In light of the COVID-19 agenda, a phrase that we have heard ad nauseum is, “Stay Safe”. We are reminded to “stay safe and stay home”, “stay safe and protect your neighbor”, “stay safe and wear a mask”, “stay safe and get tested”, “stay safe and save lives”, “stay safe and get vaccinated” and so on and so forth. We’ll get to why they phrase it in that way in a moment.

The thing with this phrase is that it is a familiar phrase. It isn’t a phrase that is new. It may seem new to us because the use of it has accelerated in the past few years because of this agenda but for those of us who have paid attention, we know that phrase, “Stay Safe” has been pervasive for quite some time. If you are a New Yorker who’s taken the MTA, you have heard the message over the intercom saying, “Stay Safe New York” several times in your life. You’ve heard that message on the MTA long before the COVID-19 agenda took off. The reason for that is because the emphasis on safety by the state has long been a tactic.

That begs the question, “Why are we always reminded to ‘stay safe’?” Think about it for a moment. We are constantly reminded, “stay safe out there” or “stay safe America” or “be careful”. We are never told, “stay positive” or “be well” or “be good” or “stay healthy”. You’d think that in the midst of a supposed health crisis, the message we’d be told is, “stay healthy” or “be well”. Instead, the message that is nearly ubiquitous is for us to “stay safe”.

If you are looking out for someone’s wellbeing and truly care for that person, your parting message would be something along the lines of, “Take care and be well”. That is a message that has a sentiment of positivity and care for that person. A parting message that is, “Alright, stay safe out there.” To say that to someone would mean that there is danger lurking about. It can be perceived as a threat because what is it that we ought to be safe from if there is no imminent danger? The constant messaging of safety has the spirit of the classic gangster intimidation tactic where they say something along the lines of, “You got a nice place here. It would be a real shame if something happened to it.” The messaging of safety by the state isn’t done with sincerity but it is more so to condition you into a state of paranoia and fear that will eventually develop into a state of submission. More on that in a moment.

Safety is something that we are taught by our parents when we are young children. Our parents used to tell us, “Don’t talk to strangers” because it is a tell-tale sign that whenever a grown person is trying to pick up a random conversation with a young child in the middle of the street, it usually is for a nefarious reason. There isn’t much that a grown person and a young child is going to talk about. The most you’ll do is you may smile or wave when you see a child walking past you if you lock eyes with them. It is the responsibility of the parent to teach their child how to be safe from certain things such as kidnappers, thieves, bullies, scammers, etc. Our parents tell us ways to tell if someone is trying to scam us. If someone asks for our social security number, it usually is a sign that they’re trying to scam us. Our parents may have taught us ways to defend ourselves in case a bully tried to hurt us in school.

The main reason I bring the aspect of parents up is because the state has become the parents of the youth and the god of their parents. The state is instructing the youth on what it supposedly means to be a citizen and what they ought to do “for the greater good” of society. At the same time, the state is keeping their parents away from their youth by placing them on the proverbial hamster wheel as they spend most of their time working instead of actually living life. In the midst of that work, they are occupied with figuring out how to make ends meet and paying off their bills in time. Most parents are stressed out with figuring out their lives from a socio-economic level and barely have the energy to raise their children. It is set up that way by design. Creating dependency on the state was crucial for the messaging of being safe to be effective. They look to the state for directions on how to be safe from such danger. From that point forward, you look to them to be fed, to be clothed, to have shelter, to be educated, to find work, etc.

This brings us to the main point. The reason that we are constantly reminded to “stay safe” is because the emphasis on safety creates a sense of alertness and even fear. We have to be safe from something that can harm us or cause us danger to ourselves, our families and our communities. This constant messaging trains our subconscious mind to think that we are in danger and that we need to be protected and or safe from that danger. It conditions us to follow directions that will keep us, our families, friends and communities safe from that supposed danger, whenever that danger rears its head.

One thing that must be said, aside from your parents or loved ones, the ones who constantly urge you to be safe often times are the ones who are plotting to cause you harm. In this case with the messaging coming from the state, it is the state who are constantly plotting to cause you harm through elaborate false flag events and psychological warfare to keep you in a submissive state created by paranoia and fear. Through that submissive state, they can manipulate you in ways where you’ll look to them as your guide for how to navigate life. The typical tactic that is used by an incoming regime is that they’ll push fear to the people of their ideological enemy and spread lies and propaganda about how dangerous they are and what they might be planning next. It makes you fear that supposed imminent danger and it creates a sense of urgency within you to go and fight to put that regime into power. Soon after the regime is put into place, it is actually the regime that you obey which is causing you harm and constantly placing you in danger.

