Wandering souls, they circle endlessly
Searching for something to heal their heart
Forcing their hand in a bond not meant to be
All for the hope to fill a void with a new start
Many say love in passing with short lived glee
Yet they never come to know the meaning

The world taught us from a young age about love
Gifts of jewelry and diamonds glittered before us
Making us believe that having each other wasn’t enough
The scent of roses and chocolates came to our noses
Making flowers the only thing that can make our faces glow
We were only made to feel love when given presents
Letting the flowing river of our affection dry quick
Making our company among each other lose its pleasance

Growing old as our relationships run its course
Our hearts grow bitter and cold
Left wondering of its source
Naive, we let one word have a great spiritual hold
Never knowing its true meaning

Marriages and bonds falling apart became normal
This old tired love we were taught dried as raisins
Yet this new love we’ve discovered ages like the finest wine
When we found truth and peace of mind
We grew to understand the love which is divine

The Holy One in whom we love
Never turns on us and is always there
Through the hardest times He’s kept us strong
People who come in our lives
Change as the seasons do
Yahweh never changes
Trusting your heart in another person is like rolling dice
You never know what you’re going to get
Ever since I took this walk, I learned
Trusting in Yahweh is always a sure bet
He will never turn on you
You can only turn on Him

We always fall short of His glory every day
Disappointment from our faults will turn our faces grim
But to follow his laws the best we can
That is our purpose in which was once a mystery
That is what love truly is
It brought order and duty to our lives
It led us together to bond in His love
We help refine and strengthen each other
Leading each other on the right path
Being there when we are stuck
Giving support whether we are up or down
Learning the things which sharpened our sword
Bringing us to greater health of the mind, body and soul
Prosperity in all ways of our walk together as a family
For we are all children in the eyes of Yahweh

This love we grew to know is a blessing which most fail to find
The love of Yahweh Elohim is our greatest blessing
To know His name and His ways
To be protected as we roam the darkest places
To blossom in our works as the flowers in spring
To understand our true purpose
Finding His love is what brought us out of our worst days
What gave us clarity and direction
What helped us correct our ways
The things that most spend a lifetime to find

With this favor bestowed upon us
By loving You by following Your ways
By loving each other as family
We are forever thankful and grateful
In righteous servitude, we reciprocate our love
For the gifts and blessings, we are guided by You

Father Yahweh Elohim, Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh
We give our thanks to You
For keeping us fed and warm
For shielding us from the greatest weapons formed against us
For helping us up when we were down
For enlightening us with sacred knowledge
The Most High and His Beloved Son
We thank you always
May Your Name be praised and honored forever
May You be glorified by the multitudes of angels
We love you
Forever and always


Eternal Praises, Glory, Honors, Thanks, Loyalty, Love, Trust, Applause go to The Most High Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and Heavenly Archangels Barakatha. Thank you Yahweh for giving me the words to write this poem. These are not my words for Yahweh has led me to find these words to create this poem. This poem was to show how we never found true love until we were led to find Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh by Their everlasting mercy in us to find Them. Being taught that love is just giving presents and sweets is the very thing that has destroyed many of our past relationships. However, our wounds have healed as we have been brought to understanding of what true love is by following Yahweh Elohim’s laws statutes and commandments. He has given us the blessings of truth, strength, protection, guidance, health, understanding, prosperity in our works and salvation which are all blessings which many have wished to have. This poem was to honor the Most High Yahweh Elohim and His Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and to give them thanks and appreciation for all that They have done for us. We pray that They may be with us and allow us to continue to move forward in our works, to practice discernment, to not have fear or worries, to be protected in our comings and goings and to be strong for Yahweh through the darkest times until the end. Eternal Glory, Praises, Honors, Love, Joy, Faith, Loyalty, Trust, Applause, Gratitude and Servitude goes to The Most High Heavenly Father Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and Heavenly Archangels Barakatha.