A pomegranate for the lively tree once brought hope
Giving balance to the branches of those hanging on to the tree
As time passed soon the branches would give way and wish to flee
For the pomegranate was of a great weight for the branches to bear
The earth from below opened its mouth and withered away did the tree’s roots
A descent into a world of sand followed with winds of despair
There stood the wethered tree in the mist with no bond to its fruits
Once just and fair now waiting to be taken for loot
A cruel hoggish prince bearing a lustful eye viewed from a far
He took to cut down the tree
The heavenly light that one shone on the tree ceased from the above star
The tree would wimper but the prince would not hear its cry
Cold and dark was the prince for its cries would he yearn to magnify
Long did the tree suffer
New fruit which sprung from the parted tree were picked early for supper
For the pickers beared gluttony and greed in their core
The roots were cut for the prince sought not to give it steady ground
In mindless pursuit of more fruits for nourishing their hunger
The branches were ravished and shaved of its bark by the ravenous hounds
Time passed on as the tree would be cast asunder
The pomegranate laid nearby with no juice flowing within
The prince hunted for more food as the tree no longer satiated his hunger
His eyes lit up as they fell upon the lonely pomegranate
He laid the fruit within his palm and broke it open
Their laid six hundred and thirteen seeds within
He salivated at the sight and began to consume the seeds
In his rabid frenzy he would consume all but ten
Unabashed of his excess
He would throw the spoiled fruit into the sand
The wethered tree would long for the ten but to no avail
The prince desired more of the tree after it was ravished by his hand
He would bring it upright and water the tree with his own venom
For he wished it to be kin to the neighboring tree of malice in his own land
The tree once rich with life and fruitfulness now stood in serfdom
It would bring forth fruits twofold more vile than the prince’s venom itself
Lost in the sand laid the spoiled pomegranate
For the tree was turned away by the wicked prince of the accursed land
Judgment upon the prince did the sower of the spoiled fruit vow
For by that day the spoiled fruit shall become fruitful once more
And likewise for the new tree that is planted of by the great sower
With light and grace shall the pomegranate endow


This poem is dedicated to the Most High’s Hebrew Kings and Queens. All Praises, Glory and Double Honors to Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh. This poem was made to shed light on the atrocities committed upon the Lord’s people and His word by the Arabs through the time of the Arab slave trade. As an Arab man myself, I sincerely apologize to the 1/3rd for what my people have done to you throughout these horrific times. From stealing your gold to offending the little ones to putting you under the yoke of barbaric slavery to relentless racism to ultimately destroying the Lord’s word and turning your people astray by means of making you proselytes of a false faith, there must be recompense. While it was permitted by the Most High as a lesson unto his children, it does not override the brutality that was inflicted upon your people by any means nor does it especially not permit the desecration of Yah’s word and turning portion of Hebrews away from the truth to a false faith. I pray that the Most High Heavenly Father Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh may cast judgment upon the men who did these acts unabashedly for thousands of years. I pray that the 1/3rd come out of this world with great substance and abundance to righteousness in office of the Heavenly Kingdom. One Love Salutes to the 1/3rd Hebrews. Barakatha.