One of the main problems today in our society is the poor family structure. There is great division and entropy in many households in America. Whether the roots of it are based in generational differences, jealousy, envy, anger, frustration, spiritual beliefs, or conflicting personalities, families have been torn apart for decades. With the political climate and the ongoing plan-demic, that division is even greater. This is present in all families no matter what race, creed, or color. With more traditional families that are from more conservative or religious cultures, the division usually comes from the children not exactly being in agreement with their parent’s views. The children might want to go out late and hang out and do certain activities while the parents want them to be home at a certain time or to hang out with a select few people that they approve of or to just not go out altogether and to focus their time on studying their religion or working. One of the main issues is the attire and the way the children dress. The boys may want to wear ripped jeans, graphic t-shirts, and get piercings while the girls may want to wear form-fitting clothing and makeup. This creates a great rift between the children and the parents; depending on how adamant and stubborn the children are and/or how intolerant the parents are. This has been present for decades now.

This current division we see between the families can be found in scripture with Luke 12:53 which states,

“The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.”

This is what we’re seeing now as the children have come against their parents and the parents have come against their children as well. This stems from cultural, societal, generational, mental, and spiritual differences. This is a part of life but it has been exploited by the elites of this Babylonian society to divide the family unit through a “divide and conquer” regime to exert more control over the people of this society which we will get to. This also of course is in reference to the Messiah speaking of the division that he will bring to the earth because of the message which he brings and how it will separate families. The sword is a metaphor for the truth as the sword divides and cuts. The truth does not unite us but it divides us which can be seen by the Messiah speaking of this in the previous verse of Luke 12:51 stating,

“Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:”

We also see the metaphor of the sword for the truth in Hebrews 4:12 which states,

“For the word of Yah is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

The truth in the form of the gospel and the individual who possesses wisdom and discernment by following that same truth helps to bring out the true feelings of the people we congregate with or interact with. When you possess that spirit, it sometimes inadvertently brings that demon out of other people because they cannot hide or filter their true spirit in front of an honest person who has that spirit of truth on them. You may just be speaking to one another and all of a sudden, that person twists your words and takes it into a whole other direction or they may be difficult for no reason when you’re simply speaking. That’s the spirit of truth within you causing the two faced spirit to jump out of the boiling pot because the fire of the truth and honesty that you naturally possess burns too hot. People may act like they’re humble and are so loving or charitable to others but in reality, they’re dealing with their own principalities that are causing them to lash out at you for no reason. If someone expresses an opinion that you don’t agree with, you usually just keep your disagreement to yourself and move on with your day. This is different in that their disagreement with you may not even be rational as they twist your statements or words to try to pin something on you and accuse you of doing something that they have no evidence of you doing; all to postulate that they’re somehow more righteous than you are. You are not even making an argument but are simply expressing yourself in casual conversation and they take it to another level to patronize you without any reason. Again, that is the Most High letting you understand who you are dealing with; either a truthful and charitable person or a disturbed and spiritually constrained person. It is the gospel and the spirit of truth we possess which both brings out the true spirit of people to the surface.

Getting back on track, the main division among families is the disconnect between the parents and the children. Much of this disconnect can be traced to the emergence of the digital world and the feminist movement. Parents throughout the last 10 to 15 years at the very least have been pacifying their children with computers, phones, and tablets. This wasn’t particularly different in the prior 20 to 25 years stretching back to the 80s either as the children was pacified with the television. The reason for this was because of the feminist movement which was bankrolled by the Rockefellers. The main reasons for the feminist movement being rolled out was to create the never-ending gender war between the male and female which would thereby destabilize the family unit, create a larger work pool by putting women into the workplace which would let workers be paid less as there’d be more money that’d have to be dispersed to limit the financial independence and stability of the citizen, and arguably the most important is to have the state raise the child through public school and daycare along with the television. Once the man’s pay was cut over time with the larger work pool because of the massive wave of women entering the work force and the inability to keep pay the same, it increasingly forced both the man and the woman over time to both work and to be out of the house. This was compounded with the massive stagflation that occurred in the 70s and the cronyism that began in the form of Reaganomics in the 80s and has continued ever since. You will be hard pressed to find families nowadays that are like traditional families before the feminist movement took off where the man was working and the wife was a stay at home mother with a good sized house and one or two cars. The only families who usually are like this nowadays are either rich or financially stable families or are families that live in homes with mortgages that were bought 20 to 25 years ago in the suburbs or live in areas that are very cheap. Most families in America now have both the parents working and out of the house; assuming that both parents are in the home. More and more families are single parent households now. This is all done by design to keep tradition and culture out of the family unit and to stow chaos and dysfunction within the home. You turn the children against the parents after you turn the parents against each other.

