This is a story of a young girl named Felecia Williams who was killed on May 16, 2014. She was 9 years old and was raped and murdered by a man named Granville Ritchie. He was recently sentenced to death just last year and this case was brought to a close. However, the pain never closes for a family that loses a young girl so soon. As we will go through this, we will look to why this was preventable and the urgency that we need to have to protect our children.

This story is brought up because it is a testament to the level of sickness that is present among people in this world and the level of consequences that we face when we do not protect our children and leave them in harm’s way. As this society continues, there will be a concerted push to target our children and to subvert the natural beliefs of the human mind and soul with the forced indoctrination of ideologies that are not natural or congruent with the laws of the Most High but rather with the laws of Satan. We see this now with the aggressive push to vaccinate every child at all costs regardless of whether it makes sense from a medical or scientific perspective. We also see this with the public school system being the training grounds for children to be familiarized with a bio-medical security state. What is however coming up the pike of the agenda of this society is a push to make people believe that pederasty is not criminal but rather normal. This story and the way in which it was promoted in certain parts of the media indeed is an ensample of how this society will start the effort to make people feel more open to the idea of their being pederasts who are looked at with normalcy.

This is an older article which details the circumstances surrounding the rape and murder of Felecia Williams by Granville Ritchie. So excuse the outdated statements regarding him facing the death penalty as he has already been executed.

“A Florida man faces the death penalty after being convicted of murdering a 9-year-old girl when she was left alone with him in 2014, PEOPLE confirms.

On Tuesday, a Hillsborough County jury found Granville Ritchie guilty of killing 9-year-old Felecia Williams on May 16, 2014. The same jury will decide whether Ritchie will receive the death penalty as part of his sentencing.

Ritchie’s conviction comes five years after he raped and killed Felecia before stuffing her body in a suitcase and dropping it off of the Courtney Campbell Causeway bridge, according to the Tampa Bay Times, WTSP and Fox13.

On the night of her murder, Felecia was left alone with Ritchie at his Temple Terrace apartment by a woman who was supposed to be watching her. The woman, Eboni Wiley, testified even though she had only know Ritchie for a couple of days, she left Felecia with him to go buy some marijuana.”

This is the consequence of irresponsibility and zero situational awareness. A person that you only know for a few days is not familiar to you or a friend or even an acquaintance. For you to even consider someone an acquaintance, you have to spend substantial time with that person in conversation to do so. We throw the term “friend” around very loosely. Most of us do not have friends but we rather have acquaintances. Someone who you might spark up a small talk conversation with from time to time is not a friend; they’re an acquaintance. A person who you converse with on a regular basis with talks spanning the topics of mental health, spirituality, maturity, fulfillment of goals, and expansion of one’s gifts is a friend. A person who is with you through thick and thin and has helped to support you mentally and spiritually while not introducing chaos into your life but rather order and a sense of guidance is family.

Most people do not understand that there are levels to relationships. Everyone can smile, say nice things, and have an upbeat demeanor but there is always more to a person than what they present. You simply meet the representative of a person within your first few engagements. It is only until there is an opportunity for you to be used for gain or where money is involved or where you have to live with each other is where you see the true person who is hiding behind their mask. If they’re genuine, they won’t be wearing any mask. The only mask a genuine person may wear is one to conceal their own trauma and personal struggles that they deal with to not place an emotional burden on others. However, most people wear a mask to simply get by your barriers to use for whatever it is that they want; whether it is money, connections, possessions, sex, control, etc. Most people are looking to get by at the expense of others and are not with you to build a genuine rapport with another human being but rather a business arrangement that transfers all of the potential assets and value that you either possess or would accumulate to them. This could be your wife, your position at a company, your job, your relationship with a friend or family member, your car, your house, your own identity, etc.

We all have to be cautious of who we let into our circle and who we trust in providing our time, attention, and resources to. There must be a proper vetting process of who we allow into our life. If we were truly honest with ourselves and scrutinized the people who were trying to enter into our lives, we’d find that most of the people do not pass our scrutiny and normally present numerous red flags. The issue is that we do not properly listen to what they say or pay attention to their actions or the decisions they make because we’re either too focused on what we’re trying to get out of that person or we’re so clouded by our own problems and issues that we’re facing in our lives. Whoever it is that we’re speaking to in our daily lives, whether it is a friend, family member, co-worker, stranger, or a person we just met, we have to listen and observe. After a few interactions, a person will begin to tell on themselves and let some nuggets of truth out here and there. It is our duty to pick up on it to protect ourselves and potentially the people that we care about who could be harmed, exploited or manipulated by that person.

