During our time here on this plane of existence, we will inevitably have both positive and negative experiences in our life. We tend to remember more of the negative than the positive because it tends to be the most traumatizing and it has a more profound impact on our lives mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We dwell on the negative more because we use it as a way to galvanize ourselves to persevere and overcome that trauma in hopes of not slipping or falling away again. The moments of happiness in which we have are singular moments which occur that we hope can be reinvigorated again and again just for the sake of positivity. We don’t dwell on the positive as much because we are often too focused and consumed with what went wrong or the bad which happened to us. The negative experiences in our life which we will inevitably have can come from work or school mainly; at least we think for the most part. However, many of our negative experiences can come and has come from family. At first, we seem incredulous about the negative environment or rapport which is exhibited for a moment with our family members and we write it off as one outburst or bad time. Once it happens again repeatedly, we initially begin to develop a form of depression or sadness because we had the idea that our family was our safe haven where we can put all of our trust and love into. What should be understood is that our family members are people too. This means that they are subject to negativity and toxicity just as much as your co-worker or classmate. Just because you are a part of the same blood, it doesn’t mean that you are going to think alike or get along at all. There are no two things equal to each other or alike in the universe. We are all unique in our own ways. We are never going to be in tandem with one another at all times. That is the same thing with our partners or friends. We are never going to be in tandem at all times with our partners or friends. We may have arguments or times of separation from one another. This is why it must be reaffirmed that we should never place anyone on a pedestal; whether it is our family, friends, or partners. The flesh is not permanent nor will it ever be permanent. This is why we have a beginning and an end to our lives. That means in retrospect that the different components of our lives such as our relationships, friendships, business ventures, etc all have a beginning and an end. The only being in which we should place on a pedestal is the Most High. We have love for our family and friends but we can never place our love for them above the love we ought to have for the Most High.

By understanding this, it should now be clear that our families are subject to whimsicality and toxicity just as much as our co-workers or classmates or other people we run into in our lives. They are human beings which means they are subject to negativity just as much as we ourselves are. As much as we strive for righteousness and purity and humility, we still have our own flaws and negative traits which we are working on to the best of our ability. Some of us may even possess some toxicity ourselves. We may have anger issues or attachment syndrome where we obsess over people who in reality do not warrant our attention. Those are two prime examples of toxic traits which we may or may not have possessed throughout our lives.

This brings into the frame the dynamic of toxicity being put out by our family members. We may have brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, parents, etc who absolutely drive us crazy. We all have at least one toxic person in our family tree which we don’t want to have any relationship with. There is quite possibly no greater challenge when it comes to personal relationships than having to live with a family member who is toxic day in and day out. It is especially hard for young boys and girls who are still going to middle school or high school and are dependent on their family to help support them. They are the ones who are in most need of a positive environment that enforces positivity and teaches them proper conduct, order, structure, accountability, respect, etc. Children and young teens absorb everything around them like a sponge. Whatever they hear from their parents or family or friends or the television, they will regurgitate it verbatim because that is all that they know. Most young boys and girls are not being taught by their families anything substantive; let alone being given the opportunity to venture out and develop their own independent thought through research and studying. The scriptures have been taken out of the modern Western family unit which is why the rapport between the child and the parent has depreciated so rapidly for the past few generations. It is why so much disorder and anarchy has been present within the family unit in Western society throughout this time. The scriptures provide the construct in which we are to live our lives by which is through proper order and decorum. When you remove that, you are going to follow the opposite of that arrangement which is chaos. You go off of your own understanding which is really not your own; it is the understanding of society through the teachings of the serpent. Everyone just regurgitates the slogans and tired narratives pumped out by the media which is then passed down into the family unit. The people who adhere to the teachings of the serpent through the media are the most depressed. These liberal individuals and family units are in the most morose and downcast conditions out of anybody else. They are almost always taking some form of antidepressant or medication because of their mental instability. Their relationships never fare out for the long run in the form of something substantive because the lifestyles and life choices which are taken by the modern day liberal person is of momentary condition and not of long-lasting condition. Many liberal people in Western society believe that their relationships are about adorning one another with gifts and having trips and vacations every month. They attempt to live through the lens of the fictional lifestyle which is promoted on Instagram and they see it as the norm. When you live in the algorithm-created bubble on Instagram where all you see is people spending time overseas or shopping at designer stores or whatever, you believe that is the norm. When in reality, the norm is people barely making it; surviving off of each paycheck they get and even working several jobs just to support their families. More and more people are growing poor and sick as this current situation goes on. Even with an ongoing so-called pandemic and economic depression, people still have that understanding that people are flying out and having fun and making more money than ever. A lot of the times now, these influencers are simply using old photos from two years ago where they were on vacation and they never used those pictures. In reality, their asses are sitting at home just like you are. However, simple-minded people who are trained to just believe what they see on a screen do not grasp that; to their own detriment.

