Throughout the year, there has been a recent boldness of child sexual exploitation in media. While more people have become aware of the perversions behind the entertainment industry toward children, the media has been more outright in an attempt to normalize pedophilia. With the recent film promoted by Netflix, it has sparked outrage from most people but it has also let apologists for child sexual exploitation and even pedophilia to come out of the woodwork. People have begun to connect the dots with the recent film to other notable instances of pedophilia in Hollywood such as the story behind the predators of Nickelodeon, Tom Hanks’ ties, and Pizza-gate. The outrage has gone so far that there have been “Save the Children” protests against pedophilia in Hollywood, New York City, London, Buckingham Palace, Toronto and other cities. The protests have not been mentioned once by the mainstream media and the stories have been largely suppressed. This entire situation has been going on under our noses. However, despite the push-back from many people, there is still a push to normalize pedophilia. This effort is being pushed on all fronts from media, society, science, and law. We’ll address it one by one and will get to the bottom of it all.


As most of us know already, the new film Cuties is a clear promotion of child sexual exploitation. First of all, the main character in the story is 11 years old in the movie. Not only are the characters underage but so are the actresses themselves. The story centers around the main character, Amy, an 11 year old girl who becomes fascinated with a twerking dance crew which causes her to “explore her femininity” and subsequently defying her family’s “conservative” traditions. This description is nearly verbadim what the synopsis provided by Netflix stated before they were pressured and decided to change it. The argument has been made that the movie is not about sexualizing young girls but it is a film that analyzes a culture and society dominated by media which pushes young and impressionable girls to sexualization. While the issue that this premise allegedly discusses, it still is problematic. There has been a concerted effort by Western society and media to demonize Christianity and Islam to destabilize it as well as the cultures in which the religions are firmly established. This is not to say that this is because the religions are the true pathways to The Most High but it is because it enforces traditional gender roles and is combative against homosexuality, androgyny and promiscuity. In enforcing these rules, the religions mostly establishes order in society even though it can go overboard with mistreatment toward women. In particular, the Muslim world where women are beaten, killed, forced into marriages, and are victims of terrible incidents such as having acid thrown in their face for the slightest transgression. The Western media uses these instances to antagonize the entire religion in order to destabilize regions in the Middle-East by socially engineering their societies and to make it more recipient of Western ideology and values. This has ocurred in countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The main goal is to have the entire world under the influence of the elites through these overt Luciferian ideologies which promotes and advocates for acceptance of feminism, globalism, hypersexuality, and destruction of the family structure. Through these practices being incrementally established in society, it would further promote and engineer chaos and disorder within the Middle East and other ultra-conservative countries in the world; hence the motto- “Order out of Chaos”. Either way, the true intentions behind the film’s premise is insidious either way as it is to promote animosity against traditions which uphold laws that maintain order in their societies. If the film truly hits at society pushing young girls to sexualization at an early age, then it has done a horrendous job at promoting the film as such.

Just to note, there is some minor symbolism to note here within the film itself. The main character, Amy is often seen sporting pink clothing. Pink is the color of submission. In MK-Ultra, pink is a color used to symbolize child sex alters. Pink is a color mainly used to trigger these alters in BETA programmed sex kittens. This is seen by handlers and programmers as the most vulnerable alter to break down the victim. MK-Ultra sex kittens are often commanded to wear the pink color to promote their virginity to other handlers which signifies to them that they can profit more off of them. This is why elites prefer to use children because their energy is far riper in them than older subjects. This is why celebrities get phased out because they have been used up of their energy, mind, and body and now are to elevate in the occult to become high priestesses and high wizards.

The notorious promotional poster for the film is overtly sexual. The girl on the ground has her hand on her hip with her backside up in the air. The girl to the left of the poster is in the twerk position. This is a physical sign of seduction used to lure men to lust after their backside and their privates. When you the backside is visible through little to no clothing or very tight clothing which amplifies it’s shape, it is a non verbal form of communication which signifies that their backside is for the taking. This is shown in society through sagging where men let their backsides be visible from sagging their pants to mark themselves as tough men. In reality, sagging came from prison where homosexual men would sag their pants to show that they were sexually available for other men in prison. In general, if you are walking around scantily clad with form fitting clothes, you are inciting arousal in other bystanders even if you are not intending to. People in general are aroused by visuals where the assets of the person they are interested in are exemplified. These poses are simply girls promoting themselves as being sexually available. Twerking is a very sexual dance which is why girls shouldn’t be twerking but it is happening more often than you think. More on that later.

This is even more apparent in the film itself. The dance scene in the film shows this even more explicitly. The dancing is uncomfortably hyper-sexual. The four underage dancers are holding and carressing their crotches several times over during the dance. During the dance, Amy bends over all the way down to her ankles into an extremely sexual position.

This is the position in which an 11 year old girl in a film was in. These girls are doing dances that grown women (really sex slaves) like Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and Nicki Minaj would normally do. Even for those grown women, the dances are highly appalling but to have children do this type of dancing is despicable.

