As we are in the midst of such times in an abhorrent place, we often times can get caught up in the midst of all the bad that is going. Not to say that we get mixed in the worldly doings and thoughts of others but that we often can get wrapped up in discussing the things which others are doing and what evil the next day may bring. It is hard not to in such times as this since we are nearing the end. We were advised in 1 Thessalonians 5:6 to stay sober and not to be asleep. That means that not only are we not to be asleep and continue to believe in the machinations and plots of this kingdom but it is also that we are not to be asleep spiritually in our walk and to not slumber in our duty as servants for the Most High. This means that we must continue to stay on top of things spiritually. It is our main goal and mission everyday to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically better than the previous day. What must be understood is that we are all bound to make mistakes as we all have flaws as we are of imperfection in this flesh we are currently in. However, we must continue to thrive and put our best foot forward in working on our flaws and becoming the best versions of ourselves.

It is important that we remember to not put our jobs, our friendships, our tasks, or our own desires on a pedestal as we will inevitably focus far more on those things than on our walk with the Most High. It is extremely hard for a person to find favor with the Most High and it is extremely easy to fall out of favor with Him. It is easy for a person to become zoned in on their job or their new love interest or their pursuit of money because man is naturally tied to the flesh and what is immediately in front of him. That desire is already overwhelming because we are in the flesh and this is bound to happen if we do not properly set our priorities straight. This society feeds into this desire even more as it has become a “me first” society where everyone is rushing to get nowhere as they believe that there is a time table on who can get rich first or who can get that nice big house first or who can get that promotion first. We are always wrapped up in competition with one another which doesn’t truly exist. Since this desire is exacerbated in this society, it is easy for people to fall into this mindset and completely blot out the importance of building favor and a rapport with the Most High. Faith is when you have belief and assuredness in someone or something which you can’t immediately see. This walk takes true patience to truly see considerable growth as becoming the best versions of ourselves through the guidance of Yah is like putting together a puzzle. Putting the right pieces together which can match may take time and sometimes be frustrating but these little pieces are crucial as it is what makes the whole work complete at the end of its completion. Some people give up on that puzzle a quarter or half way through but the most resilient and strong person will persevere through the struggle and complete that puzzle. Most people in this life are those who give up on the puzzle early because they have been trained to revert to their most carnal aspect of themselves which is to want food, drink, amusement, and gratification at a moment’s notice without any obstacles being in the way; otherwise that stops them from instant satisfaction and satiation of their immense wants and desires. They have become extremely dependant on instant hits of dopamine through the vortex known as the Internet and the vortex within the vortex which is social media. It has created this toxic aspect within everyone where they just want to go out and eat their favorite junk food with their friends and talk about empty gossip or they want to have their favorite form of entertainment back without caring about what rights they would give up in order to have a resemblance of their former experience of instant gratification where they had everything they wanted at their fingertips without something blocking the way. The modern day liberal person is the most extreme representation of this dynamic.

Even within truth, we can still see this problem as we are all human beings and we sometimes resort to this mindset where we want everything at our fingertips. Many people come and go in this truth because they are not willing to put in the work and truly earn the reward of the Most High’s favor. It goes back to people’s base form of carnality where they’ll only fight for or believe in something which they can see. They can’t feel or see something which is beyond their own senses which is what leads them to straying further and further away from any form of a relationship with the Most High and digs them in a deeper hole for themselves. We must be cognizant of this dynamic so we ourselves don’t fall into this vortex. It is extremely easy to get caught up in everything that is going on right now but if we don’t learn how to reel that in and properly set in order what is truly important, it can create a domino effect which could end up disastrous for us in the end.

Having said that, this brings me to this profound and powerful verse from the book of Hebrews.

