One thing which many of us aim to acquire during our spiritual journey is knowledge. It is an essential part to our growth in this spiritual journey in which we walk. However, what people often get wrong is that they make knowledge be the pinnacle of all things in truth. Once a person acquires some form of knowledge, they often try to make themselves out to be all-knowing and develop a great deal of hubris and arrogance. They may talk down to others or treat their supporters poorly. They get puffed up believing that they are something more than what they are in reality. Knowledge is a powerful tool which can benefit us greatly if used in the right manner being complemented by discernment, understanding, and humility. Knowledge does not make any one of us special. All that we become when we have knowledge is people who hold more information and understanding of certain things than others. Having more knowledge than someone doesn’t make us any better than them. We simply may know more than them. This is the Pharisee mindset where we believe that we know everything and therefore we talk down to everyone. The Pharisees believed that they knew everything which is truly what led to their downfall as they led the persecution against the Most High’s Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh because He spoke out against them and told them that they knew nothing. Nothing angers a person who thinks they know it all more than when you disprove them and they know that they are wrong and realize from you that they don’t know anything. However, they try to cover it up with arrogance in order to save face for their sycophants. It is these type of people who lead themselves to self-destruction. As Proverbs 16:18 states, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.” When we are prideful, we blind ourselves from seeing the truth. When we are blind to the truth, we don’t see what’s coming ahead for us which leads us to being caught unawares and facing judgment.

The true purpose of acquiring knowledge is so that we can use it to keep ourselves from facing a precarious situation without knowing what is occurring or how to get out of it. Hosea 4:6 stated in reference to the Hebrews, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” This not only is talking about the Hebrews facing perpetual consequences seven times over from ignorance and unwillingness to abide to the commandments, this also speaks to how we fall into traps because we go about unaware of key things. For example, we may get caught up in a situation where a security guard may try to search us and we abide to it because we don’t know any better when in reality the security guard is violating our rights and we are not supposed to kowtow to their commands because what they’re trying to do is illegal. Even now, many people are destroying themselves due to a lack of knowledge by getting shots and vaccinations where they are not aware of just how harmful these shots are to them in the long term. We aim to acquire knowledge so we don’t fall into these types of traps and so we can deal with certain situations if we are to get caught up in them. We also aim to acquire knowledge so we have a firmer grasp in better understanding of how things truly are in this society, what true history is, and how we do better than those who came before us. Those are all things which keep us on track and help us evolve in our spiritual journey.

Knowledge is just another branch on the tree. It is not the entire base of the tree nor is it the roots of the tree. The roots of the tree of righteousness are truly the love of the Most High and His Son. The base is charity. The other branches are faith, hope of salvation, knowledge, wisdom, understanding, etc. Many people think that knowledge is the entire tree and believe that knowledge is what makes them superior to everyone else. Once again, we are not better than anyone else simply because we know more. We simply know more than others. That’s all. What makes us better is when we apply that knowledge for a greater purpose by helping edify and build up others within our circle with the end goal of letting them understand to a higher degree that we are all to put the Most High first before all things. Acquiring knowledge is simply not just for our own edification but it should be of edification for others within our circle. When you have a greater knowledgeable circle of brothers and sisters, it helps create greater strength and understanding which leads to greater growth which ultimately helps them become even greater servants of the Most High’s Will through that growth. Knowledge in and of itself is nothing without charity as is all the other branches of the tree. The branches cannot be held up without the base of the tree itself.

What most do not understand is that knowledge is simply one part of the whole; it is not the whole thing itself. They believe that they’re some type of divine beings because they’ve found some type of understanding. Most of the time, those type of people develop that God complex from these different ideologies such as Egyptology and New Age spirituality. However, even people in truth develop this complex. Certain men use scriptures and manipulate it to fit their own perspective. That perspective feeds into self-aggrandizement. Through this manipulation of the scriptures, they teach their sycophants that through the Word that it is justified that they should be given tithes or honored as if they were the Most High. This teaches them man-worship and makes them become idolaters of that man. In all actuality, these men truly know nothing at all. They manipulated the scriptures to fit their own vortex of idolatry. They don’t have any grasp of what they’re trying to teach. If they truly did, they would know that what they are doing is unacceptable and is of falsehood. False prideful leaders delude themselves to think they know so much but they always end up being proven to that they truly know nothing. This is exactly what happened between the Pharisees and Yahweh Ben Yahweh’s disciples.