The IMDB trigger warning for the content of the film describes a very telling scene. It states, “female breast nudity of a minor during an erotic dance scene…” This is inaccurate. This description is in reference to a scene where the four girls are watching a dance video on their phone and one of the dancers lifts their bra and reveals their breast. This media exposure eventually influenced these four girls to act out in the same sexual manner. This of course is disgusting to any sane person but understand that this scene was placed for a reason.

For decades, underage boys and girls have been sexualized by the media. Older actors in their 20’s have been playing high school students in film and television. Over the years, girl’s clothing in high school films and television shows have been incrementally lessened. At first, high school girls in films and television started to wear skirts which showed off their legs. Next, they started to wear tighter jeans. Then, they started to wear tight crop tops and skirts. With high school girls being portrayed by older women wearing this type of clothing more and more, it is a form of subliminal programming to train girls and boys from the age of 14-17 into becoming more sexually charged outwardly and mentally and to think they are more grown than what they really are. With girls and boys from the age of 14-17 being more sexual and engaged in adult things through this subliminal training, it makes society view teenagers of ages 14-17 as being able to consent because they are supposedly aware of who they want to have relations with since they already have boyfriends and girlfriends at that age. Let’s also talk about Amy’s attire in a particular scene as well.

Notice how overtly sexual her attire is. This is attire that you would normally see be sported in a similar fashion by a high school girl in a film back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Since they have normalized 14-18 year old girls dressing in this manner, they now want to normalize 9-13 year old girls dressing in this way as well. It won’t be that difficult to do so. Notice how the boy with the glasses is dumbfounded by Amy’s appearance. This is a normal reaction any person at that age in that setting would have when seeing an 11 year old girl dressed up like that. However, the boy’s reaction is not to insinuate the purported message of the film that the media is at fault for training young girls to be sexualized is correct. It is the opposite. The boy’s reaction is a symbol of others being judgmental and ignorant of a child exploring their sexuality and expressing it in a “bold and brave” way. By the end of the movie, Amy’s ultra-conservative Muslim mother becomes more understanding and accepting of her daughter’s choices. The movie is all about tolerance towards brazen child sexuality. Amy, like her fellow “girlfriends”, is taking on the role of child prostitute. Her outfit is eerily reminiscent of Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver.

In Taxi Driver, Jodie Foster plays Iris, a child prostitute who serves as the catalyst for Travis Bickle’s (played by Robert De Niro) downward spiral into vigilantism and subsequent insanity to protect her from her handler, Sport (played by Harvey Keitel) who is using her for money by pimping her out. The name Iris is an allusion to the Mother Goddess. In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification and goddess of the rainbow and the messenger of the gods. Considering that the rainbow on the left hand side is symbolic of fornication (which is biblically defined as sexual immorality), the rainbow is the code of law for Luciferians. The different aspects of the LGBTQ sexual spectrum are all explored in the rituals by Luciferians, Wiccans, and Satanists. There has been a long push by pedophiles to add a ‘P’ to LGBTQ for pedophilia but has been met by pushback by the LGBTQ community in large part. Perhaps it is because pedophilia or child sex abuse is what creates most cases of homosexuality, bisexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, and gender identity disorder and it is the experiences that they endured which has traumatized them. However, some people embrace this demon wholly. When the pedophile rapes the child anally or vaginally, the pedophile proverbially plants the egg by passing the demon inside of him into the child. Once the proverbial egg is hatched, the demon begins to take over the child down the line once they physically mature and their sexuality often manifests itself outwardly because they are acting out their trauma and the demon which is inside them because of their abuse. The demon often causes the abused to become child sex predators themselves. It becomes a deadly vicious cycle which creates generations of degeneracy and wickedness.

The ruling energy behind the LGBT movement or the rainbow is pedophilia. On the societal hierarchy, pedophiles are at the top of the class structure above transgenders, homosexuals and women. While it might not seem like it now due to public pushback, pedophiles are the most highly regarded and protected behind closed doors and within the legal system. In Taxi Driver, Iris is the core personification of the rainbow because her abuse as a child and the stolen energy from her root chakra is fueling the rainbow which is the energy force of the left hand path. In the tantric circles, the root base chakra is believed to be the source of energy distribution and physical survival. The elites believe that this energy is most potent in a child which is accessible through the anus. They anally rape the child in order to replenish themselves of their failing vessels through the energy of the child and seizing or “eating” their souls. The concept of soul eating is also known in African folklore.

“The soul eater is supposedly able to consume an individual’s spirit, causing a wasting disease that can be fatal; “the soul eater is a classical form of the cannibalistic witch”.  In Hausa belief, the desire and capacity for the practice, termed maita, is rooted in special stones kept in a person’s stomach. The trait allegedly can be inherited from one’s parents, or can be acquired from an existing practitioner.”