This woman, Eboni Wiley decided that it was a good decision to leave a young child alone with a stranger so that she could buy some marijuana. This is one of the many reasons why nobody should be smoking marijuana. It keeps you from having true awareness of the people around us and inhibits the ability to make proper decisions and it affects our brain function. When you’re smoking marijuana on a constant basis, you’re just focused on getting that next hit or fulfilling your cravings. You’re not aware of, let alone focused on what is going on with your child or the people you’re letting into your circle. This woman’s irresponsibility and immaturity cost this young girl her life. It is the duty of the adult to protect the child and to keep them from harm’s way at all costs. We need to not only protect our children by the adults that we let into our circle but it is also the child’s potential friends that we need to vet because these kids can often goad our children into being delinquents and opening them up to the portals of degeneracy that our children shouldn’t even be aware of at a young age. Many kids are being introduced to sex, violence, and drugs by other kids who themselves were not properly watched over by their parents. Those kids then pass it on to other kids and it becomes a cycle. That is why the best situation that we can create for our children in this society is to home-school them. Far too many kids are trying to convert our children over to the spiritual degeneracy of this society and introduce them to marijuana and music and other activities that are simply numbing their mind and suppressing their spirit to where they’re operating with a form of low energy. This in addition to the indoctrination camps that the public school systems have become is more reason for us to home-school our kids. You protect your child from the school system, the kids, the teachers, the chaotic school culture, and the other potential strangers that they can run into in that environment. If you do not want your child to become flooded by the chaotic culture of gossip and vanity that the kids regurgitate from the media and becoming a debt-slave for the government with no financial understanding, you have to pull them out of the school system. We are the ones that are responsible for how our kids develop and the type of people that they grow up to be. A part of that responsibility is putting them in the best environment possible for them to grow.

“Later that night, a 911 call was made on Ritchie’s phone that only lasted a few seconds. Prosecutors believe it was Felecia calling for help.

During the trial, Ritchie’s girlfriend testified that Ritchie asked to use her car.

‘He told me he needed to do something. I said do what, you don’t even know anybody around here,’ Kellisa Kelley said, according to BayNews9.

Investigators later found leaves and sand matching evidence from the crime scene.”

This is another thing that highlights a problem that we have. A lot of women are in relationships with these guys that are complete psychopaths. These women are oblivious to many of the tell-tale signs that the man that they’re dating is unhinged and disturbed. If not, they’re willingly ignoring this because they’re either subsidizing their lifestyle or they’re giving them sex or drugs or weed. They then bring these disturbed men around their children and they end up abusing and raping the child. This is the chaos that is created when there is not a proper form of male leadership in the home environment. If there was a man in his right mind that was guarding over Felecia, she would have never been exposed to an environment of unpredictability and chaos created by the disturbed and irresponsible people that were let into the home. A man in his right mind would have a wife who knew the crucial responsibility of protecting her daughter and that would keep the predators out; whether they’re children or adults. Unfortunately, Felecia Williams was left vulnerable to predators like Granville Ritchie because her parents failed her. They failed to protect her and they failed to support her.

“To her family, Felecia was known as ‘Sugar Plum.’ She loved animals and her family.

‘I just can’t believe he did that to her,’ Felecia’s cousin, Rashida Johnson, told WTSP shortly after her death. ‘She didn’t deserve that…it’s hard for all of us to deal with it, you know, but we have to take it one day at a time.’”

Well, what would you expect? You never know what you’re going to get when you leave a stranger around your child. You don’t even know what to expect with a friend when they’re left with your child; let alone a stranger. The only person that you can truly trust with your child is yourself but it should be your partner as well that you can trust. If you can’t trust your wife around your kid, you shouldn’t be with her. If you can’t trust your husband around your kid, you shouldn’t be with him. The point of a marriage is to create a bond; a spiritual, mental, and physical bond. That bond is built on trust and loyalty. There must be trust set in stone in order for you both to be able to create and raise an entire human being. If there is no trust, there will be consternation which will create chaos. All of that negative energy will be absorbed by your kid.

