Throughout the past few decades, stalking has become a major phenomenon in the entertainment world. Whether it is musicians, actors, athletes, or other celebrities, they’ve all had their fair share of stalkers. Many of them are in fact crazed fanatics who are idol-worshippers and have placed these celebrities on a pedestal as idols. Remember that the word “fan” is short for fanatic. That is why all of these fans are almost always obsessed with whoever they say they are fans of and their lives are almost centered completely around them. They wear their merch from head to toe and they have them on their minds 24/7.However, there are some stalkers who have a deeper back-story as to why they are the way that they are. This is a recurrent theme among many stalkers; especially the mainstream stalker stories over the years. Let it be known that the major murder, rape, general crime, and stalker stories that hit the mainstream news and become major stories with particular narratives are always orchestrated and controlled stories that are contrived from other organizations to create these stories. Whenever you hear of a major police murder like the George Floyd case or the Lesandro Guzman Feliz case or other cases that are major news stories, they will always have connections to either the intelligence apparatus of the American government or it will have an esoteric resonance. Please understand that many of the major news stories which pertain to murder sprees by these seemingly deranged individuals are stories meant to promote chaos and also to sometimes promote gun control when the stories are centered on gun violence. Many of these perpetrators are programmed multiples or rather DELTA programmed assets meaning that they are mind controlled assassins. Many of the suicide bombers you see in these news-stories are almost always going to be DELTA programmed. Many of these DELTA assets are living among the general populace and their programming is dormant. They will often have their programming activated by a phone call where a certain trigger word is spoken to them or they are triggered in other ways in order for them to perform the act which they were programmed to do. They often coordinate these events near certain pagan holidays or ritualistic days that have an esoteric resonance like the Heliacal Rising to provide a blood sacrifice on that day or in the period leading up to that Satanic or Luciferian high period. This is a major way in which the powers that be use to continue to venerate the horned god, the mother goddess and the sun/son god triumvirate. They need to continue to provide major blood sacrifices and ritualistic events veiled in the form of seemingly happenstance or normal occurrences in order to keep their rulership going. When understanding this and knowing how grand the MK Ultra program truly is, this brings us to the phenomenon of the stalker. The major stalker stories or stalker figures that are constantly being covered are almost always controlled or have a deeper resonance on either an intelligence level in the form of the MK Ultra program or on an esoteric level in the form of a ritualistic sacrifice or event or all two together. People may ask why this is the case. This is because out of all cases, why would they constantly promote a certain murder or rape or stalker case unless it has a deeper story behind it on an intelligence or esoteric level? There are hundreds and thousands of murders, rapes, general crime, and stalking that are occurring everyday so why would these particular stories get the most shine? Some will retort and say well it is because these are the most outlandish. Well, here’s the thing. Many of the cases are in fact outlandish or flagrant because it is pertaining to the reinvigoration of certain rituals or events within the pagan mythos. This phenomenon will be explored in due time when I get to doing them and cover the esoteric aspects of certain murders or crime stories that were covered. Another thing is this; you don’t think that there are even more grotesque or outlandish than the stories that are being covered? This is not to say that every single case that is covered is due to the intelligence apparatus of CIA programming or certain Luciferian factions orchestrating the event to fulfill certain rituals but it is 99% of the time that it is so.

Having said that, many of the mainstream stalker cases that you see; especially those who are stalking musicians is because they were raised up in the programming and they were triggered by them. Just a brief example, there was a woman who was an actress named Athena Rolando who in 1999 broke into the home of Brad Pitt and dressed in his clothes. She claimed that she heard voices in her head that guided her to Brad Pitt’s home. That is a common theme that you’ll hear many of these stalkers or killers say after their deed is done; that they heard voices in their head guiding them to do certain things. This is what is known as “Voice of God” technology which is a form of weaponized mind control frequency technology that is used either externally or internally as well. That is in my view what it was that guided Athena Rolando to do what she did in Brad Pitt’s home. Also, notice her name “Athena”. Often times, many of these different people who are stalkers or killers have these names which have an esoteric resonance as well. Point being is that many if not most of these stalkers who are covered in these mainstream news stories were raised up in the programming. The reason for these events occurring is that these musicians and actors can have certain subliminal messaging in their music and movies which are meant to trigger or compel certain assets to act out and commit certain deeds such as stalking or murder. The messages trigger these assets as the subliminal coding seemingly tends to attribute a certain level of awe or a divine aura to the celebrity within their music or their films which leads to that asset becoming infatuated with them. For whatever reason, they build this certain form of programming within these different assets to then become infatuated with high level celebrity mind control assets. If I were to guess the reason other than them fulfilling certain rituals like the John Hinckley case which I covered in Part 1 of “The Pedophilia Movement” article I did, it would be for the reason of creating a sense of external mental trauma to psychologically damage the celebrity to further place them under the programming and to also create a sense of having nowhere to go and that everyone is watching them. They need that trauma and the mental fracturing in order to create and maintain the necessary alters of the programming. The more fractured the mind is, the more the mind will dissociate and splinter off. That sense of being watched or being surrounded by everyone is a component in the programming of these assets to make them feel that there is no way out and that they should simply submit to the demands of those who are controlling them. Either way, this brings us to an infamous stalker case which centers on the “Björk stalker” known as Ricardo Lopez. This was a man who committed suicide after developing an obsession with the Icelandic musician, Björk. He recorded himself on a plethora of video tapes in the form of a video diary which showcased him seemingly becoming increasingly more deranged and obsessive over her. It ultimately culminated in him committing suicide. I am going to briefly cover his back-story in this part and then I will go deeper on this story in greater detail in Part 2 when I have the time to compile all the needed detail to have a fleshed out Part 2. Having said that, let’s briefly cover Ricardo Lopez and his back-story.