The wasting fatal disease is the demon manifesting inside the individual through the soul eating or anal rape of the individual which later turns them to eventually become predators themselves. It is the destruction of the soul to create the manifestation of fornication and blood lust through the harboring demon. This also pertains to adults as well. During initiation sex rituals or soul-selling rituals, the individual is anally raped by multiple “soul eaters” in one setting to break their spirit. Once their spirit is broken, they become more acclimated and comfortable in homosexuality, lesbianism, transexuality, and pansexuality.

The special stones kept in the person’s stomach are a direct correlation to the esoteric belief system of the tantric circles. As you can see in the picture above with the colored chakras in the stomach of the individual which houses special meaning and powers once unlocked, it is a clear connection to the belief of special stones being housed in the person’s stomach. As said in the quote, the desire to partake in soul eating comes from the special stones or the full utilization of the chakras by ascending in Luciferianism and cultivating that energy forward through rituals on a high level. By looking at the chakras, you can clearly tell that this is also another veiled allusion to the rainbow as well.

The trait of soul eating is believed to be hereditary because the practice is known to be passed down and taught by generational Satanic or Luciferian families to the children through the parents sexually abusing them or by an existing practitioner doing so.

Iris is said to travel the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other and into the depths of the underworld. The goddess Iris is a traveler who goes from place and place and is a messenger of the gods. Akin to the goddess, the child Iris is also traveling from place to place serving as a sex worker. In Taxi Driver, Iris serves as a messenger of the gods and their message is to embrace child sexuality and pedophilia. Iris throughout the film condones what Sport is doing to her due to her high impressionability as a child. She serves as the voice of the Rainbow Serpent albeit being a manipulated individual. All children who believe in their sexual independence are the manipulated souls tethered to the Rainbow Serpent or Pan.

She is 12 years old in Taxi Driver. Amy is 11 years old in Cuties. Amy is tapping into the same BETA sex kitten alter that Jodie Foster originally tapped into during Taxi Driver. Notice the color symbolism once again. Foster is wearing the pink colored top which symbolizes submission, virginity, and fertility. She is wearing the red colored pumps which symbolize lust, seduction, passion, sex, sin, and blood sacrifice. Iris serves as a blood sacrifice for her pimp, Sport due to the bloodshed from vaginal penetration by the much older men that she is forced to serve. Through the blood of Iris, Sport ascends higher through his control and influence over Iris’ mind as well as profiting off of her services. Her red pumps are also a color code for ruby level programming which is rewarded for sexual submission of the BETA sex kitten. “Sporting” the red pumps while going from one end to the other end of her world, Iris sexually submits herself through servicing grown men for their pleasure.

Another code of MK Ultra Jewel Programming is through the use of the color emerald. In MK Ultra Jewel Programming, the emerald is a jewel which is rewarded to the jewel programmed sex kitten for their loyalty to their handler. Pay attention to Iris’ dialogue with Travis when he is trying to convince her to leave the abusive situation in which she has been subjugated under.

Why do you want me to go back to my parents? I mean, they hate me. Why do you think I split in the first place? There ain’t nothin’ there.” – Iris

Iris is a prime example of the candidate which predators look for when trying to find an impressionable child to abuse and manipulate to believe that being sexually engaged at her age is normal. This is a common theme among child characters in Steven Spielberg’s films where the child has no father at home. The most notorious example is of Elliot in E.T. where his father is non-existent throughout the story which drives him closer in his relationship to E.T. and being more enamored with him. The film has sexual undertones as well. E.T. serves as the Creator god Ptah or Pan and Elliot serves as his son. This is alluded to with the cover of the film where they emulate the Michelangelo painting, “The Creation of Adam” and E.T. serves as the creator or the Almighty but in the essence of Pan.

By destroying the home, it creates a greater opportunity for children to be vulnerable to destructive ideologies which will influence them to turn to drugs, violence, consumerism, and degeneracy. With the parents both at work, the child is also raised up by the school system and the television. This dynamic also creates further influence over the child’s mind instead of them adhering to their parent’s teachings. This was done during the feminist movement in the early 20th century where women were socially engineered to clamor for jobs in the workplace. This has created a larger work pool which lets businesses and corporations pay workers less due to more money needing to be spread among a larger work pool. With the subsequent rise in inflation over the years due to the accelerated printing of money by the banks and stagnation in wages, this creates a dynamic where families across the country are forced to deal with less money and increased prices which keep the vast majority of the country at a financially suppressed situation. Despite the rise in the amount of people making six figures in America, the purchasing power of the American dollar has increasingly diminished over the years which incrementally deteriorates the comfort of the average household in America. With an increase in families being in financially strained situations, it creates the likelihood of more kids being influenced by the school system and being left at home alone with their babysitters watching television or social media which has taught them subliminally to embrace degeneracy and simplicity because their parents are too busy working to try and keep the household stable. With a lack of guidance and discipline, kids are left to their own devices to go along with peer pressure of other kids to embrace joining gangs and being in the streets. Broken single-parent homes lead to more crime among children and make them more impressionable to accept Luciferian ideologies. Creating a drastic ideological contrast between the parent and the child, it creates more incentive for the parent to remove the child from the home or for the child to move out of their own volition. Once the child or the teen is on their own in the world, the likelihood of them being manipulated and abused by predators increases drastically. Once the predator takes hold of the child and warps their mind further, the child will have no mind of their own and have no intention to remove themselves from their toxic and abusive situation despite the fact that they are suffering even though they believe it is normal due to the induced mind control. This is the modus operandi of the predatory elite under the guidance of Pan. Predators who believe in pederasty or pedophilia often antagonize their target’s parents and tell them that their parents don’t understand the love that they have for each other. It is the predator’s game to turn the child against their own parents to believe that what they are being subjected to is love. It is the manipulation through the grooming process which the predators induce the child and sometimes their family under to get closer to them and eventually mold their mind to acceptance of pedophilia and being victims of it under the guise of love. One of the ways this is done is through pornography where the predator shows it to the child to desensitize them in order to build less resistance within them to future sexual interactions. More on that later.