Ever since this was put in place, kids have been raised more by the state, the television, and strangers. The parents are then left wondering 18 years later why their kid is a wild child or they have beliefs that are entirely opposed to their own viewpoints. It should be expected that your child will not possess the beliefs that you have because they are being raised by someone else for 8 to 12 hours a day; sometimes more. You simply act as a babysitter for the child and less so as an actual parent. That is true for most parents nowadays in this current generation whether they have time or not to be with their kids in that they are simply babysitters instead of actually being parents. The child is put out of the home physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. With this in place, the child turns more against their parents as they embody the spirit that they observe in other children, from the entertainers that they watch and or the spirit that is trained to them by another figure in their life that is not their parent. This is especially the case when they are around rebellious kids who are wild kids or listen to music that has a rebellious theme to it. Kids absorb everything like a sponge. When they don’t have a parent to act as a buffer against it and to filter what they’re absorbing, the kids end up embodying the behaviors and attitudes of their friends and the things that they’re watching. That is the essential reason as to why the parents are put out of the home because it is to transform the children of today and tomorrow’s generation to drift away from the order of tradition and culture and towards the chaos of statism.

Everything that is taught to us and provided by the state is to control the mind to be more dependent on the state financially, mentally, and spiritually. When we are fully embedded in the education system of the state, we are far less likely to think outside the box and far more likely to acquiesce to the positions of the state. We will be far more invested spiritually in this world and valuing our job and the things of this world above the Most High. There was a reason why America moved to remove the Bible out of schools. It was to help move society away from spiritual belief based in the scriptures and more so towards the Babylonian mysteries. Since the 60s, this society has openly shifted more so towards paganism, alternative lifestyles, and Luciferianism. This was the purpose of the hippie movement, the feminist movement, and the Sexual Revolution for Venus. It was all to bring the generations of the present and future to value this world and possess a carnal mindset to shift away from the spiritual mindset. We bring this up because these are the ideologies which are promoted in school and the energies present in the school environment. The energies of Luciferianism are present in the school environment with the kids who are idolatrous of entertainers and those of who are deeply invested in materialism or rebellion; even at an early age. All of these energies are pervasive in these schools which bombards our children. Sooner or later, no matter how much we train up our children, they may still adopt some of the things that they see other kids doing or watching because they’re still kids. We have to be more focused on our kids and what they’re listening to, what they’re watching, who they’re friends with, and what activities they’re engaging in. With the pervasiveness of these ideologies and energies in school and through the television and internet, our kids are constantly inundated with this which prompts us to be more involved in their lives and overseeing their activities. It should not come to extremes but an extended effort is necessary to keep our children safe and aware of these things. Even if we pull our children out of school and home school them, we still have to be tracking them, instructing them of what’s right and wrong and to filter out all of the things that they’re being bombarded with in school and potentially outside of school. Much of this work has to be done from the beginning by moderating what we let our kids as toddlers watch and do. We have to reinforce things early to avoid the shenanigans later.

People also should be far more considerate of their situation when considering having kids. If you work in professions such as law or medicine that will keep you at work for 10 to 12 hours a day for most of your career and even having to take some of your work home, you shouldn’t have kids. That might be harsh to some people but it is the truth. If you are only making the minimum wage and can barely support yourself, don’t have kids. Caring for and raising children is extremely expensive when you are on a budget. It might’ve been easier to have kids about 20 years ago but now it is a mountain to climb. You have to consider where your child will receive their education, how you will keep them fed, and even what part of the country or world you will raise them in. In order to properly raise your children without having to run into the indoctrination centers that are the public school system, you have to have the time, flexibility, and money to raise them and educate them at home while having at least one parent at home available to teach them. The more you train up your child in understanding their surroundings and knowing who not to associate themselves with, the better they will be kept out of trouble and not end up a degenerate like most kids are these days. The public education in conjunction with the media is all set up to make our children become soulless degenerates who have no belief in the Most High and cannot think for themselves while believing in the doctrines of humanism, evolution, and pansexuality. The sooner parents take their kids out of these public schools; the better the situation will be for families. It is not to go without saying that the parents must be responsible and actually have something to teach their children. A child having both parents in the home that cannot teach them anything in the form of wisdom, responsibility, humility, kindness, or respect is in just as bad of an environment as a child that only has one parent in the home that is not teaching them anything and is fueling their entitlement.

