As we begin this next phase of the deterioration of this society, we are going to be met with many different things; one of them being famine. The U.N. has recently proclaimed that there is a “famine of biblical proportions” which is coming. What must be first understood is that we have already been under a famine for a very long time. Considering all the wickedness which has befallen humanity and the perverse deeds which this society has decided to partake in, it has led to punishment on a spiritual level which is irreversible. People think that the curses are still yet to come for what this society and its rulers has let go on and what they’ve done but this is simply not true. The Most High has already placed judgment on the people by cursing the land. This is why many of these food distributors have been using GMOs and chemicals to grow more food because the land has not been able to bring forth enough food due to this curse. If there wasn’t a curse on the land, there simply wouldn’t be the presence of GMO use by these major food companies. While they were forced to use GMOs in order to delay this famine, they took it as a win-win situation. Not only do they put off having to deal with a famine but they also get to poison the people to perpetually damage their immune systems which would send them to the doctor giving these hospitals and pharmaceutical companies more money, make them more docile in an attempt to place them under a state which is to revert to their most carnal aspect of their mind by simply chasing more food and having no desire to truly go beyond that state, and to also eventually develop diseases over time which would contribute to the depopulation agenda. The entire “Go Green” slogan which is supposed to be about practicing veganism and maintaining the environment is really code for population control. These so-called elite figures of society like Ted Turner who call for “going green” and preach environmentalism are also tied to the sentiment that population control is necessary because they believe that humans are the ones who are putting this major stress on the environment and what is allegedly plunging us towards “climate change” and will cause the world to end in 2030. Well yes, it is true that humans are contributing to this current situation we have right now with the environment but it is not the common citizen, it is people who are of Ted Turner’s ilk who organize these chemtrails over the sky polluting the air and have a far greater carbon footprint than any one of the regular class. People like Al Gore preach environmentalism and how we are somehow responsible for the carbon footprint when he was found himself to generate a massive carbon footprint of his own by using twenty times as much energy in his own home than the average home in America. It is just plain hypocrisy on their end but they use it as a front to actually create efforts to depopulate the world which is what they’re currently attempting to do right now with the Coronavirus. Getting back to the point, the “Go Green” movement is tied with our food. It is preaching veganism and to not eat meat because it is inhumane and to rather eat meat substitutes. Here’s the thing, the Most  High created the animals to be sacrifices and also to be eaten. This is why the Most High gave Adam power over the animals because they were created to serve him i.e. humanity. They however are very much against meat-eating and killing animals because they are actually venerators of Pan who was the god of the animals or the shepherds and flocks and wildlife. This is where you get the organization known as PETA from who are so against people who eat meat or use animal skins or furs for clothing. They don’t do this simply out of the good of their heart for preserving the life of the animal but it is rather also in the vein of worshiping Pan. PETA stems from Ptah who was the Egyptian god of vegetation. He is also Pan. This movement has led to the rampant promotion of veganism among the masses. This can be seen with the recent trend of meatless burgers or burgers which consist of meat substitutes. Two brands, Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger have been at the forefront of promoting vegan burgers or vegan meat to the public. There is nothing wrong with eating vegan burgers as there are healthy meat substitutes from things like wheat gluten and jackfruit which can be used to create vegan steaks or vegan chicken. However, as we know, these major food companies put in more than just the necessary ingredients for the burger and other food and candy and soft drink items while not letting you know about it. Let’s first dive into the video about the Impossible Burger first and then we’ll recap.

Keep in mind, this is a burger that can “bleed”. This is allegedly an entirely plant based burger made by Impossible Foods but we all know that this isn’t the case and we’ll get to that in a moment. The burger uses a molecule in plant roots called ‘heme’ which looks and tastes like blood and therefore gives the Impossible Burger it’s supposed real meat flavor. As you should know already, we are not supposed to eat blood as explained in Leviticus 19:26. However, this society just goes off of its own whims.  It’s like the same thing with the sunny-side up egg with the raw yolk. There are many risks and bad things which can come out of eating raw egg like that or meat that is not thoroughly cooked. Point being is that when they say that they’re coming out with vegan meat or cloned meat, that means that they’ve been using meat substitutes in beef and chicken and fish filets for the last 40 to 50 years or so. They’re coming out with this in full force because they know that they’ll be able to get most of the public to go along with consuming these meatless burgers. Lord knows what are actually in these burgers but the point to be made is that as we continue to move forward and are met with this massive man-engineered famine that is going to hit the globe, the people at large will be forced to eat these meatless burgers in replacement of the typical meat that they’re eating now. This famine will wipe out the meat market entirely and lead the people to these meatless burgers as their only option for meat. People will go along with it because they’ll get their fix since it has been made to taste and have the texture of typical beef. This will also be the case for chicken as well and possibly fish as well. There’s already meatless fish out there so they would be able to roll those out as well. We’ll now get to another company which is bringing out meatless products is Beyond Meat. They have also built up a lot of esteem and brand value for themselves which we’ll touch shortly. Here is a video about Beyond Meat.