“But you can’t live like this. It’s a hell. A girl should live at home.”– Travis
This is the rational understanding in which an adult has pertaining to a child who is being manipulated and abused by predators. However, resistance comes from the child due to their mind control through desensitization and indoctrination by the predator.

“Didn’t you ever hear of women’s lib?”– Iris
The women’s liberation movement which was a branch of the feminist movement implemented as a form of social engineering within the country by the international bankers ignited women in the supposed fight against sexism in culture and the workplace. This period of time lasted between the 1960’s and the 1980’s. This movement is where the infamous bra-burning protests occurred. The slogan, “my body, my choice” comes from this time period; specifically 1969. The slogan is meant to embody the fight for reproductive rights (abortion) and women’s rights (feminism). Some women use this term to justify them sleeping with whoever they please; especially considering the “slut walks” that feminists have participated in since then. Feminism imbued women with the freedom to be overtly sexual and independence from their male partners which caused the rift between the two genders. With the rise in the promotion of sex in media through Playboy, it created a more sexually driven society. As women were given more liberties, it led to them being more vulnerable to assault and manipulation because they no longer had a male guardian. Another reason why women were targeted to believe in independence and to perceive motherhood and marriage as constraining was to make women more vulnerable and controlled by predators; whether it is in their direct lives to groom them to eventually use them for sex or through the media to warp their minds to believe in concepts that creates a social condition where women are actually targeted more. In general, male guidance and leadership is supposed to be in place to help protect women and lead them out of situations where they may be targeted by a boyfriend from school, a co-worker, a neighbor or others. Yet, men have been neutered in Western society to not have any say over the women in their lives; not to put women in a controlling situation where they get punished for the slightest mistake but to help protect them and shield them from manipulative people. Independence and freedom of expression are terms that have been coined to indoctrinate groups into believing in the messages propagated to them by media and plants in society who call themselves activists. This incremental breakdown of society through the repetition of these terms in these social engineering psy-ops has all been to eventually let children make their own decisions and to be sexually expressive. Once women had the freedom that they asked for, homosexuals and lesbians started asking for their freedoms and liberties. Once homosexuals and lesbians got what they wanted, along came transgenders making demands soon after. Now, the elite wish to initiate children with the same inclination to make demands for freedom and liberty; mainly in the sexual sense. It is the rabbit hole that the international bankers created when they first planted the seeds of feminism to slowly denigrate the morals of Western society. Upon the notion that they are liberated, they are controlled to believe that they are free when they have been lead into a trap to only be even more enslaved mentally, often sexually, and socially to be another hamster on the wheel in believing the front of how the world works to make demands in politics which actually is not for their benefit such as a response for global warming which is really to implement higher taxes to further take away your money. This is the situation here with Iris. She believes that having control over how she gets by in life and not having a man tell her what to do is liberation and that living a traditional lifestyle is obtuse. With this understanding imbued in many girls, it makes them easier to control and to believe that they are in a normal situation thus driving them to defend it and to keep themselves in that predicament. The most powerful form of slavery is when you make the slave believe that they are free.

What do you mean, women’s lib? You’re a young girl. You should be home now. You should be dressed up, going out with boys, going to school. You know, that kind of stuff.” – Travis

This is the voice of reason coming forth once again trying to pull the child out of their mind control. Travis tries to pull Iris back into believing in a traditional lifestyle which values family, friendships, and education.

God, are you square.”- Iris

Iris replies this way because of her mind control not only from her handler Sport but also from society through women’s liberation. As mentioned before, feminism instilled the discontent and even disdain in women towards motherhood and the traditional way of living. It programmed women with the intuition to be more brash and stubborn in going their own way in spite of the norm of prioritizing family values which was established in society for centuries. Most females nowadays look at motherhood and an established career focus as being boring or restrictive. Most females nowadays prefer to be as sexually fluid as they want to be well into their 40’s and build a career off of social media through modeling and being influencers by utilizing their physical assets because they have been encouraged to value sex above their intellect or skill. Models on social media primarily show off their assets because they subconsciously believe that they have nothing else to put forth. Most models and influencers on social media are extremely insecure because they have been programmed to value beauty over substance of the mind. Even when most women today have a career in a major field such as law or medicine, they use social media to indulge in self-aggrandizement and to communicate feminist ideas; associating their career success with not needing a man. The shield of obstinacy within Iris’ programming is instilled as a defense mechanism against believing in a way out or acceptance of a more reserved life. This shield is also present within many girls today who are in similar situations where they are being manipulated by a boyfriend or co-worker and the best method of protection is for them to come back to their roots and be more reserved by not being entirely trusting of others.

