One of the biggest issues that many people have is the ability to be consistent. They often can feel totally driven to do something one day and completely knock things out of the park that day. Then the next day, they are completely unmotivated to do anything. What we want out of life is not something that is just going to come us off of one try. Just like how with a building or house, we have to keep building over and over again; the same thing is applied to what we have to do to accomplish a long term goal. When it comes to doing what we love, we will always find a way to keep doing it no matter what. We may have days where we’re dealing with something physically, mentally, or emotionally that puts us off on those particular days from working on what it is that we need to be working on and that’s ok. Once in a while, we’re going to have a day where we might not work on our long term goal and just focus on something else or just take a rest day. When it comes down to it, a break day once in a while is good and can be useful to brainstorm to come up with new ideas for our work. However, if we’re putting off our work and are spending days just sitting back and not thinking about our work at all, the question is brought up; do we truly love what we’re doing? When we love something, doing things pertaining to our passion for our gifts is going to come naturally. If we have to force ourselves to work on something that we supposedly love, we don’t really love it. What we love to do shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth to do it. It should bring us joy every time. Even when we come across difficulty, we embrace that difficulty because we’re engaged in getting better at what we love to do.

The problem that arises for a lot of us is that we want to have accomplished something at a certain time frame in order for us to feel better about ourselves. We think that if we get something done or become this perfect person at this particular date that it is proof of our efficiency when it is not the case. You’re just forcing yourself to believe that you are someone that you’re not. We can’t be focused on worrying about who it is that we want to emulate so that people can look at us in that same light or of that same respect. None of us are totally alike in our mindframe or how we carry ourselves. We are all unique in our character, our work, and our relationships. We shouldn’t feel that we are less than someone else because they have a certain status or popularity that we don’t have. When it comes down to fully committing to doing good work or establishing a righteous platform, we should already understand that we are going to be hitting a niche audience and a small base of support. As we all know, the Most High works in small numbers. We may have only 5 viewers of our work or 5 customers we’re serving but they are the most supportive and beautiful people that could ever be by your side. Trust and believe that having 5 people back you and support your efforts is worth an infinite amount more than having 5 million people half heartedly support you and kick you to the curb when you are falling on hard times.

The option is out there for us to simply pursue money instead of pursuing righteousness. We all have the free will to make that choice. If our efforts is centered on the end result of views, followers, and money, then we’re always going to end up disappointment because establishing a righteous and truthful platform or foundation of business is not about that and it will never be about that. When you are of such a great mindset that is of depth and understanding, there are only going to be so many people that are going to be able to relate to you and your work. None of us are going to be millionaires because that is not the takeaway that the Most High wants us to take from our work or this life. What the Most High always drives us to see during our trials and tribulations is that the money that we cannot hold or see is the true money we should be pursuing; not the money that we hold in our hand or see come into our bank accounts. The money the Most High wants us to pursue and accrue is the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of life. If you are consistent, dedicated, and determined enough in your work whether it is a singular work you’re putting forth or a broader business, the money will come. It is a combination of hard work and smart decisions. We need both to be able to grow our business. However, those two things cannot be exercised if we don’t have the fuel pumping that machine which is consistency. A lack of consistency comes from a lack of motivation. If we are not motivated to do something from an internal or external standpoint, we are not going to achieve consistency in our work. We are always going to slack off and then eventually abandon our work completely.

There are many things that build the foundation needed in order to give stabilization to our business. These things in my view are dedication, motivation, confidence, belief in the business, and a plan. We need to believe in our business in order for it to flourish. If we don’t believe in our business, our business won’t even see the light of day; let alone be successful. We have to have a long lasting firm dedication and belief in the building of our business or work because when that is the case, that is what will keep us going when we are in the initial stages of building. If we just come up with a business idea over night or over a few minutes, it is not something that is going to be successful if we attempt to pursue it because we are just expecting it to take off immediately since it seems like a good idea. If we truly are considerate of our business plan, we will understand that our brand is not something that we can just come up with over a few minutes but it is something we have to ponder over and consider the weight of its construction over an extended period of time. It doesn’t have to be years or half a year but it should be far more than a few minutes or a few hours. When we just pull a business idea out of our backside, we are not going forward with any plan whatsoever. Our work towards realizing that idea is going to be as spontaneous as our thought of that idea. Anything that comes to us spontaneously is only something that is for the moment; it is short-lived. This is a problem that many people run into when first attempting to build a brand or business. They think that they can just overnight it with a good idea because it may sound cool and then go hard at it for a few months and everything is just going to take off in an instant. No business that is long-lasting ever takes off instantly. Even if it had an entire marketing team and immense fiscal support behind it, you still need the people to buy into that brand or product. People will know the difference between a brand that is authentic versus a brand that is manufactured. If our work seems to be the creation of a bored kid screwing around on their computer for a few hours, it is going to show. If we are going to build a brand that we’re going to sell to the people to convince them that it is worth investing in, we have to show that we actually care about our brand and have had the due-diligence to invest in it with the best tools we can to build it to the best of our ability. When we are spontaneous with our creations, it is going to come off as us just throwing shit at the wall and hoping that it sticks. It is going to come off tacky and dull manufactured garbage that is not authentic. People know when you have and have not put in real work to your product.