This brings us to our next point in that one of the main reasons that many kids are not grateful nowadays is that parents are incentivizing their misbehavior. Parents don’t know how to discipline their children without using physical force and so they think that pacifying them with toys or gadgets is going to solve the problem. You don’t need to hit your kids to teach them right from wrong. Discipline without physical violence can be and often is the most effective form of discipline. In many situations, unnecessary violence and verbal abuse by parents can stow resentment and anger from the child against them and can drive the child to rebel even more as a form of protest. This is why the scriptures warns against being heavy handed and wrathful in our own home with our family in Ecclesiasticus 4:30 stating,

“Be not as a lion in thy house, nor frantick among thy servants.”

We also see this in Ephesians 6:4 stating,

“And, ye fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

From a personal perspective, you don’t need to hit anybody for the most part unless they’re threatening your life. We need to be more reserved and calm in our approach to things that upset us; whether it is our co-workers who may upset us or our children who may be doing the wrong thing. Some may view hitting your child as necessary in certain situations but it is not something I personally see as needed. It may have been how we were brought up such as spanking and we ended up fine but for the most part, it isn’t needed. A little pinching or a twist of the ear may be what puts a wild child in order on occasion when all else fails but when you are beating your child, that’s a bit much. If our child is continuously disobeying you, there are far greater forms of punishment you can impose besides physicality. If you catch your 18 or 19 year old son or daughter in the house with some strange person having sex or catch them stealing your money behind your back, I’d assume that you would simply kick them out of the house; at least in this society. While some would get physical, I’d spare them a physical beat-down for the much greater beat-down that they would be served by life once they’re forced to be responsible and make it themselves without depending on me to subsidize their immaturity and disrespect. Life is going to give them a far greater ass-whooping physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. To be honest, beating them and letting them stay in your house is the easy way out. If you kick them out, they are forced to learn the hard way and they must change themselves to survive. Most of the time, they will quickly change because the circumstances call for it.

People will say that this is too harsh but this again goes back to the problem in that we have enabled a system to where we allow our children to take everything for granted and to not appreciate what parents do for their children. There is a lot of sacrifice that comes to being a parent in providing food, water, clothing, shelter, time, attention, energy, love, compassion, etc. Parents are not supposed to provide this with conditions but they are to do this because they understand what it takes to raise up another life. If you are not willing to make these sacrifices to raise your kids, don’t have them. Moreover, this sacrifice is overlooked in this society because kids are not being held to a standard and to the rule of law. When you raise your kids without any form of spiritual foundation through the scriptures or at least teach them essential moral values, they will never act accordingly to practice the basic things that every person ought to possess. They won’t be thoughtful, appreciative, kind, respectful, humble, loving, or adherent to laws that outlaw criminality. They will often be recalcitrant, narcissistic, brash, ungrateful, rude, chaotic, and entitled. At the worst, they will become bullies and or criminals. When you raise your children to respect the laws of the Most High and teach them the essential values of life and their respective roles as young boys and girls, unless they’ve been given a spirit to rebel against you, they will be good children. Our children may be given a spirit from the Most High to rebel against us for some reason; often because of the partner that we’re with.