It says here, “Ricardo Lopez also known as the ‘Björk stalker’, was a Uruguayan-American pest control worker who attempted to kill Icelandic musician Björk in September 1996.” Keep in mind that he was 21 years old when he killed himself. The number 21 is the number of destruction or universal termination.

“Lopez developed an obsession with Björk in 1993, and became angry over her relationship with musician Goldie. Over the course of nearly nine months, Lopez made a video diary musing about Björk and other topics at his apartment in Hollywood, Florida.” Notice that he lived in “Hollywood, Florida”. I’ll be covering that component in the more detailed Part 2. He also was angry over her being in a relationship with Goldie who was black. This text will not mention this but Lopez was also racist which was one of the main driving factors for his hatred of their relationship other than the fact that he was obsessive over her. You see this type of dynamic within ordinary men. They are obsessive over a woman and their infatuation becomes a seething hatred for them when they see them with someone else. They think that if they can’t have her then no one can have her and we’ll see this dynamic now. It says, “On September 12, 1996, he mailed a letter bomb rigged with sulfuric acid to her residence in London, then returned home and filmed his suicide. Police found López’s body and diaries four days later; they contacted the British police, who intercepted the package. Björk was unharmed.” So Lopez had become so infatuated to the point that he figured that since he couldn’t have her, no one else could have her and he tried to kill her as a result. This is what is also known as a “soul-tie”. A “soul tie” is a mystical bond between two people. The phrase is used to describe love at first sight or an obsession that is so strong it feels like two souls are entwined. This is exactly the case here as Lopez was obsessed with Björk to the point where his being was tethered to her. This is an extremely dangerous and destructive spiritual development that can occur as you can see with this situation. Many of these men out here develop soul ties with their girlfriends or wives and once they end up not wanting them as their husband or boyfriend or they end up dating someone else, they’re the same type of men who you’ll find killing them and the children they had together if they did have kids. There is no such thing as “love at first sight”. Love is a process and that is something that can only be developed over time. Any time you say you “love” someone and it is “at first sight” or from very few occasions, it is an obsession and it is not love. This is occurring more and more because this goddess worship component of the rapport between the man and the woman is being pushed more and more. When you create this society where men cannot communicate normally due to the recent “Me Too” social engineering event and also do not understand how to communicate because you take real masculine figures out of the home and a base of truth in the scriptures along with the dissolution of the family structure, you create men who venerate the woman as a goddess figure and think that they are of divinity and can do no wrong. You never ever put the flesh on a pedestal because every one who is of the flesh is bound to disappoint you; even people in this truth. Even in a situation where a person in truth is a good person, they will still disappoint you because you’ve set them up in your mind as this perfect person. When you do this, you’ll create the outcome where if they go off script and don’t go in the same direction as you thought they would go, you develop this hatred because you see it as a betrayal since they weren’t who you thought they were in your mind. We cannot ever develop the mindset where we think we know somebody just because we speak over the phone or over the Internet. The only time you truly know someone is when you live with that person. Only then can you actually come to know who they are as individuals.