This is precisely the tactic used by the Bush administration with 9/11. To create more power for the government through the perceived authority that’d be granted by the traumatized public, the Bush administration propagated endlessly of the need to “protect” America. The country needed to be protected from the ilk of the terrorists who supposedly hijacked American aircraft and killed thousands of Americans through an unprecedented attack on the nation. We couldn’t move forward without taking measures to protect against terror. If you didn’t agree with taking the necessary measures to protect your neighbor, you weren’t “patriotic” and you were siding with the terrorists. The same tactic of positioning people into a binary mode of thinking where “it’s either you’re with us or against us” during 9/11 was used with COVID-19. After this marketing ploy of “patriotism” for the PATRIOT Act, the bill was put into law and the rights of Americans went out the door.

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The main reason why we are constantly reminded to “stay safe” is the same reason that we are constantly reminded of 9/11 and COVID-19. It is because it is the justification of the so-called “powers that be” to trample over the rights of every man, woman and child. Through the theft of your money through taxation, they spend your money on creating agendas such as the War on Terror and the Great Reset and legislation that will further advance those agendas which will keep you in a state of totalitarianism where you are captured by the state in dependency to them. You have no mind of your own and no power to make your own decisions as an individual. You are funding your own subjugation by force. This constant reminder is to convince you and your children that you need them to be safe. It is to convince you that you need to follow their commands to be safe. It is to convince you that the government’s response to events such as COVID-19, 9/11 and mass shootings are justified because it is meant to supposedly keep you and your loved ones safe. It is to rationalize these responses as becoming permanent powers of the state to “protect you” from danger in the future. Through that mechanism, you are conditioned to follow the same measures and agendas that are responsible for the violation of your rights which will bring you more danger in the end; all done through the veneer of promoting safety and security “for the greater good”.

Let’s look back to the phrases we spoke of in the beginning which have been used for the COVID-19 agenda; “stay safe and stay home”, “stay safe and protect your neighbor”, “stay safe and wear a mask”, “stay safe and get tested”, “stay safe and save lives”, “stay safe and get vaccinated”, etc. Notice that the phrase, “stay safe” is followed up with a direction or a command. The messaging of safety is priming you to be in a state of submission out of fear of a perceived danger which will condition you to follow the commands seemingly necessary to protect you from that danger but really it is to subjugate you and control you. They pair these commands with that phrase to make you believe that you must do these things to stay safe. The idea that we need to stay safe from a virus makes us fear that virus and perceive it as a force of destruction. We associate a virus with murder, death, destruction, chaos, etc. when we look at it through the lens of safety because those are the things that we associate danger with. The idea that we need to stay healthy makes us evaluate a virus in its context and understand what it is and how to strengthen ourselves if we were to get that virus; whatever virus it may be. The ones who are aggressive in pushing these commands on everybody else are the ones who are the most fearful. They are the ones who have been conditioned the most by this messaging. Again, the commands that are paired with staying safe shows that it is rather orders that are disguised as messaging of care for the wellbeing of the people. If you want to stay safe, do these things or else you will face death and illness.

To prove a point, we look back to Joe Biden’s warning which was really a threat back in December 2021 to the unvaccinated that they faced “severe illness and death” in the winter. There was a reason why I brought up the intimidation tactic used by gangsters or mafia earlier because it is the same tactic used here but it is done through psychological warfare by way of repetition, deceit and emotional manipulation. The messaging of safety are inherently forms of intimidation in its nature. The world governments do not care for the safety of its people. They care about advancing their agendas and manipulating the people to make them submissive to be obeisant to these agendas, among other things. This warning by Biden where he says, “For unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death … for themselves, their families and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm” proves that the government does not care about your safety because no true leader that cares for their people speaks in this manner. You’d hope the best for your people and not communicate such a message which is a guarantee of calamity for the people who don’t adhere to your commands. Never has initiatives for the implementation of safety and security preserved the liberty or freedom of the people but it has always been the opposite.

Point being is this, the messaging of safety and security is the mechanism used to justify the measures that are deemed necessary by the same transmitters of this message to protect yourself from a supposed danger that they themselves create. These are not messages done with a sense of endearment but in all reality, they are messages that are communicated as commands and orders for you to follow. They communicate these messages of safety on a constant basis because they want you to be living in a perpetual state of fear. When you live in fear, you end up becoming the aggressor because fear triggers a sense of urgency and desperation to protect your life. This doesn’t mean that we are not supposed to protect ourselves or be aware of the ways in which people can potentially harm us or be a danger to us. The point is that this messaging is done with the intention of manufacturing compliance to these unlawful measures by instilling fear on a subliminal level. This ultimately brings us to the understanding that the reason why these agendas have been so successful is because the vast majority of people operate from a place of fear and live in fear; no thanks to the endless messaging urging the need for you to be safe and to do what is needed to ensure safety and security “for the greater good” of society. This is why people will continue to comply and adhere to state-sanctioned orders of public safety because they operate from a place of fear. There is no place for liberty in a heart filled with fear. One who lives in fear can never be free. The state knows this which is why they work to subjugate you by placing you in a constant state of fear. This is why we are always reminded to “stay safe”.


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