In life, there are often times where we come across people who seem to have it out for us on a particular day or moment or within a certain environment or relationship. It seems as if those people always find some type of way to stir up the pot and twist every word you say into a whole other direction to use it as a form of attack against you to spew all types of vitriol towards you. Sometimes, we’re just sitting dumbfounded at the other person sending hate our way because when you develop yourself into becoming a better person, often times we end up creating our own bubble and we may sometimes forget just how drastic a person can blow up at a moment’s notice. Other times, we’re sitting dumbfounded because the person is just obviously bugged out of their mind. As we close out on this society and live out these last days, the more demonic energies will be present all around us and will manifest within our co-workers, so-called friends, family members, and even partners. One of the main obstacles when we come into the truth is that we end up realizing that just because we are walking the straight and narrow path at least to the best of our ability, it doesn’t mean that our family and friends are going to follow suit. Sometimes, the more we draw closer to the Most High, our family and friends draw further away from Him. There is such a thing as progression and regression on the spiritual side. So this is mainly one of the first obstacles we often come across when we come into the truth and slowly develop understanding on how the spirit truly works and is present among us within our daily lives. When we first come into the truth, we may often develop a “cloud nine” mindset where we think that any and all things which are of the spirit are possible just because we call on the Most High’s Name and are awakened to what’s going on in the world; at least from a novice level. At that stage, we can get caught up thinking that we’re just going to become warriors with sublime fighting skills or mental geniuses or have other-worldly visions from the jump just because we call on the Most High’s Name. This is never the case and never has been the case. All of those things only come to us through our own spiritual, mental, and physical work. Only through our own efforts in improving in those facets do we truly come to realize those attributes at an achievable and realistic level. Just because we call on the Most High’s Name, it doesn’t mean that we’re going to become these superheroes. We find that out very quickly. That “cloud nine” mindset is a very big issue which can truly cost us our crown in the end if we let it control us and have power over us. Point is this, the only way for us to truly come to the point where we are not sideswiped or blindsided by a person’s attacks or verbal assault on us is to become immersed in our own spiritual path and relationship with The Most High. The further we are from being tied to the flesh, the easier our path will become when we face these inevitable obstacles.

Quarrels are a very common thing which happens not only in truth but in our daily lives. It can happen in the blink of an eye at our workplace, in our own home, with our friends, etc. Quarrels are often started by someone who acts on a dime; meaning their decisions is based in impulse. When your actions are based in impulse, your life is like a tidal wave; it’s chaotic and is constantly shifting in different directions at varying speeds. A lot of people come onto spiritual platforms simply to use them as antidotes or forms of highs to be able to get through their own internal turmoil and struggles. They use the platform as a way to control those around them since they themselves don’t truly have control over their own spirit or mind. Once they try to dictate and control how others think, it can start a quarrel because many others will simply not tolerate having someone disrespect them in any way, shape, or form. As they should because you should know your self-worth and know not to let anything slide by; especially if you know that person is going to be around you for an extended period of time. You cannot let anyone ever believe that they can use you as a personal doormat to unload their own baggage on you through deprecating you in order to bring some sort of satisfaction to their life. Misery loves company so once you give someone the avenue to tear you down for their joy, it is your own mental and emotional state being put at risk of complete collapse. The more you let on, the more you suffer on the inside. The more you suffer on the inside, the more devastating your self-implosion will be down the line. Even in streets or prisons or even schools, the person who is being picked on by someone who is looking for an altercation is advised to stand up for themselves and fight back because even if they get knocked down, they’ll still have earned their stripes by making it be known that they are not going to be used as that other person’s proverbial punching bag. So many people love to tear down others for fun because they themselves are dead inside. They need an external form of joy because they can’t find any of that within themselves. After awhile, when that joy is gone and their internal state is barren and devoid of any light, they become cold and crass people. Their form of joy ends up becoming perverse and malicious. They end up viewing chaos and destruction as things in which can bring joy to them. People like this are present around us every day. With everything going on right now, people are becoming even worse and are becoming more transformed by the pervasive demonic energy within this world. It has never been easier for someone to slip into fits of rage simply just to rage because of what’s going on. Many people yell and scream just for the hell of it.