It says here, “Ricardo López was born on January 14, 1975, in Uruguay into a middle-class family who moved to the United States and settled in Lawrenceville, Georgia. López had a good relationship with his family; he was described as easygoing, but introverted. López had a few male friends. However, he never had friendships with women or had a girlfriend. This was because he had feelings of inadequacy and was awkward with girls.” This is exactly what we just covered now with the destruction of the family unit and traditional values. That had such an incredible affect on society and the main affect seen here is the lack of proper communication between the man and the woman. In this case, it is not because there is no communication but it is because the communication that is being spoken is of idolatry which is obsession. You can’t even say that you idolize the Most High because the Most High is not an idol. Getting back on track, many men are like this now where they’re awkward with girls and feel inadequate. It is once again comes mainly back to the destruction of traditional values. There was no such thing as awkwardness with girls in the ancient times. The father would tell his daughter who she would marry and both the young man and the young woman were both trained by their fathers on how to be a husband and a wife, respectively. When you’re not teaching boys and girls on how to be men and women to grow up and be husband and wife, they turn to empty carnal things to focus on like their looks, profession, eye color, clothing, etc. Of course, looks are important because let’s be honest and I know this’ll upset some people, just because a person is righteous, it doesn’t mean you have to marry them while they’re looking like a wildebeest, ok? You have the right and you are entitled to decide who you are going to marry based on how they look because it is you who is going to marry them. If you’re going to marry someone, you’re going to make it worth it. Your partner doesn’t have to be a runway model or anything but at the same time, you shouldn’t feel forced to marry them just because they say they’re righteous or read out of the Bible. They got to look somewhat decent; if not be good-looking. Either way, beauty is a preference; what is beautiful to one may be ugly to another. All I’m mainly saying is that looks is the main thing that both genders resort to when thinking about having a relationship in this society. The rapport is never based in anything substantive that will center on building a long lasting marriage. The reasoning for getting married or in relationships have become more and more vain and senseless because not only has people become more vain and senseless but each generation has become more detached from traditional values and have been driven by the Luciferian energy pushed not only in this society but in the world as well because this conundrum is present in other regions as well; mainly Western society as a whole.

Continuing on, it states, “With aspirations to become a famous artist, López dropped out of high school. However, he did not seriously pursue an artistic career due to his feelings of inferiority and fear of being rejected entry into art school. He intermittently worked for his brother’s pest control business to support himself. By the age of 17, López had become reclusive and, as a means of escape, retreated into a world of fantasies and became enthralled by celebrities.” This is another dynamic we often see in people today where they use celebrity culture as an escape for their problems and their insecurities. The sense of inferiority is a major component in the general psyche of Americans today; mainly teenagers or individuals ranging from ages 15-25. Those are the prime ages where young people believe that they can do whatever they set their minds on and are encouraged to “follow their dreams.” Once reality hits them right in the face and shows them how difficult it is to really realize your dreams in the debt-based economy of the corporatocracy they’re living in, they feel more and more inferior as they have to settle working for basic jobs to make ends meet. This was certainly a factor which led to Lopez’s obsession with celebrities as his outlet of escapism became the gateway to his self-destruction.

Here it states, “In 1993, López became fixated on Icelandic singer Björk. He began gathering information about her life, followed her career, and wrote her numerous fan letters. Initially, López cited her as his muse and said that his infatuation gave him a ‘euphoric feeling’.” Yes, people’s obsessions often become euphoric because their escapism becomes their drug and just like any drug, it is at first euphoric and makes one feel powerful but later develops into an addiction.

“As time passed, his fixation became all-consuming and he grew more disconnected from reality.” Exactly, just like we mentioned; the same effect as a drug where you become disconnected from everything around you.

“In his diary, López wrote of longing to be accepted by Björk and to be a person who had ‘an effect on her life’. He fantasized about inventing a time machine to travel to the 1970s and befriend her as a child. His fantasies about Björk were not sexual; in his diary, he wrote, ‘I couldn’t have sex with Björk because I love her.’” This is the perfect example of idolatry or worship. The thing with Ricardo Lopez was that it was not a form of a sexual longing but it was deeper than that; it was a form of worship. Björk became his god and he put her on a pedestal. When he says, “I couldn’t have sex with Björk because I love her”, he means that from a deeper level, he worships her. When you love your woman, you’re logically going to have sex with her or at least make out; it’s a given. However, when you are “in love” with your woman to the point where you feel that you can’t have sex with her, that’s because you are venerating her as a goddess. Björk took the role of the virgin goddess in Ricardo Lopez’s mind. Once again, it is in my view that certain subliminal messages were present in Björk’s music which triggered certain components of Lopez’s programming or his mind frame which guided him into developing an affinity for her in the sense that he viewed her in a divine light.

Continuing on, it states, “López’s diary grew to 803 pages, with passages about his thoughts on Björk and his feelings of inadequacy due to being overweight, his disgust and embarrassment about his gynecomastia, and his inability to get a girlfriend.” On a side note, gynecomastia is the condition where men grow breast tissue due to a hormonal imbalance between estrogen and androgen.