This brings up another point. None of this enforcement will be successful unless we are with partners that we have scrutinized to be worthy of our loyalty, time, protection, and sacrifice while possessing the spirit and the maturity to serve their role in a healthy, functioning, and sustainable bond. You as a father can’t successfully raise a boy to become a man when you have a harlot in your home. You as a mother can’t successfully raise a girl to become a woman when you have a deadbeat in your home. That is a force of chaos that you have allowed into your home and to be around your kids. Remember that kids absorb everything like a sponge. The children will absorb that chaotic energy first before they absorb your energy of order. You need a strong and resilient spirit to resist that chaotic energy as an adult. A child’s spirit has not been molded yet as they’re starting off with a blank slate. They don’t know any better and so they will become prey to that chaotic energy. This is especially the case if you had your kids with that harlot or that deadbeat because then they share a part of that spirit within them through the DNA. The Most High may punish us by having our kids turn against us for us being unscrupulous and without discernment all for the sake of getting with a partner for vain reasons because of their physical beauty. The kids will often side with the mother in the case that you as the man are dealing with a harlot for a wife because of that spiritual condition and of course the maternal bond. At the end of the day, we can see our children grow up to be teenagers or young adults and they still rebel against us despite us doing everything we could to do right by them. That is sometimes the hand that we’re dealt. We pray for them and we still love them but at a certain point, you have to let them learn the hard way and leave them be.

We have to value our spiritual foundation, our health and our mind first before we even think about getting with a partner. Even when those things are established, you still have to be financially stable in order for you to be able to raise a family; especially in these current times. You need to be making enough money to be able to support your family and have the flexibility to teach your children at home. The mother can of course still work remotely or run her own business at home without having to be out all day. This will be even better if you as a man were working remotely as well and so both of you could be with your children at all times. This is necessary to keep the child with you at all times. Energy is important because the energy we are surrounded by is what we absorb. There is a key difference in the child being surrounded by the energy of one of or both of their parents for the whole day in contrast to being surrounded by the energy of other kids, teachers, caregivers, strangers, the television and the internet. There are so many conflicting spirits that our kids can come into contact with that it can overwhelm them and they end up absorbing the worse aspects of those people that they’re surrounded by. In order to minimize that potential of our kids being exposed to the chaotic energy that is promoted in these institutions by many of these liberal teachers and kids in this Babylonian society, we need to keep them with us at all times.

Just to reiterate our previous point, our children may not be that disciplined or grateful because we have that spiritual blockage in the form of our partner that is a proverbial trickster who acts as a professional agitator or instigator of chaos and turmoil between you and them or your kids. While you’re at work, your partner may be filling up your child’s head with lies about you or certain ideologies that they know you don’t agree with or even have them around certain people that you would never agree to them having step foot in your home. Unless the children are spiritually resistant and can be turned around easily by your teachings and leadership to offset the deception from your chaotic partner, the damage will have already been done. Once again, we must be scrupulous and considerate of the people we marry. We cannot be dipping our toes in the covenant but we rather have to be fully immersed in the waters of the covenant. We have to be fully baptized with the Holy Spirit. We cannot follow the Most High and yet try to change ourselves for the sake of courting a partner that does not deserve us all for the sake of filling a void we may have. The Most High will certainly punish us for that as a lesson for us to hopefully learn from. We must be focused on becoming consistent with completing our spiritual, physical, and mental tasks which encompasses our bond with the Most High; our spiritual works, our physical health, and our mental health. That is just the general principle. Once those are in place, we will be in the best position to find a wife. Even better, for some of you, the Most High may reward you along the way with a spiritual partner. The less we dwell on what we wish to have and continue to work on what has to be done in the moment, the sooner it will come.

Getting back to our main point, kids are not grateful nowadays because we do not make them understand the value of what it is that we are providing for them. We do not discipline them effectively but many of us often choose to incentivize their misbehavior instead. Single mothers often continue buying their wild child a new pair of Air Jordans or a new Xbox game or a new game console in hopes of keeping them at bay. This is often the approach taken because the mother that doesn’t understand the essential nature of the masculine principle or the essence of discipline can only enforce so much discipline and regulations on their child. The mother herself in that situation often cannot enforce any rules because she cannot discipline herself since her own mother didn’t teach her how to be a good woman and a mother. She might be too busy trying to compete with her own daughter or niece and look like a supermodel on social media while her son is running around causing trouble and picking on other kids at school because he himself doesn’t respect any code of conduct since he hasn’t been taught any form of conduct or law by her or his father that is supposed to be there. All that you are doing when you incentivize their misbehavior is that you breed their entitlement and enable their misconduct. For the most part, the mother on her own can only enforce so much discipline on her son when he isn’t acting right. The father must be there to enforce it with the support of the mother. The man in his right mind will generally be the only one to effectively teach his son to be disciplined and to quit being a malcontent. There are some men out there who were raised by single mothers and are strong, mature, and humble men. Some single mothers have helped teach their sons to be good men and to value conduct and order. This may not be entirely the effort of their own as an uncle or a grandfather or other male figure may step in and take that role of being the masculine force in the home but sometimes on rare occasion it actually is them doing it on their own.

