For many of us
We have days of low spirit
The world in which we are apart of
But we are not of it
It hates our Father
It hates our Messiah
The darkness which surrounds us
Hopes to cloud us in mire
Wishing to consume us to lead us away
To be filled with sadness and pain
Mourning for we know our true purpose is not here
It is to be fulfilled beyond this life with our Creator

Our days are filled with labour
Bringing weariness to the heart and spirit
To be able to endure is favor
Gratitude fills our hearts for the Savior
For He has given us the strength to move forward
As others turn to poison to fill their void
We were kept upright when the rain poured
While the houses of others were destroyed
Mercy has been shown to us for long
To endure and face the storm
Even after all we have done wrong

The days wind down as the sand in an hourglass
Falling down gracefully as the leaves in autumn
We watch with eagerness and hope as the sand pass
Hoping for all the sand to reach the bottom
Praying that we are ready for the rigid war
Which will open Heaven’s door
The lion roars for the pain of his cubs
Which has pained Him much

We carry on with love for our Lord
For the hope of salvation and eternal bliss
Witnessing the crystal waters flow before our eyes
Touching the soft mane of the horses
Tasting the pleasant and delicious morsels
Feeling the harmony and peace as all anger subsides
Hearing the music sang by the holy angels
Smelling the scent of roses as we gather as one family
With our Father looking down with joy and gladness
For His chosen are now together in righteousness
They are home

Eternal Praises, Glory, Honors, Faith, Love, Trust, Gratitude and Servitude goes to the Most High Father Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and Heavenly Archangels, Barakatha. Thank you Father and Son for giving me the words to write this poem. These are not my words for you have given them to me in the spirit. Thank you Father and Son for all that you have given us. This poem is meant to sympathize with all of us who are still struggling with the physical, mental, and spiritual labor from our jobs, dealing with the wickedness of the world, enduring the hurt which are placed on us by those of darkness and the preparation for the times of survival. Being the strongest soldiers for the Most High requires us to endure the strongest challenges. The times ahead will be very rough indeed. However, with faith and trust in Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh, we will be able to survive the dark times ahead. Know this family; once we fully endure after doing our part with spiritual, mental and physical refinement and training to the best of our ability, the Most High shall grant us the escape through the portals to finally be among each other after the battle. Afterwards, if we are worthy, shall finally serve and be apart of the Most High’s Kingdom. We often can lose focus with our hurt and be clouded with depression and uncertainty of how we will take our next steps forward. Whenever we feel down or are struggling, we shall remember what awaits us if we hold on and endure to the end. Barakatha. Halleluyah.

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  1. Beautiful poem I loved it brother tears to the eyes all love and praises glory blessings eternal praises go to son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and father Yah Elohim brakkatha

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