Getting back to Felecia’s cousin, she says that Felecia didn’t deserve that. Well, what she did deserve was a responsible father and mother in the home. She deserved mature adults who were going to protect her, guide her, and raise her to become a great woman and mother that would have her own family to love and enjoy. It is unfortunate that this opportunity was taken from her because she was subjected to and made a victim of a chaotic family environment. We use the term ‘family’ loosely because if she had a real family around her, this would’ve never happened. To quote again, she said, “it’s hard for all of us to deal with it”. As hard as it is now for you to deal with it after the fact, it was hell for her in those moments to deal with a degenerate that raped and murdered her and threw her into the river like a bag of trash; a degenerate who should’ve never been around her in the first place.

“During Ritchie’s trial, the court heard from Felecia’s mother.

‘Felecia’s death has affected my life,’ Felecia Demerson said on the stand, according to BayNews9. ‘I’m on seven different types of medication trying to cope with this new normal called life. Some days I don’t know if I’m coming or going.’”

You clearly didn’t know where you were coming or going for a while because clearly, you didn’t know where your child was or who exactly was watching over her. You as a mother should’ve been shielding your child from the demon that took her life and from the brain-dead person that was assumedly supposed to watch over your daughter. There is no excuse to ever leave your child alone with a stranger. In my opinion, if you have to go run errands, take your child with you if you can; especially when your family members and friends are too irresponsible and disengaged from the world around them to care for another child when they can’t even care for themselves.

She’s now on all of these medications because of the guilt that she has in her heart as she knew that she should’ve done more for her daughter and that she failed her daughter. Her condition might have been compounded by her pre-existing mental health issues because from a personal view, she was probably dealing with mental health issues before this happened.

It must be said that we need to be honest with ourselves when it comes to having children. We need to evaluate whether or not we can efficiently support and raise our children. If you’re working 2 to 3 jobs and are out of the house all the time, you should not have kids. If you’re constantly on the go and have no time for yourself, you should not have kids. If you cannot support yourself at the moment, you should not have kids. It’s as simple as that. We all have a responsibility to put our children in the best position physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Of course, we can hit hard times that are out of our hands while we have kids but we should not put them in that environment when we’re already in a poor financial and living situation. Do not have kids if you are not willing to raise them or protect them. When we leave our kids to the state and to strangers, our kids are put through hell. Many of the kids who end up being victims of trafficking are orphans who were abandoned by their parents and put in these adoption centers controlled by the state. We must be honest with ourselves as to whether or not we really want kids. We have to have better reasons for having kids other than that they’ll be cute or fun to have around for the holidays or they’ll add more cuteness to our social media accounts or our YouTube channels. When these people think that everything is going to be easy-going with raising kids, they get hit with reality that it is a lot harder than they expected and that it comes with great sacrifice to do so. They then end up neglecting them because they’re so “fed up with them”. If you weren’t ready to have kids, you should’ve kept your pants on. You need to have patience, understanding, maturity and responsibility to care for your kids. The problem in this society is that most parents are impatient, irresponsible, immature, and have no understanding of themselves, their child, the way this society operates, and what life really is. The fact is that the child is a byproduct of the environment that they grow up in or are placed in. It is our job to put them in the best environment possible. When things go wrong, you can’t shift the blame on others but you have to hold yourself accountable. Once we hold ourselves accountable for our mistakes, we can then learn and work to do better next time.

We get to the last segment which is the way in which a certain news site in the media decided to cover this story. This is from Metro UK and you can see the title here. They say, “Incredible moment dad forgives pedophile who raped and killed his daughter, 9”. Why would that be an incredible moment? You think it is because someone had such a “big heart” to forgive someone of the most despicable act that a person can do which is rape and kill a child? It is not incredible; it is pitiful. Her father is pitiful for believing that this man should or could be forgiven for his actions when he clearly showed no remorse. We get forgiveness so misconstrued in this society that it creates this confusion to where we start being loving towards the people who harm us and our loved ones. This is the same type of dynamic we saw in the Amber Guyger trial where Botham Jean’s brother went over to hug her. It is not being the “bigger person” but it really is delusional and condescending as well. There is no reward you get from the Most High when you forgive a murderer who raped your child. We look to Numbers 35:30-31 which states,

“Whoso killeth any person, the murderer shall be put to death by the mouth of witnesses: but one witness shall not testify against any person to cause him to die.

