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This is a quick post discussing something that I came across during my research for a topic I’m going to be doing a series on in the near future. This is a scene from Ben Stiller’s 2004 movie, “Dodgeball” where he plays an arrogant over-the-top gym owner of sorts. In the context of the scene within the movie, Ben Stiller’s character “White Goodman” has a “desire” to eat junk food but can’t because it is unhealthy and he is a gym owner who is supposed to be in shape. His ego can’t allow him to be weak and lower himself to eating junk food while being a supposed fitness guru. However, we do know that the Luciferians in Hollywood speak on multiple levels and speak to those in the know in a coded language; whether that be through symbols, code words, color schemes, gestures, etc. It is often that they speak in code while it being veiled with humor. This was highlighted in the article done on this website about Dr. Fauci where we discussed sigil magic and the example of Jimmy Fallon doing a segment about Amazon employees spying on users through their Alexa devices and masking it with humor to deflect from the severity of the issue. It is a form of conditioning the public to “continue on” and to not only think of what they’re seeing or hearing but to laugh at it. So, as the saying goes, “there is truth in every joke”. In this case, the saying rings true.

Ben Stiller, who is a second-generation Hollywood star whose father, Jerry Stiller was a major name in the entertainment industry, is one of the bigger names in the industry that many people would recognize. When you think of the top comedy actors in the entertainment industry, you think of Ben Stiller among other names like Adam Sandler, Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld. The common thing that they share is that they are all Kabbalists. All of the top-level Jewish actors and actresses in Hollywood are Kabbalists. It is often that these characters like Ben Stiller are plants set up in the industry by the big movers-and-shakers at the higher levels in Hollywood and also in these intelligence agencies. They are set up in Hollywood and are given roads to stardom, often as comedians, to act as a cover for their true purpose in the industry which is often to either be handlers or programmers and preside over the assets within the industry, among other things tied to intelligence which is why you see certain celebrities rubbing elbows with political figures. That is either because they are assets to those politicians or they are agents who are tasked with steering or pushing that politician into a certain direction that their handlers want them to go in to fulfill their script. It is a personal view that at the very least, Ben Stiller is a high-level agent within the industry. None of this should be wildly shocking to anyone whose done their research for some time as it’s been made plain over the years just how tied together Hollywood and the CIA are which will be discussed in the not-so-distant future, Yah willing. Either way, that is beside the point.

This scene, when you understand slang terms and the codes, has a different meaning to those who know what they’re looking at. These are the inside jokes that they make within their movies. Their sense of humor is completely detached from the humor of the masses. As a matter of fact, they teach the masses what is funny and what is not funny. They train the public to look at a scene like this and think it is funny. Take note that this movie was released back in 2004 so that is how you know this form of communication existed way before Pizza-gate in 2016. Nonetheless, watch the scene below.

Now, there are a few things to note. First, the scene with the donut in the context of the story is him punishing himself to keep from eating the donut to keep from “getting fat”. However, on a deeper level, it is of sexual depravity. He has the nipple clamps on which can be seen as nipple rings. Nipple rings on a man are normally seen as being an indication of that man being gay. You then have the donut which represents the anus, believe it or not. As he comes to eat the donut, he shocks himself, which is meant to be sexual arousal in the form of masochism. You can also say that his reaction is him climaxing from getting ready to “eat” the donut or to engage in sodomy.

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Looking back at the color code for handkerchiefs which is what gay males looking for casual sex use, the donut scene lines up with the color scheme that Ben Stiller’s character wears which is the black and purple. The black color means S&M (sadomasochism) which we see with Ben electrocuting himself. The purple color means “piercing” which we see with the nipple clamps. As we’ll see shortly, the color scheme he wears is of the black and purple. On a side note, the purple is a color used to represent homosexuality so that gives even more credence to the subliminal theme of anal sex with the donut scene.

Speaking of the donut and its meaning, it is quite something as it gives a greater understanding on the Simpsons and Homer Simpson’s obsession with donuts. Ironically enough, the actor, Dan Castellaneta, who plays Homer Simpson whose favorite food is “donuts” played a gay man in a guest appearance on an episode for “Married with Children”. It goes to show you the depth of the “inside jokes” within the industry.

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We then get to the pizza scene. As you saw from the video, Stiller’s over-the-top sniffing of the pizza resembles a climax which isn’t farfetched considering the theme of the scene. He then is going to use the pizza to masturbate with until he’s interrupted in the scene. Now, who would joke about masturbating with food? It is absurd to joke about that but knowing how Hollywood is and how they communicate with one another, it makes sense; especially in the context of Pizza-gate.