If you didn’t notice who posted this promotional video for Beyond Meat, then it was none other than Bill Gates himself. Yes, it is the same Bill Gates who has paraded himself as this world-renowned expert on science and this current ongoing Coronavirus. This is the same Bill Gates who also was responsible for the depopulation efforts in Africa and India with his vaccines. Bill Gates has invested millions of dollars into both Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods for some time now. This video was also posted in 2013 so it shows that this has been in the works for quite some time now. So if that is not a cause to pause and to run for the hills from this product then I don’t know what is. Just to note, a lot of these vegan products have ton of chemicals in it which makes it rather toxic products. That’s not to say that vegan burgers are pumped with chemicals but I’m simply saying that these manufactured products are pumped with chemicals. It’s best to make vegan burgers from scratch and also most foods as a matter of fact.

Now here’s a snippet of an article which described Impossible Foods raising $300 million. Here it states, “Impossible Foods has raised another $300 million to satisfy demand for its plant-based alternatives to meat — and celebrities are joining in. Jay-Z, Katy Perry, Serena Williams, Jaden Smith, Trevor Noah and Zedd are all among the slew of investors Impossible Foods announced Monday.” So not only is the megalomaniacal eugenicist Bill Gates investing millions in this company but so are top witches of the industry in Jay Z and Katy Perry, Monarch assets Serena Williams and Jaden Smith, Luciferian gatekeeper Trevor Noah and master hypnotist Zedd investing in this company as well. Of course, they’re investing in this vegan company because they promote the agendas which are supposed to be implemented in society for tomorrow. In this case, it is the rest of society eating meatless products. All of these people mentioned are all venerators of Pan which is another aspect of their push of this meatless product as mentioned earlier.

“The latest round of funding was led by the company’s major, previous investors Temasek, a Singaporean investment company, and Horizon Ventures, a venture capital firm in Hong Kong. Overall, Impossible Foods has raised more than $750 million.” So other countries are investing in this product as well which should tell us what- it should tell us that this is going to be worldwide as well and not just brought to people in America.

“Celebrity investment in Impossible may be another sign that realistic meat alternatives have become incredibly trendy.” Well this is what trends are all about which is to bring people to be a part of something new. In this case, it is about bringing people into eating meatless products without hesitation once the meat market is wiped out with the upcoming famine.

“Some consumers are trying to eat less meat for health reasons and to reduce their impact on the environment, so demand for plant-based protein is on the rise. This year, Impossible Foods has seen such a spike in demand that it has been running out of product.” That’s the main point here which we just made. The whole environment movement is all about these type of things and it has worked as Impossible Foods was supposedly at the time of this article was “running out of product”. Expect this product to boom possibly within this year and or next year.

Here’s another article which talks about investments made in Beyond Meat. It states, “The company has famous investors like Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio and even former McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson and America’s largest meat processor, Tyson Foods.” Now, if that doesn’t make you want to run from Beyond Meat then I’m not sure what will. Not only do you have another witch in DiCaprio who is also an environmentalist which proves my point about the overarching “Go Green” scheme but you also have the former CEO of McDonald’s investing in this company and as we know, McDonalds doesn’t even put out real food to begin with and actually uses human remains in their food; believe it or not. Tyson Foods is also investing in this company as well and it is the largest meat processor in America. They are also using cloned meat as well in their own products so they can produce as much meat as possible. They most likely use human remains in their products as well. That may be incredulous to some people but that is the truth of the matter. Isn’t it interesting that these two companies who are experts in creating these Frankenstein meat products to the masses are investing in this company, Beyond Meat? Remember that Bill Gates is investing in this company as well along with Impossible Foods just as he has made those vaccine patents and conveniently a pandemic spread across the world which would benefit him massively financially. So to see this goes to show that this is the next step in food consumption in America as these are the products which will be used and consumed by the whole world during these next few years that we have left; assuming that there are years left in this society to be had. It should tell you what these products actually consist of.