“He’s a Libra. I’m a Libra too that’s why we get along so well” – Iris

This is a line of defense which is really a red herring that Iris uses to defend her handler Sport from Travis’ argument against him. Iris is exhibiting her emerald programming through this scene where she defends her handler against the voice of reason that is trying to remove her programming.

Taxi Driver is a mind control movie. The aspect of the story which centers on Iris explores her BETA sex kitten programming. Travis Bickle is DELTA programmed as he attempts to assassinate the presidential candidate, Charles Palantine in the story. The film has a theme of dissociation centered around Travis as far as distinction of what is real and what isn’t real throughout the story. During the diner scene, you can see the monarch butterfly above Iris and Travis. This is to signify that both characters are programmed and are going through their own forms of programming.

Just to further emphasize that Taxi Driver is an MK-Ultra driven film, in 1981, John Hinckley Jr., who was programmed, attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan at the time. His actions were influenced after watching Taxi Driver; which was used as evidence in his court case in his plea for insanity which he successfully attained when he plead not guilty. His case was what created the Insanity Defense Reform Act of 1984 in America.

Hinckley claimed that his actions were to impress Jodie Foster, the actress who plays Iris. Hinckley had an obsession with her as well. Upon finding out that Jodie Foster was attending Yale, Hinckley- a person who didn’t finish college, told his parents that he was going back to college. Hinckley was not enrolled in Yale yet he went there to stalk Jodie Foster by sending her letters, voice mails and constant calls. By attempting to emulate Travis’ actions, he hoped to win her affection. It is true that Hinckley was driven to this by watching the film. Considering his motivation, there were triggers within the film which activated him to commit his deed. This act of triggering programmed multiples through film and music is a common practice used by the elites to activate the programming in their assets to compel them to commit certain acts which has been required of them to do. There is a decent percentage of people in America who live among society as normal people on the surface but are actually programmed-multiples who are utilized to partake in ritualistic events often on elite pagan holidays. Speaking of ritualistic events and elite pagan holidays, the assassination attempt took place during Lent; a forty day period of fasting and penance which starts on Ash Wednesday. This forty day period is for the commemoration of Tammuz. When Tammuz was slain by a wild boar, devotees to Tammuz mourned and wept for him for forty days and forty nights in the spring. The word Lent itself means ‘spring’. The holiday Lent itself comes before Easter which is a holiday that is for Ishtar and Tammuz. To further tie the film to the Lent holiday, the main character that Hinckley channels during his attempted assassination of Reagan is named Travis. The name Travis stems from the word traverser which means to cross, crossing, or crossroads so they share the same meaning. The deity that rules over the crossroads is Osiris as he is the god of the dead. This is the reason why Osiris is often seen sporting the ‘X’ symbol by crossing his arms together. The symbol of the ‘X’ itself is the point of no return- the transformation point which takes you from the physical world to the spiritual world. This is shown in Black Panther when T’Challa (Black Panther) crosses his arms to form the ‘X’ as he is transferred to the spirit realm from the physical world after ingesting the heart shaped herb. In Ancient Egypt, the Egyptians observed a forty day fast in honor of Osiris. Considering all these factors, it was no coincidence that the Hinckley-Reagan event happened during Lent which is a holiday that was practiced in a similar fashion by the ancient Egyptians to honor Osiris and also the fact that the character of Travis Bickle that Hinckley was channeling through his programming was named after Osiris in a veiled way.

To further expound on the mind control aspects of the emerald and the rainbow, we can tie this to the Wizard of Oz; a movie which was implemented as a form of programming within the MK Ultra program itself. As you can see in the picture above, Dorothy is walking down the yellow brick road on the way to Emerald City. The phrase, “follow the yellow brick road” from the film is used in the MK Ultra program to trigger the asset into doing whatever they are told to do. Since the asset follows the yellow brick road, they practice obeisance without question of their commands. As the road leads to Emerald City, the fulfillment of the asset’s duties to their handler leads to the emerald- a jewel rewarded for loyalty in jewel programming.

