This walk I’ve taken, it has not been without trouble
Ignorance has caused me many times to stumble
Moments in time my mind was adrift
I walked without purpose or guidance
My hands had not brought forth works of note
A great fog was before me, blinding my path
My thoughts were clouded, I was restless
Days went by, anxiety poured on
As the rain in a day of spring
Uncertainty flooded my heart
The pathway had morphed into a maze
I had lost my sense of direction
Helpless, I was brought to my knees
I cried to You, for the truth to be known to me
I made my plea, asking for your way
You had mercy upon me
My prayer fell on Your ears
Your answer took time
Yet patience inhabited my heart
You sent me the keys to unlock truth
My heart flew like a dove
The fog began to clear, blindness escaped me
Your Light began to shine above
My confusion began to dissipate

I was led in my walk by Your Hand
Never to be led astray again
The truth was bitter sweet
To know the true path to prosperity
It’s taste as sweet as honey
Understanding I was led astray by a great lie all this time
It’s taste left bitter in my mouth
To see those in my company blind to the deceit
I then knew how great Your blessing was
To be one of the few to see past the veil

Brothers, sisters
We were once ignorant in our ways
The mistakes we made, we’re not proud of
The things we said, we wish we could take back
Yet our trespasses paved the way for this moment
To be refined so our spirits be rendered unmovable
Our hearts as pillars in golden sockets
The winds of the earth to not cause us to fall
What happened was for a purpose
To lead us here

Traps and pitfalls riddled our path
Yet we found a way around them
Anger and sorrow flooded our hearts
Yet we did not drown
The wicked fog blinded us in our walk
Yet we found a way to see the light ahead

We’ve made it this far
The fruits of our labour have been sweet
For we have found the love of Yahweh
His blessings has caused us to bud forth
As the earth buds in the spring
Our little ones have blossomed with great growth
For the favor brought unto us have they inherited

Let us not stumble no more
Our hands shall be shed of our blemishes
The path we walk shall be made clear of obstacles
Our faith shall be rendered unbreakable
The words we speak shall be of humility and righteousness
Our eyes set on the mountains
Our hearts toward salvation
The love for Yahweh filling our spirits
Searching for His excellency day and night
To be with Him as His flock
In the Kingdom
For ever and ever,


Eternal Praises, Glory, Honors, Thanks, Loyalty, Love, Trust, Applause go to The Most High Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and Heavenly Archangels Barakatha. Thank you Yahweh for giving me the words to write this poem. These are not my words for Yah has led me to find these words to create this poem. This poem was to shed light on how we made mistakes and led a life of iniquity until we were led to find Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh by His everlasting mercy in us to find the Most High and His Son. We were clouded in ignorance and of our own wrongdoing but we are now clear in our spirits. We have been brought to understanding of the covenant to love Yah and in our duty to Yah, he has given us the blessings of truth, strength, protection, guidance, understanding, prosperity in our works and salvation. This poem was to encourage us to all move forward in our works, to remain circumspect in our ways, to not be trodden down by our own worries and doubts, and to be strong for Yahweh until the end. All Glory, Praises, Honors, Love, Joy, Faith and Trust goes to Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and Heavenly Archangels Barakatha.