Hebrews 13:1

“Let thy brotherly love continue”

We often are wrapped up in certain things in our lives that we sometimes lose focus of what truly matters which is our spiritual walk and helping others within this truth grow spiritually. Helping others doesn’t mean that we have to go and pay their bills and sit down with them for eight hours a day. A few words can be of help or a simple five minute conversation could suffice. The little things really do matter. Sometimes, a few words of encouragement can truly help someone in a way that you didn’t even expect it to after the fact. Some form of guidance on certain things such as assistance on comprehending scriptures or training or things of that nature in a spiritual sense builds up a spiritual bond that is different than your typical friendship; hence the word “brotherly”.

This congregation is not meant to be organized and structured into a pyramid hierarchy as the church system does or as the Jehovah’s Witnesses do where they apply titles unto themselves. That always leads to glorification and abuse of one’s position within a congregation to dictate what they think is right instead of what is scripturally permissible. This overbearing repressive form of control that the higher ranking members of a false congregation of a man-made church or an organization is what creates so much alienation among those within who are young and growing. They do this more for control and self-glorification when in fact they are doing the most nefarious things behind closed doors as the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the church are deeply involved in child sex abuse and negligence of said abuse and most likely of trafficking as well. Either way, their “holier-than-thou” approach is full of bluster and is only to make themselves be set on a pedestal to control others within the congregation instead of them actually teaching. They often accuse others and shame them when they not only have and are doing the same thing they’re shaming others for but they’re also doing far worse things. This is why there have been many ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses or ex-church members who end up becoming gay or extremely atheist because when you create such a stringent and extreme repressive hold on someone’s life especially at a young age, they end up rebelling in backlash in the most extreme way. This is why the other nations where not truly meant to teach the scriptures. Teaching scripture is like playing with fire. You have to know how to handle fire because if not, you end up burning others around you and that fire will eventually spread towards your direction and burn you as well. If you’re not meant to teach the scriptures and you’re using it in a disingenuous way in the form of self-aggrandizement, you will receive judgment for that in the form of others revealing you to be the fraud that you are and you will end up with nothing in the end. Of course, since these men in these organizations are so deluded in their own lies which they have come to believe, they will never turn against it because truthfully they’re not reading the scripture for the truth but they’re using it as to glorify themselves and to use it as a weapon against anyone else who dares to question them. When you weaponize the scriptures in that manner where you try to justify all of your extreme baseless sentiments that are stemmed from one’s whimsicalities, you end up alienating everyone around you and you put the spirit of extreme rebellion within them to cause them to go down that rabbithole of thinking that there is no Supreme Creator or that being gay is what is for them when none of those two things that I just mentioned are the case. This is just like in the Vatican where the priests are not allowed to marry or have sex. What almost always happens? They end up becoming sexually depraved where they end up sneaking around and screwing different women or worse other men’s wives in the congregation and even men as well. At its worst, they end molesting young children. When you hold something in for so long and you restrict yourself from what is simply natural like sex with your wife or masturbation, you end up going all the way out once you release yourself from this suppression. This is why no one can simply pick up a Bible and teach because so many people use it to serve their own agenda which is to try and control what others think in order to build up this cult of personality for themselves while in doing so destroying the lives of everyone around them and themselves as well. Suppressing one’s sexuality is the most dangerous thing you can do because that is possibly the most powerful force within a person which is the desire to have sex along with the desire to eat or drink. There are no scriptures which affirm that masturbation is bad or seeing a naked woman is bad or seeing a film is bad. None of what they shame others for is backed up with any scriptural proof whatsoever and they are shaming them for what they’re doing. They go shame a ten year old boy or girl for watching some silly movie like Indiana Jones because they claim it features violence that features fight scenes that are obviously make believe but yet they claim that is going to make them violent themselves with punching. What do they think is going to happen? That ten year old boy or girl is going to go and watch even more violent things. When you tell anyone ad nausea, especially a child or teenager, in an antagonizing manner what they can’t do and that they’re going to “go to hell” if they continue to do it while not providing any scriptural proof on it in a proper way, they’re going to rebel even harder. Certain spirits latch onto people like this because these spirits know that they’re extremely vulnerable and can easily be manipulated to go all the way to the left in rebellion because of that vulnerability which makes them open to spiritual attack. Since these people who are most of the time kids or teenagers are sitting and wallowing in their own misery and depression, these spirits come at them during this time and attack since they already know that they within the deep crevices of their mind want to get back at their church leaders or parents who are involved in the church in the most extreme way because of their extreme emotions at that moment. All it takes is a few of those moments for them to end up going down those dark rabbitholes of rebellion; whether it is reading some forum posts where they are expressing extreme hatred for the Bible because of their church leaders or elders and they proclaim themselves as atheists or they, as crazy as it may sound, end up watching some hardcore pornography that may or may not at times be homosexual. Once again, in those moments, they are dealing with such strong emotions of frustration and anger and desperation to come out of that suppressive bubble that it turns into hatred and they burst that bubble or that balloon pops and they rebel in the most extreme form as a way to get back at the church. At the same time, those things lead to them wanting more of those things because it created such a relief and form of freedom in a therapeutic way for them that it later leads to them going back down that path more and more to the point that it becomes a fix and then eventually it becomes normal for them and they end up becoming fully immersed within those spheres. This is how it happens. It’s why teaching scriptures to help guide others on what to do and how to lead their lives based off of the Bible comes to those who have been ordained spiritually by the Most High. This is because if you’re not ordained, you’re teaching it from a carnal manner or for a self-serving purpose. When you do that, you end up hurting yourself in the process because teaching scriptures is like a double edged sword. If you use the scriptures to be a false teacher and oppress others around you based off of false doctrines that you conjured up yourself absent of any scriptural backing in an attempt to satiate your vain God complex, you end up stabbing yourself while stabbing the other person since that leads them down the most extreme paths of rebellion which ends up really putting you in a bad position because you know that is and will always be a failure on your part and that you failed that person because you yourself are a failure as a teacher and as a leader even though these so called “church leaders” and “elder men” in these organizations don’t have the foggiest idea of what it means to be a leader.