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For those who aren’t aware or need a reminder about the code words from Pizzagate, this picture above shows those words. As you see, the code for pizza is girl. The code for cheese is little girl. Another thing is that cheese pizza has been said to be code for child pornography because of them sharing the same initials, “CP”. So, considering that, you understand what the joke is really about. With the symbol of the pizza while the scene is set up as if he is watching porn is meant to allude to child pornography. Him masturbating with the pepperoni pizza slice is also meant to allude to him having sex with a girl, believe it or not. The cheese pizza slice is for a little girl, probably of a very young age. The pepperoni pizza slice is for a girl who is slightly older.

We covered this previously but one of the reasons why the symbol for the girl is a pizza is because the pizza slice is conventionally cut as the triangle. The triangle pizza slice in this context is meant to allude to the vagina. The yoni hand sign which is meant to represent the vagina is of the person forming the triangle with their hands to resemble the vagina. Even if the pizza slice is cut as a square, it can still allude to the vagina because one of the slang terms that is used for the vagina is “box”. As for the boy, the hot dog has often been used to allude to the penis. A common slang for penis is wiener. Hot dogs are also called wieners as well. This is why you see women seductively eating hot dogs in movies or shows or in food commercials. Carl’s Jr made this their brand where they have a woman seductively eating their food in their commercials. The elites in the media brought the idea of “food porn” or food being paired with ecstasy to the public. They train the masses to think the way that they think and to consider funny what they consider to be funny. When we were kids, we simply ate food and enjoyed it. We didn’t think of kissing the cute girl in class when we’re eating a good pizza slice. We just enjoyed good food. We are trained to believe that food being paired with climaxing or sexual pleasure is funny and that if we don’t think so that we’re “squares” or weird. The average person isn’t going to get this but it is expected that those who are subscribed and those who regularly tune in to the website gets this.

For those who didn’t manage to catch what was being said on the video, it said, “We punch the pizza dough down, and it’s time to sauce it up. Boy, is my mouth watering. You want to put a big dollop of that tangy red on the dough, then use the cheese to shove it to the edge.”

It is after that last line that the guy comes in and Ben Stiller’s character just so happens to “spill” the pizza over the laptop. Him spilling the pizza over the laptop is meant to allude to ejaculation. The pizza slice is then hanging out of his pants which is meant to resemble his phallus. As for the line, edge is a word used to represent the point just before climax. Looking at the line, “then use the cheese to shove it to the edge” and applying the coded language, it means “use the little girl to bring you to that edge” which could allude to either using child porn of a little girl to climax or raping a little girl to climax. We say rape because you can’t have sex with someone who can’t consent. Then after that line, he spills the pizza over the laptop, representing ejaculation. If you don’t think that this is what these things mean in the scene, you are naive. This is how they communicate and we’ll show you further.

Movie poster Dodgeball A True Underdog Story.jpg

This is the poster for the movie, Dodgeball. Here, this person, presumably Vince Vaughn, is laid out on the floor with the red dodgeballs around him. The line on the poster is, “Grab life by the ball”. The line is bigger than the title of the movie which goes to show you that they wanted you to see that line first before the movie title. Of course, this line alludes to the saying, “Grab life by the balls”. However, this poster speaks on a deeper level as well.

This is one of the definitions on Urban Dictionary for “red balls”, the red balls that we see on the poster. It says,

“Red balls: sore, aching testicles resulting from too much sex and/or masturbation. In effect the opposite to blue balls.”

In context of the pizza scene, this makes sense and gives a whole new meaning to the poster. Vince Vaughn or whoever that person is on the cover is laid out on the floor surrounded by red balls. It is meant to represent him as being laid out on the floor after excessive masturbation or sex and the red balls is meant to represent the result of that. The red balls being laid out all over the floor is also meant to allude to ejaculation, believe it or not.

Here is another definition from Urban Dictionary for red balls. Here it says,

“Unlike blue balls, red balls occur strictly because one is engaging in sexual intercourse. Most often the result of going balls deep in a menstruating woman. If this occurs during a non-menstrual cycle, stop having sex with little girls and/or seek medical help immediately.”

In context of the pizza scene, this gives another layer of understanding to the movie poster. Not only does it allude to the aftermath of excessive masturbation or sex with the guy laid out on the floor with “red balls” laid out all over the floor, it alludes to the guy having red balls from having sex with little girls or having sex with a menstruating woman.