“And since their debut at Whole Foods in May 2016, Beyond Burger patties have made their way into tens of thousands of supermarkets (from Kroger and Safeway to Whole Foods), restaurants (from TGI Friday to Carl’s Jr.), hotels (like The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong) and even sports stadiums (like Yankee Stadium). Beyond Meat says it has sold 25 million Beyond Burgers worldwide. The company recently filed for an IPO and is reportedly worth more than half a billion dollars.” And that is the main point that I wanted to make here in this section which is that these products have already made its way into America and across the world. They have already set their mark and are being prepped to benefit massively off of this famine which is on the horizon. Understand also that this is not the first company to sell meat products which don’t consist of meat as cloned meat products and these Frankenstein meat products have been sold to the masses for decades now. They figure that they can produce more food for the masses in America by putting all of these steroids and hormone injections in these animals to bring forth more chicks or calves and also grow in size to make more money and also to put the masses at large under perpetual health issues and long term health problems as well and they make money off of them that way as well. It is a domino effect. Point being is that these two brands have all the chips in their favor as not only have they been raking in money through investments but they will also be the major food processing and distribution companies in the world rather soon once this man-made famine kicks off. Keep in mind, whenever man puts forth so-called predictive programming about famine and food shortages and announce it in advance, you know that it is engineered. They have warehouses which have food and water stacked up to the roof and could not run out of food as they’re constantly producing food through these GMOs and steroids. However, they’re creating this as a way to bring other things forward to complete the so-called “Great Work” that they’ve been working towards for centuries now which is getting to my next point.

Here is the infamous 1973 film, “Soylent Green”. This is one of the major films of so-called predictive programming put forth by the elites as it revealed what is coming ahead.

Here is a description of the film. I won’t go into deep detail of the plot itself but the main points I want to point out. Here it states, “In the year 2022, the cumulative effects of overpopulation, pollution, and some apparent climate catastrophe have caused severe worldwide shortages of food, water and housing. There are 40 million people in New York City alone, where only the city’s elite can afford spacious apartments, clean water, and natural food, and even then at horrendously high prices. The homes of the elite usually include concubines who are referred to as “furniture” and serve the tenants as slaves.” Now isn’t this something? The film is based in 2022 which is 1 year from now and it is showing food shortages, water shortages and housing shortages. Notice how they link overpopulation and pollution to this problem as well. This is the elite’s form of the Hegalian dialectic of creating the problem and providing the solution by placing blame on the population as the perpetrators of the environment’s problems and food shortages when in fact the elites have created it themselves while providing the solution of eating meatless products. The city’s elite being able to be the only ones who can afford spacious apartments and clean water and natural food goes back to the current class warfare waged by the elite to destroy the middle class and put everyone as dependant subjects of the government who have to wait for food from food banks as has already been seen in Texas recently. The horrendously high prices goes into the current destruction of the dollar and the upcoming hyperinflation which will come forth after the passing of these stimulus checks. They have kept everyone at home so they can keep cutting these checks to destroy the economy and the value of the dollar so not only can they create further poverty but also a pretext for a new one-world currency that everyone has to buy into but that’s down the line. “The homes of the elite usually include concubines who are referred to as ‘furniture’ and serve the tenants as slaves”. Yes, that is a big thing which does occur in human trafficking; especially among these elite figures in society. Stores that sell furniture are often fronts for trafficking and buyers purchase furniture items which are covers for actual people. This brings the whole Wayfair event of last year to mind. While not all of it was true, that practice definitely occurs within these trafficking circles.

“Soylent Industries, which derives its name from a combination of ‘soy’ and ‘lentil’, controls the food supply of half of the world and sells the artificially produced wafers, including ‘Soylent Red’ and ‘Soylent Yellow’.” Notice how Soylent Industries controls half the world’s food supply. This will be the case with these brands in Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods as they’ll have just as much control; possibly less. Why do you think so many of these celebrities and billionaires and major companies have invested heavily in these brands? It’s because they know what level of control they will have and they know how much money they can make off of them once they get to that point.

“Their latest product is the far more flavorful and nutritious “Soylent Green”, advertised as being made from ocean plankton, but is in short supply. As a result of the weekly supply bottlenecks, the hungry masses regularly riot, and they are brutally removed from the streets by means of police vehicles that scoop the rioters with large shovels and dump them within the vehicle’s container.” This is a key point as they keep their product in short supply in order to create this rampant desperate need for the product which comes in the form of a free-for-all for the Soylent Green product. Notice how the Impossible Foods product also ran out of its product before too because of “high demand”. They want to destabilize society this way so they can continue to exert full government and police/militaristic control over society in this period of time. They could then in this case as told in this story to take the rioters away and dump them in these massive containers to take them away. Now what would happen to these people?