You may still have situations where both parents are in the home and the child may still be entitled or rebellious against their parents because that was simply the spirit that they were given at birth. Some kids are unfortunately pre-destined to have that stubbornness and never get to that point where they can change for the better. Either way, a child may still be ungrateful even with both parents at home.

We have to make our children understand the value of what it is that we are providing for them and what is the cost of us getting them certain things. When kids ask for a new pair of Nike shoes because everyone at school is wearing them, they are rather dispirited because they’re often bullied or ridiculed for not having the newest shoes or gear that is hot on the market. So to assuage their low self-esteem, they try their best to convince their parents to buy them a new pair of Nike shoes. When we as parents don’t step in to make our children understand the value of what you are already providing them, they will look past the essentials of life and be drawn towards materialism. Once they grow up to be old enough to have a job in high school or they move out, they usually spend like drunkards and get things like Nikes, Jordans, Adidas, or other things that they can’t afford. When you are just piling up money at home with your parents with no responsibility to pay a share of the expenses or rent, you will fall into the habit of spending your money away. Most teenagers and young adults working these jobs and living at home spend their money on things they don’t need instead of saving up their money and investing it. It is the responsibility of their parents to step in and teach them that true value comes from within and not from the external shell. The problem is that their parents are often chasing validation from their co-workers, friends, or others people on social media themselves. This sense of insecurity and need of validation by others based on the carnal standards that society is taught and believes in is passed down from generation to generation. This once again reinforces the reality that parents must be in their right mind and that it is not enough for them to just be in the house; they have to lead and teach their children.

We have to teach our children to be grateful for what they receive in life and to be appreciative of the fact that their parents work hours on end so that they never miss a meal or have to ration water or be crammed in a small space together. A pair of Jordans will never possess the value of a child being provided with a house, food, water, clothing, and mode of transportation to get to school or to other places. Kids are led to take these things for granted as if it will always be there. Most of the people in this society lives paycheck to paycheck. A few missed payments here or a couple of checks gone there and you can easily lose everything when you’re trying to make ends meet. Kids must be taught what it takes from their parents to provide, teach, and protect them.

They have to understand that nothing of value is given but everything that we want in life must be earned. Our respect does not come without work. People have to be given a reason why they should give us respect, money, time, and attention. You have to be bringing something to the table. Just because we are men with loins, it doesn’t automatically make us deserving of a woman’s time and attention. We have to show them something of worth for them to take us seriously as a potential husband in marriage. The same thing goes for women as well. Just because a woman has physical assets, it doesn’t make them worthy of a man’s attention or energy or time. They have to be bringing something to the table. We are not entitled to anything. We have to earn what we want. This goes for everything in life from as low as us wanting a new pair of boots to as high as us wanting favor from the Most High.

So when our children come to us and tell us that they want something that you can’t afford, you have to be transparent and tell them that you can’t afford this because otherwise you sacrifice not paying an expense on time or failing to pay the rent this month because you’re tight on money since you spent $150 on the newest pair of Jordans for them. We have to keep training up our children to understand that what we wear is not important but the virtues and values of life we possess along with utilizing the skills and talents we have is what is important and will help us advance in life. It doesn’t mean we should dress poorly as we have to be presentable in order for people to take us seriously and so that we can take ourselves seriously but we shouldn’t obsess over our clothing.

As for giving our kids these pricy things, we have to train them that the things they want do not come without hard work. If they want a nice pair of shoes or a new console or a new guitar, they have to pass all of their classes with all A’s or B’s on their report card and pass all of their tests at the end of the year. They will then take that as a call to work harder so that they can get what they want. If you’ve already trained up your child, they will already be working hard to do their best as it is and won’t really be asking incessantly for new things because they know that the things they possess in their hands is not what’s most important. By then, you’d already be giving them nice things because they’ve been working hard without expecting anything in return.

