Betrayal is a familiar foe we have faced
The pain we have faced has caused our anger to haste
Our hearts quickened with frustration and rancor
Stubborness of handling our issues on our own
Without the Most High being our anchor
Kindling the flames of fury within our spirit further
Hands offering the antidote to our cancer at heart
We turn the hand away to cause ourselves to wither
Letting our hearts fester and mold with the tumors of our wrath
We fail to let our grip go from the pain of our past
Creating stumbling blocks in our path
Sowing the seed of bitterness within our soul

The seed remains in our soul
Blinding our eyes from clarity
Rendering our hearts as coal
Burned by what we can’t let go
Hearts born of purity come to our aid
Wishing to pluck out the seed within our heart
A resolve in which we angrily evade

Let go of the pain
Allow the light to come through and reign
Lay raid to the darkness within
For roaring as a lion to devour your loved ones
Springs forth the everlasting fate of chagrin
Open the doors for it is Yahweh who knocks
Trap yourself not in lone confinement
Letting yourself fall to the tricks of wicked foxes
Causing your crown to rot away as you have your soul

Rip out the roots of wrath
Pluck out the bitter seed
Allow yourself to heal
Turn to the Heavenly Father
Let the covenant turn your heart to gypsum
To be as the rock which builds you up as a righteous temple
Lest the bitter seed blooms forth a deadly plant as cestrum

Eternal Love, Praises, Glory, Honors, Gratitude and Servitude goes to the Most High Father Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and the Heavenly Archangels. Barakatha. All praises and thanks goes to Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh for this poem for these are not my words and I take no credit. Thank you Father and Son for giving me the words to put this poem together. Halleluyah.
I dedicate this poem to the brothers and sisters who have anger within themselves and are quick to lash out at each other and cause quarrels. You have anger within yourselves from past times and troubles which have caused you heart that you haven’t healed yet. We have all been hurt and betrayed by people in our lives of whom we thought were best friends or family. It doesn’t give us the right to hurt others because we have been hurt before by others. You cannot bring yourself happiness or relief to yourself by causing pain to others and bringing them down with your words. The more you let that anger fester and lay dormant within yourself, the greater the chance of losing your crown becomes. Many come to be apart of our family and express disrespect towards each other over conversations which do not warrant such an emotional response. There should never be a time in which we verbally and emotionally abuse each other with our words when we are discussing something. We are to love each other without ever causing hurt within ourselves. If you are still hanging onto memories of times you were wronged and has caused that bitterness to permeate within your spirit to become apart of who you are, you must correct that. Seek the Most High and Yahweh Ben Yahweh for spiritual refinement and strength to be able to carry on past your hurt. We hold so much anger within ourselves thinking we can do this on our own so when people of righteousness wish to edify us and help us to grow with the Most High but it unbeknownst to them strikes a nerve within us, we lash out against them wrongfully. If you are one of these people who have lashed out and disrespected other righteous brothers and sisters, you must repent. The Most High has made it for us to be as a loving family and has stated for us to not have quarrels with each other. You should seek prayer for refinement as well as fasting. Some of us still eat junk food and drink toxic sodas and sugary drinks on a regular basis. These foods and beverages causes us to be put in bad moods, causes extreme mood swings which adds onto the emotional instability in which is already present within yourself internally. When your mind is clouded, your spirit will be clouded as well. This is why it is so important to stay away from fast foods and sugary drinks as it creates more problems than just physical health. It takes spiritual, mental and physical refinement through fasting, prayer, reading scriptures, and cleaning your diet as well if you are not eating sufficient foods. Let the Most High take precedence in your life to allow yourself to heal and let go of your pain. Stay strong, remain circumspect, keep in prayer for refinement and stay steadfast in the covenant and everything else shall follow suit. Peace and Blessings unto you all. Barakatha.
Eternal Love, Glory, Praises, Honors, Thanks, Loyalty, Faith, Gratitude and Servitude goes to the Most High Father Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and the Heavenly Archangels Barakatha. Halleluyah. One Love.

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