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Considering what we just broke down, this gives new understanding to the dialogue here. This is from the movie script and it reads, “Trust me here. If there was any way in the world we could raise money in days, short of robbing a bank, I’d do it.” Then the response is, “We could sell blood and semen.” Interesting that they’d put in a line like that. Hearkening back to what we just read as far as the blood from the rape of little girls or sex with menstruating women, this helps decipher what they’re really saying and the nature of their humor. This goes to show you how lucrative selling blood and semen is. Knowing the world of the occult and how integral ritualistic sacrifice, torture and sex magic is to their occult practices and how secretive they have to keep that whole operation, the people who are involved in the most clandestine aspects of the trafficking operation such as handling blood, get paid top dollar. Child sex trafficking, not drug trafficking, is the most lucrative operation in the world. The core of Luciferianism is sex magic and that normally involves children. As we know, blood from ritualistic torture and sacrifice, termed as adrenochrome, is sold for top dollar among the elite for consumption as blood drinking is a Luciferian/occult practice.

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One thing to note is that during the ritualistic rape of children, they place a handkerchief under the child to collect semen or vaginal fluid from the rape. This painting is from artist Kim Noble who has dissociative identity disorder which is the disorder that all Monarch children have and it is created through intense trauma that causes the mind to split. Ritualistic rape as depicted in this painting is one of the methods used in the MK Ultra program to traumatize the subject to cause their minds to split. Nonetheless, it is common for the abusers to trade handkerchiefs among each other or to keep it presumably as a personal treasure.

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This is communicated in the infamous leaked e-mail concerning John Podesta and Susan Sandler where they talk of a handkerchief that “has a map that seems pizza-related”. That is code for a handkerchief having vaginal fluid of a girl on it because map is code for semen and pizza is code for girl. The way she says, “They can send it if you want” indicates that these handkerchiefs from these ritualistic rape ceremonies are something that they keep for themselves after the fact and even trade among each other. Nonetheless, this gives an understanding as to what the line, “We could sell blood and semen” is all about in the movie. It is in reference to the secret trade amongst the Luciferians in Hollywood as well as those within the highest levels of this society who are connected. Something to note, whenever these politicians of certain countries get up in these conventions or forums and speak about how they need to increase trade with one another, they’re not just talking about food and minerals and oil and things of that nature. That’s on the surface. What they’re really talking about is the trade of illegal drugs, pornography, and prostitution. All of those things are tied in with the occult. Drugs are an integral part of the programming of MK-Ultra subjects and are also used on the children that they brutalize in their rituals. The pornography is a major component of the underground world of the entertainment industry as a lot of the major porn producers are friends with some of the top actors and producers in Hollywood. Some of the top actors are producers of child pornography themselves and they sell it to others within their circle. They will often use Monarch children and other BETA assets in these films that they produce. A lot of the ritualistic rape ceremonies are recorded as well. A part of that is to blackmail the people who are involved in it and another part of it is for them to trade the film among each other. The prostitution is talking about the trade of BETA assets who are programmed to be sex slaves for the elite buyers within the political world, the entertainment industry and nobility (European and Arab royal families mainly). The top big wigs in the industry like Jimmy Savile and Bob Hope are the ones who ferry these trafficked children who are normally orphans and other Monarch assets to these elite buyers. Considering that they’re intelligence agents, they keep tabs of who is buying these children and they blackmail them and therefore get them to follow their commands. Take note that both Savile and Hope were comedians. They often hide their intelligence assets within the comedy world of the entertainment industry. Anybody who is considered one of the top comedians in the industry are at the very least handlers; specifically night show hosts like David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien, etc.

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Either way, in light of all that we unraveled, let’s close off this segment. Here is another promotional poster for a movie that the Dodgeball director, Rawson Marshall Thurber made. This is Central Intelligence and you have The Rock and Kevin Hart on the poster and the title of the poster says, “Saving the world takes a big Johnson”. The term, “Johnson” is also slang for the phallus as well. So this director, Thurber, makes a point to center much of his jokes and humor around the phallus. You have “Grab life by the ball” in Dodgeball and “Saving the world takes a big Johnson” in Central Intelligence. There are most likely jokes of the same nature in this movie as well.

Just looking at the poster, you have Kevin Hart’s upright arm holding the gun and it is positioned right near Dwayne’s groin to allude to an erect phallus. The gun itself is also a symbol often used to represent the phallus as well. Then you have Dwayne himself; Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. His name, “The Rock” Johnson is an allusion to the erect phallus or shaft of Baal. Funny enough, in this movie, The Rock and Kevin Hart have a scene where they kiss which just drives home our point about the sexual deviancy of Hollywood and how they promote not just sex but pansexuality on a surface level and on a subliminal level.

To finish off this post, we look back to Dodgeball and Ben Stiller’s costume. We already linked the black and purple color scheme to the handkerchief color code and the donut scene. However, this color scheme is significant on an esoteric level.