Quarrels are also often started by people who are simply hateful. All that a hater is truly is someone who has not taken the time or applied themselves to fine tune and perfect their own gifts. Often times, a person who starts quarrels would simply bash someone’s art or music or whatever it may be; seemingly just to say it. While there may be a valid reason why a person could express dislike of a person’s work, 999 out of 1,000 times, they give constructive criticism instead of slander. If a person is going to express that they don’t like someone’s work, they should then give constructive criticism to help better that person; especially if they were throwing out insults as well. There is such a thing as blunt criticism where it may come off as hating or slander but it is just a harsh way of presenting one’s opinion. Once you start name calling and trashing it, that’s when it becomes hating. When you don’t give any valid reason as to why you think someone’s work is bad, it’ll come off as you hating. It is very easy to slide back and resort to the name-calling tactic instead of taking the more mature road and actually articulating yourself in an intellectual way which would actually help those around you. That is one of the key traits of a man which is to help others around him because that taps into the true purpose of a man which is to be a leader. Not every man is capable of leading an entire congregation of thousands of people. However, a man can simply be a leader of his own household. That is the most important thing; is to be able to lead your own progeny and leave a mark on this world before you yourself pass. It is what your sons and daughters will take on and carry into their own lives after you’re gone. Sometimes, a child may actually have a certain sight and be able to see that their father is not truly leading them and is instead a hater. What I mean by a hater is that he is not setting a plan forward to help better those around him and help build a better rapport with others. When you are a hater, you may get a few laughs from some people because of your jokes but in the end, they won’t truly respect you or look at you as someone to take seriously. When you apply yourself, you build up that foundation in which you are able to help yourself grow in your own spiritual mission to become the best person you can possibly become. So when you give constructive criticism, others will listen to you and take your words in stride and work on themselves because they see that you’ve already applied yourself in become a full-rounded individual in your own conduct, career, spirit, mind, and personal life concerning those around you. They will look to you as a guide; even at a very small level. This all helps lead you into a path of becoming a more complete man.

Quarrels also come from people who are actually hurting inside; especially if it’s brought out repeatedly by someone. People who start quarrels on a consistent basis are often dealing with spiritual or emotional dysfunction. People who come into the truth sometimes have a lot of baggage or past trauma which they have pressed down under the guise of being a follower of Yah. You can follow Yah but you still need to heal. It is like putting a band-aid on an open wound that is spraying blood. You may think it’s covered and done with because you put a band-aid on it but you still are suffering because you didn’t stitch up that wound and helped yourself heal. The more you let your wounds be open, the more bitter you become. The more bitter you become as a person, the more cold you become. When you become a cold person, you are devoid of any positive emotion or ability to truly understand things in its proper perspective. You come at things from a combative standpoint and it ends with you tearing another person down; simply because you can’t take any other recourse since you haven’t taken the time to truly heal yourself and actually become grow as a better person from your own past. These tough life experiences in which we encounter are not put in our life to make us bitter people or to lash out against the world; it is for us to learn from and grow and become better as individuals. It brings me to mention Ecclesiasticus 2:1-6 which explains wonderfully what is the purpose of these obstacles we face and how we should help deal with it when it occurs.

Here is Ecclesiasticus 2:1 which states, “My son, if thou come to serve the Lord, prepare thy soul for temptation.” This is talking about the temptations we face to get back into the world and take the easy route, to chase money and women, to go into certain ideologies which would exalt ourselves in our own hubris, etc. When you immerse yourself further into loving the Most High, the harder the temptations will come and try to lure you away from the love of Yah. We should prepare ourselves and keep our hearts in the right state to be able to offset these temptations when it comes with our own spiritual strength and resilience.

Ecclesiasticus 2:2 states, “Set thy heart aright, and constantly endure, and make not haste in time of trouble.” This is what we just stated; that being to help keep our heart or our mind in the right place to be able to endure and fend off the tricks of the wicked with the shield of faith. This life has it’s ups and downs; it’s best moments and it’s hardest moments. When we are in the right mind frame and spiritual state, we are able to persevere and not get overwhelmed and absorbed into the mist of depression, stress and later cruelty which ultimately leads to your own self-destruction. It says also to make not haste in time of trouble. This is calling on us to keep faith and to not flee the truth when it gets too difficult where we start experiencing the attacks of principalities, spirits, and naysayers who wish to deter us from our spiritual journey and going backwards and falling into our own pit of self-destruction. Sometimes, people may pray for the Most High to destroy the world simply because they’re having a bad day at work or they’re going through a rough patch. The Most High is a man of war but He doesn’t take commands from men who are going through a temper tantrum because they’re going through things. We’re supposed to ask the Most High for guidance and support when we’re hitting a low point in our lives; not for destruction. Either way, the Most High is not going to listen to your prayer because He works according to His own time. He doesn’t destroy the world on a dime simply because of your tantrum. The Most High didn’t destroy Sodom and Gomorrah on a moment’s notice. He waited until a certain level of sin which He set was met by Sodom and Gomorrah. The Most High works on nobody else’s time. He only works on His own time. So we could truly bring calamities unto ourselves when we continuously pray for the Most High to destroy this place because it is a sign of disrespect. We are acting as if we can direct the Most High and tell Him what to do and when to do it. The Most High can see this is as a challenge of His own power and would judge you harshly for that with calamities. We are in no place to direct the Most High or His Son on what to do. We simply ask for guidance, protection, strength, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, growth, etc. These are all things which will help us become better servants of His will.