This all brings us to a key verse which harkens back to this which is 1 Corinthians 8:2. This verse states, “And if any man think that he knoweth any thing, he knoweth nothing yet as he ought to know.” This speaks to how even after we have accumulated knowledge for a considerable amount of years, it still does not amount to us truly knowing anything. Even if we have a good grasp on many different aspects of life, we still know nothing. Just when we think we know something, we end up seeing that there are five other layers to it. No man who lived and died on this world truly grasped and knew everything in this life. The only being in existence who knows everything is the Most High. 1 Corinthians 8:2 teaches us to be humble and to understand that the knowledge in which we accumulate is a mustard seed in the grand scheme of things. We are as amoebas to the Most High in the grand scheme of things. The Most High simply judges whether or not we will stand firm and make it through to the end or we will falter and fall off on this journey. The Most High is not stressing over one person who falls out of truth. The Most High works with small numbers to begin with. Finding diligent and faithful servants who wish to serve the Most High for the rest of their existence is like finding the diamond in a rough. Finding unfaithful and froward people who despise the Most High and write His laws off as oppression are like finding leaves. They are all around us and serve as the vast majority of humanity. Satan is desperate to give you everything and to communicate with you because he sees you as another soul which he can take to help keep him company as the saying goes, “Misery loves company.” In Satan’s eyes, he sees as the more people, the better. The Most High is the opposite. He takes His time and only wants the ones who He sees as truly desirable to enter His kingdom. He is at no loss whatsoever if a certain person don’t make it and falters. It is only that person who is at loss. The Most High is going to have His remnant no matter how small it is. The Most High worked strictly through one person several times throughout the scriptures. We are simply at His mercy. It is us who have to convince Him to give us entry into His kingdom through mercy. He doesn’t owe us anything. We owe him everything because we’re seeing, hearing, breathing, smelling, tasting, touching, walking, talking, and working all thanks to Him. Without the Most High’s work, we simply do not exist.

This entire dynamic factors into 1 Corinthians 8:2 because this relates to the message of the verse which speaks on how we are to practice humility and to know become prideful because we accumulate some knowledge. It makes us remember what the hierarchy is in that knowledge from our own mind is a mustard seed and is rather fruitless if we do not apply with it charity. This goes back to 1 Corinthians 8:1 which states, “…Knowledge puffeth up, but charity edifieth.” Knowledge when not put forth in a righteous or genuine manner only leads to man believing that he is greater than what he actually is. If knowledge is not used or applied accordingly to benefit others, it simply creates arrogance in men to make them believe that they are as gods. This is the curse of Adam which is taken in stride by man because man is so desperate to create a form of reality which is absent of the Most High since they want to make themselves out to be gods. It is pure vanity. Even all these Luciferian symbols such as the sun, the serpent, the bull, the owl, etc are all in reference to the knowledge and wisdom of the left hand path of Satan. They glorify themselves through signs and symbols in a form of pride. This is knowledge bringing forth pride in its prime form. It’s the reason why we’re here now today. Adam and Eve believed at that moment in the Garden that they knew best than what the Most High had commanded them. Man’s downfall comes from when they believe that they know more than the Most High and can make decisions in direct opposition to the Most High’s commands. When they lean onto their own understanding, they conjure up vain imaginations of what they think is correct or true. However, what is true is what is known; not what is thought to be. This speaks to Proverbs 3:5 which states, “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” This verse reaffirms that we are to trust the Most High fully in understanding and to not trust ourselves to understand things. If we do not know or understand something, we do not make up things to create some illusion that we are something that we truly are not. When we don’t understand or know something, we leave it to the Most High to guide us into the right time for Him to grant us understanding of that certain thing. We work on the Most High’s time; not our own. It is like the saying, “Man plans and Yah laughs.” Even if we plan our day out and we go accordingly to each aspect of our schedule that day, it was because the Most High had it planned out our day to go in that manner. We are to take things day by day and not be planning five years in advance because we don’t even know what’s going to happen in the next hour. Our lives can be flipped upside down in a matter of minutes or hours, let alone months. 1 Corinthians 8:2 makes us wholly understand that the hierarchy is absolute and will always be firmly set in nature which is that the will of the Most High comes first and is performed as the Most High sees fit before the wants and wishes of anyone else.