“He wrote that he considered himself ‘a loser who never even learned to drive’ and complained about his menial job as an exterminator that earned little money. The diary contained 168 references to López’s feelings of failure, 34 references to suicide, and 14 references to murder.He made 408 references to Björk and 52 references to other celebrities.” Once again, this is to note that not only was he obsessed with Björk but he was also previously obsessed with other celebrities as well because it was a form of escape for him from his own self-perceived failure to realize his dreams and become a famous artist that ended up turning out to be a disastrous downfall for him. He was living vicariously through these celebrities because he couldn’t live that life himself and that unhealthy obsession drove him further and further mad and deranged.

Here it states, “In 1996, López was living alone in an apartment in Hollywood, Florida. Around this time he read an article in Entertainment Weekly that mentioned Björk was in a romantic relationship with musician Goldie. López was angered by this perceived betrayal and the fact that she was involved with a black man, writing in his diary: ‘I wasted eight months and she has a fucking lover.’ He began fantasizing about how he could ‘punish’ Björk.” This is exactly what we just touched on earlier on. When you imagine someone to be of this perfect or particular image in your mind, you perceive it as betrayal on their end when they don’t do what you believe they would do. This is exactly the case here. He believed in his mind that she was just going to stay pat and not be involved with anyone. This is another component of the goddess archetype where the mother goddess is alone and with no male consort. Björk was proverbial Isis in his mind. He thought of her as a divine being that couldn’t be brought down to the level of loving anyone other than him. Once again, I believe that hearkens back to the triggers that came from certain subliminal components in Björk’s music.

It further states, “López stopped writing his diary and began filming a video diary in his apartment. According to López, the diary’s purpose was to document ‘my life, my art and my plan. Comfort is what I seek in speaking to you … I am being my own psychologist. You are a camera. I am Ricardo.’ He recorded eleven video tapes containing approximately two hours of footage each. The tapes contain footage of López preparing his ‘revenge’ and discussing his ‘crush [that] ended up as an obsession’”. You see that; even he himself acknowledged that the dynamic he had with Björk in his mind was not only an obsession but that it had spiraled into an obsession as well.

“López’s anger over Björk’s relationship with Goldie intensified and he decided to kill her. In one entry, he said: ‘I’m just going to have to kill her. I’m going to send a package. I’m going to be sending her to hell.’” This is exactly what happens when you develop a soul-tie to someone who ends up being in a relationship with someone else. You end up thinking to yourself, “Since he has her, I will just kill him. But wait, she can still get with someone else so I’ll just kill her then. If that doesn’t satisfy me, then I’ll just kill myself.” It is a degenerate mindset that men develop when they have that soul-tie and end up in a situation where the woman they’re idolizing and are obsessed with end up with someone else. I think however in this case, it is not only that but it is also Lopez’s self-destruct programming beginning to manifest.

Here it states, “On the morning of September 12, 1996, López began filming his final video diary entry. The final tape, titled ‘Last Day – Ricardo López’, begins with López preparing to go to the post office to mail the letter bomb. He said that he was ‘very, very nervous’, but that he would kill himself rather than be arrested if he aroused suspicion. After returning from the post office, López resumed filming. As Björk’s music plays in the background, López, nude, shaves his head and paints his face red and green.” The shaving of the head is another component of the self-destruct programming within assets. If you remember, Britney Spears also infamously shaved her head bald when she was going through her self-destruct programming. Also, the colors red and green have significant meaning in MK-Ultra programming. There are different color codes in an asset’s programming. “Code Red” not only means that the victim gets angry and violent but it also has the standard Monarch meaning, “serious self-destruct” program. “Code Green” is tied to Dr. Green’s suicide programming which is tied to “no-talk programming”. As we’ll see soon enough, Ricardo Lopez “self-destructed” and committed suicide.

“He examines himself in a mirror and tells the camera that he is ‘a little nervous now. I’m definitely not drunk. I am not depressed. I know exactly what I am doing. [The gun] is cocked back. It’s ready to roll.’” This was him affirming that he was completely sure of himself in the decision to kill himself because he was in that self-destruct mode of programming. In that state, your one and only mission is to go further and further down and to eventually kill yourself.

“As Björk’s song ‘I Remember You’ finishes playing, López shouts ‘This is for you’ and shoots himself in the mouth with a revolver. López groans and his body falls out of shot; at this point, the camera stopped filming. A handpainted sign bearing the handwritten words “The best of me. Sept. 12” hung on the wall behind him. Police theorized that López intended to cover the sign with his blood and brain matter with the gunshot.” September 12th is also right around the Autumn Equinox. It certainly raises the question of whether this was a sacrifice of sorts for the Autumn Equinox known as Mabon which falls around that time period between the 20th to the 22nd.