This brings me to my next point, in order for us to be consistent not just in building our brands or businesses but in our other endeavors such as fitness and nutrition, we have to embrace monotony. Monotony is the tedious sameness or repetitiousness. The picture is a great example of a project that consists of monotony; not just in the construction but in the structure itself. In order to have a long lasting building in our lives represented in the form of our fitness regimen or our nutrition or our brand, we have to embrace the reality that we’re going to have to keep doing the same exact things over and over again day in and day out. When we are pursuing our long term goals, most of our days are going to bleed into each other. It may seem like one long day. However, we will thank ourselves in the end when our brands will have come together in its fullness. Once we embrace monotony, life is going to become much easier for us. Our work, fitness, nutrition, and marriages are all going to become easier because they all require consistency and consistency itself requires the embracing of monotony. This is the reason why so many marriages fail. Many people get married because they think that they’re just going to be able to go on adventures and travel the world and do new things every day. This couldn’t be farther from the truth and they realize that real quick which is why so many marriages end so quickly because it was made off of spontaneity. Marriage is no scavenger hunt. Marriage is a structure you build on. As men, we evaluate the value of our partners and determine if it is worth investing in them. If we see that they are only good for a moment, we just use that dynamic for the moment but we don’t push in most of our chips. Our marriages are long term investments. First, our partner is a long term investment which is made when we have built up enough trust in them to bring forth new stock in the form of our children. When that trust is made, we take that next step and we make that investment. From that point forward, we are investing in the stock which is our children to flourish and grow their value exponentially so that they become even greater than ourselves. When we bring forth seed, we have to put aside ego and build up our children to be even greater than ourselves because they are the ones who are going to uphold your name and represent your bloodline for generations to come. You want your investment to keep growing exponentially over time. There is going to be no higher greatness as a man than to have successfully prepped and guided your children to be successful and greater than what you even expect them to be. That far outweighs any individual greatness that we can achieve at the expense of our children’s growth.

Marriage is going to be successful only if we accept the things that we have to do each and every day over and over again in order to build up our children and each other as partners as well. Not only are we supposed to build up our children but we need to have made a positive impact on our partner spiritually, mentally, and physically when things are said and done. If our partners are not growing then the marriage is not going to last as long as we hope for it to last. It could last a pretty good amount of time but eventually things will tire out and our partners will become disengaged from the marriage. We have to keep building them up in order to establish the understanding that you are leading the marriage and you are steering the boat in the direction of a greater treasure which your children are going to inherit and then build up on for their own children. If you are not teaching your wife anything, she will not believe in you to teach your children anything.

If we are not engaged in our marriage or relationship, we do not love our partners. It is as simple as that. We have to at that point establish from the jump that this is just for the moment. We can’t let our relationship become a marriage in our partner’s mind because then they will see it not only as an act of betrayal of their trust but also as a signifier of your lack of manhood in being forthright and honest about things.

Now to come back to the main point, we have to embrace monotony in order to remain consistent in building our business and most importantly our temple. Working out takes monotony where we have to keep exercising and going over the same motions over and over again in order to build up the desired strength and physique we want. Health takes monotony in consuming the same vitamins and minerals needed to keep ourselves healthy. At least, there’s some leeway with health because we can come up with a million different recipes with food that is healthy and is tasty. Either way, the same thing applies to our business. If we are not willing to sit down and commit to doing the same things over and over again for the next year to 5 years in building our business, we will simply not be successful in realizing our business to the fullest. There may be some stretches in the process where it seems as if things are not going anywhere and it may make you feel like quitting but that can be for a few reasons. It could be that you need to shift your plan into another direction and your current course of direction is not going in the right direction. Or it could be that it is going in the right direction but you can’t see it because things are moving very slowly. When we are able to get past this stage, we will finally be able to realize things through.

The main crux of life is the matter of embracing monotony. It is only through consistent practice that we are able to become better at what it is that we are aiming to get better at. It is only through consistency in work that we are able to keep things at a good level and maintain that level of success. This is not just pertaining to business like we just mentioned. It also pertains to our health and our relationships. Life becomes that more simple once we embrace that monotonous process to things. At the end of our lives, there are only a handful of moments that we are going to be able to look back on and view it as adventures or special moments. This is because we spend most of our lives working hard and hitting at the same tasks over and over again in order to eventually achieve our goals and that is where those special moments are born. They are special because it is a realization of all the hard work we’ve put in and it is a signifier of our progress as individuals.

The road may be hard for a lot of us starting out on what we want to do. The road is not easy for those of us who wish to build our brand or business. We may not have the necessary resources to create a certain level or quality of work that we wish to achieve. That comes with the territory during the initial stages of building. This all takes time. However, we have to be considerate of the long term process and take on the responsibility of being consistent and not rest on our laurels and expect everyone to just buy into your idea or work because you said so. We have to put in the work and earn that respect and investment from others. That is a dynamic that we all have to accept; including myself. We are human beings. We are going to get tired of having to do the same thing every day. We are going to get tired of hitting those stagnant points where we feel like we are not going anywhere. It is going to suck for a moment because we want to keep moving upward but once we embrace these moments, the path will open for us to understand how to navigate around these blockades and grow past these points. It is a hard road that requires us, including myself, to remain consistent, strong-minded, dedicated, and hard-working to succeed in our endeavors in a honest and pure way.

With that being said, I thank you for your support and for viewing the content. These words are for me just as much as it may be for you. We are all learning and growing to be the best we can be. Without your support, this wouldn’t be possible. I thank you all. Hopefully, these words may have served you of some value. Peace and Blessings.