1 Corinthians 8:1 points us back to what we should be placing up above the accumulation of knowledge and that is charity. Now, charity does not only pertain to the love to our brothers and sisters; it also pertains to the love of the Most High. For us to love our brothers and sisters, we must know to love the Most High first. We cannot have faith or salvation without charity. How are we possibly able to love the Most High if we don’t love his own jewels of His creation? How can we sit and speak to the Most High acting as if we love Him when we hate our own brother? The Hebrew is of the image of the Most High and His angels. Therefore, if we hate our sincere brothers, we in extension hate the Most High Himself. This does not apply to those who themselves hate the Most High. This applies to those who are sincere and loving and really did not ever warrant hate. We cannot love the Most High if we have no love for our brothers or sisters. That is zeal, not love. Zeal only brings forth little. Zeal for the Most High without charity is without fruit. Zeal without charity simply breeds more pride in oneself.

If we are to hate the image of the Most High within His own jewels, it stems back to an internal corrosion which is blocking us from having the ability to love someone other than ourselves. It is only us who suffers in the end. We were not meant to simply love ourselves and just be hermits closed off from everyone else. We were meant to spread forth the knowledge and wisdom in which we acquire through time, diligence, and patience to our brothers. This doesn’t mean that we have to be a people person and speak to forty people. Even having love for just one person in this truth other than your significant other does a whole lot. Even if you edify just one brother or sister closest to you, they will over time edify their partners and children and their brothers and sisters closest to them. It is how life goes. Knowledge spreads forth in circulation to others because once it is put out into the universe, it flows and it eventually comes back to you in a circle or flow of positive energy which helps edify us. Through the love of our brothers and sisters, we help edify the church or the body of Yah. As blood circulates through the body, so does knowledge circulate throughout the four corners of the ends of the Earth.

In closing, 1 Corinthians 8:1-2 is significant for many reasons; embracing humility in understanding that our accumulation of knowledge truly amounts to a mustard seed in that we still know nothing, that our knowledge does not make us any better than our brothers who may not know what we know, that the hierarchy of the Most High’s will stands firm and is forever absolute, and that charity is the base of the tree of righteousness. We cannot bear the fruit of knowledge if we do not compliment it with charity. Our love for the Most High and His Son is to reverberate to our brothers and sisters which helps edify or build us up for the better in the end. When we put the Creator before ourselves, we turn out to become greater and better than what we were before. Submission before the Most High is for our own benefit. When we try to forsake and deny the source of our life force which is Yahweh Elohim, it is only to our own detriment. Those who think that knowledge is what makes them be as Yah, only makes them prideful to the point of spiritual blindness. Once they blind themselves on their spiritual journey, the endless road becomes a cliff. When we walk blindfolded, we will eventually walk off the cliff to our own demise. That is the tale of each and every prideful man who took their gifts and grant of truth by the Most High in vain. They always fell off that cliff blind and only gained sight for a moment as they were falling to notice that they were mistaken and had known nothing truly all along. Knowledge without charity is fruitless as we truly know nothing despite knowing much. Charity with knowledge along with faith and the hope for salvation is the great fruit bearer which helps edify and build up our brothers and sisters to ultimately build up the church of Christ Yahweh Ben Yahweh. That is the true crown in which we are to strive for. When you put charity before your own vain desires, you become complete. When you can say with assuredness in judgment that you helped your brothers and sisters in this life in leading them to becoming greater servants for the Most High and His Son, it is what shall bring forth pleasance in the eyes of the Lord.

All Praises be to Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Peace and Blessings.