This dynamic is brought up because these same depressed people end up carrying that depression and frustration with their lives into their homes and take it out on you. You don’t even have to live in the same house as another family member and they can still be just as toxic if they were living with you. They always call you up or start bickering with you over the smallest things in the world because they’re so mad that they can’t get their dream partner or act out their Instagram fantasy where they’re flying all across the world and buying all things designer. They’re mad because they’re stuck working their office job or working barely above the minimum wage while they want to be millionaire starlets like the influencers on social media. It is arguable that social media “influencers” have a more profound impact on the minds of young girls than “stars” like Rihanna or Beyonce because they know for the most part that they will never get close to being at that level. They want to be famous to the point where they’ll have enough people come up to them like crack-heads begging for a photo but they don’t want it to be where they’ll have paparazzi breathing all over their necks. As a result, they see being a YouTube star or a social media “influencer” as being the most suitable and achievable way in trying to fulfill their nonsensical and vain fantasy. This is even prevalent with young boys or even grown men in our families who still think they’re going to be the next big stock trader or artist or musician even though they haven’t had one ounce of success in achieving that goal for five, ten, fifteen, or even at worst twenty years. They’re still the same young dudes going to school or those same men working that 9-to-5 job. It is not to knock anyone who has aspirations to be self-employed or independent by any means. That is something that we should be striving for if we are capable of achieving that for ourselves. However, it doesn’t mean that we should obsess over it just for the sake of making all types of money and having fame or “status”. When we fixate on those things, we never build up a proper plan to actually achieve those things. When we end up realizing that after so much time has passed that we haven’t achieved any of those goals in being that self-employed person or individual who is “making moves”, we take it out on everyone else after we enter our “to hell with the world” phase or alter. It is nobody else’s fault but yours for not having had built the proper plan or took the proper steps in making that possible for yourself. You are to blame; nobody else. However, low-level thinking people will never grasp that. They think it is you holding them down when they are holding themselves down. They have no form of accountability whatsoever.

Point being is that this is one way in which our family members may develop that toxicity and thus bring it into your life; whether they are living with you or not. They pick fights you with because of their own frustration with life and see that there is no other recourse to take than to destroy the relationships which they have with others. Family members can attack you because they see you as the prime target just to expel all of their hatred onto you. They’re desperate to do so because they can only hold onto that negative energy for so long before they destroy themselves. They also do so because they simply want to just take it out on you for the hell of it.

Another form of toxicity which is exhibited with our family members is them simply snapping on you for no reason. It can be your mom or dad who just snaps on you for not throwing out the trash correctly or not placing the food correctly in our refrigerators. Those are things which do not warrant yelling or throwing stuff across the room for no reason. Our parents may call us a name or two for not doing those things correctly but to react in such a way where they are red in the face and yelling, it’s toxicity at its finest; especially so if it is over very little things. Of course, our parents are there to correct us and tell us what is right to do which is very essential and crucial; especially now. However, it is extremely negative energy which is being put forth where you overreact over things in an extreme way.