This is why what we have here is so special and we are truly blessed to have this understanding during these times; especially now. It is what has helped us out of our own pasts where we were of confusion and were abhorrent in our nature and in our ignorance. None of us are perfect but we have all the tools to truly build our own spiritual temple within ourselves. We have our physical temple which is our body and our spiritual temple which is our soul. The spirit is what helps build up our souls. Who we are in the spirit is what will shape and sculpt and mold our soul to become. If we are cold and morose and wicked in our spirit, our soul will reflect that; even though we can’t see it. If we are bright and diligent and righteous in the spirit, our soul will reflect that as well. It’s akin to food. If we eat up lots of unhealthy foods and drink much, it will reflect on our bodies and on our internal health. We’ll be suffering on the inside and on the outside. The same thing pertains to our souls. If we receive and retain lots of negative energy, false doctrines and hatred, it will reflect on our spirit and on our internal spiritual health.

We are privy to these outside forms of thoughts and feelings because we are of the flesh. If we are not careful, we could become engulfed by these things and it would lead to our own self-destruction. This can all happen from just one person or one job or one false teacher in our lives who preaches confusion and wishes to bring others down who are actually teaching correctly so they can get some form of influence over others to build up their own cult of personality. Just listening to one false teacher can bring so much confusion and if you don’t have discernment, it could permeate your mind further and lead you to thinking and believing things about your brothers and sisters in the truth or even of the scriptures that are not true. We are all under spiritual attack every day as these demons and spirits hate us because they are in fact envious of us. They envy the fact that we get to live and feel this life force of energy while they have to be completely dead spirits and have no way of truly living as we do. That’s why they work endlessly to try and take our crowns away. It is our job to keep our crowns on top of our heads.

Brotherly love is extremely important and is the most important thing to have; even before faith.