Another thing is that as our children get older and pass through middle school, we can help teach them how to make income. We can incentivize them for working around the house in cleaning the backyard with us, the bathroom, the dishes, laundry, living room, etc. by giving them an allowance. We must train them from when they’re young to do their chores, get food from the dollar store, keep the house organized, etc. so that they’ll be ready to do those things once they’re on their own without any problems. We can then help them make their own money by giving them big boxes of snacks that they can sell to their classmates at school or sell their own lemonade or do yard sales or buy items from the dollar store and flip it for profit online. Not only does this teach them the value of work and what it takes to have money in your pocket but it also teaches them how to work for themselves and create their own money. This is to plant the seeds for them to hustle down the line and know how to make a few more bucks instead of depending on their one source of income in their paycheck and limiting themselves in that manner.

Once they get into high school, we can then help them find a job or they can continue to have an allowance by working on maintaining the house and doing labor projects with us if they can’t manage their studies with work just yet. If they can in fact balance their school work with a part time job, we then must make it to where they pay a part of the rent and expenses. Some people may think that this is too much but it isn’t to be overbearing. Rather, it is to prepare them for doing this on their own once they move out. It is far crueler to let our kids sit at home all the way up until they graduate high school or college without teaching them anything about the value and cost of hard work or how to make money or how to be responsible with their money in budgeting and then making them move out. It is the duty of the parent to prepare their child for the real world up until they finish their education so that they can be independent and are understanding of how to make it on their own. When we make them pay a part of the rent and expenses, we help them understand firsthand the cost of their labor and the responsibility in managing their money to pay the bills at the month’s end. This in turn helps them mature and be prepared for living on their own. They will know not to spend lavishly when they’re not making lavish money. Once your child gets a job and has to pay a portion of the bills, they begin to realize why you weren’t so willing or able to spend $150 on a pair of shoes for them. You had to pay the rent, the car note, insurance, food, and other expenses which left you with all but so much to give. This then helps them grow and they will know to manage their money as long as you continue to also coach them along the way with financial management and investing either in creating their own business or assets to grow financially. This combination will have your kid far better off than the vast majority of kids once they get out of high school or college.

So when your kid asks you to buy them $150 shoes, you will have made them understand the true cost of that. Say some of us may be getting $10 an hour and are working 10 hours a day for 5 days a week. After taxes, that may be a little over $400 a week. A $150 pair of shoes would be worth about 19 hours of labor after taxes. There is no way in hell after working nearly 2 dozen hours should you be expected to spend all of that on a pair of shoes for your kid that’s just playing video games and watching TV. You got to make your kid understand that they’re not entitled to anything. They’re not entitled to you forking over 19 hours worth of your own labor in money for something that they didn’t work for. They need to be doing good in school and be doing all of their chores while helping around the house to even be considered being given something like that. One month isn’t good enough. Six months of consistency and then you could give them something like that. You wait that long because you make them realize that this will be how it is when you’re working. Sometimes you won’t be able to get something you want immediately but you have to save up for a few months to get that specific item. It makes them understand the true cost of what they want and to value their time, energy, and money when they’re working. They will then value your time, energy, and money. In turn, they will become more grateful as a person.

In closing, the reason why kids have become less grateful over time is because we are not teaching them the value of what they have and the cost to provide them with what they have. We are not teaching them the value and cost of hard work. We are not instilling any form of humility or discipline or respect to a code of law within them. All that we do when we have children that we don’t seriously plan for or properly teach is that we’re bringing another entitled debt slave into the world to feed the matrix. They will rightfully blame you for not doing your job as a parent and not preparing them for the real world. The entitlement and poor character of our kids falls on our shoulders. We have to make them earn an expensive phone, tablet, gaming console, etc. We shouldn’t give them these things without them earning it because then they’ll expect those things to always be there when they haven’t earned anything and they’ll become entitled. We must train them to be humble, respectful and expect nothing when they fulfill their duties but to work for what they want. When we let our kids earn something without just granting them what they desire, they learn the true value and cost of what they want. Only then can they be grateful for what they have. Our kids for the most part will become what we allow them to become. Their development and the people that they grow up to become fall on our shoulders.