Ecclesiasticus 2:3 states, “Cleave unto him, and depart not away, that thou mayest be increased at thy last end.” This is us being commanded to not abandon the Most High during our toughest battles and times of adversity. We are to cleave unto him and become closer with Him; not further away. It is not something where just because we’re hitting hard times, now we pray so we can get out of it. That applies to people who never pray or read scriptures or have any spiritual understanding. For us, the Most High always puts us through these tough obstacles to help us grow closer to Him so we are better servants for Him and thus are given greater favor from Him. Our purposes are not to serve ourselves; it is to serve Him. The more we understand that we are not the ones who dictate what our fate is and that it is the Most High who is in control, the more we will work on our true purpose and actually flourish in the most important aspect of our being which is our spirit. When we submit to the will of the Most High instead of fighting it to pursue our own desires, greater things open up for us in ways in which we never thought were possible. People want to make it a race about who gets to claim that they’re not servants of another people. Every race wishes to portray themselves as the master race or the chosen; not out of spiritual understanding but out of pride, arrogance, and greed. Truthfully, every single one of us are servants. We are all servants in the grand scheme of things because those of us who are in the flesh, Hebrew or Gentile, are all servants of the Most High and His Will. If you are not the Most High, then you are a servant. Yahweh Ben Yahweh serves His Father Yahweh Elohim and His Will. The angels serve the will of the Son and the Father in Heaven. We ultimately serve the Most High and His Son. You see, man tries to escape his true state which is to serve a higher power by deluding himself with the concepts of being his own god so he can evade being a servant in his own vain attempt which is unfruitful. They become Luciferians or Satanists in these brotherhoods and cults to try and proclaim themselves as gods to avoid servitude. All that they are are people who have more privileges and luxuries than the rest of society. That’s it. They are still servants themselves. They serve the will of Satan, the demonic spirits, their handlers, their lodge, their cult, their boss, etc. Even the highest ranking official of a brotherhood or lodge still is a servant; they serve Satan. They end up actually becoming slaves instead of their own gods because Satan doesn’t really give you any freedom. You have to keep up with the rituals at the expense of your own self-destruction. It is a false concept of believing that you become free when you deny the Most High. You end up become a slave to the ruler of this world; that being Satan. There is no greater freedom than submission to the Most High. This is why when you grow closer to Him, you are treated with greater favor than ever before. This is what is stated when it states, “that thou mayest be increased at thy last end.”

Ecclesiasticus 2:4 states, “Whatsoever is brought upon thee take cheerfully, and be patient when thou art changed to a low estate.” What this is talking about is that whatever we are given, we are to be thankful for it. Whether we are handed good times or bad times; moments of joy or moments of suffering, we are to take it in stride with joy. The reason why is because when the Most High is dealing with you, everything He brings you, even the hard obstacles are for a good reason. It is to help refine you and help build you up to become a stronger person and a greater servant for Him. Our servitude for Him only brings us greater things in the end; it is never to our own detriment. The only servitude which brings forth self-detriment comes from serving any other being or force or thing other than the Most High and His Will. It is to our own detriment to slavishly serve Satan or demonic spirits or our own bosses or our jobs, etc. We only suffer in the long run when we choose to go against the Most High. He may let you go for a while thinking you’re free and have conquered life because you have mansions and supercars and money but He will take it all away eventually. Even if you live to your last breath a rich man, you don’t have those things in the day of judgment. It is simply you and the Most High speaking to you and judging you for everything you had done on this world. This is why it is fruitless to serve our own will and work to build up on materialistic things because that is not the pathway to eternal salvation. It is truly fruitful when we work on developing the aspects of ourselves which will stay with us forever which is our own spiritual and mental framework. When you work on your spirit and your mind and bring it to the highest level you possibly can, everything else will follow. The most important part of this verse is when it tells us to “be patient when thou art changed to a low estate.” We may have everything taken from us from our jobs to our relationships to our own comfort zones to our friendships to our homes, etc. When we make it out on the other end of it while holding on closer to the Most High, we end up becoming even better and having even better things in the end of those tests. This is the same thing with working out. We tear down our muscles through strenuous exercise in order for new muscle to be built up through proper replenishment of healthy food and drink. That results in us becoming better and stronger versions of ourselves every time we physically transform. We are constantly torn down through these tests but we are built back up stronger through the good fruit which is the Word of Yah and the Love of Yah. When we take of that good fruit after those hard tests, we become greater versions of ourselves. This is only achieved through resilience and patience and humility. When we practice those things, we persevere through each and every test which comes our own way.