The rainbow which serves as the crown of Emerald City is a complex symbol as well. In Nordic mythology, the rainbow is a symbol of travel from the physical world to the spiritual world. In MK Ultra, the rainbow is used to create a dissociative state within the subject. What happens “over the rainbow” is a dream within the subject’s world. The subject’s abuse is often hidden behind the several walls within their mind to prevent them from breaking. The trauma inflicted upon the subject is used to induce them into a trance state to make them susceptible and recipient to the messaging that their programmer is communicating to them to further program them. The rainbow bridge is instilled within the subject’s programming to make them understand that what they experienced “over the rainbow” in the “other world” was all a dream and that what occurred is separate from their everyday world. The phrase, “There’s no place like home” which comes from the film as well is a phrase used to condition the subject to forget what they experienced; whether it was being used in sex rituals, prostitution in serving men sexually or being forced to partake in pornography where they were raped. Remember that this programming is often instilled in subjects when they are children.

Just to further connect Taxi Driver to the Wizard of Oz; Iris’ red pumps are also a symbol of Oz programming because of Dorothy’s red shoes that she wore in the film. Dorothy tapped her red shoes together to bring her “back home” from Oz after Glinda the “Good Witch” tells her “there’s no place like home”. This is a phrase used in MK Ultra which enforces the subject to forget their abuse after being used in child pornography or prostitution which often entails the subject being put back to their own bed to sleep after their abuse. Once the subject would wake up in their bed, it would seem as if it had all been a dream and that none of those things ever happened. 

As mentioned before, the rainbow in the Luciferian sense is the energy force of the Lucifer. The rainbow flag of the LGBT+ community encompasses homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, transgenderism, androgyny and eventually pansexuality which encompass sex with all beings. All of these sexual aspects are direct components of the rites of the creator god Pan. This ties the rainbow with Pan in the form of the Rainbow Serpent which is also viewed as a creator god. In certain cultures, the Rainbow Serpent is seen as male, female, bisexual, having an ambiguous gender or hermaphroditic/androgynous entity. This is the reason why the rainbow has been used as the symbol for the LGBT community because the Rainbow Serpent embodies all of these aspects.

There are parallels between both Pan and the Rainbow Serpent. Pan is associated with the androgynous deity Baphomet in both being aspects of the “Father God” Cush. Yurlungur is another name for the Rainbow Serpent which means “the great father”. The Baphomet is depicted as having breasts. In certain cultures where the Rainbow Serpent is considered bisexual or female, it is depicted with breasts as well. Pan is a phallic deity depicted at times with an erect phallus because of its immense lust. Pan is also depicted having sex with a goat to symbolize that Pan had sex with all things which includes children. Pan would lure children into the forests through the alluring music he would play from the Pan pipes. Upon luring them to him, Pan would have sex with the children in the forests. Pan is also viewed as the god of fertility. The Rainbow Serpent has been viewed as a phallic symbol which has connected it with the fertility rituals through the male aspect in its commemoration.

As mentioned before, Iris’ blood from the sex due to her immature physical body serves as an offering for Sport to ascend higher in his services. Handlers often get rewarded financially by the men and women who pay for the sexual services of their asset. Vaginal blood is often collected and used in rituals when the girl is raped. Blood is a key component to summoning demons from the spirit world into the physical world in rituals; whether it is through blood sacrifice, cutting, or the collection of vaginal blood. The Rainbow Serpent is associated with human blood; especially the menstrual blood. The Rainbow Serpent as mentioned before is viewed as a male, female, or androgynous being. Through the female aspect in connection with fertility, the Rainbow Serpent has often been illustrated as a vagina. Art of the Rainbow Serpent depicted it with its mouth open and tongue out to symbolize the vaginal opening along with the streaming menstrual blood. Another instance of the menstrual or vaginal blood in connection with the Rainbow Serpent is the ancient Kunapipi blood ritual centered on the Wawalag sisters where the indigenous Australians would recreate the Rainbow Serpent devouring the Wawalag sisters through dance and pantomime (musical comedy).

The story of Wawalag is also an allusion to the destruction of innocence and the spirit that inhabits the children after molestation.

“According to legend, the sisters are traveling together when the older sister gives birth, and her blood flows to a waterhole where the Rainbow Serpent lives. In another version of the tale, the sisters are traveling with their mother, Kunapipi, all of whom know ancient secrets, and the Serpent is merely angered by their presence in its area. The Rainbow Serpent then traces the scent back to the sisters sleeping in their hut which is a metaphor for the uterus. The Rainbow Serpent enters, a symbolic representation of a snake entering a hole, and eats them and their children. However, the Rainbow Serpent regurgitates them after being bitten by an ant and this act creates Arnhem Land.Now, the Serpent speaks in their voices and teaches sacred rituals to the people living there.”

The Rainbow Serpent entering the hut- a metaphor for the uterus, is in reference to the penis penetrating the vagina. Note that the Rainbow Serpent is also viewed as a phallic symbol. The Rainbow Serpent eating the children is the rape of the children through pedophilia. The Serpent speaking in their voices and teaching the sacred rituals is the children who have been abused and have had the demon passed into them to communicate messages which will amplify the Luciferian energy in society to teach that pedophilia is normal. In Satanic circles, the children who are abused often become the abusers. Now tying this back to Iris, the goddess is said to be the messenger of the gods. Iris’ god or owner is Sport. She serves as his messenger that pedophilia is normal and liberating.