“Thorn boards a truck transporting bodies from the euthanasia center to a recycling plant, where the secret is revealed – human corpses are being converted into Soylent Green.” This is the entire point that I wanted to bring out with this. These meatless products that they’re putting out and are being promoted by these celebrities and are being invested heavily in consist of human meat. This is why you don’t trust any of these meatless products; especially from Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. If you want meatless burgers, just make them yourself because otherwise, you’ll end up eating some human. This is to venerate Baal and bring this kingdom of New Babylon under more demonic energy through cannibalism. The term cannibal is from the Chaldean Cahna-bal, “Priest of Baal”. Cahna is emphatic form of Cahn, “a priest”. This all ties back to Baal and the veneration of Nimrod which is why this will also take place in the final stage of the final capstone on the pyramid of the “Great Work” to finish the proverbial Tower of Babel.

Just finishing off this text, “Thorn is spotted and kills his attackers, but is himself wounded. As Thorn is tended to by paramedics, he urges his police chief to spread the truth he has discovered and initiate proceedings against the company. While being taken away, Thorn shouts out to the surrounding crowd, “Soylent Green is people!” And that is the endgame; that being bringing the entire masses of this world into the consumption of these so-called meatless products which are actually as told here are really human meat products which when consuming human meat is the veneration of Baal. While this is going on right now with companies like McDonalds, there are still other options to strictly eat vegetables or fruits or real vegan meat. Under a famine, they would wipe those products out and force the masses to eat these products as it would be provided as the only option to eat for them to survive. This is the way that they bring forth enough demonic energy to keep this kingdom running longer and to buy more time. Point being is that all of these meatless products are being promoted heavily in order to set up the population in acceptance and familiarity with these meatless products so they can consume these products without much pushback once they do in fact put this product forth as the eventual sole form of food. They’ve been putting out these Frankenstein meat products for years but it will be another thing once this famine kicks off.

Before we wrap things up, I just wanted to touch back on a point I made earlier which is how the organization known as PETA venerates Pan. Well, this is a picture from a South Park episode which did a spoof on the PETA organization which is about animal protection and veganism supposedly. They showed PETA members engaging in bestiality and also showed animals as their actual partners. This goes back to the veneration of Pan who was the god of bestiality. Pan was also the god of the woodlands and the animals which is what PETA stems from. They venerate Pan which is why they have such an emotional outburst at people who kill animals for food or use them for clothing. It’s because the over infatuation and love of the animal stems back to the worship of Pan and it is evident here. The creators of these shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park are heavily tuned into what really goes on behind closed doors and what the next step is in the elite’s efforts to complete the so-called “Great Work” or the pyramid of Lucifer. These shows are used for “predictive-programming” which is another form of sigil magic to make the spell more effective once it is casted on the masses fully.

Here is a depiction of the goat god Pan who is the god of lust and as you can see here he is having sex with the goat which is for bestiality. Keep in mind, Pan is Cush who was the man that brought forth the teachings of bestiality in the ancient world. The priestesses of the ram god Khnum who is also Cush in Ancient Kemet had sex with goats in public. That is where the concept of riding the goat in Freemasonry or the witch riding the goat comes from. Point being is that the pushes of environmentalism and “going green” are in veneration of Pan who was the woodland deity. It would be of no surprise if PETA was also connected somehow to the depopulation efforts behind closed doors. Remember that these organizations are fronts for far more sinister purposes. So yes, that’s what PETA is all about.

To round this all up, this is what they’re doing this all for; that being Baal who is the god of human sacrifice and cannibalism. This is who they venerate and give sacrifices to in these mass sacrifice events and abortions to continue conjuring the necessary demonic energy to keep this kingdom up in their vain attempt to complete the “Great Work”. These meatless products which as we know will consist of human remains will be full-fledged veneration of Baal. When the veil is lifted and the elite let the people of this society know who they truly worship, they will let this occur in order to recreate what was done in the ancient world which was to do what they do now behind closed doors in the open and for the members of this society to be willing partakers in it as well. They truly believe that they will be successful and place that final capstone on the pyramid of the “Great Work” but as we all know; man plans and Yah laughs.

Peace and Blessings.


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