Ecclesiasticus 2:5 states, “For gold is tried in the fire, and acceptable men in the furnace of adversity.” This is the main point; that being us passing through the fire which is the tests we come across and the obstacles in which we face. This verse even explains how the gold being tried in the fire applies to us; that being us being tried in the furnace of adversity. Before gold becomes solidified and beautiful and glowing, it passes through the fire and is as liquid. It is at its lowest and most incomplete form as it is in the fire. The fire is what helps it pass onto the next stage of completion. Over time, once the liquid gold comes out of the fire, the gold becomes solid. This is the art of how we are tested and tried in the fire throughout our lives. We are hit with the hardest challenges only for us to become as gold spiritually in the end. The Most High doesn’t put us through hardship out of cruelty. He does it so we can grow and become better and also to see who is and isn’t resilient enough and strong enough in their faith and willpower to be able to persevere and make it out in the end. This isn’t meant to make us bitter and cold people. It is to make us see that being cold and bitter is beneath us and there is a higher level which there is to attain after such challenges. We are not supposed to make these tests as an excuse to lash out at everyone around us and be mad at the world. We are supposed to grow and think on a higher level and conduct ourselves in a greater manner than resorting to the “woe is me” mentality.

This verse truly brings it home. Ecclesiasticus 2:6 states, “Believe in him, and he will help thee; order thy way aright, and trust in him.” This is what it all comes down to. This is what truly matters; that being our relationship with the Most High. The closer we become to Him, the more favor He shows. Subsequently, our issues become less taxing on our spirit and we become stronger. We grow closer to Him through our trust in Him and us walking accordingly to His commands. It is through this that we grow to become the best person we can possibly be. Those who start quarrels are truly hurting on the inside. They are people who have not healed themselves and have not solidified to become gold. They are a puddle of gold. It is because of their impatience and lack of order and lack of trust in Yah, that they have put themselves in a continual self-created burning state of the fire; even after they passed through the fire. We are to learn from them that we are to truly work on our spiritual state and learn to heal from passing through the furnace of adversity. It is important for us to learn from them that we are to not lean on our own understanding but to lean on the Most High for understanding and support. These are people who decided to take everything into their own hands and lean on their own understanding and to try and fight their spiritual battles on their own. It is only through the support and stability provided by the Most High and His Son that we are able to fight and conquer our own spiritual battles. This is the purpose of these spiritual battles; that being that you become even closer to Yah than before. He wants you to lean on Him for understanding and guidance and strength. That is because that is what will truly help you and be fruitful for you in this life. We can never think that we can fight these battles on our own. The biblical forefathers of Israel always leaned onto the Most High for understanding and strength and guidance during their own trials and tribulations. It is not taking the easy way out. It is taking the right way and the correct path. The biblical forefathers of Israel still persevered by their own strength and works. However, that only came through the favor of Yah! We ask and we receive. If we don’t ask, we don’t receive. However, we must work towards having the worthiness of being able to ask of the Most High in prayer. We can’t just ask for things while not doing anything ourselves and that is the true mission of our everyday lives. It is to work towards being the best servants for the Most High to the best of our ability and that comes through obeying the laws and commandments while having charity, faith, hope in salvation, and patience. From that comes humility, strength, and endurance. We only can heal through the Most High’s guidance; not our own. This where I’ll leave things at. Thank you for viewing. I hope that you may find some form of value in these words. It is only through the mercy of Yahweh Elohim and Yahweh Ben Yahweh that this can even be possible. All Praises be to Yahweh Elohim and Son Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Peace and Blessings.


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