hard to help these patients? Yes, there are. Is it to the extent that every hospital is at 0% capacity and are struggling to manage this situation? No, absolutely not. If these heifers who are ICU workers had the room and time to dance like some clowns during all of this then there is absolutely no reason as to why it should be reported by any of these nurses that they are overwhelmed. What we should be seeing is ICU facilities filled up from wall to wall with COVID-19 patients and doctors and nurses surrounding each patient. Judging by what the media has been telling us, these facilities should be more packed than an MTA bus in Manhattan during rush hour. When you look at the background in this video, it seems as if this ICU facility is completely empty. Now, just think about it. Don’t you typically get into the mood of dancing or putting on music with your colleagues or classmates when the room is absolutely empty and there is no one in sight? When you know that there are things at hand which have to be done and there are other people waiting for you to tend to them, don’t you stay far more reserved and stay on task of what ought to be done? It is very clear that many of these hospitals were at times completely empty with practically no one in sight. Now, is this to say that there was no time where hospitals weren’t completely packed with patients? No, there are some hospitals at times where they were packed with patients. However, the notion that each and every hospital has been packed like sardines since the start of the pandemic is just not true at all whatsoever. In fact, there have been hospitals which have been so empty that nurses have been laid off because there is no one coming in. Now, considering how deadly this pandemic has allegedly been, don’t you think that nurses and other medical workers would be the absolute last people who would be laid off? Don’t you think that these hospitals would need every nurse and medical worker that they could find to help contain this supposed deadly virus? It makes no sense whatsoever why nurses would even be considered to being laid off unless the hospitals are in fact empty and they don’t need as much nurses as what is led to be believed by the mainstream media at large. Once again, there is no problem with de-stressing but you do it at your house in private. These nurses don’t have any discretion and think that they can just post themselves dancing like some jackasses on Tik Tok because they have been gassed up by the media and have exuded narcissism in full effect. They have been called heroes and praised by people for a long time that they now think that they are the gurus on health and science and they can just say and do whatever they want without consequences. That is not the case. Many people have been calling them out for their bullshit and have pointed out how their claims that they’re so overwhelmed is bullshit because there is simply no way you could have the time or the willpower to make these videos when you’re supposedly packed to the point of 0% capacity. These nurses actually think that people want to see them dance with their uncoordinated selves. It once again plays into the narcissistic mentality which many nurses; specifically these young nurses have exuded since the start of the pandemic. It is mostly these young nurses who are making these videos and are getting on Tik Tok posting videos about how people need to take this pandemic seriously. Well, when the CDC is putting out conflicting reports about the effectiveness of masks and economic shutdowns and the infinitesimally low death rate of the virus across all age groups along with the fact that your own colleagues are posting videos of them dancing in empty hospital rooms, it is hard for people to truly take this pandemic seriously.

Just to note, these nurses had to do takes and choreograph their dance several times over for these videos. Now, I thought you were all fighting in a “warzone” against this pandemic? How do you have time to set up your camera and choreograph your dances while fighting this allegedly deadly pandemic? How do you even have the ability to sit there and do this in a hospital setting when supposedly people are dying left and right? Even if this were the case, that would show no decorum from their end whatsoever.

Here is now a nurse who attempted to defend the narrative of this virus by attempting to justify the incredibly low death rate. She gives off a very nonsensical analogy in her vain attempt to justify why these lockdowns are still in place for the sake of this virus. She then expresses such incredible arrogance to those who question it. Here’s the video.

Now, there is so much wrong with her argument here. First off, the entire skittles analogy is asinine. Her argument is that just because there is a 1-2% chance of death from eating those skittles, you should be deterred from basically eating any of the skittles. Just because there is a chance of calamity or death that can occur, that doesn’t mean you just avoid it entirely. Everything in life has risk of death. Every time we get into our cars, there is a chance that we could get into an accident and die. So by her logic, if a person gets on the highway and when they get into a situation where they must stop immediately due to another car being in the way, the slim chance of them missing the brake entirely and instead hitting the gas pedal causing an accident warrants the entire highway to be shut down? Does that even make any sense? There is a risk of death in everything that we do. There is a risk of death from drinking a water and choking to death or getting on a bus and getting into an accident or walking down the stairs and falling and breaking your neck or taking a shower and slipping and cracking your head wide open. Does that mean that we stop selling water, ban buses from operating, close off stairs, and prevent people from taking showers and have to instead bathe like they’re babies? The entire argument is ridiculous. We know that this is ridiculous because the world never shut down for a virus at this level before. Far more deadly viruses such as Ebola and the bird flu never warranted such massive lockdowns before. This is how you know that this virus is really just about training and conditioning the masses for further compliance in subjugation to the totalitarian state. Once again, there are risks in everything that we do. It makes no sense logically for there to be such a massive lockdown based solely upon the risk factor of a virus. They say that there are long term effects which come from COVID-19 and therefore the risk of that spreading to other people is too great and must be prevented. The problem with that argument is that there are long term effects in other diseases as well and they have even greater risks of transmission and death yet they never locked things down for that. They make this argument without considering the fact that most people live paycheck-to-paycheck and cannot simply sit in their home without work on these measly unemployment checks for a whole year. People have bills to pay, children to feed, etc. Those things do not total up to a measly $300-$600. They are far more than that. This is why so much homelessness has spiked since then. If we were all living like hippies and sitting in a circle then we could shut down life as we know it because we’d be simply living off the land in that scenario. However, we’re not living that way and we work everyday in order to keep a roof above our heads and put food on our tables to survive. The only justification for such lockdowns is if the virus is spreading at neck-break speed and they are killing people left and right at a massive rate. This is not the case at all with COVID-19. People are walking around just fine and are not dropping like flies. The numbers as it has already been proven per the CDC has been massively misrepresented. No matter how many deaths or cases they claim, it’s already been proven that these deaths and cases are inflated heavily and have been since the beginning. Even other people have walked into hospitals and have shown footage of it being empty along with slow movement among the nurses. The media would have you think that the parking lots of these hospitals are filled with ambulances carrying COVID patients at the brink of death and all of the ICU’s being packed with no room for any other patients. This is simply not the case at all; not even the slightest bit on a mass level. Is this the case for some hospitals around the country? Yes. Is this the case for every single hospital? Absolutely not. This all shows a lack of honesty from these nurses who are trying to be the moral police on social media in an attempt to inflate their egos and make themselves ought to be heroes who are saving humanity and are helping society. It all comes from a narcissistic core which has been present within the medical and science field for a very long time. I’m not saying that there are zero cases out there and that the hospitals don’t have any true cases. However, as nurses, you should be far more honest about the true situation of what your hospital experience is and has been instead of trying to speak for every other hospital and claim that you’re all so overwhelmed when it is a case-by-case situation. Point is that she’s looping everyone in as if you were to get this virus, it would result all in the same outcome. Some may catch the virus and supposedly show no symptoms. Some may catch the virus and be extremely affected by it. The age group most affected is obviously the elderly more than any other age group. Even then, the elderly have a very low death rate from COVID-19. To be clear, each case varies. Not everyone is going to show severe symptoms or be all debilitated from this virus. It is impractical to loop everyone in and treat everyone the same as being all at severe risk of contracting the virus when it has already been proven that it is mainly among the elderly. Yes, other people can still catch it but the point is that not every person should be treated as if they were just at risk as the elderly are from a logical standpoint.