Moreover ye shall take no satisfaction for the life of a murderer, which is guilty of death: but he shall be surely put to death.”

The Most High tells you in the scriptures clearly that one who is a murderer must face death as punishment. It is one of the main commandments which is that “Thou shalt not kill” as told by the Hamashiach in Matthew 19:18.

This is the deception that the modern day Christian church has used to deceive and confuse people. This doctrine was perpetuated by Martin Luther King Jr. with his approach that they were supposed to turn the other cheek and to love your enemies. This misinterpretation and manipulation of the scriptures is what has created this delusion about forgiveness. Nonetheless, let’s read.

“This is the incredible moment a father looked the pedophile who raped and killed his nine year-old daughter in the eye and forgave him. Jerome Williams offered the olive branch to Granville Richie, 41, as Richie was sentenced to death on Friday for the May 2014 sex killing of Williams’ daughter Felecia.” Unbelievable. This is for a reason though. They tell it like this because believe it or not, it is the media’s intention to get society to be more open to the idea of forgiving pedophiles and to view it as something that they can’t control. The APA about 8 years ago in the DSM-5 classified pedophilia as a “sexual orientation or profession of sexual preference devoid of consummation”. Whether it is consummated or not, pedophilia is a sickness no matter how you stretch it. It is the intention of the scientific community and the government on the highest levels to use these sentiments as a Trojan horse for normalizing pedophilia in this society. People will say that there is no way that this society could ever normalize it but we should not trust this society in using their common sense. We’ve seen how far that has gotten us just within these last 2 years. So expect this movement of pedophilia and pederasty to pick up within these next few years. It has already occurred in some schools across the country which we’ll discuss in another time. Either way, let’s move forward.

“Speaking in a calm, measured voice during the sentencing hearing in Tampa, Florida, Williams said: ‘I’m not like everybody else, bro. I ain’t got no ill will against you. The journey you got ahead of you going to need God. I forgive you.’”

Once again, it has to be asked, where does it say in the scriptures that we need to forgive those who murder and rape our children? The scriptures direct us to enact punishment by death to those who murder as we read from Numbers 35:30-31. We also read in Genesis 9:6,

“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of Yah made he man.”

We are not supposed to kill another person because they are a creation of the Most High. When we go out of our way to kill, we are destroying a work of the Most High’s. If we shed another man’s blood, our blood must be shed in a reciprocal manner as punishment according to the biblical law. So these people who claim to be Christians and go on to forgive the people who murder their own family really are people who have been misled and misguided by deception instead of the reality laid out within the scriptures. This is why people need to get out of the Christian church and read the scriptures for themselves because the modern day Christian church is all about platitudes and bastardizing the scriptures instead of teaching it.

“Williams also explained why he chose to forgive instead of seeking revenge, saying: ‘A lot of people would have suffered if I would have dealt with it.(vengefully)’” No, no one would have suffered. It would have been the father fulfilling his duty in that situation to repay his daughter’s blood with the blood of the murderer who took his daughter’s life. It’s that simple.

“The grieving dad spoke of his own spell behind bars for an unspecified crime, and told Richie to try and seek forgiveness from God while on death row. Richie could be seen joining his hands, and sat quietly as he was addressed by his victim’s dad.” The question one wants to know is whether or not he was behind bars while Felecia Williams was alive. If he was, it definitely did not help the situation but rather it contributed to the poor environment that ultimately created the situation to where her life was terrorized and taken.

“Felecia died after a family friend named Eboni Wiley brought the youngster to Richie’s house in Temple Terrace, Florida, to buy weed from him.

Richie told Wiley he’d left Felecia walk to a nearby store to buy candy after the youngster went missing, and Wiley asked where she’d gone.

Wiley is said to have left Richie alone with Felecia for an hour, and returned to find him ‘shirtless and sweating.’”

This is why you never leave your children with “family friends”! Do not be trusting of people to take care of your children when you know good and well that they’re not right in the head. The only people you can and should trust to care for your child is you and your partner. These “family friends” can bring your children around strange and disturbed people like Wiley did and your child can be put in harm’s way as it happened in this situation.