One last form of toxicity which is present in our family members are them always coming to you complaining about another family member that they are having problems with or are upset with. Our moms can come up to us and complain about our dad or our sister or brother. Our dads can come up to us complaining about our moms or sister or brother. Our brother can come up to us complaining about our parents or sister and so on and so forth. Everyone is mad at each other and you are caught in the middle having to hear all of their grievances. It is however a good opportunity for you to establish yourself as a voice of reason and of maturity and to ultimately exude leadership. A leader is able to help bring both sides to the table and make them come forth to a compromise after talking about what they were upset with each other about. It is a chance for us to help build up more respect and regard from them. This is especially possible when you know that they can be reasoned with and their issues with one another can be resolved. However, it can be very taxing after awhile when they cannot be reasoned with and cannot come to any form of compromise in a pledge to change for the better.

You often end up just standing there having a mom or dad or brother or sister or cousin mouthing off to you about someone else. A lot of the time, they cannot bring themselves to resolving their issue because they actually enjoy mouthing off and having something to complain about. Many people today embrace chaos and dysfunction because that is their internal state which is often stemming from their own frustration with life, insecurities, social engineered behavior and beliefs, etc. When you are around agents of chaos in your home whether it is family or partner, it will wear off on you and lead you to become toxic or chaotic if you are not careful yourself and are not firmly steeped in your spiritual walk. Chaos and toxicity are extremely pervasive and can easily be taken on within your spirit for the reason that it is the only energy which is present in your environment.

After awhile, your spirit can give into that energy if you’re not careful because you are tired of trying to fight off that energy and you see it as it being easy to simply be a part of that energy instead of trying to counter it. It is easier to be wicked than it is to be righteous. It takes an extremely long time to climb up a mountain and it is met with much challenges. It takes an extremely short time to fall off that mountain to our own demise. It is easy to go back into the world. It can be hard to immerse yourself completely in your spiritual walk because we are surrounded by that adverse energy since the majority of the people in our lives embrace that energy in ideology, spirituality, and behavior since the majority of mankind does so. It is generally hard because those same people are our own family and friends. However, it is up to us to make the decision on whether or not we will succumb to the toxicity and take the easy way out or we will stand pat in our spirit and develop the strength to fight against it.

In closing, toxic family members can present some of the most challenging and difficult times in our lives when we don’t know exactly how to fend off against it. The best thing we can do is to simply place ourselves in the environment which does not contain them. However, it is easier said than done; especially for younger brothers and sisters who are still in that family environment. The best thing for that dynamic is to try and isolate yourself as much as possible and to keep yourself occupied to the point where you are not around them as much in efforts that you are building up enough for you to eventually get yourself out of that environment and live on your own. If we are on our own, we can simply cut out those toxic family members from our lives. Life is pretty simple. For the most part, we make life complex because of our hesitancy and unwillingness to take that next step. Life certainly has its challenges but when it all comes down to it, life is simple. Some people will say that they can’t simply cut out their family member from their life because it is their family member. That form of thinking where they have to have this undying loyalty to their family no matter what is what holds many people back and leads them to developing toxicity of their own because they don’t want to make that simple decision. None of our family members are guaranteed to be rolling with us tomorrow or after tomorrow or a year or several years from now. We love our family and wish the best for them. Yet we should never ever put them on a pedestal nor have undying loyalty for them. We should only ever put the Most High and His Son on a pedestal because that is what is guaranteed to bear fruit and guide us through our ups and downs and highs and lows in this life. We cannot count on any of our family to support us or be there for us. If we are abandoned by our family members one day, are we going to just curse ourselves and die because they did so? No, we are to carry on and face that uphill battle which we have been thrust in and grow closer to the Most High because only He will guide us in the moments and times of our lives where we are completely alone. It is only the Most High and His Son who will help lead us to become the best we possibly can be in this life to flourish spiritually, mentally, and physically all the while serving His will with all of our love for Him. That is the only guaranteed fruitful relationship which we have in this life; none else. Not from family, friends or our partners.

All Praises to the Most High Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Peace and Blessings.