The little ones
Of whom are regarded the highest in Heaven
Have had their light blotted out by evil for vain fortunes
For their innocence and purity have been destroyed
In dark vile rooms beneath dainty fortresses
Cries have been kept within the darkness
Their body stolen for pagan feasts
Their spirit taken by wicked beasts
Suffering of the innocent is long and endless
Their mind reaped for profit, waxing restless
Gold of the nations has been tainted by the blood of the innocent
Compassion for the loss of the little ones have come to descent
Eyes fall blind and ears fall deaf to their cries of anguish
No mind paid to their pleas, their hope extinguished

What answer do double tongued devils muster for the hurt cubs
Their pure minds stirred to iniquity and indulgence in lust
A wicked thing, disturbing little ones to defile their souls in clubs
Detestable vile rites burdened unto clean souls to rust
The third hour past the turning of the day
Spirits of the meek come to decay
For both consumption and sex,
Spurred for blood, a craving for flesh
Souls reaped by vile emperors to entrance with a hex

The wage for unholy riches is the defiling of innocence
Turning little ones to wrath and concupiscence
The evanescing of the crowns above many heads
Sacrifices of those beloved and of little ones bring dread
For the Father causes them to not have joy of their hollow fruits
Lost souls still yet wander endlessly for a false dream
Reapers who reign over evil, these souls they gather to recruit
The lost blinded by the light upon their faces, Lucifer’s gleam
Betrayal of a glorious union with the Father for Satan’s vile yoke

Of what worth is gold, when cries of little ones come to memory?
For the wicked abominations they do in darkness, it seizes feeling
Hasty are the empty forlorn carcasses of idols to reap of loving fools’ energy
Numbness which lie within their hearts, they seek healing
They shall not find that which they eagerly wish
For they wished no remedy for the pain of the little ones that vanished

Thanks to Yah
Eternal Praises, Double Honors, Glory, Thanks, Trust, Loyalty, Applauses, Bowing to Worship Alpha and Omega Most High Father Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh and Heavenly Archangels. Thank you Yah for giving me the words to write this poem. Thank you Yah for bringing me to this truth and letting me be of understanding during these last days. All Glory to Yahweh Halleluyah! One Love Salutes to 1/3rd Hebrew Kings and Queens and 10% Gentile Brothers and Sisters. Barakatha