A few questions must be asked here. The first being: Why did Wiley leave the child to someone else’s care when it was her responsibility to care for her? It shows a lack of care and concern. She decided that marijuana was more important than the safety of a 9 year old girl. As usual, narcissists think of themselves before others. Another question: Why was it okay for the person you gave over the duty of care and supervision for the child that you were supposed to take care of to let the child go by themselves to a store? That should’ve been met with punishment in of itself. Wiley should’ve been met with even more punishment because Felecia should’ve never been around that man to begin with. The last question: Why was there no confusion and anger on your part in finding Richie being shirtless and sweating? Why would a grown man be shirtless around a child? Especially in the case of the man being a stranger.

Once again, you cannot leave your children up to the “care” of people who do not have their mental faculties in order because they cannot care for themselves. They will leave your children over to predators and degenerates to go and get their hair done, their nails done, get a bottle of whiskey, or get some weed because they couldn’t give a damn about your child. The only person that you can truly know that gives a damn about your child is you; the one who brought them into this world.

“Felecia’s naked body was later found in a suitcase that had been dumped in a river, with Richie arrested three months after the youngster was found dead.

She had been sexually assaulted before being strangled to death, with investigators finding ‘a mountain of evidence’ that linked her to Richie.

Williams also told Richie that he was convinced his daughter’s final words had been to call out for her father.

He said: ‘I’m pretty sure you know my baby called out for me.’”

Yes, she most likely called out for you and you should’ve been there for her. It is your responsibility to properly vet the woman that you’re dealing with so that you are entrusting the safety of your child over to a mature and responsible woman when you can’t be there yourself for whatever reason. It is the fault of the father that he left over caretaking duties of his daughter to an irresponsible woman who left her to another irresponsible woman. Everyone is to blame in this situation between the father, the mother, and the “family friend”. It is because of their carelessness and poor sense of priorities that a young girl was raped and strangled to death. This situation could’ve totally been avoided if the daughter had responsible parents who were in their right state of mind. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. It also isn’t the case for millions of young children out there who are victims of trafficking, molestation, rape, torture, and murder because their parents couldn’t give a damn to be there for them. As a parent, there is nothing more you need to be concerned about other than the safety of your child. It doesn’t matter how hectic work gets or how busy you get with errands. You must be sure that you have eyes on your children at all times; whether it is your eyes or your partner’s eyes or someone in your family who you really trust and not some acquaintance who is more focused on getting their next hit of weed.

“‘I wasn’t there for my baby, but I’m going to make sure I’m there for my others.’” I sure hope so. I sure hope that no other young child has to be put through such misery because of your inability to be a responsible parent or guardian. In this situation, the duty of capital punishment shouldn’t be left up to the state but it should be executed by the parents. In this case, the parents probably would not be willing to do that because they’re still deluded by the idea of turning the other cheek and loving thy enemy even when they terrorize their own flesh and blood.

Some will think that this is coming off as being too harsh but there is nothing harsher than leaving your child over to strangers to be raped and murdered. There should be no tolerance of that whatsoever.

This is something that both of Felecia’s parents are going to have to live with for the rest of their lives. It is unfortunate that this happened and that this continues to happen to millions of kids. If you do not want to care for a child, don’t have them. People need to stop moving off of impulse and emotions and they need to start doing their due-diligence to evaluate the true costs of having a child and whether they’re really up for it. There is no shame in saying that you don’t want a child; especially in this society. Do not have children when you don’t want them or can’t care for them because otherwise, they suffer for your neglect. In this case, it can cost your child’s life.

In closing, you must know your company. You must know who you are giving your child over to. You must know who your children are hanging out with, who they’re talking to, and where they’re going. It is your duty to do so. When you leave your child in the hands of strangers, you are playing Russian roulette because literally anything can happen. Yah forbid, they can get kidnapped, sold, drugged, raped, tortured, or murdered. Don’t put them in harm’s way because you didn’t want them and wouldn’t be bothered to care. We all have situations where we might not always be there for our child but we have to do our job in vetting the partners we have to make sure that they’ll indeed be responsible in caring for our child when we’re out of the house. The state of the child will be as what the state of the bond between their father and mother is. You not only have to trust your partner but you must trust yourself.