1 Corinthians 13:13

“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”

In this context, in the Hebrew Strong’s concordance, charity means love, affection or benevolence for each other. Charity is the most important thing to abide by and to have for a reason. You can know the name of the Most High and His Son and have all the faith in the world. However, if you do not have any love for your brothers or sisters, you have nothing as 1 Corinthians 13:2 states when it says, “And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing. “ If you do not have any love for anyone, it will leave you empty inside and can cause your own spiritual demise in losing your crown. Since we are in the flesh, we need the support of others around us. We don’t need 20 friends or supporters necessarily. All we need sometimes is one or two people in our lives and in this walk. Sometimes, we fall on hard times for a short moment and it is our brother in this truth who helps pick us right back up with just a few words. If you don’t have someone that can pick you up in those moments, that is when those moments turn from a few minutes of pain to a few hours and then few days and then weeks and then months and then eventually it becomes a part of you. That pain tears down your spiritual temple and makes you nothing. You end up becoming spiteful of everyone around you because you can’t bear anyone showing any form of love for anyone else in this truth since you are incapable of feeling that yourself since you haven’t allowed yourself to open up to others which has caused that pain to metastasize.

We are no better than each other. We are servants of each other as Yah stated in Luke 22:27,“For whether is greater, he that sitteth at meat, or he that serveth? is not he that sitteth at meat? but I am among you as he that serveth.” It is better for the individual to sit at meat; meaning that he has everything at his feet and be served and be appraised by all those around him. However, it serves everyone better when they are collectively servants of each others as they serve each other to help edify and lead each other to become better as servants of the Most High. We work together to truly help guide one another in love of the Most High and His Son and to grow as men. This is true charity. If you leave a person to their own vices when you know that would harm them in the end, you don’t have true love for that person. You do your best to inform them without self-exhaustion of what they’re doing wrong and what is right and how to go about things in the right way. If they don’t listen, that’s their problem but at least you did your part. Once again, that is charity; when you have love for one another and wish to see other brothers and sisters closest to you in this truth flourish and grow. Being self-serving and not having any love for others in this truth will create a lonely path for you and will only cause to eventually lose your crown.

We all need at least one person in our lives. There may be times where we fall out with all of our friends and we are alone for a while. However, we eventually are led to a person who is right for us because the Most High knows that we need at least one person to help bring forth some support to act as an offset against our own internal principalities which can occur during those times of isolation. Even one person makes a huge difference. All it takes is one person in this truth to grow for the better. Brotherly love which is charity is the most essential thing we ought to possess in this truth because that is what brings faith and the hope for salvation together. If we don’t express that faith and hope and turn it into something positive for everyone around us who are close to us in this truth to abide to and benefit from to contribute to their own growth, then what are we even in truth for? The Most High told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. He wants us to spread His Word and love for each other and for our children so they can then do the same for their own. This creates a form of righteousness in adherence to the Most High for our own good as the covenant was created to help guide us for the better and to avert our own suffering. The covenant was not made to suppress us but it was to protect us. The Most High knows how flawed we are and how vulnerable we can be to these attacks. The laws and commandments act as a buffer against our most carnal desires. It builds up our conscience so that we don’t revert back to that primal aspect of ourselves. The only difference between a man and an animal is that we have a conscience. An animal goes off of its own desires and eats and feeds and kills because that is their nature. They also desire to breed and have their own family as well. Once again, they don’t have a conscience to question what it is that they’re doing. That is why the Most High gave Adam rulership over nature and the animals and the fowls and the beasts and the creeping things. It was to keep everything in order. If man was in his right mindset in obeisance to the Most High, everything in nature would follow suit but that isn’t the case right now as we all know what Adam did.

In closing, this is what we all have to focus on at the end of the day which is to grow in the spirit. With that growth comes forth charity that we have to possess before faith and hope. What good is faith if you are of no good towards your brothers and sisters? You only create your own downfall when you don’t allow yourself to get out of your own way and have humility when among others in this truth. You don’t have to be close to everyone you come across but you must at least express humility and respect towards others. Everyone else will then put it forward and that builds the rapport between each other which grows into fruitfulness that helps build each other up for the better. Let thy brotherly love continue.

Peace and Blessings.


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