A raging storm, lies ahead
The road prior, brought much dread
Fret not ye sacred children, for what is to come
Girdle your loins with truth, the fruit of it as savory as a plum
Lie not of your past trespasses, bear it all before The Highest
Release the burden straddled onto your heart, before His love driest
A clean slate, a needed ground to stand on for the coming times
Providing you great strength and courage by Yah, your heart shines
A man soon to come brings lies, prancing before all with great charm
He will beguile all nations of people, leading the blind into hellish snares
A mark of the accursed all will accept, a token for an old flame to be reignited
Hope for a familiar normalcy will plague minds to consent, forever shortsighted
Wicked spirits will establish dominion, bringing torment and despair
The face of evil will be shown to all, tremor and anguish consuming many hearts
Many hurdles inhabit the road infront of us, our faith shall not depart

Carry on and trust in Yah, His strength is greater than all evil works
Apparent it is that looming death and instability is nigh, yet a struggle for a moment
A storm lies upon the horizon, carrying wicked abominable fortunes which evil inherited
A recompensing of the vain and cruel lurks closer, the hand that fed them will deliver
They will rejoice at once upon his arrival until he turns, their lips will quiver
Those who stood strong and proud in their malice will know fear
The accursed one hungry for souls who fell for his old trick, he will care for no tear
Chaos and travail of the devil will befall the wicked, to the chosen it falls benign

War and worldly terror will be upon us, pray for strength and guidance
Let fear escape your heart, be rooted in the faith of Yah for He is everlasting
Gather in the peace and soothing love of Yah, the strength of prayer and fasting
A part of the storm calls for the body to defend against evil, but it is not all
Belief in solely defense against flesh will cause one to fall
The spirit must be strengthened in Yah, it is the shield against the coming storm
The love and adherence to Yah’s word, protection from His Hand shall make you warm
Trust and faith in Yah be stable, keep it as your shield and sword
The greatest guard is that of the Spirit of Yah, to have it is to be apart of His herd
Love and cherish His Spirit for it shall bring you separation from the hoarde
His hands still maintain control over all, His eyes watching rest assured
Carry on and fret not over the things that shall come, it is all for a moment
Our trust and loyalty shall we bind to Yah forever more, lest our hearts fail
Be strong and give not way to despair, trust in Yah til’ our last breath or meet travail
A moment of peril and temptation, give it not weight against eternity of light
Our faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, keep it strong in the midst of the night
The night which brings trouble and perilous snares, give it no power
Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh, their love flourish as a flower
Hearken to their Word and be steadfast, their guidance and protection it will last


All Love, Praises, Glory, Double Honors, Thanks, Loyalty, Trust, Applause, Might be due onto Father Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and Heavenly Archangels. Thank you Father for giving me the words to write this poem. I dedicate this poem to the 1/3rd Hebrew Kings and Queens and Gentile Brothers and Sisters who may be troubled at heart during the difficult times we are currently are in and are yet to come. To those who are fearful and anxious of these times, I hope this may have brought calmness to you and a silence to the fear in your hearts. There is no glory in me for writing this poem nor do I take any thanks; all thanks and glory go to Yahweh for without Him, none of this would be possible. Prepare your spirit and mind to the best of your ability doing your part while giving prayer to Yah for strength and guidance to face these coming days. Stay strong, be in truth, righteousness, faith, and walk in the Spirit of Yah. HalleluYAH! One Love Salutes.

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    Peace & Blessings. This is good
    Keep doing your thing. Barakatha

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