“On September 16, a foul odor and blood were noticed coming from López’s apartment. The Hollywood Police Department entered and discovered López’s decomposing corpse. Written on the wall was a message: ‘The 8mm videos are documentation of a crime, terrorist matter, they are for the FBI.’ The Broward County Sheriff’s Office evacuated the building while the bomb squad searched for further explosives, and found none.”

“After viewing López’s final tape, police contacted Scotland Yard in the United Kingdom to warn them that the potentially explosive package was en route to Björk’s residence in London. The package had yet to be delivered; the Metropolitan Police intercepted it from a south London post office, and it was safely detonated. There had been little danger of Björk receiving the bomb as her mail was vetted through her management’s office. Unbeknownst to López, Björk and Goldie had ended their relationship a few days before he killed himself.” Well isn’t that something. The man killed himself thinking that it was for the effort to punish them for getting together and his work was already done for him. Once again, it is my belief that he was driven to do this through his programming and possibly other spiritual forces which guided him to killing himself on that day.

Concerning the aftermath of the event, it states, “After López’s suicide, Björk said in a statement that she was ‘very distressed’ by the incident. She said, ‘It’s terrible, very terrible. It’s a very sad thing that someone would shoot his face off’ and ‘I make music, but in other terms, you know, people shouldn’t take me too literally and get involved in my personal life.’ She sent a card and flowers to López’s family.” Björk in my view did not know about the affect her music truly had on Lopez because I do believe that she most likely herself is an MK asset and was at the time subject to her handlers’ programming. These types of events are very traumatizing for the asset and drives them further into dissociation or the aggravation of the mind splitting into alters. I do believe that whatever producer was working on her music that they had certain subliminal triggers placed within her music to trigger the assets that were meant to develop an infatuation with her and to later on self-destruct through suicide to further traumatize the asset; that being Björk in this case. Once again, you don’t have to agree. That is just my perspective.

“Björk left London for Spain, where she recorded her album Homogenic. She also hired security for her son, Sindri, who was escorted to school with a minder. A year after López’s death, Björk discussed the incident in an interview: ‘I was very upset that somebody had died. I couldn’t sleep for a week. And I’d be lying if I said it didn’t scare the fuck out of me. That I could get hurt and, most of all, that my son could get hurt.’” You see that? Notice how she became more paranoid and fear driven to the point of sleep deprivation, heightened security, mental instability due to fear, along with moving to a whole other country. Of course, you’d expect this to be a natural response for someone but this certainly would be the effect that her handlers would want to take place in order to create that mental trauma to further strengthen those alters. The alters within an asset’s minds are strengthened and are firmly embedded in their mind frame through trauma. When you traumatize the asset, it causes them to dissociate and further split their mind to cope.

“López’s family and friends were aware of his obsession with Björk.They maintained that they had no idea that López harbored violent thoughts or was capable of violence. At one point, López’s brother had told him to ‘Get a real woman, you’re obsessed’. A psychiatrist who treated López for anxiety shortly before his death also stated that López did not appear dangerous. López’s videotapes, including his suicide, were confiscated by the FBI and released to journalists.” I find it hard to believe that Lopez’s family; mainly his parents were aloof to what his mental state was and the reasoning for his self-destruct programming. Lopez could’ve only been programmed at such a late age because he died when he was 21. I believe in my opinion, not to cast aspersions on his family but I do believe either his parents or other relatives or maybe people connected to his family sold him to the MK-Ultra program and placed him under the programming. Some of his family such as his brother may not truly have been aware of who he was as an asset but it is just hard for me to believe that he was not an asset. There are just too many themes here with this story which line up to him being an asset; most notably the act of shaving the head bald and out of all colors, painting his face red and green. He also had a spaced out or deranged look throughout his death tape that is also seen in other DELTA assets.

With that being said, it is in my view that Ricardo Lopez otherwise known as the “Björk stalker” was an MK asset who had certain components of his programming triggered by certain subliminal messages in Björk’s music that compelled him to act out in the way that he did and to eventually self-destruct to the point of suicide. I believe that the stalker aspect is certainly an aspect of the MK-Ultra program where certain high level controllers in the program create these different MK assets to act as certain characters in the life scripts of these high level celebrity Monarch assets who are to act as a form of a trigger or a negative symbol that brings forth trauma to further cause dissociation or the creation or strengthening of the alters or the split mind of the assets. This is a topic that will be revisited again down the line.