The main point I wanted to get to now is this nurse’s condescending attitude towards the end where she states how it is offensive to bring up the survival rate of COVID-19. No, it is not offensive because facts and information cannot possibly be offensive. Facts and information are simply facts and information. No singular thing can be offensive. Only a person can be offensive. The reason why this woman thinks that bringing up the survival rate is offensive is because she knows whether she wants to admit it or not that it disproves her entire argument. No matter what type of funny math you try to conjure up, the point remains that the virus is not as lethal as it is made up to be. Far more people die from other causes such as heart disease, cancer, and others per year than COVID-19 did within the year of 2020. So no, bringing up the survival rate is not offensive because that is simply facts and information being presented. When a lawyer brings up evidence before a court of a murder’s crime in killing another person, the murderer doesn’t say that bringing up that evidence is offensive. The murder would have no choice but to acknowledge what he did since the evidence came forth that they did in fact commit that crime. The murderer could use all kinds of different ways to explain away why the crime was committed to justify their reasoning or argument but they can’t disprove the evidence that is presented. She is claiming that bringing up the survival rate is offensive because people are dying. No, that does not make it offensive. It is simply disproving the entire false argument of the virus being deadly when it is not. Regardless of this, people die in general. So for her to basically blame us and say that for us not wearing masks, it is what led to people dying from this virus is ridiculous. The people who are dying are all the fault of people who don’t wear masks? It is not the fact that they failed to work on their immune systems, regulate their weight, and eat properly to have a good defense against this virus? Sure. To simply argue that people dying as an excuse for continuing to shut down everyone’s businesses is a non-argument and is not even a valid reason. People died from contracting viruses and infections long before COVID-19. This was never an excuse to shut everything down. We all know what the true purpose behind the lockdowns is for but this is simply breaking down the terrible logic behind it on the surface.

This woman is dressed up in her medical gear and mask to show her as being on the frontlines and that she has the authority to lecture everyone about the virus and why they are wrong and have no say in the conversation about the illogical implementation of lockdowns. She is such a narcissist and is so self-absorbed that she claims that anyone bringing forth evidence to disprove the tired old narrative of why the virus should bring forth lockdowns is offensive and thus shoots down anyone from bringing a solid argument with straight facts. You know what is actually offensive? What is truly offensive is for people like her and nurses like her to get up on these social media platforms and claim that we all are selfish for not complying to lockdown orders and that they’re so overwhelmed due to COVID while their colleagues are posting videos of themselves bopping and twerking on the dais while everyone else has to be locked down and lose their jobs and their homes and eat into their savings account all for their sake of not overwhelming them. Now that is offensive. It shows a lack of decorum and care for the situation that much of the country and the world is in due to the economic situation created through these lockdowns to help benefit them, the nurses. One would think that these nurses would express gratitude and instead just work in silence but instead they have to plaster their faces all across social media and lecture everyone about the virus and basically silencing any dissenting viewpoints even when it is brought forth with evidence. The point is that this is all going to lead to more media censorship and more one-sided arguments being presented without the other side having a chance to speak. The joke is on them though as their ability to express their own voice and opinion will also be taken away from them soon after everyone else’s ability to do so is taken away on the opposite end of the argument. Remember that in the tale of Narcissus, he was so obsessed with his reflection in the waters that he ended up drowning to death because of his self-obsession. This is the exact case with these dimwitted groups of people who comprise of half or three quarters of the country as they will grant the controllers of this society the acceptance of their power being used to silence free speech which will be used against them. They are blinded by their narcissism that it will lead to their own demise in the end.

That is where we will end this off at. Peace.