This is the entire agenda implemented by the elite controllers behind the rainbow flag wielding LGBT community. It is to warp the minds of children to believe that they are in a normal loving relationship with a grown adult and that they are grown enough to make their own decisions. This is another psychological conditioning mechanism used on the masses for decades through shows such as Modern Family where the children seem more mature and grown than their parents as well as the show, “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” where children are more intelligent than adults. These are all ways in which the masses are conditioned to believe that children are mature and intelligent enough to have relationships with grown adults. It is all to normalize and attempt to legalize pedophilia and pederasty.

To now further expound on how young girls are actually wearing less conservative forms of clothing and how it will be used as a way to justify the supposed maturity that young girls have over their sexuality, I’m using the video of child fanatics storming the Team 10 house of Jake Paul to demonstrate to you how children are actually dressed nowadays. Please note that my selection for demonstrating this is not random at all. Children are influenced by people like the Paul brothers who are involved in the industry to act out and influence kids to be more belligerent, crude, and sexual. Logan Paul features one of the most prominent adult film actresses, Lana Rhoades on his channel. Considering his audience, you don’t think that these kids wouldn’t look up who Lana Rhoades is? Especially these boys who follow Logan Paul and emulate his silliness and lunacy religiously? Influencers like the Paul brothers are specifically placed within YouTube to manipulate the minds of kids and teenagers to embrace idiocy and to explore sex.

I would project that she is between the ages of 8 to 12. Notice how high and tight her shorts are as well as her shirt. Most girls in the aforementioned age range are wearing this kind of attire during the summer. Not only has the media taught children that this is attire is appropriate to wear during the summer, this has also permeated the minds of parents to let their guards down and to believe that it is ok to dress their young daughters like this.

Again, look at the girl with the light pink shirt near the door. Her shorts are so high that it is literally on her waist line. Now look at the girl with the orange shirt. Her shirt is form fitting and it is short enough to show off her navel. Her jeans are also very tight- not to mention her skin that is showing through the ripped holes in her jeans. The girl with the blonde hair and hat is also wearing tight shorts as well. People may think that it’s stretching it when bringing her up but it is not. The girl can wear baggy shorts which won’t hug her body as much. It is perverse to think about but pedophiles really do lust after a young girl’s body.

Notice the taller girl with the braids. Not only is she wearing shorts which are high up and is hugging her waistline like the girl next to the door with the pink shirt, she is wearing a crop top showing off her stomach as well. She looks like the oldest one out of the group but most likely is under 18. She may be in the 15-17 age range. It just goes to show you that the clothing on young girls gets increasingly revealing as they grow older year by year. Once again, it is the influence from these so-called social media stars as well as how high school students dress in film which influences the behavior and attire of these kids.  

As you can see, Logan Paul is clearly in the craft. Nobody reaches the level of fame that he has without being in the craft. Many celebrities got their start off of YouTube and are now in the craft after reaching their level of stardom. The hand sign he is making is a symbol of obeisance to the Father God and Son God. The middle finger in palmistry is for Saturn. The ring finger in palmistry is for the Roman god, Apollo. The middle finger over the ring finger symbolizes the communion of the Father God and the Son God. Saturn is an alter of Cush and Apollo is an alter of Nimrod. You then have the dove on the back of his shirt which is a symbol for the Mother Goddess Semiramis in her Queen of Heaven alter which is most commonly depicted as Mother Mary in Catholicism. This is the reason why he is showing his back to the camera. His pose is to symbolize worship of Cush, Nimrod, and Semiramis; the tri-head of Lucifer.

Influencers such as the Paul brothers are put in the position that they are in within YouTube because they are primed to promote foolishness and degeneracy. YouTube kowtows to homosexuals and places them in highly “influential” positions; constantly featured on trending pages and specialized advertisements. Homosexual content creators such as Shane Dawson and James Charles have been primarily featured on YouTube for several years. Despite the blatant evidence that has come out showing that both individuals are sexual predators, YouTube has always covered for their depravities and have furiously promoted them only until recently. Their presence is to specifically target children (which are one of their major demographics) by making fornication more palatable to them and believing that it is normal to be a homosexual or a transgender. Homosexuality is the gateway to pedophilia. Many homosexuals are predators themselves. As mentioned before, the demon passed into the child through rape manifests overtime and distorts the child as they grow older to act out and sometimes become predators themselves. Other times, they’ll become hypersexual, asexual, or identify themselves as a homosexual, bisexual, transgender or even become a pedophile. While there are many aspects which can come into play when someone becomes a homosexual, bisexual, transgender or pedophile, it cannot be denied that there is a high spiritual factor which significantly determines the outcome.

It has been reported that homosexuals are responsible for a third of all child sex abuse. In a study performed by The Archives of Sexual Behavior, there were 229 convicted child molesters who were examined. It was found that 86% of the offenders against males considered themselves either homosexual or bisexual. The institutionalization of pedophilia within the Catholic Church is also a key symbol of the connection between homosexuality and pedophilia.

