Oh Beloved Son, send before me a dove
Under it’s wings, may I feel your love
My heart searches for courage, to stand strong in the midst
To be carried up and above in spirit, your guidance brings me bliss
As the dove which sees and travels far, guide me in your ways
To be found righteous in your eyes, let my spirit take flight
Finding the blessed door, you may spare me from the chaos
Patiently I wait, diligently I prepare
Leering eyes wait for the sign to take flight, leaving behind despair

Slandering and defiling your name, yet they will beg for a truce
To their wishful offer, You will refuse
Innocence, they left not untouched
Their eyes spared not of the meek, blotting out their light
In the midst of evil, you were our crutch
Turning us away from deceit, making us upright
Our eyes and ears, no longer blind nor deaf to the signs
Through our infancy in truth to now, you continue to refine

Turn your hearts away from fear, take heed to the Spirit
Let your spirit take flight, the wicked can’t fly
To have company for their misery
Your soul, they wish to pry
They dream of having your light, the reason they envy so
Bearing a dark heart, they remain hopeless
In time, these lost souls will run to and fro

Turning a blind eye to injustice, filling their hearts with pleasure
They infest the world, greater beasts they are than beasts in the wild
What a great fall man has come to, forsaking purity to chase treasure
When carnal desire is valued greater than protecting the seized child

Cleanse your heart from fear, let the noise fade
Be calm as the waves in the sea, the great wind shall pass
We know not what our next day bring, for coming days we pray
Worry not of what is to come or your heart will turn to glass
Lend all trust to Yahweh, you will shine brighter than the sun’s rays

For four hundred years
When hail rained down, you managed to still take flight
Through the midst of fire, your path remained clear
Your flight was long, yet you are here now still in white

A distance more, you need to fly
The storm will pass, let the mountains be your guide
Reaching past the black clouds, you will find the light
Glory is nigh, so let your flight be aright

Fly ever so high, soar above man’s probes
Of the Father’s miracles to come, wonder not how
Fathers of the elect speak softly to you, guiding you in your flight here
To wake up with them donned in white robes
Fear not this last flight you take, nothing can stop you now.


Eternal Love and Praises, Glory, Honors, Thanks, Loyalty, Trust, Applause be given to Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh Barakatha. Thank you Yah for giving me the words to write this poem. Thank you Yah for helping guide me through every step of the way. Thank you Yah for having your hands on your beloved children; guiding us Gentiles in righteousness of our walk together in the spirit. Things may seem troubling now with pestilence, violence and purges present at the moment and that which is to come shortly but know that Yah has taken you this far to reach this moment. We are to do our parts in faith, preparation, training our spirits and minds for what’s to come, our works and our righteous walk with Yahweh Ben Yahweh so we may have The Father’s seal in our foreheads during these last days. That is all we can truly do. Rejoice 1/3rd Hebrews! The Kingdom is nigh! It is all for a little moment to pass before you may reach it. Focus on refining your spirit and doing great works in adherence to the love of Yahweh Ben Yahweh for that is our salvation. All Love and Praises, Glory, Eternal Honors, to The Most High Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and the Heavenly Archangels. Barakatha. One Love Family.