The black and purple scheme is in reference to Saturn. The Saturnian forces of fire and ice, red and blue, come together to form the purple. This is why the cross-dressing god Bacchus is linked with the color purple because the principle of the bringing together of opposites applies with the masculine and feminine coming together to form the divine hermaphrodite. The G is there because it is the 7th letter of the alphabet and Saturn is the 7th planet from the sun. Saturn is also said to have 7 rings around its planet. The ‘G’ in the Freemasonry symbol stands for Gnosis which is the common Greek noun for knowledge. The term Gnosis is where Gnosticism is derived from and it signifies a spiritual knowledge or insight into humanity’s real nature as being divine and leading man to go from the base chakra to the crown chakra and becoming a proverbial god, so they say. This is why you have the symbol of the cobra or the divine serpent on his chest because the serpent represents wisdom and the enlightener as the serpent was the one who enlightened Adam and Eve in the Garden as they ate from the Tree of Knowledge. This is why you have the symbol of the kundalini serpent as it represents the ascension of the initiate from the base chakra to the crown chakra where man reaches his point of enlightenment. In Freemasonry, this is symbolized or conveyed as well in the form of the 33 degrees that you ascend to become a master mason or the highest-level mason where they deem you to be worthy of worship, hence a god. It is specifically the number 33 for many reasons but one of the main reasons is because it is an allusion to the 33 vertebrae of the spinal column that leads to the brain or the third eye. The kundalini serpent activates the 33 vertebrae points until it reaches the third eye and from there, you become a proverbial serpent after finding gnosis or the knowledge of the left hand path. The third eye or the crown chakra itself is of the color indigo which is really what the color scheme is meant to convey but either way, let’s look into that to drive this point home.

As you can see, the crown chakra or the third eye is associated with the color indigo. It is described as a “crown of light” which is in reference to the enlightenment of the left hand path, an “experience of unity” which is in reference to the union between the spirit realm and the physical realm or the communication between man and spirits so that they can take guidance from those spirits to become proverbial “gods”, and the “thousandfold mystery” which is in reference to the Babylonian mysteries or the secrets of the craft that only those who are initiated within the craft are privy to.

Here it continues,

“Sanskrit Name: Sahasrara (thousand fold). Location: Crown of the skull. Color: Indigo. Planets: Saturn/Neptune. Astrology: Capricorn/Pisces.”

As we’ve covered before, Capricorn is the symbol for the goat; more specifically the goat fish. Saturn is talking about Pan and as we should know by now, Pan is the god of pansexuality which means sex with all things. That is why Pan/Saturn is venerated in the industry and why sex is shoved in our faces so heavily in media because sex magic is the core of Luciferianism from a ritualistic level.

DodgeBall | Dodgeball, Canvas prints, Bull

Covering the last part of this segment, we look to the painting that was behind Ben Stiller in the scene. As you see, it is Ben Stiller playing the role of Mithras as he wrestles with the bull. This is an allusion to the tale of Mithras killing the bull which has significant spiritual significance. The tale is where you get the saying of “Grab the bull by its horns” from which is what the title of the movie poster, “Grab life by the ball” is playing off of. However, take note of the purple tinge to the painting. It is in reference to the Saturnian purple as the bull also represents Saturn.

To prove this, here it talks about the god El and his son Hadad. Here it says, “‘El’ (Father of Heaven / Saturn) and his major son: ‘Hadad’ (Father of Earth / Jupiter), are symbolized both by the bull, and both wear bull horns on their headdresses.”

This goes to show you that the bull falls within the Saturnian theme that is present in this movie. The bull signifies a ruler or prince in the Hebrew and Chaldean which is why Cush and Nimrod were depicted with the horns or as horned animals because the horns themselves signified rulership or power, royalty and might. Nimrod shared the characteristics of his father Cush so that is why both of them were depicted with the bull horns. As for the title of “Father of Heaven”, this blasphemous title highlights the depths of the apostasy of Cush and Nimrod where they taught the nations of the world to venerate them as gods and as controlling heaven and earth while turning away from the teachings of Noah and his loyal son, Shem who taught the way of following The Most High as the one true creator.

With that being said, it wasn’t intended to go this in-depth but it gives context as to how these people truly operate. This scene is significant in showing just how blatant they’ve used this coded form of communication in plain sight as far as the symbol of the pizza. They make humor of their wickedness but yet they have gotten away with it because of their ability to talk in code and through signs and symbols. However, the positive thing is that as we move further in these last days, Hollywood is falling apart by the day and are losing power. These celebrities are losing their grip over the masses and it shows. These people like Ben Stiller used to be talked about constantly years ago but many people now couldn’t care less which is a great thing because these Luciferians are sheer filth to say the least. All of these Luciferians will have to pay the price for their wickedness and that price is eternal.