Shane Dawson is notorious for making comments in the past which is pedophilic. This is one of the few reasons why he was recently taken down on YouTube. Here are just a few videos of him making explicit comments where in his own words “tries to justify pedophilia”.

(Disclaimer: Please stop watching the next video at 4:16 to spare your ears from the obnoxious outro.)

As you can see, Shane Dawson has that spirit of perversion within himself. James Charles also has dealt with controversy after several people came out with allegations of sexual harassment among other things. The most infamous case was when Charles cat-fished the high school soccer team as a girl to solicit pictures of their genitals. Charles is no stranger to being a predator himself either.

Then just recently on September 17th, Jerry Harris was arrested for child pornography. Harris is also openly and profoundly gay. Harris was attempting to illicit sexual videos and photos from a 13 year old boy.

Jerry Harris was a popular actor who was constantly being promoted as a “media darling”. In the Babylonian realm, homosexuals are above heterosexuals. Overt homosexuals in general such as Jerry Harris, Billy Porter, and RuPaul are always propped up and praised by the media. It is a part of the media’s agenda to promote homosexuality and a specific admiration for homosexuals that is above the admiration you would have for heterosexuals. For the most part, homosexuals are never brought to the forefront about their mistakes and are never openly criticized or bashed in the media unless it is happenstance where people come out about them and they have to address it or they have to undergo a humiliation ritual or they have upset their handlers. Homosexuals are also never criticized for the most part because it creates a subconscious idea within people that they are to be above you and you cannot come against them otherwise the majority will come against you and call you homophobic. It is the same psychological approach used regarding Jewish people where you criticize them or the Jewish state without hurling insults; you are branded as an Anti-Semite.

All in all, these homosexual celebrities who are constantly featured on YouTube and in Hollywood are used to engineer the minds of the youth to accept homosexuality and even be engaged within it to be homosexuals which works most on young girls since they are more willing to be sexual with each other. Hence the moments in clubs where girls grab each other’s breasts or backsides or even go as far to kiss each other. Certain music also has a certain energy attached to it which conjures sexual energy and can cause people to act that out and do things which they normally wouldn’t do from their own volition.

Moving on, there is some more tied with the Cuties film. The film won an award at Sundance Film Festival. Interestingly enough, the co-founder of Sundance, Sterling Van Wagenen is a convicted child molester. He was sentenced to a minimum of six years in prison for child molestation just last year. The thing here is that the judge has made it known to Sterling that he ought to serve the minimum six years before being considered for release. This is the issue with the justice system. It has been curtailed to be extremely lenient on child molesters and pedophiles. It is rare to see pedophiles and child molesters served life sentences for their crimes unless there is so much evidence present and they are serial pedophiles such as Sidney Cooke. The justice system across the world is incredibly lenient on pedophiles because the main builders of the law within the world are pedophiles themselves. Just to note, Robert Redford who is the founder of Sundance Film Festival is also a part of this all.

For those of you who don’t know, the woman in the picture is Marina Abramovich who is a high witch that is connected to musicians, actors, artists, fashion designers, and politicians.

She is the woman who is notorious for her “Spirit Cooking” rituals which was exposed during Hillary Clinton’s email leak. She has been pictured with many celebrities and politicians. She is a guide for them and assists them in rituals and ascending in the craft.

Furthermore, there has been an effort by the media to quell the outrage by most people. There have even been actors such as Tessa Thompson (Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok) who have attempted to glamorize the film by calling it a “beautiful” film and bringing up that it won an award at Sundance Film Festival; as if that is supposed to justify the explicit sexual exploitation of children. This is the same woman who is in a relationship with the self-proclaimed pansexual Janelle Monae. So it is not surprising that she would be the one to cape for the film considering that her girlfriend is a pansexual. The film has been covered by news websites as being a “bold and brave” film that attempts to address child exploitation. They have also been politicizing the outrage by calling it “right wing smears”, “far right obsession”, and “targeting by conspiracy theorists”. It is typical desensitization tactics which is not working this time. These types of tactics may work regarding the virus, the vaccine or topics regarding government corruption but it will not work regarding pedophilia. This is something that needs to be incrementally introduced to mass society very carefully and it is working to some degree since there is even discourse about whether the film sexualizes children or not. The fact that there is even a discussion or an argument that is attempted to be made goes to show you that they have made progress in desensitizing some of the population to pedophilia and child sexuality. This is something that would have to take years to socially engineer the majority into being respondent to the idea but the elites don’t have that time. This is why they are being outright with it at this point because they do not care who doesn’t agree with the movement. They prefer for there to be civil unrest and retaliation because at this point in time with the “Twindemic” and divide and conquer Election on the horizon, civil war is inevitable. It would only give governments the power to officially enforce martial law to completely control the people and transition the world into the next stage of Living Purgatory. The intended civil outrage will be touched on in detail for Part 2. The legal, educational, scientific and societal topics will be specifically discussed in detail. Stay tuned.

All Praises, Glory, and Honors goes to Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh for Eternity Barakatha.

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